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 Wine and Gossip (Amelia)

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PostSubject: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:28 am

January 2nd, 223AE

Lifting the lid on the pot, Kali leaned down and allowed the intoxicating aroma of the red sauce to fill her lungs. She picked up the wooden spoon and used it to stir the sauce before closing the pot and setting the spoon back into it's cradle. She then leaned down and opened the oven to check the bread and make sure it wasn't burning. Tonight, she was having company. Turning away from the stove, she picked up her glass of red wine and took a sip from it as she surveyed her apartment. Her dark eyes made sure that everything was in perfect order, and that the doors to her private office and Aurora's study were closed. She may have opted for simple apartments despite the fact that both her private practice and the Collective would have afforded her far better but that wasn't her style. It was a quaint, cozy apartment, enough space not to feel cramped but not enough to be ostentatious. Pictures of her father and Lita and a few others dotted her fridge, even Wes had made it up there with his sideways smirk. Kali didn't have many close friends, she tended to keep everyone at arms length, with so many liars and negative emotions running through people all the time it was more for her own sanity. She hoped that Amelia could become the type of friend she'd never had.

Most women might feel put off with Wes having such an attractive female for a best friend, but Kalinda knew exactly how he felt about her and about Amelia, there was nothing to be jealous of. There were upsides to being an Empath, secrets were very hard to keep. Moving out of the kitchen, she strode across the living area to pick up the book she'd been reading off the coffee table. As she was setting into the bookcase where it belonged, the sound of melodic chiming filled her apartment. She took in a deep breath and turned to face the door, smoothing out her red sun dress. Her blonde hair had been pulled back into a ponytail, though her bangs were too short to be caught up in it so they still framed the sides of her face. This was her home and she wasn't in the habit of wearing shoes in her own home. Most of the apartment was carpeted, cept for the kitchen and bathrooms which were tiled. The Apartment building itself was over twenty years old, but still holding together pretty well.

She swept past the kitchen on her way to the front door, scooping up the second glass of wine she'd poured so it could breathe. Perfect timing Amelia. Stepping to the door, She moved the glass so she could hold both in one hand while touching the flat metal plate next to the door. It was one of the few things she'd forced herself to spring for. It was a touch plate fused with Mana to recognize her specific type of Mana output, her Empath abilities. As she touched it, the door slid open and she found herself face to face with Amelia Remington. With a friendly smile, Kalinda held up the full glass of wine to the woman. "Dinner is almost ready Amelia, I hope you like pasta." She would step out of the way so Amelia could enter her apartment, the door sliding closed behind her. Her touch was the only way to open her front door, as was it the only way to open her private office just off the living room. Aurora's study wasn't guarded like that, it was simply filled with items that might raise a bit of a question..like did Kalinda play the violin...which she didn't and would have a hard time explaining why she kept one on display.
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PostSubject: Re: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:04 pm

Amelia wore her favorite dark denim jeans. Her favorite comfortable and broken in brown knee high riding boots. She wore a violet cardigan over a white button down shirt and a teal scarf. Everything set her teal eyes off just right. Including the dangling silver chandelier earrings that hung from each earlobe. It was January and freezing outside, and Amelia was glad the moment she stepped into the warm building where her dinner date was.

She had a feeling that this was going to happen eventually. Kalinda and Amelia actually sitting down to talk at some point. Kali was dating her best friend and practical brother and that meant that lil sister Amelia was in her life too. Just like now Amelia was in Kali's life. It wasn't that they never talked or didn't know each other. She knew and had spoken to Kali from time to time but she had never made a vast effort to get to know the psychologist. Mostly, for the fact that she wasn't sure.. how to deal with someone that was an empath. She'd never be able to lie, tell a half truth, or even just.. move around the truth. Kali would always know. Amelia didn't make a habit of lying anyway but there were times, it was necessary.

Still, she also wanted to make sure that Kali was going to be gentle with Wes. Wesley had a pretty good life, but, he'd never really settled down with a girl, and if Kali was going to be that girl, Amelia wanted to make sure that Kali would take care of her boy.

The scents of dinner caught Amelia's nose the second she entered the building. There were about twelve dinners being cooked but only one had the scent of Kalinda next to it. She didn't need directions to the apartment once inside the building, she followed her over sensitive nose. Most of the people on the force had no idea what Remy did, some did, most didn't. They didn't understand that it wasn't something she could not turn off, or that sometimes she really wished that she could. But, it didn't matter, that was not something she could change and there was no reason to worry about it.

Ringing the bell she could hear Kalinda moving in the apartment. The scent of dinner was strong, and wafted around her. She could smell the wine in Kalinda's hand long before the door opened and Kali stood there.. in a .. sundress... no less.

"You're much braver than I wearing that in winter." she laughed warmly. Remy accepted the wine glass as Kali mentioned that they were having pasta and it was almost ready. "Ah, pasta, is right up there with cookies. So we're good. It smells heavenly actually. Might have to get your recipe at some point." she stated stepping fully into the apartment.

Remy's sharp eyes moved around, trying not to locate a speck of dust here and there, because no matter howmuch anyone (except REmy) cleaned, there was always some. But then, most people couldn't see them the way that Remy could. But,she wasn't here to judge Kali, or find her house clean or not she was here to get to know the woman, and she took a sip of the wine. Her enhanced senses picking up a great deal more than grapes and fermentation.

"You have such a nice home. Kind of reminds me of mine, in a way. Just kinda.. homey.. not too fancy. I like it." she smiled warmly as she looked over at Kalinda and put her purse next to the door so she wouldn't forget it later when she was leaving. "Thank you for inviting me over to dinner. I have been wanting to get to know you for a while, but it never seemed.... hmmm what's the word... possible? Or.. perhaps.. the right time?" she laughed a bit nervously.
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PostSubject: Re: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:15 am

Kalinda chuckled softly as Amelia proclaimed her brave, in truth she hadn't left her apartment yet this evening and it was plenty warm inside. She never was one that liked the cold, and Aurora seemed to second that motion. She offered to take Amelia's coat, hanging it on the coat rack just inside the door. "I might be convinced to part with it, though you should certainly taste it first before deciding whether or not you want it in the first place." She said pointedly. She took a sip of her wine and moved into the kitchen, touching the small music box sitting on the counter. It turned on with barely a hum, soft blue light reflecting out from the front control panel as she tuned it to one of the local stations, something soft yet upbeat. With the war raging for so long, it was only recently that things like music and movies had really taken off, they may be technologically advanced in most ways but they were still lacking a lot socially...war had that effect on a culture.

She had decided that she and a Amelia would eat at the bar/island in the kitchen, more cozy and homey as this wasn't a formal occasion. Not that Kalinda ever really hosted formal occasions in her home, the closest she got were visits from her father who had a propensity for propriety. A timer on the stove went off and Kalinda reached over to turn it off. "Have a seat Amelia...or would you prefer Remy?" She asked of the other blonde, motioning to the high backed chair sitting at the bar. She listened to Amelia's explanation as she pulled the bread out of the oven and set it on the top of the stove. She pulled down a bread basket from one of the cupboards and laid out a decorative napkin inside it that would be used to cover the bread and keep it warm and fresh during their meal.

"Thank you, I've never been much for worldly possessions, most of the things in here were gifts from others, not everyone can pay for my services and I take things in barter instead. May not be completely profitable in the strictest sense but I don't do my work for the money. I've been wanting to get to know you Amelia, I know something like this might feel awkward for you. I'm sure there have been other women in Wes' life that saw you as a threat instead of an asset. I can understand their fear and trepidation of you. You are rather striking and Wes cares a great deal for you, that much is obvious anytime he looks at you." She finished setting each piece of buttered bread in the basket and set it on the bar in front of Amelia. Kali then began to pull out the plates and silverware needed as the sauce simmered.

"I have a feeling that the two of us are going to need to get used to the fact that we can't horde Wes' attention and I would rather be your friend then your enemy. I figure if push comes to shove Wes would chose you over me any day of the week, you have more history together. I never want to put him in such a painful decision, and I care too much for him to let such petty emotions get between us." She supposed she was perhaps talking too much but she needed Amelia to understand. Wes was quickly becoming a large part of her life, and it would seem that Amelia was a part of that package.

Kali was an only child, she'd never had to share things with siblings, though she'd certainly shared a lot with the world as a whole, why couldn't Amelia fit into that equation too?
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PostSubject: Re: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:54 am

Remy smiled at Kalinda as they entered the kitchen and she was offered a seat. She sat down, and crossed her legs gently holding her wine glass in her lap as she watched the psychologist move about the kitchen. Remy wondered, if it was easy to be a friend with someone of Kali's profession, or if that would get annoying. Though, Kali seemed like the kind of person that would not give too much advice unless it was important or you asked, but it was hard to know with some people.

Oh, either is fine. Remy is just something I was given in the police academy. I tend to go by Amelia in my normal life.. she laughed and gave a shrug. She honestly answered to either. Jack called her Ams or Amelia, and so did Amanda. Wes called her any manner of things, but she returned the favor, and her partner called her Rems. So it wasn't like she had any.. one .. nickname anymore. What about you? Kalinda, or Kali? she asked wondering if she could use Kali instead.

As the oven went off, Amelia was settled in and watched Kali moving about the kitchen. Getting the bread basket out, she felt .. odd not helping out. Even at Jack's place .. which was.. their place now, they were always a team in the kitchen. Though, she wasn't dating Kali so she supposed she got a bit of a pardon there.

Kali began to talk, and Remy was actually really intrigued by her brutal honesty. Understanding, that Remy was a huge part of Wes' life and she wasn't going anywhere any time soon. She explained that some of the last girls that Wes had dated (or.. went out with anyway..) had probably been intimidated by Wesley having a friend like her. Remy was even more than just a beautiful girl. She could tell if someone was cheating on Wes, and what they'd done in the last few days, and if they were married, all kinds of things merely by being around them. Wesley.. wasn't that skilled at picking out winners, but, she was being proven wrong (finally) when it came to Kalinda.

I appreciate it. Us getting together. You're right, Wesley and I are quite close, we grew up together. A lot of women, have the insecurity that I am there to steal him away.

To be honest, neither of them had ever thought about it. Their parents and grandparents had. Just because in a perfect world that was how it would be. But, it wasn't, and she didn't care. Wes was like.. a brother to her. A brother, best friend, family, something, he encompassed several of the most important positions in her world. Kali went on and Amelia stayed quiet listening to the woman as she cut the bread and placed it into the basket.

Welllll... Iiiiiii don't know about that last part. Him always chosing me, I think when a woman steals his heart.. he'll probably side with her over me. Gotta keep the wife happy and all that. But you're right, if you and I are going to be part of Wes' life then we need to get along. To be honest, I've always wanted to get to know you, but we don't exactly work in the same circle and it isn't easy to just strike up a conversation. she smiled. Two women on the force, we gotta stick together you and I, plus, I'm thinking, if we become friends, we can make Wesley twitch and I do.. so love giving that man a hard time. she laughed.

Taking a sip of her wine. It was time for her to be blunt and honest.

Since we're getting the nitty gritty out of the way here... Wesley is .. more important to me than words can say. He's stood by me, when .. no one else did or could. He understands me like no one else so far. He is .. my.. brother, my best friend, my... loyal puppy. she laughed. Kidding about the last part, but, I just.. I want whats best for Wesley. I am not the type to step into his business. I will tell him when a girl is crap, but that's because I have to look out for my boy. Overall though, I don't get into his business unless I feel like he's going to get hurt. You take care of him, and we're good. I'm not out to steal him from you, Wesley and I aren't like that. We never have been. Though.. there was that one time in kindergarten.... that's a story for after wine.

She smiled warmly.

She was being completely honest. While she had a stake in Wesley it wasn't a romantic one it was more like a bigger or little sister looking out for a brother she was crazy about. Wesley was someone that .. was exactly that. A brother, but even better because she didn't share any blood with him, so she felt fully in her rights to tell him to get bent when she needed to. And he was much the same, it was the beauty that was Wes and Amelia. She wondered how Jack would take meeting someone like Wesley. Because, she knew that the thing was.. when Wes and Amelia were together, they tended to be.. so close. They tended to steal the show with old stories and laughter, and with just the easy way they existed in the same world because of how long they had shared it.
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PostSubject: Re: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:24 pm

Stepping over to the island, Kalinda laid out the two place settings. "Amelia it is then, least till we get to know each other better and can come up with nicknames for ourselves. I don't mind if you'd prefer to use Kali, everyone close to me uses it and I don't see why that can't include you." She gave Remy a smile before turning away from her to move back to the stove. Lifting the second pot of boiling water and pasta noodles, she moved over to the sink to drain them into the colander, steam rising up into the air and raising the temperature of the room slightly for a few moments.

"I wouldn't say that I'm exactly on the force in the strictest sense. It's not like I do field work or anything, heck I don't even have an office! I have to commandeer an interrogation room when I come in, which I'm sure doesn't exactly make anyone feel more comfortable around me. I know that what I'm doing is good, everyone needs someone to talk to and your department has one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs on Terra...but it doesn't help that they all fight me tooth and nail every chance they get...even Jack." She frowned slightly a moment as she began to dish up their bowls, layering the pasta in the bottom and spooning the sauce up over it.

Moving back to the island, she took her seat at Amelia's side, setting the seaming bowl of deliciousness in front of her. "I hope you like it, I was very careful not to burn anything, I know with your enhanced taste buds that could be a death sentence on my food. If you need anything to alter the taste you just let me know." Kalinda told her, reaching across the island to pick up the shaker bottle of cheese she'd prepared earlier. She set it next to them, listening intently as Amelia kept talking about Wes. Of course, he was bound to be the topic of their conversation..he was the thing they truly had in common.

Kali closed her eyes for a moment, offering up a small bit of thanks to the Divine, Aurora stirred within her but now wasn't the time for that. "I'm not sure if you truly know how my powers work but I want to show you something. I won't touch you unless you ask me to, I can't stop it if you touch me, I will feel everything you feel. Some find it very intrusive which is why I don't go around hugging people all the time. However, I can allow you to feel what I feel. There is no lying to me, and I cannot lie to you. I know how much Wes means to you. I've never had a sister, but I'd like one now." She held out her hand, palm up to Amelia.

If Amelia reached out to touch her, Kalinda would pull back her hold on her emotions, allowing her aura to encase Amelia. She would feel everything Kali felt, all the hope and love she held for the world, the anticipation she felt for this night, her feelings for Wesley, and even her loneliness with the world. "You may not want Wesley in that way, but you could be the wedge between us without even realizing you're doing it. I want you to know that he's safe with me, and to know that what I'm saying is true....I want you to believe in us." This was how she and Wes had grown so close so quickly, there were no secret between them, it was impossible with a Empath like Kali. Well...that wasn't true, she did have one secret, but because she wasn't ashamed of it, it would never register in her emotions. Aurora was her own person, it wasn't really Kalinda's secret to tell unless Aurora agreed.
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PostSubject: Re: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:45 pm

Remy had no idea, that working with the Force was so difficult on the woman. She knew that Kali didn't really have an office but she could full well understand how working from an interrogation room wouldn't be helpful in anyone's case. She wondered if she could put a little bug in Jack's ear about getting Kali some sort of corner... or some sort of .. office that she could use on the occassions that she had to come in. Like a co-office that someone else used when Kali wasn't there. Amelia couldn't help but feel her heart blossom when Kali mentioned Jack's name.

He was.. everything she had ever wanted in a man. Handsome, loving, caring, and strong. He understood when to hold her and when to leave her alone. And one of the best shining moments of Jack was the fact that his precious daughter Amanda had walked into her life at the same time, so.. they were able to be a family, all ready.

The scents of pasta and Kali switching subjects.

Amelia smiled at Kali trying to be cautious about her over sensitive senses. Most people didn't think about it, even Jack and Amanda didn't think about it too often. She didn't hold it against them, it was hard to think of something like that when it didn't effect you all the time. Thus, Amelia wasn't offended unless it seemed that someone did it on purpose.

I'm sure your cooking is fine, it smells Divine. I could smell it from downstairs soon as I walked in the door. Though I only knew it was yours because I could smell your perfume with it.. she laughed... Annnd now I sound like stalker. she chuckled and watched Kali getting everything together. Wishing that she could help but she didn't think that there was much she could do with pasta and bread and Kali seemed to have it under control.

Kalinda began to explain her powers. That if Amelia touched her, she would be able to see everything that Amelia was feeling. So that was why she didn't go around with a lot of physical contact. Which made sense. But, then she held out her hand. SAying that if Remy put her hand out she would get a taste of what Kali was feeling. Remy reached out without much hesitation and put her hand in Kali's. She didn't care if Kali read her emotions. So far they were fairly positive. Relief over the fact that Wes had found a 'keeper'. Thankful that he hadn't gotten together with yet another idiot that would last two days. Happiness that Kali and she seemed to get along so far. And of course, when her thoughts rolled to Jack and his daughter Amanda, a strong love and protective instinct. But, she could also feel what Kali was putting out there and Amelia smiled.

I'm really thankful, that .. Wesley has finally found someone like you. I kept telling him to quit hooking up with the Firehouse Floozies... they're quite pathetic actually. But men age slow... obviously... so I'm glad he's finally grown up and I have you to thank for that. Now you can go to all the terrible family functions with us, and .. well.. I'm really glad that he met you.

Amelia smiled warmly before she took her hand away.

Shall we try this pasta you made for us? It smells fantastic. And, I'm starving, I admit I was a little nervous before coming here. she chuckled. So.. how did you end up working as a consultant? she asked the woman curiously as they doled out plates and bread.
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PostSubject: Re: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:09 am

As Amelia's voice washed over Kali, she would feel the tension lift off of Kali replaced by a sense of peace and relief. Kali's smile would mirror those feelings and it wouldn't leave her face even after Amelia pulled her hand back. "Oh I'm sure they aren't that terrible, they were probably only terrible because no one approved of Wesley's former flings, at least that's what I gather from what you told me. I promise, I can make anything fun." She said with a wink in Amelia's direction as she picked up her wine glass to take another sip. The soft music still filtered through the room, though it wasn't nearly loud enough to obscure their conversation, simply background noise to ease the tension and alleviate any potentially awkward silences.

"I hope you like the pasta, it's an old family recipe. My grandmother used to make it every Sunday after Mass. I used to stay with her a lot, the smell of it still makes me think of her." She confided, taking a piece of bread from the basket and pulling it apart with her fingers, steam rising from the inside. She pulled the lid off the butter plate and handed a butter knife to Amelia. Before she could take a bite however, Amelia asked her a question. Kali found herself thinking about it for a moment before giving her answer, taking that time to finish taking her bite of the bread she'd made.

Once she was finished chewing, she set the bread on the side of her plate so she could come back to it later. "I do a lot of work with the Collective, pro bono. I also keep my own private practice here in the city. I don't always take on the patients who can pay with money, sometimes I take on the patients who actually need help but can pay in other ways. I get all my eggs from a family two blocks down, they keep a chicken coop in their backyard. Their son was a soldier during the war and he's been having a rough time adjusting now that he's a civilian. I think he's almost ready to do something with his life again. My work with the collective put me on the radar with the city and they asked if I would be willing to take a position with the MHD. They also know my background with magic, my empathic abilities are inherited from my mother's side, every female of Riler side has some touch of it. They thought I'd make a great addition to the "freak squad" as one of them so eloquently put it when he thought I wouldn't be able to hear him." She explained.

She paused for a bit to take a few bites of her pasta, she hadn't quite realized how hungry she'd become while she'd been cooking and waiting for Amelia. Finally, she stopped and set her fork down, turning to face Amelia with a slightly more serious look on her face. "I know about you and Jack, I've known since the Christmas party last week. I don't think anyone else knows yet and I only know because Jack happened to be touching my arm when he looked at you that night. I spent a few minutes watching the two of you and because I knew what to look for I pieced it together. Jack already knows that I know, but I want you to hear it from me. I won't tell anyone about the two of you. If it was just some fling the two of you had over his desk I might consider it because it could put the whole division in danger but what the two of you have has all the markers for something real and I am not about to mess with that. Call it patient confidentiality if you want but I won't be saying anything to anyone about it. I'm happy for you Amelia, Jack is a great guy and his daughter is adorable." She ended this confession with a smile, hoping Amelia wouldn't hate her.
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PostSubject: Re: Wine and Gossip (Amelia)   

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Wine and Gossip (Amelia)
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