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 Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)

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PostSubject: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:24 am

Jack Conners strolled down the hallway of Bastion Police Headquarters. Today was special, otherwise he would've never set foot in the bureaucracy that was the BPD HQ. Despite his stature as a Captain, he preferred a more 'hands-on' approach to his Division and his officers. The way Conners saw it, if his men were expected to get their hands dirty and work in the field then so was he. Unfortunately, the administrative section of the job took precedence. More routine than anything else, Jack was going to just follow the book on this one based on the email he had received.

To: Captain Jack Conners
From: Sgt. Emilio Guererra, Internal Affairs

Re: 02 Jan, 223AC

Captain Conners,

An official inquiry, as per regulation, is to be held accounting for the incidents occurring the 2nd January, 223 AC. Your presence is officially requested at said inquiry to account for your involvement and actions therein. The inquiry is to take place 7 Jan 223 at Bastion Police Headquarters at 1330 hours.

Please be prompt.

Jack didn't know who this Sergeant was, but he sure had an attitude problem. Most of the pricks in IA seemed to, as if they needed to find every bad egg in the force and everyone was a suspect. Arriving at the designated location with Amanda in tow, Jack sat her down by the desk Sergeant. Amanda knew the drill, and she set about doing her homework.

Captain Conners? I'm Sergeant Guererra. Are you ready for the inquiry? Should be relatively simple, much like taking a statement.

Jack nodded and was led in to a small interrogation room, a tape recorder on the table. It was standard procedure to tape these sort of inquiries, so that was nothing surprising. Conners sat across from a female officer, who introduced herself as Victoria Jackson. It seemed she would be the one asking the questions.

Alright Captain, thank you for your cooperation. As you know, we are here to discuss events surrounding the incident on the second of January. Are you familiar with the incident?

Yes, I am. Jack was very familiar with the day when Amelia had gotten caught in the middle of an armed bank robbery. It had taken her a couple of days to get herself back to normal.

Good. How would you describe your relationship with Detective Remington?

Jack's eyes narrowed, not showing concern or fear. Despite his stoic face, his heart skipped a beat: it was what they had feared.

How would you describe your relationship with Detective Amelia Remington? Platonic? Romantic? Something else? Her tone gave her away, Jack wondered if it was intentional...or if she was just a bitch.

Well, fuck me.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:33 pm


To: Detective Amelia Remington
From: Sgt. Emilio Guererra, Internal Affairs

Re: 02 Jan, 223AC

Detective Remington,

An official inquiry, as per regulation, is to be held accounting for the incidents occurring the 2nd January, 223 AC. Your presence is officially requested at said inquiry to account for your involvement and actions therein. The inquiry is to take place 7 Jan 223 at Bastion Police Headquarters at 1330 hours.

Please be prompt.

It was every detective's worst nightmare. She was better, but she had not been cleared to drive herself. She had an eye appointment later this afternoon to confirm that she would be all right. Doctors orders. So she had enlisted the help of her partner Benjamin Marks to take her to the precinct today.

It'll be all right Rems. You did what you was supposed to.

Remy smiled. Thanks Ben.

She kissed him on the cheek, her gentle giant, and got out of the car. She could see perfectly, even if she had lost 'some' vision, with the way hers worked it wasn't anything to worry about. But Doctors were fickle beasts. She wore a pencil skirt, a lace blouse, lovely powerful purple heels, a nice purse and minimal jewelry. Her hair was pulled back into a severe french twist, and her heels pounded on the tile as she made her way through the precinct.

She spied Amanda doing her homework.

Remy? Can I ask you a question on this math problem? Amanda asked pointing to the book. Remy leaned over and began to answer, but Amanda didn't really need the help she whispered Good luck. into Remy's ear and then said Thank you!

Remy smiled and stood. Knowing Jack was here, she had known that from the begining they had both recieved their notices at the same time.

Detective Remington, I'm Sergeant Guerrera. Are you ready? It should be relatively simple, just a bit of Q and A, really.

Amelia nodded as the Sergeant lead the way. She wasn't sure what room Jack was in, but it didn't really matter. She took her seat on the other side of the wooden table and crossed one leg over another, placing her purse to the side on the floor and folding her hands in her lap gently. A young gentleman came into the room and nodded at the Sergeant who headed out. The young man put a recorder on the table and turned it on and then sat down.

Detective Remington, my name is Special Detective of Internal Affairs Zachary Cartwright. And, I'm here to ask a few questions concerning what happened during the incident on January the second. Do you understand?

Of course, and please, for the sake of ease, call me Remy.

The Special Detective nodded. Are you ready to begin, Remy?

She nodded. Yes, I am. she said for the benefit of the tape.

Fantastic. Now, if you could just describe your relationship with Captain Jack Conners for me.

Amelia tried very hard not to show any emotion but she know that some surprise had to flitter across her face. I'm sorry, what was that?

Your relationship with Captain Jack Conners, you have one. I want to know what kind of relationship it is.

It wasn't a question, a statement. She knew Benjamin wouldn't have turned them in, but others might. A lot of women on the force had hoped to rope Conners themselves and here Remy had snuck in and stolen him out from under all of them. Though she didn't really call it stealing when he was the one that kissed her. Though, she had wanted it really bad.

The fears of being found out.. finally came... and now.. she had to face the music. She already knew what she would do. Whether Jack liked it or not, she would give up her job in a heartbeat so that he could keep his.

Oh umm, sorry. It's a.. a uhh romantic relationship. she said clearing her throat as she resolved to tell the truth, that's the way they had planned it anyway when they were found out, there was no reason to lie.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:26 am

Jack was attempting to not seethe with anger. He hated the Internal Affairs Division, just like the majority of the police force who wasn't in said Division. Combining that with the snide and knowing way this prick bitch of an interrogator spoke made Jack want to slap her across the mouth and put her in her place. It seemed like the 'Special Detectives' of IA got a bigger kick out of their job the higher the rank of the person in their hot-seat.

Ms. Jackson seemed to be enjoying this a little too much.

My relationship with Detective Remington is a romantic one.

A smile crossed her face, showing white teeth that may have well been sharpened to points. Jack's eyes narrowed on her as she flipped through a file with papers in it.

Ah, well...are you familiar with the conduct regulations regarding inter-office fraternization?

Of course I am, Victoria. Jack caught a lack of ring on her left hand...and he knew this wasn't going to end well.

You will regard me as 'Detective' or 'Ma'am,' is that understood, Jack?

Don't let her push you Jack...don't do it.

Captain. I may call you whatever I wish, as I outrank you. I would care that you make note of that, and remember the regulations regarding chain of command.

Ms. Jackson wasn't expecting that. She cleared her throat and blushed, she was new. Jack could tell simply by how she reacted to him, using her office to try to intimidate a superior officer. If she knew anything about Jack Conners...it was that he didn't pander to the bureaucratic bullshit of the force. His reputation was apparently legendary with IA about his attitude towards them. Jack almost felt sorry for the girl...almost.

How long has your relationship been going on with Detective Remington? Her tone was far more subservient. She was directly asking questions, not making allegations through her tone and inflection.

Close to three months. Conners made sure to give them nothing but what specifically was asked, nothing more and nothing less. He hoped Amelia was doing alright in her own interview, knowing now what it was specifically about.

What effect has your relationship with Detective Remington had on your job performance?
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:31 pm

I see. A romantic relationship.

He frowned that disapproving frown and Amelia fought to roll her eyes. She really wanted to tell him like it was. But, that wasn't the way it was, if she started talking she might accidentally give some information that didn't need to be given it was best in these situations to let them ask the questions.

You do know of the restrictions for inner office, inner department fraternization, right?

Remy frowned. Fraternization is such an ugly word for.. falling for one another. But yes, I'm aware of the current restrictions regarding the both.

And do you think it has effected your performance at all?

Not in the least. We are extremely professional at work. It wasn't until I was held hostage in the bank robbery that he hugged me for the first time in public, so no.. I don't think it has changed a single thing about our working performance.

I see. You don't think he has afforded you special treatment?

Remy snorted. Of course not. I do my job just as well as I always have. You can look at my files for that. I recently got assigned a new partner, and we've been doing our work together quite well. I don't really talk to Jack much at all during my work day.

You don't... talk to him...?

Remy shrugged. There isn't a need to. Unless something vital comes up and I need to inform him of a break, or ask his permission on something, or if I need a warrant. There aren't many reasons I need to be in his office in a day. I usually only see him after work.

The man seemed a bit shocked. But, he also noted that no one had known about this until the bank robbery so they must have done a really good job at going on with work as it as supposed to be done.

How long have you been seeing your Captain? he asked switching gears.

Remy uncrossed and recrossed her legs gently and shrugged. Oh, about three months now I think.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:27 am

Amanda Conners quietly sat behind the desk Sergeant at the Bastion Police Headquarters while his Dad and Amelia were in their meetings. She didn't know if it was the bad meeting they were always worried about, but they seemed tense. Just because she was seven-years old didn't mean that she was dense, why did adults not understand that? It was frustrating.

After Dad had gone and and she had wished Amelia luck, a strange man approached her from the inside of the desk.

Excuse me, are you Amanda Conners?

Amanda simply stared at this strange man with the nice smile and dark hair.

I don't know you, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

The man laughed and smiled. My name is Special Detective Guererra, I'm a friend of your dad's.

Special Detectives work for IA. You're not his friend, he hates people like you.

Detective Guererra's face fell a bit at Amanda's words. Obviously he hadn't expected such resistance from a small child.

Well, I need to ask you some questions about your dad's relationship with Detective Remington, would that be ok?

You're trying to railroad my dad, aren't you?

Emilio was taken aback, he hadn't expected that.

No, no...we're just trying to figure out what's going on, we wouldn't lie to you.

Yes you would.

Excuse me?

Police can stretch the truth to get witnesses to give them information they want. Its legal as long as its not a complete feb...fabri...made up thing.

Amanda smiled as the Special Detective searched for words. He probably thought this would be a simple child interview....

...he never interviewed a Conners. Conners' looked out for their own. Daddy said so.

Amelia's one of us now, too.

Special Detective, I'm not going to answer anything without my Daddy or Union Representative present.

Frustrated, Emilio just stood up and left without a word. Point, Amanda.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:46 am

So you think, there were no unnecessary actions taken on the day of the bank robbery. When you were held hostage.

Amelia thought for a moment. Back to the day, though she was biased, as she was a victim of the crime. Something she didn't have to testify for only because all four men were dead and it would do no one any good. No, do you? she asked turning the questions back on him.

It isn't important what I believe.

Um, actually, yes. It does matter. You're the one here asking me questions as though we have comitted some sort of crime and we have not. What crime is love? Is it because we work for the same company? Sometimes, that cannot be helped and it is what it is. You cannot say that you feel things were done unfairly if you don't actually have any grounds to stand on.

Amelia, was a top notch Detective. She had earned her way behind the desk she sat behind now. She was proving it because now she was starting to get mad about the questions, and the way that he was asking them.

Four men died that day. he admitted, and then went on Others, were hurt and injured because of the flash bang grenades. Yourself included.

Well, firstly, the flash bangs saved lives. Secondly, while I was a victim of those, I was more so a victim of the man with a gun to my neck and very.. friendly hands. So no, I do not believe extreme force was used that day. I would imagine the same thing would happen on any other day.

The man pulled a red file from his pile and pulled it open. Flattening it as he pretended to rifle through the papers and read through the things that were there. She knew that he wasn't reading it though, he was borrowing time. Time that he didn't really have, time that he should have just gotten on with it. But, Amelia waited, she was all too familiar with the delay tactic that he was currently using.

See, same thing sort of happened in Librium. A group of three men, held up a bank, used a girl as a shield hostage, and yet... they were able to sort it out without a single death. All three are happily in prison now.

Each, case is different in many ways. You can't use something in a completely different city with completely different circumstances to say what went on that day was wrong. Or extreme. It was what it was, and it wasn't as though those men gave themselves up. They were ready to take off in a chopper, so no, again, no extreme force.

Zach sighed and closed the file. Amelia continued to prove that she was adept at interrogation techniques, and unfortuantely, they weren't allowed to use any kind of 'fun ways' to get information. Though, with as hard as Amelia could be, he was certain that it would not change her answers.

Would you like coffee? he asked, which was code for he needed a break to go into the hall and regroup.

I'd love some, thanks. Two sugars.

Zachary left the room, and while he did she purused the files that were on the table, almost smiling at how severely different the two cases were. Stupid Zachary. She looked over at the door which was closed now. Zachary in the hall, hoping that he could get more information somehow, because.. he was losing his fortitude.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:03 am

My job performance? Zero effect.

A skeptical look came over Victoria's face. No effect at all?

No. Amelia and I made an agreement before anything started that we wouldn't let our relationship interfere. We barely see one another in the office as it is.

Honestly Mister Con-

Captain. Strike Two Vicky.

Captain Conners, how can you not see her? You work in the same Division, in the same building, on the same shift?

Jack smiled and interlaced his fingers as he leaned forward at the Special Detective. Despite everything, Victoria was making the 'special' in "Special Detective" seem more in line with the mentally challenged.

Its simple: we have a far larger Division than yours. On an average shift, we have literally one-hundred plus officers working. That's half the size of patrol and nearly seven times yours. Plus, Amelia is a Detective. A real Detective.

Victoria looked cross now, on the edge of exploding. Such poor interrogation skills...he wondered if someone had decided to talk to Amanda. He brought her for a reason.

In case you don't know, Victoria, the only Detectives that rest on their laurels in their precincts are the ones close to retirement, Internal Affairs "Detectives," or the ones too fat on donuts to fit in squad cars.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:18 am

Zachary came back with two steaming cups of coffee and he sat one down across from her again and noticed that the file had been moved. She didn't deny it, he looked at her and she shrugged, she was a police detective and that was .. something she was fully allowed to see. She crossed one leg over the other again and sipped her coffee slowly. He'd screwed it up, and they didn't have the good stuff that they had at the MHD. Mostly because Amelia kept them stocked so that she could stomach the scent and the taste.

\So.. what is your angle here, Detective Remy?

I'm sorry? she asked furrowing her brow.

Is it a .. promotion? You know, fuck the boss.. get moved up in the company? I mean, you've moved really fast up in the company all ready, and as far as I can tell, it seems the next logical step.

Remy's eyes went cold. She doubted Jack would even notice her at the moment. She let the silence fill the room as she slowly sat her cup on the table. She was not in tears, she was beyond being angry to the point of yelling at him. And knowing that was what he was trying to do, anyway, but she was beyond mad.

I have. Worked my ass off, since I got out of the Police Academy. I pulled my years on the beat, before we busted the drug ring, and both myself and my partner got promoted. she whispered in a cold, low, and deadly voice.

Weren't you hand picked by Captain Conners?

I wouldnt' know. I was only told my assignment, I didn't meet Captain Conners until my first day.

Was that a private meeting?

Remy rose her brow and cleared her throat. No closed doors in the precinct without supervision, or a third party. You should know that.

Zach pursed his lips for a moment. You know, Conners is spewing a different story in the other room there. Talking about how, he had heard your reputation, and had wanted to pull you into his department in the hopes.. something might happen.

Remy gave a dark grin. Funny, because I've been working under him for years and we've only ever talked about business, files, and warrants, until a few months ago.. so that surprises me.

We don't always know who we're dating right off the bat.

She shrugged. Maybe not you, but I know Jack. I also know, that you're trying to make me mad. You're also succeeding, and I've been a good sport. I'm fairly certain you have everything you need for your little investigation and before you start screaming Witch and calling for a bonfire, I think I'm done here. she said as she grabbed her bag and rose to the surprise of Zachary who once again looked like an innocent child now that his nasty demeanor had faded.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:16 am

Victoria was seething at this point, her eyes aflame with rage, her breathing ragged and forced through gritted teeth, and she was clutching the table like it was a vital lifeline.

Jack smiled like an asshole. He knew he had gotten to her and that she was suddenly realizing that Jack had the upper hand during the entirety of the interview.

Captain Conners, I cannot stand here while you insult me and my Division about the important job we do! I take offense...

Jack cut in, Why?

Why!?!?! Well you...I... The poor woman was stuttering with disgust and anger.

The fact of the matter is, Victoria, that your Division has the potential to do good and honest work dealing with bad cops. The truth of the matter is that they put people like you on stupid complaints about two people who happen to work together and care for one another.

This is why you people have a shit reputation.

That's ENOUGH! Jack, I...

Jack held up a hand. Obviously, you can't show your superiors proper respect. Strike three Victoria, call me when you cool off.

Jack rose and left without a word, running in to Amelia in to the hallway. Without a thought, Jack grabbed her hand and interlaced his fingers with hers and promptly kissed his girlfriend on the lips, soft and sweet.

Hello my dear, how was your meeting?
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:54 pm

Amelia had had enough. She opened the door and didn't wait a second before she stepped out of it leaving it open. She was done. Done being insulted and hurt and done being told she was doing something wrong merely by falling in love with someone. That was all she really wanted was to be with Jack and live her life. She did not need anyone having some sort of issue with it.

As she stepped out she heard the door just down the hall open up and looked over to see Jack exiting. Her body relaxed a great deal just seeing him, and he came right over to her, and took her hand into his. He leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back softly and sighed as it broke. She just wanted to go home. She wanted life to go back to normal but that was highly unlikely.

Annoying. Oh and Zachary? she said as she looked back into the room with her hand in Jack's. The entire tape needs to be played at the hearing, if it's edited in anyway.. well.. it won't be pretty. she grinned and then headed out with Jack.

Out in the lobby Amanda was sitting there happily doing her homework when she looked up and caught them coming out holding hands. The young girl beamed.

Come on Ams, lets go get some hamburgers and fries. she said as she picked the little girl up and held her in her arms. Letting jack pick up the bag of school stuff. Amanda clung to Amelia happily. They were a great family and Amanda had started acting out here and there like any normal child would and Jack had luckily made it clear that Amelia was as much of a reprimander as he was when it came to things that were most definitely against the rules. Which she appreciated because it put her in the 'Mom' situation. That was of course where she wanted to be, and where she loved to be at the same time.

Can I get a milkshake too? I didn't get anything to drink, that Sergeant guy was grumpy!
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)   

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Interrogations Aplenty (Amelia)
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