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 Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)

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PostSubject: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:27 am

Jack stood in his bedroom regarding himself in the full length mirror in the wall. He never understood Celeste's need to have the damn thing until. You really could see the differences in how you looked when you took the time. Currently, he fretted over ties: color, style, designs, you name it. Should he wear a tie? What about a nice golf shirt? Jack Conners stood toe to toe with the worst criminals that Bastion could bring him...what had him sweating with concern?

Amelia Remington.

Of course it was a woman. He wanted to impress her, but not seem like her boss. Especially since, technically, he was her boss. That wasn't important right now. What was important right now was that he was expecting her in, he looked at his watch.

Seven minutes.

Seven minutes?!?!?! He had no time!

Ok, no button down, no fancy slacks..nothing I would ever wear to work. What the hell else to I have to wear then?

Fumbling through his closet, he found something that worked, and just in time.

He had prepared a classy dinner, cooked himself of course, and just some time they could spend together. It would allow him and Amelia time to get to know each other outside of the precinct and figure out what was really going on between them. They had a fantastic kiss that had Jack losing his focus when he worked with her on Friday. He swore she licked her lips on purpose, just to trip him up.

Strolling in to the formal living room, the doorbell rang, and he jogged over to get the door. He saw the obscured image of blond hair through the angled windows, and smiled as he opened the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:45 am


Amelia checked herself in the review mirror of her black sedan. Making sure that her mascara hadn't stuck her lashes together, making sure that she didn't have too much make up on, or not enough. Making sure her lip gloss wasn't very glossy, and making sure that her hair hadn't decide to take a trip to frizz town while she was driving. With a sigh, she flipped the mirrored sunvisor back up and took a deep breath.

They were breaking SO many damn rules today.

She had loved the office yesterday. Not only had she had court that morning, which meant she had to work in a skirt for the rest of the day, but she had made sure that each time Jack passed her desk she was doing something.. but something small. Tucking her hair behind her ear. Crossing or uncrossing her well formed legs with the heels at the ends because of court. She always had to dress up for court, and that day had been no different.

Amelia never wore her hair down at work so she figured that it would be a special treat here at his place since, she didn't have to worry about her long tresses getting in the way. The soft waves of blonde swam around her as she got out of the car gathering her purse and locking her car. The beep of the alarm system engaging told her that she was secure as she headed to his place. The Captain's place was swanky. Driveway, two story house, nice neighborhood. He had a nice life here all ready, and she hoped she wasn't going to mess it up.

He was taking the plunge with her, but he had a daughter to look after too.

Up at the front door she knocked. Hoping that she had thought to check everything. She had put deoderant on twice this morning. Changed her outfit at least seven times. She didn't want to remind him of work, she wanted to remind him this was a date. More than that, she wanted to be cute, relaxed, confident. Which was anything but what she felt right now. The door opened and she looked up with a smile...

He needs to go shopping. she thought instantly. He looks like a psychologist.

Hey! she smiled warmly and gave him a hug. He hadn't shaved and his stubble grated painfully on her ultra sensitive skin. She nearly winced but managed to hold it in. Most didn't understand her abilities, but she couldn't turn them off, they just were. They stepped into the house and Amelia unzipped her coat. She was glad she hadn't worn anything heavy, and it was hard enough for her to find something she could wear easily with her abilities. She never wore perfume or anything because it would bother her.

You have such a beautiful home. It's so warm in here. she smiled putting her coat and purse down. She wasn't even sure what she should do here. She felt nervous. Which was something she didn't normally feel. Turning to fack Jack again, her smile brightened. So.. umm.. what is our plan?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:06 am

Smiling to match hers, Jack hugged Amelia back, simply enjoying the time she spent in his arms. He felt his face grate against hers, and cursed to himself.

I forgot to shave! This is the problem with those damn mirrors! No wonder women spend so much time getting ready. I must look like a slob.

She commented on the house as she walked in, leaving her coat and bag at the door. Jack just smiled and shook his head. I can't really take credit for that...that was all Celeste. She decorated, I just don't mess with anything. Otherwise the place would devolve in to chaos in a matter of days.

Nice, want to talk about all the other women you dated before her while you're at it?

So.. umm.. what is our plan?

Walking her to the island in the kitchen, Jack offered her a stool. He sat across from her and looked at her for a moment. She looked immaculate, absolutely stunning. She made casual look unbelievably beautiful. Why the hell did he not notice her before? Probably was sitting around not shaving.

Well, I figure we could spend the day at the house. I don't need to remind you of...well, the rules. Figure we could spend some time really getting to know each other and then I would cook you dinner. Once you've made fun of me enough about my abilities as a chef...I figured we would order a pizza.

He laughed at himself, still not feeling the ease of being around her like he used to normally. Why was he so nervous? It was just Remy!

But it wasn't just Remy...it was Amelia, and he liked her. She like him...it was like college all over again. Stupid awkwardness.

So, can I get you a drink? Some wine...or something?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:18 am

Annnnnd he mentioned his wife. Great, he's probably totally not over her yet, and here I am hoping to sneak my way in there... with an inward sigh, Amelia tried to keep a smile on her face. She wasn't sure what their plans were, what his wife was really up to. All she knew was that the woman had been gone for years. Amelia tried not to look awkward at that statement, and merely nodded. Looking off to the side.

He lead her to the kitchen. She didn't make any more comments about the decor. Now that she knew it was his wife's decor, she felt a little bit more like an intruder and less like a guest. She supposed she had been invited over and everything, but in the same breath, she felt like.. he was holding onto his .. exish wife.. and .. she wasn't sure if he was ready to move forward. But, then again, he had asked her over.

And then he reminded her of the rules. Amelia nodded. This was.. going well. She placed her hands together, and put them on the island of the kitchen now that she was perched on the stool as he explained their plans for the day. I wonder.. if I could get him out of that sweater.... she mused while he told her they would hang out, try to cook, and then order pizza. She couldn't help but laugh.

If we cook together, it might turn out half way decent. My amazing skills with your less than stellar attempts, might get us something edible. she offered with a smile.

She tucked her loose hair behind one of her ears. She had small fake diamond studs in her ears. Normally, she wore fun big blingy earings. But something easy to take out when she had to go out on a job. But nothing that made too much noise because of the way she had to be with her gifts. Today, she had gone for simple and subtle. He offered wine and she smiled.

Wine sounds perfect, actually.

As he moved about to get the wine going, her teal eyes followed him around. Watching the way he moved. Where in the hell he get such an ugly sweater... In part, it was adorable in a very Mister Rogers kind of way. But in the same breath, he dressed way better at work. Maybe this was like.. his dad's old.. sweater.. or an old college sweater.. or .. something.

Luckily, she wasn't dating him for his sweaters.

So, Amanda been grilling you since Thursday about us? she laughed softly. That girl really is something, you've raised her really well.

Deciding that maybe talking about his daughter might kill the mood or make him think of something like.. the RULES they were breaking... she decided to switch tactics.

So.. could I get a tour of the Connors manor? she asked curiously after accepting the wine glass he gave her.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:50 am

Wine sounds perfect, actually.

Jack nodded and paroosed his various, well four, bottles of wine. Finding that she preferred red, he pulled on of his favorites. Luckily, it was the only bottle of red wine in the latticed wooden...thing that was above the stove. He never really understood the purpose of those until, well, he still didn't get it.

So, Amanda been grilling you since Thursday about us? She laughed softly, something Jack could very much get used to hearing. That girl really is something, you've raised her really well.

Jack smiled and was about the respond before something changed and Amelia changed the subject.

So.. could I get a tour of the Connors manor?

Manor? At best, this place is a humble abode. At worst, its a seven-year old's real life Barbie playhouse. At least, the way she toys with me sometimes, I find myself being a peckless Ken doll.

With a glass of wine for the both of them, Jack took her on a quick tour of the home. The first floor was pretty standard, with a relatively simple dining, living, and family room. It also had a pretty substantial office for Jack, despite the fact he barely worked from home and almost never used it. The second floor was bedrooms, two occupied, two not. One of them was turned in to a toy explosion for Amanda, and the second was simply a bed and a closet, a guest room in a home with very few guests.

I'd show you the master, but its an absolute disaster area...kind of like my personal hygiene at the moment. Jack said with a chuckled, rubbing his scruffy face. He hated forgetting to do that, and on such an important day!

Amanda, luckily, hasn't caught on just yet. She is, however, strongly voicing her opinion in your favor. Let me just say that if you were running for office, you'd have her vote. They walked down the stairs and in to the family room. It had a large leather sectional in it to match the room, although the TV was a bit bigger than the room intended: one of Jack's actual touches.

Inviting her to join him on the sectional, they sat down and chatted for a bit.

So, Amelia, tell me the truth: do I really look this a mess at work?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:07 am

She could see where he might think it was a life size Barbie Mansion for his daughter. But, she still wanted to see the house and it would give them something to do. They walked through the kitchen, dining, and family room. Them up the stairs where there were four bedrooms. Two of them were Amandas. One for toys and one was her actual room. A room for guests, and the final was his room but he didn't want to show off his lack of cleanliness.

She didn't mind though, they headed back down the stairs and there was the couch and a massive TV. She was fairly certain that was a Jack purchase. She went and sat down beside him. Close enough that they were able to touch. She put her hand on his, and let them hold hands gently. She couldn't believe that she was here with a semi-date with a guy that she wanted to be around with. She hoped that everything would work out well for the both of them.

She really liked Jack.

No. You usually look really well put together. Not that you don't now. This sweater is really soft.

Which was true, and nice. A lot of fabrics, especially wool were itchy and bothered her to the point where she would get rashes from the grating fabric. She couldn't handle wool very well and there were some other fabrics that she couldn't handle but she could tell that his sweater was a hundred percent cotton. She snuggled in putting her head on his shoulder, letting her cheek rest against the soft fabric covered shoulder.

So maybe the sweater had merit afterall.

So what do you normally do on Saturdays? she asked him curiously. Taking a sip of her wine. It was good and smoothe, she could taste all the diferent spices and flavors. She liked the way it tasted, it wasn't the kind that was almost sour because it was so old, it was good though. Once he answered she volunteered her own normal schedule. I usually go running in the mornings, at the park. Then, I take Puddles to the dog park, and then usually just clean house and try to relax, hoping I don't get called in. she laughed but it was true, sometimes she wished that weekends were sacred.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:19 am

No. You usually look really well put together. Jack raised an eyebrow at her. Not that you don't now. This sweater is really soft.

Chuckling as she laid her head on his shoulder, Jack took a sip of his wine. Do you always smash their fashion sense to pieces as you woo them Amelia? Or do I get the special treatment?

So what do you normally do on Saturdays? She asked, a curious tone in her voice as she, too, took a sip of wine.

On a normal Saturday? Well, This time of year I usually am woken up by a powerbomb from a seven year old who doesn't know the meaning of "sleep in." He accentuated with his own finger quotations. Then its usually chores. Nowadays its usually yard word and then I go to the park to ogle dog walkers and runners.

Amelia then went through her own schedule, seemingly as mundane as his own. He chuckled as they both commiserated about being called in to work on the weekend. The sacred weekend off becoming no longer sacred.

When will criminals learn that major crimes should only happen on the weekdays, and they should take the weekends off? He laughed with her about that, but the truth was, he didn't want to talk about the job.

Can I ask you an honest question? When she said that he could, he continued. What the hell was with you yesterday? That was intentional, wasn't it...and don't try denying it.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:51 am

Amelia laughed, a blush coloring her face.

Special treatment for you, Jack. she laughed again, and shook her head. She supposed she should have told him he looked amazing. But, Amelia didn't make a big habit of lying. It really wasn't her thing, it just made things a hell of a lot more complicated for no real reason. Especially since, he seemed to all ready know that his sweater made him look frumpy. Not that it mattered, again, she was not here for his sweaters.

Amelia smiled looking up at him with those strangely teal eyes as he described his normal Saturday. With his daughter, chores, and oogling dog walkers and joggers. Amelia chuckled, wondering if he had ever watched her running through the park on a Saturday morning. But, she doubted it, and if he did, she doubted he would ever admit it. At least, not while they weren't really in a relationship. It didn't matter though, she described her own Saturday, the Saturday of single life.

She kind of hoped that if they got together they would be able to get together more often on Saturdays and do some fun family like stuff.

He sobered up from their shared laughter about disrespectful criminals commiting crimes on weekends. Asking her if he could ask her a honest question. Her eyes widened, and she nodded. Waiting to see what he might have to say. She was curious what was so important. And then he asked her what the hell was up yesterday and if she had done that on purpose.

Amelia let out a bark of laughter, she couldn't help it.

I had court. Obviously. The other stuff, yes, it was most definitely on purpose. I wanted to see you in shock, and it worked. Besides, I don't always have to wear a skirt for court, I just thought it would be fun, to see what you would do. Now that you've noticed me. she grinned up at him.

It had all been in great fun though. She didn't expect anything from him or want anything from him at work. She just wanted to enjoy the skirt while she was wearing one. She didn't do it that often especially in the winter. Now come spring and summer he would probably see them more often and especially on her days off when she wanted to be comfortable and cool. There were times that she had to pop by the office she was followed by cat calls and wolf whistles to grab something she forgot or wanted to look over on her days off.

Be honest. You enjoyed it, didn't you? she asked looking up into his eyes with a soft but mischevious smile on her face. She really wanted to know, and she had a feeling she was right anyway. She had caught him staring at her legs often that day. Not that she minded, not that he was the only one anyway. But, he was the one she was hoping to catch.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:02 am

She had been doing it on purpose! He knew it! What other things had she been doing to entice him? Maybe he was just trying to make him go insane...maybe....it was working.

Be honest. You enjoyed it, didn't you?

Her smile said it all. It was a typical woman move: she knew the answer, she just needed vindication. Who was he to deny her?

What do you think? You caught me looking how many times? Besides...I wasn't thinking about your legs.

Hehe...the tables turn! Now, you wonder exactly what I was attracted to!

Truth was, he was completely in to her legs. Well, not in to them...but he liked them...a lot. He just liked the height she got from her heels.

That's so not far you know? There is nothing I can do to entice you like you can for me. Its sexually biased, and you are working against gender equality. I'm ashamed for you Amelia.

I really hope she knows I'm being sarcastic...otherwise, I look like an ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:12 am

Amelia grinned.

And, just what were you thinking about? she asked him curiously. Her brows rose. Now she was curious, because obviously, he was looking at something on her. Though she was certain he was attracted to her legs as well because she knew for sure that he had looked at them through out the day.

He started to talk about how it wasn't fair that he had nothing he could do to her that would make her all blushy and desirous of him. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. Teal eyes looking over at him, and she couldn't help but smile.

Men are clueless. There are several things that I like that you could use against me if you had a mind to. Not that I'm going to tell you what they are... but they are there. she grinned.

She put her glass down on the coffee table and got up. Walking over to the back door she looked out at his yard letting the sunlight shimmer down onto her hair. Not only was the sun starting to set, slowly on the world. But, it was beautiful. She motioned for him to come look with her. She snuggled into his warm body as she looked out at the sunset. Part of her wished that they could go out, and do something fun, but another part of her really liked that they were getting to sit down and get to know each other otuside of the office.

so... did it really take your daughter, for you to notice me? she asked him curiously looking up at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:27 am

When Amelia asked about what he was looking at, Jack could only smile in triumph. She was now curious, and that made him mysterious...or something. Hell, when was dating easy? Besides, it didn't matter, it made her think and that meant he was winning.

I thought you were the Detective...why don't you figure it out?

She seemed to not take the bait on the gender inequality dig, merely rolling her eyes and completely rebuking his statement.

Men are clueless. There are several things that I like that you could use against me if you had a mind to. Not that I'm going to tell you what they are... but they are there.

Point: Remington. Now, Jack had his eyebrow up in curiosity as she walked to the glass sliding door, watching the sunset. She motioned him over and she snuggled in to him when he put his arm around her shoulders.

Do... did it really take your daughter for you to notice me?

Sighing with a slight ruddiness to his cheeks, Jack turned to face her, peering in to those intriguing teal eyes.

Amelia, my daughter has nothing to do with us. We happened because we finally found some time to see each other for something besides colleagues...

...besides, if we give Amanda credit for this, I will hear this until she finds a boy for herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:47 am

Amelia grinned.

So he had noticed her though. Even though she had never noticed him noticing, she was glad that it hadn't taken his daughter to do that. She was glad because she didn't want Amanda to be the sole reason they were together. She wanted him to want her for her, and not because his daughter liked her. Because, she really liked him. And, he was right, if they gave Amanda credit they would never hear the end of it.

I'm glad to hear that.

Remy leaned in, on her tip toes and she kissed him. Long and slow. It was the perfect moment because of the sunset and the way that he had his arm wrapped around her. Her hand went up to lay on the soft fabric of his sweater, and she leaned into him. Enjoying the kiss for a few moments.

When it broke she smiled. Having wanted to do that allll day Friday. He had no idea how hot he was when he was flustered at work and he started rolling the cuffs of his shirt up on his arms. Or when he was lost in thought and he was tapping his finger on his chin. There were so many small things that he did that she loved, and made her want to kiss him.

So... should we start on dinner? Or... should we try something else? A movie? A fire? A walk? though she was fairly certain that wasn't going to happen. He was trying to keep them a secret. She understood why too, because she knew that neither of them wanted to be in trouble or lose their jobs. Her's wasn't so much about the monitary, because she knew that she could work in other places. It was more the fact that she didn't want to do that.

What.. are we cooking tonight anyway?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:59 am

She seemed to like his answer about them being together since she got up on her toes and kissed him. He leaned down as they kissed, so she didn't have to keep balancing herself so much. It was just something about their kisses, soft and long yet truly passionate, that made him want to do it all the more. It wasn't a sexual desire either, no need to tear each others clothes off whilst sticking tongues down each others throats, but just a want to be together.

So... should we start on dinner? Or... should we try something else? A movie? A fire? A walk?

Well, this is your date too...are you hungry? Do you want to cuddle by a fire? Saying a movie is a very teenager way of saying you want to sit on the couch and make out, Amelia.

He winked at her as he turned to take a brief sip of wine, offering her the glass she had before. Once she took it again, she looked up at him and smiled.

What.. are we cooking tonight anyway?

As they strolled back towards the kitchen, Jack softly took her hand and kept her close. They had spent some time together and confirmed that they truly did like each other. Holding hands felt right at the moment.

Well, I have two Cornish game hens that I rubbed with spices this morning, and I was going to make a small spinach salad with some pasta and my famous pesto sauce.

Jack watched Amelia for her reaction, it was a pretty fancy dish.

What? I will joke about my cooking, but I am quite talented. Amanda is just too picky for her own good.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:11 am

Wellll, depending on what we're making, I'll be hungry by the time it's ready. she chuckled. Truth be told, she had been a bit nervous about coming over here today and she had barely eaten any lunch. So she was kind of interested to see what he had going for dinner.

He told her that this was her date too, and they could cuddle by the fire, if they wanted. But, he totally called her out on watching a movie was really a code name for making out on the couch. She laughed. She couldn't help it. The way he was, was funny and awesome at the same time. There were times that she just couldn't believe he wasn't taken. Though, she had a feeling it was mostly his fault he wasn't taken more than it was anything else. He was probably picky, and she knew for a long time he was probably holding out for his fugitive ex wife to show back up. Course, then she'd have to go to jail.

He brought her the glass of wine she had left on the coffee table, and she took it gently taking a sip. His strong warm hand enveloped her own and they headed towards the kitchen. It was nice. Easy. Being with him, felt almost natural. Now that they were really sure that they weren't just exhausted and horny.. but actually liked each other, there was more of an ease about the date.

He began to explain what he was planning to cook for dinner. Amelia's eyes widened, and her brows rose. Ambitious. When he admitted that he could actually cook a smile broke across her face. He told her that amanda was just too picky for her own good. Amelia couldn't help but shake her head.

Sounds about right. Makes me wonder if she choked my chili down because she wanted to be nice so you'd come over and we'd have a date, or if she actually liked it... she grinned and then shrugged. It wasn't that important in the long run. So what can I do to help? I could put the hens in the oven.

She offered as she let go of his hand and moved over to the oven to set the heat settings and let the oven preheat. It would take a while for the game hens to bake anyway, and then they would need to get the pasta ready. The salad would be the last part but she could get it ready and put it in the fridge while he worked on his 'famous' pesto sauce.

So, if your pesto sauce is sooooo famous. Why haven't you brought it to any of the pot lucks at work? she asked as she turned and walked to the fridge. Pretty much making herself at home in the kitchen, pulling out ingrediants for the salad. Turning she looked at him with those long lashed teal eyes. Do you have a bowl I could use for the salad?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:37 am

Jack chuckled at the thought of Amanda choking down Amelia's chili just to get them a date. The reason it was funny is that he wouldn't put it past his daughter to do that just to get her father in a relationship.

Actually, she's been eating the leftover chili. Either she liked it, or she's really committed to the charade. Either way, she's eating more vegetables than normal. I have a freezer filled with dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets because of that little hellion.

Smiling as she asked how she could help, Jack barely got a word out before Amelia began walking through the kitchen, making herself at home. He opened his spice cabinet and pulled the seasonings needed for the hens while the over pre-heated.

So, if your pesto sauce is sooooo famous. Why haven't you brought it to any of the pot lucks at work?

Looking over his face with a smirk, Jack replied. If I made something like my pesto for a pasta salad or something, it wouldn't be as good as it will be now. Second...all I would ever make is pesto, I like to play around with recipes. Do you remember that amazing guacamole no one could figure out who made it?

He pointed at himself. This guy.

She asked for a bowl to make the salad, and he pointed to a cabinet where he kept the large bowls for mixing greens and such. Washing his hands quickly in the sink, Jack rolled up his sleeves and began to rub the chicken skin with various herbs and spices.

I got to ask ya Amelia, not a lot of women are comfortable with a single dad, or kids in general. You've done a lot for Amanda, and I really appreciate that, but you know shes part of the deal, right?

Fact was, Amelia was in the prime of her life, five years younger than Jack was, and she was completely free. He knew being with him would tie her, or anyone for that matter, down significantly. Most people didn't think about that before jumping in to a relationship.

He just had to make sure she understood.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:00 am

Amelia felt better when she found out that Amanda was eating the leftover chili that she had sent home with her. She wondered if Jack had tried any. She had hoped he would. She wasn't a fantastic cook but she had been told often enough in her life that she was really good at it. She never really wanted to cook for anyone more than she wanted to cook for a family. Getting to fulfill those dreams with Amanda for a brief evening was something that just settled right with her.

She listened as he explained why he hadn't brought his pasta to work before. Her eyes lifted to him when he started talking about that fantastic quacamole that someone had brought a couple years ago. It was amazing, but no one could figure out who made it. They had a freaking raffle to see who got to take the piddly amount of leftovers home. She bought five tickets and still lost. Didn't matter though, now she knew the secret. He had made it. For a moment she just stared at him in wonder.

You really have been holding out on me, Jack. she smiled.

Amelia grabbed the large bowl from the cabinet and washed her hands in the sink. Coming up behind him, she snuggled into his sweater and gave him a hug from behind. She was really having fun, and learning a lot about him. Moving back away from the hug she moved to the bowl and the greens and began to tear them with her bear hands. Torn were always better than cut. Cut looked neater, but the torn just did something better. Gave it a different texture.

She looked up at him with those teal eyes of hers as he told her that most women weren't interested in men with children. He wanted to make sure that she understood that Amanda wasn't temporary. She was here, and if they continued to date, she was going to be there, most of the time. Amelia smiled and put some of the greens in her hands down for a moment.

If you laugh at this, I will throw this salad at you.. she warned before she dove into her thoughts. I've always felt like, my true job in life was going to be being a mother. But, I've never found the kind of guy I'd actually want to start a family with. One that will be involved and not just a roomate, of sorts. I was really excited, when Amanda trusted me enough to come home with me. To eat my food, and listen to what I said. So.. yeah, I know Jack. I"m looking forward to having Amanda as part of my life, I really hope this goes well.

She went back to the greens. She had said her piece but it was true. She wanted to be a mother. She wanted to be the kind of woman that could make a family happy. Oh, she adored her job. She was meant to be a mother and a cop. If she had to pick one though... she was fairly certain it would be Mother. As trying as she assumed it would be, it would be more rewarding than not.

Do you want more kids some day Jack? Another wife? I mean, you've kinda.. all ready done that stuff, are you interested in doing it again? she asked him curiously as they prepped dinner. She wasn't asking because she knew she was going to step into the roll, but she did eventually want to get married and have children, so since they were talking serious, she decided it was time to ask.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:51 pm

He loved that way she looked at him when she found out about the guacamole. It was a combination of awe and of being impressed. She looked really cute when she did it, although Jack would never admit that to her. Women always seemed to do things less when you let them know you liked it. Almost like you were getting rewarded for being a good dog. Were all women like that?

Amelia then answered his question and explained about her desire to be a mom. Jack quietly listened as he wiped his hands dry with a towel, smiling as she threatened him with salad.

... I"m looking forward to having Amanda as part of my life, I really hope this goes well.

Jack opened the oven, softly pushing the tray with the chickens in to the oven and setting a digital thermometer to beep once the hens reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Slowly moving to where she had been ripping salad apart, Jack slowly moved her face to look at him. He leaned in and kissed her, but this time...it was different.

Instead of the slow, long kisses they had had prior, these we short, passionate kisses, the last one breaking with Jack softly biting her lower lip. What could he say? For some reason, that speech was really sexy to him...who knew that those kind of things would change with fatherhood.

Don't ever think I'll laugh at you for wanting to have children. They are the most amazing, dirty, hectic, wonderful thing in the world.

Do you want more kids some day Jack? Another wife? I mean, you've kinda.. all ready done that stuff, are you interested in doing it again?

She looked up at him with those pretty teal eyes, he always worried he just wouldn't speak and look in to her eyes like a lovesick fool.

Well, I guess I brought up the serious stuff, didn't I? Well, at the risk of being an idiot and bringing up my marital catastrophe...again, Celeste and I always wanted other kids. That desire never changed for me. I'd love to have someone else to occupy Amanda's...I mean, love and cherish.

He laughed softly with her in his arms.

Truth is, while it was good and normal...it was great. Just because you've done something once doesn't mean that you write off that experience and never go back. I hope that answers your question.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:12 am

He didn't answer her thoughts. She went back to the salad, a bit of a silence taking over the kitchen as he put the chickens in the oven. She was still working on the salad when he came over to her and turned her face to meet his. Dropping the salad she leaned in at the same time he did and got lost in the passionate embraces of his lips. She couldn't help but wish for more. It was amazing. The way that he pulled her to him. The short passionate kisses, and she nearly lost her ability to stand when he bit her lower lip and pulled it with him.

She shivered slightly.

I'm going to need more of that later. she whispered.

He began to tell her that she shouldn't be ashamed of wanting to be a mother. She wasn't embarassed. She just didn't know what he would think of it. And she didn't want him to think that she was just trying to snag him. Because, though she wanted him, she wanted this to be a right fit more than she just wanted a relationship.

He told her that he and his wife had always wanted more children. Causing Remy to bite her lower lip, because she wasn't sure how his wife had anything to do with what they were talking about now. This was an adult relationship, she was trying very hard not to be jealous when he mentioned his wife. Because, what she also really wanted to know was if he was ever going to divorce the woman. She supposed that he would if he found someone that was worth moving on for.

She hoped so anyway.

Yeah, it does.

She smiled at him, and pecked his lips softly. But, thought better of just a peck and decided to get him back biting his lower lip and bringing it back with her. When she let it go her eyes shot up to his with a challenge and a promise, of more to come later, if they could find the time. She turned to finish up her salad. Tearing the lettuce leaves, and then tossing it with a good dressing she found in the fridge, she put the whole bowl in the fridge so that it would marinade and they could pull it out at dinner time.

Remy moved around the kitchen and perched on the counter top figuring that he was going to need to be left alone-ish for the pesto sauce he needed to make but she was going to stay close. She topped off their wine glasses and leaned back against his cabinets, sipping her wine and watching him move about the kitchen.

So where did you learn to cook like this? Most men burn toast, so I'm curious where you got your chef genes.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:47 am

As expected, the woman in his arms didn't take too kindly to be reminded that Jack technically was still married. She finished the salad, but not before reminding him that she wanted more of that passionate nibbling they had just shared. Giving her a mischievous smile, Jack more than consented in his mind. Putting that in the back of his head for later tonight, he watched he fill up the wine glasses and perch herself in the corner.

So where did you learn to cook like this? Most men burn toast, so I'm curious where you got your chef genes.

I don't think you wanna know.

You sure you wanna know all my secrets? First date and I'm already getting my brain scanned.

When Amelia persisted as Jack got out the blender and began gathering some ingredients for the pesto sauce. The chicken would take some time, and water still needed to boil. He had plenty of time...but there was no time like the present.

Alright well, if you must know, I learned from the food networks. After Celeste went crazy and disappeared, I got almost two months of paid administrative leave while I was investigated to see if I assisted in her escape.

I had a two year old, and I was bored a lot. So, I taught myself to cook. Thankfully, Amanda couldn't eat much in terms of solid food, otherwise she may never eat my cooking again.

Placing basil, oil, and some salt and pepper in the blender, he let it blast for a couple long pulses before adding more basil. After it became a fine mush, he added pine nuts, cheese, and a secret ingredient he hid from her. A few quick pulses later, he slid in front of her legs and grabbed his own wine glass, taking a sip.

You know, you were in perfect kissing range on the floor...why would you ever move somewhere so...unreachable?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:57 am

She was certain she wanted to know. But, when he asked, she had a feeling his wife was about to come up again. And she did. Apparently, once she had gone crazy it was up to Jack to keep everything going which meant he had to start cooking for himself and Amanda. That was five years ago. His wife had been gone for five years and she was still so present in this house it made Amelia feel a little weird when she thought about it. It was like the woman was dead, but immoralitized somehow in the house.

He stopped talking and she didn't ask any more questions. Afterall, she did want to know more but she didn't want to keep bringing up his wife. He didn't deserve that and she wanted to know some things about him that didn't have as much to do with his wife. So, she figured the best way was to quit asking questions at least temporarily.

Of course, Jack helped by coming over to get a sip of his wine. He was standing in front of her legs, and complaining about how she was too high to kiss now. Sliding foward she let his arms come around her, and slowly let him lower her to the ground.

Better? she asked, now that she was fully pressed against him. She liked the way that she felt against him, and slowly brought her head to his. The kiss was good. Especially, since her body and his fit so well together.

This time though, with the passionate kisses like before, she finally decided to take it one step further and slide her tongue into his mouth to deepen the kiss. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck to keep them as close as they could possibly be while they kissed. She had to admit, kissing Jack was much more thrilling than she ever thought it would be.

Think we have a little time for that impromtu make out session before dinner is ready? she asked in a heady whisper when the kiss broke and they were both breathing heavily. Staring into one another's eyes. She grinned Catch she whispered and jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist she grinned down at him and started kissing him again.

It felt good to be wanted, good to have a man she had her eye on want her, and even better that they seemed to be having a really great time together. Getting a long better than she had even hoped.
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Smirking at his comment, she slid slowly off the counter directly in front of him. Intentional or not, she basically rubbed her body up against his as she found her place in front of him.

Better? Jack raised a single eyebrow. Is that even a question?

They quickly entangled themselves in one another, and Jack nearly smiled when he felt her tongue in his mouth. It would have been a complete rookie move, but the good Captain was able to keep it together. Amelia had wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeper, not letting him break away...even if he wanted to!

Think we have a little time for that impromptu make out session before dinner is ready?

Yes...for the love of TERRA, YES

Uh...well, we need to watch the chickens and make the pas... Jack saw something different in her eyes at that moment, and it wasn't the irritated woman look he expected when he tried to make a joke at an inappropriate time...

...it was pure hunger.

Let them burn...fuck it we can order Chinese if we have to...

Jack didn't have much time to realize what was going on until it actually did. She jumped in to the air, wrapping herself around him, kissing him from an elevated position. Without thinking, Jack's hands immediately went to her outer thighs to keep her on him. At the same time, he wasn't paying attention to his exact placement of his hands, and one may have, at one time, wandered a bit.

He had to admit, dating a policewoman had its perks...and it seemed a well toned backside was one of them.

She was light, and Jack was able to easily carry her to a loveseat in the 'formal living room' where he calmly sat down, letting her ease in to his lap. At that point, his hands explored her back as she still had a pretty firm grip on him. When the long kiss actually broke in to heavy breathing as they caught their breath for a moment, Jack took the moment to get a word in edgewise.

I...uh...wow. You weren't kidding about getting some later, were you? I have to say, I really enjoy the way you tackle the problem.
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He started mumbling something about the chickens and pasta, but then he just kind of shut up. She had just waited. She wasn't angry. He was trying to be funny. She didn't care. She just wanted to kiss him some more. He seemed to realize that she wasn't angry, and she wasn't impatient, she was just waiting. And then, he said they could let it all burn and order chinese. She didn't really want to let his hard work burn, she was going to try her best to control herself. But, she really did want to enjoy herself.

As she jumped he caught her, and they were all ready kissing again. One of his hands gripped her outter thigh and one of them was a bit more adventurous making her smile through the kiss. He carried her easily to the formal living area. She had to admit, he was strong, carrying her easily enough, and strong enough to hold her. They sat down, her in his lap and both of them on the couch. Her hair framed their faces as she took a small breather.

She chuckled breathlessly at his little comment. No reason to be shy about what I want.

Which was true. If she played shy and coy she would never win him and someone else would step in eventually. That wasn't going to happen. She had his attention and she was going to keep it. They liked each other, that much was obvious. They had a lot in common. They were willing to risk breaking the rules. They were both enjoying getting to know each other and liking what they were finding out.

They started kissing again. Passionatly, and yet there were moments of softeness intermingled within. She felt amazing. And her hands explored his chest through his sweater and cupped his neck. Kissing his lips softly and passionatly. She loved his large hands in her hair. She loved the way that he felt against her. Though occassionally his rough stubble would get too much and she would have to pull back and take a breather. She wished he had shaved, but he hadn't and there was only so much rough texture her skin could take. They were just in another bought of kissing when a massive clap of thunder boomed through the house.

Causing Remy to jump in surprise, and look around. Reaching behind her with one hand, as if to go for her gun, which was actually in her purse. The cop, never died in a girl even when she was making out. But, she soon realized as the rain pelted against the sliding glass door that it was a storm, and not someone trying to kick in the door. How she had missed a storm was coming, showed just how distracted she was.

Tilting her head to the side, she listened and then she inhaled deeply. Taking in the scents. She knew the secret ingrediant that he had hidden from her now. She knew everything in this house, the hens were almost done, the salad was perfectly marinated, and his pasta was going to be slightly over done.

The storm system is covering the whole city. It'll be raining for a while. she said opening her eyes and returning her senses back to what was normal for her. She had a bit of red irritated skin around her mouth where his stubble had rubbed a lot against her. It would fade over time, but for now the 'wounds' were too fresh.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Fri Nov 30, 2012 2:32 am

Wrapped up in one another, Jack was amazed at how quickly their passion had escalated on the couch. Their hands explored one another, nothing too risque, but it was nice to feel her soft curves in his hands. Jack had let Amelia set the tone for the make out session since it had been her idea, and she varied between passionate, short kisses and long romantic ones.

It truly was a fantastic length of time. He couldn't say how long, as time seemed to both fly by and slow to a crawl when they were together, their lips in a firm embrace.

Thunder rumbled and Amelia jumped in his lap, making him smile. She looked adorable when she was a little freaked out. It was strange how high she jumped, however. The thunder wasn't all that loud, yet Amelia jumped like it had been right over the house. She paused a moment and made a comment about the storm.

I know, I watched the new this morning. Its gonna storm most of the night. Are you ok?

It was that moment he noticed the sore red spots on her face, and his hand immediately reached for her face, holding her cheek tenderly.

Oh my...Amelia, what happened to your face? Was...was that me? Am I really that bad? Do you need me to shave? I am so sorry...

It blew his mind he could do that much damage to her skin. It was almost like she was having some sort of reaction to his stubble or something.
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:35 am

Amelia smiled. Yes, I'm fine. I'm not afraid of storms, it just caught me off guard. Not something easily done. Apparently, you're a good distraction.

He reached up and cupped her cheek. Her hand softly rose and clasped his as well. Her teal eyes meeting his as he seemed worried about her face. She blushed softly, and gave a shrug. It wasn't like he was the first person to cause her some issues because of her hyper sensitivity to everything. She hadn't even been swimming in years because the smell of chlorine especially in an indoor pool area made her sick to her stomach to the point of nearly throwing up. There were some things that she just couldn't handle.

It'll go away. It's just irritation. she smiled softly, and she looked away and then back over at him, with a sigh. How much do you know about me Jack? Have you ever read my file?

She wanted to know, because if he didn't understand what happens to her in certain situations it would be hard for them to date. So she would explain it to him, because, it was important he knew what he was getting into. She wasn't even sure how she could handle a kid getting sick in the toilet without getting sick along side of them from the smell alone. She supposed that the motherly instinct make gleefully take over. But, even still, she had no idea.

I'm not even sure my file could do it justice. I'm a human. I do not have a power. But I do have an ability. It's not something I can turn off. They call it Synthesia. But, what it really means is the fact that all my senses, are acute. I feel things much more than most people. Smell, taste, sight, and hear. All of those, are twice the normal. At least.

She gave a little smile. It isn't a big deal, but you need to know about it because there are times I can't handle a smell. Your stubble, while it might annoy a normal person... well... you can see. she shrugged, her skin turned red with abraission because of the stubble on his face. She didn't blame him, she could have asked that he shave before they started kissing. But, she didn't.

You don't think I'm weird now do you?
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PostSubject: Re: Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)   Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:36 am

She blushed at his concern and his touch, saying that her face would be alright in a little while. He felt awful, he had no idea his facial hair had gone so out of control. Apparently the older you got, the crazier and worse the hair became! He would have to investigate this...

...and then she asked him if he had read her file.

Her file? What does her file have to do with anything.

Jack simply shook his head no and she explained, still sitting in his lap.

I'm not even sure my file could do it justice. I'm a human. I do not have a power. But I do have an ability. It's not something I can turn off. They call it Synthesia. But, what it really means is the fact that all my senses, are acute. I feel things much more than most people. Smell, taste, sight, and hear. All of those, are twice the normal. At least.

Synthesia...it all made sense! Jack had heard about it on a seminar about common abilities in humanity. It was more common than other abilities, but rare in consideration of the species as a whole.

No wonder you're such a good detective...

It isn't a big deal, but you need to know about it because there are times I can't handle a smell. Your stubble, while it might annoy a normal person... well... you can see.

Jack only nodded as Amelia took on a more insecure look to her for a moment.

You don't think I'm weird now do you?

Jack looked straight in to her eyes, still cupping her face.

Now? No....Weird? Yes. You're dating me, after all. You may just be borderline batshit crazy.

He laughed, hoping she laughed along with him. After that, he excused himself a minute and casually walked to the bathroom. Staring at himself in the mirror, he let the faucet run and shaved as quickly as possible. He did a halfway decent job for a five minute job, only cutting himself once on the cheek, toilet paper now dabbing the small wound.

He returned with a smile on his face.

Is this better? As your suitor...I cater to my lady's needs.
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Protocol Breaching, Take 1 (Amelia)
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