A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Amelia 'Remy' Remington

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PostSubject: Amelia 'Remy' Remington   Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:49 am

• amelia • sage • remington •

Name: Amelia Sage Remington
Nickname: Remy
Age: Twenty Eight
Weight: One hundred and thirty three pounds
Height: Five feet six inches

Eye color: Light Teal color
Hair color: Blonde
Race: Human
Residence: Bastion
Nationality: Bastion
Affiliation: Bastion Meta-Human Crime
Occupation:Detective and Forensic Specialist

Face Claim: Emilie De Ravin

• all in the details •

Remy is a very slender girl and yet she has no blood in her veins outside of being human. She stands at five feet six inches tall and is slightly willowy in frame. Yet, when she dresses the part she has a bit of curves to her body. Her blonde hair is long and falls all the way down to her waist. It falls most often in soft curls though she sometimes straightens it. At work, it’s mostly worn up to keep it from getting in the way though when she knows its an office kind of day she will sometimes wear it down for a bit of flavor.

Remy is the kind of woman that always dresses professionally. You will almost never catch her in jeans and a tshirt even on her off days unless she’s at the park walking her dog or something. Remy does everything she can to keep herself neat and tailored.

Remy is a sweet woman. The kind that buys donuts at random for the office, or brings her favorite people coffee in the mornings. She is the kind that will bend over backwards to make someone’s day. Remy is often the kind that is the first to volunteer for whatever needs done even if it means to her own discomfort. This often gets her into trouble because she often volunteers for things that she has no business volunteering for.

Remy loves children and pets. She has a small black Yorkie that is her pride and joy. She treats the little guy just like a child, most of the time. She wants to be married and have children of her own some day but she is in no rush. She knows it will happen when it’s ready to happen and there is no reason to push forwards.

She takes her job very seriously. Working long hard hours, taking shifts that family people don’t need to so that they will be able to do what is important to them. Dedication is her middle name.

: Or the ability to enhance the senses. Making them extremely delicate and hypersensitive. This covers, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. All the time, her senses are heightened more than the average human. At least two times the average human. Meaning that walking past a dumpster may turn the stomach of a normal person, but Remy might actually puke at the scent if it’s strong enough.

However, she is able to gather a great deal of information this way. By changing through her senses she can drop the others to nearly incapacitated state and just focus on the one sense. Allowing it to be the predominant sense. However, this leaves her extremely vulnerable. Because, the body is used to processing all five senses at once. Not to mention, depending on the ones that are being dampened it may very well hide the fact of an impending attack.
This ability is mostly passive, meaning that it is active all the time. However, she can change her focus in one direction for as long as need be, but is weakened in the other areas until she rebalances her senses.


Firearms: Having been on the force since she was twenty three years old. She knows a fair amount about guns. Her father took her shooting as a child at a neighborhood shooting range so that she could protect herself when she got older in a world that was unpredictable. She is not a 100% bulls eye kind of shooter, but her grouping is very tight and gets the job done. She knows how to dismantle and clean not to mention put together a gun.

Forensics: The ability to help solve crimes by seeing and gathering information left at a crime scene. Because of her unique abilities, this is something she is highly valued for.

Brown Belt in Karate: Starting when she was in high school she attends a class once a week to continue her skill but has as of yet not taken the test to become a black belt. Mostly because it isn’t about being able to say such a thing, but instead, about protecting herself when a gun won’t help.

Languages: Knows the Common Tongue, Elvish, and Dwarven. Though with Dwarven she is not fluent, she only knows enough to get by.

Secret Hobby: Sewing. Between making clothing, quilts, curtains, and anything else that requires a creative mind and a sewing machine.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Amelia was born to Robert and Cassandra Remington. Cassandra had once been from a fairly affluent family but when she decided to marry Robert who was a mere police officer, her parents cut her off. At first, Cassie was upset, but she learned that she did not need all the finery in her life. She made her life her own, and no day was better than the day that they gave birth to Amelia. Their eldest of two children. Amelia’s younger brother coming along only a year later with the name of Aaron.

Amelia grew up in a very normal life. Her father, being a police officer, was rather big on making sure that both his children could protect themselves. He was the kind of father that was always prepared. Fire safety checks, and fire plans. How to deal with an intruder and everything. Which all came in handy the day that Enlightenment shook the very Earth they stood on, shaking their house to the ground. The family barely making it out alive.

The Remington’s were forced, like many other family’s to start over. Deciding to start anew and settle in the city of Bastion the family began to make new roots. Amelia and Aaron attended public school and Amelia showed an affinity for languages. By the time they moved Amelia was all ready nineteen years old and recently graduated from high school.

However, college didn’t seem possible as an affliction affected her soon after the Enlightenment. Everything was too much. Every sense was overwhelmed and every sense was at least doubley sensitive than most people. It was too much for the young teen at first. As she tried to figure out how to go about her daily life with all of these sudden new senses. Doctors could not figure out how this suddenly showed up in her at nineteen, they felt as though it had something to do with the Enlightenment and perhaps that she was nearing the age of adulthood.

Sure enough, it peeked when she was twenty one. It was ten, the determined Amelia began to control it. Through sheer determination she began to figure her own abilities out. Since she could not shut it off she found ways to cope. Scents she could live with. How she could block things, how she could call her senses forward more powerfully. How to isolate different senses when she needed them.

At twenty one she entered the Police Academy in Bastion. To follow in her father’s footsteps. She was taken in on his legacy of being one of the finest cops on the Bastion Beat. But, soon she proved herself an asset to the police force and was quickly assigned to street duty with a partner. Because of her last name, she was quickly assigned the nickname Remy, and it stuck fairly hard.

Her partner’s name was Zachary Parker, and they worked together for six years. Working the streets of Bastion. With her abilities they almost never had too many issues. Occasionally, they were shot at, or attacked by the people they were going after. But, they were usually prepared. During one such call where they had gone to address a Home Disturbance, the woman who had called turned on them when they began to arrest her husband. Shooting at the both of them. Zachary called backup while Amelia held the woman at gunpoint while taking cover behind the vehicle.

Zach and Amelia were rather lucky that they weren’t injured while they waited for backup. When they arrived, they went into the house and found that it was not just a disturbance but also a drug house. With drugs and paraphernalia everwhere. It was a huge bust, and Zach and Amelia were soon both promoted after years on the Beat.

Because of her abilities, Remy was moved to the Meta-Human Crime division, to work under Jack Conners.

Owns and adores a black Mini-Yorkie named Puddles. He is the current light of her life and she takes him everywhere when she can. Especially on days off.

Is this a Canon?: no

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Blue, Evyn
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PostSubject: Re: Amelia 'Remy' Remington   Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:45 pm

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Amelia 'Remy' Remington
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