A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Return (Ethan)

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PostSubject: Re: The Return (Ethan)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:31 am

Blue slept for hours.

Three hours, fifty minutes to be exact.

Blue's eyes softly opened. At first it was hard to remember where she was. Strange bed, strange pillow, not the soft blankets of her upstairs bedroom but the average normal blankets of the bunker. Onces that would work, she wasn't about much luxury down here. Oh it was like a house, it just wasn't as fine as the things she tended to put in her apartment. There was a bunk over head, and concrete walls painted a calming soft blue color around her.

Blue's body radiated pain, and it was tight and tense. A hand found hers, and she twisted her head careful not to move her body, as she saw Ethan sitting there right beside her. She gave a soft smile, but a gentle tear leaked from her eye. Quickly, she reached to wipe it away.

Can, you please get my pills?

Ethan was up and gone quickly. Returning even faster and he helped her with her pills. She got herself an extra pain pill, and propped herself up on the pillows. Sliding over enough that he could lay beside her. She needed him. Now more than ever as her body's nerves shuddered with the pain and settled waiting for the pills to take place. When Ethan took his place she curled up on him and listened to the soft calm rythm of his heartbeat.

Have you checked the monitors? Where are the others? Are they still out there? How long was I asleep? Wait. Do you still have buckshot in your rear?

Blue's questions poured out of her because part of her was afraid that as soon as the pills took effect she was going to find herself in a daze. But, they would be heaven to get rid of the pain and she would, as soon as life returned to normal resume working out her legs and hips. She didn't want to be a cripple. She didn't want to have to count on Ethan to take care of her. She wanted to do that herself. So, she wanted to make sure that she could. And, she wanted to have children. That was, suddenly, highly important to a girl that never considered it before she met Ethan.

After this is all over. I want to go on vacation, while I"m still on med leave. We can go to my parents' cabin. They have one on the lake. Just you and me. I'll even wear a swimsuit for you. she smiled, thinking he might enjoy that. If she could get herself to be able to walk without a cane it would be even better. She just hoped that some of the scars she had gotten from the android attack wouldn't turn him off.

Ethan... she whispered, wanting to ask, and afraid to at the same time. Her voice came as almost a gasp. Do you.. will my scars.. make a difference?
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PostSubject: Re: The Return (Ethan)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:20 am

When Ethan snuggled in with Blue, he truly felt calm. Everything he had planned had gone well. The prisoner had been tortured thoroughly, and gave up plenty of information. He had been disposed of without incident, and Ethan had spent some extensive time using that man's login codes browsing the black servers. He had found some very interesting information about his burning...information he would need to save if he were to exact his revenge. Ethan had already been formulating a plan. It would be complicated...

...but it would be amazing.

Have you checked the monitors? Where are the others? Are they still out there? How long was I asleep? Wait. Do you still have buckshot in your rear?

Chuckling at getting the third degree before the sleepy seeds had been wiped from her eyes, Ethan made sure to answer in the order of questions.

Yes, every fifteen minutes. Albert is perched on the doorframe, watching us from upside down, and Benji had an accident, I had to put him down. Yes, still outside, starting to get worried about their four missing operatives. You've been asleep about four hours. I still have a little bit that was in a place I couldn't reach and was too deep for Al.

Wondering how she would react to her mechanical owl being muscle deep in his hindquarters, Ethan shifted so he could see her face as it fought the combined feelings of muscle pain and full on peals of laughter.

Shut up. Albert and I have agreed never to speak of it.

When she finally got control of herself, Blue seemed to relax and chat some more...more about plans once everything was said and done. Ethan knew his plan would be risky, and could take some time. That entire time, Blue would be in danger...and he had ideas on how he could do that...but he wasn't sure she'd like them. Blue was always one to blindly stand in danger, no matter how idiotic or brave it was. It was adorable, but stupid.

After this is all over. I want to go on vacation, while I"m still on med leave. We can go to my parents' cabin. They have one on the lake. Just you and me. I'll even wear a swimsuit for you.

He reflected her smile, knowing something had gotten in to her. She never talked about her body since. She most likely would get scars and that was probably the reason for the cream she refused to let him see her apply. His voice was so soft on her lips it was barely a whisper before she confirmed her fears to him.

Do you.. will my scars.. make a difference?

Shock. That was all Ethan felt, and he knew it showed on his face. Did she really think that...?

Blue...by the gods...NO. Does my past? It doesn't seem to have so far. I'm not leaving you baby, ever.

You hear me? Death do us part, for no other reason. Scars mean nothing to me.

If Ethan had known specifically what he had said...he may have changed his verbiage. Then again, not many people believed him when he explained how his social skills were only really good when he was faking it. Nothing as long or as amazing as Blue had ever come along before.

Who knew, right?
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PostSubject: Re: The Return (Ethan)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:13 pm

Did she even want to know what he did with the body of Benji? She doubted it, and she was glad that she was asleep through the torture. Afterall, that wasn't anything she would want to see. Blue was brave and strong, but she wasn't the kind of girl that wanted to see that kind of thing. She wasn't even sure if she could handle watching, or seeing, or even hearing such a thing. Blue could handle many things, but torture was a whole different beast.

When you're ready, I'll get the rest out. she promised. It wouldn't be the first time she had cut on her boyfriend, and it probably wouldn't be the last. She doubted that he was ever the type of man that was going to be able to settle down for the kind of 'normal' lifestyle. She figured he would always be dancing on the edge of danger.

She saw the horror take over his face when she mentioned her question. Blue's face turned a bright shade of red. But for her own sanity, she needed to know these things. Because, as a girl, her absolute fear was the fact that he was going to find someone that didn't have scars. Or find her unattractive because of the scars left from being crushed under a building. She was lucky to be alive, and she in a way, saw that her scars were not something to be hated, but something to be proud of. The marks of a warrior that had in a way come back from absolute death. If not that, then at least paralysis.

Not the case now. She had found life again, but marks were left on her body.

She nodded when he asked her if she heard him but all other words failed when she heard the words 'til death do us part'. Blue got really quiet for a moment. Her lips parted and she found herself just staring at him. Staring in absolute shock of the words that had come out of his mouth. Part of the vows of marriage, just came out of his mouth. She stared at him, for a long few silent moments.

Did you.. did you mean what you just said Ethan Kelly?

She wasn't expecting a proposal right this second. She kind of hoped that there would be a bit more involved than a bunker. Though, it that was where he decided to do it she would be more than happy with it. She just, hadn't had any thought in her mind that he had even ever considered the fact that they could get married. That the future meant a more solid agreement between the two of them. She was totally shocked he had just come out with that, and she had to make sure that he was serious about the words he had used.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return (Ethan)   Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:31 am

Did you.. did you mean what you just said Ethan Kelly?

Ethan gave Blue a confused look. Why would she ask a question like that? Of course he meant what he said. Otherwise, why would he say that?

Blue, of course I meant it. Why would I say it if I didn't?

Why would I lie about the scars now that you know everything else now anyway...the drugs must be hitting her pretty hard again.

Blue seemed to be in a continual state of shock over something he had said...or something he did. Either way, it was like talking to a slightly bedazzled cat. It looked at you, and batted at you...but not one-hundred percent there. It had been a trying day for the both of them.

Luckily, Ethan had a plan and the intel to facilitate it. He just needed some help.

Blue...you with me? Listen, I need a meeting with your sister. I know how to take my burn off me, and the probable bounty on you at the same time.

...I need to take down Paladin.

[/end thread - Planning and Execution to come!]
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PostSubject: Re: The Return (Ethan)   

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The Return (Ethan)
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