A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Do-nut wholes and Bullet holes (Ethan ICC)

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PostSubject: Do-nut wholes and Bullet holes (Ethan ICC)   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:39 am

Blue Tiran opened the door and let John into the apartment. Her new door was nice, and she had to admit that even if she had to pay for it herself at least it was solid. Blue motioned to the living room which she had turned into a kind of sterile area using her dining table so that she would be able to get him to lay down while she worked. When ever you're ready, we can get started. I promised drinks after, so we'll have plenty of time to get completely plowed. she chuckled as she closed the door behind them.

Ethan Kelly thanked Blue for letting him in to the apartment. The door looks nice. Thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it. He took off his jacket and placed it gingerly on a chair. Giving the "sterile" area a mildly disapproving stare, he turned and nodded at Blue, unbuttoning and removing his shirt. No time like the present. But, I can't say I'll get "plowed" with you, even if I am still technically on sick leave from you. He knew his metabolism would handle it, but no reason to let that ruin her good time.

Blue Tiran pursed her lips. You don't want to get drunk? I thought we were going to drink together. To celebrate you making it out of the dump alive. she said as she motioned for him to sit on the table trying not to think about the whole... John not having a shirt thing.

Ethan Kelly gave Blue a stoic look. Its not about wanting to get drunk, I can't. My body metabolises alcohol at an expedited rate. So, I can't get drunk. Alcohol to me is a mildly foul tasting water to me. He sat quietly on the table and motioned questioningly about which way to lay.

Blue Tiran rose her brow and grinned. Oh I can assure you, it won't be a problem tonight. she said as she motioned he could lay anyway that he wanted. She pulled up a rolling stool and she sat on it getting the scalpel because she was going to have to get herself into the junction box and that meant peeling back some skin. But she was going to turn off his pain receptors he wouldn't feel anything in the area.

Ethan Kelly raised an eyebrow at her comment about it not being a problem. Letting it go as he laid down on the table, he propped his head up on his balled up shirt. So...how much is this going to hurt? I would prefer if I didn't have to taste emotions for a week...again.

Blue Tiran chuckled. I'm going to turn off your neural receptors and your nerve coordinators to the area. You won't feel anything, if you do, it'll be very little. she admitted to him as she hacked into his system and shut down the parts that she was talking about, and while she was at it, she shut down his metabolism temporarily, setting it to reboot in eight hours time when they were totally done drinking for sure. She tapped on his chest. Feel that? And do you want to see this stuff, or is that too creepy for you?

Ethan Kelly nodded as she explained what she was going to do to help fix his junction box. I didn't feel a thing. I wouldn't mind watching...I've seen far worse things happen to my chest. Last week, for example. "John" took a deep breath. Alright, do your worst.

Blue Tiran nodded softly. Picking up the scalpel she began to make the incision. A small rectangle. About an inch wide and about two and a half inches long. She pulled the flesh back so that she would be able to replace it later. probably, now is not the time to admit that.. I'm not very good at sewing, so your stitches will probably not be the best. she chuckled as she opened the junction box and pulled the metal casing out and set it to the side and began to take stock of the wires. She had new fully sterilized wires at the ready in small packets.

Ethan Kelly goggled at her comment about stitches. Now is not the time to make admittances about my health...BLUE! Do you want me to stitch myself up? I've done it before. He quietly watched as Blue found her way in to the junction box and took stock of the wires. So, have you missed me? How are the CheckMate id...uh, gents taking care of you?

Blue Tiran grinned at him. She knew that he liked it when she gave him a hard time, and of course, she was. They wouldn't be perfect by any means but she could stitch him up just fine. No, you aren't stitching yourself up, Geez. she rolled her eyes and took some of her pliers and began to remove the damaged wires thinking to herself until he brought her attention to his question. While i wouldn't say 'miss' is the sentiment I would use, I certainly don't like them. But they're deplorable anyway. she shrugged as she checked the other wires to make sure that while they didn't look damaged that they truly weren't while she was already in

Ethan Kelly looked her directly in the eye, amusement in his own. So...you dislike them more than me? Less? He wondered what was going to happen with his nerves if she missed something. The slight tingle of fear crept in to his mind, along with the sudden realization that this was not the time for this to come up.

Blue Tiran 's eyes shifted and looked over into his eyes. more. Definatly more. Besides, as said, they're worthless, where did you find these guys? she asked rolling her eyes and getting back to work. All the wires checked she opened the first sterile packet of wires and began to replace.. carefully.. couldn't have him short out. Luckily, he had the best working on him.

Ethan Kelly smiled at being told he was more liked. Then again, liking him more than CheckMate was liking watermelon more than rat poison. I didn't find them, they were the Head of Security's idea. If he had his way, you'd have Checkmate backing me up ten bodies when I was around, thirty when I'm not. I'm kind of offended...only twenty of them? He made an unimpressed noise at the thought. Its more like one hundred.

Blue Tiran shrugged. Yeah well, again, they're pitiful. Three of them yesterday fell asleep on the job. It was really pathetic. she said with a shrug a she tested the new wire her eyes shifting to the small screen to tell her how the current was flowing before she began to work on the next wire. She had about six in all to replace, but he would be good as new soon. She hoped.

Ethan Kelly shifted for just a second as she replaced the first wire. That was...tingly. I feel like I just ate a bunch of spicy food. Interesting. He listened to her story about the private security she had while he was on sick leave. You got names? I could put the fear of the Gods in them...I am on vacation...

Blue Tiran chuckled. Probably, but you don't need to be getting all pissy while I'm working on you and .. spicy? Really? Weird. It was a red wire, I wonder if color makes a different, hmmm I'll try blue this time. she laughed. Nothing like experimentation!

Ethan Kelly glared at Blue for a minute. No experimentation! Maybe that wire is just conntected to my pallette! He watched her carefully replace the next few wires before one remained. So...after the last one, what are you gonna do? Just...reset them? Or what? Ethan's voice had a tinge of nerves in them...he had never been awake for his tune ups, and never outside of the military. It was very worrisome to have an amateur work on him, even if she was easily the best candidate for the job.

Blue Tiran looked up at him and stopped working for a moment. I wouldn't do this.. if I couldn't. I would never do anything like this to someone just to see if I could. My Uncle has cybernetics, I've upgraded and done work on him many times. Please, please don't worry. I am not going to hurt you, or screw you over. And yes, I am just going to reset your system, so you may get real tingly while your system does a diagnostic.

Ethan Kelly frowned at her apologetically. I'm sorry Blue. i trust you...just nervouce. Thats all. She finished and closed the junction box, and Ethan closed his eyes during the diagnostic. yeah, that tingles a whole bunch Once it ended, he sat up after she stitched him up. Thank you Blue. I mean that.

Blue Tiran watched and waited, making sure the diagnostic stuff went well. She wanted to make sure everything was good and then she put the metal top back on and got it back in place. Sewing him up she was actually pretty impressed with her handy work. Anytime, John. she shrugged and stood up. She doubted that the things she imagined in the hospital had really happened, the softeness. It was just the fact that.. he had been shot and afterall.. he was hurt, normally he wasn't too nice, and neither was she. So... what's your poison?

Ethan Kelly shrugged and slowly put his shirt back on. To be honest, I don't really know. Once I figured out my metabolism worked against it, I just...stopped. Do you recommend anything? Buttoning up his shirt, he let the fabric settle in on his new wound. It didn't even hurt. Fantastic

Blue Tiran shrugged and headed to the kitchen. Stainless steel and black, it was sheek but open and nice. Well I temporarily disabled your metabolism, so I fully expect you to get sloshed. she said as she grabbed a couple bottles of Vodka out from the cabinet and came back with a couple shot glasses.

Ethan Kelly eyes widened. You did what!? He was angry for just a second...then he realized what she did. You. Are the best client I ever had! Without thinking, he grabbed her by the waist and spun her around, laughing. Then let's get stupid drunk then

Blue Tiran eyes widened as he exclaimed she was the best client ever. She had feared he would be mad. But he came over to her and picked her up. Whirling her around she laughed and clung to him for a moment before he sat her back down and she nodded. Lets do it. She poured them both shots and sat right beside him on the couch handing him his shot and she took her own. So... how is vacation going?

Ethan Kelly threw the shot back and swallowed with one gulp. Well..I've tried to go to work three times, and got turned around...three times. The first time I didn't recognize the CheckMate guy and I almost killed one. The docs at the Medical Center got pissed that I tore a stitch. Otherwise, I've done pretty much nothing. Pouring himself another shot, he smiled and threw that one back as welll. How's the temperature thing that you won't talk about going?

Blue Tiran grinned taking another shot. Its going well. Almost done. Set to be installed next week. Easy to get things done when I don't have an amazingly annoying bodguard sitting behind me trying to be witty all the time.

Ethan Kelly stared at her indignantly. Trying!? I have a particular set of humor that you simply do not understand! He chuckled to himself. I'm glad to hear things are going well. Did you get all your stuff from the dump from last week?

Blue Tiran nodded again. Yeah, mostly, though that car was gone when I went back with the regiment of assholes that they slapped me with. Those guys are total putzes, do you know one of them asked me to actually pay to replace his dirty shoes. Some bodyguard. she rolled her eyes not mentioning how many times she gave those asses the slip

Ethan Kelly laughed at the mention of her being propositioned about shoes. By the way...you owe me a suit. You got me shot in it. Chuckling as he threw back a third shot, he put down the glass and didn't refill for the moment. You give them the slip yet?

Blue Tiran grinned. Oh, several times, it's really pitiful how easy it is. Really? Did you train these guys because it's really quite.. disturbing. she offered as she took another shot and refilled his glass so that they could continue on

Ethan Kelly laughed out loud. Gods no! They are some outside vendor that the VP of Security thinks is super. Idiot. He smiled and took another shot, wondering exactly when this was supposed to take effect...he had like, four? Five? He couldn't remember...that was odd. I knew you would. You always tried. He smirked, alluding to the fact she hadn't gotten away from him.

Blue Tiran shrugged. A girl has to try doesn't she? I mean, I don't like being baby sat, and be frank.. that's what you do. You feed me, make sure I sleep, and you bitch me out when I pass out at the work bench, so yeah.. babysitter. she reminded him as she swallowed her glass of booze

Ethan Kelly rolled his eyes and shrugged. There is a bit of truth to that. I just want you to stay alive, and you were on the fast track to falling asleep and drowning in a bucket of industrial lubricant. He laughed at the glare he knew would come. Taking another look around the room, he noticed Albert, the mechanical owl who always seemed to be around. Uh, crazy idea. Since we are getting stupid drunk tonight...we should turn off Albert's recordings. Don't give me that look, I know he does it. Do we really want to remember the stupid embarassing things we do tonight?

Blue Tiran glared at him. THAT glare. The one men feared. But she gave way to a smile and shrugged she had grown to accept John being here all the time. Being close and getting to know him. She looked over at Al when he mentioned turning off the recording and her brow rose, falling again, into a slight smile.. man the alcohol must be starting to affect her a little bit if she was smiling.. and pursed her lips. Fine fine.. no proof of stupidity to blackmail you with later. she said as she turned Alberts recordings off because truth was.. she probably didn't want to remember it anyway

Ethan Kelly chuckled and smiled back. Likewise, you're just lucky I don't have a cyber-eye. *Twenty-five minutes later* Ethan could understand now why people did this...The world was moving, and it was far funnier than he imagined. Ok...ok....ok...so, I like this. How you holding up?

Blue Tiran giggled. Yes... she giggled. She couldn't help it, almost three quarters of the Vodka bottle gone and they were both slumped on the couch grinning like idiots. Ish... thish why peoples go out after work.. man I thought they were idiotsh... she laughed again. She looked at him and her eyes alighted on the area where he had been shot. She worked herself to sitting properly and looked at his chest. Like she could see the wound. How.. how is your .. wound thingy?

Ethan Kelly smiled as she giggled. He didn't think he had ever heard her laugh. It was pretty. He had never thought that before either. Hmmm. How do you think I felt!? I couldn't do thish before. Oh my god! Did you hear that!? I think I'm drunk. Am I drunk? He watched her stare at his chest. iIt'sh fine...didn't you shee? When you went all craZy mechanic whizz on me? It'sh almossst healed. Wanna shee? Internally he knew he wasn't speaking right...somethign was wrong...but who the hell cared!?!?!

Blue Tiran Blue giggled again. Like a school girl, one of those little laughs that threatens to come back again again.. before she finally was able to control it. You're sooooo drunk. Am I drunk? I wanna be drunk! She chuckled when he called her a mechanic whiz and she leaned close. Uh huh! I want to see! I've never seen a bullet hole before, is that like a do-nut hole .. I like those best.. do-nut wholes...

Ethan Kelly let a fart noise out of his mouth, buzzing his lips and shaking his head. I know, right? TooooooooooooTally drunk. You! He let his index finger, swirling in the air, find her nose and touch it lightly with each word. Are! DRRRRunk! You really do? okay. With that, Ethan attempted to unbutton his shirt. Failing completely at precise motor skills, he broke a button and stopped. I cannot scheem to do that. It is not like a doh-nut! Doh-nutsh are sweet and dericioushs, bullet hoes are painful and grossses. He continued struggle with a button before throwing his hands up in the air.

Blue Tiran beamed at him. She was drunk. Apparently. She touched her nose, where he touched it. As if amazed that she HAD a nose, this was apparently news to her. He began to work to unbutton his shirt but he broke a button and it flew right into her cleavage. Oops! It's all gone gone nowwww! You dun have no button no mo! she laughed as she reached over nearly falling against him giggling the entire time as she ripped his shirt open. Letting the buttons fly where they were. S...ssss good thing I don't have like.. a cat.. or a gerbill.. to eat your buttons. she giggled and then sobered up as he mentioned bullet holes were gross. I dunno... they could be haf you ever licked one?

Ethan Kelly stared wide-eyed at Blue at she made the comment about somethign eating his buttons. ALBERT could eat my buttons! Does Owlhs eat buttons? Does isn't the right word....not at all. Her looking up at him while looking back at his bullet wounds made him think about her...genius question. No...No I haven't! You should try and tell me...because I can't reach.

Blue Tiran 's eyes widened. Alberty! Allleybert!!!! Yous shuld eats the buttons!!1 Finnnnd the buttons Allyber! she laughed as she looked over at him. Bullet wound tasting! Num! She looked over his chest, it was sculpted and lovely she had to admit. Youuuu needs not wear a shirt.. often. Cuz... cuz it's pretty mk? she found the bullet hole and leaned down and let her tongue run across it. Itz.. like skins.. mhm.. but like.. bumpy.. like.. grapey skins... but not grapey.. almost sugary.. sugar skinz she laughed falling almost over in a fit of giggles against his chest.

Ethan Kelly shook his head, fear in his eyes. No! I need those buttons for...shtuff! Don't do it bird...toaster...hybrid.?..thign. I know where you live. Promptly following up to Blue in a whisper He lives here. I knows it. I think your owl is stalking me. Jus sayn Ethan laughed at the comments about the shirt. I need to wear a shirt. Iths not work appro...app..ah...its no good. Shifting while she licked his chest, he stiffened for a second. That....hurt. But i'm ok. I think.... He caught her in a fit of giggles, smiling. I think I like your laugh. Why don't you laugh around me Blue? Hey! When you get jealous...can I call you Teal? Laughing hard at his own joke, he kept holding her softly.

Blue Tiran frowned. Work smerk. Who needz it. You knows what? I gi.. gives allz my times there.. and they stupid. If it wasn't for me.. they.. they be no wheres... dummies! she snorted as she crossed her arms over her chest and looked over at him. Licking hurt. Kind of made her wonder what would happen if she poked it! Poke poke! No.. she should do that.. it would hurt more.. make John angry. I don laughs much.. itz hards for me.. cuz your so mean! Why you so mean to me!? I'm nice! Sometimes.. I.. I .. shares my twinkies with you man. That was love..

Ethan Kelly nodded at her drunken logic. Its true..you're..like the "inventor" in New Dawn...that doesnh't make shens. He frowned when he said he was mean. I....I...jush want you to be safe Brue. You won't lishten...I wanna be nice. I care about you! He leaned in when she spoke about the Twinkies. Wanna know a secret? Doun tell Blue...but I don't like Twinkies. He spoke in a loud whisper, shushing her with his finger on her lips. But I take them and eat them becaush I know they are important to her. Plush, she may hate me if I didn't like them. his look was deadly serious.

Blue Tiran shrugs. He wants her safe. She beams. Her heart melts. Awwwww I wuf that you wanna me to be all safey and stuffsh. she blushed softly. Her eyes widened when he told her not to tell Blue, pressed a finger on her lips. I likes the Twinkies... theys good.. but you knows what Blue really likes? She likes spicey foods! Mhm! Spicky spicey spocy! she giggled again and she poured them both another glass of vodka, spilling almost as much as she made into the glasses. You should be nice to girls though.. cuz.. cuz... then youd maybe have a girlfriends.. or something.

Ethan Kelly watched her in contemplative thought. Well, as contemplative as a drunk could be. Good to know about spicy food. I will...not remember that. But, I'll try. Prawmis it was like his tongue refused to cooperate. i don't have time for girlfriends...i has lots of work to keep you safe. Beshidesh...Who would go out with my shchedule!? Or me. Especially me.

Blue Tiran frowns and shakes her head. Don says fings like that.. I .. fink yous got something special.. you just need to .. like.. unprickify.. from time to time you know.. it's .. is not like I gots mens at my door or nuffin... I gots crazy works and then you know dirty and stuffs. she shrugged. She knew she was no real catch.

Ethan Kelly nearly guffawed at her analysis. You have....uh....him. That guy wif the....face. From the ball? He's at your doooor and shtuff. Besides, you're awesome. He nodded in agreement with himself. You have pretty hair and a button-magnet shirt, and color shiftin eyes. Those are really pretty, jus like your name.

Blue Tiran 's brows furrow. She purses her lips. Yeah but.. but I don.. I don think he wufs me. I said it once.. months ago.. he said nothin' I think.. I think he's just.. like.. not into me likes that.. maybe.. maybe a friend or something. I dunno.. I'm not like. a lovealbley cuddelbly person. Her eyes widen at her eyes.. he compliments her eyes. No one every has. And then her name. Her eyes widen even more. You.. like my name? You really do? she whispered soft and suddenly, her words weren't as slurred so shocked.

Ethan Kelly nodded like an idiot. uh huh...NI-R-AH. "Flowr of the Sun" Yep, its pretty. Just like you...why do you wanna be a color, anyway? Its such a sad color....I would be orange. I like orange. He softly grabbed her hand, looking at her deep in her eyes. When did my shirt get ripped?

Blue Tiran blushed. Blushed! A bright vibrant red color as her eyes widened. And then he asked why she wanted to be a color. The blue streaks that she had naturally in her dark black hair had given her the nickname Blue by some of the guys she had worked with early on. She had merely adopted the name as her own. I needz more JOOCE for that story. she said referring to her story of her name as she grabbed the bottle and took a swig straight from the neck. He asked about his shirt and she focused.. or tried to .. on his shirt. I dunno.. why you rip your shirt Johnny? I thinks ur hot.. mhm.. you should remove it.. it'd be cooler. she nods sagely. I wish I had a brownie... I like junk foods... she tilted her head to the side. Why you think blue is a sad color? The skies is blue.

Ethan Kelly smiled at Blue's blush. He liked her like that...all girly. She was quite attractive. Pffft! John's shuch a dumb name. You think I'm hot? you just like me for my junction box. As the word "box" left his mouth, Ethan began laughing again, nearly uncontrollably. I know you like junk food...you should get some. Blue! Blue is the color people say you are when you're said...sad...thats it. secund one. He took another swig of the bottle himself and licked his lips. Are you wearing lip gloss? Tashes...like.....berrie?s.

Blue Tiran grinned and laughed with him. Junction box! She laughed so hard she almost peed herself before she got herself under control. She leaned her head coyly against the cusions of the couch and listened as he explained about the color.. and then her lip gloss. Mayyyyybe.. I'm not tellin YUUUUU! she stuck her tongue out and giggled using her hands to hide her face for a moment before she composed herself. I gotz my nickname cuz.. my hairs.. she pointed to the black and blue hues. I fink.. I fink that.. Niara she.. she's not me nomore... she got lefted.. a long time ago.. like.. like in my old room.. my family.. they.. they stopped caring.. she shrugged but there was pain in her voice.

Ethan Kelly glared at her about not telling him about the lip gloss. He had to know! But how!? Oh...that makes sense. She started talking about how Niara wasn't her anymore. He frowned, feeling sad for her. I'm sowry. I....didn't mean to bring bad tings. Com 'ere. He motioned her over to his arms, now that, somehow, he had completely lost his shirt. You may not be Niara now...but I will always think its pretty...I will always care...prowmise.

Blue Tiran snuggled into him. She closed her eyes leaning into his chest. He was warm, and somehow had no shirt! I.. dunno.. my brover died... and my sister runs away.. an my parents.. they worry so much. Grieve so much, they forget, they have third child, and she is still there. I learned to make stuff though. she nods

Ethan Kelly held her tighter, playing with her hair lightly. He didn't know why he did it....it just felt right. Well, I think thrid was the best. He nodded to himself, proud of his statement. Besides, no one else get to fix me....I haven't trusted anyone so much since I can remember you know? I trust you, do you trust me?

Blue Tiran looked up at him softly. Her eyes widening. You.. trusts me? That's so nice! I trusts yous too. I like spending time with you.. even though I gives you hell cuz.. it's fun.. your face.. it' makes funny faces sometimes. she giggles softly

Ethan Kelly looked down at her with a truly warm smile as he nodded. Good...you make funny faces too. You're cute when you're angry. The red began to creep in to her cheeks. And when you blush, I think you're pretty. He leaned down, softly kissing her on her lips in three small, passionate kisses. Berries... He smiled big, mere centimeters from her face.

Blue Tiran blushed, and deeper too when he said she ws cute when she was angry, and deeper still when he called her out on her blush. And then. Her heart stopped. He kissed her. And she found herself kissing back. Heart racing, pulse threading, and body tingling. Three quick soft kisses. You.. skissed-ed me.. she whispered softly looking at him in awe. I didnt.. fink you liked me very much.. like.. at all.. cuz.. you're always so mean.

Ethan Kelly kept smiling, feeling her breath on his lips as she whispered to him. Uhhuh...I did. I'm not mean...I like you a lot. He leaned back on the couch, lifting her without much effort in to a position on his lap. His eyes never left hers. You kissed me back. He said with a big smile.

Blue Tiran found herself, suddenly, in his lap. And .. she was comfortable there. Safe. Blue snuggled into his chest and closed her eyes. I think I did! Do you wear lip gloss? Cuz I thought I tasted berries. she giggled looking up at him with her multi-hued eyes

Ethan Kelly smiled down at her as she snuggled in to his chest. He put his index finger under her chin, turning her face up to face him directly. I don't think I wore lip gloss...one way to find out. With a smile, he slid a hand by her cheek, cupping her face in it as he leaned in again to kiss her again, longer and slightly more aggressive this time. One hand supporting her head while the other held her close. He couldn't help but smile.

Blue Tiran giggles, and then her smile falls as he moves in to kiss her again. Blue finds herself, once more kissing back. Her fingers running gently over his exposed collar bone without a second thought. Her heart races further. When the kiss breaks she blushes. Isn't there like.. a .. no.. dating thing at New Dawn, or umm... cuz I'm kinda your boss?

Ethan Kelly pulled back at her question. He hadn't thought of that. Are we dating now? Because...I think we just kissed. Plus...I'm on vacation, err...medical leave. He let him self go nose to nose with her, staring in to her eyes. Does it really matter?

Blue Tiran tilted her head to the side and shrugged her shoulders again. Thats true, dating is not a kiss.. I mean.. a kiss is not dating.. I think... she rubbed her forehead for a moment and ran her nose against his, feeling his closeness again, she blushed softly. Won't remember it anyway once we sober up, but I'm ot going to bed with you mister, that is not me, I'm not a first date.. lay.. thing.. nu uh

Ethan Kelly nodded, letting their noses play again for a moment. Nuh uh...I'm not that kind of girl either. He kissed her again softly, smiling at her. You stayed with me...you saved my life. He ran his fingers through her hair softly. Thought about stuff ever since. Your hair is reallly soft.

Blue Tiran grinned up at him, after the kiss. He was right. She stayed with him. She would do it again, not listen.. be there for him. She hadn't even really had a soft spot for him then, but.. yeah she would do it again. His fingers in her hair felt heavenly. I like it.. the way you.. you know.. touch my hair like.. wait.. what stuff you been thinkin about?

Ethan Kelly looked down at her, a pensive look on his face. His intelligence, subtlety nearly gone from the sheer amount of vodka he had consumed. I thought about...you crying youself to sleep in the hopital. How you stayed with me when I tol you to go. I...nobody DOES that for me. Kill or be killed, die or don't. You gave me life....I can't do it, Blue. He continued playing with her hair as his face took a sorrowful look, as if the previous thoughts pained him.

Blue Tiran 's eyes softened. You are important! Don't think you aren't! You are John! Why... what can't you do? she whispered softly taking her hand and placing it on his cheek gently.

Ethan Kelly stared in to her soft eyes. He knew what he had to do...drunk or not. I'm not John...my name....is Ethan. He shook her hand away with a shaking of her head. Ethan Kelly....I'm not good. I was gonna steal from you...your work. But....I can't. I WON'T he kept shaking his head slowly, mouthing the words "I won't" with soft whispers.

Blue Tiran sits there, and stares at him. She's too far gone to really comprehend what he's trying to say. So.. so it's like John Ethan Rivers.. or maybe Ethan John Rivers, one name is as good as another, just.. wait.. steal? the steal was more of a squeak than a word. Her eyes soften and grow hurt. But.. why.. why would you steal from me?

Ethan Kelly stopped shaking his head, meeting her eyes, seeing her hurt. Its Ethan Michael Kelly. John Rivers died years ago...in the war. I am NOT going to steal from your. My...mmmm...my employer wanted me to. A single tear fell from his eye...his voice quivering with resolve and inner struggle. But I won't. I will never hurt you.

Blue Tiran knows this is serious and she sits up a little more so that she can look into his eyes a little better. John Rivers is dead.. Ethan is his name. She thinks back.. hard.. and recalls what she learned. So .. so he flopped his personel file with someone else. Her eyes widen. Then soften when she sees the tear. I believe you. she whispers wiping the tear away

Ethan Kelly smiled as she wiped away the tear. I don't know what to do. I...can't, WON'T complete my mission. But, theres no real way out of it. I've never felt like I'm in such a bind. You believe me? You....you don't hate me?

Blue Tiran tilts her head to the side. Then snorts. Pft. Duuude! I'm like the technological goddess I could totally make you a whole new identity in like half an hour tops. she laughed and hugged him.

Ethan Kelly simply laughed as she hugged him. Oh...my. You just don't know how it works...but thats ok. He brushed her hair behind her ear when she released the hug. You can't tell anyone. i'm still John to everyone. Can you keep my secrets?

Blue Tiran smiled. I'll keep your secrets. Shhhh doon't tell anyone. she whisperes putting her finger to his lips with a small smile. Then she yawns. I'm so sleep Ethan.. John... person. Can we go to bed now?

Ethan Kelly smiled and nodded. I'll take the couch. And...just one more of these before I remember it. He slipped in a soft peck on her lips. Goodnight Blue, thank you.

Blue Tiran kissed him back softly, holding it just a small moment longer. Ima gonna go get naked upstairs and fall asleep mk? Nini she whispers as she pops up and bounds up the stairs falling half way up on her face she laughs her ass off all the way into her room until she shuts the door behind her.

Ethan Kelly glared at her for a moment as he laid back on the couch, shirtless and mildly uncomfortable. Settling in, he rolled over, muttering. Not cool blue...
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Do-nut wholes and Bullet holes (Ethan ICC)
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