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 Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)

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PostSubject: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:00 am

Location: Pierce Knightly's Office
Department: Research and Development
Time Stamp: 3:07 pm

Blue didn't normally look nice. Something she appreciated Solomon for not calling her out on. For the most part when he came to surprise her at work she probably looked like road kill. Covered in various grease like substances with sleep deprived circles under her eyes and a rumbling stomach. But when she was called into meetings with her boss. She tended to dress more... nicely and change when she got back to the lab.

It was just a couple days after she and Sol had been caught having dinner in her lab. So, she was here for her apparent.. annual review. This was going well so far. He was singing her praises as he ought, because if New Dawn lost her she would be hard to replace. No one else would put the kind of hours in that Blue did. And no one was going to be willing to give up their lives just to work on a new project for sometimes months at a time. No, there were few of those out there, and they were lucky that they had found one in Blue.

Furthermore, aside from the raise, for all your hard work. We have decided.. that you need something more..

Uh oh.

Blue did not like the sound of that.

Blue's brow quirked up slightly as she sat with her legs crossed in the chair trying to remember all the things her mother had taught her as a child that she had never cared much for. More? More what?

It was never good when Pierce Knightly smiled. Never good at all. So when he hit the buzzer on the phone on his desk Blue's eyes narrowed.

We decided, thanks to you calling our attention back to the break in that your laboratory suffered not that long ago.. to make some changes.

What could they do? Move her lab? Maybe.. Move her to a different city entirely. That.. wouldn't be so bad. She could probably live with that. Sol would.. probably travel to see her still it just wouldn't be as easy.

We realize that we cannot just uproot a lab like yours. So many small parts and the like, impossible. And while you and that.. contractor of yours have worked wonders making your lab more secure we decided that you needed something extra. It dawned... in seconds. Blue's mind worked fast, one of the reasons that she was hired... her eyes narrowed. No! We've hired you a bodyguard and protector. He comes highly reccommended and we believe that he will only further your safety.

Blue shot out of her chair. Hair swaying around her shoulders. The blue and black locks were completely natural, and the waves were too. Her hair was thick and she rarely wore it down but it definatly added to the sex appeal. Her fist slammed down on the desk making several things on the large fake wooden piece of crap jump.


Even Knightly jumped slightly at the outbreak. Blue had never needed anyone. Ever since her brother died when she was not even a teenager, she had been alone. Her sister had run away, her parents lost to grief, and Blue found her home among parts, cogs, and grease. She had never opened up to a single person, until most recently and now.. NOW they wanted to slap her with a babysitter.

He was a spy! She knew it! A spy for Knightly, to report back to him on all the things that she was doing because SHE controlled everything technological, there was NO spying ON Blue... unless they were human.

I assure you, the bodyguard will be fantastic for you. Protection wise, and besides, I think that it is long over due.

Blue was far from happy as the secretary told Knightly she was sending in the bodyguard over the intercom. She slumped back in her seat. Not the most ladylike of positions but she was not happy. Leather clad arms crossed over her chest her blue and green multi-hued eyes glared at Knightly who looked decidedly... worried. Blue could rock his world in a very very bad way. She could make anyone anything... she had that kind of power. You are what you are on paper. And Blue could make that paper say anything.

It was never a good idea to piss off Blue Tiran.

Last edited by Blue Tiran on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:19 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:53 am

Ethan ran his hands over the dark pinstripe suit he wore as he strode confidently through the lobby of the New Dawn R&D Labs, his black leather shoes shining as they made rhythmic notes on the marble floor. Flashing a bright, white smile at the attractive brunette behind the desk, he chuckled as she blushed and looked away. He knew he looked good dressed to the nines and he was going to play it up as much as possible until it was time to get serious. Making it through security without a problem, Ethan traveled the familiar nondescript hallways with the drab carpets and pale painted walls before entering the reception area for Knightly's office. He smiled at the receptionist as she looked up to engage him.

Can I help you, sir? The pitch in her voice elevated at the end of her question while her face contorted to match his smile tooth for tooth.

Uh, yes ma'am. I'm John Rivers, Mr. Knightly should be expecting me.

The woman motioned Ethan to sit in a waiting area, which he acknowledged without sound or extraneous motion beyond a courteous nod and a swift step to be seated. The chair was as uncomfortable as it was unattractive: the faded maroon upholstery matched the crushed cushion as Ethan crossed his legs and blinked three times to restart the briefing in his peripheral vision. A picture of Blue flashed in his vision as a voice he knew all too well began speaking in his head.

[Ethan, the picture you should be is for a woman named Blue Tiran, a half-breed who uses her filthy magic to spread pestilence via New Dawn.]

Behind a magazine he wasn't reading about how to make his home more rustic in the technological world, Ethan shook his head. He never had any animosity towards the other races or magic; the war was simply a longer job to him, no matter his employer's feelings. He could do without the additional commentary in the briefing, however.

[You have been hired under alias John Rivers as her personal bodyguard. Your mission is to gain her trust, and find out what she is working on to further New Dawn's unclean agenda. This could be an extended mission, as Ms. Tiran is typically a loner and doesn't seem to engage in much social activity. Her dossier and information are available in an apartment the Organization has provided you for this alias. In conclusion, study Blue Tiran, gain her trust, keep her safe, and gain knowledge of her research before reporting back. Good luck, Mr. Kelly]

A soft buzz filtered in to his consciousness as the receptionist spoke to him again,Mr. Rivers? Mr. Knightly will see you now.

Rising quietly while adjusting his suit jacket, Ethan took confident steps in to the room where the heated exchange between Blue and Knightly had just taken place. Knightly, a balding, overweight, middle-manage stereotype, rose to shake Ethan's hand.

John! So glad to see you again! The lack of strength in his handshake nearly made "John" grimace in disgust. The thought that someone so weak could obtain such a position of power boggled him. Nevertheless, he shook Knightly's hand harder than necessary, causing the man to rub it unconsciously after retrieving it. I'd like to introduce you to your....uh, hmm...I don't know how to put this...

My client, Mr. Knightly. That would be the preferential term. Cold blue eyes regarded the man, who seemed to begin sweating as his eyes darted between Ethan and the slackily lounging woman in a chair next to him. Knightly looked as if he were locked in a tiger's cage with two malnourished beasts. The thought brought a small smile to his face as he spun on the young woman.

Ms. Tiran? He smiled, trying to deescalate the look in her eyes which looked as if they could vaporize him with a mere thought. I'm John Rivers, I look forward to working for you and keeping you safe.

The unwavering look in Blue's eyes mirrored disbelief, rage, and possibly even hatred in to Ethan. Obviously she was the least favorable to the idea of receiving personal twenty-four hour protection. "John" was going to need to make her see the need for his particular skill-set.

I can see that you don't seem too pleased at my presence here. That is understandable considering how you presently have been living in your laboratory. However, it seems that you have come to the attention of some people who would love to use your unique abilities for very, very bad things. I'm afraid that they are closer than you think, and you are not nearly as safe as you think in this building.

Stepping back from her and her chair, Ethan reached quickly in to his pocket, throwing a knife hard from his jacket that spun and thudded deeply, easier one to two inches in to the floor between Blue's feet, quickly followed by a second.

These are the ceramic knives I got in to the building, and this... the black matte finish of a pistol flashed in the fluorescent lighting of the room as Knightly gasped in fear and astonishment. ...is the pistol I wrapped in ton foil and told CorpSec it was a sandwich. Idiots didn't even give it a second thought.

Ethan let the silence speak for his demonstration before concluding.

Pierce, I strongly recommend a new Security staff. Ms. Tiran, there are very dangerous men out there, and no one, not even your sister and the entire force of Terran Guards, except for me can truly protect you.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:39 am

Knightly was a dumbass...

The boy wasn't bad looking. He wasn't really a boy either, but Blue didn't really think much of men until they proved that they were complete assholes. All assholes were boys. Boys looking for some way to be a man without having to actually grow up. So, he was a boy until he was proven otherwise. She sat there, unhappy, and she was not hiding it. The animosity she felt towards having to have a bodyguard was above all other feelings at the moment.

He called her Ms. Tiran. Ew.

It's Blue. she interupted. She did not like to be called Ms Tiran. Not even by Knightly but he did it, she swore, just to piss her off all the time because she really wanted to slug him when he brought out the Ms Tiran bit.

Mister Rivers, or John Boy as she thought of him in her head stood there. All professional like. Being his smug little 'I-know-what-Im-doing' self. And it already pissed her off. She did not see this going very well. They were not going to mesh well at all. She had shit to do and this was taking time away from just that. This was not okay. Not okay at all and she was certain that Knightly knew it. She looked over at him with a death glare.

Shame she couldn't shoot them from her eyes.

That would have been a real talent.

When the boy mentioned that she lived in her lab, her eyes narrowed further at Knightly. He had given too much information away. Knightly shifted and mopped at the sweat that was accumulating on his brow. No one wanted to piss off a woman that could hack your life away in seconds. But he was doing just that. Slowly, in slow motion almost, her eyes shifted back to John-boy where he stood and began to talk about how the world was a dangerous place. She was in danger. It was closer than she thought.

The only think I'm in danger of John-boy is killing my boss.

Even Blue jumped as the knife embedded itself at her feet only seconds before the other. He explained they were ceramic, and her brow quirked slightly. An oversight on her part, but then she hadn't made the current metal detectors. So a slow grin crossed her face as her eyes shifted back to Knightly who had blanched.

Oh.. he's a real gem Knightly, a real gem. I told you, you shouldn't by outside commissioned metal detectors. I'm going back to work.

She let John-boy tell the asshat about how his stupid men suck massive sweaty balls and began to leave the room. But he mentioned something about her sister. He had done his research, that or Knightly had sent him a file of some sort. Which really pissed her the fuck off. Her mind reached out with a snap connected to Knightly's car. The on board computer fried in seconds and all while Blue headed down the hall so that she could get back to her lab. A seperate building outside of this one that was unremarkable until you got too close and all her security measures popped up. The ones she had been working on with Sol. Now even the rooftop terrace a place she had once thought impenetrable was amazingly protected. Her lab was nearly a fortress.

She didn't ask John-boy to follow. He would, or he wouldn't. She didn't honestly care and she would rather prefer that he just stayed to tell Knightly how crappy his whole system was.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:37 am

Blue swept out in a fury that Ethan mused could only be linked to the proverbial "woman scorned." Giving himself a moment, "John" pulled the knives from the floor and gently placed the pistol in a shoulder holster with a loud click of the clasp in the silent room. Icy blue eyes regarded Knightly, who had traded shades of pale for a bright red, sweat streaming down his round face as his chest heaved in what Ethan perceived as anger. It seemed the man was beginning to gain courage, and intended giving the new bodyguard a solid reaming before he departed.

You listen here, John, you have NO right pulling a charade like that in my office, threatening one of my people! If you think you can do that...I can get a new gun-wielding id...

The rant stopped in mid word, only to be replaced by high-pitched rasping and gurgling noise as Ethan's right hand had shot out and caught Knightly by the throat. The pudgy man squirmed as the taller man squeezed just enough to inspire fear for one's life, but not enough to take it. Round fingers clawed at Ethan's sleek hand, fear replacing confidence in the fat man's eyes.

Now you listen to me, Pierce, you know as well as I do...you didn't hire me. Your boss didn't hire me...and neither did her boss. Fact of the matter is that I work for Blue Tiran now. I'm here to keep her alive, and prevent her from leaving the company with her beautiful mind. That also means keeping her happy...and if you get in the way of that...

His grip released as Knightly collapsed to the floor, wheezing and coughing in an attempt to catch his breath. Ethan lowered himself down to Knightly's level, and bored in to the other man's eyes.

...if you get in the way of her research, I will rip your trachea from your throat and feed it to that mangy lab you call a pet in your backyard.

With that, Ethan rose and quickly left the office and followed what he assumed would be Blue's intended path: directly back to her lab. She did say she was going to back to work. Maneuvering through the building wasn't difficult, especially when your cybernetic brain held building plans for the tower and laboratories. Turning a corner, he saw his mark making her way at a steady pace toward was looked like an exterior door.

Blue! Wait up, please! He called to her as he jogged quickly down the hall, easily cleared by the people who obviously made a path for the fuming woman. Catching up was easy, and "John" softly reached out to grab her elbow. Please, Blue. Let me explain for a moment. This is far easier if you don't hate me. I'm here for you and you alone, I report to no other beyond you from the moment we met.

Taking a couple of quick steps in front of the fiery woman, moving to block her every attempt to bypass him, he continued. You don't have to like the situation, or me for that matter. I'm just here to make sure you stay alive long enough to change the world. I won't interfere in your work.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:04 am

Blue tore through the complex.

She was not happy about her little bodyguard. She did not need any sort of protector. She had never been hurt in the line of actual duty. Not any time that she could prevent. She had been broken into once. ONCE. And she had dealt with it HERSELF!! She did not did a damned babysitter.

She heard her name from behind her.

John-boy's hurried steps rushing after her. While Blue was pissed off and walking at an accelerated rate it wasn't like she was running. Blue was mad, she wasn't nuts. John-boy caught up with her, and her mixed hued eyes shifted to look at him as he tried to get her to stop so that he could explain better.

He made a mistake in grabbing her elbow.

Blue was not man-handled by any man.

Let me go. she pulled her hand out of his grip.

But it had given him the pause to get in front of her and no matter how she tried to get around him he was there in front of her. She was an elf, she could probably do some kind of nimble.. thing.. but.. she didn't care to. Finally, she stopped trying to get around him and crossed her arms over her chest glaring at him. Waiting for him to come out with it all.

He began to explain how he answered to no one but her. He was not working for anyone over her, and that she was safe with him. He was only out to protect her. He said that he wouldn't bother her work. And that he was only there to protect her but if she hated him it would be hard to protect her because she wouldn't give a shit what he thought.

Which.. was true.

Blue glared at him. Watching him. Silence fell over them for a few moments as if the world was holding it's breath so that she could give her thoughts to him. Her eyes shifted, looking him up and down and then settling back on his face.

We'll see if you really are what you say you are.

She wondered how much he knew about her? She wondered if he even understood that she was not just an inventor. She was a technopath and a cyberpath. She could screw over someone's life, make it better, and find out their deepest darkest secrets. She knew for a fact Knightly kept his mother in a nursing home in Bastion and visited her once a month to pay the bill and get her more meds. She also knew that his sister had gone insane and killed herself when she was eight because the Boogey man was going to get her. Knightly, had a lot of skeletons in his closet and she wondered what she could find on John-boy.

How much do you know? About me? About what I do? she asked him curiously as she stepped outside with him. Her lab was not too close to the complex. It was several blocks away in a huge warehouse like building that was more fortress with all her security enhancements than it was a warehouse. Mentally she connected with Albert, who informed her on what had gone on since she left, and that was a big fat nothing though she had a message waiting for her on her phone when she had time to check it.

Ethan would not get to see her amazing security, because she had shut it down when they got close enough to almost trigger it. She wasn't interested in having to explain how to get past it all and it would be fun when he came in for work tomorrow morning.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:19 am

The silence was deafening.

Blue glared at him long enough for Ethan to realize her eyes had multiple hues. That wasn't in the dossier! He thought as she finally gave him a once-over and made a comment that alluded to her checking up on his words, and most likely his past. Replying with a slight smile and nod, "John" turned and let Blue lead the way toward her lab whilst following at her side. Paladin had switched Ethan's dossier and military record with his dead colleague John Rivers, less any known interaction with the company, of course. For all Blue would be able to find with her searching would be Ethan's exemplary military record, established contacts as a personal security adviser and bodyguard, and his pictures under a different name. Blue Tiran would know Ethan Kelly to be dead, and John Rivers standing with her in the street.

They walked out in to the sunlight in almost silence, Ethan making a comment about how nice the weather had turned, a noncommittal noise coming from the famed inventor. Their shoes made a non-synced chorus of clattering noises as they approached the large warehouse-like building that held Blue's lab. When they had gotten approximately halfway to their destination, Blue asked a question about Ethan's knowledge of her...it was just the question he had been waiting for, it was a question most clients wanted to know.

I know quite a bit about you Blue. That's part of the job. I know your mother was an elf, you father a human. The youngest of three, you took to electronics while your siblings went other ways. Your brother Nathan joined the Elven Armed Forces, becoming a Senior Ranger in the 44th Elven Air Ranger Division before he was killed in action in what was Indiana. Your sister, Neona, is a well known diplomat within the current Terran Guard.

As for your work, you are known for your long hours and poor diet, and infatuation with Twinkies. Furthermore, you have two apartments that you barely use: one a large corporate apartment provided by New Dawn on the outer campus in the city, and a far more...chic one in your sister's name. You've been there what, a dozen times since you obtained it six months ago?

He let that sink in while they approached her building, climbing the concrete steps in near silence. Before reaching the door, Ethan spoke once more....he had a small bomb to drop.

Oh, I know you're a technopath as well...and that you use magic to manipulate the world around you, namely technology, electronics, and the internet. The problem is, that information is a little more public than you or your employer would like...hence my presence.

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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:05 pm

He knew some facts, apparently...

Mother an elf, check.
Father a human, check.
Youngest of three, check.

Chose electronics when her siblings chose their things, not exactly.

She also didn't like how he talked about her brother's death like it was nothing. That was not going to earn him any brownie points. Not that he had a pool going yet anyway, but he was well in the negative at this point.

Long hours, check.
Poor diet, check. Hey!!!
Infactuation with twinkies, ... check....

She looked away a bit, she wouldn't call it a infactuation but she supposed that it was probably something close to that. But even still he knew far more than she wanted him to know. he even knew about her two residences, the one the corp offered her for the fact that she was well payed and highly valued. But she never went there. And he knew about the apartment that was in Neona's name that was much nicer that she went to rarely.

You know farrr too much John-boy

She didn't like being known. She didn't like it at all and she was certain to make sure that her information was even more locked down than before. She didn't want anyone knowing anything about her at all, and the fact that he had found out so much about her and as much security as she had on her information, it frankly frightened her.

When they stepped into the lab it was filled with boxes and crates filled with parts. Smelled of oil and was covered in grime and dust. Nothing was very clean, and nothing seemed to have much ryhme or reason to it. It was as if she came in with piles and piles of junk and tossed them on any available surface. But she froze in her walk towards her larger hub as she sometimes called it when he told her that she was a technopath.

THAT was such a closely guarded secret that most of the people at New Dawn didn't know that she had that power. Slowly she turned on her heel and faced him. He tried to say that this was the reason he was here. That some information on her was a little too well known despite her own and her company's best interest.

Is that so?

Blue busied herself again. Heading into the hub where there were several work stations set up and most of them were covered in piles of junk, parts, boxes, and various paper work and drawings. But one of them was mostly clear and in the center of it sat her current project which was a temperature displacement monitor that would read any kind of temperature change. Helping New Dawn find someone warm, cold, or even just slightly different than normal temperature. All of it would be possible, if this device worked properly.

Find a stool, be quiet, and let me work.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:29 pm


Ethan's left eyebrow shot up with inference to the question in his mind. It was his job to know too much, knowledge and intelligence made surprises far less likely, and in the security business that was a real important point. He didn't have much more time to think before his nose crinkled and the smells of her lab assaulted his senses. He easily related it to a vehicle mechanic's shop that had gotten moldy...this may be one of the worse parts of the job.

Please tell me you get used to the smell.

He thought he was being ignored as they maneuvered to what seemed the only semi-clear table in the lab. "John" let out a soft whistle as he looked over her latest work, which New Dawn didn't even know all the details about yet. It seemed to be a sort of....thing....for doing....something. He had no idea. His job was guns, bullets, and death.

So...what does it do?

Before he could get a reply, it appeared as Blue had re-immersed herself in her work, motioning away from her and giving him specific instructions. Trying to be respectful, Ethan scanned his surroundings for a stool...or any sort of chair. It appeared that all the sitting devices in the lab that he could see were being used as makeshift tables and holders for various pieces of what could only be called junk. After careful consideration, "John" carefully removed an overfilled box from a sturdy wooden stool, sitting whilst keeping his head on a swivel.

Now, yes, Blue was in far less danger than he originally stated...Paladin Corporation was easily the biggest danger. Seeing as Ethan was from Paladin Corp, that made him enemy number one. However, the truth was that Paladin had gotten the information about Blue Tiran's technopathy on the black market and through intelligence dealers...even if it did cost them the GDP of a small country. That meant it was accessible, albeit a rarity. Blue's talent was a rarity within a rarity, and that made her beyond special and beyond desirable on both sides of the moral fence. Fact was, Paladin wasn't going to give up an opportunity to get their hands on her technology...and that was truly where Ethan came in.

Finally finishing his visual look-over of the lab from where he sat, and noting all the windows that needed to be secured, he cleared a small space on the table where he sat, and he pulled his pistol from his shoulder holster. From his jacket pocket, he produced a small gun cleaning kit, and he set to work disassembling the weapon in the manner which he was familiar from his long history of gun maintenance. Pieces of metal and plastic made noise as they were being shuffled around and placed on the metallic table. It wasn't a lot of noise, just a few metallic taps every now and again....not enough to even be a notice.

At least, he hoped not.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:04 pm

((Sol and I ICCd a phone call last night, I'm going to put Blue's side of it in here, because he wanted to call her about her review, which was when Knightly gave her Ethan, so I just wanted to give you a heads up, it's not terribly long though, so no fears, just thought it would be funny))

The gaze that Blue leveled at John-boy when he menitoned the smell of her lab, was not something to be taken lightly. It was one of those glares that said 'keep it up and I'll kill you in your sleep' kind of looks. You don't have to be here. You can go. Stand outside in the heat, I don't care. Chose for yourself.

Inside, it was a lot cooler. She was certain that New Dawn paid a pretty penny to keep this huge building temperature controlled. But she liked being comfortable, and so far, she was able to know there was a problem with the self sustained unit before it could really go bad and fix it so she was always capable of being on top of her maintenance. Blue sat down at her lab table and began to work.

He hovered.

A bad idea, and then had the nerve to ask her what it did.

Nothing. Yet.

She sat back to work. completely engrossed. Which was probably one of her biggest security issues. However, that was what she had Albert for. In fact, she called him to her now so he could watch her back while John-boy was doing whatever he was doing and he alighted on a small post on the work table she was on, facing John-boy and watched. The owl was completely mechanic, had no feathers what so ever, it was just a robotic bird, so it seemed. Every so often he would send her capture images that she could view easily in her mind of what he was doing. She could already smell the scent of strong cleaning solvent.

Then .. her phone rang.

She smiled slightly, usually she took the calls mentally but she didn't want John-boy to know everything about her on day one. So she picked up her phone manually and she put it to her ear. Sol's voice always made her smile.

Quote :

Hey.. what's up?

Blue sat back in her seat and tilted her face up to the ceiling a small grin on her face as Sol told her what was going on. Just hearing his voice was .. heaven on a day like today. Today was bad. Stupid Knightly gave me a stupid bodyguard because my lab was broken into and my security is top priority she said outloud in a angry little voice.

Blue grunted. He would know that she wasn't pleased. No, he isn't from in house, he's hired from outside. I don't know where. Some company or whatever, ex military, all that business. I don't need a babysitter Sol, I don't need someone to watch my every move, this is stupid! It's his little way of getting to me!

I don't know, Knightly is off his rocker, obviously. It's punishment, that much is for sure. He told her that it was probably good for her, but she didn't want it anyway. He already mocks my Twinkie habit, and he's over there cleaning his stupid gun, stinking up my lab!

His name is John. He's a boy! He comes in here acting as though he should run the place, and gives little snide comments and it's VERY ANNOYING. she said more for John's benefit than her own. I've decided to call him John-boy though. she said as she rubbed her eyes and bent back over the work table. So where are you? What are you doing today?

I have, but you can try if you want. Yeah.. lets meet up tonight. How about eight. We can go look into that tux thing and figure out what we're doing this weekend. she said as she rubbed her eyes heavily. But other than that, the review went fine. He's lucky that I didn't quit though when he brought in the Babysitter.

I think take out sounds good actually. We'll pick an apartment and go there. Relax, and what not, I need a break before I punch Knightly's face in.

Okay, see you then, I spose I should let you go so I can get back to work. I guess, I'll talk to you later.

Maybe. We'll see if he survives his trials. she chuckled. See you tonight then.

Blue hung up with a sigh, and returned to her work, she didn't want to have to deal with the Babysitter, but she had to. If she wanted to keep working here. She knew that she could probably find a job just about anywhere. With her talents she was a real rarity the problem was, she would have to move all her shit, and it would not be easy, and she actually liked her warehouse that had been turned into her lab. It was perfect. At least in her mind it was and that was all she cared about.

So you go.. family or something? she asked trying to make a small effort to get to know him a little.. maybe..
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:26 pm

Pulling the magazine from the pistol, Ethan pulled the slide back, ejecting the round in the chamber. Replacing the round in the magazine, he set the magazine asides and set about taking the pistol itself apart. Releasing the slide action, Ethan removed the recoil spring and barrel, placing the four major pieces down on the metal table. Pulling a clean cloth from the kit, he began fastidiously wiping down each piece. A flutter caught his ear and he turned his head, only to be startled by Albert, causing him to do a easily perceivable double take at the mechanical owl.

This is what I get for not believing the file...a completely autonomous mechanical creature. Why is it staring at me?

Albert was following his movements, as his...err, its head moved when "John" did. She was keeping tabs on him somehow, that was reassuring to a slight degree, albeit through a weird, creepy medium. Ethan turned back to his work, pulling a semi-solid of gun lubricant from his other jacket pocket. Popping the top off and placing it gingerly on the tabletop, he began applying the grease-like substance to the various pieces of the weapon that required it. The smell rivaled that of the lab at first exposure, and secretly, Ethan hoped it bothered her.

I can be condescending too...Ms. Tiran

To think...he could've been getting shot at right now, he might have preferred it. Instead, he was going to have to work twice as hard to gain the trust of a woman who saw him as a nuisance and a spy for her boss. Granted, he was a spy...just not for her boss. Blue's phone rang, bringing Ethan's head back up from his work for just a moment before she answered it. He didn't mean to eavesdrop, but if he didn't keep some sort of tabs, what kind of bodyguard would he be?

Today was bad. Stupid Knightly gave me a stupid bodyguard because my lab was broken into and my security is top priority

Shaking his head at her anger, Ethan slid the barrel back in to the slide action and replaced the recoil spring with a click.

No, he isn't from in house, he's hired from outside. I don't know where. Some company or whatever, ex military, all that business. I don't need a babysitter Sol, I don't need someone to watch my every move, this is stupid! It's his little way of getting to me!

I don't know, Knightly is off his rocker, obviously. It's punishment, that much is for sure. He already mocks my Twinkie habit, and he's over there cleaning his stupid gun, stinking up my lab!

Pulling the magazine back in to his hands, "John" smiled. She didn't like the smell of the synthetic grease...good to know. When did he mock her about Twinkies!?! That's what the file said..."infatuation." Blue was being a little sensitive about, well, everything.

His name is John. He's a boy! He comes in here acting as though he should run the place, and gives little snide comments and it's VERY ANNOYING.

Blue was really starting to get on his nerves now...a boy? A BOY!?!? He was older than she was, and seen enough action for ten men! From what he saw...Ethan did know how to run the place! Then, what struck him was her comment about being very annoying...and he smiled and laughed out loud. I've decided to call him John-boy though.

"John's" eyes widened. He knew it! It was some play on his name to annoy him and classify him as some child who knew nothing!

I have, but you can try if you want. Yeah.. lets meet up tonight. How about eight. We can go look into that tux thing and figure out what we're doing this weekend.

I think take out sounds good actually. We'll pick an apartment and go there. Relax, and what not, I need a break before I punch Knightly's face in.

Okay, see you then, I spose I should let you go so I can get back to work. I guess, I'll talk to you later.

Maybe. We'll see if he survives his trials.

Ethan made note of the time and locations Blue mentioned, just in case she tried anything funny tonight. He knew she wouldn't be pleased with how having a bodyguard actually was, but they would cross that bridge when they got there. He stood up, walking back toward her workstation, making a face at Albert for a moment before Blue asked about her family.

What? Oh. Yeah...I did. They got killed by a Celestial battalion that hit the base where I was stationed. I wasn't even there, off on another top-secret mission I still can't talk about.

Carrying the completed slide action in one hand and the grip in the other, he slid the slide on to the gun, pulling it back with a clack before sighting it once on a large box on the other side of the lab. He pulled the trigger, hearing a click from the firing pin as it dry-fired properly.

They moved there to be close to me, or so I'm told. I couldn't even defend them.

Grabbing the full magazine from a jacket pocket, he slammed it home and pulled the slide again, chambering a round. Placing the pistol in his shoulder holster and clicking the snap on the holding strap, he looked at Blue directly in her eyes, a mixture of anger and pain for a just a moment before switching to ice cold focus.

I don't think you'll need to worry about Knightly giving you a problem ever again. I'm going to the commissary to grab some lunch, would you like something?
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:04 pm

Blue actually felt bad for him.

In that moment where he sat there and explained what happened with his parents, or family, and that they had moved closer to be with him and died while he was out on a mission. She knew all too well the pain of losing someone close. Luckily, for her, she had only lost one. Still, she knew the sting.

What most people didn't know, outside of Sol. Was that the loss of her brother Nathan had really screwed over the family and what exactly she felt about them. Her sister had run away for months. Her parents grieving over the loss of their son and now their runaway daughter had seen Neona, or Blue, as the invisible child. That was when she started to find her own way to cope and had been coping with life the same way since.


It helped that Blue was basically a genius when it came to ideas and figuring things out. Between being an amazing computer programmer and hacker, she could come up with ideas off the top of her head that were actually good and valid immediatly.


But the look on his face and in his eyes shut her up quickly. She knew that look. She had seen it in the mirror a million times. So, she just kept what she was going to say to herself as he offered to get her something from the cafeteria. Blue looked back at her device, she didn't really have time to eat, nor leave the area, and it would be nice if she could get something to eat or at least snack on while she was working so she could get this done and still go out with Sol tonight.

Umm, actually, some coffee, and some kind of .. pasta or something, lots of carbs, so I can finish this thing up quick. Here.

Blue handed him a bit of money and wouldn't take no for an answer. She was way better paid than him and besides, she was kind of not being very nice to him, but still in the same breath, she really resented the fact that someone thought he was needed all together. But that wasn't his fault, maybe she should try to give him some sort of chance. But it scared her to do that. She was not good at being open. Her sister was more so. But Blue, Blue had long since given up hope on people being worthwhile.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:08 pm

Blue's facial expression seemed to change after his story, which wasn't his exact expectation. He wasn't specifically looking for sympathy, but seeing it in her face did help a bit. "John" never remembered his parents, their names, their faces, anything about them really...but he still felt hurt about their loss. It was an odd phenomenon, grieving for someone you didn't know, but someone who you should mourn.

Ok, coffee and carbs. Got It. I'll be back soon.

Blue gave him money, which Ethan promptly turned away. As expected, she didn't exactly take "no" for an answer, and pushed the money harder on Ethan until he relented and took it. He fully intended on taking it back to her, especially considering that meals and such were a business expense, hence New Dawn paid for it. Ethan left the warehouse without much fanfare, walking across to the main corporate building at a quick pace. It was a beautiful day, and he had a feeling that he should enjoy it while he could...he doubted that Blue got a fair amount of Vitamin D from the sun. Entering the main office, he jogged up four stories worth of stairs and a fair share of corridors to the temporary office he had received when he had gotten the job nearly two weeks ago.

"John" sighed to himself as he walked in to the room, which he affectionately had deemed his box fortress. Since he was going to be moving in to an office in the warehouse where Blue worked, another item he needed to mention to her, he had never bothered to unpack. Most of the boxes were marked as "Office supplies" while they actually contained things like ballistic vests, weaponry, and security equipment. Finding the "Personal Effects" box, Ethan cut the tape and, after a small bit of scrounging around, retrieved a key-fob like device and slid it in the breast pocket of his jacket.

His trip to the cafeteria was quick, and he was quickly scanning his badge to regain entry to the warehouse, containers of food in hand. He slid a container next to her, trying no to disturb her, and leaving a coffee and a bottle of water in front of them as well. He also left a small stack of folded bills she gave him next to it.

Corporate expense account specifically for this purpose, no reason that you should pay for lunch when New Dawn will. I got you roast beef, a large pile of mashed potatoes, and peas. If you need sugar or cream for your coffee I have some in my jacket.

With that, Ethan sat at the adjacent table and slid his own roast beef lunch on the table, with the same accompanying beverages. He popped the top and began to eat before reaching in to a different jacket pocket.

I almost forgot...here.

A two pack of Twinkies landed in front of Blue with a crinkle of packaging.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:33 am

And he was gone.

Blue sighed. Relaxed. Slunk down in her chair for a moment and closed her eyes. She didn't need to, to connect to the internet, but sometimes it just helped her focus better. She dove straight in and began doing what she did best. Hacking and gathering information. She would have been great for that, but it would have never kept her happy. Intel. She was the kind of woman that needed to be busy, constantly doing things, and finding herself so busy that she was almost over worked. But that was how Blue liked herself. Constantly in motion.

Quote :

John Rivers
35 years of age

Military Career extensive.
Full cybernetic implants completed some years ago.
No memory of life before implants.
Became private protector contractor.


It almost seemed too clean. But then, maybe that was the kind of guy he was. She didn't know, but she shrugged. It surprised her that he didn't remember his family. But then, that doesn't mean the pain of not having one and having lost it would be any less she assumed.

Blue bent back over to go back to work engrossing herself so much so that she didn't even hear Ethan come back. Though Albert alerted her to his presence long before he was even at the door. Still, she didn't hear him so when he put the food on the desk for her, she jumped slightly. The roast beef and potatoes was exactly what the doctor ordered and she opened the container and let the smell filter to her senses as she opened the wrapped silverware. He said he didn't need her money, New Dawn paid, and so she shrugged and tossed it back in her pocket.

Then.. twinkies landed on her desk.

Her eyes slowly looked over at him and her brow quirked.

Is that a bribe? she asked in all seriousness before a slow grin took over her face. She wanted to dive right into the Twinkies but then she wouldn't want the sandwich so she started with that. Her fingers were anything but clean but the Inventor didn't stop to worry about that, she'd eaten with worse and she was working and eating at the same time.

One bite. Some work. Another bite. More work.

It was a cycle.

So what hours did you and the great Knightly discuss?
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:44 am

He knew the Twinkies would work.

When Blue asked if they were a bribe, Ethan put his sandwich down and turned to look at her. Stoicism faded from her face in to a small grin that widened over her face as "John" matched with his own. A chuckle was shared between the two for a brief moment, and Ethan was glad that they were at least having some humor in their relationship. He was sure she was going to hate him forever just because of his presence....she still might, but for that brief moment, overly sugared cream-filled yellow cake brought them together.

Its a nice gesture, but if a bribe is going to be considered better in some way, by all means, take it as a bribe.

He laughed out loud at that, as they both went back to their meals and work in relative peace. The heat from their fiery exchanges seemed to diminish with the tension in the room. The room was climate controlled very well, that is to say, it was really cold. Ethan was glad he still wore his suit jacket, although he was nervous about getting juice from the roast beef on it. Just having that thought in and of itself was a relief from what he had been worried about previously...mainly whether or not Blue was going to try to run off or escape her "babysitter."

So what hours did you and the great Knightly discuss?

"John" turned his head back to Blue with an eyebrow raised in confusion. Did she really not know how this whole bodyguard thing worked? Placing his half-eaten sandwich down back in its container, he sighed softly before swiveling on the stool to face Blue.

Well, Knightly and I really didn't discuss hours...I told him the way this works. He didn't hire me, he didn't even know about me until a day before he told you.

He paused for a moment, trying to get the notion to sink in to her that he didn't work for Knightly. Hell, he physically threatened the man a few hours ago!

Bodyguard don't have "work hours" per-say. Its a 24 hour profession until the threat is gone or I die. Then someone else takes my place. That's how this works...and i know that isn't what you want to hear. I will do everything I can to respect your privacy and keep you safe. Take this.

Walking over to her work table, he laid the key fob on the metal surface.

This is a panic button, push this button, and it will immediately alert me that you're in danger. Press the button below it, and it will alert me you're ready to be picked up, escorted out, etc. It allows me to be in the area without actually having to tail you like some high paid babysitter. You're a grown woman, for the most part, I know you can handle yourself.

He didn't tell her that when either button was pressed, it would activate a tracking beacon in the device so Ethan could go to the EXACT spot where the fob was, but that was a minor detail. He sat back down on the stool and waited for her response...he had a feeling he should have worn his impact vest today.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:04 am

She had to admit. As much as she didn't like having Ethan hovering around her all the time.. and didn't like the idea of it in the future. She did like the idea that he was an asshole to Knightly who totally deserved it. She was interested to learn that Knightly hadn't even know about him until the day before he had pulled her into the office and her brow rose.

So maybe he wasn't Knightly's evil plan to get back at her.

But she wasn't going to put that theory to rest just yet. It was one thing to say it, and another thing for it to actually be true.

But it was what he said next that caused her brow to rise. They don't have 'work hours'. He was going to be working 24/7. She had no idea how he was going to manage that without passing out on the job at some point. There were times Blue stayed up for three or more days when she was working on a large project or something that she had to get done quickly for the company. She wasn't sure that most 'normal' people could handle that.

He mentioned being able to give her privacy and keep her safe and told her that the metal keyfob he put on her work table would allow him to do it. By pressing the button he could know that she was in trouble or just needed to be picked up. Blue's brows rose and then narrowed.

So.. quasi privacy. That's crap. I am a grown woman, I don't need a shadow ghosting after me all the time. There has to be off limit places.

Blue looked at the device and instantly she knew the blueprints of such a thing. She could tell that once it was on it would emit a signal constantly. Which meant that if he looked at any time he would know where she was. Which meant unless she left it behind somewhere it would mean she could go no where secretly. Was he really going to spend all day trailing her? In a car, or whatever? What about vacations? Trips? Or things like that.

Are you serious? You're going to be trailing me constantly? What about if I take a day off and go on a trip? Or when I go see my parents? You're going to be around then too?

Blue wasn't mad. Yet. She was just.. in utter shock.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:37 am

So.. quasi privacy. That's crap. I am a grown woman, I don't need a shadow ghosting after me all the time. There has to be off limit places.

That was the point of the button...but there was no way someone like Blue could see that. She saw her life being invaded. Truth of the matter, it was, but the idea was to have it invaded by someone who could protect her. The alternative was not pleasant in any sense of the word. Ethan sighed and opened his mouth to explain, but he was cut off by Blue before he got his chance.

Are you serious? You're going to be trailing me constantly? What about if I take a day off and go on a trip? Or when I go see my parents? You're going to be around then too?

"John's" left eyebrow shot up in intrigued surprise at her outburst. He never told her about the tracker...did she...sense it? Her power with mechanical devices was becoming more interesting by the minute.

I'm not ghosting you...I'd like to prevent that, you'd probably hate me forever. The fact is, as your bodyguard, I need to be able to protect and extract you from violent situations in a quick manner. That means one of three ways:

He raised a fist to emphasize his point, raising a single finger each time he put a point out.

One: I stay within visual distance of you at all times.
Two: I hire additional security personnel to the tune of 30 agents on rotating shifts to keep the area around you secure, without being directly near you.
Or, number three: You hold on to the panic button assembly and keep tabs with me at a larger distance.

You knew it had a tracking system...how? The tracking system only activates when you hit the button, and it will be turned off once you're in close proximity. Its so that should you say...need immediate assistance, I can find your exact coordinates. I'm not going to use it to stalk you.

Ethan stood up, pacing with small steps. Albert's head moved so slightly, watching him...that thing still gave him a bit of the creeps.

As for vacations, days off, all those extraneous activities...we can discuss those when they come up. Fact is Blue, I don't have a plan yet on those occurrences. We're a team from now on Blue. You need to trust me to find out the scale of threat to you and act appropriately, and I need to trust you, because if you go off on your own or just...leave the button somewhere...and get kidnapped or worse...

He shook his head, thinking of the sheer amount of shit that would rain down on him from both the New Dawn and Paladin ends, shuddering at the thought. So many things to do to get her secure, especially since the threats against her, besides the Paladin one, were really credible.

Now...I could warrant a little more leeway, but my technology sucks. The panic button is military issue, and directly corresponds to my cybernetic brain, and don't look surprised...I highly doubt you didn't look in to me while I was getting food. You think you can make it better? I wanna see what these trials are all about...

Letting a slight smile slide on his face, Ethan watched Blue's reactions. It always was a good thing to know when to duck from flying salvage.
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:57 pm

She could tell that she shocked him. But she was too mad to care. She doubted that he was going to really know what was going on anyway. She had a lot of tricks that weren't written down on any file. There were some things that even New Dawn didn't know that she had. She wasn't one to put all her cards on the table and being able to Blueprint anything that she touched, really came in handy for one of those secret powers.

She certainly did not like idea one. The mere thought of really having a ghost around her all the time was not something she was keen on. The second was worse. A contingent of at least thirty other people watching her at all times, trading shifts and the like. She actually turned up her nose at that one. And number three, the better option, the option he had already picked (how convenient) was the key fob.

Fine. The locator will be fine.

He asked about how she knew about the tracker. A little grin crossed her lips. Afterall, he was shocked, which meant he hadn't know about her powers. Not all of them, and somehow, that gave her a little bit of a boost. He went straight into a explaination of what the signal did and how it worked and she was thankful because it allowed her to by pass his question.

Albert was still tracking his every move, it was necessary. Albert was something that was vital to the inventor, and he already sent a cache of pictures to her mental bank which she could pull from if she needed to. Especially when she hooked up with Sol later.

He told her that they could talk about days off and trips later when they came up, and she gave a nod. She still didn't like the idea of him knowing exactly where she was all the time. Blue had always valued her privacy and now it seemed that she would have less than ever before. Her brow rose on her face and her head tilted to the side.

Are you challenging me to make something better than this rudimentary piece of military garbage? A grin crossed her face. She nodded. Tucked it in her pocket and began to work on her scanner. Once it was done she could work on a new tracker that could do something so much better than merely locate. At least, she hoped so. Plans were starting to slowly roll through her mind while she worked.

Anything else I need to know while I'm only slightly annoyed with you?
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PostSubject: Re: Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)   Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:22 pm

This...is going a little better than expected.

Easily the least fun part of being a bodyguard is telling someone new to the experience about the severe lack of privacy. Fact was, when your life was in danger, your security trumped your privacy; most people didn't like that fact. Blue was taking it a lot better than "John" had expected, and that was a gigantic relief. She seemed to understand why it had to be the way it was, even though she didn't like it.

She seemed to smile at the thought of him challenging her to build a new key fob for her safety. Honestly, he was hoping she would. She had a mind for devices like no other, and the panic button Ethan had for himself was nearly fifteen years old. It was bass-ackward and outdated. Plus, the idea was planted firmly in Blue's head that it could give her some more room in her life. The truth was, it would, but it was probably the single-greatest motivator to get her to do it.

Anything else I need to know while I'm only slightly annoyed with you?

Yes! There was one more thing...about the person you're meeting tonight at eight.

Ethan could see in Blue's face that she had just lost 'annoyed' and had moved somewhere near 'irritated.' This question wasn't going to good things for any brownie points he may have gotten with the Twinkies.

Is there any chance that perhaps I could get...

'Irritated' to 'Angry.'

...his name...

'Angry' to 'Pissed off.'

...for a...background...

'Pissed Off' to 'Infuriated.'

...check? You know what? I should just...go.

It was not like Ethan to be scared or nervous, but the last time he had seen eyes like that, it was literally on someone who was trying to strangle him with their bare hands. He hurried out of the room at a moderately fast piece, musing over the truth over fury relating to "a woman scorned."

==Ethan exits==
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Unwanted Assistance (Ethan)(complete)
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