A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Trials Begin (Ethan ICC)

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PostSubject: The Trials Begin (Ethan ICC)   Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:35 pm

Blue Tiran was finally home. Eager to rest from her horrendous day and that god forsaken new 'bodyguard' aka babysitter that Knightly had saddled her with. There was no way in hell that Blue was going to let that man keep tabs on her all the time. She had just finished hanging out with Sol, and now she was bored. Getting tired, and so she pulled out the little key fob. *push* she grinned, the 'come pick me up button' she couldn't help it, she was going to make that little rat bastard work for her.

Ethan Kelly put the car in park and shut off the lights outside Blue's apartment. It had been a rough day, but not as horrible as he could have expected. He was...not Blue Tiran's favorite person right now, but hopefully, that would change. What he had said to her was true, she had to trust him to make it work for the both of them, and she hadn't seemed to opposed to the logic behind it. It had been a terse couple of hours as she tried, unsuccessfully, to duck him with her boyfriend, whatever the hell his name was. Ethan sighed and closed his eyes, letting the seatback fall just a couple of inches. Bodyguarding wasn't glamorous, but you slept when they slept, and her having the key fob allowed him to sleep. Within seconds of closing his eyes, they shot open with an alarm for "Come and get me." What the hell does she want? Ethan muttered to himself.

Blue Tiran knew sitting here pressing the button was going to get old, and quickly. So she pulled Al over and she got him set up on a pivot rod. She positioned the fob so that every time he pivoted down he would hit the 'come get me' button, and then Blue headed to the other room to get changed for bed letting out a long yawn as she stepped into the shower.

Ethan Kelly sat in his car, tossing and turning, more and more irritated as the moments passed. This had to be revenge, the beeping pulse in his head continued as normal, but it pulse stronger, with a wake up signal, every couple of seconds. She had to be pushing the button over and over to get it to do that. Ethan had to keep his cool...for the good of his new job, for the good of the mission at Paladin. Mainly, because he was about to walk up there and strangle her himself. Bullshit Twinkie...did nothing for peace. Ethan muttered to himself as he sat up and opened the door to the car, quickly walking across the street. There was nothing he could do about the noise, and he needed to be near the key fob to turn it off. He ran up the stairs quickly, moving towards her door. Maybe she could be reasoned with...

Blue Tiran sighed softly as she entered the shower and the warm water which was just on the verge of hot hit her body and she leaned against the marble wall enjoying the fact that it felt good to relax in her shower. Wondering how John was doing with his inccessant beep beep going off in his mind over and over again. The mere thought of it made her grin. She couldn't wait to go to sleep and see just what was going to happen in the morning when she had beeped him all night. Take that, John.

Ethan Kelly nearly jogged the entire length of the hallway to Blue's door. This was ridiculous. She and her boy-toy had spent hour cavoorting and who-knows-what, and they all needed sleep! Turning on that blasted signal at almost two in the morning was definitely not ok. He knocked on the door, trying to get her attention. Blue! Blue, its John, are you alright!? The beeping almost felt like it was reverberating off itself, giving him a mild headache while the noise clouded him mind. He was starting to get mad. Blue!! DAMNit let me in! He knocked harder and for longer periods of time. It had easily been three, four minutes of it now...yet it felt like days. He beat the door so hard he could almost hear the wood cracking. Let me in this instant or I'm coming in!

Blue Tiran stepped out of the shower. Clean. Sparking. And definatly tired. She walked into her room and she pulled on a pair of panties hearing the banging on her door. She could only grin. Little did she know that the keyfob had shifted and was not only just saying 'come get me' now, it was saying 'panic panic in trouble' now as she pulled on a silky night dress that she liked to sleep in because it was cool on her skin under the warm covers and began to head across the room to brush her hair out

Ethan Kelly 's eyes widened as the signal changed. It wasn't "approach" any longer, it had shifted to "help! danger!" A surge of adrenaline rushed in his system, numbing his pain, the noise in his head, and enhancing his 'fight or flight' instincts even more. He drew his pistol, secretly resigned that he didn't sprint back to his car for the assault rifle and grenades, but there was no time. With a swift kick, Ethan connected with the door and sent splinters flying through Blue's lfoyer, accompanied by two larger pieces of the door that were ripped from the wall. Then he focused in on the GPS signal. Upstairs. He walked quickly, keeping ever watchful for the intruder.

Blue Tiran hummed softly as she pulled back the covers on her bed. The fire place that she had in her room suddenly sprung to life though she had done nothing to it and she knew that she was ready for bed. Tired, yes, but.. definatly ready to curl up under her heavy covers and pass out until she had to get up and deal with John-boy again. BOOM! Blue jumped, she quickly connected to the network of her home, the front door had been breached. She grabbed a gun out of the bedside drawer and she began moving, in her nighty, through the house towards where she knew the intruder was. Then she paused. "Christ! John-boy what the FUCK do you think you're doing in MY fucking house at THIS fucking time at night!?"

Ethan Kelly scanned the areas he searched quickly before moving on to the next. Left, Right, Center, Continue. It was a hurried process, and the darkness in the house, it was dangerous. Ethan had forgotten his multi-vision glasses and hadn't given his eyes time to fully adjust. THAT'S how tired he was...which was not a good thing. His ears peaked at the sound of light footsteps on carpet...his enhanced hearing all the better while he was hopped up on adrenaline. Words were being spoke, but he ignored them as a gun peeked out from the hallway. A threat! Ethan grabbed the gun and pulled, hard. With a light shot to the wrist, the gun fell to the floor and he made a grab at the intruder, knocking them to the ground. With a flash, Ethan lept on the body, stradding the person who lay face down on the floor. He pressed the pistol firmly to the back of his/her head. Give me a reason to not redecorate this room with your brains. He was practically frothing with the need to kill and protect right now.

Blue Tiran let out an oomf as she landed on the ground with Ethan on top of her. She growled as the cold floor ground into her body, her curves, and her face. She was not a happy camper at the moment. Is that a hard on are you just happy to see me? Get the fuck off of me John-boy before I cream your brains before you can even think to pull that trigger you idiot.

Ethan Kelly let the world around him slam home in his mind. Turns out, he was stradding Blue. Rage flooded him for a moment before he stood up, grabbing the gun he had ripped from her hands and he followed the signal. Grabbing the key fob from the ledge, Albert bit him lightly. Withholding a curse, Ethan near slapped the mechanical bird across the room. Shutting off the alarm, he placed the fob in his pocket as he holstered his gun and safed hers. Where the fuck did you get this? Is it registered? Why did you not tell me about it when we dicussed your livign situation? Pure animalistic rage was seeping in to his calm..he wasn't yelling...but he was close

Blue Tiran grunted as he got off of her and stole her gun. She groaned and got up to face him. NOt even thinking about what she was wearing as she put her hands on her hips and watched him go over to Albert and toss him across the room. You break it you buy, it you son of a bitch! He asked about the gun and she rolled her eyes. I carry my Glock with me every where I go, thank you very much, Hey, did you know that I"m a big girl and I can shoot it too!? Why the HELL are you so angry! It was just a fucking joke!

Ethan Kelly ignored the majority of insults that Blue threw at him, but Ethan was on edge, tired, and his nerves had been frayed by her all day. The filter had come off, and she was going to get it now. Listen to me, you overreactive priss: Your security is my job. Its NO FUCKING JOKE! You think you're funny because you push that button!? I take it seriously. He crossed the room to face her, barely noticing the shoulder strap that fell down her arm as she took a more stereotypical "pissed off woman" stance. I almost shot first and asked questions later...where would you be there?

Blue Tiran was mad. He was IN her house, and then had the GALL to yell at her about it. Her eyes narrowed. The spot lights in the hallway came on giving them a slight glow, enough to see by but not enough to blind their night ridden eyes as she stood there angrily. She didn't think about the strap, or about how she looked standing in the hallway with her long waist length half dry hair down, and her pajamas on, ready for bed. You can't just come in here and shoot my place up! You .. you.. you would .. shoot me? she was quieter now, the reality of the situation sinking in a little bit.

Ethan Kelly let his face nearly curl up in to a snarl. He was beyond pissed...but he was beyond yelling now. He spoke quietly, calmly, and with specific intent. Few things in this world could be scarier than a man who was so mad that he didn't yell. You pushed the panic button, and you came at me with a gun in the dark. What do you think I would do Blue? I don't have the luxury of questioning who's holding the gun before I take the shot. You get me? As he spoke, he let his posture sink to her level, their noses almost touching.

Blue Tiran blushed. She had meant to only cause him some grief, not nearly get herself killed. And now she felt like a child which really pissed her off more. She wasn't sure what she was feeling. He was there, in her face, his cold calm demeanor probably meant he was more pissed now than before. Sorry. I will... I will fix your sensor tomorrow so that it cannot happen again and I will try.. to take you more seriously. she said trying to think if that was what he wanted to hear as her blue/green eyes shifted up to meet his. She looked remorseful at least.

Ethan Kelly paused as he watched Blue's face redden like he had been flirting with her. He rolled his eyes and straightened his back. Don't try, Blue. Take it seriously. This isn't some damn joke, and I'm actually here for your well-being. He picked up Albert, who tried to bite him again. I'm sorry about you're...well, him.

Blue Tiran took Albert from his arms, and she did a diagnostic scan to find he was just fine, just a bit pissed off and didn't like John because she didn't like John. She realized that her strap had fallen and fixed it onto her shoulder as she let Albert go and he flew off into the house to his dock to charge for the morning. Are you going to fix my door? she asked curiously as she brushed passed him heading down to her front area

Ethan Kelly let her check out the owl as he stared at her bed, longingly, for moment. What he would give for a bed right now. She brushed past him and Ethan finally took note of what Blue had on, and how she naturally swayed, like elves did. Nearly intoxicating. Your door? Now?

Blue Tiran looked over her shoulder at him. She wasn't trying to be sexy, Blue didn't know 'how' to be sexy, but the effect could happen without her trying she supposed. Yes now, I'm not going to be safe here if my door isn't fixed and since YOU are Mister Safety, I figure, that would be under your job description.

Ethan Kelly raised an eyebrow at the shoulder look. Didn't she know that men loved that? Then I guess I will just have to stay here tonight...you really think I can find you a new door at nearly three in the morning? As they walked down the stairs toward the foyer, Ethan motioned towards the door.

Blue Tiran 's eyes widened. Here? As in, my place? As in my .. room... here?. She had only shared a bed once, with Sol, and that was because they were seeing each other and had been for a while. This was.. this was different. To have a man she had only just met today staying in her place was not going to be okay. She crossed her arms underneath her chest and shifted her weight to one of her hips. How about outside. On the terrace?

Ethan Kelly smiled. He had caught her off guard...he liked that. Yes, in your place. No, not in your room. Why? Are you offering your bed to me? Rather unprofessional if you ask me Blue. He watched her adjust herself to look more mad...it just accentuated the body parts she probably wasn't trying to. You know Blue, when you do that...you only make your breasts look more inviting. Also, no on the terrace. I can't see the front door to the building or the apartment from there.

Blue Tiran sighed. So he was going to stay. Maybe the couch was suitable, he would be down in the den with a view of the broken door that he could set back in place until he could get a replacement. When he mentioned the way that her arms were making her chest stand out more, they dropped as if on fire and her face heated up so red that you might think about changing her name. Goodnight, you stupid man! was her best come back as she whirled around and began to head towards her room again.

Ethan Kelly couldn't help but laugh. Making Blue uncomfortable was going to become a very fun hobby. Goodnight Blue. Did you know that you sway when you walk? Also...those baby blue panties you're wearing do not match the red night dress. That should get her embarassed enough, despite the fact she had a pretty nice ass, if he did say so himself.

Blue Tiran was almost to her room when she turned to face him with a very unhappy grin on her face. I hope you can find a way to sleep well John, it will be awfully uncomfortable on the couch. The air conditioner kicked on the vent over the couch would be blowing all night, not to mention she had just set Albert on a thirty minute alarm system, he would chirp, three times, very loudly, ten feet from John every thirty minutes. She closed her door, locked it, and climbed into her nice warm bed.

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The Trials Begin (Ethan ICC)
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