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 Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)

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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:54 pm

Veles grinned softly at Lana's reluctance to get up. She was absolutely comfortable, but she was bound by her duty. Finishing the job always came first. In a way that only a wolf could appreciate, Veles admired Lana's honor and loyalty, even if it was to a task at hand.

After she scooted herself out of the tent, he did as well. She was going to go off into the woods to clean up, he should likely do the same, but in reality, he didn't want to remove her scent from his skin. After escaping the tiny tent and slipping his pants on, Veles began to slowly disassemble the tent, packaging things tightly so that they might all fit back within the truck.

Lana had wandered off for several minutes, but by the time she had returned, Veles had the mattress and tent stowed. He was working on the tent platform, when she walked up grinning at the complete mess the animals had made the night before. Pulling the last of the metal steaks from the ground, Veles walked to the back of the truck, storing the long spikes so they wouldn't bounce around.

Collecting a few small packages from the back of the truck, Veles tossed a few to Lana. "Not as tasty as fresh meat, but it will keep us going." Veles offered, unwrapping and biting into his own nutritional bar. It tasted like stale oatmeal and bitter reduced berries. But, he was right, each bar contained hundred of calories and much needed vitamins.

Storing the last of the tent supplies, Veles collected some of the sprawled pans as well. Lana had spread the signs of their fire pit and even scratched over their campsite with a freshly broken branch. Not only was she masking obvious visual markers of their campsite, but their scent as well. She had learned very well how to cover her tracks.

Veles couldn't help but admire Svetlana even more.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:27 am

To throw off their scent, she decorated the campsite in pine straw and cleared the area of their tracks. In the midst of their cleaning Veles tossed to her a chewy, grainy breakfast bar that was like chewing on cardboard than actual food. She ate half of it before deciding that it was better to go hungry until their midday meal than it was to eat the thing. Lana rewrapped the bar and shoved it into her pocket. If she got hungry on the drive through the mountains then it would be something to contemplate snacking on, otherwise it would just be there until she found a place to discard it.

When it appeared no more disturbed than their arrival, Veles and Lana climbed into the truck and set off again. They were heading through the Appalachian Mountains; roads that ran upwards and downwards, around curves that, if she peered out her window, there was nothing but a steep drop down into woodland canyons below them. These roads hadn't been traveled since the beginning of the war, which left most of the United States in a tattered ruin. Terra was returning to her former beauty. Before man had evolved and built things by destroying the world he lived in.

Dyrewulf, she read aloud and looked over to Veles with a sly grin. They want us to find a beast called a Dyrewulf. A really bad picture is attached to the file, but from the looks of it it is just a really big wolf. Feral or else it would have been one of us had it more intelligence. Some inept sorcerer brought it over during the war and it bred like rabbits along the southland border. Umbra thinks it might be useful. She didn't see why, but she did not question Flynn or the choices of the superiors.

To date there isn't much known about these beast. For the record, I think Umbra is being a little racist by sending us to find it. Sending two werewolves after a creature that could very well be somehow related to them in the gene pool.

As they drove she alternated between review the file (multiple times), staring out the window and offering to drive when she got bored with sitting. Often they would stop to use the restroom, which would end up being the side of the road or if they happened by a gas station (working or not) then Lana was brave enough to venture into the restrooms there. Often than not she came right back out and pissed on the side of the road because it was cleaner than it was inside. By evening, when the sun was lowering towards the western horizon they were passing the Ohio border into Kentucky.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:28 pm

Veles couldn't help but grin at Lana's comment, "Dyrewulf, eh?. Yeah, sounds a bit racist." he quipped back just before they hit an extremely rough pothole, bouncing the whole truck. Luckily they had strapped in all the cargo in the back, else they might have a head injury via tent pole.

As the two swapped positions multiple times, and stopped for short breaks, their conversations tended to focus a bit more on their work. Stories of tracking targets, or their worst marks, longest stake-outs, or favorite weapons. Veles enjoyed hearing her voice, her accent, and her interest; though she tended to give shorter answers. She was very to-the-point, and that was something he could easily appreciate.

During one of his times in the passenger seat, Veles slipped his shirt off to inspect his wounds from the previous day. They were closing quite well, which was good, and looked as though no infection had set in. All in all, he was healing up nicely, much in thanks to Lana's help.

As the two drove south into Kentucky, the sun was setting through the passenger window, it was another convenient excuse to continue looking Lana's way as she drove. "So how far south does this Dyrewulf live? I likely got less information than you about this trip other than to be prepared to cross country." he asked. Veles didn't much enjoy that he was often under-informed, though that was likely due to his own actions above any other. Several people in Umbra probably wished him to fail on several of his assignments. His requisitions for supplies or support often went unmet, unless of course there was something Umbra specifically wanted for itself on the line.

Lana drove with confidence, the rough roads were little deterrence to her controlling the vehicle with one hand, her other resting casually against an armrest, despite the bouncy roads. She had a habit of smiling just a hint when they were cruising along at top speed, almost as if she loved the danger of it all. Soon though, dusk was setting in, and the lights on the off-road truck, while bright, simply weren't enough to show the way at high speeds. Lana pulled onto a wide shoulder, slowing to a stop before proclaiming that she'd had enough of the protein bars and was ready for something different.

"What would you like, an up close and personal hunt, or a clean kill from afar. This far out, we should find something wandering the woods at night." he offered.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:10 pm

The Dyrewulf migrates between the border of old Kentucky and Tennessee. According to Umbra. So we're not far from them. We should reach their hunting grounds by midday tomorrow. She was curious about this creature. About the dimension that it came from and its mannerisms. As a werewolf she felt that her species was a more predatory and dominate beast that most that inhabited the earth. Judging by the grainy picture attached to the file, she and Veles easily towered over these animals; but that didn't mean they could defeat them in a battle if the Dyrewulf was too aggressive.

Where they stopped for the night was a clearing of old farmland adjacent to a stretch of woodland that ran down into an old, man-made lake. Being cooped up in the truck all day with the bare minimum stop, Lana didn't want to take the easy kill. The red werewolf wanted to stretch her legs. Hopping out of the drivers seat, she stretched and headed around to the back of the truck. Let's go hunting. I feel like a good chase. Lana opened the tailgate and began to undress, tossing her clothes into the back of the truck as she shed them.

Hopping on one foot as she yanked off a boot, Lana surveyed the open field in front of them. The ruin of a farmhouse stood silent sentry in the distance, but a quick sniff of the air told her that there hadn't been anyone living here in a while. A good, long while. One by one she shucked one piece of clothing and the next until she stood naked in the darkness. Even the soreness she felt didn't hinder her movements. I can smell deer in the woods.

When he had joined her, wearing the same amount of nothing she was, Lana let the transformation take her. She had moved away from the truck so she didn't accidentally hurt herself or it during the change. Bones broke and crunched in a sickening display as her body twisted into unnatural angles. Grunts of pain managed to escape her tightly pressed lips. Marred skin was replaced by a pelt of bright red fur; green eyes transitioned into a glittering yellow. She clawed at the ground with jointy, claw-tipped fingers.

Down on all four, the Red shook herself bodily. Ridding herself of the leftover tingle that seemed to linger after changing. Her ears sat flat against her head as she lifted her muzzle into the air, sniffed twice and then released a linger howl into the night. Ahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Instinct, once observed, made her quiet and shrink low to the ground in the presence of Veles' much larger werewolf. The Red tipped her head to one side, watching him from a submissive angle as he completed the shift.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:42 pm

Veles climbed out of the truck as Lana proclaimed the desire for a full-out hunt. She took only a moment glancing around, and took a quick sniff, but she already knew what was out in the distance. The farmhouse caught Vele's attention for a few moments, but he noticed the lack of recent residence. Lana was quick to point out the nearby deer, however, and Veles couldn't help but hear his stomach grumble.

Lana quickly disrobed, and he followed suit. Lana was definitely first to shift, everything she did seemed faster than Veles. Perhaps it was because he was rather distracted any time he was around her. She was certainly brilliant in the setting light, her red fur was stunning. As Veles finished his shift, his bones snapping, and muscles contorting. His thick grey fur was shaggy, but as the winds blew, his mane seemed to settle out. He padded forward, noting Lana waiting for him, her head was slightly tilted as she watched him.

With a slight nip to her shoulder and a huff, Veles padded forward and increased his gait into a full run. Lana easily put on the speed and soon passed him, if only for a moment. Veles let his muscles feel the burn as he poured on the effort to pass her before the tree line. He barely managed it, but as his snout passed the underbrush of the forest, he knew he had pressed just enough speed to pass her. As he slammed and smashed through the foliage, he definitely startled any of the wildlife nearby. The deer Lana had smelled, bolted through the underbrush, out in front of the two weres, it immediately realized the error of its ways and hopped frantically, hoping to escape.

As Veles noted the deer, he didn't have much of a chance to catch the agile creature, especially considering his current pace, so he fell into the role of herding the beast. Making as much noise as he could, Veles continued to pound forward through the underbrush, even slamming himself off a few trees in the process. His intent was to cut off, and circle around the deer, forcing it on a path that took it much closer to Lana, so she could strike at her leisure.

The speed was intoxicating, the thrill of the Hunt was fully taking him. Veles let out loud snarls and even howls in celebration of his uncontained freedom. His werewolf was loving every moment of this chase. And he couldn't help but fall into the old habits of hunting with a Pack that came so naturally to werewolves. Lana, who had never known a Pack was likely feeling it as well. Her movements were so well timed and instinctual. Perhaps she would realize it after the fact, just how odd it was to be a lone wolf out in the world.

Veles saw a brilliant flash of red fur in the distance, just between two trees before Lana pressed her opening on the deer. She was likely right on top of it now. The Hunt was on, and Veles was eager for the results.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:07 am

She waited and watched him, her body relaxed upon his approach. The only movement was her eyes as they tracked his path towards her, the bend of his muzzle towards her and then his disappearance as he bound away from her. The Red turned, making chase after him. He had a lead on her and his gait was longer, but she was fast.

Her stride ate up the open ground between them quickly until she passed him. They made it into a game, with him taking the lead and then her again. Both of them crashed into the tree line, however the Red did it with a little more grace than he did. She made as little noise as possible; taking a path that veered away from him.

She remained parallel to the deer. The scent of fear that wafted off their prey made her heart pound with excitement and exhilaration. The Red, her mouth open and tongue lolling to one side, watched the Grey and the deer through the break in trees as she ran. He was herding the animal towards her and she would take it down. As soon as its path veered towards her, the Red paused for half a heartbeat and then struck.

The deer felt a moment of sheer panic and then nothing. The Red clamped its maw around its throat and shook it like a rag doll, Two shakes broke its neck and the Grey would find her, sitting there with it in her lap. She blinked at him while shoving the dead creature from her lap, circled around and plopped down beside him. Leaning over her nose disappeared into the fur at his neck where she nipped affectionately.

She was giving him the first pickings.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:15 pm

Lana easily made the kill as Veles herded the beast straight into her path. She was nimble and powerful, a brutal combination. After catching a glimpse of the deer dropping to the forest floor, Veles continued his wide circle before gradually losing his momentum. He padded up the the scene and Lana was quite quick to notice his arrival. She playfully circled around him before nuzzleing her muzzle at his neck. She was being exceptionally affectionate, apparently after being cooped in a vehicle all day and having a chance to street h her muscles had lifted her spirits a great deal.

As she waited patiently, Veles stepped forward to inspect the kill. He noted the ease with which she had killed the beast, it wasn't lacerated beyond recognition, all the blood hadn't been spilled. This was going to be an exceptional meal. Stepping on the creature and catching hold with his shape teeth, Veles shredding into the beast, taking a massive flank of meat off the deer's side and opening its belly. As the innards slowly began to spill out, Veles stepped slowly around the beast, aligning himself with its spine, as he flopped to the forest floor, it was clear that he was leaving the tastiest bits for Lana. Slowly he pulled chuck after chunk from his massive flank, chomping at them before gobbling them down nearly whole.

As Lana dug into the beast's center, she plucked the heart first, downing the tender meat whole. She easily avoided the acidic stomach and intestines, instead attacking the kidneys, liver, and lungs. Were food exceptionally scarce, the whole animal. Could be devoured, but some pieces easily tasted better than others. With a huff Veles stood, having finished his flank. Lana backed easily away as Veles clamped his maw around the creature's neck, with a snap of his neck, the whole beast tumbled onto its other side, allowing him to take a similar sized flank of meat, again from, outside the rib cage. He didn't take the entirety of the meat, each of the long flanks weighing over 15 pounds. He was hungry, but not starved. His appetite wasn't incredibly strong at the moment.

Veles wallowed the last chunk of his meal as Lana continued to gnaw at a large leg bone she had removed from the corpse. Her powerful jaws snapped the bone easily and her tongue lapped up the sweet marrow from within. The two werewolves were lucky, this deer had been young and healthy, it was absolutely delicious. Over an hour had passed since they had taken down their prey, consuming it slowly, they took a few moments of leisure, letting their inner wolves soak up the natural wonder of the new forest they were in. Insects began chirping and an owl hooted, announcing its presence as self-proclaimed king of the night skies.

After a long while, the two were slowly made their way back to the truck, Veles certainly enjoyed Lana's brilliant red form stalking through the night. He could see her perfectly. He knew his feelings were growing for her, in both of her forms. His wolf felt completely at ease with her, his man felt bonded to and protective of her. With a light woof, he caught her attention as he came up along her side. His long tongue lapped at her muzzle playfully. Now it was his turn to be exceptionally affectionate.

When they got back to the truck, Veles shifted back first, getting dressed casually, not attempting to hide much of himself. "Hop back in, no sense stopping this early when I'm feeling so awake. We'll make the last few hundred miles in just a few hours, this land is pretty open, it will be smooth sailing." he called out. A noise from the farm house caught his full attention. He spun and stared at the ominous shadows of the structure, watching to any sign of life. The front door swung and slammed again. Veles took a very long and dedicated sniff, stepping between the house and Lana instinctually.

"Come, let's get moving. It seems to be the wind, but things have hidden from my nose before. We wouldn't want to meet any of those." Veles said hopping into the driver's seat and getting the truck rolling just as Lana barely closed her door. He drove gradually, keeping his eyes on the mirrors for any sign of pursuit. After half an hour, he picked up the pace over slightly rolling hills that used to be farms. The miles were eaten away as the night progressed on, the ride was smooth due to the windswept landscape. Veles had begun asking Lana what her life had been like while growing up in a training program, but soon noticed her dozing lightly as the hum of the vehicle, the gentle rocking, and stuffed belly eased her to sleep. Veles couldn't help but smile.

As the sun broke over the horizon, Veles noted that Lana began to stir, almost as if on cue. She blinked a few times groggily and as Veles looked over to say good morning, she went completely rigid, pointing out the windshield and simply pointing. Veles jammed the brakes harder than he needed to, and as the light cloud of dust kicked up by the truck's momentum overtook the vehicle, Veles saw it. The massive wolf was lingering at the edges of a treeline. When the dust settled, it was gone.

Veles was ecstatic, "Dyrewolf..."
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:50 pm

She ate with a ferocity normally saved for private meals. But those damnable protein bars had left her nearly starved. The heart was juicy as she ripped it out of the deer's open chest; blood leaking between her bony fingers as the Red sniffed, licked and then bit a large chunk out of the organ. More organs followed that one, along with strips of meat that she tore off the dead animal until their was almost nothing left of it save a mutilated corpse. The Red sat on her haunches, two halves of a thigh bone in her hands and she was alternating between them; licking the one in her right hand first and then the one in her left hand.

After a time, in which the two werewolves had lain beneath the open sky simply enjoying the others company, they slowly returned to the truck. She was sated after the meal so her movements were slow and her yellow gaze half-lidded. Her companions affectionate licks were met with a soft yip and she moved into a trot to keep pace with him back to the truck. Shifting again so soon made the process more painful to transition from wolf to human, but she managed through it and tugged on her clothes without complaint, slyly eying Veles as she did, making sure to catch glimpses of his naked form before it was hidden beneath his own garments.

In the cab of the truck, she settled into the passenger side and allowed the sway of the road to lull her to sleep. Her arm was her pillow against the door as she curled into it; her legs bent beneath her body. She woke in much the same position that she had fallen asleep in, with the exception of her arm which had slipped down into her lap so that her cheek lay against the hard surface of the door. Lana sat up and twisted her neck from one side to the other. Popping out the kinks that had settled in during the nights sleep. She rubbed her nape with one hand, smiling sleepily at Veles, Your truck isn't very comf...oh my Goddess... she exclaimed and pointed.

In the distance, poised at the woodline stood a beast larger than any normal wolf, though not quite as large as a werewolf. It was covered in a sable pelt and staring at the approaching vehicle. That's the Dyrewulf! She instantly came awake and sat forward in her seat, staring out the windshield as the beast disappeared into the woods. This was it. Pull over where it went in and we'll track it from there. As he was coming to a stop she was leaping from the passenger seat to the ground and then taking off at a rub to the opening at the woodline.

She stopped there and stood looking in. All senses were on high alert as she began the task of distinguishing the scent of the Dyrewulf from the rest of the world. It was as near to a werewolf as a regular wolf, definitely not a usual smell though. Lana knelt to examine the ground and a set of paw prints. Large but not too large. She returned to Veles who was gathering supplies from the back of the truck. It will be easy to track, but there has to be something we don't know so let's remain cautious. She grabbed a tranq gun and slung it over her shoulder then added some darts to her utility belt.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:48 pm

Veles gripped the steering wheel tight after skidding to a halt. Lana was already out and running towards the treeline, her red locks bouncing. He slowly released off the break and the truck began rolling slowly towards the trees as well, the electric motors barely making any noise. Lana was paying close attention to all the details of their initial sighting and as she turned to make her way back Veles parked and turned the truck off. Stepping to the back, he opened some of the various crates of cargo, almost letting the sight of everything jog his memory.

Lana was next to him in a moment, reaching in deftly for a gun and darts, Veles had an even harder time concentrating. Lana was on full alert and she was practically bristling with energy. Gripping her shoulder tightly for just a moment, "You are intoxicating." he said, his voice deep and gruff, yet sultry.

Collecting his own tranq gun and fair share of darts, he also reached in the truck and pulled out the long case holding his compound bow and quiver of sleek metal arrows. Strapping the various items to himself, he also grabbed a small pouch containing a strong net and a long length of rope, tying it off around his waist.

As the two made their way back to the treeline, Veles began picking up the Dyrewulf's scent. It was strangely familiar, but distinctly different. Veles noted the large tracks that Lana pointed him to, she was calmly explaining that a beast this big didn't often feel the need to cover its tracks, so following it would be simple. Her accent made him hang on each of her words, regardless of what they actually were. But he understood her meaning, she wanted to go straight in after the beast, but was certainly being cautious about it. With a simple nod, Veles agreed, "Let's go."

Striding into the woods, Veles went side by side with Lana. Snaking their way through the trees as the thicket became thicker each traveled along one side of the clearly visible tracks. Making sure the creature was alone and hadn't rushed off in an unexpected direction only to circle back on them was the plan, but the length of the Dyrewulf's stride was getting longer and longer. Clearly it knew it had pursuers and had begun running in the woods it called home.

Both Lana and Veles picked up their pace too. The sun was rising swiftly into the sky and the forest was beginning to bustle with life. Birds chirped rapidly and Veles even caught a glimpse of several squirrels running and climbing trees in the distance. Veles noticed the tracks beginning to veer in his direction, but as he followed them the ground was giving less and less, he was having trouble noticing distinguished tracks. "Careful... the tracks are becoming hard to read. It might have brought us here to circle behind us."

Not three steps after having called out his warning, Veles heard an extremely unsettling sound. A low growl from behind him. Nearly skidding in the soil as he came to a stop, he spun quickly, expecting to have the Dyrewulf stalking just behind them. His eyes widened.

The Dyrewulf was behind them, its long fangs clearly showing. Easily taller and heavier than the largest wolfs he had known, the Dyrewulf's back was nearly five feet tall at the shoulder. Its sable fur gleamed in the sunlight filtering down through the canopy of trees.

The Dyrewulf was not alone, it had brought five companions.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:30 pm

You are intoxicating.

No one had ever accused her of that before. Big green eyes blinked up at Veles, her mind unsure of how to respond, though thankfully didn't have too because he stepped by her on his way to the treeline. Intoxicating. The redhead smiled to herself and turned, following in his steps away from the truck. Lana decided that she liked being intoxicating. He'd said it with a sense of amazement and longing in his voice.

Their journey through the woods was mostly silent as they followed the tracks left by the beast. Twice the size of a normal timber wolf, yet not as large as a werewolf, it seemed to have a defined grace that a feral animal lacked. Other than the prints in the ground she found no other visible trace of the Dyrewulf. The scent however was still strong in her nose and she used that as well. Lifting her face to the sky and sniffing in all directions.

"Careful... the tracks are becoming hard to read. It might have brought us here to circle behind us."

Kneeling down, she inspected the barely visible print in the dirt. No, this one is too small. This is a regular timber wolf. As she rose, Lana swiveled around on the balls of her feet and like Veles, was stunned into silence. Her green eyes grew large as they jumped from one Dyrewulf to the next. Lana took in all five individually; sable, gray, brown, beige, white.

Teeth bared, the sable put one large paw forward. Lana felt a pressure building within her. A fear that would cripple a lesser person. But it was not her own fear that was being impressed upon her. Her knees trembled with the effort it took to remain standing; her body wanting to fall and cower. Within her the werewolf was growing aggressive with the presence of the Dyrewulf.

Do you feel that?

The Dyrewulf narrowed its eyes and the whole group moved towards them. The pressure got stronger and Lana went down to one knee as if pushed by invisible hands on her shoulders. Her lips pulled back in a quivering snarl, which was responded in kind by their opponents. They were doing this to her. And their gaze held an intelligence that wildlife creatures lacked. Veles, shoot it...

She was fumbling with the strap to her tranq gun. Trembling hands unable to make a proper grab on it so that she could bring the gun up for a shot. Again they moved forward and began to span out so that their position would form a circle around her and Veles.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   

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Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)
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