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 Veles Canis

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PostSubject: Veles Canis   Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:28 pm

• Veles • Canis •

Name: Veles Canis
Nickname: Veles
Age: 110, Apparent age: 29
Weight: 230lbs Human, 350lbs Werewolf
Height: 5'11" Human, 7'8" Werewolf

Eye color: Amber both forms
Hair color: Light Brown Human, Dark Grey Werewolf
Race: Werewolf
Residence: Wastelands
Nationality: Far North American
Affiliation: Umbra

Face Claim: Kris Holden-Ried

• all in the details •

Rather lean of build, Veles stands just under six feet in height. His light skin match well to his shaggy brown hair which is cut just short enough to avoid his eyes. Stubble covers his strong jaw line, giving him a rough appearance. The glint in his amber eyes along with the near-permanent grin crossing his lips hint at his personal amusement. As his teeth show through his grin, his sharp canines extend just a bit longer than his other teeth. A form-fitting black button-up shirt covers his upper body, highlighting his physique. His pants are a dark gray and slightly baggy, they are made of a much coarser and sturdier material. His obsidian black leather boots look incredibly sturdy and well-used, rising up nearly to his knees, their surface is completely without luster. He wears a long trench coat, always left swaying open, which is covered in strips of cloth varying in woodland colors. Around his waist is a thick leather belt holding a small pouch, a long knife, and a sharp hatchet.
Towering at nearly eight feet in height, Veles' werewolf form is physically imposing. Hulking muscles cover his enlarged bone structure and his entire body is covered with dark grey fur. His ears stand upright and twitch at the occasional sound. His eyes nearly glow as light reflects off the brilliant amber color and his pupils are thin vertical slits. His long muzzle is tipped with a cold black nose and lined with rows of gleaming white teeth. His mane becomes thicker around his neck and extends over his chest and down along his spine. His extended torso doesn't look out of proportion with his long limbs, powerful arms and legs ending knobby joints and tipped with sharp black claws. Extending from behind him, his long tail swings back and forth endlessly only changing speed with his mood.

Veles is very much a lone wolf personality, spending a great deal of time alone in the wilderness. He is often quiet, carefully observing his surroundings, constantly alert and rarely at ease. This pensiveness is partially due to his conscious thought of danger, but more instinctual by nature. Having spent years alone during his travels, his observing behavior tends to make him awkward in social situations. As such, his humor base is also a bit perverse, often leading to tangential conversation. He takes loyalty to his work and his companions as his highest motivation.

Veles spends a great deal of his time scouting out in the Wastelands, keeping careful watch for Rifts. While his specific activities for which he gets compensated for are rarely topics of discussion, he certainly shows no displeasure in the more brutal tasks assigned to him.

When Veles in human form becomes excited or physically strained, his mental capacities lean more towards animal instinct. Even something like a long run will leave him with boundless excitement and eagerness. In werewolf form, Veles will remember the tasks he needs to accomplish but acts completely instinctively and often times with a bit more energy than really required.

With the connection to the Moon and his transformations, Veles does have added speed, strength, and healing. But he also has a very hard time connecting with and fitting into society. Being that the world is desolated, he can't simply wander out on his own and never meet another sentient being, there's simply not enough food to sustain him. Having to interact with others is his biggest challenge. Even though he may be stronger than those he interacts with, he is definitely outnumbered by them, and knows it.

Veles spent years in the wilderness and Wastelands. He has become an excellent tracker and hunter out of necessity, simply to feed himself. Also, his human form isn't quite as durable as his werewolf form, so he has picked up a good bit of practice skinning and leather working/tailoring to keep himself clothed. He is a survival guru, though his methods may be quite different than normal, as his higher constitution allows for more leniency.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Having been born into a werewolf pack, Veles is completely comfortable with his animal self, seeing it as natural and even better than other species. While he grew, he was a typical young male, learning the ways of the hunt and supporting his community with a strong sense of duty. His pack was everything and their survival would even outweigh his own in his sense of priorities. Long after his adolescence, the elder leader of his pack was attacked by younger members seeking Alpha status. Veles immediately jumped to the defense of the current Alpha, Lycus, but both were overcome through sheer numbers. Lycus and his defender Veles were left by the pack, wounded, ostracized.

Despite the stronger physical traits of werewolves, Lycus had lost his will at the moment he lost his pack. It took months, but the older werewolf slowly withered and died, traveling alongside Veles to his last steps.

Considering himself alone, Veles traveled south from the far northern regions of North America. Exiting the often-frozen tundra and making his way through the once-dense forests of Canada, he came abruptly onto the established city of Bastion. While he found himself enjoying the more consistently-available food, he couldn't bring himself to settle within or nearby the city.

He carefully made his way south, towards Librium, a journey which took him months. As he approached the city, he realized that while he does enjoy the benefits of a nearby city, he couldn't live within it. Choosing to live outside the cities, he made his home in the Wastelands between; continually migrating between both.

After two full trips between Bastion and Librium, Veles made contact with the Umbra corporation. He receives a few contract jobs over the course of the year, supplementing his existence as a wilderness hunter.

Brand new character/player to this site. I was recommended by a friend and I hope I'm doing things in a correct enough way to not cause trouble.

Is this a Canon?: No.

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:No other characters, this is my first.
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Veles Canis
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