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 Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)

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PostSubject: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:50 am

Starting location: Umbra HQ in Librium

The training facilities at Umbra were an extensive section of the corporation that Lana knew like the back of her hand. All underground and accessed by an elevator and a garage entrance that was used by only those who worked for the faction. These rooms consisted of a gym with the basic amenities, an indoor track and Olympic sized pool as well as two other rooms used for training classes that were primarily for new recruits. Lana was a frequent visitor to each of these areas and if she could not be found in her private quarters when she wasn’t on a mission, could be found within any there.

That morning was no exception. Barely 5:00AM and she was already swimming laps from one side of the pool to the other. Her arms were burning from the effort to propel her forward; stroke after stroke taking her across the expanse of the clear water and then back again in a steady, repetitive motion. As she was making her way across the pool for the umpteenth time, she was stopped by brief glimpse of Flynn as he stood close to the edge.

He held an all too familiar object in his hands; clasped against his chest so that the yellow manila envelope clashed with the crisp, cut lines of his suit. She grunted in acknowledgment, climbing out of the lukewarm water and retrieved her towel from a nearby bench before she went to him. Rubbing the excess water from her face, then squeezing it out of her hair, Lana wrapped the towel around her waist before taking the proffered parcel from the older man. Don’t you have other agents you can harass with these things? She held up the envelope to indicate what she was talking about and the response she received from him was a soft chuckle. You’ll like this one, I promise.

Eying him skeptically, Lana carried the envelope with her into the women’s locker room and sat down on a long row of benches that ran between two sections of lockers. Her swimsuit was a two piece, unembellished black bikini bottoms with a bandeau top. She tore into the parcel, eager to have this over and done with so she could return to her workout. Hopefully there would be no timeframe on this job like there had been on the last one. She hated being rushed by Umbra and Flynn knew this. Digging the papers out of the envelope, Lana sat there reading as various women of the faction came and went through the locker room. By the time she had finished reading, there was a giddiness that fluttered inside her and a suppressed smile that threatened to crack her calm visage.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:33 am

Umbra had sent for him again. A small orange tag with three dots attached to an outer wall of Librium. His contractor still didn't trust him around handlers. That suited him just fine. He did hope they wouldn't exclude him from more missions around a young red werewolf though. Thoughts of her in the moonlight still came to his mind quite often.

He had been sent on another solo mission since their encounter. A small task of removing some scientist working in Bastion on a project Umbra wanted to retain control over. He had stalked the man for six days, learning his habits, his patterns. With a well timed shove, the man tumbled down a long concrete stairwell. He was still alive, but certainly not working on the project anymore. Veles had taken the time to place items in the scientist's home, when it was searched by his own employers, he would be ruined. Classified flies in his home, all courtesy of Umbra.

Veles had received that job in the same office he now stepped into. A small envelope on a metal table, in an otherwise empty room. His task, simple and to the point. Go and retrieve an item from the a pre-war city. A once grand metropolis that is now in the Wastelands of the Enlightenment. The last line certainly made the whole letter seem unimportant. Whatever the task might be, those dispassionately typed letters changed it all. "You will be working alongside agent Kozlovski."

It was enough to make him jump for joy, but he kept his reaction calm and collected. A simple grin. Veles was excited. He would see her again. Taking a marker from a hidden pocket inside his jacket, he jotted down his response. "Job accepted. I will contact my partner just outside Librium." With that, he simply exited the building.

His strides lengthened as he walked through the streets, his heavy boots hitting the pavement as he became more excited. He passed the skyscrapers and the hovels, he began to sprint as he exited the city. The small squatter's den outside the city was his heading, and as he arrived, his temporary helper stood at the ready. "No one's been near." the small boy reported. Veles grinned and placed a small wad of money into the boy's hand. "Don't spend it all too quickly."

Collecting his keys from another hidden pouch, Veles unlocked and climbed into his large off road truck. Punching the accelerator, the knobby tires spun in the dry soil as he sped off back towards the city. He would wait for Lana, the beautiful red wolf. He glanced back into the cargo area of the truck, it was loaded with food and water along with several weapons and other supplies. They would surely have enough for the long trip.

He couldn't help but grin again. Lana.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:12 pm

Once Lana had showered and dressed, she took her orders up to her temporary living quarters within Umbra. The room was small and furnished not for comfort but practicality. A bed, desk and chest of drawers. From beneath the bed she retrieved a duffel bag that she filled with the clothing she would be needing. Her personal cache of weapons were kept in a compartment beneath the surface of the desk and she chose the bare minimum from it since this was a simple job of going to get something and bringing it back. No need to bring a complete armory of weapons if she was not going to be doing any killing...that she knew of.

With her bag packed she snatched a set of keys from the nightstand beside her bed and took an elevator down to the facility garage. A multitude of vehicles were kept ready for the agents of Umbra to use at their disposal when needed. Because she did not like feeling beholden to anyone, Lana kept her own personal mode of transportation. A sleek, black matte Ducati Monster sports bike that had seen better days, but ran like a dream. Swinging one leg over the seat after making sure that her bag was securely strapped to the back of the bike, Lana pulled her helmet on and started the monster. She enjoyed the the power that sprang to life and wasted no time speeding out of the garage.

Navigating the city streets was easy enough and it was a task she could have performed with her eyes blind folded. Her two-wheeled cycle sped around other vehicles and darted through traffic lights before they turned red. The total lapse of time from when she left Umbra to her meeting point with Veles was no more than 45 minutes to an hour, which did not count the time she had spent preparing for the trip. Upon reaching the perimeter of Librium, Lana stowed her bike in a storage shed that didn't have the type of security Umbra did but also didn't invite people to go breaking in. The owner was trustworthy and they had a mutual respect for each others privacy.

Zdravstvuyte yeshche raz, krasivyy, she greeted her male counterpart upon arrival at their meet-up point. Her hair in a bit of disheveled state that she kept coming her fingers through; trying to tame the red tendrils into submission. Wearing a helmet for so long always did a number on her hair that seemed to take forever to undo. Taking a look at the truck he was sitting in, felt grateful for a vehicle that she could relax in. I told you we would be seeing each other again, she said in a somewhat triumphant voice, loading her duffel into the back of the truck before hoisting herself into the passenger seat.

I almost declined this mission, you know, until she found out he was going. The time between their last meeting had been spent in a frenzy of work, but never had it been too much of a distraction for her to think about him.

Hello again, handsome.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:15 pm

Feeling the gentle tease in her tone of voice as Lana entered the truck, Veles couldn't help but beam at her as she instantly seemed at ease and comfortable in the passenger seat. "I suppose the lure of missing treasures and forgotten secrets isn't for everyone." he quipped with a tone of playfullness. "Me, I just came for the captivating coworker." he offered with a blush crossing his cheeks. He hadn't even began driving yet, but felt like his stomach was on an amusement park ride.

She did this to him. Her allure. Her beauty. They way she filled his thoughts since he first caught a glimpse of her. He was more anxious than he had been in ages. He felt like a young pup again. All because of her. Lana...

Deciding to start this trip out right, Veles waited as Lana got comfortable in the passenger seat. The long bench seat crossed the entire cab and certainly gave each of them enough room, but she seemed to lounge against the cushioning, relaxing. Veles slowly turned the steering wheel, outside the truck, the massive knobby tires easily transitioned to their tightest turning position. "This cab is far too spacious." he called out just before pushed the accelerator to the floor. The electric motors attached to each wheel whined under the tension before the torque became too great and the tires themselves spun over the ground. The whole truck lurched, and Veles had shifted himself at the same time. Sliding closer to the center of the truck, he let the momentum of the the truck beginning to spin to edge Lana directly up next to his side. With a casual slip of his arm around her side, he deftly turned the steering wheel, straightening out the truck's path after the third spin.

Veles gave her a gentle squeeze as the massive tires tore up the miles. "See, much better. I don't care what the job is, or if there even is one... this is much better than anything else I could be doing." he said truthfully.

They headed westward, and soon the sun was glaring across the windshield. The roads and highways of old America had been shattered, but the width of them still held back the majority of large plant life. The cracked asphalt, concrete barricades, and even the occasional rock slide or downed tree were all overcome easily. The trucked kept on rolling well after the sun had set, several sets of lights along the front and top of the off-roader illuminating the path.

Eventually the day grew long, and even with Lana against his side, Veles became a bit stiff and restless after sitting for so long. When he spotted the small herd of deer passing near the dilapidated highway, he eased the truck to a halt. Unlocking the rear compartment, it hissed lightly as the whole back door lifted open. Opening his own door and stepping out, he didn't startle the suspicious creatures by closing his door or making a sound. Stepping to the back of the truck, he quickly gathers his bow and a single metal-alloy arrow. Stepping clear of the truck, he eases himself into a comfortable shooting stance, knocks the arrow, draws the compound bow back, and releases without ever seeming to pause. Years of practice apparent in his every movement, along with the arrow's final placement. The heavy projectile slammed into the deer's side and pierced its heart. It crumpled to the ground and was dead in moments.

Veles simply returned his bow to the back of the truck and walked off towards the kill. "Dinner shall be served shortly!" he called out to Lana before he became too indistinguishable in the shadowy surroundings.

Returning several minutes later with what looked to be a pouch made of the deer's skin and filled with meat he asked, "Would you care to set a camp for the evening or keep on rolling?"
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:50 am

So he found her captivating? Perhaps Lana had some hidden allure that she was not aware of. Maybe the innocence she still managed to maintain even though she was a born killer. Whatever it was, it seemed to please Veles and noticing his blush, the redhead smiled slowly. Try as she might to remain indifferent, there just always seemed to be something else that drew her towards him. However this time, the thing that drew her towards him was the way he sent the truck fish-tailing so that she was forced towards the middle of the bench seat.

Looking up at him she arched a thin, dark brow with playful suspicion. He had the good sense to admit he’d done it purposely, even if it was a veiled confession. And the process in getting her so close to him, close enough to be held against his side had been very smooth. Lana merely chuckled and sat back for the ride. Her head tilted back against his arm and her eyes keeping a vigilant watch on the road ahead of them. What else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this? Curious and at the same time nosy to know more about him, she made her inquiry while turning her head to look over at him.

As the day began to turn into evening and then eventually dusk, Lana sat up in the seat and stretched her arms out in front of her. Her backside was a little sore from sitting for so long and her legs stiff from being in the same position. It was a Godsend that Veles happened to notice the herd because it was then that her stomach chose to make itself known. She blushed and wrapped an arm around her middle, grinning as Vel slipped out of the cab and headed to the rear of the truck for his equipment.

Turning in the seat so she could watch him, Lana glanced between the hunter and the prey. She would have much rather went on the hunt the natural way. But she supposed that his way was good too. Still, nothing excited her more than the thrill of the chase and the mauling that came afterwards. Secretly she was ashamed that the violence excited her, but being a werewolf, wasn’t that part of the genetics? Sliding out of the cab as Veles went to collect his kill, Lana went to the back of the truck and began to go through a mental checklist of the things they had for the trip.

If you don’t mind, I want to camp here. I need a little exercise after sitting for so long. Hauling out a tent, she looked down at the meat he held, leaning over so she could peek inside and get a good whiff of the deer meat. Her stomach rumbled again and her mouth was watering in anticipation. Which job would you like…cooking or setting up camp? It didn’t matter to her which one she did.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:19 am

Veles rested the large bundle of meat on the ground behind the truck, "If you're offering to cook, that certainly prevents me from not cooking it to your tastes... besides I know a thing or two about making a comfortable bed." His wolfish grin had spread across his face before he lightly stepped around Lana, but just barely. He very much enjoyed being close to her and also the sudden energy he gained anytime he was in direct contact with her. Leaning into the back to the truck, he began gathering materials to make camp, though it might be the strangest campsite she'd ever seen.

Veles was a peculiar wolf, he loved the outdoors but he had grown accustomed to his human body after so long. Sleeping on an uneven, rocky and cold ground would leave him achy for hours the next day. He didn't hate the weaknesses of his human form, he simply accepted then and attempted to live his life to encounter as few of them as possible. The first step in his camp setup was driving four thick metal stakes into the ground, forming a large square. His supernatural strength made this seem quite easy, even when he encountered a rock, smashing through it with the steel rather than working around it. Placing the sledge back into the truck he took a small container which seemingly contained a long length of thinly coiled wire. Looping one end around the first post, he continued around the square until a high tension wire surrounded the square about eight inched above the ground.

Gathering more supplies from the truck, all of which were packed extremely well to conserve space, Veles played out a large square patch of fabric and using simple clips, strung it around the wire much like a trampoline. The major difference in materials used created a near solid floor instead of a stretchy and bouncy surface, Veles tested it by stepping all his weight on one foot upon the surface and it barely bowed. "Much better than sleeping on the ground. Might as well be spoiled for as far as we can take the truck." he offered as explanation to Lana in case she happened to be listening or watching him set up camp.

The large tent he set up next seemed like an incredibly efficient design, lightweight materials, curved dome structure to give the most space with less materials. It was certainly meant more for camping while hiking compared to the other luxuries used already. The setup took mere minutes, even with Veles working alone; he had done this countless times. He decided on another luxury as he gathered the sleeping gear from the truck. Slipping inside the tent for a few moments he stepped back out before turning on a tiny electric motor. He was really going to be sleeping well tonight, he was glad he had remembered the small air mattress that would occupy the entire inside of the tent. He couldn't help but smirk. I hope Lana enjoys it as well...

Switching off the motor after the bed of air had been fully inflated, he rested the bundles of sleeping bags inside and zippered the opening of the tent up. He had brought good thermal gear, but he was thinking that it was warm enough tonight that he could easily do without. His high body temperature would certainly keep the chill from affecting him negatively. He stepped away from the finished camp and walked towards Lana, "How goes dinner? I hope you enjoy a good nights sleep tonight, I know that setup isn't exactly roughing it, but I figured something soft would be enjoyable while we could have it." he broached conversation with the young red head.

He couldn't help but grin as she glanced at him again. Anytime he was the object of her attention made him fill to the brim with nervous energy. "Have you ever sought out other wolves? You mentioned that you had never met any besides me. Did it ever cross your mind that you'd want a family someday? Or a Pack?" he asked somewhat awkwardly. He was being both incredibly forward and curious, and what he thought was attentive. He had remembered what she had said and was trying to bring up what he thought might be the most important conversation either of them could have, sharing stories of their inner wolves.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:01 am

She hadn’t been offering to cook, but she certainly had no problem doing so. Lana was a better cook than she was a homemaker. If he had left the camp making up to her, they would be sleeping on the cold, hard ground with only their sleeping bags to keep them warm. Trading loads with him, she handed over the camp equipment while taking the makeshift sack of deer meat from him. She would have to hunt around for some seasonings to flavor the meat with but it wouldn’t be hard to do; some wild onions, mushrooms and dandelions. One could survive off anything in the wild so long as they knew how to identify what they were looking at.

Before she left the safety of their chosen spot, Lana built a fire and digging through his supplies again produced a deep skillet that could also be used as a pot if one so needed. As the flames roared to life, pushing the darkness away from them, Lana sliced a few bits of the meat in long strips along the grain that way she could make strips of jerky that would last throughout their trip. Those she set to the side while the rest were added to the heating skillet to slowly sizzle and pop. Lana moved off from the campsite, searching through the deep foliage for the things she needed to spice up the food.

Besides the onions and mushrooms, she had also gathered some nettles and returned to the campsite. Her attention shifting between mincing the plants for the food and watching Veles work as he bounced between the four poles and wire that ran around them. He gave off a certain excitement that she found infectious. Now as the meat and wild vegetables cooked, she returned to the separate strips of venison that would be the jerky. They were seasoned with the rest of the gathered food and then placed in makeshift smoker to dry out. You only brought the one sleeping tent?

A slender red brow rose, a silent accusation though she did not say more on the subject. Instead she concentrated on their food while he continued to buzz around her like a busy bee; making for them the perfect place to sleep while on their travels. As she dished out equal portions of the food between them, motioning with her head for him to take a seat beside her, Lana passed Veles his plate and utensils before getting her own. I uh…I never went out searching for anyone like me…us. She shrugged and took a bite of the venison. It was tender and juicy and she chewed slowly to savor it. I’ve never really stopped to think about it actually. Looking for other werewolves, I mean. I always figured there had to be more out there.

She had just never had the time to go hunting for them. But now she didn’t need to. Veles was here and he was as real as anything she had ever seen before. Family? She squeaked and nearly choked on a piece of the deer meat as it was sliding down her throat. Lana, as a child, had always dreamed that her parents were actually still alive and that they would someday come to claim her. That dream had died long before she had reached adulthood. Now the thought of having a family of her own, somewhat terrified her. What kind of mother would she make? And a Pack…shudder at the thought. Lana didn’t know how a Pack worked or if she would even be welcome in one. She lived by her own rules and following the orders of a Pack leader would be difficult.

Do you miss it? Being part of a Pack…? She felt like it wasn’t her place to ask him if he wanted a family of his own…or if he even had one or ever had one.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:19 am

Veles set himself down near the fire Lana had started, and accepted the food she had set out for him. The deer had smelled fantastic from across the camp as it cooked. Now that he tasted it, the tender, fresh meat cooked surprisingly just to his liking was also seasoned very well. "I can sit outside the tent and keep watch if you'd like, bit I figured you might prefer the extra warmth. It will be cold tonight, much colder than Librium this time of year, we're considerably higher n elevation. The choice is yours, Lana."[/b[ he offered as reasoning behind his choice for a single tent. It would be chilly that night, but he doubted that it would even effect someone nestled in the thermal sleeping bags.

He suppressed a bit of a grin as she squeaked at the pointed question of her desiring a family. She was certainly shy, despite her cool and calm exterior. He didn't think naive was the correct term, but perhaps willfully unaware. She was so focused on her jobs, likely from years of training and upbringing. Expecting a self-admitted deadly assassin to have thoughts of a quiet home in the country raising a small brood of children was a long shot. She hadn't even spent time looking for other werewolves. She was definitely a contractor. The task at hand was all important. Though she did seem to be enjoying herself during this mission. Veles grinned wolfishly as he looked over Lana again. Here they were in the middle of nowhere, just the two of them. He almost wanted to howl at the moon.

She certainly asked the pointed questions, Veles continued with his last few bites before setting his plate down. [B]"I didn't think I missed the Pack until recently. I was heartbroken when we were left, Lycus and me, and I pined for the companionship for more than a decade. But being alone begins to grow on you. While I might not have had others to interact with, I got to have things my way for a very long time. When I first came across Bastion, I couldn't,t even handle being around so many people. I still have a rough time in Librium. That's why I keep my den out in the woods, far away from those I can't interact with. Those brave enough to enter my woods are about the only population of either city I could stomach talking to."

He sat in silence for a short bit. He had gotten off topic rather quickly. He was being evasive. He chided himself for it, he couldn't afford to be evasive with the first werewolf he had met in years. "It had been a long time since I thought about a Pack, honestly. It's not something that's easy to remember, painful even. I lost my family in those days, not through some sudden tragedy.... I watched them walk away while I bled on the ground. Maybe I've avoided it for so long because I don't want to become so attached and lose it all again. But... then you came, bounding into my life. It felt -so- right to be around another wolf again."

Veles let the conversation fade for a moment while he took several long gulps of water. "When I caught that deer for you, and you ate so hungrily, I couldn't help but feel proud. It's an honor to help another wolf so openly, most prefer to gather their own meals. It's a privilege in the Pack to be a provider. Meeting you, and in the same night, falling into my old ways of Pack life... yeah, you can say I missed it. Though with you around so often, I don't think I'll ever have to give it up again." he offered with a wide grin, his cheeks a few shades more red than usual.

Standing and stretching his arms over his head, "After a meal that good, and a long day of wrestling with a steering wheel, I could use a good moonlit run. How about you?" Veles asked of Lana as he began removing his jacket. Setting down again, he started unlacing his boots deftly. He fully intended on shifting for this little jaunt of his. He glanced up, [color]"Think you can keep up?"[/color] he teased.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:14 pm

Well who could argue with that logic? Lana simply smirked and shook her head, unsure of the appropriate way to respond. The innocent, 30 year old woman who had never slept with a man in any sense of the word, should have been offended…right? But she was not some simpering female and could take care of herself. So should Veles overstep his boundaries, and she was sure he already knew this then Lana was capable of putting him back into his place. Forking a piece of venison from the plate into her mouth, Lana chewed in a thoughtful silence as she weighed the pros and cons of their sleeping arrangements.

So then I guess you see my reluctance when it comes to discussing family and Packs. I’ve been alone all my life. All I know is this great, big solitude even when I am surrounded by thousands of others. It was so much easier to worry about oneself instead of many others. Cleaning her plate, she set the dirty dishes down on the ground beside her and reached for her bottled water. It isn’t that I don’t want either of these things. I’m just unsure of how I get them. Old habits die hard. Was she capable of selflessly caring about someone other than herself?

When Veles started speaking about her and their suddenly being thrust into one another’s lives, Lana recapped the bottled water and sat forward so her arms were resting on her knees. Being around you feels natural. I’m not constantly on my guard about what I am, or what I’m capable of. You and me, we’re the same. I’ve met many other werecreatures. Lions and panthers and some crazy panda bear many years ago…but I guess being around someone just like me was the link that was missing. She shrugged and watched him curiously as he began to rise and disrobe himself, mentioning something about a moonlit run.

Looking up at the star studded sky and the waxing gibbous moon, Lana decided for herself that a good stretch of the legs wouldn’t hurt anything. First she removed her boots, then stood and shrugged out of her leather jacket. This time we won’t have to jump around rooftops or avoid street lamps, turning so that her back faced him, Lana took the hem of her crew neck t-shirt and lifted it up, over her head in a single motion. Her back was marred by years old scars that crisscrossed from left to right and vice versa. Wounds from her years in Chernobyl as well as from her first fight with another werecreature not long after Umbra had scouted her.

Next to go was her cargos. Fitted to the hips and then loose around the thighs, she had to sway her hips from side to side while inching them down which left her in a indistinguishable bra/panty combo. The boyshort cut to the panties laying seamless against her skin and the fit of the bra lifting her chest into a bountiful cleavage. Before her body could begin to make the transformation from woman to beast, she finished disrobing herself of all her clothing and then threw herself into the change. Doubling over, then falling to her hands and knees as her spine broke in multiple places and the bones in her face began to reform. Once in a while she would release a groan of absolute pain but otherwise she was silent throughout, until it was complete and the shimmering red werewolf was howling up at the moon.

Sleeping birds scattered in the wake of her call and when her muzzle lowered and her glittering, golden eyes riveted to the male across from her. Her tail thumped against the ground, waiting patiently for him to join her in the fur.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:14 pm

Noticing that Lana was rising beside him, Veles grinned. At least I haven't scared her off he thought to himself after apparently putting his foot in his mouth during their dinner time conversation. He needed to remember that she wasn't used to such close contact. He shouldn't keep bringing up Packs and family... but she already felt close enough to broach those subjects with. She was another werewolf, even if the subject was awkward, conversing with her felt perfectly natural.

As she turned her back to him and started disrobing, Veles couldn't help but take a few moments to gawk. Long moments. He had his jacket and boots off, bunching up his socks and stuffing them inside as she stood up. He barely managed to get his plain black tee shirt off in the time it took her to fully disrobe. As she leaned forward into her change, he seemed to come to and wrestle with his belt before dropping his pants and boxers at once and hurrying into his own change. He had started this little endeavor, he couldn't finish shifting -after- her.

His bones popped harshly, the tell-tale strain of a long day with the harsh bounces of the drive to where they were now. His muscles burned as they ripped and stretched, shifting to their new positions. Tensing and curling his claws, he absolutely enjoyed just how easily they dug into the soil here. As his fur fully filled in around his body, and his snout elongated, Veles arched his back and let out a loud howl. His own ode to the moon.

He was ready for his run, and by the looks of it, so was Lana. Her brilliant red fur shining in the moonlight. Veles couldn't believe how lucky he was for this opportunity to spend time with one of his own kind after so long. Beautiful...

He bounded off into the distance, the tree line wasn't too far away, though he didn't really intend on getting too far from their camp. Maybe work their way around in a one or two mile circle, never being too far away in case something came up. Out in the wilderness, something always seemed to come up. While stretching his legs was perfectly fine and dandy, he was stricken when Lana clearly outpaced him in a burst of sudden speed. Oh, the chase, the glorious chase.

As the two werewolves bounded through the trees the surroundings became so much more alive. The camp was established in a fairly wide clearing, rain and other elements had packed down the ground and made the whole place rather boring. Here, rushing through the woods, soft loam underfoot, potent scents around every bend, squeaks and chirps from all the surrounding wildlife. It was so alive.

He was so alive. Here. With Lana by his side.

Veles couldn't contain himself any longer and out eve more loud howls, testaments to his happiness as the two bounded through the woods. Who knew what they would find. Who cared? He was having a ball.
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PostSubject: Re: Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)   Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:30 pm

Remaining on her side of the campfire, she eyed the larger gray wolf through the flames. The chill night air roused plumes of condensation from her nose each time she breathed. Stretching her limbs, the red werewolf rose up on her hind legs and shook herself from head to toe. It was always a pleasure to allow her animal side its freedom, because it was so rare that the let the beast free. Now though she had more reason to shift; with Veles around she could be herself.

As her companion finished is tribute to the moon, the two werewolves darted off towards the cover of the nearby woods. With the city miles behind them and civilization nowhere around, they were free to do as they pleased without fear of being captured. Not that taking down two full sized werewolves was exactly easy. Lana peered over at Veles as they moved at a swift clip through the overgrown forestry and she released a series of grunts and yips at him, then joined him in his excitement by adding her voice to his howls.

Remaining within a close radius to their camp, the two circled around to cross back over the highway north of their setup to disappear into the woods on the opposite side of the eight lanes. The natural wildlife scattered whenever the werewolves would crash through the brush; nesting birds taking flight and various animals running away in all directions. Luckily for them she was not out for the hunt, only the thrill of being let free to really stretch her legs.

With an idea in her head, Lana slowed her pace so that Veles began to gain a lead. When his flank was level with her, Lana leaned over and playfully began go nip at him. Catching bits of his fur between her teeth when she did then moving on to another section. She did this all the way down to his tail and then with a sudden burst of energy she picked up her pace and raced ahead of him. Curving back around towards the highway again, Lana looked back over her shoulder to the gray werewolf.
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Oh she was playful, and Veles was loving every moment of it. As she nipped along his side, he couldn't help but shiver as she tugged at his fur, it tickled so much. When was the last time he had been tickled?

She put on the speed once more, and sprinted off ahead of him. Beautiful and red as she wove her way through the underbrush and back out towards the highway. Veles would happily chase her forever. As his claws dug into the soil, he felt his muscles begin to burn from the run, the meal before this jaunt had certainly given him just the energy reserves he needed. He powered ahead quickly, if not gracefully, and caught up quickly to Lana. With a nip of his own, he nipped along her side as well, barking excitedly as he slowed for a moment to attempt to switch sides. As he struggled to boost his speed again and catch up to her flank, he couldn't help but admire how nimble she was.

Running along through the forest, the two wolves were clearly enjoying themselves, their howls piercing the night. Certainly enough to wake the massive grizzly who called these woods his home. Raising his scarred muzzle to the air, he quickly noting where these newcomers were running currently, and where they had left a great many things that carried their scent all in one spot.

The massive bear shuffled along through the forest, twigs and debris still clinging to his fur from his den. He was grumpy, he was arrogant having been king of these woods for so long, and he smelled food. He was going to claim his meal whether the newcomers agreed to it or not. If not, he would just have a bigger meal, after all.

Veles was consumed with the chase, Lana was certainly worth chasing. He couldn't help but stammer sideways each time she took a corner. Somehow in all his years of being a wolf, he never really managed to learn nimbleness. But no matter, whenever he veered too far off a corner, he would just push off a nearby tree and launch himself in the proper direction. He would only be a few fractions of a second behind her, but she was still quicker than him and he enjoyed the challenge.

As the two looped around the campsite again, Veles couldn't help but notice that the animal life was a bit quieter. Then he caught a glimpse of their campsite through the trees, fire still burning brightly, and something large sitting right next to it.

Cutting his corner sharply, Veles immediately put himself between this newcomer and Lana before yipping for her attention. As he slowed to a trot and began making his way towards the campsite, he knew Lana was near him. He couldn't make out what the creature was yet, but he was certain that it was powerful to be so comfortable smack dab in the center of an area that smelled of werewolves.
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This run was the most carefree she’d been in her entire life. Especially while being on a job. But lately she’d been learning to have a little fun; to break out of the shell she’d been trapped within. No longer was she so much a cold-hearted bitch. There were people she cared about; cared if they lived or died. The red werewolf yipped right along with her gray counterpart; zigzagging between trees and around bushes as they tromped through the forest as if it were their own private playground.

All too soon their sense of revelry was disturbed by the obnoxious scent of a nearby predator. Both wolves slowly ceased their merry dance through the forest and turned towards the camp. The light of their fire visible through the trees and with it the silhouetted figure of the bear. His greedy paws tearing into what was left of their meal, including the meat she'd been drying for jerky.

With Veles to the right of her, Lana slowly stalked towards the bear; her pace matching her counterpart as they headed back to the campsite. The red werewolf sniffed the air as she moved, a low growl vibrating within her chest and growing louder the closer they came to it. They had not yet left the woods when the bear sensed the approach of the two werewolves and turned in their direction.

The large animal grunted as it shifted and began to rise onto its back legs. Front paws held open at the sides so that its great claws were visible in a show of challenge should the two werewolves come closer. The bears roar daring them to step into his space. She snapped her maw together so that the clacking of her teeth echoed with the sharp, barking retort she delivered in response to the bear. It was her that the bear was focused on. Its attention caught by the way her red fur reflected the light of the moon.
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As the two wolves approached their campsite, Lana began to growl and snap her jaws together, Veles knew she was gaining the massive bear's attention. He cut his path off from Lana's and immediately began circling the beast. As the bear stood on its hind legs, exposing its massive claws, Veles understood why his creature must have felt so much dominance of the area, the dagger like claws were easily eight inches long, gleaming in the moonlight, freshly sharpened. Those claws would have split most of the local wildlife in two. Time to show him it wouldn't scare off a werewolf.

Just after passing behind the large truck, Veles sprinted at the bear's flank fully intending to his the back of his shoulder, forcing his front paws and all those claws back down to the ground. He hadn't intended to face this powerhouse of an enemy head on, but the bear certainly had different ideas. Just as Veles reached the highest speed he was going to and jumped for his lunge, the bear spun impossibly quick. The massive clawed bear paw caught Veles by the face, halting his momentum with sheer mass. It held Veles still for several moments, dangling his feet above the ground. This certainly wasn't a small feat considering Veles was several hundred pounds and seven feet tall.

Veles couldn't allow the bear to gain the upper hand, he wrapped his own arms around the bear's outstretched arm and hoisted himself. While the bear might be able to hold Veles seven feet from the ground, its arm wasn't quite as long as Veles released a powerful kick right to the beast's face. Veles heard the snap of bone with a satisfied grin as his head was pulled free from the deadly grip. Barely a moment later he realized it was his own foot that had snapped against the bear. Favoring that foot as he landed, he caught himself against the side of the truck.

Snarling viciously Veles stepped forward, ignoring the pain, determined to do some lasting damage against this powerful bear. As the massive claws swiped towards Veles, he ducked smoothly, gaining a glimpse of Lana as she approached the beast. Veles swung a series of powerful uppercuts to the beast, which only wound up hitting its midsection under the arm. Finally after the third blow, the bear growled in pain. This was no ordinary bear, that was for sure, hopefully the unnatural strength and resilience of werewolves was enough to overcome it.
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The strategy was as old as the history of wolves. One wolf being the main focus of the prey while the other would stalk around to the blind spot and attack. Lana and Veles would be no different, only now they weren’t dealing with an ordinary bear. Before her gray companion could reach it, the creature swung around and delivered a powerful blow to Veles’ face; lifting the seven foot werewolf from the ground and holding him there within his grasp as he bellowed another warning roar.

Whether it was stubbornness or stupidity, the two werewolves only seemed to gather their strength instead of backing down. Veles retaliated against the bear by landing a kick that would allow him freedom from the massive creatures grasp, but also it seemed to have damaged the gray’s foot. Favoring his opposite leg on the land he continued to power through the pain of the injury and faces the bear head on. Lana had remained on the other side of the fight, waiting for the right moment to make her own advance.

Once the bear seemed to be suitably occupied by Veles, she rose into a bipedal stance and ran at the creature. The short distance between them didn’t allow her to reach her maximum speed but she was fast enough so that when she leapt at the bear, there wasn’t enough time for it to turn and take a swipe at her. The red werewolf landed on the bear’s back and immediately bit into one of his massive arms. Her sharp teeth tore through the creature’s thick fur and flesh, ripping it away as Lana jerked her head to the side and tore out a nice sized section.

While she was clinging to its back her hind quarters worked at kicking up and down so that the claws on her feet would rip lines up and down the bear’s back. Over and over again she kicked until the bear reached back with its one free claw and grabbed Lana by the scruff of her neck. She yelped at being plucked up so easily and tossed over like a sack of potatoes; landing at the bear’s feet beside Veles on her back. Without wasting time she rolled over onto all fours and growled up at the intruder, moving closer to the gray so that she was almost in front of him. As if she were shielding him from the next wave of attack.

Again the bear took a swift swipe in their direction and Lana leapt at the same time. The massive paw and all its claws caught the werewolf in the side of the head and neck, knocking her against the truck hard enough to make the vehicle slide over by a foot and to knock a bit of confusion into the red werewolf. She lay on the ground, half beneath the truck as blackness formed at the edge of her vision; unconsciousness threatening to overtake her. But she was a stubborn woman and dragging herself out from beneath the truck, the red werewolf shook off the dizziness, staggered as she did and turned back to face the bear again.
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Letting out a primal growl of rage, Veles swung his massive clawed hands at the bear over and over again, stabbing into the beast's flesh with his fingertips before closing his fist and pulling flesh away. He wasn't feeling an ounce of pain, even as the bear returned brutal strikes of its own. He was only focused on one thing, protecting Lana after she had been slammed hard into the ground.

As she slowly stood, Veles exhaled a sigh of relief just before the bear swatted him painfully once again. Determined to give Lana a moment to gather herself, Veles attacked the bear's flank, slashing it as he stepped beside the massive beast. The target he had provided was too tempting for the bear to neglect and it swung viciously at the Veles' back. As Veles had planned this taunt, he dropped to the ground just a fraction of a second early, avoiding having the several inch claws stabbing into his spine.

Now that the bear had turned towards him, Veles felt much better about Lana's safety. Though knowing her, she was likely to attack all out as soon as she could see straight. She was ferocious and she fought with every ounce of energy that she had. She was brilliant.

Barely avoiding yet another swipe of the massive bear's claws, Veles ducked into a roll before catching himself in a low crouch and jumping straight at the bear's face. It painfully caught his shoulder in its powerful maw, but Veles had the advantage still. Snapping his own jaws into the beast's neck and tearing at the flesh at the base of its skill, he was attempting to end this fight.

As he managed to get a firm grip for just a moment, the bear seemingly understood his motives. Releasing its powerful bite, it threw Veles forward with awesome strength, leaning down onto all four limbs as a result. Veles soared backwards at least thirty feet before coming in contact with the ground, tumbling once and digging his claws in to skid to a stop. The bear stomped once, twice, and began to turn away. It had apparently had enough of a fight for one meal, two werewolves were obviously more than it was used to.

Veles snapped his maw and gave a low growl as the bear began moving slowly away from camp. Veles immediately approached Lana as she stood next to the dented truck. He yipped softly to her, sniffing lightly to catch her scent, making sure there weren't open wounds. She seemed all right for the most part, but a blow that hard was likely to have some after effects. Suddenly the adrenaline running through his own system wore off in an instant. The numerous wounds covering his body screamed in agony, overwhelming his senses and causing his knees to buckle. He reached out as he fell, leaning heavily against the truck and stumbling into Lana's form in front of him.

That bear had packed a whollop.
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Slowly rising to her feet, Lana trained her vision on the pair. Veles and the bear were trading blow for blow, each giving and receiving as good as they gave. Her mind was still reeling from the hit she had taken. The fact that she hadn't totally blacked out was a testament to her many years of training. She could remember taking worse hits than that just training, but still, never had there been one that had knocked her off her feet as the bears had.

While she was recovering, Veles managed to move the fight a few yards away from her. They were both locked in an embrace with their maws on each other’s respective necks. She was still finding her equilibrium when the bear, who seemingly had had enough of their fight, tossed the gray werewolf aside as if he were no more than a ragdoll.

She snorted in the direction of the bear, watching it move slowly back towards the woods with a slow, limping gait. When it was out of sight the red werewolf turned towards her companion who had by then made it back to her side and was poking his nose around her body, checking for open wounds that were not there. Thankfully she hadn’t sustained anything more than some bruises and a concussion.

Unfortunately he was not so lucky. When he began to fall she shifted to catch him and staggered backwards before regaining her balance. Lana whined and began to swipe her tongue against the side of his face, then pulled back and set him against the side of the truck for support. Once he was settled she sat back on her haunches and began to shift back.

The pain of shifting coupled with her head trauma was nearly her undoing. She slapped one clawed hand against the rear of the truck, fingers curling inward so that her claws scratched down the paint as the bones in her hand broke, realigned and reset again. The red fur that covered her body fell away to reveal marred alabaster skin.

Propriety be damned, she got up and retrieved her clothes from where she had left them by the fire. Stabbing each leg into her pants and then pulling her shirt on without bothering with the necessary undergarments. Scooping up his clothes, she held them beneath her arm as she rummaged through the back of the truck searching with haste until she found what she’d been searching for. Well, I don’t know about you, she smiled at him as she returned, but I thought that was fun.
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Veles felt himself reeling from the fight, still catching his breath while leaning against the truck. His red companion had sat him down, and if the loud pops were any indication, she was currently shifting just out of his view. Her Gail's scrapped down the edge of the off road truck, letting out a high pitch that nearly made him cringe. While her senses were overwhelmed with the pain of shifting, his weren't. His hearing was incredibly acute.

He was glad that he hadn't closed his eyes, for in the next few moments, he got to glimpse his companion hurry to the fire and dress, the only bright red was at the top of her head. Though she did have her back facing him, perhaps she had a bit of red elsewhere too. Veles smirked to himself. Here he was, bruised and bleeding, and thinking about the fiery female above anything else. He noticed that she had scooped his clothes up as well and decided it would probably be best to shift as well. Rocking his head from side to side and rolling his shoulders, he set his jaw and composed himself for the upcoming pain. As his body broke and contorted Veles didn't maintain his silence, that bear had hurt him rather well and his loud growl barely did the pain he was experiencing any justice.

His vision became a bit fuzzy as his eyes adjusted as well but after blinking a few times we glanced over himself and noticed that most of his most grievous wounds had healed with the shift. They were still bleeding and open, just not quite as deep as they were. "Damn, that bear had some long claws... but you're right, that was perfect after a little run. Though now I'm getting hungry again." Veles said as he slowly stood up. Brushing some of the dirt off his rear, he made his way to the back of the truck, coming around its edge just as Lana was really reaching into the cargo area. Her pants certainly seemed like a second skin, but her shirt was just a hint more loose and as she stretched a glimpse of her torso showed. Veles was very much enjoying that particular glimpse.

"So what're you looking for?" Veles asked just a moment before realizing that he might seem a bit forward standing this close to her, naked, with a human anatomy that was far too obvious. Too late now... he thought. Though he tried thinking of how she could possibly turn his obvious enjoyment of her form against him, his thoughts quickly degenerated from her holding it against him to flashes of enticing imaginations of her holding it against him. "Normally I'd offer to help, but I love watching you work." he added with a wide grin crossing his face. He always enjoyed being a bit more blunt and crass than humans often expected.
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She was fishing the emergency medical kit from her belongings when Veles appeared. No linger a werewolf and wearing only his birthday suit, she stood with his clothes and the kit bundled in her arms, unable to look away. It wasn't arousal or curiosity that held her gaze, simply the fact that well, it was hard not to look when it was staring you in the face. Lana was unsure how she was supposed to react, shifting from foot to foot and then finally thrusting the clothing at him and hurriedly opening the kit. Here, I know it's cold. And I was just going to stitch your wounds.

Yeah, right, cold. She was sweating because of his state of undress and...other things. When he accepted his clothes, Lana turned away so he pull on his pants and so she could prepare the supplies for stitching. Laying out an unopened packet that contained a sterile needle already threaded, some gauze and a few alcohol wipes to clean the wounds with. That was very brave of you. Taking on that bear after I went down. Some gratitude was in order, she was certain. But Lana had also done the same thing for him by leaping at the animal in the first place.

A spare wipe was used to sterilized her hands so that she didn't accidentally infect him while stitching him. Come, sit here, she motioned to the open tail end of his truck while ripping open the wipes she would be using on him. When he complied, she would gingerly clean the blood from around the most severe of his wounds and then properly stitch them closed before applying a layer of bandages to keep him from unknowingly scratching at them while he slept. So, does fighting always make you so...excited?

She was making a remark about his more than noticeable salute. Smirking as she did and moving on to the smaller scrapes he had; cleaning and dressing the wounds in short order and then disposing of all the used, bloody gauze and open packaging by tossing them into the fire. Or was that just for me? Now she smiled at him...really smiled. She would get used to this flirting thing only by participating and Veles was one of her kind. The campsite was something of a disaster zone, with the leftover venison littered on the ground or eaten by the bear. But their tent was still intact.
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Catching Lana's glimpse, then a bit longer of a look before she effectively threw his clothes at him to cover him up made Veles chuckle. That was something that still hurt quite a bit considering his condition after the outright brawl with the bear. Dropping his shirt into the back of the truck, he unfurled his pants and shook them loose before deftly putting them on. He was a bit more careful zipping them up as he hadn't bothered with underwear either, and he was a bit bulkier than he usually was when trying to put on pants. The bending and leaning required to put on his pants had torn open some of his deeper wounds again, perhaps he wasn't as healed up as he thought.

As his mind swam with stars of burning pain, Lana directed Veles to sit, her hands worked swiftly as they tended to each of his cuts, cleaning them out carefully to prevent infection. She always mentioned being and working alone. This must have been a skill she had practiced in herself quite a bit. Such a shame that such a beauty would be sent off, knowing injury or death was a very real possibility. But, he supposed, Lana wouldn't have it any other way. She was fierce. She would never back down from a challenge. Veles' thoughts regarding Lana were actually interrupted by Lana's own voice. Did she really just flirt with him?! Overtly?!

The absolute widest grin crossed his lips as she smiled at him. That cool, suave demeanor he had worked to at least try to maintain was drowned out by far too much excitement. "While some fights can be exhilarating, very few get me that excited. I do believe that is all due to you." Veles said, intentionally glancing up and down her form slow enough for her to see. She was genuinely smiling, even after she had witnessed his more basic levels of excitement. He reached up to gently grasp Lana's wrist, waiting until she finally looked him in the eye to tell her, "You really are beautiful, you can surely understand how a man gets excited just being around you...let alone having your hands working their way all over him." He lightly squeezed her wrist at his last comment. His pants were uncomfortably tight. Just the glimmer of moonlight accenting every part of her made Lana look absolutely stunning. "Thank you for patching me up." he offered in a sudden moment of non-hormone-driven thought. "I didn't want to forget to tell you that..."

Letting Lana's wrist go slowly, allowing his fingertips to travel along her wrist, over her hand, and even lightly over her fingers Veles couldn't help but notice her scent on the night air. She had worked out a good bit since her time in the city this morning and even transformed. The potent scent of wolf clung to her, even though she was in her human form again. Surely she noticed it, but did she have any idea how long it had been since he'd smelled anything so enthralling? Damn, his pants were feeling tighter by the moment. It was becoming harder and harder to think of anything but her form coupled with his.

"Lana... I... I want t.. I need to... HEY!" Veles' voice seeming to struggle at first, turning to a surprising yell at the last moment before he reached to his side, grabbing the first solid object he could, and flinging it at the racoon who had snuck up to claim the forgotten scraps left from the beard's earlier fight. The wrench struck the racoon and a stone on the ground at the same time, creating a mixed clang and squeal at the critter ran off. His outstretched arm slowly lowered, slowly drawn in. Slowly finding its way to the small curve of Lana's lower back. "I'm going to have a very hard time restraining myself around you Lana. I desire you in so many ways I cannot begin to list them. But please don't be worried for your safety, I could never force you." Veles said in a low voice. Though I desperately want to take you. lingered in his mind.
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Her green eyes glittered up at him, filled with mirth as well as excitement for his...appreciation of her. Lana, while aware that she was pleasing to look at, did not bother to notice how her appearance affected the opposite sex. Now though, when it had been staring her in the face...literally, Lana had been hard pressed to look away. You're welcome, Veles. Just the slightest adjustment of her hand and he was no longer holding her wrist, but her hand as she did his in return. Did you think I would let you bleed?

When next he spoke, stumbling over his words and then exploding in such a way that she jumped, Lana twisted around to see who or what he was flinging the wrench at and for a moment thinking the bear had returned. The surprise at finding a little racoon made the redhead burst into an unguarded laughter as she turned back to her wounded companion. The stretch of her facial muscles as she smiled tightened the sore area where the bear had struck her and she was certain that by tomorrow she would have a black eye.

Afraid? Of you? She chuckled good naturedly, pulled closer to him by the hand at her back. You couldn't force me to do anything I didn't want. I may be inexperienced but I'm not a fool or a weakling. Besides... she lifted a hand and brushed the pads of her fingers tenderly down his whiskered cheek, then across his lips. It isn't force if I want it too. Let that surprise him.

Pulling out of his embrace, she turned and sauntered over to the tent with a casual stride. Lana was ready now to retire for the night and to forget that she had just battled a bear and won only by forfeit. That was a little hurtful to her pride but better won by forfeit than lost by death. She was not yet ready to meet the goddess or join her parents among the stars. Kneeling at the tent she drew aside the flap and looked back at Veles. Whether he would join her or not was his decision, she had made her choice known to him. Inside she disappeared, twisting around to lay on her back with one arm beneath her head and the other stretched across the mattress she lay upon.
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Veles glanced at the brilliant haired woman as she leaned in and brushed her hand across his chest. Her little grin and confident remark about being able to handle herself made him smirk. Her next comment about not forcing those that were willing, that made his jaw drop just a bit. She was absolutely stunning.. and interested in him?!

The patched up werewolf sat at the back of the truck for a moment, still slack-jawed as Lana turned from him and stepped to the nearby tent. Not a single sway of her hips was lost from his view. When she leaned low and slipped into the tent, the view of her rear certainly made Veles stand up straight, despite him still sitting down. As she turned and slowly got comfortable, he noted that she had left the flap open.

Standing upright, Veles stepped toward the tent and swung the door to the back of the door shut behind him. Even though it was loud, Lana's form didn't shift in the least. She was expecting the noise, she was watching him. She was lying on her back, but she must have been watching down her body, even though she appeared to be sprawled out. As he approached, he noticed her arm slightly behind her head, she had gotten comfortable indeed.

She had left the tent door open, and laid down slightly to one side, leaving bare matress visible. Her invitation vocally moments before were certainly backed up by her actions. She would not be forced, that's for sure. Veles used all the restraint he could manage to not dive head-first into the tent attempting to land on top of her in a rush of handsy gropes and hasty kisses. His blood was boiling with excitement, he could feel his pulse in his very skin. Everything felt so incredibly vivid.

As he stepped next to the small tent, he gently shifted the door aside, "I'm going to join you in there, I can't promise my pants will be joining me though." he called in his deep voice, but it was barely above a whisper. He crawled in slowly, not bothering with his playful threat to remove his pants prior to that. He needed to be close to her. Now.

Feeling his weight press down on his hands as well as his knees, Veles felt some residual pain from his wounds, but that was certianly not enough to slow him down. He intentionally crawled over Lana, despite the room she had given him, his body pressed against hers. Her aroma was intoxicating to his heightened sense of smell, and as he brushed his body against hers, he melted with her body heat as well.

His lips began to slowly rove over her body, starting by giving her a wide berth, kissing along the tips of her shoulders, and edging slowly closer. Her collarbones were next, before he slowly dragged himself up just a bit further.

His face was close to hers, the scruff of his beard lightly touching her own chin, "You sure you want this wolf? I might bite... he taunted playfully. His eyes were looking into hers, seeing just how much she was teased by this.
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Through the open flap she watched him. Struck dumb by her sudden expressed interest in him that went beyond a mere coworker relationship. His slack-jawed expression made her lips tilt up at the corners in an amused smirk that lingered even after he joined her in the tent.

His quip roused a chuckle from her and she watched him lower his self through the tent flap and begin the slow crawl up the mattress. I've seen you without your pants, it wouldn't bother me if you lost them. She was accustomed with the male anatomy now. It no longer frightened her to be the object of the opposite sex's desires and so noticeably either.

Mmm, she shifted beneath him, removing her arm from behind her head and lifting the other so it lay over his shoulder, her hand at the back of his head. I might like it. His lips had left a trail of enjoyable sensations in their wake as he pressed them to various points on her shoulder and her clavicle before hovering above her.

I might bite back. Applying a slight amount of pressure to the back of his head, Lana would draw him down as she rose up to meet him half way. Lips meeting lips just as a slight gust of win blew the tent flap shut and blocked them from the outside world.

<<Fade to black>>
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A loud series of chirps from very close by brought Veles back to consiousness. So it was morning already, he knew before even registering the light through his eyelids. Every part of his body felt comfortable right where it was, despite sleeping on a relatively hard surface in a tent. His companion on the small matress was draped over him as well. She felt completely comfortable too.

Letting his eyes open slowly, Veles allowed his vision to focus, Lana's red hair against his shoulder was brilliant. The pale skin of her hand and arm draped over his chest seemed so very smooth. With each breath he took, along with hers, their bodies nudged together easily and naturally. His lips raised into a smile. "Beautiful" he whispered quietly, knowing she was still asleep.

After only a few minutes or quiet relaxation, Veles letting his fingertips slightly trail over Lana's back, she began to stir.

Incredibly quiet at first, Veles began to hum a slow, somber tune that he had learned as a child among his Pack. Really it was his mother who had taught him. It was a slow song, honoring the Moon in the sky. He gradually began to grow louder as Lana fully woke. Her breathing had changed pace, her heartbeat had quickened, but she remained quite still against his chest. She must have been enjoying herself right where she was.

Letting the song trail on, the melody only shifted slightly throughout. It was soothing, meant as a lullabye for young werewolves in the Pack. As it ended after several minutes, Veles whispered again, "Lana, it's time to continue on, especially if we want to make it across the mountains into the plains beyond today. As much as I don't want to get up, I think we must."
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Slowly she woke. First becoming aware that she was laying on an uncomfortable air mattress, then of the warm body she was curled up against and lastly that the body belonged to Veles. He was humming something, an unfamiliar tune to her ears but a pretty one. So she lay there pretending to sleep while he went on humming his song and holding her. It was an innocent moment broken by his gentle coaxing for her to rise and shine.

Inhaling a deep breath she stretched in a series of motions starting with her feet and slowly working her way up her body. She did not want to get up, but work dictated she must. Lana extracted herself from him and sat up, her hair a mass of tangled curls from the nights activities. If we must.

Leaning forward she pulled from a corner of the tent their pile of clothes and began to shift through them, separating Vel's from her own. They were wrinkled from spending the night in an untidy heap but she didn't care, they would do for now. I have to go...uh...find a tree. Don't leave without me. She scooted towards the tent flap and pushed out and up.

The sun was bright in her eyes and Lana had to shield them with her hand as she went to retrieve some of her things from the back of the truck; a fresh change of clothes, toothbrush and paste. A short walk into the woods there was a freshwater stream that ran parallel to the highway. There she hastened through her morning ritual; emptying her bladder, changing clothes and brushing her teeth.

Her hair was beyond any decent repair so it was combed thru with damp fingers and pulled back with an elastic band. The last she donned was her boots before returning to the campsite. Cook ware strewn all around, she chuckled and shook her head. Bears. Racoons. Werewolves. Her stomach called for food but the last of it had been taken by the racoon Veles has frightened off.
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Metropolis In Ruin (Veles)
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