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 It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]

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PostSubject: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:00 pm

Shadows shrouded the dense forest in a cloak of perpetual night. A dark form moved swiftly through the foliage, its movements silent as it made its way in the direction of civilization. Sybil was still quite far from the bright lights of Librium she’d been growing accustomed to, but already she was anticipating the headache she’d get upon her return to the city’s cramped, smelly quarters. A headache was worth it, though, if it meant learning about the different peoples and places of this new world.

For now, though, she was content to take her time getting back there. The visit she’d paid to her mother had been nice, but now she just wanted a bit of alone time. Perhaps she’d find something to hunt. The hunts in her human form were exhilarating, yes, but they were so long and drawn out. Nothing compared to the quick, bloody mess that ensued when she was on the hunt in this form. Her ebony maw opened in what could almost be considered a feline grin as she imagined sinking her teeth into the warm flesh of a…

Sybil stopped in her tracks, one paw hanging in the air mid-step. Her nose lifted, taking in the scents around her, and she opened her mouth to further enhance the sense. Yellow eyes gleamed with delight and she pushed forward, padding silently in the direction of that tantalizing smell. It wasn’t long before she reached the clearing. She was downwind of the large elk already. This would be an easy kill. Her pink tongue flashed out, licking her lips in anticipation as she hunkered down. Behind her, her long tail swished back and forth as she waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The elk bent down to steal a few nibbles from the grass on the ground. Sybil focused on the veins in its thick neck, pumping warm blood throughout its body. Pushing off of her powerful hind legs, Sybil leapt through the brush. The elk looked up, startled at the movement, but it was too late. Two paws wrapped around the beast’s neck, claws digging in deep as she pulled it head over hooves to the ground. Long, white teeth sunk into the pulsating jugular, staining them crimson with a single heartbeat.

A feral grin spread across her maw as the last bit of life left the elk. Loosening her hold on the creature, she lay down beside it and quickly sunk her teeth in. It would not remain warm for long, and she had a long ways to go – she could use all the food she could get.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:47 pm

Slipping through the forest, Veles stepped lightly, his boots avoiding every dry leaf and twig. His long jacket lightly dusting the ground as he made his rounds through the forest. Checking his markers, checking his snares, watching carefully for new tracks in his domain. These woods were his grounds, his home.

Fresh blood. Veles halted, the scent lingering in his nose. Instinctively crouching, he took in another long breath. And who is that? Veles smirked to himself. Dropping his coat to the ground, he knelt to unlace his boots. Shedding his human clothing and making his shift, his body was soon covered in a deep grey coat of fur. His dark claws extending and digging into the soil as he gained his bearings again.

Taking two steps before jumping a massive distance, Veles lands carefully before bounding again and again. He was soon right next to the object of his attention, a large black feline crouched over an elk, taking healthy bites from the creature, feeding her appetite. He had stayed downwind as he approached on her, careful not to make a sound, she seemed consumed with consuming the elk anyway. His instincts were strong, almost too much for him to bear, he wanted to chase her.





Arching his back and letting out a howl, he leaned down on all four clawed paws. Gaining his best traction, he flung himself at this feline, jaws snapping and growling. This cat wouldn't get away so easily.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:26 pm

She had taken a decent chunk out of the elk by the time she finally heard it. Rounded ears swiveled atop her ebon head and the hairs on the back of her neck bristled. Just… one… more… bite…

The scent hit her all too quickly, and the howl sent a solid shiver up her spine. A hiss escaped her lips and she whipped her head around to get a look at the canine behind her. It was a wolf – a huge one, at that. Her immediate instinct was to defend the kill from this newcomer, but it was too late. He was already on the attack. With a feral growl, Sybil spun all the way ‘round, uncaring that she was now half-standing on her kill. Swatting the air where her hind quarters had been moments before in an attempt to meet his attack, she then pushed off the carcass, propelling herself backwards.

As she backed away, she sent another hiss in the wolf’s direction, letting him know just how angry he’d made her at ruining her dinner. Still growling loudly, she whirled and leapt up at the nearest tree. Sharp claws sunk into the bark as she pulled herself up the trunk with a natural speed and grace. Even in her human form, she was a quick climber. As a panther, she’d never been passed, even by her own mother.

Once she had reached a sturdy branch high enough above the wolf’s head, she looked down and sent another hiss down at him. Inside her furry chest, Sybil’s heart pounded, adrenaline pumping through her veins. She still wasn’t sure how she’d allowed herself to become so open to attacks. Surely, she hadn’t been that hungry.

Panting, she blinked down at the large canine. His scent filled her nose… and the entire area. Shit! This must be his territory! No wonder she hadn’t noticed his presence soon enough! With a quiet huff as if to say ‘Your move, dog’, she freed her nostrils of his scent for a few moments, her tail swishing behind her back as she watched him.

Last edited by Sybil Xatzopoulos on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:55 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Fixed some codes.)
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:22 am

The chase was on. The sleek black feline had scaled the tree, the massive grey werewolf stood at its base staring upward. Letting his chest rise and fall, huffing his breath, letting her scent fill his mind. Carefully he stepped in a wide circle, walking a path around the downed elk. He nudges the carcass with his foot before leaning into a low crouch.

Shoving off with a clear display of his strength, his claws dig into the trunk of the tree a good 20 feet in the air. Still below the werepanther, but quickly closing the gap. Black claws digging into wood as though it were soft sand, Veles scaled the tree reaching her perch.

Edging out towards the crouched feline, he's very sure she has the advantage in agility. He however, definitely had the advantage with knowledge of the area. While he likely couldn't climb these trees as quickly, he had climbed nearly all of them before. He knew this land, the sturdy perches, the deceiving stone-dead trees. He might simply be able to catch her by not stepping in the wrong place. Maybe he could actually get her on the ground, where he would surely be able to out-sprint her. Especially if she accidentally fell into one of his prepared traps.

Stepping closer to her, Veles felt the branch remain sturdy under them. He couldn't help but continue to chase her. It was in his blood. Here kitty kitty kitty...
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:54 am

Bright yellow eyes stared down at the wolf as he circled her kill. For half a moment, she thought he was going to invite himself to some of her meat, but instead, she watched in annoyance as he launched himself into her tree. With feline grace, Sybil spun on her branch so that she would be facing him when he finally managed to reach her.

A low growl rumbled out from deep within her chest in warning, though at this point she doubted he would heed it. He was considerably larger than her… for now. Inside her fur, her muscles bunched and tensed in preparation of what was coming. Her blood boiled as she felt her bones breaking, shifting, growing, healing. Her four paws stretched, and her chest barreled out as she moved up onto her hind legs while still in a crouched position.

As the wolf finally reached her branch, she let out a defiant roar in his face. This may be his territory, but that was her food, and she’d be damned if she was going to let him just scare her off with a few growls and a bark. Her ears flattened down against her skull, she listened to the tree branch for any creaks, but it stayed silent. It was good to know that even in her haste, she’d picked the perfect tree for a fight.

Long claws shot out of her front paws, ready to rip and tear into the wolf’s flesh if need be. She didn’t want to fight him, but the laws of nature stated otherwise. Thankfully, the law that stated most felines were afraid of dogs didn’t apply to her. He was much taller than her by far, she could tell even when he was crouched somewhat to avoid the next branch up. Height aside, however, she didn’t think he would be winning a weight competition against her by much.

Her body remained still as a statue, save the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. She’d faced off with many a foe in her time – some of them larger than even this beastly wolf – and had trained herself to refrain from blinking for up to a minute. Even in that split second, her opponent could pounce, and that would automatically give them the upper hand. This wolf was not going to get the upper hand.

‘Come on, puppy…’ she thought, ‘Let’s see what you've got…’
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:27 am

Feeling the branch shiver lightly was his fist clue; Veles dug his claws into the wood trying to gain more stability as the female panther shifted in front of him. Her bones popped and muscles shifted, yet she remained fairly quiet through the ordeal. An experienced were, at least where transforming was considered. She had still wandered miles into his territory and hadn't seemed to notice him until he was on top of her. Maybe he gave her too little credit. He had been a slave to his hunger more than once in his long life. He had done some outright stupid things just to fill his belly. Ignoring one scent out of so many in the forest wasn't exactly a big error, just one that had allowed Veles to get much closer than he should have been permitted. Her transformation complete now, she was sturdy, her claws were long and sharp, this was going to hurt.

Even though Veles was physically taller than the werepanther, he doubted that this natural intimidation factor meant much to the female crouched in front of him. He had made a mistake of his own, Veles thought to himself, he had interrupted her meal. His instinct to chase had fogged his mind, now he had to stay sharp or obtain many more scars from those vicious feline claws. Leaning down and using both his clawed hands and feet, Veles edged his way further out along the thick branch, finally feeling it begin to bow under their combined weight. His snapping jaws as he edged forward were swatted at by large claw filled hands of the werepanther. The branch let out a groan and a pop, its leaves shuddering with a rustle. It was now or never.

Veles jumped forward, fully anticipating the searing pain those claws and teeth would inflict upon him, fully aware that if he couldn't get a firm hold of her he would tumble unceremoniously to the ground below. He saw her rise to meet him. Brave. Stubborn. Fierce.


Howling in pain as his skin was lacerated, Veles managed a bit of damage of his own. His strong jaws clamping along the scruff of her neck. He was attempting to catch her spine with that bite, but she had slyly evaded sinking her own teeth into his shoulder. New blood filled the air with strong scents. Werepanther and werewolf blood dripped to the soft soil below, its scent would linger through many rains before being diluted.

She did the unorthodox. As he was snapping at her trying to gain leverage over her powerful feline form, she grasped his muzzle wit both hands, forcing his mouth open before lifting her own feet from the branch, applying all her weight to his mouth just moments before kicking him with her enhanced strength directly in the gut. Veles tumbled backwards, scrambling to catch any grip on the tree limb. Judging from the crunch he heard echo in his head and the blinding pain turning his vision white for a moment, she had broken two ribs, maybe three.

Pain consumed him as Veles let out a roar, facing the werepanther again. Pain burned him as he tensed up again for another leap into the fray. Pain fueled him as he pounced Sybil, determined to catch her.

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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:25 pm

Her shifting didn’t seem to deter the wolf in the slightest. A feral growl filled her throat as she tensed. She could feel the bough bending beneath their combined bulk as he moved out closer to her position. Instinctively, she relaxed her muscles; this would help her whether the branch broke, or the wolf attacked. Thankfully, it was the latter.

His snapping maw finally got too close for comfort, and she swatted at it. It was a small, defensive attack nothing more… just a way to get her paws wet and get a feel for this upcoming fight. As he backed away, she allowed the briefest glimmer of hope that he would leave her be to cross her mind. His eyes told her this would not be the case, however, even as he bunched and finally leapt at her.

Not one to be outdone, Sybil lunged forward to meet the wolf in all his snapping, snarling glory. This was going to be an intense fight. The beast within howled with delight as their bodies connected in a mess of claws, teeth, and blood. She felt his teeth clamping down on the back of her neck, trying for her spine, she figured. A slight shift of her weight kept him from getting his target. While he was still attached to her scruff, she retaliated with a bite of her own.

She could taste his blood as his spilled from his shoulder into her mouth. It was warm and coppery, not unlike the blood of her kill, still lying half-eaten on the ground beneath them, but she knew his meat would not be anything her stomach desired. The pain in her neck was beginning to get aggravating as the wolf kept shifting and snarling, still trying for her spine. Finally fed up with it, she reached back, securing the offending muzzle with both paws. Once he was disconnected from her, she dug in to the tree branch with her left foot and sent her right straight into his abdomen. Her claws released him before impact, hoping he’d lose his balance. He was more skilled at tree fighting than she’d anticipated (or very lucky), however, and managed to stay up.

Her side burned where his claws had caught her on the first tussle, and she could feel the blood on the back of her neck matting the fur there. That was going to leave a mark for sure.

Bright yellow eyes stared across at the wolf as he seemed to require a few breaths. She hadn’t held back with that kick. Had she broken bones? A feral grin spread across her short muzzle at the thought. If that was the case, she definitely had the upper hand now.

He let out a roar, letting her know he was far from done with this fight. She remained silent, but the look in her eyes said she wasn’t done either. This was just getting fun! Finally, his muscles tensed, and she knew it was time for the next round. Sybil crouched as he started making his way towards her, but instead of meeting him in the middle like before, she leapt up, up, and over. The branch shook and creaked out its discontent as she landed, but she paid it no mind. She was closer to the trunk than he was now. If the branch broke, he’d be screwed, not her.

As soon as she was secure on the branch again, she whipped around and announced her lunge with a roar of her own. He’d realized what she was doing and had turned… just in time to get a not-so-friendly kitty hug, complete with love bites aimed at his neck.

If worse came to worse, she would not hesitate to relinquish her hold on the branch so that she could use his taller body as her own wolven tree and send them both tumbling to the forest floor. She always landed on her feet – would he?
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:26 am

Poised too attack the werepanther again, Veles was very glad he hadn't lunged. She had barely crouched before clearing his entire height in a jump, easily landing on the tree branch again. The limb had shaken from her effort, but now she had the upper paw on stable perches. Veles took another long swing at her, hoping his slight advantage in reach might account for something. Quick as ever she batted at him, sometimes catching his hand, sometimes narrowly missing. Even when his claws found themselves close to her, he was attempting to pull back before she swatted his muzzle. A defensive game certainly wasn't going to work for him. She had placed herself in and easy to defend location, he couldn't attempt the same stunt she had, even if he could actually land it, because she was too close to the tree's trunk.

Maybe that was the key. He couldn't let her have a defence. He needed to turn it on her. His clawed feet dug into the wooden limb as he rushed forward at Sybil, black clawed hands stretched before him. While not much heavier than her, he guessed than he was just a hint more apt at using his momentum and brute strength than she was. Maybe he had actually managed to surprise her. As his hands found a strong grip on her, one around waist level, the other against her shoulder, he shoved her backwards. Leaning in his snapping muzzle to her free shoulder he attempted a few debilitating bites to the muscle and tendons. He threw his leverage at her over and over again, bouncing her back against the rough surface of the tree trunk painfully.

Effective or not, he couldn't gage very well, but one thing he was sure of was his actions were pissing her off. Her claws dug a little deeper, her howls and bites becoming far more aggressive. Good, let her build up.. Veles thought slowly. While in his werewolf form, his animal instincts did come to the forefront, but he had years of practice tempering himself with conscious thought. This fight would go his way, or at least he thought so, because he wouldn't be consumed by his inner beast. He would use it, not just for short frantic moments, but always. He was the beast.

Releasing her hip, he balled his hand into a massive fist and slammed into her abdomen. Aiming up and through her, he was sure the blow would have damaged the tree had she not been in the way. Attempting to compress her diaphragm and cause her to lose her breath, effectively stunning her for a few moments, he was sure he succeeded. But she certainly wasn't stunned. Her claws found his face, raking at his eyes and trowing him off balance. His foot slipped from the branch as he tried to back away from her swipe. His back hit the branch horizontally, he was falling. He had to catch himself. Slowly tumbling from the limb, he spun himself and reached. One clawed hand sunk into the bottom of the wide limb. His body wrenched as he halted his fall but he pain searing throughout his body from the multitude of bites and scratches was just too much to contain. Veles released an agonized snarl before gripping his forearm with his free hand, steadying himself and quickly pulling himself up to the limb again.

He had barely gained any sort of footing before she was swiping at him again. She simply never stopped. He hadn't been this injured in years. He hadn't had this much fun either. Inhaling deeply, he howled, loud, long, full of excitement. His amber eyes gleamed and a wolfish grin spread across his face. Even as blood poured from his wounds, he was having the time of his life.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:13 am

As she moved in for the attack, he was ready and took a swing at her with his long arms. Her forward momentum aided his swipe, and she felt the blood seeping out of a few claw-sized lacerations on her nose instantly. He’d cut her deep – these would scar for awhile. Aggravated at having been hit, she sent a flurry of feline blows in his direction. Some of her attacks hit, others not so much. She didn’t much care if they all hit right now – he was on the defensive, and she couldn’t be happier. Despite the aches and pains bombarding her body, she couldn’t help but purr at the direction this fight seemed to be going.

The purring stopped as soon as he decided defense was not so fun. A startled growl escaped her throat in its place as he charged forward and actually managed to grab hold of her. Hissing and spitting, she reached her arms out, clawing at his open back. As her own back hit the tree trunk the first time, she let out a feline ‘oof’. With a snarl, she lunged her face forward, biting deep into his shoulder.


Her back hit the trunk again. She lost her grip on his shoulder, but quickly latched onto the side of his neck with another bite.


Her rage was building at a momentous rate. She saw blood and savagely went for it, biting the same spot on his shoulder as before, and shaking her head with vicious intent. The bite was effective, but short-lived as his fist slammed into her gut. Her mouth flew open, the air from her lungs escaping in a hiss.

That was the final straw. With a yowl of rage, she brought both claws up, digging them into his face. Finally! She could feel him slipping, so she used this brief moment to ensure that her own balance was secure. Yellow eyes flashed with excitement as he fell off the branch. She hissed her disapproval when he managed to catch himself and lunged forward to see if she could help him fall again.

He was back up on the branch in record time. That just wouldn’t do. With a roar of what could almost be translated as delight, Sybil charged forward. This was probably the stupidest, most reckless thing she’d ever done, but it was sure to shock the wolf. Paying no mind to the painful swats and aggressive snarls directed at her, she slipped up and into the wolf’s guard.

Sharp claws dug into the tree branch, using it to help propel herself into him… and send them both over the edge of the branch. It was a long fall, but she’d slipped from higher branches. Besides, this time she had a werewolf to cushion her impact. As they tumbled through the air, she kept a hold of him with her hind claws, still attempting to rake at his face, his chest, or whatever she could get to with her sharp hands.

For the first time in 23 years, Sybil didn’t land on her feet. In the final few feet, they’d lost a grip on each other, each focused on preparing their bodies for impact. As her body slammed into the forest floor, Sybil exhaled, but it didn’t help. Her head smacked against a small, flat rock and her yellow eyes closed for a few moments. She could feel her body shrinking, and she rolled unceremoniously onto her stomach. Bones broke and healed; fur shifted into smooth skin; and her muzzle shrunk down to a petite, but bloody nose. Beneath the fresh wounds, scars could be seen around her sides, bite marks from possible past fights.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:34 am

She had clawed him. She had bitten him. She had broken his bones. He had still wanted more, jumping back into the fight with a snarl. Then she had done it, shoved herself out of the tree, making sure he went just a moment before. He felt her clawed hand press against his abdomen, his mind blanked for a moment in pain. She had stepped deftly inside his guard and pressed up against his broken ribs. Veles felt his feet leave the clawed wood of the branch as his thoughts rushed back to him. Nothing to do, no way to change his fate, he was falling. Judging by her continued clawing and hissing, Sybil fully intended to land on him. That would simply give her too much of an advantage; he couldn't allow it.

With an agonizing twist of his spine, Veles reared back and opened his jaws wide. Lunging forward with frightening speed his teeth snapped shut on air, she had barely pushed away in time. His plan worked, she wouldn't have the advantage of him to cushion her fall. He almost smirked with satisfaction but ran out of time. His back hit the ground first, his head and limbs a fraction of a second later. He hadn't landed properly at all, his body even bounced like a rag doll off the stone littered forest floor. Somewhere in his awareness he heard her land as well, ungracefully he hoped.

Pain seared through his mind, vision fading into a dark haze with each of his heartbeats. No! Not now! Veles screamed within his mind, but his body was through listening to him. His shift began slowly, muscle and sinew stretched and repositioned themselves. Bones cracked, joints shattered, his whole body shrank. His tall ears melded back into his scalp, his tail disappearing into his spine. His tough hide thinned out into soft skin, dark gray fur seeming to vanish into thin air. Gasping for every breath, Veles finished his shift back to human, his ribs still broken, his skin lacerated. He couldn't think in the has of pain but he had heard it, the hisses and growls of pain, she was shifting too, very close by.

Covered in sweat, Veles couldn't even think of moving. Lying on his back, he let it all fade away to nothing, he closed his eyes and slept deeply. Healing slowly, his skin stitched itself and his ribs mystically bonded back together. His body was keeping him alive, but he would surely not forget this pain when he woke.

Sunlight blinked across Veles' eyelids, only occasionally making its way down to the forest floor through the canopy above. Pain was the first thing on his mind. Sprawled on his back on the uneven forest floor, naked having shifted after his fight. His fight. He smirked, he was still alive. He lifted his heavy eyelids, willing his vision to focus. His opponent was alive too. Typical cat... he murmured. She was quite comfortably using his aching abdomen as a pillow. Her form curled into a small ball.

What have I gotten myself into now? Veles couldn't help asking himself.

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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:54 pm

A part of her couldn’t believe she’d done it. The feline portion of her brain hissed and sputtered its protest. She’d deliberately leapt so that she didn’t land on her feet. The girl smiled despite herself, however. For a few moments, she’d flown.

The smile was gone in an instant as the pain returned. She thought she heard the wolf’s bones creaking as he shifted somewhere near her, but she gasped as her own began to knit themselves back together. Her feet hadn’t been beneath her when she hit the ground, but her arm had been. She hadn’t even noticed the break until now. A hiss of pain escaped her pink lips and she rolled again, arching her back as the rest of her body began to scream in protest. The rest of her wounds were closing, but it seemed to be taking forever.

One green eye flashed opened and she managed to turn her head in the direction of the wolf’s creaking, shifting body. She could feel the darkness sinking in, but she had to fight it, just for a few more moments. Gritting her teeth, Sybil dragged her broken body across the forest floor, grunting as she did. The plan was to pin him down for when he woke. But what if he woke first? She hadn’t quite thought about that. She was too close now to care, though. As the strength left her and the blackness consumed her, she let her head and hands fall onto his chest, effectively using him as a pillow instead of pinning him.

The steady rhythm of her pillow’s breathing faltered. Sybil’s eyes flashed open, a pang of fear filling her. Shit! He’d woken first. Instinctively, she remained deathly still, not even daring to breathe as she waited for an attack to come.

Instead, his voice entered her ears. The words confused her. Typical cat? Lifting her head, it was then that she realized what he must be speaking about. A bright blush filled her cheeks and she pushed off of him, scurrying back a few feet. Bright green eyes stared across the gap, gauging his every move, still waiting for an attack.

After a few moments of silence, she finally decided that he wasn’t going to attack. In all honesty, she was glad. Their fight in the branches above had taken a lot out of her, though she’d never tell him that. The wounds she’d received were sure to cause her aches for a good, long while – most especially the deep gouges across her nose that had healed into bright pink scars beneath the clotted blood still coating her face.

She couldn’t think of anything smart, or witty, or cruel to say to the man, so she resigned herself to simply stare. As a man, he wasn’t quite so frightening. He was still taller than her, she was sure, even without the pair of them standing, but he wasn’t an overly large man. He also wasn’t a very ugly man. That thought brought another blush to her cheeks and she pulled her knees up to her chest. Long arms wrapped around her legs and she placed her chin on top of them, waiting to see what he said next.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:24 pm

Pain continued to flare in Veles' mind, the aches of his body healing had left him thoroughly drained. But his waking wasn't all bad. The soft brown hair draped across his chest. The clearly feminine curves that he had a moment to admire as he looked down. Her back in clear view as she lay against him. He had marred that soft skin during their brawl and he noted each tender scratch and puncture mark. He didn't notice her breathing, but she was very warm against him.


She just had to shove off his stomach to scurry away, his ribs crying out in pain. Oh it hurt, but he couldn't be mad. He'd hurt her too. And he'd gotten to let loose for they first time in a long while. He'd had some very painful fun. Plus there was the added bonus of waking up in the middle of nowhere with a lithe young lady, not a scrap of clothing within a mile. He smirked and sat up, while he did, the cocky smirk turned into a grimace of pain. You sure know how to show a wolf a good time. You should check if that elk is still any good, otherwise I'll rustle something up. If I feel this well, you must be loving every ache and bruise too. Veles grumbled, his pain getting the better of his mood as he slowly brought his knees under himself and stood. You've certainly earned a good bite to eat.

He stood in the clearing of the forest and slowly rolled his shoulders, letting his joints pop audibly. He was completely calm, and even smirked as he looked the young lady over. He was completely sure of himself even though he was in the middle of the Wastelands, even though he was completely naked My name is Veles Canis, and these woods are where I call home. What brings you out all this way? And don't say the elk, that one is too small to have made you chase it this far. he questioned. Even though his voice was deep, his ending comment held enough jest to assure here that he wasn't angry.

Despite coming into his territory, despite having effectively kept up with him in a brawl, despite being feline, Veles admired her resilience. She was staring at him with those vibrant green eyes, holding her limbs close in modesty and splattered with dried blood. Cute, Veles admitted silently to himself, even if she was a cat. Waiting for her to respond seemed to take forever, at least long enough for a teasing comment to float into his mind. Why so quiet, cat got your tongue? Veles quipped with an extra helping of smarmyness.
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PostSubject: Re: It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]   Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:16 pm

She knew she’d injured him again as soon as she pushed away, but her instincts had been in control, and they didn’t care who or what got damaged so long as she remained safe. A small frown crossed her face; she hadn’t meant to inflict harm this time. She watched him deal with the pain, turning it into some sort of humorous banter. Her head tilted to the side some, but she allowed a faint smile to tug at the corner of her lips as her cheeks flushed a bit more.

With a nod of acknowledgement, she pushed herself up to her feet. Her movements were fluid and graceful; she hid the pain well. Inside, her body screamed at her to stop what she was doing. She fought the urge to crumple back to the ground, taking a few slow, but determined steps towards the carcass. Her legs bent and she knelt beside the creature, elegant fingers moving the half-eaten beast this way and that to examine it.

Behind her, she heard the man standing. His joints popped sickeningly, but Sybil paid them no mind. Her own joints were just as creaky post-shift… and especially after such a brutal fight. She listened to what he said while her back was turned, but her ears were also focused on the steps he took. He remained more intent on talking than attacking, so finally, she relaxed and returned her full attention to the elk.

Somehow, it had survived the fight. Her shove off the overhead branch had sent them flying much further past the meal. Leaning down, she sniffed the beast, and then nodded with approval. No blood splatter had reached it either. Long, brown locks of hair twirled through the air as Sybil turned her head back towards the man, a smile on her face.

“It looks good to me,” she said finally, her voice quiet, but somehow perky. “And no, a cat does not have my tongue. Smart ass.” A crooked grin crept onto her lips as she brushed a stray piece of hair from her eyes and finally stood, resting a hand on one hip. “My name is Sybil. I was paying a visit to someone. The elk was just a minor detour on my way back.” She didn’t say ‘home’. Librium was where an apartment in her name resided, but it would never be home like these woods.

“Sorry about kicking your ass in your own territory, by the way. I hope the blue jays don’t mock you from now on,” she purred, her eyes shining with amusement. If he wanted to be smarmy, she’d dish it right back at him tenfold.
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A cat with an ego and a superiority complex, go figure... Veles bantered right back at Sybil. And here I thought I had met the only cat who can't manage to land on her feet. I must have hit my head harder than I thought to have forgotten the hours long ass kicking that resulted in you snoring your pretty little head off all night on me. Veles quipped with a smirk. His hand reaching up to ruffle his hair lightly, he couldn't help but notice her form as she slipped over to the elk, she was a damn cat, but he was also male.

Sybil huh? I would say the pleasure is mine, but I don't think you need another stroke to your ego. So how about this instead, I ever catch you in my woods again, you can expect to get another good workout of those claws. Veles commented while walking to a foot-diameter ash tree and leaning to heave a heavy stone at its base over. A small metal lined hole revealed, he snatched a plain black duffel bag out and tossed it her way. For now you can use he knife in there to avoid making any more of a mess out of that elk.

The small duffel was simply zipped shut, inside there was a large utility knife attached to a thick leather belt. Along with the belt was a paid of black canvas cargo pants, a black cotton tee, black boots and a large green and brown trench coat. This was a supply stash he had hidden out in the middle of the woods, likely not the only one. This really was his territory, these were his woods, just as much as he was theirs.

He leaned his shoulder against the tree, casually crossing his arms and smirking as she ruffled through the bag. Observing her shoulders and arms, covered in the faint pink scars of recent healing. He had really bitten her up. Those must sting like crazy, but she was toughing out the pain. She was strong willed, that much was certain. A cat and dog in the middle of the woods, the situations I put myself in... Veles mumbled softly to himself.
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One eyebrow raised at Veles’ first comment, and Sybil pursed her lips as if to say ‘Yeah, yeah…’ Her emerald eyes narrowed at his next comment, but she smirked. “Funny… It didn’t feel like it took me an hour to send you off to Snoozeville,” she grinned back. “Perhaps you should work on your stamina, so that next time, you can actually defend your territory from a simple kitten like me.”

Shifting from one leg to the other, she couldn’t help but laugh at his threat. “You know, I might just have to take you up on that offer of yours. I haven’t had that fun of a fight in quite some time. You’re stubborn as all get out. I like that.”

Her eyes followed his movements as he hoisted a large rock near one of the trees in the clearing. Although his muscles were probably hard as the rock he was dealing with, he definitely wasn’t hard on the eyes. His stubbornness wasn’t the only thing she liked about him. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as soon as the thought crossed her mind, so she quickly pushed it to the back of her brain. What was she thinking? She hadn’t hit her head that hard, had she? He was a wolf, for goodness’ sake!

Thankfully, he provided her with a distraction when he tossed a black duffle bag in her direction. She caught it with ease and knelt to place it on the ground beside the elk. Unzipping the bag, she rummaged through until her fingers found the knife he mentioned, completely ignoring the clothing that also resided within. Clearly, staying naked was not a big deal to her.

Setting the bag aside, she unsheathed the knife and quickly got to work skinning the elk first. Since she didn’t have her own game bag with her, she’d just have to use the skin as a make-shift container for now.

“I don’t know about you, but I could definitely start eating now. Want to start a fire, and I’ll share the spoils with you? My human stomach doesn’t care for the raw stuff quite as much.”

Even with chunks missing around the neck region, the elk was considerably larger than Sybil in her human form. She made short work of the beast nonetheless. It was obvious she was a hunter through and through. She seemed to know all the sweet spots to slide the knife through in order to get the biggest cut of meat from any one area. In no time, she had a pile of fresh elk meat sitting on a large portion of the beast’s pelt, waiting to be cooked. Her arms were coated in the elk’s blood all the way up to the elbow, and her face had a few bloody smudges from wiping hair or sweat out of her eyes.

“Could be worse,” she finally piped up, with a smirk. “You could be stuck here in the woods with one of those obnoxious birds that repeats everything you say.”

Hoisting the knife over to her right hand, Sybil slid the blade through the grass twice – once on each side – to help clear it of as much grime as possible. The handle was still a bit bloody, so she resigned to just setting the weapon down beside the duffle bag so as not to dirty his clean clothes. Finally content with her work, she turned her attention back to Veles and let out a quiet sigh.

“So, Veles… What do you do? When you’re not busy chasing cats, that is?” she giggled, sending a wink in his direction.

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Veles continued leaning against the tree for a short while, watching her work efficiently. Not her first time doing this.. he thought to himself, seeing her clean and butcher the elk with ease. He supposed that she was raised as the werepanther she was, rather than turned late in life. None could learn the ease and comfort with being coated with blood and entrails, if they were bitten later in life. They always seemed squeamish around carcasses, as if their human mind was doing battle with their inner animal.

She had sent little verbal barbs his way, but she had also offered him food. She was certainly an oddity out here in the Wastes, but a good one. Her quip about repetitive birds even got him to chuckle. Oh he was in trouble, he already felt comfortable around Sybil, a dangerous mindset to be in around any newcomer. His wolf instincts urged him to be more cautious, but also were urging him to recognize the familiarity with her. Anyone who managed to confound his wolf instincts was surely someone he had to know more about.

Reaching into the small metal storage box, Veles pulled a small bundle of balsa wood and a small bundle wrapped in aged leather. Stepping around the clearing, he gathered many small twigs that had fallen from all the jostling they had given the tree the night before. Carefully gathering them all into a pile, he unwrapped a small fire starting kit, scraped a few shavings of magnesium onto the dry balsa wood and striking against the flint. The flames caught instantly, the prepared tinder was the perfect choice, many of the twigs were being consumed quickly. He had a large pile though, some of them much thicker, which he added slowly once the fire was hot enough to igniting them. It wasn't his cleanest starting fire, as much of the wood was still green, so he walked to a nearby downed tree and let his claws edge out. Gripping into the dry tree Veles carefully tore out piece of dry wood after piece. Keeping them small would be the trick to maintaining this fire, tossing a whole log on there would simply smother it. He allowed his fire to burn through the green wood, slowly adding his their aged counterparts to the pile. Within fifteen minutes, his fire had a small bed of embers and wasn't spewing the obnoxious thick smock of burning green wood.

Me? Well I generally spend as much of my time out here as I can. I run jobs for those who are too scared to make it this far out from civilization. I've also run a few covert trips between here and Bastion. People pay a premium for trips that avoid any and all roads. I also have a knack for hunting Beasts. Everyone wants to know more about the things that come through the Rifts, I just provide them. Veles rambled, he was talking too much, giving too much away, and he knew it. But it felt right to do, so he continued. I came here a few decades back from up north. I joined Lycus on his last journey, then continued on. I've made a home in these woods, the remind me of back then, but are still different enough not to bring up specific memories.

Turning to the young werepanther, Veles noticed she was done and happily crouched with her head slightly tilted, listening to him. Such a cat. He couldn't help but grin. And how about you Sybil? What brings you out to these woods, besides falling asleep on the wolf who just tried to eat you?
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Sybil stood from what remained of the elk, smiling quietly to herself and her work. She’d done a pretty damn good job, if she said so. Without any of her human gear nearby, she had no way to keep any of this meat. It was his territory, and he’d done a decent job defending it. He deserved a bite to eat. And if his body was anything like hers, he was probably just as famished as she was after the fight and the forced shift.

Her eyes flitted over to the fire that Veles had constructed. He certainly had this clearing prepared for anything. Good to see he was a smart wolf. Her own territory, back where her mother prowled, was loaded like this, too. Not so much with the wood, though – it was in abundance, obviously. Instead, she kept bows and quivers stashed all around for when she felt like stretching her human muscles to keep them and her archery skills in shape.

With a quiet sigh, she plopped down onto the ground by the fire, crossing her legs in front of her. Wrapping her arms around her knees, she rested her chin on top of them and listened to his story attentively. His story seemed similar to her own, minus the part about her mother being in the equation. Her head nodded in agreement to what he said about the city folk paying well for trips out to the Wastes. She had accumulated quite a stash of money from just a few hunts that had brought her outside the protected walls of Librium.

She’d never encountered a Rift Beast, though. From the stories she’d heard, she was lucky in that arena. One eyebrow perked up as he seemed to stop himself from talking for a few moments. She took the quiet moment to turn in search of a decent stick. There were still a few scattered about, so she stretched back to grasp one that seemed strong enough to hold a large chunk of meat. With stick in hand, she snagged a few pieces of meat and coiled back up into her fetal sitting position.

While Veles continued speaking, she tossed a chunk across the fire to him. Hopefully his reflexes weren’t completely spent, and she didn’t end up hitting him in the face with it. That would be embarrassing… She wrangled her own piece of meat onto the stick she’d grabbed before letting it hang out over the fire Veles had started.

“Lycus?” she asked, tilting her head to the side some. She didn’t understand the name he used, but she didn’t push the question. It was his turn to ask her questions, if her assumption of social protocol was correct. She rarely talked to anyone other than her mother. Now though, even that was a one-sided conversation, so social protocols didn’t have any sway there. Her ears perked at his questions, and she allowed a small smile onto her lips while she turned the sizzling elk meat slowly.

Her smile slowly curled into a smirk at his last comment. “The woods are my home, as much as they are yours. My territory is west of here, quite a ways. I was on my way back to Librium, where I’ve been staying for a while. Humans interest me… and you’re right. They pay well for anyone willing to venture out past the city limits.”

A thought hit her, and she opened her mouth to speak again. “And just so you know – I was pinning you. I just… dozed off a bit while I was waiting for you to come to. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re stubborn and a bit vicious!” she exclaimed, her free hand moving up to rub the sore spot on her ribcage where his claws had sunk deep. The blood from the wound was dry by now and flaked off, but her unclean hands left new bloody smudges where ever her fingers touched.

A slight frown made its way onto her face at the mess she was making of herself. With a roll of her eyes, she wiped her free hand off in the grass beside her. Once it was somewhat free of the elk gore, she switched the meat to that hand, and repeated the process.

“Where’s your water? I could use a bath soon.”
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Lycus was my... Alpha. I grew up in a Pack up north, when some younger wolves wanted his position, he was attacked. I jumped into the fray to defend him, but there were too many. When we were overcome, the Pack moved on under their new leader. We were left to die. We didn't that day but Lycus somewhat lost his will. He ate less and less... When we finally came across something that was a legitimate hunt, he just wasn't up to the challenge. He died honorably, during a Hunt. Veles explained, his tone carrying a bit of pain, but also pride.

As she moved closer, Veles couldn't help but admire Sybil graceful steps. She must be as sore as he was, but she certainly didn't show it. She even tossed a large hunk of meat at him, which he managed to catch before it smacked into his face, but barely. She plopped down and began cooking her own portion. Everything about her was clicking in his mind as attractive except that little bit about her being a cat. He couldn't keep the grin from his face as she energetically described her initial desire to pin him. He tried unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh as she attempted to point out her scars, only to smear grime all over herself.

Retrieving a sturdy stick for himself, he skewered his own portion of meat and leaned it over the fire. Stepping over to his ruffle bag he collected the plain tee shirt and walked back to Sybil, offering it. You can wipe off with this. I'll bring us to water after we've eaten. stepping back around the fire, he rotated his roasting elk to cook evenly without charring. I always thought cats licked themselves clean... then again, that little tongue of yours might not get it all. Wolves are renowned for their long tongues however. he teased, a wide grin spreading over his face.

Thy just met, had beaten each other senseless, traded some playful verbal barbs, and were now sharing a meal. He couldn't figure out which part of her amused him the most, feline or female. He was having fun regardless, and the idea of dunking her in some chilly water brought a smirk to his lips. Oh he was in trouble, he was having far too much fun. Pulling his skewered elk away from the flames, he gently poked it with his fingers, checking how well it was cooked before holding it in front of himself, letting the sizzling surface cool. You did a good job with this, thank you for giving me such a good cut of meat. he said, smile still on his face, before raising the meat and taking a bite.

The meat was tasty in its own right, exceptionally fresh, cooked just the way he liked, but his Wolf reminded him of just how much energy he had used during the little fight and hours of healing afterward. He took large bites, chewing hastily so he could swallow and take in more. Ravenous would be a good description, if a bit understated. He had finished in mere minutes, but hadn't looked away from his meal the whole time. As he glanced up from his now empty skewer, he saw her smirking at him. Wolves are also known for their large appetites. Veles offered with a smirk of his own. His body was heating up, turning that much needed meal into fuel for regeneration. He could feel each of his aches and pains, some were even beginning to fade already. Thank you. he offered again, this time his voice carrying a more serious tone. He leaned back rolling his shoulders and stretching before settling down had watching his feline companion.
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Sybil’s face took on a serious tone as Veles opened up to her about Lycus and his old pack. As a generally solitary creature, the bond he’d shared with the pack was somewhat foreign to her. Aside from her mother, Sybil had no friends to depend on, or vice versa, like Veles had once had. She nodded, a pang of grief echoing across her face, as he mentioned his packmate’s lost will to live. Her mother had done that very same thing, though rather than allowing herself to die, she’d merely cut herself off from the world – almost from Sybil herself. The emotional wound was still fresh, but she pushed past the inner pain.

Letting out a quiet breath, Sybil looked down at her meat. It was sizzling nicely, and the smell was quite tantalizing. She pulled it from the flames and poked it with dirt-smeared fingers. A solitary claw poked out from the end of her index finger, and she sliced it open to see just how bloody it was on the inside. Slightly pink still, but it would definitely not be getting up and walking away anytime soon.

“Don’t mention it.” Her tone was light and friendly, but as her eyes swept over to him, it was obvious that she was serious about it. Sharing the meal was not a problem to her.

Hot grease dripped down her chin as she sunk her teeth into the juicy meat. Delicious! A low moan of happiness rumbled up and out of her as her eyes closed with delight. “Clearly, I need to hunt here more often,” she growled playfully, when she’d finished inhaling the rest of her slab. Setting the stick down beside her, she laid back on the cool grass to let the food settle for a few moments. A grimace of pain filled her face and her emerald eyes shot open.

With a slight hiss, she twisted onto her uninjured hip and then propped most of her upper body’s weight onto the opposite shoulder – also uninjured. It was an awkward position from an onlooker’s perspective, but her spine was more than flexible enough. It was also the least painful position she could conjure to lay in.

Her eyes closed again as her body began to process the meal, quickly using the new energy to help her healing. “I don’t know if you’re blind or not, but I’m not exactly feline on the outside right now.” Without opening her eyes or even sitting up, she stuck her tongue out at him, the pink contrasting with the pale of her cheeks. “Also, I don’t mind having a small tongue. It fits perfectly in my dainty mouth,” she quipped, grinning slightly.

Stretching, she waited until most every joint in her body had popped audibly to open her eyes and sit back up. Already, she was feeling a bit less achy. Emerald eyes drifted down to the shirt he’d provided for her to wipe off with. A small smirk crossed her lips as she grabbed it up. Boy, oh boy, was he going to smell like cat and elk the next time he wore this shirt!

Giggling silently to herself, she began to rub the soft fabric over her upper body, flaking away some of the dried blood from her wounds. She winced at even the slightest pressure on her ribs and shoulder, but fought back the animalistic growl that wanted to escape. Once her body was somewhat cleaner, she finally ran the shirt over her arms. It was coated before she’d even finished with the first one.

Her lips pursed to one side of her face as she contemplated what to do next. Looking up to Veles, she shrugged slightly. “I don’t think it’s gonna help much more…” she mumbled, a light blush filling her cheeks. Handing the sodden garment over to Veles, she then proceeded to shovel dirt onto the fire, exterminating it while he worked on getting his things back in order. Soon enough, the clearing was back to a semi-normal state, save the elk carcass and the remnants of a fire.

The hike to the water Veles had mentioned wasn’t too terrible, but Sybil’s exhausted muscles were complaining by the time they finally reached their destination. Stepping out from the bushes, she took in the sight before her. A light gasp filled her throat. She wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting when he’d mentioned water, but it was definitely not as beautiful as this place was. A small waterfall spilled over the edge of a ledge, splashing down into a pool not much wider than the clearing they’d just left. The river it filled was calm enough at this end, but she still decided the serene pool would be where she got in.

Without a second thought, Sybil moved to the shore and leapt in. The water was cold, and the hairs on her arms stood on end in protest. Somehow, she managed to keep her feline grace while swimming and she stopped just as she reached the edge of the waterfall. Standing, she waded over until her body was completely submerged under the falls. The water in the pool wasn’t very deep, so even in her human form, she could stand with her head and the tops of her shoulders out of the water. Reaching up, she let the waters wash away the elk gore from her arms while it pounded over her aching muscles, rejuvenating them somewhat.

Once she deemed herself clean enough, she dove forward and swam out to the middle of the pool. The smile that filled her face, and the familiarity she seemed to have with swimming was evidence enough that she was not a normal cat. Water was not only good for cleaning, but it was fun for her, too.
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Smirking as his feline companion dove into the chilly water, he could make out the tiny bumps of her skin protesting to the cold, but she continued on. Stubborn. Another grin crossed his face as he made his own way into the water, wading slowly in and catching up with her as she made it back to the middle of the pool.

Letting the water clean and sooth him, the recent meal fueling his recuperation, Veles was quite pleased with how the morning had progressed. And what will you do now that you've finally cleaned up but are still squarely in a wolf's domain? he quipped, letting his smirk let her know that he hadn't meant a serious threat. If he was still this achy, she would be too, and another fight, while possible, wouldn't be nearly as much fun. But that wouldn't stop him from playing.

Letting his knees bend, he slowly slipped under the surface of the water, barely causing a ripple. Lurking below in the deep pool of water, he was sure she could see his form under the waves. She would know where he was, so he couldn't very well sneak up on her and grab an ankle. But he could surprise her. Letting her think she was clearly superior was just a portion of it. Let her get comfortable thinking she knew exactly what he was up to. As he circled slowly, he even reached out clumsily, as if he were really reaching for her leg. Oh, now she was confident, she had let him get behind her. When he broke the surface, she was grinning at him, a cat toying with something new. Supreme. Confident. Utterly surprised as he casually tossed the fish he had plucked from the bottom of the river at her. Its flails causing even more of a ruckus than he had anticipated as it bounced off her shoulder and splashed wildly swimming away.

Howling with laughter, Veles knew he was in for it. The look on her face had been priceless. He could barely manage the joke he had prepared while underwater. The bursts of interrupting laughter made it even more corny. I was just trying to return the favor of the meal. I thought cats loved fresh fish. he managed to get out before she promptly swam to him and shoved his head underwater.

Now he could tease her a bit more, because she had closed the gap and accidentally given him leverage. As he wrapped his arms quickly around her, he used his crouched stance underwater to shove off from the stony riverbed. Hoisting them both high, but barely out of the water, he proceeded to upend her, tossing her into the water playfully before splashing down himself.

He couldn't help but be playful, he was just feeling too good, despite his injuries. This day had been fun, something he hadn't spent much time enjoying in quite a while. She seemed to be ok with the water prior to him getting in, hopefully she didn't sulk off like a dunked cat after his little toss. Then again, hopefully she didn't come at him claws flaying either.
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Sybil looked in Veles’ direction as he made it out to the middle of the pool. Closing her eyes, she smiled contentedly, letting herself fall so that she was floating on her back. One eye opened when he popped off with a question directed at her. She shrugged some. Honestly, she hadn’t thought about it. She should probably get back to Librium sometime. There were bound to be some jobs open. But something about this wolf’s territory was just so… inviting.

“Not sure. I could go back to the city, I guess. Look for work. Or I could just spend the rest of the day swimming here in this pool and otherwise running amok here in your woods.”

A small grin played on her lips and she allowed her eye to close again. It was a joke, of course. Or was it?... Sighing quietly, she sat up so that she was treading water again. Both eyes opened this time, just in time to watch him sink below the surface of the water. Her eyebrows rose as she watched him swimming around near her legs, grasping out to touch her.

Due to the clear water, she was not surprised when he resurfaced. The fish, however, was news to her. Her mouth opened in a large ‘O’ as the fish flew from his hands. She hissed as it flopped against her uninjured shoulder, but she grinned despite the attack. Cupping her hands together, she brought them back and then shoved forward in his direction. He was doused by a powerful spray of water, and it was her turn to laugh.

“Oh, we do! But I prefer to catch mine with my claws and teeth, rather than my shoulder, you dolt!” she laughed, lunging forward as he was still shaking the water from his face. Clearly, he wasn’t expecting a second retaliation from her. Grinning from ear to ear, she grasped him firmly by the shoulder and neck, and shoved him forcefully beneath the clear blue water.

The grin didn’t last long. She felt his arms wrap around her as he was submerged and her eyes widened. “No, no, no, noooo!!”

It was too late.

For the second time in the past 24 hours, she was flying through the air; and once again, she was attached to Veles as she did so. Claws popped out of her fingertips, but she quickly slipped them back in before gripping his back so that he went under the water with her. Strong legs wrapped around his midsection, keeping him in her grasp.

A feral grin spread across her lips, and some air bubbles escaped her open lips. Emerald eyes sparkling with mischief, she rolled so that he was beneath her. If he wanted to play, she’d be more than willing to join in on the fun. Leaning down, she bit down on his neck with flat, human teeth. She was far too tired for a real fight, but a bit of water wrestling was always more than entertaining!
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She had latched onto him as he sprung from the water and splashed down with him, squeezing her long legs around his abdomen, just enough to hold on, not enough to hurt his aching ribs. He even felt her clawed fingers along his back before she retracted them to hang on then she bit him! Oh she did consider this all fun and games. Good.

As his lungs slowly began to ache with the pain of holding his breath so long against sore ribs, he reached his arms wide and gave a powerful stroke, bringing hem both towards the surface, her still firmly wrapped around him. His gasp was loud compared to hers, but she likely wasn't as short of breath as he was. With a quick kick of his legs while his back was arched, he then pulled with the strength of his upper body, completing a slow back flip under the water's surface. She was still clinging, but now positioned below him' which he certainly didn't mind. Her naturally warm body against his under the cool water. Without her overpowering scent he nearly forgot for a moment that she was a cat.

He gave her own neck a bite with his human teeth before using another powerful stroke of his arms and legs to push them towards the bottom of the pool. The small school of fish that he had plucked a single fish from before tore at the water as they struggled to avoid the tangled pair of weres. Veles knew just what he wanted to grab own this far, and reached for a handful before she began to struggle for the surface, both needing another few gasps of fresh air. He even helped pull them to the surface, Sybil managing to angle herself on top again. Must have been a feline thing to always want her back facing up and limbs below her. As he surfaced just below her, his arm reached up behind her and slopped the gooey mess that he had collected from below the rippling waters directly onto her head with a splat.

Bursting into laughter, Veles couldn't contain himself anymore. Looks like I've gotten you all dirty again! he practically hooted at her shocked expression, mud and slime slowly dripping down her face and onto her shoulders. She hadn't even dunked him immediately, she had just clenched a bit tighter around his waist as her hands slowly reached up to clear the thick brown ooze from her eyes and face. Maybe I should be a good host and wash you off instead, a cold shower might earn me fewer bite marks after all. he quipped to her still stunned form. Oh she was getting riled up, he could feel her blood simmer as she held onto him.

With a slow few back strokes, Veles edged the to the waterfalls again, the consistent flow of water dunking him under the water and splashing all the mud clear from her. He felt his edge numb against the stone edge of the pool, where the water hadn't eroded the stone away. Carefully he angled his back against the smooth surface. He didn't want to painfully scuff her feet and legs which were still around him. Slipping his hand to her lower back he pulled her forward out of the strong waterfall. There there, all clean.. he grinned with each word, his amber eyes playful, mischievous. All better, kitty cat? he added as just a small additional tease.
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Sybil’s lungs puffed out as she sucked in a huge breath when the pair of them resurfaced. She had a pretty good lung capacity, but not right now. Her entire body was still exhausted from the fight, and her lungs were definitely a part of that. The urge to play, though, was at the front of her mind and she grinned just before he plunged them back under the water. Again, her grin diminished in a second as she realized what he was doing.

Emerald eyes widened as he flipped in the water so that they were both beneath the surface again. She narrowed them when she noticed that he’d positioned himself on top. Now that just wouldn’t do! She was a bit shocked when he finally retaliated with a bite of his own. A shiver raced up her spine, but she attested it to the chill of the water. Movement caught her attention, and her eyes whipped around to land on the school of fish as it fled their tangled descent.

She contemplated letting Veles go so that she could chase the fish, but he was a much more entertaining target, not to mention warmer. Her eyes moved back to him as she realized how far down they were, and how little lung capacity she truly had right now. One leg dropped the hold on him so that she could kick off of the bottom to help propel them upwards. His legs began to kick as soon as he realized what she was doing, and she clung tightly to him, basking in the warmth.

Even before she’d finished inhaling a deep breath, something slimy and gross slopped onto her head and down her face. Her muscles tensed, and sharp claws extended for a brief moment, sticking into the flesh of Veles’ back. As soon as she realized what had happened, she withdrew the claws and swiped some of the goop from her face. “Oops,” she responded, finally, rubbing the stuff in the wolf’s face with a smirk. “Looks like I’m not the only one who’s all dirty now. Guess you’ll have to join me for that cold shower.”

Beneath her cool exterior, she could feel her blood beginning to boil. What was it about this damn wolf that got her all riled up? Perhaps it was that she’d finally found someone who could not only match blows with her, but could also match wits. That in itself was almost forgiveness enough for him being a dog. The cold water crashing down helped cool her inside and out, and she let out an audible sigh at the pressure on her back, only wincing slightly when it hit the spot where his teeth had sunk in to the back of her neck.

Keeping hold on him with her legs, she leaned her upper body out and away from him. One hand clamped her nose shut, while the other ran through her hair, helping slide the muck and grime from her head. By the time she was sure she’d gotten it all off, her ab muscles were burning from holding herself up against the current of the waterfall. Leaning back in towards Veles with his help, she leaned on one of his shoulders, propping her head up with a hand.

“Much better, thank you,” she grinned.
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She had leaned in quite close against Veles, she was comfortable and relaxed against him. He certainly felt unnaturally at ease around her. Sybil was still grinning, legs wrapped around him, her body warm against his. The chill of the water finally beginning to set in, now that he wasn't incredibly active. She was more than warm against him, and he was sure that she was clinging quite close to bask in his own heat as well.

The waterfall cascading behind her, light flickering through. Turbulent waters churning with a loud white noise. "What now kitty kat? Just gunna sit here all day on my lap?" He playfully dipped lower into the water, splashing the water up to both of their shoulders before lifting again. "Or maybe you need another dunking?" Veles asked with a wolfish grin.

With a soft growl to accompany his grin, "Or maybe I should escort you to the edge of my woods, before I forget that previous bite to eat and get hungry again." just prior to nipping her shoulder. His hand still on her lower back, tugging her against him. She felt rather good against him, even if she was feline.

With a gentle push, Veles edged both of them out from the hollow behind the cascading water, through the falls themselves, and out into the deep pool again. He easily swam through the water, even with his arm wrapped around her and her wrapped around him. Whenever he occasionally jostled her, she had a habit of hanging on with her claws. It stung, but was certainly acceptable. Just before coming to the edge of the wide river basin, he had come to terms with the fact that he enjoyed her smile.

As Veles stepped onto the shallow shore of the river, and out onto the dry ground, he continued carrying Sybil. He couldn't help but notice how much warmer she seemed now that he wasn't soaking in cold water. "What am I going to do with you..." Veles asked just before stopping. Water dripping from both of them, his recovery allowed him enough strength to hold her easily, though his ribs did still burn.

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Sybil shivered some and leaned in closer to Veles. Out of the water, without her fur coat, the air was getting a bit nippy. He, on the other hand, was radiating heat. Her shoulders rose and fell in a light shrug. He was definitely comfortable enough to lounge on all day. “Y’know, I might just do that,” she purred. The purr stopped instantly as he suggested another dunk, and she tensed in apprehension.

Her tension was rewarded with him dipping them both lower into the water. She kept her claws in check for the most part, but the cold of the water was a bit of a shock to her slowly warming shoulders. Emerald eyes swiveled to meet his amber ones and she smirked. “Did you forget how our last… encounter… ended?” she grinned as his teeth nipped at her shoulder. With a playful growl rumbling out quietly from her chest, she leaned forward and latched onto the bottom of his ear.

She released his ear from her bite as they entered the falls again. She hadn’t quite expected it, and her claws found their way out and into his shoulder flesh. As soon as they were out, she retracted them again. When they reemerged on the other side, her teeth chattered together momentarily. Despite the cold, she flashed Veles a smile to show that she was still having fun.

Sybil blinked as they reached the shoreline and Veles continued to carry her. Out of the water, she seemed to realize both of their naked forms, and a blush crept onto her checks. Slowly, she unwrapped herself from around his body and stood on her own two feet. A mischievous grin played on her lips and she took a step back. Her muscles tensed as she started to shake herself dry.

Long, brown locks of hair flung this way and that, sending out droplets of cold water everywhere. When she stopped, she thought Veles looked a bit wetter than before. A grin cracked onto her lips, but it quickly widened until she was outright laughing. She doubled over, grasping her sides as she laughed. Her ribs already ached – now they outright hurt, but it took her a few moments yet to stop laughing.

“Hell if I know,” she squealed, choking back more laughter. Sucking in a deep breath, she finally seemed to gather her wits and looked over at Veles, her emerald eyes shining.
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It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Here... [Veles]
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