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 Eyes Burning Bright (Open)

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PostSubject: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:35 pm

(OOC: edited to create an entrance for Mitch)

March 9

The slums. Dark, decrepit, and old. The city's worse was moved here, where crime rates were the highest as well as poverty. Nothing was ever perfect. True harmony could never exist because of the overbearing weight of reality. What mattered was the effort made to bring together two races, but even then, the political standpoint remained. Like any thriving country, or state, there was good and there was bad. Good that coexistence was possible, bad - and an unfortunate truth - that hardships still remained.

The terran guard moved slowly down the so-far empty streets of the slums. The homeless were bundled up, fast asleep beneath layers of cardboard, rags and trash. Her nostrils flared, sensitive to the smells that filled this part of Librium. She was on nightwatch. The full moon had not yet come, but she could still feel the madness of March coming around the corner. Behind the arctic glimmer of her oculars was the gold of her Cheetah, ever watching and ever waiting.

Bree had her sai's clutched in her hands. The hilt jutted out between slender, but hard knuckles. The blades were hidden beneath the long sleeves of her leather jacket with the cool steel pressed against the skin of her arms. Bree was armed and prepared for any encounter. While promoting peace, there was still disharmony and those who would still start fights. Again, not everything was perfect. Librium, a city filled with wonderful ideas, but the flaws were evident like cracks on a mirror.

It was Bree's duty to prevent the shaky foundation from crumbling. She, and the rest of the Terran Guards. The cool air tickled her face, arctic eyes looking straight ahead as she listened to the night. The wind whispered, a feat she hadn't been so aware of until the bite that changed Bree forever. As she tuned her senses to her surrounding, Bree finally focused on the familiar scent of her partner's that wasn't too far. She paused, sai's still sheathed in her sleeves as she looked over to him catching up to where she was. "Seems like nothing's going on... yet."

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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:37 am

March 9
10:45 PM

"Now, Mr. Kuniyah, you understand why you can't be creating such a technology that favors the Others. It favors them, and that is very much illegal."

Kelly's voice grumbled over the last word, almost as if it was encased in a vile tar that offended his tongue. Granted, he was perverting the meanings of the Treaty of Terra, and he was by no means the Terran Guard that he had claimed to be. Dennis Kuniyah was an older man, a former surgeon, left to the slums of the great "City of Unification." He now sat in a creaky wooden chair, bound and gagged, staring at his fate incarnate. Paladin was concerned that the personal research this man was doing was critical in creating a cure to a disease that was devastating to the Avian peoples, and that meant Ethan paid a visit.

"Dennis, may I call you Dennis?" Ethan didn't let the man answer before continuing. "You could of done great things...yet you spent your obligation free years on this...its sad really."

With a swift kick that blurred vision, the chair exploded in splinters and large pieces, its occupant landing with a thud and muffled groan. Slow, deliberate steps were disturbed as pieces of wood cracked under Kelly's combat boots. "If you look Mr. Kuniyah, you will see that the Terran Guard cannot allow this level of treason. Now we know that this will not continue, but I will be taking your hard drives and research as a precaution."

Pulling the data center from the only computer Ethan found when going through the apartment, he gingerly slipped the drive in to the pocket of his jacket. Afterward, he opened the unremarkable black backpack that he brought with him, revealing bricks of military grade high explosive and incendiary charges. Carefully sliding the detonator in to place with a click and beep, a timer flashed on the LED screen, and began counting down from 3:00 minutes.

"Goodbye Dennis." Ethan said softly as he walked to the front door and closed it quietly to muffled cries. Turning to the stairwell, he quickly started down the stairs, an earpiece now sitting on his left ear.



"Echo Kilo reporting in, package is in hand. Target neutralized. Requesting immediate Exit."



Ethan stepped out in to the dark streets a minute or so after the twenty-third hour. Immediately crinkling his face at the smell, he stepped quickly away from the building knowing the fireworks would bring witnesses and Terran Guard. Taking a quick glance to his left, Kelly took note of actual Terran Guards down the street. He smiled to himself, the luck he seemed to be having, this job was going to go well...both primary and secondary objectives completed.


Ethan made it across the street, walking away from the Guardsmen who made themselves obvious with their lack of taters and strange demeanor. He took a moment to watch them, letting his night vision focus. There were definitely two at least, one a woman. The woman was hiding some sort of melee weapon, the way her hands clenched on to something but didn't swing with her walk. Shaking his head, Ethan turned and knelt behind a car.


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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:55 pm

March 9
The moment the countdown timer was activated

Illnesses were rare occurrences in Celestis. At thirty-five thousand feet above the surface of the Earth, most of the diseases just never became that airborne. The avians sat in their lofty fortress while the world suffered from all the colored deaths (Red, Black, etc). It wasn't until Celestis fell that they fell ill to the same diseases.

That's where Dr. Kuniyah came in. The human doctor had contacted the Spheres with an offer to help. He had worked alongside Avian healers to adapt human medicine. Apparently some saw this act of relief aid as treason.

A little birdy, well it was actually a really fat pigeon, had told Seinshun where the good doctor resided. A couple Flares had returned to the city with Kuniyah's preliminary data a few days ago, rendering Ethan's theft virtually harmless. Unfortunately for Kuniyah, the human had no current bodyguards. Seinshun glided through the back alleys as a courtesy check up call on the doctor. The birdman saw a suited man step out of the doctor man's apartment building but thought nothing of it.

The stormcaller thought it strange when the suit stepped behind a car and knelt down. He was about to come in for a landing when the building suddenly jumped out to meet him. The brick facade pelted Seinshun while the shockwave caused him to tumble backwards in the air. He corrected his position and parachuted to the street. The center of his chest was sore, but the battle armor had prevented any major damage to Seinshun's insides.

Clearing his head, Seinshun knew he had to find that human in the suit. There was nothing he could for Kuniyah except track down the killer. Seinshun unsheathed both of his shortswords and joined the hilts together to switch it into archery mode. He nocked an imaginary arrow on an imaginary bowstring. A blue-white line of electricity manifested itself between his fingers and the hilt of the two swords.

Now to find his target.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:46 pm

March 9
10:55 pm

A slight wind whipped along the top of the four story building, causing Vincent to pull his jet black cloak a little closer around him. He again cursed the fates, and the higher ups of Umbra who gave him this mission, that he had to be out here in Librium’s slums in the middle of the night. If anyone had asked him what he’d rather be doing he could easily answer with a list of activities with sleeping at the top. Of course, Mistress Eve never asked him wanted to be doing at specific times. She told him what she wanted him to be doing, and where he was to do it, and never stopped to think that he might have other plans. Not that Vincent had ever thought of crossing Mistress Eve, or Mister Dark, or Master Dawn. He didn’t know how high in the ranks of Umbra those three actually stood, but they were the ones who gave Vincent Harper his missions and they expected him to carry out those missions without a hitch.

Tonight’s mission was simple: eliminate a target. Simple enough. Without thinking, Vincent had asked why the target needed eliminating. With anyone but Mistress Eve he very likely would have been given a lecture about how the Enforcers didn’t need to know the details of a mission and that his focus should solely be on the objective. Mistress Eve, like Vincent himself, believed that information was critical in all facets of life. Indeed, that was what Umbra specialized in: the buying, or stealing, and selling of information. She had given him no more than the fond look a person would give a well behaved pet and sent all the information on the target to Vincent’s phone, which he was looking over once again right now. Apparently the target, one Dr. Dennis Kuniyah, was working on a cure for a disease decimating the Avians. A very worthy cause in Vincent’s opinion. The good doctor’s mistake had been intimating that he would work with Umbra on this vaccine, and then giving the results of his research directly to the Avians themselves.

“Naughty, naughty, Doctor Kuniyah,” Vince murmured to himself as he put the phone back in his pocket. He was only a minute or two from Kuniyah’s apartment now. Dropping a coin to the ground between his feet and Burning Steel, Vincent Pushed himself off the coin, propelling himself through the air to the roof of the three story building across the street. Blue lines invisible to all others dominated Vincent’s view, sprouting from his chest and connecting themselves to every source of metal within fifty feet. He instinctively knew everything that was at the end of each of those connections, whether it be a stray screw or a door handle. How he knew was a mystery even to him. Like his father, Vincent assumed it was just part of the ability he had. Before he landed on the roof he tossed another coin down and Pushed off that one, keeping himself aloft and moving.

A minute later found Vincent standing on the roof across the street from Kuniyah’s apartment building. He Burned Tin to enhance his five senses and scanned the area. There, a little ways down the street, were two people moving slowly. A man and a woman by the looks of them. Vincent dismissed them as just a random couple enjoying a late night walk through the slums; some people had to like it. His enhanced ears picked up the sound of wings flapping somewhere overhead, but the quick glance he took missed the Avian flying above him and he decided it was just a bird flying past. Before he could scan the skies better to be sure, a suited man walked out of Kuniyah’s building. He was obviously too young to be Kuniyah; probably just another tenant.

Vince stayed put for a few seconds, deciding the best course of action to take. He would probably be better off leaving Excelsior, the claymore strapped to his back, outside and using his Gemini knives. Much quieter and efficient for close quarters in a confined space. Just as he was about to unharness his great sword, however, all hell broke loose. Vincent found himself thrown backwards as Kuniyah’s apartment building exploded. The sound of the explosion was three times as deafening to his Tin enhanced ears, and for a moment all he saw was bright spots in his vision due to his enhanced eyesight. He quickly stopped Burning Tin to give his eyes and ears a chance to recover normally and ran back to the edge of the roof. The apartment building was half gone, and the remaining half was on fire. There was little chance anyone inside the building was still alive.

“What are the odds that that wasn’t directed towards Kuniyah?” He mused to himself as he scanned the street again. The suited man, the probable bomber, was gone from sight. The couple down the street seemed to be looking around for a possible threat. Looking around more so than a pair of civilians would be. Vincent began Burning Tin again, tuning out the roar of the fire right across the street from him. His eyes picked up the glint of metal on the belt of the pair. A badge. Terran Guards most likely. Vincent sighed; this night was going to be a pain in the ass. He couldn’t return until he was 100% sure Kuniyah was dead, but he couldn’t begin poking around with the fire and Terran Guards around. The slight sound of a blade being unsheathed jumped out at Vincent, mainly because the sound came from above him. Looking up he noticed the Avian flying around with blades bared and held in a very peculiar manner.

Vincent supposed he should get away from the explosion, or very likely would find himself being questioned by either the Guards or the Avian. Perhaps he should look for the man in the suit. After all, that man may very well have taken Vincent’s contract. Another sigh escaped him as he began to search from the rooftops for the bomber. This night was going to be a huge pain in the ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:39 pm

(OOC: I thought I'd get it moving! Mitch can come in at any time)

Mitch's response would go unheard of when the neighborhood shook violently after an explosion. The fireworks piqued her attention immediately, her lips curling back to reveal slightly pointed teeth. The Terran Guard's arctic gaze blazed gold with the flames that engulfed the building. Sulfur and debris rained down on the pair, as Bree gestured for Mitch to follow.

She broke into a run, sprinting toward the blazing building. Her strong sense of smell was dulled by the toxic fumes of the explosion, and Bree coughed, lifting her forearm to cover her sensitive nose. The combustion caused a crowd to form, pointing and chattering. She bit back her growl of irritation. People and their strange curiosities... Bree shook her head, slowing down. She moved to stand before the building, ready to block any who dared attempt to play a game with her.

The Terran Guard crest was visible on the right breast of her leather jacket. Her sais weren't out, but she made clear with her distinct voice that they should scream. "This isn't a light show. I advise you all to return to your homes and lock your doors. This is officially Terran Guard business." She left Mitch to handle the rest as she turned to look up at the building. There was no way anyone inside would survive such a catastrophe. It was a matter of finding out who was responsible.

Squinting her gold-flecked eyes, she would eventually recognize such a building. She hissed between her teeth when the revelation sank in. This was the home of the good doctor. Shaking her head, she chewed her bottom lip. She'd have to discuss this was Mitch at a later time. They now have an investigation to carry since they were the Terran Guards at the scene.

Waving the sulfur and ash from her face, Bree stepped away from the building once the streets were cleared enough. She glared at any lingering citizens, and shooed them away until she revealed her sais, gripping tightly the leatherbound hilts. "We may need to get a team here to find more evidence... I don't think we're alone here..." she murmured, and wrinkled her nose. There it was, something human, something close. She was starting to get used to being a werecreature.

It was then that her attention was drawn upward. An Avian made an appearance, causing Bree to grit her teeth. "Shit." She cursed beneath her breath. Only more trouble was coming their way. She did what was natural, she turned away from the scene and followed her nose, proverbial hackles raised. "I know you're out there!" The Terran Guard called out, earning the attention of the Avian and the hidden Other on the rooftop. She picked up her pace, her blades glinting, "you won't be hiding long." She leaped onto the trunk of the car, and moved along the surface to the hood before leaping onto the other.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:11 am

March 9th

Mitch started to approach his partner from behind, mouth half open with a response on his lips, when the a loud band and sudden light interrupted him. His face contorted in a puzzles look, taking the moment to wonder what the hell just happened. They were in the slums on a boring night watch. How or why they drew the short end of this stick he would never know. It was a boring duty that no one wanted amongst the Guard. Boring duties where not supposed to involve explosions.

“What the hell was that.”

He fallowed his partner, matching her pace as his hand reached down to his gun, unclipping it from its holster and drawing it. An experienced thumb quickly flicked the safety off. As he approached the scene he was looking around, noting the ground building, noting the general state of everyone, and noting the building now on fire. Hearing his partners voice he immediately dealt with the crowd knowing Bree would be sizing up the building and assessing what would be needed. He was on crowd control.

“You heard the lady, back off. If anyone is still standing here in two minutes I will haul them in for obstructing official Guard business.”

The thought of being put in handcuffs seemed to spur most of the crowd, vagrants turning around and going back to whatever they had been going before the night had been light up. He made sure to note everyone’s face, everyone’s body language. He took rapid mental pictures that he could go back and dissect when he had the time.

"We may need to get a team here to find more evidence... I don't think we're alone here..."

Mitch nodded in agreement as he turned around to size up the building now in ruin. It was going to be a giant Forensic nightmare to figure out just what happened within and he didn’t envy whatever tech was saddled with that responsibility. Just as he was about to put in his opinion on what lay ahead he watched Bree’s eyes first go up and then begin to scan as if she was a predator on the hunt. Jumping from one car to the next he let her put a little distance between them before slowly following, both hands cradling the gun pointed down to the ground, his eyes slowly moving around.

“We need to call this in. Though I would be shocked if we were the only ones to hear that building go up.”

A hand left the gun, reaching into an inner pocket of his coat and retrieving his cell phone. He flipped it open and automatically hit the button for dispatch. He spoke softly into the device explaining what had happened as his eyes continued to scan, backing up his partner in case she found whatever prey she was after.

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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:40 am

Kneeling behind the car as the first shock wave rippled through the neighborhood, Ethan placed shooting glasses on his face, tightening the strap around his skull to a snug fit. As the dust from the collapsing building enveloped him, Kelly took some quick steps in to the oblivion of grayness, his eyes now protected from the ash, cement dust, and traces of magnesium in the air. The magnesium charges had been his own personal touch, creating heat in excess of thirty-five hundred degrees Fahrenheit, nearly obliterating any evidence of the good doctor or himself.

Running through the dust cloud was a calculated risk. There was a severe deficiency in vision, but it gave him time to escape in to the shadows while the two Terran Guards were still controlling gawkers or were too busy gawking themselves. Making quick, short steps down the street, Ethan covered ground fast, making sure to keep himself on the edge of the dust cloud and not break out to the open space where he could be seen. After jogging a quick distance down the street, the sounds of pursuit behind him, Ethan slid in to a dark alley, retrieving his pistol and spinning a silencer on to the barrel.

"Echo Kilo on open channel. Status of extraction."

[Echo Kilo, a lot of chatter is coming over civilian frequencies. Discretion is key, extraction has been moved to checkpoint Omega. Acknowledge.]

"Omega! Negative...Omega is seven klicks north. Direction is south! Come back."

[Echo Kilo, negative. Extraction will be at omega in thirty minutes. Be there or you are on your own. Base out.]

Ethan cursed at the hissing static in his ear. Looking up, he saw an opportunity, and began scaling the fire escape on the building next to him, his silenced pistol secured in his waistband. Upon reaching the gravel lined roof, he bent over to take a quick breather and assess his surroundings.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:55 pm

Before he could acquire a target, Seinshun's view became obscured by fog. Except that it wasn't fog. The winged warrior squinted to keep the dust and ash from blinding him. He was trained to fight in cover like this, but this wasn't moisture. He eased the tension on the imaginary bowstring.

The mana from the electric arrow had to go somewhere and Seinshun knew precisely how to channel it. He extended his wings to almost their full fifteen foot span and pumped hard. The mana rushed forward into the gust and generated a good wind. He waited for the dust to clear before rushing headlong into any parked cars. He ran the risk of losing the bomber, but his health was more important. Even more important than avenging Doctor Kuniyah. He was helping the Avian race but he wasn't their only medical option.

Instead of Suitman, Seinshun saw Chemicalman. With no sign (yet) of Suitman, the avian set his focus on the newcomer. Maybe this guy was the actual bomber. Who knew, right?
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:40 pm

{OOC: Edited to correct Seinshun's postion}

“I know you’re out there! You won’t be hiding long.”

The female voice calling out the challenge stopped Vince as he was about to jump to the next rooftop. Looking down towards the street again he noticed the female Guard, confirmed a Guard by her shouts to disperse the crowd a moment earlier, jumping around on top of the parked cars on the street. How did she know he was here? He had to assume she had some sort of supernatural ability of her own. Perhaps she too had enhanced senses that she was now honing in order to find the bomber. Still no sign of the suited man whom Vince believed set the bomb, so she must be talking about Vince himself.

A strong gust of wind that cleared much of the dust above the roof level brought Vincent’s eyes back to the sky for a moment. As he looked up, the Avian dove towards the ground, landing gracefully. The winged man looked back towards the rooftops, however, leading Vince to believe he was seen during the landing. An Avian in the area was probably friendly to the doctor, possibly here to check in on Kuniyah. Vince doubted this Avian was pleased by the turn of events, and would probably begin his own hunt for the bomber.

“Burn me, I’m in a shitty position right now.” Vince’s mind began working quickly. It was now safe to assume that the Terran Guards and the Avian would be converging on him. And he hadn’t even done anything tonight! He could try and run, but outrunning a pursuer who could fly was difficult at best, especially when there were other pursuers on the ground as well. How could he divert the two of them long enough to escape? His ever present smile widened as a plan formed in his mind.

Not wasting any time he dropped the coin in his hand to the rooftop and Steelpushed off of it. Instead of Pushing himself across to another roof as he had initially intended, he aimed himself towards the female Guard. He had to fight his smile off of his face as he flew through the air. What he had to say to her wouldn’t be convincing at all if he looked happy. He painted pure terror on his face as he landed on the hood of the car the Guard was standing on.

“You’re a Terran Guard? You have to help me! There’s an Avian hunting me! He killed my friend and has been chasing me for four blocks! He’s over there!” Vince pointed towards the Avian still a little ways away down the street, still peering down in his direction. “I can’t stay in one place or he’ll catch me. Please help!” Without pausing to wait for a reply he Flared Steel and Pushed himself almost ninety feet into the air. Once airborne he Ironpulled himself to another rooftop via a large antenna. True to what he had told the Guard, he didn’t stop until he was a couple buildings down the street and, hopefully, out of sight of the Guard and Avian both. He didn’t look back to see if the Guard had believed him. He wasn’t sure how he would have reacted to such a plea, coming from someone as armed as he was; it wasn’t possible to hide the massive sword on his back.

As he landed he heard a voice from the alley in between his building and the one next to it. A rather agitated voice. “Direction is South! Come back.” As Vince heard the sound of someone climbing the fire escape, he pulled Excelsior from his back and grounded the point of the blade. With his right hand casually gripping the hilt of the sword he appeared at ease. He began Burning Tin, Pewter, Steel, and Iron, preparing himself as much as he could for any turn of events. He hid his surprise as the suited man from before climbed onto the roof. Maybe luck was on his side tonight after all, delivering the probable bomber right to him. His smile was back on his face now.

“A good evening to you, sir.”
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:08 pm

Bree checked on Mitch over her shoulder. The irritation for not finding the one responsible soon enough was evident on her features. Looking away, she leaped onto another cartop, the metal sinking slightly from the pressure of her landing. She was deliberately noisy. Her ears were straining for any footsteps that fell out of sync from theirs. It would be obvious to Bree who would be on the run.

"Mitch, I think it's best to keep your eyes on the Avian. I don't know what business he'd have here." She didn't have anything against the winged individuals. She was startled that one would be here, and for what reason. Did he know the doctor personally? Bree's theories were still that, theories, and she needed better proof and clarification. She was thankful for Mitch's presence to keep her on track. Sometimes, the were-guard could lose herself to her senses.

Like now, the residual dust made her nose wrinkle. Keeping the sais clasped in her hands, Bree was ready to strike when the opportune moment came. The Avian, nor the hidden Other male on the rooftop were her intended target. She thought she was getting closer, her ears straining for the hurried footsteps, and the static of a communicating device in use.

"Bingo." She was going straight for the kill, ready to leap off and dash toward the possible location when a young man, with an overgrown sword glued to his back landed on the hood of the same car she was perched on. Bree's eyes flashed gold completely, staring at the stranger who was either friend or foe.

Not only did the sword startle the Terran Guard, but the sign of terror on his face. Exaggerated movements followed him, and he pointed upward, toward the Avian that Bree had seen earlier. Avians striking in Librium? First a bombing, and now a possible murder. Bree's eyes narrowed dangerously. This was too much to go on for a city trying to keep peace as its main image.

"No wai-" Bree wasn't able to do anything, not even detain the supposed panicked warrior before he flew up and disappeared onto another rooftop. He left behind chemical fumes in his wake that made Bree shake her head. She backed away, and looked up to the Avian. She waved her arms and shouted, "don't shoot!" Quickly, she glanced to Mitch, wondering if he would pursue the leaping swordsman, or stay to deal with the Avian.

The Cheetah unfortunately could only think of prey at the sight of those wings.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:48 am

Mitch was starting to feel overloaded, and it pissed him off. First a bomb blowing up which caused a heavy dust cloud followed by an Avian blowing the thick cloud away and an unknown bomber getting away was enough. The man leaping from a rooftop next to Bree panicked was just the icing on this particular cake. He found himself starting to squeeze down on the trigger, the barrel of his pistol pointed straight at the new comers face. Thankfully at the last moment he stopped himself losing the chance to kill the man as he leapt away.

Closing his eyes he began to focus himself, filtering out the commotion around him and trying to focus on each piece of this kaleidoscope puzzle of crazy. In the blink of an eye he processed everything around him, remembering every sight and smell and regrettably the taste of the hazed air. He first clung to the reaction of Bree, the look as she had just found her prey right before her attention had been torn away. That was where they would start.

“We need to set priorities, and our biggest one is this damned building. You looked like you had a source right before whoever that was leapt down, follow it. I’ll take care of bird man and whoever the hell that just was, or at least I will try.”

He looked away from his partner, hoping the harshness in his voice hadn’t portrayed anger directed at her. In situations like this he was no nonsense and all business, and if anyone knew that it was her. The worry of coming off holier then thou was just something he was forced to swallow and dwell on later.

Mitch brought his attention on the avian above, his voice projecting across the distance between them.

“Sir….” Was it appropriate to call him sir? Hell is he knew. “Please come down here and answer a couple questions for me.”

While he waited for a response he continued to scan, eyes and ears open absorbing, hoping to pick up some minute detail that he can latch onto and make a leap forward in bringing this chaos to a close.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:38 am

“A good evening to you, sir.”

Ethan barely had time to breathe before he spun, sport coat flying, drawing his pistol and dropping to a kneeling position. A small red dot sat dead center on the speaker's chest, barely moving in Ethan's steadier-than-normal hands. Over the next two seconds, his enhanced eyes and brain send multiple checks and commands back and forth, evaluating the new person:

[Threat: Unknown, assess target.]
[Weapon: Melee, broadsword. Stance not know in any form of sword combat.]
[Distance: 12 meters, 3 shots possible before melee range: 2 chest, 1 head.]
[Threat: Minimal, obtain further information through vocal sub-processes.]


Ethan didn't move his hands, bright red laser barely moving over the man's chest, waiting for the other man to speak the approved codeword for this mission. Silence crept over them like a thick fog, the area in their immediate vicinity becoming the only area working in real time. Watching the man lick his lips in anticipation...or, was it boredom?

Is he....bored? Who the hell uses a sword anyway!?!

Hearing the shouts of the Terran Guards below as they searched for, well, him, Ethan stood slowly. Not letting the red dot leave the other man's heart, he spoke quietly enough for them both to hear, but not enough to carry.

"Let's cut to the chase: Who are you, and who do you work for?"

Of course, there was the third, unspoken question: Do you have a reason I shouldn't put you down?
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:14 pm

Nonsuit returned the stare, only to scramble for the newest set of rubberneckers. “You’re a Terran Guard? You have to help me! There’s an Avian hunting me! He killed my friend and has been chasing me for four blocks! He’s over there!”

{What a bold faced liar!}

Seinshun couldn't hear what else the hairless weasel had to say. He was too busy watching the hungry look of the female Guard. The avian had met a few human women that wanted to get down on his down wings, but this was not a carnal stare. It put him a little ill at ease. Nonsuit took off again, literally. IT was like clumsy flight. How typical of the wingless races.

"Mitch, I think it's best to keep your eyes on the Avian. I don't know what business he'd have here.

Don't shoot!"

{Just great. On the bright side, I don't have to head the investigation. Although I should probably stay on since I'm here.}

"Sir..." Seinshun quirked an eyebrow. He was way younger than the human partner. Then again, he did lead soldiers into battle. It was just odd hearing it from a human officer. "Please come down here and answer a couple questions for me."

The stormcaller disassembled his bow and put the blades back into their holsters. He folded his wings against his back since escaping was out of the question. With a quick nod, Seinshun strode up to the two police officers.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:33 pm

The suited man’s reaction was more or less what Vince had expected, and the speed and precision with which a gun was pulled and aimed at his chest all but confirmed Vince’s suspicions that this man had bombed Kuniyah’s building and taken his kill. Vincent didn’t move, or let anything show on his face. He kept his casual stance, though he was tensed and ready to swing Excelsior into an actual fighting stance in an instant if need be.

Mr. Suit studied Vince for a few moments before he opened his mouth to speak. In that few moments Vince wasn’t idle, however. As soon as he had begun Burning Iron and Steel he had become connected to every piece of metal within fifty feet of him by small blue lines, as thin as a fishing line and visible only to him, that sprouted from his torso. He instinctively knew what was on the other end of each line with but a mere thought: stray screws, door hinges and knobs, his own three blades. And the bullets in the gun pointed at him. With a very light touch, Vince Ironpulled the bullet currently in the chamber of the pistol. Just a few millimeters; not enough to notice what had happened, but enough that when the hammer sprang forward as the trigger was pulled it wouldn’t hit anything and the gun would appear to misfire.


Vincent didn’t answer immediately, merely continued his study of the man. Or rather, his study of the other metal sources the man had on him. Belt buckle and wristwatch, phone; those things were all expected. The knife strapped to his calf wasn’t unusual, or even completely unexpected. Many people carried such things these days, especially those who expected circumstances where a gun wasn’t useful.

“The codeword is putyourgunawayitisuselessrightnow,” Vince replied, a mischievous glint appearing in his eyes. He knew it might not be the smartest idea to push the other man’s patience right now, but he couldn’t help it. Vincent’s Tin enhance ears began picking up the sounds of pursuit. Oh well, he thought. It was only supposed to buy me a few minutes, anyway. Vincent noted how steady the gun stayed as the other man slowly stood. It almost seemed unnatural how little the red dot on Vince’s chest moved, even when the gun was moving. Vince began wondering if there was more to this man than his average gun.

"Let's cut to the chase: Who are you, and who do you work for?"

“I could ask you the same questions. I won’t, however, as we both know that neither of us are going to answer them truthfully, if at all.” Vincent swung Excelsior up to rest the blade on his shoulder and began pacing slightly as he spoke. “It’s a shame, really, how much attention the good doctor was getting tonight. Terran Guards and an Avian, who I’m sure had no ill intentions towards Kuniyah. And you, walking in the slums in the middle of the night wearing a suit and obviously knowing how to use that gun in your hands. It seems to me that I wasn’t the only one sent to kill tonight. I only want to know that the doctor is dead so I can get back to my bed and actually sleep tonight.”

Nothing had shown on the man’s face as Vince spoke. No matter; he was sure this was the bomber. “If we had the same objective, perhaps we can help each other out tonight. I heard you before you climbed up here. Sounds like your exit isn’t going as smoothly as it was supposed to. Only a matter of time before the Avian tells the Guards that I lied to them, and then they’ll be following me. Straight here to you. The woman doesn’t seem to be completely human, if jumping around on cars as she was is any indication.”

Vince stopped his pacing. His smile never waverd as he asked his final question. “The next move is yours. A truce, or do I cleave your head from your body?”
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:18 pm

Bree listened to Mitch. When her animal was restless, Mitch was the one who reminded her to keep a good head on her shoulders. They were two peas in a pod, and she understood too well the clipped tone of his voice as he made his order. She nodded curtly, hands gripping the sais tightly. She wished she had her gun in hand, but if it was a chase they wanted, then a chase they will get.

"Gladly. Good thing. Might turn big bird into early thanksgiving." She shook off her Cheetah's instincts to hunt. She had nothing against Avians whatsoever. Her animal was besting her in this horribly, messy game. She had to reign in tight the beast to remind it that Bree was in control. They were after human - two humans in fact.

She eyed the Avian carefully, with his weapon out the bird man looked ready to strike. When he complied, the guard finally made her move to follow the sword-user's trail. Her arctic gaze turned gold when she glanced upward to the roof he leaped off to. She needed to sift past scents, and with deep concentration and a heavy pull through her nostrils, Bree went on a run. She didn't have the height advantage when it came to jumping, but she was quick and agile on her feet.

Bree ran, wind blowing through her hair as she let the Cheetah take over for a few brief moments. Spots appeared along her neck, disappearing down her back as she followed human and gunpowder. Picking one of the buildings, she crossed into the alleyway and gracefully leaped onto the fire escape. Bree climbed up, muscles and sinews moving beneath her olive skin as she made her at a quick pace. The feline grace showed as she easily avoided any slippage, moving from one wrought iron balcony to the other.

It was near the roof that she slowed down to peer over. She couldn't help the catlike glow within the night to her golden specs. Frowning, she saw two figures, and there was the man with the overlarge sword. Slipping over and onto the roof, Bree moved across the space, steadily closing the gap. The Cheetah pushed her forward, forcing the guard to sprint. She could be lucky, or unlucky. Because of his abilities to sense metal - namely her sais, he might've been able to do something before she reached him. Would he notice her immediately? If she wasn't so lucky, then she was going to have to improvise in dealing with these two.

If she was, then by the time Vincent said his last words, Bree would have her sais out and crossed over his throat as she stood behind him. She glanced down at Ethan with a cold smirk.

"Not unless I cleave yours first." With her brute strength, there was no doubt that Bree could make these sais more powerful than they actually are. Her muscles tensed beneath her jacket as she eyed Ethan. "Run, and I'll find you again."

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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:41 am

Mitch let the arm holding his pistol fall slowly as the Avian complied with his order. He knew he could bring it back up in an instant but he wanted to portray a less aggressive attitude as a respect to the bird mans compliance. Keeping a slight distance from his subject he waited for his partner to be on her way before saying anything, allowing him to think. A man had leapt from a building and rambled on about being attacked before jumping off. If the suddenness of his actions hadn’t left him skeptical the weapon he had on his person sealed the deal. But to preserve his professionalism he wasn’t going to let it show.

“Please tell me who you are and why that man accused you of murder.”

His voice was controlled, projecting the authority his badge and gun could back up. It was a voice he had perfected after decades of practice and practical use and it served him well. He needed to know what the story was here, to unravel the now tangled web of questions and get to the truth. His partner would pursue her leads, and he would start with his.

“Why are you hear and what do you know of this bombing?”

His eyes held the Avian opposite him, telling the winged man before him he wanted answers, and he wanted them now.
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Burning Bright (Open)   Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:11 pm

The male Guard cautiously returned his weapon to his side. Seinshun could tell the human was more than prepared to bring it up again. But they both wanted to avoid unnecessary fighting.

“Please tell me who you are and why that man accused you of murder.”

{No introduction from you? Oh well.}

"I am Seinshun, a stormcaller with the Aurorals of Celestis." Stormcaller was more of a placeholder than an actual last name. "Either he was scared out of his wits, or was looking to shirk the blame on someone else."

The avian's wings folded around his shoulders to fight back the night's chill. It actually wasn't that cold out for the cloud dweller, but spending the latter half of his life on the surface had affected his thin blood. However, the wings were in a good position to cover Seinshun's arms for a sneaky attack if he needed to defend himself.

"Why are you hear and what do you know of this bombing?"

Seinshun returned the stare. Eye contact could be just as effective as a weapon. In this case, the stormcaller was merely expressing he was no coward. Unlike Vincent's charade.

"I'm afraid I don't know much about it. That complex used to house a Dr. Kuniyah. He is...was...could still be a physician who offered his assistance in providing my people with vaccines. The common cold barely affects you, but my people have rarely been exposed to it.

Dr. Kuniyah was afraid certain people may come after him. A Human helping Others. He was afraid something like this," Seinshun opened his left wing and pointed to the rubble pile with his left hand, "would happen. I was coming to do a welfare check." He looked at the former apartment again. "Apparently, I was too late.

I did see a man in a business suit exit the building shortly before the explosion. I lost him in the dust cloud that followed. When the dust cleared, my accuser was the first person I saw. Perhaps I was the first person he saw as well..."

Seinshun didn't believe that last statement, but he had no reason to suspect Vincent was behind the attack. That was for the Terran Guard to find out. Their jurisdiction covered major crimes like this one, especially now that payback for interspecies relief could be a motive.

"I know the Celestial military has no authority in this matter, Guardsman, but I offer my services in this investigation."

==Ethan: Let me know what details you would like Seinshun to give regarding your appearance to Mitch, assuming he asks. *cough cough, wink wink*==
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Ethan watched as Vincent studied him, two cold eyes similar to his own. They were calculating, judging, and critiquing; assessing Ethan's every movement, facial expressions, and emotional flag. The claymore wielder was smart, well-trained, and more dangerous than he looked: any man willing to bring a knife to a gunfight had to be....albeit a very big knife at that.

Seconds seemed to run for minutes on end while the two studied one another, after Ethan had barked the demand for the codeword. It almost looked like he was looking over the Paladin agent, seemingly finding all the things underneath his suit, however that may be possible.

“The codeword is putyourgunawayitisuselessrightnow,” Vince replied, a mischievous glint appearing in his eyes.

That isn't the codeword... He thought instinctively, raising his left eyebrow just a hair higher before realizing the man was mocking him. Letting his right upper lip twitch in to a slight snarl, he continued talking, finally asking his questions until he got his answer.

“It’s a shame, really, how much attention the good doctor was getting tonight. Terran Guards and an Avian, who I’m sure had no ill intentions towards Kuniyah. And you, walking in the slums in the middle of the night wearing a suit and obviously knowing how to use that gun in your hands. It seems to me that I wasn’t the only one sent to kill tonight. I only want to know that the doctor is dead so I can get back to my bed and actually sleep tonight.”

"So in other words, you want me to assure you the job was done so you get paid? Seems pretty cliche: catching me on a rooftop, threatening me with your sword, and asking me whether or not I did your job for you?!"

The sword wielding man continued, pacing now as he spoke. “If we had the same objective, perhaps we can help each other out tonight. I heard you before you climbed up here. Sounds like your exit isn’t going as smoothly as it was supposed to. Only a matter of time before the Avian tells the Guards that I lied to them, and then they’ll be following me. Straight here to you. The woman doesn’t seem to be completely human, if jumping around on cars as she was is any indication.”

Ethan had to smile at that. The man had some leverage and, fact was, Ethan really could use the ride.

“The next move is yours. A truce, or do I cleave your head from your body?”

Ethan had to hand it to the man, he had some serious cajones...either that or he was so cocky that he was borderline insane. He liked Vincent, and that meant that Ethan was going to get a ride, and Vincent was going to get to sleep in his bed tonight. As he opened his mouth to speak, a blur leaped over the back wall and slid behind Vincent before Ethan could shout a warning. The Terran Guard smiled at him cooly as he met her dark eyes.

"Run, and I'll find you again."

Ethan smiled warmly at Bree, for she had no idea what kind of hornet's nest she had trampled on. Meeting Vince's eyes for just a moment, he mouthed the word "Truce."

"I look forward to running...unfortunately, I don't think you'll be finding me."

With a slight flick of his wrist, the red dot shot up from Vince's chest to Bree's forehead. With a quick wink at Bree, Ethan pulled the trigger...

What the...?

...only to hear the click of hammer slamming in to nothing. Pulling the trigger a second time made the slide come back and click awkwardly. A gun jam. Unbeknownst to the Paladin agent, Vince had actually saved the Terran Guard's life with his bullet trick. Chuckling awkwardly, almost as a deescalation, Ethan raised his arms in the air. Holding his pistol in the air with its barrel in the air, he tried to talk his way out of this.

"Well...Ma'am. Seems that little joke wasn't funny. I will just relinquish myself of my weapon...and you can take us in to custody."

Ethan let the pistol slip from his hand, and he quickly clamped down on the barrel. In less than a second, he hurtled the gun in a rotating motion towards the duo. He was strong enough to hurt, and with his augmented vision, he could hone in on his target. The pistol spiraled end over end before slamming in to Bree's forehead in nearly the same spot at the red dot had been.

The sickening thud of bone on metal rang through the night as Ethan sprinted over to the duo, ready to take the next step in finishing off the Terran Guardswoman. Fortunately, she crumpled to the ground in a heap, leaving Vincent standing without a scratch. Bending over to retrieve his pistol and clearing the jam, Ethan gave his new partner a look.

"I have a feeling you did something to my gun. I want to know what...but later. I have one more thing to do before I grab your ride."

Pulling a card from his jacket pocket, Ethan began writing a note on the back. Seeing Vincent's quizzical look, Ethan explained as he wrote.

"Never let a little thing like murder, or attempted murder on a Terran Guard get in the way of a good time."

Showing Vincent his note, he slid the card in to Bree's leather jacket by her bosom. Lastly, he grabbed a single sai and slid it in to place behind his belt in the small of his back. Reaching out a hand to Vincent in friendship, Ethan introduced himself.

"Its always nice to keep souvenirs. I'm Ethan, Paladin Corporation...and you can sleep easy, target is down...."

"...also, shotgun."

==OOC: The card is simple white. On the front is black lettering that reads "DENIABLE COVERT ASSET." On the back of the card, it is written in script:

Sorry about the headache, but it had to be done. Wish we could've met on better circumstances. I'll return your weapon, but you'll have to find me like you promised.

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Vince was patient as he waited for an answer to his questions, a slight smirk still on his face. He had no doubt that Ethan would choose truce over combat; he seemed intelligent, though a tad stiff, very no nonsense cut and dry. This was exactly why Vince was enjoying playing around with him. Vince guessed he was a military man before the war ended and placed his age about a decade older than himself. Ethan smiled slightly and as he opened his mouth to respond, Vince suddenly felt new sources of metal enter his fifty foot radius. Blades of some sort, on the same level as them and moving very quickly towards them. Vince had just enough time to heft Excelsior off his shoulder and begin to turn when the two blades crossed in front of his throat, stopping him mid-turn. The voice he heard made his smile widen.

It was the female Terran Guard; definitely not a normal human to have covered the fifty feet that Vince could sense her as fast as she did, and he could feel strength in the arms around him holding those blades. Vince relaxed his muscles and assessed the situation. She had him pinned, two blades to his throat and inhuman speed. Vince thought that with Pewter he’d be able to counter her, but his Pewter reserve was about to run out. He had been Burning it the entire conversation with Ethan. Without Pewter, the best he could do would be to Steelpush the blades away from him, but Pushing was always in a straight line from the center of his chest, and with the blades above his chest, that meant that Pushing them would move them upwards, probably straight into his face. It was a pretty predicament this Guard had put him in.

Well, he could always try to charm his way out of the situation since he didn’t know what Ethan would do. Had the roles been reversed, with Ethan caught by the Guard and Vince free, Vince would have already been gone, leaving the other man to fend for himself. He began talking, never taking his eyes off of Ethan.

“Well hello there, Miss Terran Guard. Now what did I do to cause such a violent hello from you?” Vince’s voice was a contradiction, innocent yet laced with sarcasm and arrogance. “I’m sure I’ve done nothing to upset the Treaty of Terra, and I do believe that you may be out of your jurisdiction here.” Vince caught the word ‘Truce’ Ethan mouthed. Instead of answering Vince, the Guard kept her eyes on Ethan.

“Run, and I’ll find you again.”

Rude, ignoring me like that.

"I look forward to running...unfortunately, I don't think you'll be finding me."

Ethan flicked the red dot of his gun’s sight from Vincent’s chest up to the Guards forehead and pulled the trigger. The gun misfired, as Vince had planned when the gun was pointed at him. Ethan laughed a little bit as he raised his hands into the air. Vince was just thinking that the other man wouldn’t surrender that easily when Ethan hurled his gun almost quicker than Vince could see even with Tin enhancing his vision. The thud of metal on bone sounded right next to Vincent’s ear as the pistol slammed into the Guard’s head, causing her to crumple in a heap at his feet.

Ethan closed the distance between them as Vince rubbed a hand along his neck. She had been close enough for him to shave with those blades, sais now that he could see them, but they hadn’t nicked him as she fell. “Well thank you for that.”

Ethan nodded at the thanks. "I have a feeling you did something to my gun. I want to know what...but later.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just a simple swordsman. How could I have done anything to your gun without actually touching it?” Vince tried to make his voice as innocent as possible, which in and of itself would tip Ethan off that he was being lied to. Vince was aware of that, but he didn’t care. “Are you ready? Her partner, and possibly the Avian, could be headed our way, and I’d just as soon be away from here when they get here and wake her up.”

“I have one more thing to do before I grab your ride.” Ethan pulled out a little white card and began writing on it. Vince was slightly puzzled, but didn’t ask anything. He laughed out loud at the other agent’s next line, however, and continued laughing as he was shown the note. When the note had been placed on Bree’s unconscious body, and been relieved of one of her weapons, Ethan stood and extended his hand. “I’m Ethan, Paladin Corporation…and you can sleep easy, target is down…also, shotgun.”

After this little incident, Vince didn’t see any reason that Ethan would be lying about his name or affiliation, and didn’t see any reason why he should lie to Ethan either. Taking Ethan’s hand he gave a quick shake. “Vince, Umbra Corporation. I guess I should call in that ride.” Releasing Ethan’s hand he strapped Excelsior to his back once again and pulled out his cell, hitting the speed dial that had been programmed for this mission.

“How can I help you, Claymore?”

“I need a ride for two, close to my current position.”

“A vehicle is already on the way, a block south of you. Reports of an explosion in your vicinity prompted us to believe you might not be travelling in your usual way. Is the target dealt with?”

“Yes, the target has been taken out via proxy. Explanation to the Three when I return.” Vince hung up the phone and motioned Ethan to follow him to the fire escape. “Car is a block to the south of us waiting to pick us up.” He pulled a coin from his pocket and flipped it off the side of the building as Ethan started down the fire escape. Vince merely stepped off the side of the building and slowed himself with gentle Pushes on the coin. The two agents quickly began moving, hoping no one else would catch up with them. They could be out of here in minute with no complications.
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Bree was in no mood for fun and games. She was a Terran Guard after all, and she wore the mask of seriousness like it was second skin. Her arctic gaze bore down coldly at Ethan as she held her sais in place, crossed beneathed Vincent's neck, and close enough to nick his Adam's apple. "It seems that you have a problem." She said when the bullet didn't fly as it intended.

Vincent's remark made the Cheetah rose behind her icy oculars, slits for pupils as her teeth sharpened with her agitation. She was already riled up enough as it was, and his smart comment wouldn't have helped his situation any. Unfortunately, Bree was unaware of the truce that suddenly fell between them. While the bullet didn't meet her between the eyes, something else did.

Cold and hard, the brunt of the blow sent her head snapping back. The gold faded from her eyes as she stared up at the ceiling, before oblivion spiraled down around her. While Bree could withstand most blows, a critial jab to her forehead was enough to send her down. Any animal dealt with the same blow would've gone under as well, or fall under a daze. Eyes glazed over, Bree collapsed onto her back, sais slipped out of her grasp.

She was going to be pissed to know that one of her sais would be missing. Worst off, a card would be placed in her pocket. The nerve...

The scent of both males would be branded in her memory. They were going to have a Cheetah on their hindquarters soon.
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Eyes Burning Bright (Open)
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