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PostSubject: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:25 pm

One ... two... buckle my shoe.

Bent over. She did just that. Buckled her shoe. Black mary jane's lay on her feet, and the silver buckles were bright against the shining sun of the day. The kind of day that Kiri Nihara lived for. The strawbery blonde's hair was down and falling close to her ankles as she secured her strap. Singing the song out loud in a sing song voice.

Three... four...shut the door.

Shoe fixed she moved on. She was wearing a bright pink dress. Baby doll in style it fell just past her butt before it stopped. So if she bent over, and happened to buckle her shoe again one would see her matching bright pink ruffled panties. She wore nothing over the strapless dress. Though over her left arm was a white and pink and black polka dot umbrella. Just in case. her shoes were white gogo boots.

The girl, Japanese in nature, stepped into the store. Bells above signalled her entrance. The store was nothing special. But still, she was bored. Bored girls went shopping. And shopping girls had fun, therefore eliminating the boredom!

Five.. six... pick up sticks.


Every girls tasty dream. Especially with whipped cream. She prefered icecream sundae's when she could get them. But today, the coffee bug had hit Kiri hard and she was ready to feed that need. She ordered herself a strong iced coffee, and while she waited, she levitated some cinnamon sticks. They swirled in the air. Playing around. Like they had some sort of life of their own. She giggled happily. Dancing, jumping, spinning around and dancing with the cinnamon sticks.

"What are you doing?! Girl!" the woman behind the counter asked seeing the strange little girl dancing with cinnamon sticks.

Seven ... eight... lay them straight.

Kiri's attention was caught. She stopped moving, facing the woman behind the counter. She watched as the woman stared at her, glaring at her. The cinnamon sticks were still floating but now they all lay flat and straight. Pointing at the woman, hovering menacingly over Kiri's shoulders.

"I am dancing! Dancey dancey! It's a great day!" Kiri answered brightly.

Nine .. ten... a big fat HEN!

The woman was not pleased. Hands on her hips, she motioned for Kiri to put the cinnamon sticks back where they belonged. Kiri grinned. The little girl grin fell off her face replaced by something a bit more mennacing. Something that certainly wasn't reminescient of the girl that had been dancing moments ago. With a flick of her hand, and a few whispered words the cinnamon sticks began to shoot through everything in the room. Breaking glass bottles, sending mugs crashing to the floor, swooping around the woman standing there screaming and causing her to spill some of the coffee the associate had been making for Kiri.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:17 pm

The heat the sun beat down on the world was intense today and everyone seemed to be trying there best to beat the heat. Daven however seemed to be at home in the weather and walked along the sidewalk with a smirk on his face watching the cockroaches scurry about there daily lives. He was wearing a white button down shirt which he let flap freely in the wind to expose his rather well sculpted chest. His legs were covered in a pair of black jeans and he wore some white sneakers on his feet. His hair was in a messy style on his head but that was the style for guys with semi long hair it seemed and so that was how he kept it. He rolled a toothpick from side to side in his mouth as his feet carried him along.

He walked past a few shops before he stopped and walked backwards to look in the window of a coffee shop. He saw a rather tasty looking woman standing there with cinnamon sticks swirling around her. He licked his lips and decided that she looked like the kind of treat he could go for today and made his way inside in time to here the lady behind the counter telling the girl to knock it off. He raised an eyebrow and smirked deciding to get in on the fun.

"Im not sure what your problem is with the little lady having some fun but I suggest you ease up a bit. She isn't doing anything wrong is she? Is it cause she is Asian? Are you prejudice against her for some reason? I think ill have to let my lawyer know."

The woman seemed a bit confused but dropped the subject and Daven walked over the the girl with the sticks and gave her a little arm bump and a wink. He walked up and ordered an iced coffee extra light extra sweet and paid not only for his drink but Kira's as well. He went to introduce himself and that's when the sticks started flying about the room. He reached out quickly and grabbed them all from the air a tight grip on them after there little romp through the shop and he walked over to Kira.

"If you promise to play nice ill let them go. Im Daven by the way."

He smiled to her and offered her the hand that held the cinnamon sticks with the hope that she would understand he was playing nice and teasing the others by giving her the sweet weapons. He let her have them and held out his hand in offer to shake hers. He took in every curve and smiled not sure what he would do with her first should he manage to get his claws into her.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:27 pm


Kiri whirled around. The cinnamon sticks poised at the woman's throat. Not all of them though! Only three! Three of them that were somehow going to be powerful enough than to just beat a woman senseless with spice!



He was hunky. Chunky hunky chocolate sauce. Might be tasty with some chocolate sauce too! But he was the kind of guy trying to be all nice. Of course. Buying her coffee was a good start. But Kiri was the kind of girl that was a liiiiittle more eccentric than the normal people.

Most didn't like her! Go figure!!!!!

Kiri's eyes followed the man in the white shirt and black jeans to the counter where he ordered his coffee and bought both of theirs. Then caught all her sticks in the air. He was scolding her!!!


Kiri pouted.

Oh that little pink colored lip could really pop out there, and her little puppy dog eyes looked up at the man. She was short. Even in the shoes that she wore. Strawberry blonde hair hung in lovely curls and waves down her. And with her style well.. it was best if she didn't bend over. Really it was.

Or... really.. maybe it wasn't.

"Promises promises, promises are boring, and I don't make promises I can't keep!"

Kiri grinned, with a giggle and a little bouncy step she retrieved her coffee from the woman behind the counter and the circling Cinnamon Sticks of Doomage finally fell to the floor. The woman let out a sigh of relief and hoped that the evil Asian Demon Child would leave soon.

"You got muffins!?" she asked the woman. "I want a muffin! Oh wait! Do you have a lollipop!? Yes, that is what I need, a lollipop."

"I'm sorry.." the woman began, "we don't sell those."

Kiri pouted again. "WEll.. well you should!"

...someone buy the poor girl a kitten, the pout was a weapon unto itself.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:47 pm

The girl was fucking adorable and it made Daven went to eat her up right there on the spot. No really he wanted to fucking eat her with a side of mac n' cheese at the moment her pout lip came into view and her eyes got all big and puppy like. He simply smiled to himself and shook that thought from his mind as he decided right there that she would be much more fun alive then dead especially as she leveled the cinnamon sticks at the woman behind the counter in a threatening manner.

They got there coffee and he nodded as she started throwing a hissy about wanting a lollipop and Davens grin only got wider. His car was parked not to far away and he was not sure how far she lived but he could spend some time with her and offer to drive her home after. That was where he would make his move and try to seduce her of course. First however he needed to spend some time working with her and so he moved to the door and opened it for her.

"Ill get you a giant lollipop if you want. I kinda wanna get to know you and I am here and now kinda guy so what do you say we have ourselves a little date?"

He waited for her and closed the door as she seemed to be exiting the shop at the same time and he was not sure if she was going to take him up on his offer. The dress she wore was short and he found himself starring at her legs for a moment before snapping his attention back to her face once again and remembering he never got her name.

"Im sorry but what did you say your name was?"
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:54 pm

No lollies in the stupid coffee shop.

How dumb!

The man. Daven, his name apparently.


Kiri giggled at her mental rhyme as she stepped out. Giving him a nod of thanks for holding open the door for her. SO GENTLEMANLY! He was all buff and heroic. Like a price from a movie! She needed a tower and long hair! Or a shiny shoe! Kiri had those.. shiny shoes!

Then he mentioned a date!


Kiri bounced down to the sidewalk from the threshold of the shop and whirled around. Hair and vibrant pink dress whirling around her until she stopped. Looking at him. Her eyes looking over at him as if she was picking out a piece of fruit at the market. Was he ripe? Oh yes. Was he ready? Oh yes. Was he nummy? Hmmm that remained to be seen.

She still needed a lollipop.

Flicking her wrist at the front of the store front bright pink letters wrote on the glass window in what would be the consistancy of spray paint. EVIL BITCHES WITH NO LOLLIPOPS!

Then she returned her attention to the Ravenator. Ray-dog. Something. She would come up with a nickname for him in due time. He asked her name again, and she was still mulling the date idea. Though impromptu date did sound fun. Who knew what kind of mischief she could get into!

"I'm Kiri! Kiri Nihara, mister Daven. And I came here to get my tasty coffee, but they didn't have lolli's and I really weally want a lolli. If you can take me to get a big Lolli like they have at the candy store, then I will give you a date, Mister Daven, sir." she blinked those big eyes up at him with a little playful childlike smile on her face.

She was innocent. Sure.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:30 pm

Stuffing his hands in his pockets he smirked at her reply of requiring a lollipop to go out with him. He shrugged and headed in the direction of the candy store not saying a word at first. She seemed cute enough but the more she spoke the more she seemed a bit touched in the head either by birth or by the power she had. It was strangely erotic for the hell spawn he had to admit but who was he to judge right? This was the guy who dismantled people for fun and stuck there organs to walls in alphabetical order after all. He turned to see if she was following him as the candy store was not to far off and in the window was lollipop about the size of his chest.

Should she have followed the short distance he would hold the door open for her once more and follow in behind her. Stepping to the counter he would point to the lollipop in the window and motion his head to it. The girl wants a bit ol' lollipop and im gonna buy that one right there so just give me a price and grab it for me. Two guys came from the back as the bell was rung and headed to the front to get the lollipop as Daven pulled out his wallet and set down a few hundreds on the counter.

After a few minutes they got the lollipop free and offered it to Kira with big smiles. It was maybe fifty pounds or so and he was sure she would manage carrying it and if not he would take it. Heading to the door he held it open for her once again and stepped out into the streets with a smirk. He turned to regard her as he stood there and raised his eyebrow.

"So is that good enough of a lollipop for you?" He really didn't care because in truth if she wanted something else she was going to be S.O.L. and he would head off to find some other form of entertainment for the day. He was really only after one thing at this point and it was to get under her skirt and that thought alone brought a smirk to his face. He turned back to focus on her one more awaiting some kind of answer.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:55 pm

On The Good Ship Lollipop.
It's a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Kiri took off after him. Bitty, on her leash, dragging uselessly behind. The pink leash was dirty, but the stuffed cat that was on the end of the leash looked like it probably carried every disease possible. Bitty was Kiri's one and only friend and companion. Kiri might be a liiiiittle nuts! But she didn't really care either way. She was here to have fun. Good fun, bad fun, in the middle fun. Fun was fun as far as Kiri Nihara was concerned.

The jingle jangle of the bells above.

Kiri hopped it and Bitty barely escaped being fodder for the candy store door. She rushed across the room like a little girl. A skip, a hop, and there she was in front of the wall of candies. Opening the large candy bin she didn't bother with the stupid metal scoop.

Who would want a scoop!

Digging her hands into the collection of gummie bears she began to eat them. Little bear by little bear. Biting off their heads and tossing their bodies back into the candy bin. Once the handful was officially decaptitated she moved on. Her hand flicked at the rolled up paper candies on the wall. They suddenly spooled out and hung from the ceiling like birthday streamers!

"Candy day!" she exclaimed happily.

Grabbing a big clear plastic bag. One of those things ready for candyin' she began to fill it with large scoops. Running around the entire building. Grabbing up anything that was lose and would fit in the bag. She tied it off and threw it on the counter and went back to playing. Candies!!!

She flicked her hand again, and the little gummie worms began to crawl out of their bins and crawl around on the floor. She swore she heard the 'Flight of the Valkyrie' playing in her head as they did. Some little girl screamed and bolted for the door as Kiri giggled and the gummie tarantulas and bugs began to do the same. Soon the walls were crawling with the gummie treats as if they were alive.

Lemonade stands everywhere
Crackerjack bands fill the air
And there you are
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.

"Do YOU know how many licks it takes to get to the center of this bubble gum pop?!" Kiri asked the man behind the counter with wide bright eyes and an innocent nature that was a bit scary all together. The man shook his head. "Oh. Shame. You should know your work better. I might have to make a demand for new employment here."

Rock candies lifted up and ran past her, she caught them and licked the bottom of every single one before they flew at the man and got stuck in his hair. She did the same thing with a hand ful of runts which also stuck to the man's hair while he couldn't move as if he was tied down.

"Learn the candies! Or live with the candies!!! Ohhhhh GIANT LOLLI!!"

Her attention turned from the man as Daven payed for the largest lollipop she had EVER seen in her life. She hefted it up on her shoulder. Like she was carrying a gun. Grabbed the giant bag of candy and looked over at the man.

"Buy one, get one free!!!!" she giggled as she held up the HUGE bulging bag of candies and followed Daven out onto the street again. Bitty dragging behind, surprising as it was, that his fur hadn't come completely off with as nasty as it looked. She tilted her head to the side and pulled one of the lolli's she had put in her hair and tossed it in her mouth. She was saving UBER Lolli for later. When she could really enjoy the sugar-ness.

"Yep! Thank you SOOOOO much! Best Lolli ever! Where are we going now? I've never been on a date before!"
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:10 pm

He marveled at the chaos the girl seemed to love causing and he figured that a normal date that he might take someone else on would bore the girl to death and drive him further from his goal. He had to think fast at this point and come up with a whole new plan in regards of what to do with her. He rubbed his chin a moment and snapped his fingers with a smirk looking down the road. "Wait right here ill be back in a moment." Against his better judgement he walked a few feet and turned down an alley and took off full sprint which carried him to his silver bugatti. He jumped in and started her up and a few moments later he pulled up in front of Kira with a smirk.

"Hop on in but for the love of god don't get candy all over it please." Once she got in he would peel out the back tires driving smoke into the air and kicking up dirt before the car took off down the road. He turned down a few streets and the car of course being a classic at this point was being stared at by people everywhere it went. He had what he figured would be the perfect date in mind for the chaos causing candy lover.

They pulled up to an old building that seemed abandon for years now and he turned the car off and stepped out looking it over. "Our date is going to be a mission that I came up with." He smirked and pointed to the building that was before them. He knew she would catch on as he explained that this was more of a roleplay game like kids would play maybe house or war.

"This is the base of captain candy crusher and his wife the coffee hater. Our mission is to destroy there base of operations and save candy land from there evil deeds. They plan to steal and destroy all the coffee and candy in the world and so it is up to us to stop them!"

He figured that playing a game along with destroying a building would make her happy and he would get to have some fun destroying the building and seeing the extent of the power she had. Turning to her he gave her a nod as if ready to begin the game and rushed at the door kicking it off its hinges and sending it flying into the darkness of the building.

His voice raised as he screamed out "Your days are numbered Captain Candy Crusher and Coffee Hater! Kira the Candy queen and her sidekick Daven are here to end your evil lives!" He turned to her with a smile and waited for her to lead the way as he gave her the nod to show she was now in control of the mission.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:30 pm

Standing in one place. Waiting.


Kiri waited though. Sucking on her lollipop she hummed softly. Do a little dance, swing a little hip... get down right here.. get down right here. Kiri was hyper, she also slept like the dead when she finally allowed her body to conk out. In her sea of stuffed animals, voodoo dolls, and magical stickers.

Daven needs a sticker!!!

What kind though.....

Kiri would have to decide so that she could give him something. Cuz.. he deserved one. When the squeal of tires came around the corner she saw Daven behind the wheel and she giggled. A CAR!!!! Shame it wasn't made of chocolate though....

But.. she had to be nice. He WAS taking her on a date.


...at least a little.

In the car, they spun off and Kiri put her feet on the dash board. Bitty was on the floor laying on his side. She was sucking on her lollipop. The bag of candy was on the floor too. He told her not to get candy everywhere and she pouted but stayed quiet. She didn't do things meanly on PURPOSE.. most of the time... besides.. Daven might get angry and take her giant Lolli away! And then she would get mad.. and a mad Kiri was not a pretty Kiri.

They pulled to a stop outside the building and she grinned as she got out. Leaving, everything behind but Bitty. Putting the half finished lolli in his cup holder to save for later she got out with him. Dragging Bitty behind her as she walked and he explained the game. Her eyes lit up with every word.

"Wait! You need the right.. gear!"

She ran her hand over in his direction. And he was suddenly in BRIGHT ELECTRIC BLUE SPANDEX. With a bright red belt around the waist and a water gun on his hip that would shoot juice from it. She grinned and waved a hand over herself. Suddenly, she and Bitty were dressed as well. She was in a tiny bright neon pink mini-dress that sucked to her skin and white tights with white boots that came up to her knees. Bitty was dressed in dark blue with a pink cape. Kiri's weapon of choice was a giant lollipop axe. She grinned and rushed into the building after him.

Skidded to a halt.

"I am KIRI THE AVENGER OF CANDY LAND and my amazing side kick and hunk of this television show....DAVEN THE DOOMBRINGER!!!!"

She held her lollipop axe up in the air and screamed...


They raced up the stairs of the small two story building and she was already enjoying herself. She skidded to a stop again, and whirled around. Slicing her axe through a wooden support wall. She giggled as the roof began to creak and moan. It was only a matter of time! Captain Candy Crusher and his stupid and unfortunate looking woman Coffee Hater!! They were going down!!!
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:41 pm

Looking down at the blue spandex he suddenly had the urge to light himself and the building on fire but seeing her have so much fun pushed that thought to the side as his date idea seemed successful. As she swung her axe Dave would punch and kick at the walls and as cracks would spider through them and chunks would fly out to land in the alley below. They were having a grand old time destroying the place when he had another idea and smirked to himself removing a matchbook from his pocket he struck one and held it to a piece of wood and then a second. It took a few moments for them to both be engulfed in the flames but once they were he stood perfectly still and began to concentrate.

The flames danced higher and higher as he focused until they slowly began to raise into thin pillars. After a few more moments they grew limbs and began to look like fire elemental's of sorts. For faces he made the flames disperse slightly to form see through sockets for the eyes and a small see through slit for the mouth. They two began to actually walk in the direction of Kira and Daven called out from where he was standing to alert her to the danger that was not stalking after her. It was rather ingenious he had to admit but it was very difficult and he couldn't move while he focused on them.

"Kira behind you they are coming to sneak attack you! He still didn't move because he was to focused on keeping these damn things moving and not falling to the floor in regular old flames. He was sweating from trying so hard but they were still moving and lunging at Kira here and there but very slowly and from what he had seen she would have no trouble taking them out. They were only about five feet tall each and only about as thick as lamp post but they were good enough to play the villain in there game.

"They have some kind of magic Kira and im frozen solid!Your gonna have to save me! Daven was not one to play the weak and helpless role but he was the sidekick in the game and the sidekick always got stuck in this kind of situation right? So he would play it up so she could be the hero of the story and save the day as it were. He watched her slicing through the air with that lollipop axe and did his best not to laugh at the comedy of it all as he kept his little elemental's moving.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:00 pm

Kiri whirled!


Red hair spun in a graceful arc around her as she narrowed her eyes at the two flame beings that were keeping her Daven on the other side. Away from her. Frozen stiff.


...mmmm tasty...

Kiri looked over at Daven and then back at the two fire beasts that were coming at her. The lollipop axe was good and ready. Ready to kill some flamey guys with some amazing sugar attack.

"Sweet Drop Death Ray!"

Kiri shouted at the top of her lungs and she swung the axe down on the first of the beings. The magic that she put forth came out in a ray of candy colored rainbow death energy. Or she liked to think it was death energy. At the same time. She picked Bitty up and threw the little stuffed cat at the other fire beast, only to get his barely visible fur cinged as he fell useless to the floor. Go Bitty!

"My name is KIRI!!!!" she cried out with a great big scream and whirled and fought with the second death fire being. Oh yes, this was a battle of amazing desperation. To save the soul. To win the battle. To live to fight another day, all in the goodness of someone's little heart. Not Kiri's, but someones.

Kiri demolished the second fire beast and she rushed over to Daven.

"Oh! Oh are you okay, Daven? Do you need a revialized drop? Do you need some health potion?" she asked as she looked into his eyes with innocent yet happy eyes.

So fun!
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:43 pm

Daven watched Kira swing her axe at his creations and watched them fade away from there current form but the flames remained and when she managed to rid herself of the second one that was when Daven decided to put on a pit of a show. The flames from the now 'dead' elemental's jumped from the ground and around Kira to strike Daven in the chest and surround his body in there embrace. He drew the heat from them so he wouldn't burn himself and as Kira got closer he focused all the flames to his back and shaped them into firey wings!

It was rather nice looking if he did say so himself but he concentrated harder and after a few moments the wings faded and the flames were snuffed out. He stood there still as Kira approached even closer and was asking him about potions and health drops or something. He grinned and quickly made a move to kiss Kira fully on the lips. It was a bold move and he wasn't sure how she would react but he knew that if she was made he would have one hell of a pissed off candy loving, coffee crazy Kira on his hands.

He moved back when all was said and done and searched her for some clue or facial reaction to what he had attempted. Licking his lips he took a step back and watched her smaller frame for any kind of sudden movement or use of power that he might have to be weary of. They were having fun on there little date but from what he could tell she could switch her mood in a heartbeat and while Daven was in no way scared he was still careful when dealing with others who had power like her's.

Everything slowed down and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop three floors down. He was ready for just about anything at this point and his eyes continued to scan her for a few moments and while all of this seemed like hours since he went in for the kiss it had only been a few seconds."Having fun so far?"a smile curled on his lips and he simply waited.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:36 am


They were gone! The fires! Ha! Kiri was the amazing defeator of the fires! She grinned as she watched them RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!!! Back to Daven where they wrapped around him.


Then he was a fire angel. And, Kiri found herself quite impressed with the whole thing. But she was ready! Because he might need a health potion. She had some liquid candy in her bags in the car! She could use that as a potion, and she nearly summoned it out of the car when he leaned forward and she was kissed!

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your PRINCE!!

Frog or Prince?

That remained to be seen!

"Kissy Kissy!" she chirped with a bright smile.

Obviously, not minding the kiss she spun away, and slung her axe onto her back. The building was empty. They had defeated the beasties! He asked if she was having fun, and her lips curled up in a smile. For a moment, the happy demeanor dropped, and the cold hard killing kind of Kiri surfaced. The more serious calculated one. Then she giggled and nodded.

"Yep! Lets go back out and take this sucka down Davie Jones!!" she laughed.


Waving her hand their outfits they were suddenly pirates. Her candy axe became a blunderbuster that would shoot gumballs, and she also had a made herself a jagged sword out of rock candy. Daven was also now in his pirate gear.

"Down we go maties! We take this ship, and we blow her to smithereens!" she growled and began running back down the stairs with her blunderbuss blowing holes in the walls with the hardened gumballs and jawbreakers!
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:00 pm

He followed Kira down the stairs as she fired her gun off breaking holes in the walls here and there. He was not a fan of the pirate outfit but he couldn't do anything about it at the moment so he just kind of went with it. Every now and again he would give a swift hard kick to a support beam and knock it out causing the building to rumble slightly. He could still hear Kira giggling and laughing and having oh so much fun taking the place apart and finally he was moving out the front door to face Kira.

"One good shot to the support beam over there will bring er' down right and truw cap'n!" He gave his best pirate voice and pointed the to beam that was to be shot. He did not stick around to see the building fall but turned his back on it and headed for his car. Opening the trunk he pulled out a fresh pair of clothes and began to change out of the pirate costume that she had managed to magic onto him, After the change he turned back to see exactly what had become of the building as he moved to the drivers side door.

Opening the door he would sit down in the seat and call back out to Kira. "Is there anywhere you want me to take you? Today of course is about how much fun you have so we can do anything you want Kira.." He was getting hungry from all the candy that had been flying about but he was doing what he could to hold off that hunger in the interest of getting to know the crazy woman a bit better.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:47 pm

It was time to take this SUCKA down!

She whirled. Her pirate skirt whirling around her. Like a pinwheel! She glared at the building. As if it was pissing her off. As if it was her enemy.


Raising the candy blunderbuss she aimed, fired, and FOOOOOOOOOOOM. Down went the building. She reached up with her hand. Creating a small barrier around them, allowing the debris to rush around them instead of against them.

When she turned, she frowned.


He didn't ask to change clothes, he didn't ask if she was done with him, and she could have changed his pirate garb back into the clothes he had been wearing earlier. Had she wanted to. That made her mad. She shrugged at him. As she waved her hand and the clothing she had been wearing dropped and now was replaced by the clothes he had met her in.

"I .. don't know. How about... ummm..." she tilted her head to the side. Finger tapping against her chin as she thought. Walking around to the car, she picked up her bag of candy. Some of it sticky because of the sun. She forgot about the lollipop that was in his cup holder and opened her bag digging out a few pieces to munch on right away.

Sugar. It feeds the needs.

"You know what! We should go somewhere with animals! Like puppies! I like puppies! Bitty doesn't though." she picked up the worse for wear stuffed cat and pet it as though it was a real cat. "He's never been very happy around other animals. He's very skittish I think." she shrugged. "But he needs to FACE HIS FEARS!!" she nodded and popped Bitty with the back of her hand and let him fall onto his side on the floor of the car again.
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PostSubject: Re: MAYHEM AND COFFEE! (OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!)   Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:07 pm

The site of the candy in his cup holder did not make him very happy but it was something that could be cleaned easy enough so he would not mention it. She was energetic which was good but he had to wonder if the candy was a good idea because adding it with her already high level of energy could only spell trouble. Shrugging it off he nodded to her announcement of puppies and laughed when she smacked her stuffed cat to the floor. Hitting the gas and shifting into gear the car sped off down the semi dirt road and they were off and running.

He wondered if all of the running around and what not would pay off in the end for him and the thought of taking her for a few hours and making her scream was one that excited him and refueled his desire to see this through. It was a few minutes before they pulled up outside of a pet shop and he parked the car with a smile and got out. Making his way around the front of the car he would open the door for the chaotic witch before heading inside with her.

"Hopefully today is the day Bitty will get over his fear of puppies." He moved to the front door and pulled it open before sweeping his arm foreword for her to head in first. He would follow soon after and the sounds of dogs barking, birds screeching, and kittens meowing would fill the air around the pair. The noises grated on his nerves but he hid this fact well as he followed her around the shop.

He had only known about this place because he came her on nights where he felt lazy and would by a cat or a puppy to feast upon before returning to sleep. Flesh was flesh to the demon and although humans tasted better he did have his lazy days even though they were rare. He eyes a few of the puppies petting them softly and smiling to himself but also keeping an eye on Kiri and making sure she was enjoying herself.
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