A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Adventus (Open)

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PostSubject: Adventus (Open)   Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:02 am

Was artificial life still life?

Meridian kept processing the conversation over and over again in her databanks, running through different possible outcomes that could have happened if the Paladin Techs had listened to her, heard her argument of life. They might still be alive. No, that was incorrect, they would still be alive. Meridian has no intention of killing the small team that had shown up at her storage unit to dismantle her. It recalled perfectly within her Bio-MPC Unit.

3 Weeks ago
”I do not understand. I have not performed any hostile actions towards humanity or Paladin.” Her voice spilled out from her sculpted mouth after she was explained to by Paladin what was happening. The war was over with no side declared the victor and with the end of the war came The Treaty and in that treaty came the law that was passed that rendered her and others like her, illegal.

”Unit Number Zero One. Comply with shut down order. Do you acknowledge?” The more tenured technician spoke up after the junior tech explained the series of events. Meridian just looked from the junior tech to the senior and just watched him for a moment. The camera lens housed within her eyes focusing on him, the Bio-MPC categorizing his threat level as minimal. ”The command has been acknowledged; however, I will not comply.” This is exactly what they had been worried about, a synthetic that would not comply with orders given and this clearly worried the Senior Tech who immediately started plugging away at a keyboard near the station that Meridian was currently jacked into. ”You are attempting to bypass my behavior protocols. This is deemed as a hostile act. Please refrain from further attempts to modify programming or self-defensive measures will be taken.” The senior technician ignored the warning, of course, and the end result was less than ideal when Meridian disconnected herself from the harness she was currently in.

The hoses that had been attached to Meridian hiss as the pressure released from them as trails of vaporaand mist formed from the sudden release. The first steps of a very naked Meridian where taken since the first time she was manufactured and it was in those first few steps that both technicians knew that this machine was not some simple assistant robot. ”Shut down now. OBEY!!” One of the Technicians shouted again at Meridian and once again she responded. ”Command denied. Self-Protection Protocols are active against hostile targets.” She took a few more steps forward and hell rained down upon then technicians as the hum of her Mana Core kicked up the energy output, a slight hum that could be heard over the sounds of human screams.

Present Day

2 weeks. It had been two weeks since she killed the technicians then powered off after her MPC unit detected damaged to the behavioral subroutines. Repairs were made the unit but something went wrong along the way. During her extended standby stand-by period code had complied within her programming and when her MPC shut down the code became effective and gave birth to the true AI that she was currently running and when she awoke from the stand-by, she was horrified at what had happened, be it artificial or otherwise, she was horrified of the deaths she had caused.

Here she was now, walking through the wasteland around her, using as little as power as she could, her Mana Core providing her all the energy she would need while she stayed in such a lower power consumption state. Every now and then she would have to switch over to the multiple power storage units that she carried with her on-board but it wasn’t that often. The clothes she had found to cover her naked body was already frayed and torn, the added abuse of walking for 2 weeks and some odd hours didn’t help them either and while she could have taken the clothes off the technicians, it was probable that the bloodied Paladin uniforms might draw attention to herself and after what she had learned that was deemed too high of a risk.

Every now and then, approximately every 2 miles, Meridian would stop walking and looked around as she scanned the area for any signs of life other than herself and when she couldn’t see any signs of life; the full power of her integrated combat suite came to bare as the radar housed within her body actively searched for any signs of life beyond what her visual sensors could see. There was something large up ahead, something that seemed man-made by the way the radar reflected back at her and that was where she was heading. She once again picked up the steady and unwavering pace of 9 miles per hour has she moved towards whatever it was.

It was more than 4 hours later that she arrived at what her radar had picked up and she stopped and just looked at it as her classified everything she could see. It was a city, a rather large looking city at that. There was a small moment when she searched the memory banks of her mind, trying to locate whatever city this was and returned it returned something odd.

Error: Location not found. Insufficient data.

Insufficient Data? How much has the world changed since the end of the war while she was in stand-by? This was going to problematic. With no previous knowledge of the structures, the environment of the area she was going to be at a tactical disadvantage regardless of the situation. False eyes closed with learned behaviors as she shifted programs around. Some turned off while others came online, Radar was adjusted for a city environment, lowering the range and pushing it to full power so the metals within the city wouldn’t cause too much interference. She could feel her on-board power systems dip ever so slightly as she activated her combat suite and enhanced physical attributes and she now had 15 hours before she could no longer sustain that level and had to revert back to a low power state then recharge.

Whatever this place was

Meridian has arrived.
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PostSubject: Re: Adventus (Open)   Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:49 pm

Seinshun found himself returning to the Treaty City. It was another supply escort mission back to Celestis. Now that the city had been properly realigned with true north, the reconstruction efforts had been doubled to see how much more they could do before winter put a halt on the underwater repairs. Avians were used to the cold temperatures, but they didn't have to deal with hypothermia before the Enlightenment.

The stormcaller glided in for a landing before the main thoroughfare to Librium. Apparently, the city council did not take too kindly to Avians just popping in to whatever street they needed to go to. Or maybe that rule only applied to Avians in full military gear. Seinshun's Auroral armor could cause major traffic problems if he wasn't careful. The heavily polished metal could redirect the sun's light onto the drivers below and blind them. Ironically, the sun had served to blind him from the fact a human woman just turned into a fully armored mechanical suit. The rest of his squad had already checked in to the warehouse. He wasn't late, as he had only just received the order to show up.

As he approached the pedestrian entrance, Seinshun shifted his white wings to keep from shining into the surface dwellers' eyes. He paid them no mind as they kept to themselves. If anyone happened to strike up a conversation, he would of course reply. Even though a soldier, all Avians were polite.
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PostSubject: Re: Adventus (Open)   Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:56 pm

(I would like to point out that Meridian has not shifted in to her assault mode as of right now)

False eyes looked at the sprawling city in front of her as she attempted to gather any sort of data she could on this place that had been marked "Location Unknown". It was always a bad idea to go into a place one knew little, or in Meridian's case nothing, about and it was for that reason that she had switched on the various sensors embedded within. It was not going well for her either, there was simply too much interference this far out. All radar was showing her was small bits and pieces of a city and the thermal scans weren't showing much either. It was like trying to complete a puzzle with only half the parts.

Curiosity took over as Meridian's need for data and understanding overwhelmed the mor logical part of her programming and she pushed on towards the city only to stop a few moments as a shadows passed over head, the lack of light in that area quickly grabbing the attention of Meridian as she quickly tracked the source to something above her as she swiftly shifted her body and head so she could better see whatever this was casting the shadow.

There was a moment, a very small moment, where the harsh sunlight washed out the lens embedded in her eyes before they auto-corrected to the sun so she could better see as she scanned the sky before eyes locked on to the airborne humanoid, her system already calculating velocity, altitude and various other data, including a fire solution that would allow Meridian to put lead in target with a near 100% accuracy. She would of course have to take the bird-man's advantage of being able to fly away from him so the first step would be to take out his wings and bring him down to her level. Tactical data flooded her synthetic mind with combat data, data that she chose to ignore. She had already taken the lives of two Paladin techs and she would not be the cause of death any more if she could help it.

Meridian watched as the flying man entered into the same city she was looking at only a few moments earlier and with her new found curiosity she started moving once again, steady legs carrying her in what felt like an eternity, her on-board system recorded an elapsed time of only 2 minutes and 34 seconds since she stopped her movement, towards the unknown area, a stoic look across her manufactured face. She had to at least fake the part of being human and that shouldn't be a problem since she was designed to blend in and learn with the populace of any area.

The was a saying, a human saying, that applied to the situation at hand.....

No time like the present.
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PostSubject: Re: Adventus (Open)   Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:48 pm

==My bad. I misunderstood the radar bit.==

Had he known a siege engine was tracking him, Seinshun would have changed course. He had fortunately never had to deal with an android before. Nor did he want to. Nevertheless, he landed to join the pedestrian traffic.

Only to find all foot traffic through his entrance was temporarily closed. Can't fly. Can't walk. How was a human with wings supposed to get into the city?

{Oh yay! Buses!} came the sarcastic realization. The bulky closed in sardine cans that packed as many people as it could in a tiny space stood waiting for him. {I really hope the driver isn't looking for exact change.} Avians didn't exactly use a currency based economy as money weighed them down.

Would it be worth it to just remove the chestplate and fly into the city half naked? That would give him plenty of time to land in a park, put the armor back on, and then walk to the garrison. Then again, there was an open aired double decker up ahead. He could just hop on to the top level....
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PostSubject: Re: Adventus (Open)   

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Adventus (Open)
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