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 Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)

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PostSubject: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:00 am

What better way to hide than out in the open? Daven's connections allowed them the luxury of this penthouse suite that overlooked the city filled to the brim with humans. Adrien stood in the balcony, enjoying the winter wind against his already cold skin. His lips were slightly parted, eyes pale green as he took in the inky night, the few stars, and the lights within tall buildings, aspiring to be closer and closer to Him. Adrien's lips curled downward at the thought of Him. Yes, the one with the capital H. He lowered heis gaze, which took on a more leery hue of yellow, seeing down into the crevice and cracks of the city, noting the imperfections within the picture perfectness Bastion tried to live to. Daven had chosen the perfect dwelling to spread his influence. Adrien found himself uncaring of the Big Plan, as long as he had his fill. All Myr wanted was to eat, eat, eat, and to eat without a fuss, though a game of chase was never boring.

Alabaster hands spread along the balustrade of the balcony. The young male, seemingly young, but only by appearance, wore a loosely buttoned white shirt and fitted black slacks. As usual, his feet was bare. He could traipse the world without shoes, and his feet would remain pale and unscathed. The benefits of possession; you take on the characteristics of the one who possessed you. Adrien hadn't been the boy in the orphanage for a long time. His humanity was long gone, actual body dead, if it weren't for Myr's complete possession. The boy no longer existed, and that left the demon lacking in many experiences, especially that in relation to human emotions and sensation. Hunger was the most prevalent, and Myr lacked a sex drive. Lust was never something the demon was capable of experiencing, not until the fateful night he met Sabre.

That, had been interesting.

Adrien frowned slightly, as he pondered what went on that night. She had successfully disrupted him from his meal, and a trill of sensations attacked him from her influence. He had felt something that not even Adrien as a human had experienced. Had it been arousal? There had definitely been something that reacted physically, and while Adrien managed to stave off the lust, he had certainly felt something akin to it. His long fingers, which belonged to the hand of a musician, swept through his short hair. His thoughts continued wandering.

The suite was different from the crypt he usually slept in - a soft bed, and other furnishing. He usually lived on the fringe of life, because he was a demon, and considering what kind he was, there was little he actually needed. It was too fortuitous that thoughts of Sabre would have him smelling her. Oh, she was a delicious creature alright. A demon stemmed of Gluttony would find one of Lust. Two of the seven sins coming together. It was too rich.

His eyes moved, but he did not, still facing the city and its glorious facade of perfection. "Sabre." He spoke her name thickly. A slight grin touched the corner of his lips, and he would turn his head to fully take her in with his leering yellow eyes. "Will you join me in the balcony?" He had so many questions to ask, oh so many.
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:42 am

The lap of luxury was not one that Sabre was terribly opposed to living in. For so long, she'd been deprive of such a life. Her borrowed body's homeland was not the most luxurious of places to live, nor was the old man who had taught her the ways of warfare here on Terra. Ever since the war had ceased, she'd lived well enough, but nothing quite so extravagant as Daven preferred.


A king size bed, down pillows, and a full bar in the living room were not things that she would be so quick to turn down. Especially after reuniting with the maniacal demon and his hungry pet. Not that Adrien was an animal of any kind, but he did have an almost innocent, puppy-like demeanor to him that she found quite adorable. Until he opened his mouth, of course...

At the thought of the young demon, she found her mind distracted from the book in her hands. Raising her crimson eyes, she sought the boy out. She found him quickly enough - the breeze coming in from the open balcony door could only mean one thing, after all, since Daven was not at the nest for the time being. As she watched Adrien's backside, she couldn't help but slowly pick out the bits she liked, as well as the bits that could use a bit of... work.

'So much for that book...' she thought to herself. Sighing, she set the thick volume onto the coffee stand beside her and stood from the chaise lounge. Not wanting to disturb the young man quite yet, she moved towards the kitchen. Restraint was not easy, especially after such a dry spell. A drink would do the demoness some good. Elegant fingers reached towards a tall bottle of clear liquid, wrapping around the neck and pulling it towards her. A tumbler resting on the counter served her purposes well enough, and she poured herself a healthy portion.

She downed the drink in one swig, hissing out a breath as the fiery liquid ran down into her stomach. As her hand lifted to refill the glass, the sound of her name being called stopped her. Her crimson gaze rose to meet his yellow orbs and she allowed a soft smile to grace her lips. He was beckoning her to join him on the balcony. Her smile widened and she let go of the bottle and glass. So far as she knew, the hungry demon had to love of alcohol, so there would be no point in offering some to him.

Her hips swayed in their natural fashion as she walked out towards the balcony. It was a subconscious thing, but if it piqued the young man's curiosity, she would consider it a plus. So far as she could tell, the young demon was... different. He didn't seem to have the same sexual drive that she and Daven were both filled with. Perhaps she could change that.

Grinning wickedly, she finally stopped as she reached the young man. As she had no plans to leave the penthouse this evening, she was dressed in a simple crimson teddy. It fell just low enough to be considered decent. The crisp winter air outside and her lack of will to figure out Daven's heating system had urged her to don a light house coat, which covered much more.

"Yes, Adrien?" she asked, resting a hand on the balcony rail. Her eyes turned to take in the view of the city below. It was breathtaking from such a height, but she knew all too well the dirt and grime that was hidden beneath the bright lights. Sucking in a deep breath of the cool, wintry air, she returned her gaze to Adrien, waiting to hear what he wished to speak to her about.
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:54 pm

Like Sabre, Adrien was drawn to the comfortable aspect of this suite. Not to mention that the demon made special accomodation on Adrien's behalf. He was in his most vulnerable state when asleep, and while a soft bed was something he wasn't entirely opposed to, the built-in the floor 'coffin' was better. It was a personal steel enforced vault that kept him safe and all manners of light and threat out. The bed was only there as furnishing for his room, but the 'coffin' located within his walk-in closet was where he truly rested. The coffin... His lips curled with his amusement at the thought. He was so different from a vampire, but the similarities were there - for he wasn't at his best in the day, and when he slept, he slept like the dead.

With all musing aside, Adrien's thoughts revolved around the one thing that puzzled him. Lust, or Love. Both paralleled the other but often crossed over boundaries. They were emotions he'd never experienced, but seen happen. Like the male he'd feasted on the night he met Sabre. Adrien could smell the arousal, but such feats did nothing to stave his hunger. His sex drive was virtually non-existent, because Myr's hunger was literally of the flesh, and not sex. But then, Sabre came into the picture. She was very much a fiend like he was, but she had managed to affect him, even if the sensations were slight, they were still something, and that surprised him.

He didn't need a second set of eyes behind the back of his head to feel her crimson gaze raking his form. Adrien was a beautiful specimen, but he wasn't built like Daven - completely like a man. Even with the muscles, he was still slight and stuck in his youth, which was something Myr did not mind. Who would ever think to suspect a face like Adrien to kill and eat people? Adrien smirked, but didn't yet turn until she was closer. When she finally answered his invitation, his yellow eyes took in her form. Red was his favorite color, and she wore it well, from her hair, to her eyes, and to the crimson teddy that clung to her form.

He understood that she was beautiful. What he didn't understand was how the sight of her could affect him, as if he was still human. That wasn't possible since the boy was long dead. Myr held no emotional reserve for anything, except for the obvious hunger and satisfaction. As a fiend, he knew the ways of temptation, he knew of the seven deadly sins, being a creature born from one of them. It should be of no surprise that Gluttony and Lust could cross paths, but it didn't cease to do so now. He was puzzled, more so perplexed. Sabre was the embodiment of love and lust, just in all the wicked ways.

"There has been no man or woman who could entice me, because I feel nothing. Yet, you have managed to do something to me with a touch. How?"
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:42 pm

Fiend senses were always much higher than those of the humans they possessed. Sabre had no doubts that Adrien had heard her, but he remained facing the city until she reached his side. When he did turn, she couldn't help but take a good look at him. His face was young, but his eyes told a different story. The demon within him was older - perhaps not as old as she or Daven - but it had seen more than the boy it had chosen.

The young demon's obsession with the color red was a point of amusement to Sabre. She, too, loved the color, but preferred to show it off, rather than simply ogling those who did. His eyes clung to the teddy adorning her figure a bit longer than the rest of her for a few moments, and she couldn't help but grin knowingly. He was just too adorable for his own good. And with her, that was not necessarily a good thing.

Her crimson gaze focused in on yellow one, listening intently to what he had to say. For the first time, he was opening up to her. It wasn't much, but it was something new, at least. His admission was an interesting bit of knowledge, and she couldn't help but instantly ponder over all the ways she could introduce him to the feelings her touch could elicit. A sly grin slid across her lips, and she opened her mouth in order to voice some confessions of her own.

"Well, you already know I'm just as fiendish as yourself. But, my... hungers..." She drawled the last word out, letting the fingers on her left hand walk their way over to him. Raising the hand, she cupped his cheek gently and let out a quiet, throaty chuckle. "...are different from yours," she began to explain, sliding one long finger down the young demon's cheek before retracting her hand.

"You see, Adrien, I am a succubus. While you regain your energy from feasting on the flesh and bones of humans, I enjoy a different sort of meal. Inside of every creature, there is a certain... energy. Coupled with the ecstasy of, well, coupling," she chuckled at her own little joke, shooting Adrien a wink, "it fills me up through and through."

She paused for a moment and turned her attention towards the brightly lit city. At this hour, she was usually prowling down amongst the mundanes in search of a good meal. But the suite Daven offered was just so comfortable. And besides, she was rather enjoying the time spent watching and learning about this new demon. He was an oddity, but in her crimson eyes, that was a compliment. Daven was your run-of-the-mill demon - in it for himself, lusting after power and bloodshed. The only different between him and most every other fiend she'd come across was the fact that he was capable of doing most anything he set his wicked mind to, while others always fell short in some aspect or another.

Adrien, though... He was a new breed of demon all on his own...

Finally turning back to Adrien, she let out a small breath and continued. "As with your victims, mine are not always quite so willing. And so, I have certain... abilities... that assist with those who are more immune to my natural charms."

A faint grin played on her ruby lips as she let her words sink in to the young demon. The urge to reach out and introduce him to her abilities again passed through her mind, but she refrained for the time being. He'd already admitted that he had, indeed, felt something the last time she'd done it. She couldn't wait to see just what could come of it if she actually put some 'oomph' into it.
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:28 pm

Each demon was different, but their origins were the same. They were born of some sin, or another, and often, these sins overlapped. But for Myr, it was different. While he was familiar of all the sins in the world, he did not act on any compulsion, because he lacked the incentives, or the want to. That was the problem. He craved blood, flesh, and the power that came from consuming a living entity, but he did not experience any other cravings that others like Sabre and Daven indulged in. He did not desire sex; neither did he felt the need to expend a release, although Daven had joked about his lack of a drive on a number of occassions.

A theory came to fruition as Sabre spoke. Her voice would be magnetizing to a human. Somehow, it managed to pull him in by the slightest. He was drawn to her, like he was drawn to classical music, and a perfect voice. He couldn't yet register it as lust, because lust was not an emotion he'd experienced before. "Hungers." He echoed quietly. He stood still as she cupped his face, without breaking contact with her eyes. Opening up to another demon would've never been on his agenda, because he hadn't a reason to work with others before. This was a new and odd occurence on his behalf, but one that he did not mind. Curiosity spiked his senses, and gooseflesh rose upon his cold flesh until she retracted her hand.

A sense of understanding settled with Adrien upon her explanation. She fed by drawing upon the energies of other. He came to appreciate her correlating his hunger for the flesh, for what she needed. Their want of the flesh was completely different, but how she fed, was what perplexed him. Mainly, because he didn't think that 'coupling' would achieve any nourishment for a demon. He had always perceived it as a past time. Myr was completely from a different world, aware of other demons and what they may represent, but that didn't mean he understood how demons go about certain ways well.

"Hmm." He turned away from Sabre to survey the night, once more pondering this new bundle of information. That theory solidified to a "what if" question. What if he could momentarily curb that hunger for the flesh and bone of his victims? Was there to forgo his appetite with something else? Like... this coupling for instance? Could it also keep him satisfied for the time being? Sex was not a past time he had ever indulged in. In the past, he had watched and experienced no vicarious pleasure when Daven had his way with women.

Finally, to break the growing silence, he looked to Sabre again. "I would not say that they are willing. I need to exert some... effort, since I lack what you can do." He drew closer, hip nearly brushing as he breathed his last question, "would you show me?"
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:09 am

The stillness with which he stood as she spoke would have been eerie had she not known he was not just a human as his young body suggested. She was glad to see bumps rising on his arms as she touched him, however. It was good to know that he wasn't completely immune to physical affections, despite his mental lack of desire for them. A slight pout tugged at the corners of her lips as the goosebumps left his pale arms. If she wanted to elicit the goosebumps again, she knew what it would take, at least.

As he turned away, she found herself following his gaze to look over the city again. The view here was absolutely stunning. A light breeze lifted the curls resting on her shoulders and she inhaled deeply. Down below, she knew the air was thick with smog and the stench of human waste. But up here, so high, the air was cold and clear. Truly, she could breathe here. That was reason enough to stay with the maniacal fiend that was Daven in itself.

Despite the young demon's lack of an initial response, Sabre didn't move to continue the conversation. She'd given him quite a bit of information to mull over - especially if he'd never heard of her specific type before. Given the looks of thought that continued to flash over his face, she'd be willing to bet he was new to her race of fiend. A virgin to them, if you will... Her grin was wicked, but she quickly checked herself as his voice broke the comfortable silence that had filled between them.

"Of course not. But that is why you have an enhanced strength, am I right?" she mused. As he swept closer, she sucked in a quick breath. His hips were dangerously close to her own and she could feel the heat rising beneath her pale flesh. Though his human form was at least a few years younger than her own, he was almost as tall as she.

Height had never stopped her before. Hell, most of the females she wrangled into her bed were shorter than herself. Granted, most of them were more breakable than she imagined Adrien would be...

She paused when he asked her to show him. One part of her wanted nothing more than to just grab the young man by the collar and pull him towards her. The close proximity he'd put them in did nothing to lessen that half's desire. On the other hand, however, she knew he was not accustomed to her way of doing things. If she were to, indeed, show him, she would need to take it slow. The balcony would not be the best place to do that, however.

Slowly, she reached towards him. Her fingers wiggled their way into his hand, closing around it and tugging lightly. "If you insist," she purred, a grin forming on her lips. Her strength was not so puny as her thin arms would lead one to believe, and she used a bit of that inner strength to pull him after her. Having seen the odd, coffin-like structure, he chose to to sleep in, she decided that if he did manage to warm up to her, they'd have to take things to her room.

For now, though, the couch would suffice.

Plopping down onto the leathery surface, she tucked her legs up under herself and faced Adrien once he was seated. "So, just what exactly would you like me to show you?" she asked, a playful grin tugging at the corners of her lips.
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:50 am

Adrien's lips curled, "You are correct," he replied, tone laced with amusement. His most powerful asset were his jaws, which she had been granted the privilege of seeing, and... kissing. When he stepped closer, he watched her carefully with a cant to his head. His eyes had changed to a lime green, still standing out in the dark like pearls of envy. He wanted to test this boundary, considering the way she sucked in a quick breath, however subtle it might be, he had noticed. He had an understanding of the effects he had on people, especially those of the opposite sex. Such an understanding he had used to his advantage, because even a demon who lacked a sex drive could still thrive in the art of manipulation.

He maintained eye contact, but breathed in her scent, sifting through the difference between her femininity and arousal - he could feel it, the heat, emanating from her fair skin. Curiously, he lifted his hand, fingers curling in so that his knuckles brushed along the curve of her hip. "But my 'enhanced strenght' has its limit." His amused smile turned bitter. The day, how it hindered him and made him... human.

Mild fascination ran along the chiseled contours of his visage. Did the slightest brush affect her? Did he hold some kind of power to make her fair skin redder, her breath ragged, and heart racing? Her. Not other women he had hunter, but this sexual demoness. But her, the succubus, Sabre Galweigh. The male lacked any sense of seduction, though charm had been a self-taught form of manipulation. Years. Myr had years. But years did not open him up to the notion of wild, reckless abandon. Sex, in other words. Temptation of the flesh. He was over all fascinated by the concept, by how people and creatures alike can be driven mad with desire and pure, carnal lust.

Would she show him? The question was almost innocent, especially when expressed by someone with Adrien's looks. His gaze carried a burning intensity to know.

He would have any one of his questions answered this night. He would make sure of it.

If this had been a conversation between two humans, things would be different. Humans had heart. They were also gateways to a plethora of emotions, experiencing sensations that heightened when lust, love, and desire were involved. Perhaps if Adrien McKinley had a normal, decent life, he might have been a young man looking for love, even in all the wrong places. But Adrien was not human. And he did not look for love. A human, to him, were looked at as meals, or a means to an end. They either entertained him, or served a specific purpose for a specific goal.

Sabre was not human. And after learning about what she was, and what she could do, Adrien as a human would not have stood a chance against her feminine wiles. However, he did see her as a means of gaining knowledge. He wanted to know more about what she could do. He wanted to experience for himself the pleasures humans lived and died for. What drove them insane? And why? Myr had lived long enough without that kind of suffering, not until he met her.

The gooseflesh returned when his cold hand wrapped around her slightly warm appendage. Was it possible that what he was going to learn tonight will warm him as well? So many questions... and it seemed that he'd have to be patient. He allowed her to lead the way, back into their warm abode. He watched her take a seat first, head canting once more to the way the silk flowed over her curvaceous form. Not long after, he lowered himself on the couch. He leaned back, head turned to her as his hand rested on his lap.

"Is that the tell tale question? Where is the heart beat? He smirked, "apologies. Your question had inspired some literary reference." He then twisted his body slightly to fully face her, "do you not know?" he whispered, lime green eyes taking on a more yellow stare. "Show me how it begins. I want to know. I want to learn."

Because once he had a better understanding of what this was about, then perhaps he would be able to lessen the feral intensity of his hunger.
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:50 am

When Adrien informed her that she was correct about his strength, she only barely managed to contain the scoff. Of course she was right. When was she ever wrong? Not wanting to seem an arrogant bitch to her new companion, however, she decided to keep her lips shut. His knuckles on her face had been a surprise, but she'd somehow managed to keep control of her own hands enough to not begin ravishing him right then and there on the balcony.

Humans were always good to snack on, but Others were so much more delicious to the demoness. Supernaturals tended to be much stronger than their mundane counterparts, and could therefore last much longer with a woman like herself. The only human she'd encountered that could satiate her thirst was more of an enhanced version of his race, to the point where she didn't even consider him human sometimes. A slight grin filled her lips at the nostalgia, as she allowed herself a momentary daydream of some of the not-so-human feats she and her "human" had performed over the years.

Crimson eyes flickered back to Adrien as she felt him finally sit down on the couch beside her. He was a quiet young thing, unlike Daven, whom she sometimes thought spoke so much just so that he could hear his own - albeit, sexy - voice. Adrien's eyes had shifted to a new color while they were out on the balcony, but Sabre was only now able to get a good luck at them. Where once yellow eyes had stared out at her, a pair of vibrant green eyes now glowed, fascination and a desire to learn evident in the lime pools.

Sabre couldn't help but wonder what exactly was going on inside that pretty little head of his. Perhaps someday she'd found out what it was that hungry demons like himself thought about. Was he still mulling over all that she'd told him about herself? Was he trying to decide what sounded good for a late night snack? Or was he thinking about something else entirely?

The way he'd watched her sit had been curious and almost adorable. When most of her lovers watched her move, it was with a predatory glint in their eyes. Adrien had only looked at her with... was it fascination? No. More of just an avid interest. Either way, his eyes on her form did not elicit a blush as it probably would for most human females. While they found the body to be a reason to be embarrassed, she openly reveled in her own.

Years spent fighting in the war had only added to her already lithe physique. She'd gained some scars in her time, but most wounds healed completely after a feeding. Only the ones she'd been unable to regain energy from quick enough had remained - the biggest of which was a foot-long line from a laceration up and across her back. Not many had the pleasure of seeing her scar, of course. It was not something she was terribly proud of, but nor was she ashamed of it. Battle wounds were nothing to be ashamed of, especially when they'd been gained fighting against such disgusting creatures as humans were.

Her disgust for the human race was not something she hid, but she did quell the negative emotions that tended to boil whenever the thought of those damned creatures crossed her mind. Adrien's voice helped bring her back to reality and she smiled thoughtfully at what he had to say. His body was not facing her, but the way he was reclining would make it that much easier for her to crawl over into his lap when the time came. And if she had anything to say about it, the time would come.

One thin brow rose at his comment about literary reference, but she grinned nonetheless. So at least he was a learned demon when it came to books. Perhaps he'd just missed the Kama Sutra in his browsing. That thought alone nearly caused her to laugh, and in fact, she let out a throaty chuckle. "Well, as with all good things..." she began, sliding closer so that her hand could reach up towards his face.

Her legs slid out from underneath her as she pushed herself forward until she was on her knees beside him. She stared down into his bright green eyes, grinning wickedly for a few heartbeats. "...it starts... with a kiss." Finally, she leaned down, pressing her lips firmly against his own. He tasted sweet, but with a hint of a metallic tang. She assumed that was from all the blood he consumed, but she didn't mind the taste. It was different, new, enticing. Slowly, she moved her other hand up, resting it on the base of his neck as she allowed a bit of her powers of seduction wash into him. If he was anything like everyone else she fed from - be they human, Other, or demon - when she decided to actually start consuming him, he would feel a much higher amount of arousal. He was new to this, though, so she'd keep it slow and simple. A kiss, nothing more, should do the trick for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:43 pm

He watched Sabre.

What else was there to do? He was the student, and she was his teacher. For a century and some years, he did not allow himself this particular luxury, although, being what he was, and who he was, this was never considered a luxury until now. It began with a curiosity, and the kiss she had boldly given him after his feast. He had found it overwhelmingly sensual when her lips had touched his, and the tongue that slithered out like a well-trained serpent had licked up the blood that stained his flesh and teeth. A new meaning was birthed from that kiss, or more like, a new sensation he didn't think he would experience. All it took, it seemed, was another demon, one like Sabre, although he didn't think that it would be any other demon that would succeed as she did.

It wasn't uncommon for there to be partnerships among their kind. Contracts could easily be broken, but where was the fun in that? Adrien, in a way, had found a purpose, to linger much longer in this world with less risk of exposure. He also had found that this new way of living would allow him more... luxuries, like tonight. Would this be a gateway into Sabre and Daven's sort of world? He knew well the blood and violence, but sex eluded him.

His pale lashes lowered over his lime-green eyes, watching as she slid closer. His lips peeled back slightly before he relaxed into her hand. His head leaned toward her touch, but his eyes burned into her movement, and the way she would rise, slowly, onto her knees beside him. He had been near death when Myr took possession, but not completely to have lost... feelings. His physical being, he realized, was reacting. A faint flush could be noticed, pressing beneath the surface of his pale flesh as his heart increased in tempo, however slightly. It was a new thing for Adrien as she stared down into his bright green eyes. Her wicked grin was met with a slight smirk of his own. He would hate to reveal any form of uncertainty. Wasn't it better to simply let things happen?

And it started with a kiss.

At first, he felt nothing from the kiss. Just the brush of their soft, pillowy crescents until she applied pressure. His body stilled, unsure with how to receive her boldness, much like their first encounter. Until she touched his neck, and he felt it. It. It was faint, however, but certainly there, a tingling that started from the base of his spine and rose toward where her hand was cradling the nape of his neck. A new hunger spiked in his stomach, not for flesh or blood, but one that stemmed from the sudden twitch in his groin. Adrien growled softly, and slid his hand up the length of her arm until his fingers were buried into her thick crimson tresses. Strands parted like silk, gliding about his fingers as he gripped her hair steadily to turn her head, while he angled his, receiving her kiss in another manner.

Oh, how he was certainly curious and hungry for where this would take them.
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PostSubject: Re: Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)   Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:15 am

Adrien's eyes on her didn't deter Sabre's movements in the slightest. If anything, it egged her on more. She wanted him to learn - and learn quickly - so that she could enjoy him all the more. Thus far, she'd only had a taste from that night in the alley, but that had been enough to hook her desire for more of this new, innocent demon.

The idea of a partnership between herself and Adrien did not even occur to the demoness. She'd always been a solitary creature, using others when it was necessary (or when someone caught her fancy). To her, he was just something to use for her own pleasure. And indeed, that's why she wanted him so badly. Yes, she was hungry, but that could wait. She'd feast on a few humans later. This new boy she wanted to keep around for awhile, just to see what kinds of things he was capable of. His strength alone probably surpassed Kale's.

A wicked grin flashed onto her lips as she felt him tense beneath her touch. His tension melted away soon enough, even as color seemed to filter onto his pale flesh. Was he blushing? Perhaps. The grin on his face hid any hint of embarrassment, but his heart rate was definitely increasing, much to Sabre's delight. The sound of his heart pounding so quickly nearly drowned out the silence of the room around them.

Even as her lips pressed against his, her crimson eyes fluttered closed. Beside her, his body stopped all movement. She allowed a small sigh to escape her mouth, her breath hot against his pale lips. At last, a growl echoed up to her from the other demon's mouth, and she felt his hand slide up her arm. A shiver raced up Sabre's spine at his touch, and she paused to let him control the tilt of her head slightly so that she could reach his lips that much easier.

The hand that had wound its way around to the base of Adrien's neck lifted to relieve him of the gentle ebb of her powers. She breathed slowly for a moment, shoving the hunger down inside of her. There was no need to get him too riled up too quickly. When she let her hand fall back onto his flesh, there was no power beneath her fingertips, even as they slowly dragged their way up into his mundanely blondish hair. Despite how messy his eating habits seemed, he was a rather clean demon, and she found herself quite enamored by the softness of his dark locks.

With their faces now better aligned, Sabre eased herself back down towards him. Her lips parted slightly to allow her tongue access to his. She was definitely hungry now, but for passion, sweat, and a bit of good, rough fun. She'd probably drain him a bit subconsciously, but that would come later. For now, she just wanted him to open his mouth so that her tongue could dance with his own. When he didn't oblige instantly, she pulled back some in order to let her teeth do a bit of convincing. They grazed the soft flesh of his lower lip, tugging it back towards her gently before her tongue returned to lick at the faux wound she'd just inflicted.

Oh yes, this was going to be a fun tutoring session...
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Gluttony and Lust (Sabre)
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