A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Sabre Galweigh

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PostSubject: Sabre Galweigh   Fri May 11, 2012 12:21 am

• Angel • Sabre • Galweigh •

Face Claim: Rachelle Lefevre

Name: Angel Wolfe Galweigh
Nickname: Sabre
Age: 211
Weight: 137
Height: 5’9”

Eye color: Ustmayreian – Black; Fiend/Darkvision – Crimson
Hair color: Red
Race: Possessed Ustmayreian
Residence: Librium
Nationality: American (New York)
Affiliation: Terran Guard (unofficial)
Occupation: Intelligence – Analyst/Logistics

• all in the details •

Sabre is fairly tall, standing at about 5'9". She has vibrant red locks of hair and fair skin dotted with freckles here and there. All in all, she looks like your average human girl in her mid-twenties… with a few exceptions. Her eyes glow a bright crimson, and her canines and fingernails sharpen slightly. The biggest difference, however, is the pair of dull red leather wings that protrude from her shoulder blades at times. While they are not permanently affixed to her back in this form, it is the only time that they are available to her. Although she has grown accustomed to moving, fighting, and flying with them, she still dislikes the slight hindrance they cause her and prefers to move about without them. She generally dresses in dark colors – forest green, deep purple, crimson, and of course, black. Her armor is a very light mithril, dyed black as well, with her personal sigil (a single red flame surrounded by dark grey ones) enameled over the left breast. She can more often be found with only a light leather armor to protect her, choosing to use the plate in times of war or when on duty. All of her normal clothing and armor are magicked to allow her wings to emerge if the need ever arises.

When you first meet her, Sabre is quiet nearly to the point of being silent. She has a bit of an ego, however, especially in the field of combat. Once you get to know her (which few can claim to have done), she is quite talkative and bits of her true nature become more apparent – namely her loyalty and her smarts. Underneath the armor and softspoken nature, she is incredibly intelligent, especially when it comes to battle and artifacts.

Computer Hacking (Intermediate): After years of navigating the Terran Guard computer systems, Sabre is quite adept at gaining access to classified computer systems she shouldn’t have.

Code Breaking (Intermediate): With the help of a computer program she beta-tested during the war (and kept a disc of after the fighting), codes have a hard time standing up to her.

Expert Swordsman: Along with hand-to-hand combat, Sabre was trained to fight with martial weapons. She is best with a pair of blades in her hands, but is competent with most any sort of bladed weapon she can get her hands on.

Firearms: Sabre is highly trained with an array of firearms. While she prefers pistols for the close proximity they require, she can easily wield an automatic assault rifle with the best of them.

First Aid: Sabre is skilled with a bandage, a needle & thread, can tie a proper tourniquet, and can even set bones if need be – even on her own self. Her Master made sure to teach her the proper herbs and poultices that would help quicken the healing process, as well as which would hinder.

Hand-to-Hand Expert: Sabre’s Master helped keep her reflexes keen by teaching her the basic principles of kick-boxing. After joining the war, she focused those skills into the sport of Sanshou (a Chinese hand-to-hand combat method that combines kick-boxing with wrestling, trips, throws, and takedowns).

Lock Picking: Bobby pins, torches, and crowbars are all familiar friends to Sabre, and have helped her get past too many locked doors to keep track of.

Poisons: Sabre’s Master made sure that she was aware of the many different plants that cause harm as a preventative lesson. She made it a note to further her knowledge after the war came to her door.

Sleight of Hand: In the time between her exile, and meeting her Master, Sabre had to rely on her quick reflexes to get food and money. By the time she joined the Other army, pick pocketing was as easy as breathing, especially when she was able to use her body and the succubus’ powers to aid her thieving.

Stealth: Trained in the arts of subtlety, Sabre is adept at sneaking her way in and around people/places. She is also quite capable of immobilizing (or killing) her target without their knowledge of her presence near them.

Subterfuge: As a member of the Other Special Operations, Sabre was taught to mingle in crowds and blend easily among locals. This skill was very useful in gaining knowledge she needed that was vital to most of her military operations. It also helped teach her how to keep things hidden, whether it be classified military secrets, or her emotions.

Tracking/Hunting: Sabre is quite efficient at following fresh tracks (within a day or so) in order to hunt her prey. She can also differentiate between different types of prints – canine, feline, human, etc.

Wilderness Survival/Self-Sufficient: When her Master was alive, he and Sabre went camping in the woods near their home quite often. This taught her the simple tasks needed to survive on her own in the wild, such as making shelter, fire, and finding water.

Aside from flying, the fiend inside of her only gives her three real perks.

Seduction: With a succubus inside of her, this ability allows her to seduce others with ease. When dealing with lesser or intoxicated minds, her words and body language are enough to woo her victims. If her prey is more sound of mind, she can use her touch to boost her powers of seduction.

Life Drain: Just like the succubi of lore, Sabre is able to drain the life of her victims. The ability only works with a kiss, during which, she is able to suck the life from her victim. It does not hurt the victim, but rather quite the opposite, up until their life is actually in danger. For those she wants to play with, she can do this very slowly, sometimes lasting all night. The ability also works the opposite way as well, so that she can use any recent life force she's gained to restore the life force of someone who has been drained (...namely when she gets a bit too rough, too quick with her playthings).

Minor Teleportation: Her last ability she’s dubbed “rent a bitch”. It allows her to teleport short distances (no more than a few miles). This power doesn't drain too much of her energy, except when she uses it more than a few times in a row to its max distance. When she's hard at work around the office or home, she has a tendency to use this ability to get from one end of a room or hallway to the other.

In addition to her natural fiendish abilities, Sabre has a few magical items she keeps on hand at all times. Her swords are both sentient. The first sword, Virote, is a bit on the brash side and likes to cleave through Sabre’s enemies, setting himself and those he slices on fire. His mate, Althea, is much more calm and defensive, but when in a fight, she will strike at her enemies with electric shocks. Her last trinket is a silver necklace given to her by her late mentor as a child. It is the only item she has left to remind her of him, so she keeps it on her at all times.

Her mentor was a huge part of her growing up into adulthood. With his help, she mastered the art of combat by the time she was an adolescent. The skills of subtlety and a knowledge of poisons followed, and all throughout she studied many aspects of academia including reading, writing, arithmetic, natural science, and history.

• the tale of a lifetime•

As a baby in the bowels of the world, Sabre was possessed by a succubus looking to escape its own plane of existence. Weakened by battle, it chose Sabre as an escape for two reason - firstly, as an infant, she was not near strong enough to reject the fiend. Secondly, even as a babe, Sabre showed great potential as a fierce warrior. It wasn't obvious to her family that she'd been possessed because the succubus was so weak in the beginning. Over the years, however, the succubus regained its strength. With the fiend inside of her, Sabre seemed to improve quicker than other Ustmayreians her own age.

When she was still a small child, the first signs of the succubus became apparent. Her ebony hair began to take on an auburn hue, moreso than her peers. The tone of her dark skin also seemed to lighten. When it was assured by the magic users of her homeland that she was indeed possessed, a decision had to be made - kill the child, or attempt to exorcise the fiend. Having lived with the fiend inside of her so long, it was no difficult choice for Sabre.

And so it was, at the young age of 13, she was exiled by her family and left her home. By the time she reached the surface, and the nearest civilization, the succubus form had very nearly taken complete control of her exterior. The wings that had sprouted from her shoulder blades caused her to stand out, however, and the sunlight was most definitely not her friend.

In one of the shops, a man introduced himself to her as merely 'a friend'. All of her instincts screamed at her to keep away from him, but her curiosity was much too intrigued. He invited her to stay with him while she recovered from her lengthy journey. She accepted his offer and stayed with him, learning what he had to teach and finding not only a friend, but a mentor in him.

While living with him, she learned from him the arts of combat, subtlety, and academia. When the war finally reached their secluded door, it took her mentor’s life… and a part of her sanity. She fought viciously against the humans for the entirety of the war, gaining somewhat of a name for herself (much to her chagrin).

Towards the end of the war, Sabre encountered a foe that she still has yet to find resolution with. Neither she nor Kale could ever defeat each other on the field of battle. Now that the war is over, however, they’ve formed a sort of mutual respect for one another and still keep in touch to this day.

When she was younger, history was always her favorite subject of study. To this day, she continues to broaden her knowledge of the past, as well as puts it to use in her collection of ancient artifacts from before the war, which she keeps in a hidden storage facility.

Is this a Canon?: No.

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: First character.

Last edited by Sabre Galweigh on Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:41 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : "...nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.")
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Sabre Galweigh
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