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 Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)

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PostSubject: Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)   Mon Dec 03, 2012 1:12 am


He hadn't been here since... Well, what good would it do to remember then? Adrien was a completely different person now. A slow, sick smile spread across his lips. Bare feet padded the street, feeling the faint prick and pokes of debris and rubble. Bastion was always beautiful, so beautiful that it was almost tragic. The fiend was starving. He had purposely avoided his craving until the moon was high enough. The sweet glow of the moonlight added a romantic touch to his feeding, almost as lovely as a first date, though Adrien had spent these past few months feasting on them, rather than the meals. Those poor women...

Their fault for falling so easily for a pretty face.

Sucking in through his nostrils, he took in the filth. The night was at is darkest at this time, and yet the city lights blazed on as beacons, to steer Bastion's citizens to the right path.

Adrien's gait was easy and slow. He stayed close to the shadows, bare feet now moving onto the concrete sidewalk. He might have cut himself, but infections barely affected him. They were only minor nuisances to the fiend, especially with his quick healing. Whispers carried over the wind since winter stole the city this season. Adrien rather liked the cold. He especially liked that the sun set much earlier, allowing him to fully enjoy the night. He was energetic and anticipating tonight's hunt.

It had been a while that he wondered how Daven was doing. Their pact had been forged, but Adrien had.. certain businesses to take care of. An apology was in order, but Adrien didn't think about that yet. He was more focused on the thrill, and what a thrill this would be. He paused during his walk, when he heard a scuffle in the alleyway.

"Please, stop!"

"Aww, c'mon, I know you've been wanting this too."

"I told you that I wasn't ready, now back off!"

Intriguing, he thought. "Hero" was the very, very last thing to describe Adrien as - actually, it didn't even exist in his lexicon. But he did enjoy a meal after a good fight. Hearing this showed promise, and he decided to disrupt the show. A young man was pushing a young woman against the wall with his thigh between her legs. Adrien's expression revealed nothing, but a calm curiosity and a burning hunger. The youth always had such delicious blood. What a way to return to the city, then to return with a bang. He made himself laugh sometimes.

"Someone's watching us, oh my god." The woman noticed him first. Her eyes were pleading as she looked to Adrien, assuming that he was here to help. He casually looked away from her to the male, who would turn with a snarl. "What? The fuck do you want, you creep. You want a show or somethin'?" Oh Bastion.... you never cease to disappoint. Adrien chuckled.

"I want you." he said before grabbing the man by his scalp. Fingers dug into flesh, and the sharp scent of blood hit his nose in an instant. Adrien's nostrils flared, and his eyes flashed yellow. The woman watched in horror as Adrien tugged the male against him. He didn't even give a warning as he parted his lips. His jaws shifted noisily as his teeth elongated into long, thick incisors. He reared his head back before striking. Teeth sank into flesh and a hedonistic groan rumbled throughout his body. Pleasure coursed through Adrien as he bit through the flesh, tearing away chunks at a time with blood dribbling down his chin and black shirt.

The woman made a run for it, screaming for dear life. Her heels clicked with a frenzy, hair flying in the wind as she called for help within the darkness. Unfortunately, the run wouldn't last long. She took an unfortunate tumble in those heels, and twisted her ankle. She cried out, sobbing as her bag flew from her grasp, spilling out contents into the street. "Oh, God, please." she wheezed. She crawled shakily, hand reaching out to the lit up cell phone.

A pair of perfect pale feet came into view. Looking up, she could see through her tears that it was the boy who fed on her boyfriend. The pleas started to come, and Adrien shushed her gently as he knelt down. "You don't need help." He said softly.

"Don't hurt me... I promise I won't tell."

"Oh my dear... I have no intentions of hurting you." he said, gently clasping his hand around her wrist. With a jerk, he lifted her enough to pull her against his form. Even covered in blood, he was still beautiful. She tried not to get distracted, because the fear was still there, thick and calling to the fiend. "You smell absolutely divine." Adrien said with a charming smile. The way he held her was nearly romantic as he slipped his arm around the arch of her back, so that their fronts pressed together. He would lift her hand to his lips, planting a kiss on each knuckle without breaking eye contact. For a moment, she thought that he was going to let her go, until his lips sucked in her finger. A sickening crack snapped in the air, and she screamed as he tore her middle finger clean off.

Then he would silence her screams with his mouth, still full of blood and bits of her flesh. His teeth would part in that gruesome kiss. Adrien was far too busy indulging in this moment to care about his indiscretion.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:25 am


A bright moon hung low in the sky above the city that was home to a majority of humans. Sabre's nose wrinkled at the idea of just how much filth was filling the streets of this once-beautiful city. The last time she'd been here, it was under the heel of the Terran Guard. It had been an interesting night, the highlight of which had been dancing with the radiant WereCheetah, Bree. A playful grin tugged at the corners of her lips as she was reminded of the looks the pair of them had elicited from some of the more conservative of Bastion's finest.

Sucking in a deep breath, she let it out slow as she finally decided it was time to be done with reminiscing. Her face turned to look into the warm glow provided by the overhead lights within the hotel room she'd procured for the night. There was a slight chill out here on the patio, but being 15 stories up, she couldn't say she was surprised. Winter was creeping in, but her demonic blood boiled hotter than the pathetic mortals that filled this city.

Still, a jacket might not be such a bad idea. If she decided to mingle with the sheep, she preferred that only the ones she deemed worthy be able to touch her flesh. As she headed back into the hotel room, her mind wandered. She was unsure as of yet where she wanted to go. The hunger was growing inside of her, though, and she needed to make a decision. Snagging her signature leather coat, she double-checked her pockets and holsters before dimming the lights and shutting the door behind her.

On the ground level, the moon wasn't quite so visible. A slight pout formed on Sabre's lips as her head tilted upward in search of the white orb. The crimson crystal hanging at the demoness' throat seemed almost to glow as her chin moved, the many facets reflecting in the moonbeams that shone down on her from above. Her pout slowly faded and she let her face fall back so that she could pick a direction in which to head.

North seemed decent enough. She'd traveled north to get here, after all, so what was the point in going back the way she'd come? Setting one stiletto boot in front of the other, Sabre took off in her direction of choice, a quiet hum escaping past her lips as she strolled.

Voices echoed out towards Sabre as she approached a darkened alley. The hairs on her arms rose, but not from fright. Excitement was definitely closer to the emotion she was feeling now, coursing through her veins. Her heels clicked to a stop as she peered down the alley from whence the voices had come. At first glance, standing in the light of a street lamp, she knew she'd be deemed rather slutty.

Looks could be deceiving, though, as one would find out if they tried anything. A pistol was tucked into a holster fastened to the inside of her jacket, while a pair of knife hilts poked up from the calf-high tops of her boots. And then there were the weapons that she hid within herself to fear. The tight leather of her jacket did nothing to hide the curves of her mortal frame, of course, nor did the snug minidress she'd decided on. It was crimson, with a thin triangle slashed across from her right shoulder down to her left hip. She couldn't remember where she'd got it, but it had been lust at first sight.

Ah, yes. Lust. A sly grin formed upon her painted lips as her memory clicked into place. My, but that had been a fiesty young thing. And boy, oh boy, had her closet been riddled with all kinds of goodies for Sabre to take part in.

Crimson eyes flitted towards the couple holding each other in the alley. Sabre's right hand shifted to rest on her hip as she gazed upon the lovers. A pang of jealousy thumped at her cold heart as she watched the male's lips drop to place a series of kisses on his female companion's hand. Gods, but she missed the lead-up. As of late, she'd been too impatient to take her time with her kills. Now that she could see it happening firsthand, she remembered why she'd done it. They tasted so much sweeter when they were really hot and bothered for you.

A slight crunch, followed by the hideous shriek of the female jolted Sabre from her daydream. Crimson eyes flashed as she contemplated what her course of action was. She was no hero of mankind, that was for certain, but something seemed odd now about this scene. Her eyes drifted towards the remnants of a body deeper within the shadows of the alley and she quickly realized that the girl's leaning away from this man was not innocence or shyness. It was fear.

Inhaling deep through her nose, Sabre held in the aroma for a few moments. Fear was delicious when it was as tangible as this girl's. Mixed with the stench of blood, it nearly sent Sabre over the edge. Fingernails dug deep into the palms of her hands as she sauntered forward, the heels on her boots clicking to announce her presence to the man as he... was he?... Yes, yes he was... devoured his date. Or, perhaps, the other man's date. Either way, she didn't care.

Pale hands flashed forward as the man sunk his serrated teeth into the freshly-silent female's flesh. Whether the girl was dead or alive, Sabre didn't care. Power was emanating from this male, and her hunger was nearly to the point of no return. Long fingers wrapped around the cannibalistic male's arms, pulling him away from his meal and towards her.

It was only as she noticed the odd yellow of his eyes that she paused. Her breathing was ragged as her fingers tightened around the male's arms, trying to use him to stabilize herself. He was no mortal, that was for sure. Leaning down, she pressed her lips up against his moist ones, inhaling his scent and that of the humans he'd recently devoured. A faint glow emanated from her lips and the crystal that hung at her throat as the innate powers of seduction flowed through her and towards the male. She didn't know if they would work on a creature such as this, but then, she hadn't even consciously called the powers into action.

Sabre's teeth bit down on the male's lower lip as she pulled away slowly, and her tongue lapped up a bit of the female's blood that had lingered. "What are you, you delicious little creature?" she breathed, still gripping his arms as if to hold him there for questioning, and possibly another taste.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:43 pm

It was a beautiful night to be out causing chaos and for Daven it was made even more so by the fact that he had been away for awhile due to his own personal desires. The only thing that mattered to him was himself and his wants and everyone else was simply a meal or a tool to be used to help accomplish how own ends. In his time away he had managed to grow in a sense and had adopted a much more silent attitude as opposed to his normal flash of drawing attention and picking up his victims with displays of power and charm. He was dressed in jeans and a a black hooded sweatshirt which helped him blend in with the crowd as just an average guy out walking around. The expensive suits were nice but they made it harder to be looked over as people took it for a sign of wealth and when cops started asking questions people would recall something like that.

He was standing atop the roof of a building as he scanned the city with a smirk upon his face. The world was his oyster and he was going to make sure that everyone knew it. He needed to mark his territory and as of late he had taken to kill other demons in order to thin the competition out a bit because all of them had decided they wanted no part of his plans. However as he went about it he had to wonder where Adrien had gotten off to since they last met. He was a young demon in comparison but the amount of promise he showed and his flawless tactics in acquiring pray made him not only a force to be reckoned with but one that showed great potential as an ally in this world. Demons were not always against working together but it took a mutual desire on both sides to make something like that work and the pair of them respected each other enough to work out a pact.

Pact's were easy but the problem with them was finding out who would be looked upon as the more powerful in the deal. Adrien had given it to Daven when they made the pact because of his age and while that helped the process move faster it also meant a lot more work for him. He would have to stay mindful of Adrien at all times as at any point the young demon could knife him in the back all in the interest of being seen as more powerful then those around him. Daven was well known among the demonic circles as he was one of the oldest in and killing him would earn Adrien a lot of respect within the race. Trust was not a luxury that demons had the ability to trade with one another or even others and he knew he had to watch his ass from this point foreword as that young demon was still rather powerful in his own right and not someone to be taken lightly.

As he stood upon the roof thinking of this all he caught the faint scent of his young partner upon the air and it was mixed with human blood. He turned his head slowly and smirked before taking off at a sprint and leaping from building to building until he stood upon a building just above where the smell emitted from. He moved to the edge and as he got closer he caught the scent of another in the form of the ice queen Sabre who he was shocked to find near his young ally. He looked down and as he did he saw her kiss him and the pendent upon her neck glow which caused him to chuckle as she seemed to have no idea what it was she was getting herself into. He decided that he would have to do something to intervene so that neither of them got hurt because while Sabre and him were not exactly close she was still someone he was a fan off due to her violent nature. He sighed and the muscles in his body bulged slightly all at once and then shrunk back to normal before he jumped from the side of the building.

He landed about ten feet from the pair his right knee smacking into the concrete and causing it to crater under him a bit. His head was bowed slightly with the hood covering his face from view and his hands rested at his side. Slowly he stood and raised his head until he was looking at the pair of them. They would clearly see his red glowing eyes with the orange iris's as he smirked and pulled the hood back to let them know who it was that had shown up. He was powerful but if he did not identify himself he could find both Sabre and Adrien laying an ass whooping on him and that did not sound like a good time. He looked between the two with that smirk plastered to his face before raising his hand and wiggling his index finger back and fourth slowly while clicking his tongue against the top of his mouth.

"Now now children, No playing without adult supervision."

Sabre was a powerful warrior in her own right and he only knew that because of the brawl they had fought in at the bar when they first met. She was easily able to hold her own with abilities that far outstripped those of your common human and he had a healthy respect for her battle prowess. His hands remained at his sides but ready should he have to take on either or even both of them. Demonic pacts were fickle as they could end on a whim and he was not very sure of where he stood with either of them and if they decided to take a stab at him his hands would be more then full tonight. He looked between them again before stepping closer to inspect the handy work that he assumed was Adriens and reached out to pet his head with a smile. "I must say I am rather impressed with your work. Finish your meal and I will take you out for some dessert.Don't forget our little pact that night in the room with my artwork."

He had to make sure that Adrien knew who he was because he was in a different body when they first met and he hoped mention of the pact would remind him who he was. Adrien was smart so he had high hopes that it would.Moving around he circled Sabre with a grin before reaching up and letting his finger trace along her jawline to her blood stained lips. Pulling his finger away he licked the small trace of blood from it and nodded his head. "and what has drawn the sultry ice queen to us this evening? It has been awhile my dear has it not?" He stepped away from the pair and had to laugh on the inside because tonight it seemed that bastion was going to get a lot more then it bargained for.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)   Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:49 pm

The sound of her scream was pure ecstasy. The blood tasted so much sweeter, the flesh even more so, as he sucked the skin from bone. He wasn't so delicate, as he devoured her lips. The lovely pout became a jagged vicious scar of a clown's smile. After a almost loving nuzzle that muffled her cries, he bit down on her tongue. Amazing what one little flap of organ could do; it was the difference between sound and silence. From afar, he did appear as a doting lover, romantic with the way he held her close and gently cradled the back of her head with one hand. His mouth was slanted over hers in a picture-perfect kiss, yet up close his mouth was completely over hers, teeth sinking into flesh and bone in a sickening crack and pop of blood vessels. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she knew no more about the trauma. All the while, her heart kept on beating, and Adrien took his dear sweet time.

He paid no heed to the sound of clicking heels - he could deal with whomever later. He was too busy engorging himself. Eating was as good as sex to the young demon, especially to one who lacked an actual sex drive...

Quite suddenly, Adrien was yanked away from his meal. Eyes flashed, still bright from his feeding. The dying woman fell limp like a rag doll, and soon he was face to face with...

The first thing he noticed was the color red, his most favorite color in this whole wide world. Red was in her eyes, as it was in her hair. He could see clearly in the dark as he stared down at her, panting, long tapered fingers tightening over the muscles of his arms as he silently assessed her with his leering yellow gaze. She was no human. He could smell that much. Slowly, his lips peeled back, revealing more of his serrated teeth. Myr's hunger was for death, and never for lust, but yet Adrien felt the odd sensation of that one deadly sin flowing throughout his body.

Myr held detached interest as he regarded this female, but even it couldn't stop the faint traces of humanity that lingered in this century old body of a nineteen-year-old male. Beauty was Red, and no name was uttered as she leaned closer. His expression remained impassive, despite the stirring deep within his core, a reaction to the flow of seduction from her crystal. Yet, such reaction couldn't overpower the fact that he had been rudely disrupted from his meal, but behold, it had managed to surprise the demon. A flush started painting the surface of his white skin, and a slow hiss escaped from between serrated teeth when she pressed her warm lips to his bloodied pair.

Silk caressed against silk, and he detected a hint of sweetness that nearly made Adrien bite down on such supple pillows. This woman.... There was something about her... "Mmm..."

That she used her teeth first caused Adrien's luminous gaze to widen like saucers. Her breath, her grip, were an intoxicating combination, but Myr felt a little threatened by the crimson-haired and crimson-eyed beauty. A deadly combination - beautiful and... demonic, he knew, because the very same words applied to Adrien. The telltale question rose between them. Something else could've risen, but Myr was far too detached from human emotions to let the faint traces take over.

But he couldn't help how intriguing these emotions were. Lust... Hunger... They weren't too far apart from the other.

He leaned in until the tip of their noses touched. A slow, monstrous grin spread across his face, before his tongue slipped out to steal the faint traces of blood from the plushy crescent of her bottom lip. "No, my dear Red, what are you?" He could sense that power emanating from her, seductive, and toying with his senses. Adrien lifted his bloodied fingers, preparing to grasp her face for a more intimacy, "let me taste you," he growled. He was known for speaking double entendres, but those who'd know him better should know to take him literally.

Fingers pushed into luscious, crimson locks before a wave of power swept over them. Adrien hesitated, fingers slipping away from their deadly grasp to turn his yellow gaze elsewhere. A pair of familiar but not so familiar eyes greeted them beneath the hood. A tall, hulking figure of a man would rise up from the crater his knee created. He shifted away from Sabre to face the newcomer, a slight cant to his head as he watched the wiggling index finger... back and forth... He could rip that clean off with just a strike.

The tone of this male's voice was familiar to Adrien, as was the power. He remained uncertain however, muscles tensing when the male stepped toward his handy work. She was still breathing, shallowly, but still alive. He needed to finish her. Key words came out in the form of "pact" and "artwork." Surprise spread across his features before confusion furled his brows together. He stared at Daven's face, finally recognizing the power and the color of his "brother-figure's" demonic eyes.

Finally, understanding smoothed out his impression. "It is always pleasant to see you again, Daven. Though I am surprised." He said, and it seemed that the red-haired vixen, Sabre, knew the older demon as well. The thought of killing Daven hadn't crossed Adrien's mind surprisingly. Myr had other purposes. Killing a higher up would elevate his status... but the joys of being in the shadows! Of hunting.... He liked where he was, and he was damned and comfortable with it.

He glanced down to his "date," with a pleasant smile, which looked quite wrong with the blood stains on his chin and lips. "Pardon me..." He said to Daven and to Sabre with newly found respect and curiosity; the idea of eating her left his mind. He'd rather not eat such a lovely creature so soon, and he was genuinely interested in getting to know her after this night. "I must finish. Can't keep her waiting too long. She might beg." Gracefully, he swooped down, back turned to the demonic pair. His hand slid down between his "date's" lovely mounds before taking on a spear-shape to stab into her chest. Her body convulsed as he dug for her heart, and then closed his mouth over hers in a flesh-eating kiss.

Adrien was sufficient with time, because soon, he was standing in between the pair with a heart in his hand. "I have to say that this is unexpected. If I had known... then I would have shared." He said, yellow eyes flicking to Sabre, "Adrien MicKinely." he uttered smoothly, with a wide smile. Then he took a bite.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:46 am

Sabre's eyes glowed as she stared at the young man in front of her. He smelled like her kin, and definitely looked the part as well. Serrated teeth, yellow eyes, hideous tendencies towards the sheep... A slow grin filled her lips as she felt herself beginning to steady. His nose rested against hers and she watched a monstrous grin spread across his own lips. She fought the urge to press hers against them again, this time in order to really get a taste of the demon within.

He stopped her with his voice. Crimson eyes flitted up from his blood-stained lips to the eerie yellow eyes, even as his tongue darted out towards her. She could feel his arms rising up finally from beside her, but she didn't move to stop him. If he wanted a taste, he was more than welcome to one. A speck of blood caught in the corner of his mouth reminded her instantly of what he was doing before she'd arrived and she pulled her head back before his lips could brush against her own.

"Ah, ah, ah... I asked you first," she purred. She could sense power within the young man, but she'd been up against much worse, and in far more dire circumstances. Placing one finger up against his left cheek, she pulled back so that she was standing up straight again, rather than using him as a support beam.

The crack of cement at the mouth of the alley alerted Sabre to the presence of a newcomer. Long, curly locks whipped through the air as her head spun to take in the sight of the new arrival. Her eyes flashed dangerously, and her lips curled up in order to bare slightly elongated canines. His own glowed back at her, crimson and orange swirling together in a very odd, but somewhat familiar mixture. Releasing her hold on the younger fiend, Sabre took half a step back with one foot, into a slightly more defensive stance. A low growl echoed up from the back of her throat as the newest demon wagged his finger and chided them as if they were younglings.

As the urge to move forward and drain this new fiend dry with a single kiss enveloped Sabre, a seductive grin slowly replaced the hateful scowl. Neither of these fiends had bad taste when it came to their human vessels, thankfully. Her eyes scanned this man up and down, already picking out her favorite parts of him. His hands, definitely. His ear lobes looked like they'd be fun to nibble as well. As he circled to pet the devourer, she caught a quick glance at his backside. It would do as well.

The fact that these two demons had a pact didn't particularly frighten Sabre. She'd made pacts with other demons in the past, and knew just how fickle their kind truly was. Her grin widened and she glanced towards the younger of the two. He didn't seem to get nervous at the mention of the pact, so things must be going smoothly between them still.

Daven. Had she just heard that correctly? Sabre's crimson orbs rocketed back towards the elder fiend as his finger ran along her jaw. There, in the eyes, she finally found her old acquaintance, and she let her tongue slide out to taste his flesh when he went for the drop of blood. "It has indeed, Fireboy," she chuckled, taking a better look at this new form he'd chosen while the other fiend excused himself to finish his meal. Such a good pup, she thought to herself.

"Nothing in particular. Just stepped out for a snack, much like your friend here.. I remember you being a bit more attractive before..." she answered, her lips parting in a playful smirk.

It wasn't long before the hungry fiend was back, a fresh heart in his blood-soaked hands. Organs weren't all too appetizing to the succubus, but she smiled nonetheless. Her head dropped in a curt nod as he introduced himself, and she quickly returned the favor. "It's been a pleasure, Adrien. You may call me Sabre. But don't worry - your appetite and my own are quite different," she offered with a wink.

He went for the heart.

She went for the soul.

She didn't see a reason to give her true name, so she'd withheld it. Trust did not come lightly to demons, or among them especially. Besides, most knew her as Sabre these days anyway. Angel was just a formality for the Terran Guard members who wrote her paychecks. A slight chuckle at the foolishness of those infantile military men and women escaped her lips. Such imbeciles; such sheep. The humanity within those peace-loving warriors was sickening, not to mention oxymoronic... or perhaps just moronic.

"And how about you, Daven? What brings you here - to Bastion of all places?" The last time they'd met, it had been in Librium, where Sabre resided (at her local bar, no less). She was a visitor in this city, though. Best not to sleep where you eat, after all, and all that jazz.
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PostSubject: Re: Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)   

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Two Lives and a Fiend (Sabre&Daven)
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