A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Deal of a Lifetime (Blue, Neona ICC)

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PostSubject: Deal of a Lifetime (Blue, Neona ICC)   Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:32 am

Ethan Kelly strolled towards the designated meeting place, a small coffee shop on the South side of Librium. It was known for being a haven for people in his former line of work: it was quiet, discreet, and no one gave a damn about what you were doing. Plus, listening in could get you stabbed, and who wants that? Ethan had tried to sway Blue away from this meeting, but the woman at his side always had an opinion, and it was usually volatile when it disagreed with her own. "I still think you should stay in the car Blue, you shouldn't get more involved than you already are..."

Blue Tiran 's cane pounded on the pavement as she walked beside Ethan. The fact that he would try to get her to stay home meant that he didn't think she was ready. Still saw her as weak. Still thought she was in 'recovery'. Well she wasn't in recovery when she saved his ass a few days ago from the stupid Paladin people. But apparently, that was temporary awesomeness or something. Right. Cuz I'm going to stay in the car, while you talk to my sister, about lying to me for the last year. That's going to go over swimmingly.

Neona Tiran took a deep breath and steadied herself once more. The Wolf within was ready to rip something apart. Reaching into her pocket, Neona gripped the small button hidden there between her thumb and forefinger. Her golden eyes slid closed as the jolt of electricity shot up her arm. In moments of extreme anger and stress...like this one...Neona resorted to the old fashioned way of keeping her anger in check..and since she was a Wolf a rubber band around the wrist didn't really work. Letting the pain ease her anger slightly, she lifted her cup of steaming hot coffee to her lips. This was going to be an interesting day.

Ethan Kelly strolled with Blue in to in to the coffee shop and casually sat down, ordering two coffees. Blue, thankfully, had agreed to not fight in the coffee shop, since the idea that she not come had been a minor blow out in the safe house earlier. Sitting quietly on to his chair, Ethan met Neona's eyes, seeing pure...something. Either way it wasn't good. "Neona. Thank you for meeting m...us due to the circumstances. I trust you came according to the agreement?" The agreement was standard special operations: no weapons, no extra guys, and a expectation that if you broke it, you paid in blood. Granted everyone broke it. There was a Terran Guardsman on the park bench across the street, tough to spot, but he gave himself away. Then again, Ethan was hiding a knife on his calf. Such was the life...

Blue Tiran sat down next to Ethan. She had made sure to come. She was one of the VERY few people in the world that knew about Neona's other half. And there was NO WAY IN HELL she was letting her hopefully.. one day fiance.. come meet her werewolf sister when he told her that he was full of shit, been lying for the last year, but hey! look! We're still together, because Blue is a softy!. Yeah. That wasn't gonna happen. Hey sis, you all right? You look a bit high strung? You need to chat?

Neona Tiran eyed Ethan as he sat down, somehow managing to suppress the growl in the back of her throat. "The only reason you are still alive is because my sister loves you. Hurting you means hurting her and I value what we've managed to salvage of our relationship. This isn't a business deal Ethan...you've made this personal, and I have no issues continuing that personal slight right here in public." She then turned her gold eyes on Blue. "I love you little sister, and if this is what you want, if he is what you want, then I will do my best to pull his lying ass out of the fire."

Ethan Kelly suppressed his own growl as the famed bureaucrat of the Terran Guard practically spat in his face. To think how nice she was when he had pulled Blue's busted ass from the rubble of her lab. "I've dealt with your kind before, and it hasn't stopped me yet, I would watch your threats. I'm offering you quite a substantial collar. As for this being personal, whatever bit you've contrived up is beyond me but this is a business deal." He took the coffee from the waitress and took a sip. "You've dealt with worse men than me, and I have far more to offer. Do you want it, or not?" The tension was a bit more exaggerated than Ethan had feared...then again, maybe Blue being around was a good idea.

Blue Tiran elbowed Ethan in the gut. Shut up! She's trying to help and you can't blame her for being mad, I was livid, she still has to deal with it.. She looked back over at her sister. I know that he's made mistakes, and it was.. really hard on me. When I realized everything that had happened. But, I DO love him, Neo. I've decided to stand by him, forever. So.. I really need your help.

Neona Tiran darted her golden eyes back to Ethan and this time a low animalistic growl did meet the air. She couldn't help herself, thankfully Blue stepped in. "Trust me when I tell you that you have never dealt with my type before Ethan Kelly, and my sister is the only thing standing between you and true freedom...or between you and me if that makes you feel better." She then turned her attention back to Blue. "I'm doing this for you, and stepping outside my own comfort zone by doing it. Now tell me what you're offering us in return for your safety." She sat back in her chair, sipping her coffee as she waited.

Ethan Kelly grunted as Blue's elbow hit his midsection. Despite all the enhancements, cheap shots when he wasn't expected them still caught him pretty good. Maybe bring Blue wasn't a good idea. He repressed the urge to roll his eyes as Neona talked about dealing with her kind, it was almost laughable. Guardsmen were Guardsmen. He did laugh when Neona mentioned the trade was for his safety. "Safety isn't what I'm after. I can protect myself and Blue better than the entire retinue you would supply for protection, assuming one of them wasn't working for my people. What I want...is immunity." He laid a thick folder on the table and slid it over. He hadn't shown it to Blue...not yet anyway. "Give me immunity, and I give you Paladin. That is a record of every operation I was on, worked with, and knew about in the last eight years as a covert operative. You can put a lot of people away with this for a long time." He left it at that, he figured she would want to review a bit before making a decision.

Blue Tiran rose her brow, as the file hit the table. Anger flared in her eyes for a brief moment and she leveled those blue-green eyes at him because, obviously, he had been holding out on her AGAIN. She was fit to storm out, folding her arms across her chest, she took hand for holding her coffee and sipped it. She needed be no part of this conversation. let him hang himself if he so saw fit, she just wouldn't let Neo kill him.

Neona Tiran growled a bit louder this time, leaning forward to set her mug on the table...though she misjudged her strength and the mug shattered against the table instead. Tiny shards scattered across the table, thankfully the mug was now empty so they didn't need to contend with coffee spilling everywhere either. "Blue can protect herself, and if she'd let me I could protect her better then you." She did lift the file he tossed on the table with her good hand, tiny blood drops dotting her other from the broken mug but they would heal soon. She flipped through the first few pages in silence. "Deal." she finally stated, shutting the file but keeping it in her lap.

Ethan Kelly raised his eyebrow at Neona as she growled at him, promptly smashing the mug on the table. That got Ethan to thinking about the possibilities that presented...and none of them were good. Could she be...were? That would be interesting! She made a comment as if she knew what he was dealing with, and Ethan let it pass...best not to poke the bear, so to speak. She quickly made the deal and let the file fall in to her lap, making Ethan smile. "That was quick...I don't think you even hit year two. There is...one more thing." From his jacket he pulled a single sai, and placed it hilt first towards her. "This belongs to a Guardswoman I met last year, Bree Donahue. I assume she is still alive, yes? I'd like it returned to her with my regards. " He knew that Neona knew her...something about a Policeman's ball in Bastion, they were both there. "Oh, the last thing Neona. When you take down Paladin...I want to be there."

Blue Tiran rose her own brow. You know what? I don't NEED protection from either of you! You both think I'm just this weak helpless girl! I protected myself Just fine before either of you sought fit to do it!. Blue grabbed her cane and shakily got herself up out of her chair. Only in time to hear him talking about how he wanted to be there when Paladin went down. If he goes. I go. Enough said. she growled and charged towards the door, as much as a be-caned half elf could charge.

Neona Tiran reached out and snagged Blue's arm. "Niara, that's why I said if you'd let me, just because you don't need me doesn't mean that I don't want to protect you. Also, have you seen yourself? What are you gonna do? Cane them to death? Right now you do need protection, till you're well enough to do it on your own. Use your super powered brain Niara, we do this because we love you not because you're a weakling." Neona voice had gone from anger to complete calm when she spoke to Niara. "And yes the both of you can be there, in what capacity can be discussed later." Neona let go of Niara., in case her sister still wanted to march out like a hot head and leave her fiance with the pissed off Werewolf.

Ethan Kelly listened intently to Neona's words, and the sudden calm took him off guard. He wasn't expecting her to be so flip floppy on her emotional scale. Her words, however, made Ethan stifle a laugh, as her words seemed to be doing more good than his own ever would, even if they were the same exact words. Blue I don't think that...you know what? Now isn't the place for that discussion. Letting himself relax a bit, Ethan finished his coffee and sat up a bit straighter. I appreciate it Neona, I really do.

Blue Tiran listened to her sister, and sighed. She hated feeling weak and incapable. She felt like an invalid, someone that was merely a waste of space. She supposed she got so angry because she feared that she was a burden to them now. And she would totally.. cane someone if the mood struck her. She sat back down and sipped her coffee. She really loved Ethan, she really did, he had turned out to be everything she wanted, and she hoped that he knew, she couldn't lose him. Though, she supposed that had to obvious enough by this point. She knew he wouldn't want her at Paladin, but her sister would not leave her out, so she would be there. Or there would be massive hell to pay. So when do we know that Ethan is cleared? she asked softly

Neona Tiran waited until her sister retook her seat. "For right now, he is deemed an informant and off limits. When I get back to headquarters I'll discuss this with them and in a couple of days I can have his full immunity instated. However...there is one more test he has to pass before I completely agree to all of this." She paused for a moment and looked between the two of them before a smug smile crossed her lips. "He has to meet mom and dad...and Uncle Kale."

Ethan Kelly nodded as he listened to the terms from the Guard, it was all standard procedure for them. The thought of a second test and a smile crossing Blue's sister's lips made him pause. I can meet them, no problem...wait, you're uncle too? Is this uncle different from Uncle Kane?

Blue Tiran sighed. Put her head in her hands. Yes to mother and father, no to Uncle Kale. That's not even fair. He'll meet Ethan eventually, but you're asking for freaking Terra to give miracles, if that were to happen. Blue said and looked over at Ethan when he boasted his question. Uncle Kale. Kale McAllen. He's my Uncle

Neona Tiran narrowed her eyes at Blue and then relented. " Fine, he doesn't have to meet Uncle Kale...yet. But I am still going to tell Kale...after his Immunity is instated so Kale can't harm him of course."

Ethan Kelly groaned when Blue confirmed her uncle was Kale McAllen. Shaking his head, Ethan suddenly thought about reconsidering everything. He can try..he's tried before. We aren't exactly friends You ready Blue? Once Blue had confirmed she was ready to go, Ethan rose, nodding to her sister and quietly leaving her at the table, Blue once again behind him. I can't believe I tried to kill your Uncle a year and a half ago... [Exit Ethan]

Blue Tiran got up quickly and looked over at her sister. Don't be a stranger sis. And thank you, for everything. It means a lot.. more than I can say. she kissed her sister on the cheek. She took her cane, in one hand and Ethan's hand in the other as they left. Apparently him and her Uncle weren't friends, they were enemies. Lift was never simple. [Exit Blue]

Neona Tiran sat back in her chair and once they were gonna she motioned to the Terran guard posted outside on the bench so he could join her inside. She had much to think on and she needed to tell her would be bodyguard he failed at acting classes back at the academy. [End Thread]
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Deal of a Lifetime (Blue, Neona ICC)
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