A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Neona Tiran

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PostSubject: Neona Tiran   Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:00 pm

• Neona • Alair • Tiran •

Name: Neona Alair Tiran
Nickname: Goldie, Nys-Elmiy
Age: 31
Weight: 130lbs, Were Form: 500lbs
Height: 5' 7", Were Form: 7'6"

Eye color: At first they look brown, but in the light they turn an iridescent gold
Hair color: A mix of brown and blonde depending on the lighting
Race: Werewolf
Residence: Librium
Nationality: Formerly North America
Affiliation: The Terran Guard
Occupation:Diplomatic Liaison

Play By: Keira Knightley

• all in the details •

Neona draws mostly on her Elven Heritage, tall, statuesque, and lithe. Born with shockingly blonde hair, it grew darker as she aged. Her brown eyes now hold the glint of gold since she was bitten. Her facial features take more to her human side however. She spends a lot of time outside and her skin holds the healthy glow of the sun. Her ears are slightly elongated due to her Elven mother but not nearly as predominate as if she'd been born a full blooded elf. It is rare to see her without a smile, or even laughing for that matter. Her eyes hold the glint of a fun and mischievous nature, though she's grown out of her trickster ways...for the most part. Her Were form holds the same fur color as her hair, helping her to blend in with the forests should she have the need. She dresses well almost constantly, preferring flowing sun dresses and bright colors.

Neona is incredibly hard to anger, always keeping a level head despite the situation. However, threaten her family and her violent side will rear it's furry head. While her older brother was the soldier, Neona was always the diplomat. Able to settle disputes amongst her siblings with ease, though she never gave up the opportunity to play tricks on them when she could. After her brother's death, she didn't laugh as much, and it seemed she had finally grown up to take her place as the eldest. She can be a bit overprotective of her family, the pack mentality buried deep in her DNA. She can be incredibly easy to get along with, often having complete strangers tell her their entire life stories with barely a nudge. Inspired by her parents forbidden love, she has dedicated her life to keeping the peace of Terra.

For the last 14 years, Neona has been a Werewolf. While her Elven blood has tempered the anger most Werewolves are known for, it has done nothing to inhibit it's power. Like other Werecreatures she possesses heightened senses, increased strength, speed, agility, and durability. These are heightened during a full moon when she will feel the constant itch to go running through the woods. Even in her human form, her senses are heightened, a great asset to her current line of work as a Liaison where secrets run rampant. During a New Moon however, Neona can often feel a bit depressed and weak, though she has done her best to work through it.

Neona has always been a fantastic dancer, and her transformation into a Were only increased her skill. She is incredibly talented with languages, picking up on new ones in no time. She absolutely delights in learning about new cultures. She did learn a bit of hand to hand technique from her father, and in her training with the Guard, though she would never be able to match a trained soldier without using her Were abilities. She thinks on her feet, perfectly able to use her brain to get out of sticky situations. She also has a knack for the more creative endeavors such as Cooking and Sewing. She makes most of her wardrobe and it's been said her cookies have settled a few disputes.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Neona, or Goldie as she became known, was born to a loving but controversial family. She was born to an Elven mother and a Human father. They had fallen in love during the war, when her mother was an elven healer and came across a Human. Their Elven group had wanted to kill the Human, after all, he was their enemy, but she refused to let it happen. Not because it was love at first sight, but because she had always believed that everyone deserved care. The Humans were horrible, and had scarred the surface of Terra, shaking their Sanctuaries, but he was hurt, and she wished to tend to him. And tend to him she did. As she cared for the human, they grew close and eventually in love.

They wasted no time getting married and wishing to start a life and a family. Though they were looked on with ill will by many, they didn’t care. Love was love, and as the phrase often says, love knows no bounds. It wasn’t long before they had their first child, a son, and they were quite happy with him. She was still a healer but mainly stayed home taking care of her son Nathan.

Two years later, they gave birth to their first daughter Neona, and five years after Neona, they gave birth to their final child, Niara. Being the middle child, Neona often played tricks on the others. She was much closer with Nathan then she was with Niara, who was so much younger. Nathan and Neona did everything together, leaving Niara out by herself more often then not. When Nathan went off to fight in the war, Neona suddenly found herself alone.

So she turned to her younger sister, finally taking a real interest in the girl's life. It would be short lived however as news of Nathan's death reached the family. A part of Neona seemed to snap within her. While she'd never been an angry child, she suddenly felt all the rage she'd held back for so long rising to the surface. Acting mostly on instinct, Neona packed a small bag and simply took off, running away at the age of 17. She had no idea what she was doing, or where she was going, she just knew she had to keep going. Never staying in one spot longer then a couple of days, it was pure and absolute chance that she would end up on the wrong side of an enraged werewolf being hunted by soldiers.

That night is still fairly blurry, the most she can remember is the pain. Everything about Neona's life was based on pure chance. Her father carried the double recessive gene needed to become a werewolf, and since her mother didn't even possess the gene, dormant or otherwise, when Neona was bitten by the wolf on the night of the full moon, she was transformed as well. Her Elven blood tempered the animalistic emotions, allowing her to think clearer then others of her kind during the full moon. Having no where else to go, Neona trudged back home, unsure if her family would accept her now.

She spent the next few years, with the help of her Elven Mother, learning to control her newly awakened beast side. When the Enlightenment came, she knew exactly what she had to do. Together, with her sister, Neona moved to Librium. While Niara found a career with New Dawn, Neona found her calling with the Terran Guard. Sure most of it's members were former soldiers, but they needed people like Neona. She joined their Liaison department, acting as a go between for the Courts and the Human Government in Librium. She was the beginning of the Guards attempts at keeping peace, and if she failed, she had a contingent of pissed off soldiers at her back.

After Neona became a Were and before the Enlightenment, Neona fell in love with a Human named Julian. Julian didn't know about her secret, and the two were walking home one night close to the full moon. They were attacked by a gang of humans who didn't like Neona's half bread heritage. She was forced to shift in order to save them both, but Julian took one look at her Were form and took off running. She never saw him again.
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Neona Tiran
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