A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 A Walk in the Park (Canon ICC; tag Neona)

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PostSubject: A Walk in the Park (Canon ICC; tag Neona)   Fri May 25, 2012 4:19 am

Neona wasn't entirely surprised by her sister's abrupt departure. She returned her sister's hug, watching her run off for a moment, a soft smile curling her lips before she turned away to continue her walk in the park. It was such a beautiful day there was absolutely no reason to waste it. The wolf within her growled in contentment and seemed to absorb the heat of the sun through Neona's skin. There was almost nothing a wolf loved more then a good sunning, other then a good run but she wasn't exactly wearing the right outfit for that.

Sabre moved through the park with a certain grace that seemed to defy her speed. She had the day off from work, and so she had some energy pent up inside of her. Why not take a walk through the park? The sun was shining brightly, but she had shades to hide her sensitive eyes so that she could enjoy the world like the rest of the population. The tight jeans she'd donned this morning were full of rips, and the tank top that covered her top was a fiery reddish-orange hue that matched her hair almost to a 'T'. Her normal combat boots covered her feet, and a gun was easily visible hanging from the haphazard belt at her right hip. Scanning the park, she didn't see anything that really called to her inner fiend. What a lovely, dull day this was turning out to be...

Neona stopped for a moment to smell one of the lovely rose bushes that had actually managed to bloom this season. Inhaling the sweet scent, her wolf senses able to pick out each minute particle of the rose itself. Moving on from the bush, she settled down onto one of the park benches, setting her large blue bag at her side and turning her delicate Elven features up to the sunlight.

When even walking seemed more of a chore than an enjoyment, Sabre found herself in search of a bench. The first one she came across was full. A slight frown on her face, she moved on. The next bench she found had one occupant. She pondered continuing on in search of her own, but shrugged mentally to herself and headed in its direction. Behind shaded lenses, her crimson eyes looked the girl on the bench up and down. She seemed... nice. A bit too fanciful and happy-go-lucky on the surface for Sabre's tastes, perhaps. Not one to judge a book by its cover, of course, she eased herself onto the opposite end of the bench, nodding politely to the bright girl beside her.

Neona turned her head slightly when she heard footsteps approaching her, her unearthly golden eyes taking in the woman who politely sat down on the other end of her bench. She gave the woman one of her signature smiles that would seem to make even this bright sunny day even brighter. "Good Afternoon." Neona told the woman, reaching into her bag to pull out her sketch pad.

Sabre turned her head back towards the girl on the bench when she spoke. One eyebrow lifted in slight amusement. It was not often that people spoke to Sabre when she was out and about. The aura she kept around herself generally caused people to avoid her, not speak pleasantries. With another nod, Sabre watched the girl produce what seemed to be a sketch pad from the bag by her side. "And to you," she responded, the ice usually evident in her voice warmed today, under the heat of the sun.

Neona knew that her aura of happiness tended to get people to talk to her even when they never spoke to anyone. It was a part of what made her such a good diplomat, her ability to calm almost any situation. Sometimes she wondered if everyone knew her secret would make it easier...but then she remembered she wanted everyone to genuinely like her, not fear her. Flipping open her sketch pad to an empty page, she pulled out her box of sketch pencils. Her plan was to draw the rose bush just down the path slightly from them.

When the girl didn't respond again, Sabre turned back to herself. Leaning back against the bench, her eyes wandered around, scanning the area. All around, people continued on with their own little adventures in the park - walking dogs, running, and she even spied an outdoors exercise class going on between some shady trees. Once she'd heard the girl's pencil scribbling for a few moments, she peered back over at the sketch pad. From what she could tell, she was drawing the rose bush beside them. Tilting her head to the side some, she leaned in a bit more to watch the girl's drawing bloom, much like the plant she was drawing.

Neona was perfectly aware when the woman's attention turned to her drawing, she didn't mind that she was being watched. It wasn't like it changed her work any, she drew for herself, and if it made other people happy too then it was simply a bonus. "Do you draw?" Neona asked, though she didn't turn to look at Sabre.

Sabre shifted her gaze to the girl's face as she spoke again. Pursing her lips against the thought of being an artist herself, she shook her head. "Nope," she responded, a hint of derision in her voice. "Not my schtick," she chuckled. To be honest, she'd never even tried her hand at drawing. Art had never really appealed to her, however. She had always been more of an intellectual and a warrior than the peaceful impressionist this girl seemed to be.

Neona shifted her eyes to Sabre, giving her a soft smile before holding her hand out towards her. "Neona Tiran, nice to make your acquaintance. Perhaps since you don't draw, you wouldn't mind being the subject of a drawing? Your hair is gorgeous."

Sabre lifted one brow when the girl introduced herself... and then asked her to be a model. She met the girl halfway, taking the hand offered to her and shaking gently. "Sabre," she answered simply. This was definitely a new situation for her. The compliment she was used to, of course. Being a succubus, her natural beauty had men swooning over her on a daily basis. Women, too. But such an innocent compliment was rare. Nodding, she turned on the bench some to fully face the girl. "I... Thank you. And sure, I guess." A small smile played on her lips. She was interested to see just how this girl would portray her.

Neona turned the page in her sketch pad once more, shifting her entire body so she could face Sabre. Her sharp nose could already tell that she wasn't human, though honestly Neona was off duty and really didn't care so long as Sabre continued to play nice. "The name fits you, elegant, yet mysterious." Neona said softly as she put her pencil to paper, beginning to sketch out the outline of the Sabre's body and the bench she sat upon.

Sabre smirked slightly. The mysterious worked out perfectly, of course. Only a spare few knew Sabre's real name... and most of those were either dead, or lived far beneath the surface of the world. "I've always thought it fit me rather nicely as well," she chuckled lightly, turning to face away from the artist. Surely, she wouldn't want Sabre to be staring straight at the canvas... and besides, with her head turned, she could see the hair she'd just complimented a bit more. Having never been drawn in such an odd place before, she was unsure what exactly to do with the rest of her body. She'd met a few artists in her after hours, and had been the subject of artwork on more than one occasion. Generally the circumstances were a bit more than PG, however... Fidgeting slightly, she pulled one leg up onto the bench and underneath her other, trying to get comfortable, but in a position she could easily watch the girl draw from corner of her eye.

Neona didn't mind that Sabre moved around, she really didn't need her to sit there for this picture. She could have drawn it from memory but she generally liked to ask if they were alright with being the subject of her drawings. She was almost dying to ask her why she smelled so much of the earth. Not even the Elves smelled like Terra that much. Of course that would mean letting on that her senses weren't human..or Elven for that matter. "What brings you out here in the middle of the day? Something tells me you really aren't the bright, happy, sunshiny day type."

Sabre quirked a brow at the girl's next question. She nearly forgot that she was trying not to move and turned to give her a quizzical look that was mostly blocked by the sunglasses covering her crimson eyes. Looking the girl up and down, she pulled the shades down to the tip of her nose, letting her crimson eyes shine out over them. A grin played on her lips as she focused on the girl's aura. Something was off about her. She had a very sunshine-y facade to her, but Sabre sensed a bit of mystery behind those bright eyes and golden curls. "What tipped you off? The pale skin and sunglasses, or the foul look on my face as I sat down?" she grinned. She didn't know for certain that the girl had watched her that closely when she'd first taken a seat at the bench, but between the sharp eye for detail the girl had judging by her rose incomplete rose drawing, and the oddness to her aura, Sabre had a hunch that she wasn't quite what she seemed.

Neona turned her golden eyes up to meet Sabre's crimson hues, a knowing smile crossing her face. "All of it actually, and the fact that you don't seem very comfortable out here in the open. I am going to take a giant stab in the dark...pun intended...and ask you how long you've been topside?" Neona reached up and brushed her golden curls back to show Sabre her pointed Elven ears. While her Elven features weren't as pronounced as they should be if she were full Elf, she did still share the ears.

Sabre nodded softly in response to the girl's observations. Moving a hand up to brush the hair from her eyes, she pushed it behind perfectly rounded, perfectly human-esque ears. "Longer than I spent down there," she answered. Honestly, she'd been above ground so long, she barely even remembered her subterranean roots. Having been exiled to the surface when she was still just a child in the eyes of her race, she hadn't ever had a huge urge to visit her homeland, even once the war had died down. "So, what about you?" she tried. "What brings you out and about today?"

Neona was incredibly glad that she could easily explain away any of her strange oddities simply by saying that she was half Elf, really helped hide her much deeper and far darker secret. "I finally have a day off, thought I'd go for a stroll with my sister. We don't get a lot of time to see each other these days, but she got called away with work so figured I wouldn't waste this gorgeous day." She drew quickly, her sketch book was more for the general idea of her pictures, more often then not she transferred them to canvas later. It was also for when she was bored during her fantastic job she liked to call 'hurry up and wait'.

Sabre listened intently to the artist as she spoke, watching her continue to work as she spoke. At the mention of having a day off, Sabre snorted quietly. "Heard that," she murmured, mentally going through the tasks waiting for her back at the office... never mind her own personal projects. Which reminded her... A small frown filled her pink lips and she lifted her sunglasses back to cover her eyes so that she could look up at the sun. "Well, I hate to pose and run, but I've got a project waiting at home for my attention." Digging into her left pocket, she produced a small card with bold, black writing. Her name was scrawled out in a nearly cursive font on one side, a phone number on the back. It was simple - just the way she preferred. "Let me know how it turns out, yeah?" she smiled, handing the card over to Neona.

Neona turned her entire head up to Sabre instead of just her eyes, visibly relaxing from her work over her sketch pad. She reached out her perfectly manicured nails to pluck Sabre's card out of her hand, her golden eyes looking over before she pulled a small card box out of her blue bag and slid it inside right on top. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to send you the finished product, nothing says power like a picture of yourself over your desk...I have two." she said teasingly. She flipped her sketch pad back to the picture of the rose bush, giving Sabre a polite smile and wave good bye.
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A Walk in the Park (Canon ICC; tag Neona)
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