A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Christmas Time!

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PostSubject: Christmas Time!   Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:36 pm

Since our All Hallow's Eve thread did not work so well, I suggest we do something for Christmas! Perhaps it can be a little like the Monster on Maple Street thread, where the participants are whisked away to another place and time? Or there can be a large Christmas festival in one of the cities that everyone is welcome to join? Let's start throwing out ideas people!
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Time!   Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:32 pm

I have a few ideas that could work, but each one is from the Muse of my various characters.

Malik: Some naughty people who hate Christmas kidnap Santa Claus. Everyone has to band together to mount a rescue and get him back to save Christmas. Elves work all year round.... they've gotta have a nice bank roll saved up to pay for his safe return. I know what you're thinking...... If its a paying job, I'll believe. Hell, I'll even leave out cookies if the price is right.

Thade: We mount an attack on the humans while they are all celebrating. Their guard will be down, and we can wage a quick and decisive battle to end humanity's threat.

Liam: The holidays is a time for loved ones to spend time together and reflect on how fortunate they are to not be alone. Those who feel alone in the world can always come to the houses of the Divine Collective to see that they are not alone. We should hold a service for all to attend, human and Fey alike. We can give thanks and strengthen the bonds between us all.

Gwazi: *Scowls* Christmas Pollyana? Do you really think picking the name of a stranger out of a hat and buying them a gift is efficient? Gifts are a personal thing. You chose it because you know the person you are getting the gift for, and you put thought into it, giving the thing meaning. Fine..... *Begrudgingly shoves hand into hat and pulls out a name* Who is Rob from accounting?

Knight: The strength of the DR site is the community of writers that are its life's blood. Everyone has connected out side of the characters they write, to become friends without creating cliques which is a very rare and special thing. We should do something that symbolizes the connections we have made both in and out of the story. How about a section in the Events category for this Christmas holiday. In this section we make a montage of DR's holiday moments. You get the characters that have made connections with one another and let them share some special moments together that are true meaning of the holidays. For those who are alone in the story world, perhaps a chance encounter with another person who feels unconnected.... Who knows? A new bond could be the gift for all involved.

If we were to do this idea, we could make a number of locations that members could post to if they chose to do so. You all could gather up your characters' friends and family on the site, or cross paths with a stranger. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. The holiday event would be completely voluntary, remain archived on the site as a fond moment for all involved to be looked back upon, and bring some special holiday cheer to everyone who participates.

Let me know what you think.
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Time!   Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:06 am

All of those ideas are really good! Even made me giggle. But my absolute favorite is the last one, Knight's idea. C'mon people! Give us some feedback! Or else I name you all a bunch of party poopers! There. I said it. YOU'RE ALL PARTY POOPERS!
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Time!   

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Christmas Time!
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