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 The Night Before Christmas (Connors)

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PostSubject: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:06 am

Amelia waited on the front porch. She had left twenty minutes before Jack had, because she didn't want to be seen leaving with him at the same time. Obviously, that wouldn't help their cause. So far, she didn't think anyone knew about them which was definitely important. She leaned against the porch and for the first time, wished that she had a key to this place. At least she would have been able to get in and start a fire. Do something, set up the tree with it's lights or whatever.

But, instead she stood on the porch.

Her face lit slightly by the light of her phone screen as she texted. She was talking to Wes, that was after she had texted Jack to let him know that she had arrived. In code of course. She had said 'home safe'. Instead of where. Still, while she waited she was texting Wes a little bit who had been emailing her stupid pictures from the fire department Christmas party.

She was always teasing him that he was going to end up as Mister February if he wasn't careful and kept working out like he was.

When the lights of a car raked across her vision she looked up and smiled as she saw the car that Jack drove come up into the driveway. The doors opened and Amelia tossed her phone in her purse, and smiled as she watched Zombie Amanda work her way to the house.

Hey kiddo! she said swooping Amanda up into her arms. Your dress is fantastic! You must tell me where you got it.

Mall... she whispered sleepily. Amelia smiled as she held the little girl and rubbed her back gently.

So... when midnight strikes what present are you going to open?

Amanda sighed. The biggest!

She smiled as Jack opened the door and the two stepped into the warm house. Amelia exited the house as soon as she put the little girl down on the couch. Popping her trunk she got out the mounds of presents that she had bought and carried them into the house in large handle bags. When she got in the house she sat the bags down by the Christmas tree and began unloading package after package. most were wrapped in pink and cute wrapping papers and obviously for Amanda but some were wrapped in silver and obviously for Jack as there wasn't anyone else here.

She looked up and smiled at Jack, then her eyes shifted to Amanda and she pointed at the girl who was zonked out on the couch sleeping deeply. Still in the same position that Amelia had lay her down in.

Do we leave her in the dress or change her into her pjs? she asked Jack as she rose, still in her dress from the Christmas party.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:41 am

Driving home from the Christmas party, Jack Conners watched his daughter with a smile on his face as she slowly drifting in and out of sleep. They had started by singing Christmas carols, but that hadn't lasted long. When they pulled in to the driveway, Jack found Amelia simply standing there, waiting for them.

Look who's here Amanda! Jack sounded a little more excited than normal...then again, he had waited most of the night to truly see this woman.

Amanda slowly got out of the car and strolled slowly towards Amelia. He knew that look in his little girl, and Amelia did exactly what Amanda wanted: she picked her up.

Watching her deal with Amanda, Jack could only smile and watch with true admiration of this woman who had come in to his life. Amelia was turning in to everything he ever wanted in a partner: she was smart, funny, fun, and amazing with Amanda. That, and Amanda thought the world of her and Puddles. Amelia brought Amanda in and settled her on the couch before departing again and brought in bags of presents.

I really hope those are for charity. What do we need all those for?

Do we leave her in the dress or change her into her pjs? Amelia asked as she pointed to the zonked out little girl on the couch.

Jack smiled and gave Amelia the 'come hither' crook of his finger. Smiling, the woman in the stunning red dress came up to him and he took her in his arms.

First, he said in a hushed voice to prevent Amanda from waking up, this happens. Leaning in, Jack gave Amelia the kiss he had been holding back all night. It was soft, yet passionate and aggressive. At the same time, his hand played with her hair while the other kept her close with pressure on the small of her back.

Now...I'll go get her to bed, and then you can explain to me exactly who all those presents are for.

Without another world, Jack picked up his daughter who curled up in his arms, and took her softly to bed as he did every Christmas Eve.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:52 am

Amelia grinned at his little finger crook and walked over to him. Carefully, so that her heels didn't make too much noise on the floor. He pulled her in, and her breathing hitched as he kissed her. Remy melted into his arms, nearly moaning from the sheer exhileration of kissing the man she was completely over the moon for. It had been building all night. Her hands slid up over his coat and around his neck holding him as close to her as she could.

She could almost forget the little girl was in the room.

Luckily, she was asleep, because the way that Jack kissed her, made her knees weak. And the way that his hand felt in her hair, made her want to follow him upstair and wait for him in his own bedroom.

The kiss broke, and Amelia was breathing quite heavily as he told her he would take Amanda upstairs and then come back down hoping to get an explaination of why she had so many gifts. Amelia chuckled and shrugged. Then she watched as he picked up the little girl and took her upstairs.

While he was gone, she made sure that she had her overnight bag out of the car and locked the front door. She started a small fire in the fire place and turned the lights down low letting the Christmas Tree take the full beautiful effect. With all the presents and ornaments. She smiled remembering the day that they had all decorated it together. even Puddles had helped by chasing around little ornament balls and chewing on packaging bows here and there on the floor.

Amanda had laughed so hard, when one of the bows got stuck to his hind leg fur and he kept spinning in circles trying to get it off. Yipping and yapping at it. It was a memory she would always cherish, the girl had laughed so hard tears streamed from her eyes before Remy finally rescued the poor dog. Who curled up and slept shortly after.

Even though it was a police party, there had been booze, so while he finished tucking Amanda in, she brewed up some coffee for them to share, and raided his cookie and brownie jar because she knew that he was baking and was proven right. Putting some on a plate, she put the plate on the coffee table in the center of the living room and waited for him standing next to the tree.

Soft Christmas music came from the stereo that was underneath the TV, and she smiled when he returned to her.

Care to dance with me? she asked him softly. Holding her hand out for him. She had really wanted to dance with him at the party, but she hadn't been able to. And in her heels, her lithe figure was right level with his. She wasn't sure how much dancing they would do before they started to kiss again, and what ever would come of that.

I really missed you tonight, she whispered as they did the sway dance in the living room. The fire and Christmas lights catching her hair and her eyes. I've never wanted to spend time with someone more than I really did tonight, It's so hard.. sometimes.. to keep something so amazing.. a secret. She admitted, though, hoping he wouldn't ask about the presents again because she wasn't sure he was ready to hear the answer.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:20 am

A young girl cradled in his arms, Jack carefully opened the door to Amanda's room and slid her on the bed while he found her favorite pajamas. Amanda squirmed a bit, yawning as Jack brought over the set of pajamas.

Is it Christmas yet Daddy? Jack smiled and shook his head no. Almost sweetie, but its bedtime. Get your PJs on.

The little girl complied, her actions partially directed by the fact she was in a half-stupor. Assuming Amanda had any cognitive functions, she would've insisted on staying up to open her present at midnight. Unfortunately for her, it was eleven-fifteen, and Jack was tapping out for her. That, and he just had a very hot kiss with the woman he was sure he loved.

Just the thought made him smile.

Once Amanda was dressed and bedded, Jack headed back down the stairs. The crackling of the fire and low lighting were dead giveaways for a romantic evening ahead. What he hadn't expected was the cookies on the table, the smell of fresh coffee in the air, and music slowly drifting across the space.

Care to dance with me? Jack took a couple of steps towards her and took her hand, pulling her in to him. I would absolutely love to my dear.

They swayed with one another for some time, just letting a lot of the missed opportunities of the night sink away.

I've never wanted to spend time with someone more than I really did tonight, It's so hard.. sometimes.. to keep something so amazing.. a secret.

I know baby. If I could shout it from the rooftops, you know I would. Sometimes, I just want to tender my resignation and tell everyone that I'm crazy about this amazing woman in my arms.

Jack kissed her softly, tenderly. Nothing too aggressive, just enough to remind her he was there in that moment.

Did you find the chocolate kiss sugar cookies when you raided my baking stash?
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:33 am

They danced slowly. It was perfect. This moment. Right here. Was what all the books and movies were written about. She could imagine an audience watching this moment clutching their tissues as the hard ass father and captain finally found the soft hearted strong willed woman that fit into his world just perfectly. Of course, she also imagined a Christmas proposal, and confessions of love.. but that was all movie fodder. Things like that didn't happen, not really LIKE that and most men where wholey unromantic.

Damn hollywood.

I would quit before I let you quit. The MHD is your baby, I would never let you ... or ask you to quit, because of me.

Not to mention he had a daughter he needed to care and provide for. She smiled as he leaned in and they got lost in a soft loving kiss for a while. Her thumb stroked softly over his cheek, and her fingers toyed softly with the back of his neck. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and there was nothing she wanted more than to remain in his arms for as long as she possibly could.

The kiss ended, and her eyes looked into his. Then he mentioned the cookies, and she stopped dancing. She just stared at him for a moment, as if to ask if he was actually serious that he had made her favorite cookies.

You.. you made them? But.. but how did you know? she whispered softly, in shock that he had done this for her. He told her that Amanda might have lead onto him about it. And she chuckled. That little snitch!

Breaking from the dancing she moved to the kitchen with purpose and sought out the cookies. He was smart, he had hidden them at the bottom where she couldn't smell them out just because there were other cookies and chocolate on top that it masked the scent. That dog! She opened the cookie jar and dug three of them out from the bottom of the jar and hopped up on the kitchen counter. Leaning back against the wall she grinned and groaned at the same time as she bit into the soft cookie.

Her sparkly silver shoes caught the light as she wiggled her feet in extasy of the moment. Catching him watching her, she could only blush, and sit up straighter.

My Grandmother, used to make these ever year. Batches and batches. She's make them for all of her neighbors. My parents both worked so on holiday I always stayed with my Grandmother. Wes and I used to steal a dozen cookies, and rush to his apartment, on the same floor as my Grandmother, and we'd sneak into his fort in his room and we'd have a contest to see who could eat the most. Those were some good times. He always beat me though, that man is like.. a bottomless pit for sugar and grease, it's disturbing really...

She smiled over at him. biting another bite of the cookie off she slid off the counter and into his arms. Kissing him with her sugary kiss cookie lips.

That.. meant a lot to me, thank you. she whispered softly about the cookies.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:56 am

Amelia stopped dancing with him the moment he mentioned the cookies and he smiled. Amanda's intel was correct it seemed. She was very curious as to his source, and Jack wasn't one to hold back: Amanda had mentioned it. Laughing out loud as he called her a snitch, Amelia steeled away to get some cookies for herself.

Following her in to the kitchen, Jack watched her dig through the cookie jar, intent on her confectionery prey. Vaulting herself on to the counter, the woman in the red dress savored her favorite cookie as Jack moved to stand in front of her, holding her the best he could from that particular position. She told him the story about her grandmother and how she used to make the cookies in gigantic batches that got dozens stolen by her and Wes. Softly leaping from the counter, she kissed him, the taste of cookie still ever-present on her lips.

That.. meant a lot to me, thank you.

You mean a lot to me. Don't mention it.

He smiled at her in a gesture that was reciprocated even deep in her marvelous teal eyes. Stepping back from her embrace, he walked quickly towards the tree, knowing she would follow.

I want to give you a present tonight. Right now.

Grabbing a small square wrapped box from under the tree, he handed it to her.

This is from me.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:13 am

Amelia smiled.

Well, you mean a lot to me too.

She followed him back into the living room as he told her that he had a present for her right now. She smiled like a giddy child as she sunk down on the floor next to the beautiful Christmas tree. Her legs folded carefully to the side. He handed her a small box and her eyes lit up. She smiled brightly as he handed her the wrapped box.

She looked up at him, teal eyes glistening with excitement as she slid her fingers through the wrapping paper gently and peeled it off. Placing the wrapping to the side she looked at the felt covered box, the kind that people usually keep jewelry in. She took a deep breath and opened the box.

Her breath gushed out of her chest.

Is this..?

When he nodded, tears sprang to her eyes unbidden. But, she was so touched, that he had done this for her, she couldn't help but let them come. She touched the key gently as if it was the most precious gift in the world, and to be honest, it was. She could never have hoped for something this amazing and she could have never given him something this amazing either.

This was more than just a key to their house, it was a key into their lives completely.

Placing the box on the coffee table gently she moved across the rug to him and slid into his lap kissing him. Much like he had when Amanda had crashed on the couch. With a great deal of longing and passion. With the promise of things to come if certain things went right tonight. God, she loved him, she knew that she did, but she was too terrified to say anything about it. She could fight bad guys, face shootings, and deal with her crazy senses but she couldn't tell a single man that she loved him and his daughter.

Here you can open one of your presents. she whispered softly as she reached into the pile and grabbed one of the presents. It isn't nearly as amazing as yours, to me, but, I hope you like it anyway.

She smiled. Inside the box was one of those photo frames that held four photos within it. They were all photos of Jack and Amanda at the zoo the other day. Two of them together. One of her on top of his shoulders, both smiling, one of them both watching the elephants, and then two of just Amanda in the best poses when she wasn't smiling at the camera but smiling at something she saw and had that innocence and beauty in her face.

I.. I just noticed, that you don't have a lot of pictures of her in your office, or.. or umm.. new ones up around the house, and I thought, maybe it's because you don't have time to take pictures or.. too busy to. And I thought, this was a really good memory for you guys.. so... I hope you like it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:31 am

Once Jack gave her the box, he sat quietly a couple of feet away from her on the carpet near the fire. It was the perfect vantage point to see her reaction. Her facial expression was a mixture of joy, fear, excitement, and so many other emotions as she immediately burst in to tears. Jack sincerely hoped they were tears of joy.

His assumption appeared correct as Amelia crawled over to his lap. What was it about a crawling woman that made her so incredibly sexy? Whatever the reason, Jack absently held his breath until she was within arms reach. Sitting in his lap, she recreated their earlier kiss, filled with passion and primal need, a kiss that left them without breath.

A few more moments like that, and we won't need any more encouragement.

Slipping from his grasp, Amelia mentioned getting a present for him. Nodding, he let her give him a wrapped box, which Jack quickly dismembered to reveal a four picture frame with wonderful memories included inside. He smiled big as he studied each picture, remembering the moments that had preceded and included every one. He softly touched the glass on the ones of a candid Amanda. The little girl never met a camera she didn't like, and getting one where she wasn't completely beaming was very rare indeed.

I will cherish this...

I.. I just noticed, that you don't have a lot of pictures of her in your office, or.. or umm.. new ones up around the house, and I thought, maybe it's because you don't have time to take pictures or.. too busy to. And I thought, this was a really good memory for you guys.. so... I hope you like it.

Jack looked up at Amelia as she basically told him that her involvement in the day had been for naught, in not so many words. He shook his head negatively, pointing at the picture of Jack and Amanda looking at the elephants.

There is only...one thing. This photo collage isn't complete. Its missing the third member of our group that day. I think she deserves as much credit as either of us for having an amazing day that day. There was a picture I remember taking of that lovely woman holding my daughter to pet giraffes...that would make this complete, I think.

He looked up at her and smiled.

What do you think, Amelia? You don't happen to have that picture, do you?
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:20 am

There is only...one thing.

She nearly winced. Because, to be honest, she had feared it would be completely underwhelming. But, she was shocked when he told her that the picture was missing something. Her... she blushed severely as she bit her lower lip and couldn't help but let her lips roll into a smile. He asked her if she had the picture where she and Amanda had been feeding the giraffe together.

I have the whole developed roll in my purse. I brought them so we could look at them later..

She got up and moved over to her overnight bag. A lovely quilted paisley pink number, she unzipped it and fiddled around inside until she came out with an envelope from a local drug store photo department. She came back over and slid next to him and felt his arm come around her as she leaned into him and opened the envelope. She began to flip through the pictures searching for the one he had asked for.

She found it about halfway through.

This is the one you want?

She looked up at him and handed it over when she got the affirmative. She watched as he opened the back of the silver frame to change the picture out and put the new one in.

I just.. I just really didn't want to take liberties. I mean, I didn't know if you wanted to put it in your office, because then I couldn't be in it, and this house.. well.. I don't.. I mean it isn't my house or anything and if it's here I wasn't sure if you would want me in it and...

She sighed, she felt really self conscious about it. Which was rare and strange because she wasn't the kind of woman that was very self conscious about anything in general. But, when it came to expressing how she felt about Jack Conners she had problems saying what she really wanted to say. What she really wanted to say, was that she loved him. Yet, that was exactly how she felt. Hell she was spending more time over here than at her own place. Puddles even had a corner that he slept in when he was here because they were here so often. At least twice a week for dinner, and usually on the weekends. If they had a mutual day off, they did something fun together. And, she sometimes even surprised Amanda by picking her up from school.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:17 am

It turned out that Amelia had all the developed photos from the zoo, which was fantastic news. That meant the pictures in the frame would be perfect...everyone would be included. Jack noticed the look on Amelia's face when he mentioned the difference in the photos, she seemed shocked that she was the thing missing. Moments like these made Jack really wonder about Amelia, why did she insist on acting like she wasn't important to him?

When she produced the photo, Jack softly exchanged photos and replaced the backing for the frame. Turning the framed photos so he could look over them again, he smiled.

There we go...now, it includes all the people I care so much about. Its perfect. Thank you, Amelia. Best gift I could ever gets, and I mean that.

I just.. I just really didn't want to take liberties. I mean, I didn't know if you wanted to put it in your office, because then I couldn't be in it, and this house.. well.. I don't.. I mean it isn't my house or anything and if it's here I wasn't sure if you would want me in it and...

She sighed as Jack looked at her with loving, compassionate eyes, motioning for her to shush for a moment. Really? Was she really still self-conscious about her role in this family? After all they did together? Jack would never understand women.

Sitting up more on the couch, he faced the curly blond and casually held her face in his hands. He loved the feeling that she gave him as she nuzzled his hands. Staring in to her deep teal eyes...those eyes that always made the world stop for him...he knew he had to speak and to make those words count.

Amelia, you really need to understand..I want you here. Chuckling at the thought that she may not, he gently shook his head and continued. Please, for the love of Terra, take liberties! I just gave you a key to my house for you to use as you like! Come and go...live here if you want.

The words may have sunk in, for Amelia was quiet for a moment. Jack let his hands fall from her face and softly took her hands in his own.

You don't ever need to feel self-conscious about us...ever. Love isn't self-conscious, it just...is. With us, it really is...do you understand what I'm saying?
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:31 am

She watched as he replaced one of the pictures of him and Amanda with the one of her and Amanda and then claimed the pictures were complete. She smiled softly, as he looked at it, calling it perfect. She explained how much she didnt want to take liberties and was a bit afraid of looking him in the eyes.

He took her face in hs hands and her teal eyes slowly worked their way up to him and she bit her lower lip softly. She didn't know what to think, but she didn't want him to feel like she was trying to shove herself into his ex-wife's position. She was gone, had been for five years, but what if she suddenly came back. He WAS still married afterall. And that terrified her.

He told her that she was supposed to take liberties. She was part of their family now. He had just given her a key to the house, and then, he told her she could move in if she liked.

Her eyes widened.

But, wouldn't that be more dangerous? Moving in? Moving in and .. living here, where others might figure it out. She .. wasn't sure if he realized what he was saying, but he was the Captain and she was certain he had thought about everything. It warmed her heart that he wanted her here.

M..movve in? she whispered, a hopeful look on her face.

He took her hands, and she missed his hands on her face immediately. She liked the way her face fit right into his hands. She smiled softly, as he told her that she shouldn't be so self conscious. And then he dropped the L word. Her eyes lit up, knowing she was thinking the same thing, but she had been afraid to say it. He had a wife, sorta, and a family. She really wasn't sure what would happen with their relationship because, he would at some point, have to get himself a divorce if they were going to go anywhere and Amelia wanted to be married. She didn't just want to be the live -in girlfriend.

Though that would work for now.

You... love me.. she whispered softly, in such a shock, her eyes wide, but a smile slowly took over her face. He had said love. She had heard it, and then he nodded and she flung herself into his arms burrowing her face into his neck. He had been such an amazing man for her. He took care of her, and let her take care of them. Trusted her with his daughter, and luckily enough. Amanda liked her too.

I love you too. she whispered as she pulled back to look into his eyes, her hand cupping his cheek this time softly. I can't help it. I love you, I love that little girl sleeping in the other room. I love.. our time together, I love.. everything.

She smiled warmly. They could talk about the logisitics of her moving in later. Right now, she just wanted to be close to him. She leaned in and kissed him. Passionately. Wanting. With Love. Pure free flowing love. As it broke for air, she smiled. Take me upstairs. she whispered and went right back to kissing him, orrrr they could do it here by the Christmas Tree but she wasn't sure about Amanda being in the house the bedroom might be the safer bet.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:19 pm

You... love me..

The whispered words of the woman he loved made him smile, and he softly nodded. He hadn't specifically said the words...but he knew them to be true. Jack loved Amelia, more than anyone in recent history.

Yes, I... his words were cut short by the near-pounce tackle from the slim woman as she buried herself in a tight hug. Her face buried in his collar, he squeezed her back.

I love you too. She whispered, pulling back and cupping his cheek softly. Her teal eyes said it all, no words needed to be exchanged yet, their presence made the moment all the more special. I can't help it. I love you, I love that little girl sleeping in the other room. I love.. our time together, I love.. everything.

And that...Conners' thoughts mused to him, ...is exactly why I love you. Well, one of the many reasons.

They kissed, one of those kisses that got him hot and bothered in the worst way. The need, the passion, the sheer desire in Amelia's eyes only made it worse. Those soft words, not a command but an invitation, made getting up off the couch all the more complicated when they stayed locked together by their lips.

I can't tell you how long I've stared at you tonight...wanting to unwrap you.

Pressing Amelia up against the wall, Jack let the kisses slide down her neck and shoulders, letting the excitement build.

Now this is a present I really wanted... his eyes widened, presents!

Oh my Gods...one second. Stay right there!

Jack nearly leaped from the wall and scurried down the cellar stairs. Grabbing the bag hidden amongst boxes, Conners returned to the first floor, seeing a confused yet wanting look in Amelia's eyes.

I can't unwrap my present until Santa leaves his.

Gently placing the stack of presents by the tree, Jack tossed the bag in the garbage and once again pressed his blond bombshell against the wall. The deep passionate kiss was accompanied by actions that could only be described as a grope. Breaking the kiss, panting, Jack met her eyes.

Shall we?
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:33 pm

Amelia was hoisted up off the couch and she was in his arms. They raced across the room in the hopes of heading up the stairs. But he stopped her at the foot of the stairs and pressed her into the wall. The moan that came from her lips left nothing at all to be guessed at. She hungrily ran her hands through his hair as he admitted he had wanted to unwrap his present all night causing her to laugh a little bit. She couldn't help but feel giddy.

They had held off for a while on doing anything like this. She was glad. Because this was the perfect moment to make that next step. A step that she was so eager to make at this moment. His hands were all over her and so were his lips, and she could only tilt her head back and sigh softly.

Then he stopped and exclaimed and rushed off downstairs. She leaned there against the wall panting. He came back up with a bag full of preents and put them out saying that he couldn't unwrap his presents until Santa delivered his. She laughed softly and nodded and then he was back on her, and she groaned loudly, sliding her body against his.

She wanted this more than anything else in the world right now.

They rushed up the stairs quietly giggling together, and then they were on the bed and it was only moments before things were coming off and they slid under the covers and found themselves having a very merry Christmas Eve night.

When all was said and done, they lay locked in each other's embraces in the middle of his bed, looking into each other's eyes. He played with her now messy curls and she traced random patters on his back while they lay together smiling at each other like idiots. Or teenagers. Or maybe idiotic teenagers. It was different, having relations with someone who's senses were so extreme. She was much easier to play with but she also tended to orgasm quickly. However, that didn't seem to bother him because she didn't say stop, but she did get overwhelmed sometimes and need a small break a few seconds to catch her breath before they began again.

Did you mean what you said, downstairs? About.. moving in? she asked him curiously. She wasn't sure if he understood what that entailed. I mean, you know about my.. abilities, and they don't go away, they're on all the time.

She also wasn't sure how to breach the subject of the fact that this was his wife's house. well it was Jack's but he hadn't touched anything since his wife had left him and she wasn't sure how she was supposed to fit into a world that was created by another woman. But, she waited, because she wanted to hear what he had to say before she made any decisions. She did love him, and she already spent several nights a week here, but moving in was a huge change for them, and she wanted to be sure that he had thought it out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:15 am

Their giggling trek to the bedroom was as fun as Jack could remember. Once they made it there, Amelia and Jack suddenly became experts at buttons and zippers, like the wait to actually have sex hadn't hindered their ability to tear each other out of their clothing.

It was an interesting experience, making love to someone who was hyper-sensitive, one that Jack wouldn't soon forget. Every touch, every movement seemed to be intensified for Amelia. It was...extremely empowering. No matter how quickly the girl climaxed, she always was back for more. Nothing make Jack feel sexier or more masculine was to have Amelia do that for him.

Afterwords, they lay together, cuddling. Soft kisses were exchanged between them as they held one another in to the deep hours of Christmas morning.

Did you mean what you said, downstairs? About.. moving in?

Jack pulled his head back at the question, stunned. Why wouldn't he be serious?

I mean, you know about my.. abilities, and they don't go away, they're on all the time.

Jack snuggled her in close, kissing her forehead softly through her mussed up curls.

Of course I'm serious. What do you mean? I know that your abilities don't go away. Why is that such a horrible thing?

Jack honestly had no idea why that would be such a horrible thing...maybe there were some things he hadn't considered. Then again, he loved Amelia, and that meant things could always change to accommodate her in his life.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:25 am

She smiled.

Well... like.. I have to have the house clean. I'm very sensitive to dust. I can't handle scented laundry detergent or strong chemicals to clean the bath rooms and stuff. Stuff like that.. I just.. wanted to be sure.

She wasn't sure how to breach the subject of the fact that this was the house he had bought and decorated with his wife. She wasn't sure what she should do about that considering that... well she and the woman's style were vastly different and yet she didn't want to step on any toes.

To be honest, she had figured she would move in when they got engaged, IF they got engaged, but now the option was coming up a lot sooner and she was definitely interested. She kissed him softly, glad that the presents downstairs were done because right now she didn't want to go anywhere. Didn't want to move from his arms or the way that their bodies were entangled at the moment.

I have a lot of stuff.

She kissed him again long and soft.

And Puddles will have to come too.

She kissed his neck softly.

I'm a morning person. she chuckled as she kissed down to his collar bone.

I love you...

She looked up at him and slid her body back up so that their faces were next to each other again. Her fingers stroked over his face, and she just .. sighed she was so happy to be next to him. So happy to be with him, and having just made love for the first time was the best Christmas present she could ever have. He loved her, and she loved him. She had a key to the house and an invitation to move in.

We might need another closet... she laughed softly and turned over on her back staring up at the ceiling they would both be staring up at if she moved in like he asked.

I might use your razor on my legs. she giggled and looked over at him, in a playful and fun mood, she was just so.. happy. Happier than she could ever remember actually being. It was blissful, and strange.
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Laying next to her in bed, Jack simply nodded as Amelia why it was apparently so hard to live with someone as sensitive as she. Chuckling, Jack didn't see the big deal. That just meant that there would be cleaning to do, the entire house scoured for various things that would bother Amelia, and Amanda would need to be talked to about what was going on.

It would be a colossal endeavor indeed.

I love you...

She pulled herself up to face-to-face level, and they shared those moments people who in loved shared. It was fantastic. Jack had never her so happy, it was a relief.

I love you too. It just seems so right at this moment.

She continued with her list of various things, adding the ridiculous requests of having a new closet and using his razor. Women didn't actually do that...did they?

I'll buy you razors, crazy woman. Also, if you need an additional closet with all the room I have, you can donate some to the Salvation Army.

Leaning up, he caught her in mid-giggle with a loving, passionate kiss. Letting his fingers crawl up her bare back, he felt her coo softly against him. Intimate moments like this made it all worthwhile.

So, why are you so giddy? Its like you went and got yourself some loving, Ms. Remington. Do I really make you so giggly like some teenage girl?

If that's true I'm getting too damn old.
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PostSubject: Re: The Night Before Christmas (Connors)   Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:26 am

Donate my clothes!? she gasped playfully and then giggled.

She would make it work, they both would and she probably needed to get rid of some really old stuff anyway. She also knew that she could probably go through his stuff and get rid of some things. He had stuff back from when he was in the Police Academy and THAT was ridiculous.

He cut her off from answering him further with a soft long kiss, which she could only murmur against his lips and press herself against him. This was perfect. Nothing had been more perfect that their moments here. He broke the kiss and asked her why she was so giddy. She could only smile brightly at him as he wondered if getting laid really did have her acting like a teenage girl.

Amelia sighed.

Yes, and no. she rolled over and she snuggled into his chest again. Laying her head in it's center she closed her eyes. Though she knew if they remained closed too long she would go to sleep, something she wasn't sure he was ready for. But, she knew it would happen eventually, and morning would come too early anyhow.

I think, it's a mixture of... moving into my boyfriend's house. Getting to be a family. Being told that you love me. That you want me here. That you'll buy me razors! she laughed again and sighed.

She was probably also, overtired, and she tended to get a little giddy when she was over tired. That and clumsy. Luckily, she wasn't trying to go anywhere. She snuggled into him.

I guess, it's just.. that this night turned into one of the best nights of my life.

She felt like somehow she had bene proposed to. Even though that wasn't the truth. She knew that she hadn't, she just felt like that was what had happened. She didn't have a ring, didn't expect that she would get one any time soon though she kind of hoped that if he was asking her to move in and he wanted her to be with him all the time, then he wanted her in his life forever.

That was how she saw it anyway.

The quietness coupled with the fact that she was still laying there with her eyes closed took only minutes to knock her out. She was sleeping peacefully on his chest in moments. Each deep breath softly rustling against any chest hair he had on him. She was out. Her blonde hair spilling over his arm and the bed. Her arm wrapped around his waist as much as it could be. She was exhausted, and happy, and eager to move forward with their new life together.

Little did she know how early little girls' woke up on Christmas morning.
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She snuggled in to him, explaining how the night had been so great, and things that he already knew. It made him excited: the thought of her moving in, having someone female in Amanda's life, having love back in his life. It was an amazing feeling.

Jack had forgotten how much he missed it.

I guess, it's just.. that this night turned into one of the best nights of my life.

Hugging her close, Jack kissed Amelia's forehead tenderly. Without much provocation, Amelia settled in to his chest and promptly fell asleep. Jack laid there, watching her sleep, softly running his fingers up and down her back. At that moment, right then, he didn't have a care in the world. The only thing that mattered was the woman in his arms and the girl sleeping down the hall.

This is what life is supposed to be like.

Glancing over to his alarm clock, he noticed the time and slid down in to a sleeping position with Amelia. Amanda would be up in a matter of a few hours for a full day of festivities. It was going to be a long day, physical exertion notwithstanding.

Christmas Day, 0523 hours

Little Amanda Conners awoke with a leap of joy out of bed. She was in her pajamas, and wasn't completely sure how she got in them. That seemed to happen every Christmas...it seemed her attempt to stay up until midnight had failed again.

There was always next year.

Scurrying out the door at a fervent pace, Amanda ran to her father's door. Trying the handle, she found it locked; that was odd since her father never locked his door. So, Amanda did the next best thing: she knocked and yelled.

DADDY! Come out...its Christmas!!!
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Amelia heard, through her subconscious sleep the patter of little feet. She heard someone come ot the door and try the knob, something that Jack had locked thank the Divine because as her eyes shot open she realized that she was still very much naked and so was he. So she was awake even before the exhuberant seven year old beat on the door and said something about Christmas.

Amelia groaned.

She rolled over and glanced at the clock.

530? Was she freaking kidding?

Jack was awake now. She rubbed her eyes, and they burned like a son of a bitch. They got like three hours of sleep. The glow of last night was gone as she got out of bed and realized her overnight bag was still downstairs where she had left it. So she headed to his closet and she opened it. Glad that his wife's clothes weren't in here because that would make it all the more awkward to move in.

She ran through his clothes and found one of his large sweatshirts from the police force with the MHD logo on the front and a pair of drawstring pants that even as tightly cinched as she could make them barely stayed up. But, she didn't feel comfortable going downstairs with Amanda half naked. That just.. wasn't okay.

So she waited for Jack to get done and they opened the door to a cute little Amanda jumping and pacing back and forth with a vigor that she thought was only reserved for candy rushes.

Hey kiddo. Merry Christmas. she told the girl who basically tackled the over tired, and therefore clumsy Amelia who was then knocked into the door frame her head knocking back with a resounding crack on the frame of the door.

She winced.

By Divine that hurt, quite badly too. Tears stung her eyes, but she fought them and the pain off. She was a big girl and she had been oversensitive long enough to push through it.

Lets go down and see what Santa brought you. I'm sure it's awesome! she said trying to be as excited as she could be in this over tired state. She zombied her way downstairs and perched herself on the couch as the little girl hyperactively zoomed down in front of the tree and waited for the goahead from her father.
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It was that groan that woke him up; that, and the feeling of a loss of weight as Amelia rolled over to check the clock. Jack smiled to himself for just a brief moment before the sheer moment of time slammed in to his body.

Its like she knows the worst times to do that.

Jack was about to yell at Amanda to get her little ass back in bed, but thought better of it when giving a moment's notice to Amelia's sensitivity. Besides, even after only a couple of hours of sleep, she was rising out of bed to get dressed. Jack did the same, but at the same time, he couldn't help but steal a couple of glances at her naked form. Even at five-thirty in the morning, she was beautiful in her own way.

Once they were ready, the door was opened and Amelia was immediately assaulted by Amanda.

Amelia! You're the best Christmas present. But...we can go see I guess.

The feign lack of caring in her voice was betrayed by Amanda's sudden run towards the stairs, leaving the two adults behind. Taking a step towards his better half, Jack softly put his hand on the back of her head and kissed a tear away from her cheek.

You ok? You whacked yourself pretty hard there? You need me to call a medic? He whispered, teasing lightly.

Once he knew Amelia was ok, they headed to the tree and a very excited Amanda. Jack nodded to his daughter who dug in to the presents from Santa. Once the new dollhouse, the clothes, the dolls and movies were revealed, Jack gave his daughter his gift: a small jeweled necklace with a lustered badge.

I know you can't have a real badge yet baby, so this is your super secret MHD badge from the Captain himself. He winked at his daughter as she jumped in his arms and hugged him tight. Amanda then promptly grabbed two gifts and brought them to Amelia.

These...are from me. Merry Christmas Amelia!

When Amelia opened the two large clothing boxes, she would find a sweater for Puddles in one and a terrycloth robe in the other, monogrammed. Underneath it was a drawing Amanda had done of the four of them, Puddles included, at the zoo. The cutest thing was that it was entitled 'My Family.'
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Amelia gave a weak smile. I've had worse. It's not her fault, my coordination goes to pot when I'm over tired.

She brought her lips to his for a soft quick kiss before they headed down the stairs to Amanda perched at the side of the tree. Desperately waiting for the go ahead to tear into the packages that gleamed under the Christmas tree still plugged in and shimmering with bright lights. Amelia sat on the corner of the couch curling her legs underneath her and yawning softly as she watched.

She was excited, she was just .. really really tired.

Amanda was all squealy. Everytime she opened something, she let out a shrill yell which assaulted Amelia's senses. But, she knew that the little girl didn't understand what happened to Amelia with her senses. Eventually, they'd have to sit her down and explain. But overall, Amanda didn't seem that loud. She had spent a bit of time around the girl and not had to wince as much as tonight. Though... birthday parties with several kids squealing would be tough. She'd probably do ear plugs or something.

Amanda rushed over with two packages for her, and she sat up a little bit crossing her legs and sitting up more. She opened the first to find a cute sweater for Puddles.

Thank you honey, he'll love it, I'm sure. I'll go get him later. she told the little girl as she put the box to the side and grabbed the other one and opened it to a beautiful nice monogrammed robe. The threading was done in turqoise which happened to be Amelia's favorite color. But, it was the picture underneath it all .. that really got to Amelia. The picture of Amanda's family. With herself and Puddles included.

Well now, a picture this perfect deserves a frame, I know what I'm doing tomorrow when the stores open. Amanda smiled brightly and Amelia hugged the little girl putting a kiss on her forehead gently. Now, those packages in shiney pink paper, are from me and Puddles. For you.

Inside one, was a book of alllll the pictures from the zoo. All in order. Though the elephant area was the biggest, of course. In another box there was a stuffed elephant and an elephant shaped piggy bank. In another, was a brand new dolly, the kind that was supposed to dress like you. Those.. Terra Dolls or whatever. It even looked a bit like Amanda and inside the next box was an outfit that closely matched what the doll was wearing. In another box was a collection of all sorts of jewelry. Beaded necklaces, bangles, rings, all kinds of things. Most of it used to be Amelia's but she knew the little girl wanted jewelry and Amelia was no longer attatched to them. Some of them were new. But they were all mixed up so it was hard to tell.

And in the final box, was a jewelry box. It was white, painted with tiny pink flowers so she could grow up with it, and it was a place to put all her new jewelry. Amelia hoped the little girl would like it.
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Jack watched quietly while Amanda and Amelia opened their presents. Amelia reacted as he thought she would from the picture. When Amanda had showed him the drawing a couple of days ago, he had encouraged her to put it in with the bathrobe. He simply had a feeling it would be a big heat with the blond. When Amelia showed Amanda the small mountain of pink presents for her...Jack was tempted to roll her eyes.

Granted, the things Amelia had gotten for Amanda were nice, and allowed for far more of a feminine touch. For that, Jack was eternally grateful. As Amanda opened the gifts, Jack reached over and held hands with Amelia.

You know, you're gonna spoil her. Jack whispered so only she could hear. It was nice to have something akin to their own language, even if it was just an exploitation of her sensitive senses.

Amanda came and presented her haul to her father, and Jack smiled, acknowledging the generosity of Santa and Amelia. Jack pointed to a couple of green wrapped presents that Amanda quickly retrieved. Taking the small boxes, Jack tossed them softly to Amelia.

You're not the only one who came prepared with gifts for someone they didn't have before. His whisper was accompanied by a wink.

Inside, Amelia would find one of those popular bracelet and necklace sets that women collected charms to talk about their own style, or whatever. A third box had about a dozen charms for her. When Jack played Christmas...he played for keeps, and he was intent on keeping Amelia.
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Amelia rose her brow as Amanda came rushing over with some green wrapped presents and she looked over at Jack and gave him that knowing glare. To be honest, she figured that she was probably going to spoil Amanda from time to time. That was what you did for people that you love. And she did love Amanda, already. Just as much as she loved Amanda's father.

Amelia tore through the presents having not expected to get any others after the ones that she had gotten last night, and she could only smile brightly at the bracelt and necklace set. The kind you add those beaded charms to for all the special occassions. She loved those, and the women at the office were always talking about them. All the time. She had wanted to .. get one but it was really one of those things you didn't buy yourself.

She opened the next box and sure enough, inside, was a beautiful set of charms. More charms than he should have bought. He spent way too much on her.

They're perfect. Thank you. she said leaning over to give him a soft slow kiss. It was quick, but perfect. Like a little girl excited about her stuff, she eagerly started threading the beads and charms on the bracelet. Different ones to different things. There was a necklace too so she would save some of the charms and beads for that..

Is that.. a polar bear? she whispered as she dug out the silver charm and looked up at him grinning like an idiot. Apparently, she was easier to read than she thought. But that had to go on the braclet, the zoo was an important day for her. And there were so many others, she was glad she had a necklace too and that she had so many options. With the bracelet mostly done, for now, preliminarily, she put it on and closed up the boxes she would do the necklace later.

Amanda, could you get those boxes over there for your dad? Those last presents?

She wasn't the only one with a trick up her sleeve. At least he hadn't PROPOSED to her yet. Though he had asked her to move in so... that was pretty close to a diamond ring on one knee. She looked over at him as he opened two beautiful soft thin sweaters. Nothing like the old man sweater that had somehow disappeared in the last several weeks from his closet. She hoped, to never return.

Lastly, there was a silver watch, that Amanda and Amelia had picked out together, so it the tag said it was from the both of them. Amanda grinned, they had picked it out one day when Amelia had taken her while her father was still at work. He had come by to pick her up at Amelia's place later.. but they had gone shopping in the interim.

Read the back!

She grinned brightly. In the center of the face, under the glass was the MHD crest symbol. They'd had the jeweler put it in for them. On the back of the watch was a small engraving. "Merry Christmas to Captain Dad!" Amanda had picked it out and Amelia had thought it was genius so they had it put on the back. It was a linked watch so he could take the links out if it was too big but they had measured it up with one of his old watches so they hoped it would fit perfectly.
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When the excited look crossed over Amelia's face when she opened the jewelry confirmed that Jack had done well. It may have been five years, but he could still woo women with gifts. Just because it was Amanda's idea had nothing to do with it! At least, that's what Jack kept telling himself. She commented that they were perfect and they shared a loving kiss.

Of course they were...its what you do for people you love. You're so welcome.

When she found the polar bear charm, Jack couldn't help but grin. It was the one thing for sure he knew she would like. As discrete as she tried to be, Jack noticed the woman's love of the furry white bears. Amelia motioned for Amanda to retrieve some presents from beneath the tree for Jack. He took to packages from his daughter and opened the ones his daughter urged him to open first.

Inside, Jack found two nice, brand new sweaters. He raised a single, suspicious eyebrow at the gift.

Now it all makes sense.

I should've known the sweater theft was an inside job. Jack chuckled and gave accusatory stares at the two females, who had a practiced look of innocence on their face.

This is what you get for letting them hang out together. They will turn against you...its a chromosome thing.

Without further negative action, Jack simply smiled and looked over the nice new garments. This is fantastic, the old one made me look like a poorly dressed librarian.


I knew it!

Letting the moment pass, Jack chuckled and opened the smaller, heavier package. He let out a soft gasp as he looked at the face of the watch. It was a very nice watch and the unique face made him smile. At Amanda's insistence, Jack read the back and promptly picked the little girl up in his arms and squeezed her tight.

Thank you so much sweetheart. I love you so much.

He could feel tiny arms squeeze back. I love you too Daddy...Merry Christmas.

Not forgetting the other woman in the room, Jack held out his hand for Amelia and squeezed hers. Thank you baby, I love you. The gasp in his ear made his jump with a start.

You said it! Yay! With that, Amanda pounced on Amelia in a bear hug. Thank you for everything Amelia...I love you too!
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Amelia gave nothing away when he mentioned something about the sweaters. She didn't shrug, didn't smile, didn't bat an eye. It didn't matter anyway, Amanda had already gotten them to Amelia's and intended to make Puddles a sweater or something about of it. The girl had plans, to say the least. But they were no longer in the wardrobe circulation of the man that had sadly worn it for their first date. He said something about the sweater making him look like an old librarian, and Amanda gave herself away.

Amelia kept quiet.

She had nothing to do with getting rid of that hideous beast....

He opened the watch and she smiled as he looked at the beautiful crest the the jeweler had done. She knew that he would like it. He was so proud of his Meta-Human Division and he should be of course. He had done so well with it and that was why if it ever came to pass that one of them had to quit she would be the one to step down. She would never ask him to do that for her. Not to give up his dream. Besides, she wanted to be a mother some day anyway, and that would be just fine for her.

Amanda and Jack shared a hug, and then he looked over and said he loved her. Causing her to smile. She didn't have time to answer back because she was bodily assaulted by a little seven year old that was excited to hear such words coming from ther father's mouth.

I love you too sweetheart, I'm very lucky to have you and your Dad in my life.

We're more lucky! she said truthfully causing Amelia to laugh and hug the little girl again.

Family hug! she said as the two girl piled on top of Jack giggling and laughing as he hugged them both and both of his girls smiled happily looking up at him with different kinds of admiration. She wondered if Amanda even knew that Jack had asked her to move in.

You know, last night, your Daddy asked me to move in with you guys. What do you think about that? she asked the little girl curiously who gasped.

She was actually, momentarily, speechless. Amelia laughed seeing the joy that took over her face as she mentioned moving in and living with them.


Amelia winced and laughed as she got up. Her ears were ringing heavily and she was trying to play it off as she headed for the kitchen. She was going to have to have a talk with Amanda about her sensitive hearing and other things.. because there were times that that really caused a great deal of pain.

How about Cinnamon rolls for breakfast? she asked as she began to pull ingrediants out of the pantry and the fridge not capable of hearing the replies anyway because of the ringing in her ears. It would pass, after some time. She had to get used to noise anyway, living here would be noisy and if she ever did have a baby, it would be noisy too.

As her ears cleared up, Jack found her in the kitchen, she was totally ready for a nap. But, that she supposed would come later, or not at all, she was still new to this whole being a Mom thing. She leaned in and shared a kiss with her love, while rolling the dough into a large roll and slicing it up. Sliding it into the oven.

Does this mean next year, I get a baby sister for Christmas?! asked a little girl who had snuck up on the both of them. With Amelia's ears ringing, and her distracted by the kiss, it had been too easy. Amelia had no idea what to say to something like that, but she blushed and returned to making the icing.
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The Night Before Christmas (Connors)
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