A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Nothing but a good time...

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PostSubject: Nothing but a good time...    Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:08 pm

Jackie's day had actually been a good one for once, his delivery had gone smoothly. However, the fact that the bag was moving hadn't given him any particular joy, he never liked carrying live packages. It gave the delivery a very high chance of error, especially since Jackie had a way to look... harmless. Many people assumed their package was compromised during travel, so he had to be careful with the way people would see him. If he didn't look intimidating enough, they would try and kill him to ensure the secret of their package, if he was too intimidating, he lost business... It was difficult.

Surprisingly though, this one had gone off without a hitch. He had dropped it off, and finally collected his part of the pay. The man who he had been delivering to could have been a little less rude, but Jackie was used to assholes, it came with the territory. Best thing about his job? Jackie would definitely have to go with the vacation time between jobs. He loved having a lot of time off, it let him experiment with his abilities, maybe practice is transformations. Too much free time was never an issue, until he got into trouble, which didn't take long.

However, a simple stop at a bar in this town... To enjoy the local beer and maybe one of it's women, was his goal tonight. With his carrier bag at his side he strolled into the bar, it never left his side... who knows what someone else could do with it. He sat down at the bar, his black denim trench coat hanging off his shoulders. A red plain shirt beneath it, Jeans under it as well. He wasn't going for a fashion show, he was going for a beer, and screw dressing up for that shit.

He sat down, tapping the end of the bar and catching the beer slid to him, looking across the bar. Tonight would be interesting... His eyes drifted from a few of the drunkards dancing to the music, and then to the people walking along. He had to be on his guard sadly... He had heard rumors that a few couriers had been disappearing, so he had to make sure he wasn't going to be the next.

A song came over the bar, and Jackie's voice could be heard gently singing to the song. "I'm sitting at a bar on the inside.... Waiting for my ride on the outside..." He smirked... tonight would be a good night.
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Nothing but a good time...
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