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 Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)

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PostSubject: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:57 am

The sun was beginning to set as dusk approached the city, and Tayva had finally found the Grove, an area within the city that would allow her to be surrounded by plant life. She hadn't been entirely certain since first coming to this world, but for some reason she had found herself to possess a strong connection to plant life. While she felt weak and miserable within the stone and metal maze of the city, simply being surrounded by the plants of the Grove seemed to rejuvenate the Celestial.

And to make things even better, there didn't seem to be anyone else nearby right now, allowing the girl to really be herself. Setting her bag down, she unbuckled the flap to allow Cayleb to run out, the Rift Beast not having seen the light of day since sunrise. It was hard for him to be able to get out much in the city, especially when everyone seemed to fear his race. She hadn't seen any reason to, at least not yet, and so she had formed a strong bond with the little creature.

Once he was situated in his surroundings, Tayva followed him along to an apple tree, where she plucked one of the fruits from the plant. The large shiny fruit looked quite delicious, and as she took a bite, her little furry companion ran over to her, sitting by her foot and looking up at her. With a small smile she plucked another apple from the tree, setting it down to allow him to chew away at the red fruit.

As she ate away at the apple, she slid down and rested her back against the tree, feeling her back itch. Since coming here, she hadn't even had a chance to let loose her wings, which were still hidden within her back. Tayva focused, pausing her eating to concentrate on letting the extra appendages free. A short tearing sound was emitted, as the feathered wings tore out from her back, leaving painful trails of blood behind to stain the back of her clothing. Tayva gritted her teeth, though as the wings settled against her back, she took to eating once more, trying to forget about the painful tears in her back.

Getting down to the core of the fruit, she found a handful of brown-looking seeds embedded into the fruit, which she took to scraping out. The Celestial stared at the seeds for a few moments, before getting an idea. She dug a little hole in the ground with one of her hands, gently pouring the seeds in with the other, before covering them up with a mound of dirt. She then pressed her hands in against the dirt gently, feeling a warming sensation in her hands.

A green light was emitted from her palms as her life force was transferred into the seeds she had planted, and soon a small sapling was in its place. Panting a little, she leaned in again and focused some more, the tree growing taller and taller, before looming over her, riddled with blossoms in its foliage. Satisfied, the angel girl collapsed back against the tree trunk that provided her shelter, looking quite fatigued.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:17 am

The Shadow Court was a place of darkness.  Even in all the sun and beauty of Elyria, there was a dark undercurrent that all knew about and a great many were a part of.  There was ample time in the darkness, time to think and time to plot.  Since the end of the war Thade had ten years to think about what should be done.  In that decade he came to two conclusions.  Peace was the illusion that the impotent used to shroud their inability to fight.  Coexistence was the sanctuary of cowards who lacked the conviction to see what they started through to the end.  He spent centuries leading good soldiers, friends and brothers, to their deaths for the cause.  He laid his life on the line, a willing sacrifice, countless times.  This was no way to honor the dead, or ensure the future.  Someone had to do what was right.  

Thade had worked the moves out in his head, adapting his stratagems as new pieces became available.  It was as if fate was guiding his path, and placing the means in his hands for the taking.   The latest piece he found in his path came in the form of an unassuming woman.  He'd been walking through the Elyrian groves tending to business, which normally meant clandestine events on behalf of the Shadow Emperor Darnorn, when she took his notice.   To his eyes this human looking woman stood out among the populous, and personal prejudice kept him from looking at her directly, but made him watch her every move for an excuse to attack her. The moves he saw made it difficult to refrain from looking at her.   In her wake the grasses grew, and delicate blooms strengthened.  She did not wear any Sigil that affiliated her with the Shamanic Orders.  In that moment she became a puzzle he was determined to figure out. 

After that chance encounter Thade tracked her like a wolf on the trail, and followed from the shadows to learn what he could about her.  Once he had a name, he employed his network of eyes and ears to discover who and what this Tayva was.  No one knew what she was because she had ties to no one among the courts.  This unknown woman with the powers of a Grove Shaman, was a gift from fate.  Because both the Courts of Light and Shadow agreed that restoring Terra was paramount, any shaman who could influence nature in a positive way was considered an 'Court Resource', meaning they were watched, monitored, and put to official use.  He needed a Grove Shaman for one of his stratagems, but taking one would be noticed, and setting one to an extracurricular task would unwanted raise questions. 

She was perfect so Thade waited, watched, and chose his moment wisely.  Tayva had wandered into the Deep Grove, where the trees grew strong and needed no tending so that they could focus on new growth areas.  Even wanderers did not come this deep unless they had reason, such as finding a place to sleep undisturbed.  The elf moved silently through the forest, keeping his distance, until it was time to make his move.  The hunger for what he wanted rumbled within him as he watched her grow the seeds into saplings before his very eyes.  The effort weakened her enough to be noticed, so he could not pass up the opportunity.  It was time. 

Thade turned his concentration inward, and set the currents is mana within him into motion and drew strength from them.  That power surging through him made him feel as if he had been reborn into the world.  This was the deadly secret of the martial art Ny'Zul Kan.  The first placement of pieces on the board was to set the confines of their encounter.  The woman was no human after all. The wings told him that the sky was an escape route to her.  Thade touched the shadows cast in the canopy of limbs above and wove a strong web with them, a web that was potentially indiscernible from normal shadows until it was too late.  His second piece was to ready himself for battle.  Quickly and quietly he incanted and gestured one spell after another. He felt the tingling sensation of magical runes inscribing themselves along the skin beneath his clothing.  They enhanced his strength two fold, hardened his appendages, and gave him the ability to move objects with his mind for a limited time.  Finally he drew up the hood of his coat and deepened the shadows cast by it.  

It was now time for his opening move. Thade walked into view from the nearby trees about fifty feet away from her.  He was a plainly dressed figure that was obviously masculine by the build of his body.  His brown hood was drawn up and seemed to cast a perpetual shadow on his face that obscured all bit his chin and lips.  It was liked the shadows moved with him. Just as it seemed he would step into the light and reveal his face, they shadows would refuse to be banished and relinquish the secret they kept.  He spoke with a deep raspy voice that made one think of autumn leaves rustling in the wind before being stripped away from branch.  "Pardon the intrusion.  I have a proposition for you.  You have an affinity for nature that I would like to make use of.  I am willing to compensate you generously for your time, and your confidentially." The came to a stop fifteen feet away from her, just outside her wingspan, and waited for an answer. Even though he was out of reach and motionless, he gave off an eerie sense of readiness. 
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:36 am

Tayva had been rather ready to fall into a light slumber, with the energy drawn from her body to grow the tree that now stood off to the side. In a way it was an aid to help her rest, especially when being around such a place made her feel more lively. If she had not learned that this Grove existed, then perhaps she would have never known just how rejuvenated she could have truly felt in this world. It was something that she truly marveled at.

However the sudden movement before her caused her to stir, and despite her body's protest to rest, she slowly sat up, blinking her eyes a couple of times at the figure that stood before her. She could feel her companion Cayleb stir too, and in reaction to the strange man, he was quick to retreat up the trunk of the tree, to hide in the branches overhead. He wasn't the bravest creature, but his instincts told him when it was best to stay out of things.

"C-Can I help you?" Tayva asked, trying to shake the sound of exhaustion from her voice as she regarded the man in front of her. She had hoped that they would not have been disturbed today, needing a quiet rest away from the bustle of the city. While it would have been more practical to seek a similar place outside the city, a sense of protection was offered within its boundaries at the same time, keeping the various wild beasts from becoming a problem.

"Pardon the intrusion. I have a proposition for you. You have an affinity for nature that I would like to make use of. I am willing to compensate you generously for your time, and your confidentially."

She wasn't sure why, but there was something about this man that did not put her at ease. Perhaps it was the way he just suddenly showed up, or his appearance alone, but she was uneasy about him. Slowly she tried to stand, feeling her legs wanting to give out from under her as she stood upright, regarding the man with a gaze. "...What exactly do you want? I was hoping not to be disturbed tonight."
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:49 pm

Matters of strategy, whether they were a part of a game or actual warfare, had a great deal in common with a conversation. When considering a battle between two great generals the actions of their armies could be considered an exchange without them meeting to talk. Thade subscribed to this idea so he opened his games and his conversations the same way. He offered his opponent a choice. A great deal could be learned from how they reacted, and how they made their choice. This moment was a first meeting so the nobleman in him was loathed to just accost her from the start and take her by force. Why waste effort fighting when an invitation would suffice?

The invitation was ill received unfortunately, but there was still a glimmer of hope. She was curious about the task he would set her too so he would use that as a lifeline to perhaps avoid an outright struggle. "I apologize for my inconsiderate timing, but time is in short supply these days." He spoke calmly, in almost a whisper, but his voice was just loud enough to cross the distance and find her ears. Thade came close enough to stand on the other side of the sapling that she nurtured from a seed before his very eyes just moments ago. Knees bent and this individual's form gracefully lowered to the ground.

Tayva couldn't see his eyes because of the shadows cast by his hood that hid his face, but the sapling was directly between them, and she couldn't feel eyes on her at the moment. His hand, fair skinned and unadorned by any rings or other tell tale marks, raised and with the greatest of care, began to touch the delicate apple tree. There was a reverence in his touch that was apparent by watching him. "I saw what you did with the seeds just now. I've been watching you since I noticed that you had an affinity for nature, but such ability is a pleasing surprise." Thade's raspy voice was now an intimate tone that was for her ears alone.

Hands fell from the leaves of the newly born sapling, and Tayva could feel the weight of his gaze upon her once more. "I am in need of someone with your particular skills. I have some rare plants that are difficult to cultivate." His forearms came to rest on his knees which were slightly parted in a comfortable crouch, and he let his hands hang loosely in front of him. "Everyone in Elyria who has those skills tend to the Groves, so I can't ask them. That is why I need you, Tayva." Introductions had not yet been made so as far as she knew he shouldn't know her name, but Thade was not one to make careless slips of the tongue. Everything he did had a purpose behind it.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:20 pm

Tayva shifted uneasily in her place, watching the man carefully as he began to speak, then knelt down to examine her work of art. Of course she was a little uncertain of his motives as he examined the tree she had grown, almost afraid he was going to harm it. His last few words, calling on her name, made her freeze up. Tayva hadn't thought she was one to really give away anything about herself. She knew if she had told him her name, but as far back as her memory would go, Tayva had never seen this man before, let alone give him her name. So how was it that he could have called her by her proper name?

"H-How do you know my name?" she questioned, obviously rather uneasy at this point. She of course couldn't help but feel a little defensive in regards to the man that had somehow known her name. She wanted to make sure that this man was not a threat to her, especially with his demand for what he wanted from her. She glanced around in search of her companion Cayleb, frowning when he was nowhere in sight. The Celestial figured that he had probably gone into hiding with the appearance of the stranger. Probably for the best.

"...What sort of plants are you trying to grow?" she questioned, crossing her arms and leaning against the tree. She was still too drained from growing the apple tree to stand on her own just yet, but she did not want to look weak in the eyes of this stranger. Especially if he turned to more violent matters to get what he wanted. She didn't want to look easy after all. "And who are you?"
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:19 pm

It seemed that the use of her name took her by surprise. It was good to throw ones opponent off balance. The tidbits of information that were gleaned in those few honest moments when they forgot themselves could mean the turning of a battle's tide. Even though this was not an outright battle, Thade treated it as such. He didn't know a great deal about this woman. She was largely an unknown to him, so he refused to underestimate her. Giving life to another creature, plant or otherwise, was an incredible feat. She was capable of it, and that was just the beginning.

Thade could have easily lied to her when she asked how he knew her name, a story about how he knew her and she'd forgotten him, but lying wasn't something he did often. He was good at it, but he preferred the truth. "I've been watching you. It's how I know about what you can do. I overheard your name." he spoke plainly to her, the tone of his voice never fluctuating. His hand lifted once again and an extended finger traced along one of the supple branches of the apple sapling. "This is a very rare gift that you have. It's a rare gift that I need you to use for me."

Thade pulled back his hand and he stood up from where he crouched. "These plants are very special. I've never seen anything like them before." Finally a change in his voice, and it was excitement. Tayva could even see the lips that were on the edge of shadow curl slightly at the corners. "I will take you where they are and show them to you. Its a safe place, you can rest there, regain your strength." Thade held out his hand to her. Whether it was for introduction, or to help her up was unknown. "Call me Kestrel."
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:56 pm

Tayva was still rather uncertain of the man before her, but she couldn't be too certain of his intentions. Any chance to examine some form of rare plant life was an opportunity that she did not want to miss out on, but at the same time this man was still a stranger, even if he did know her name, which she still found unsettling. While she wasn't certain whether or not he was just interested for his own motives, she couldn't help but see his behaviour as a little stalkerish.

Still she needed sustenance greater than fruit. As nutritious as it was, her body demanded a much wider variety of foods than just vegetable matter. And perhaps this man would be able to offer it to her. If only she knew where her smaller companion had gone to, since she didn't want to leave him here alone, where someone could find him.

There was a small growl coming from the branch above her, and before she could respond to the hand outstretched to her, she caught a glimpse of the small form of Cayleb, eyes narrowed and teeth bared at the man who had approached her. Whether by instinct of not, he did not trust the man for a moment, and it showed in his almost vicious looking facial features. Never before had Tayva seen him react such a way to a stranger, the young Rift Beast normally quite calm when around the Celestial. But something about this man had set him on edge, and he wasn't about to let him get away with whatever it was he was going to do.

"...Cayleb... what are you doing?" she questioned the small beast, looking up with eyes of concern. The smaller critter glanced down at her, cocking his head to the side, before moving from the branch. He ran down the trunk of the tree, before standing at her side, presuming his attempt at being intimidating. Of course with his small stature, he probably seemed more annoying than intimidating in comparison to the taller form of Thade.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:38 am

Animals had a very strong instinct for danger that the higher thinking creatures seemed to lack. Whether it died out in them, or they were too smart for their own good to listen to it, Thade did not know. The winged woman was apprehensive of Thade, and that much was written on her face, and could be heard in her voice. The emotions were written in the eyes, that is one of the reasons Thade chose to hide his. The ice in his heart would have scared her away before he was able to get the first few words out of his mouth. His gaze shifted to the tree trunk when he glimpsed the motion at the edge of his vision.

Thade's eyes fell on the tiny creature covered in blue fur baring its fangs at him. Even without words it was a language that Thade spoke fluently. The creatures instincts were dead on when they sensed danger from him and it moved to protect her. "Interesting animal." Thade said, "It's unfortunate though. I was hoping that I would be able to convince you to come with me willingly." Thade's voice remained calm but now it was as cold as ice. He lunged forward quickly, finally unleashing his desire to fight, and all the pent up power in his body.

One jumping step took him from where he stood by the apple sapling and sailed him smoothly over the ground to where she rested beneath the tree. His right hand lashed out like a striking snake as he came to a stop, and all that extra momentum transferred into his hand. Thade's fingers were outstretched and he reached for Tavya's chest at the collar of her clothing. If he managed to connect, his palm would land hard enough to knock the wind from her lungs, leaving a bruise in the shape of his hand, and strong fingers would curl into the folds of her clothing, making an iron grip that would yank her roughly off of the ground as if she were a rag doll.

The hold on her was what he wanted. He wanted to make physical contact with her, to make a solid connection linking them. He would have done it if she took his hand willingly, but taking her unwillingly would do just as well. If Thade was able to get a solid grip on Tayva's body he would grab hold of the magic burning with in him, and let his focus on this place slip away. As that focus slipped away and he moved his perceptions to another place, his body would follow where his mind went. It was an Ethereal Jaunt spell, a type travel akin to teleportation. Tayva if she was caught in this trap would feel herself being pulled forcefully from one place to another, like being pulled through the eye of a needle and reshaped on the other side. That other side would be a large room, furnished comfortably to be a bedroom, but there were no windows and the walls and door were made of stone and iron.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:58 am

"It's unfortunate though. I was hoping that I would be able to convince you to come with me willingly."

Before Tayva had a chance to react to the man's words, he launched himself forward, landing a precise strike right over her chest. She let out a pained gasp as she felt the air rush out of her lungs, and in a mix of both confusion and surprise she doubled over, fingers clawing at her pained chest. Before her knees could even touch the floor though, she felt the same hand that had struck her down grab at her shirt, lifting her back up into the air. Her legs dangled helplessly underneath of her, unable to touch solid ground as she was held in the violent grasp.

"W-Wh..." she gasped, trying to form words with her lips as she was dragged upward, though still struggling to breath Tayva was unable to speak properly. Her face showed just how much pain she was in, with her eyes clasped shut and her teeth grit in her pain, she had no idea what was about to happen as Thade prepared for their teleport.

Though unable to prevent such a speedy attack, the little form of Cayleb barreled toward the man that had struck down Tayva, before attacking at his ankles, trying to grip onto his leg with his tiny teeth. He probably wouldn't feel it through the clothing, except perhaps for a small pin-like prick as he clawed and scratched. Before either him or Tayva could react further however, they soon vanished from the realm of the Grove they had been standing in, mere moments ago.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:35 am

The familiar smell of the cozy room greeted his nose and told Thade he had arrived at his destination. Stand lamps holding orbs that glowed and gave off light allowed them to see the plush furnishings. Large bed, table, chair, and dresser were all present to fill the space between the walls. There was a fireplace on the wall opposite the banded steel door that was the only way into or out of the room aside from teleportation.

THe moment he felt them both rooted firmly in their location, Thade shifted his arm and threw Tayva to the dark brown carpeted floor. He felt the pressure of something wrapped around his leg. There were slight pointed sensations on the flesh beneath his pants, but the spell that hardened the skin of his arms and legs was still in effect. The little creature's bite wasn't strong enough to break through the enchantment to draw blood. Thade looked down at the mass of blue fur that coiled around his leg. He reached down, and with the same iron grip, tried to grab hold of the little beast, and pull him off. If he chose to release his hold and scurry away, Thade would not chase him. If he did have to pull him away, Thade would simply throw him to the floor as well.

"It seems you have a bit of company. That is fine." Thade rasped to her. He walked to the side of the room and opened a cabinet. Inside there was food, enough to feed three people. "Eat, there is enough food here, and I have more for when that is gone. Build yourself a fire. The bed is comfortable. When was the last time you slept in a bed?" He turned his back on her and started to walk towards the door not giving her much more of a thought. "Utensils and plates are in the cabinet as well. Rest up, you will need your strength for the task ahead." Thade opened the heavy banded iron door, and went to step out, but he was prepared for Tayva to make an attempt to escape if she was feeling brave.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:46 am

The moment Cayleb felt his hands brushing against his fur, he released Thade and proceeded to retreat under the bed, vanishing from sight underneath. He was in a state of panic, too frightened to come out from the bed after everything that just happened. Meanwhile Tayva was still feeling rather stunned from everything that had just occurred, and was feeling rather nauseated on top of that from her first ever teleportation. She struggled to sit up, only catching the second half of the man's one-sided conversation before he left the room.

Trying to keep herself calm, Tayva managed to start breathing properly once more, though upon trying to place the palm of her hand on her chest, felt a sharp wave of pain that went through her being, causing her to retract her hand rather quickly. Despite her hunger and fear for her life, the Celestial couldn't help but want to sleep more than anything. The whereabouts of Cayleb were unknown to her, and she felt too weak to try and find him in the small room. Shivering, she tried to drag herself over toward the bed, grasping at the sheets as she desperately struggled to pull herself up.

Unable to get her tired body onto the furniture, she instead pulled the blankets down over top of her, shaking still. The room felt rather cold to the girl, with walls that were not built to retain heat. All she could do was curl up tighter against the bedding, trying to maintain some form of warmth from her body. It was then she felt something soft brush against the back of her head, recognizing it as her small companion. Knowing the attacker to be gone, he made his way over to see if Tayva was okay, nuzzling against her head to get her to respond. A small shiver was all he got in response, and with a small whine sat down by her head, and glanced around at the room.

He caught sight of the stack of logs set up in the fireplace, and trotted over to examine them. A small whiff revealed an old scent of burnt wood, this area apparently being used to create warmth for the room. Staring at the logs for a few moments, his small body suddenly shuddered, looking as if he was about to cough something up. Instead, a small ball of black flame jumped out from his mouth, igniting the logs. Much to his surprise he jumped back, before making his way over to Tayva, nosing her once more before finding his way under the bed sheets, curling up in front of her stomach.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:02 am

Thade left the room and put its two occupants out of his mind. There were other things that needed to be attended to now that he had his means to an end. The room was warded against extra dimensional travel in such a way that there was a way in and a way out for the one who knew how to find their way through the magical defenses. He was the architect that built them, so he knew the way to get through them. The door however was far less complicated. Dwarven forged iron, reinforced, and enchanted to strengthen it. There were multiple locks and Thade held the keys to them. Even the walls were reinforced. Tayva would be going nowhere without a miracle to get her there.

Thade moved through the darkened safe house not needing to see where he was going because he had every inch of the interior memorized. Nothing else in this place was of importance to him, save for the garden. The garden was exposed to the light of the setting sun by a crystal dome that allowed the glowing sun to nurture the plants that were contained in the house’s interior garden. The entire structure was underground which allowed for the stone walls, and the only place that was exposed to sunlight was the garden. Above ground the crystal dome appeared to be a grass covered hill. A great many places like this existed, because they were sanctuaries hidden away from the war, but a great many of them were lost because their owners died. There he spent the rest of the night preparing for the morning.

When the morning after the sun rose Tayva would hear the large locks in the massive iron door unlocking. Soon it swung open and Thade was standing there in the doorway. He was dressed in the same manner and the hood still covered his head, cloaking his face in shadow. He was prepared to defend himself if there was need to. He was expecting an escape attempt. In fact he would every disappointed if there were no escape attempt made. He was, after all, outnumbered by them two to one. The important thing for Thade at the moment was to stay relaxed and remain fluid.

”I brought you some food.” he announced in that gravelly voice that sounded like death walking over dried leaves. ”I’m hoping you ate what I left for you last night. You will need your strength for the task ahead.” Before he pushed the door open he turned to pick up the tray that he had prepared for her. Thade spoke while the door was swinging open to announce his presence to the girl. He had no desire for her to be surprised or caught in an indecent state. He may be the villain in this dynamic, but there was no need to be rude.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:11 am

Tayva took much longer to stir than Cayleb, having slept on the floor that night after the earlier incident. The small companion that she kept heard the sound coming from the other side of the door, nosing Tayva's face with a small jab before retreating under the bed. Self preservation was in his instinct after all, and he did not trust the man that had captured the two of them.

With a small groan Tayva rolled over, slowly opening her eyes and struggled to keep them open, hearing that same intimidating voice calling from the doorway. Slowly she pulled herself onto her feet, still too sleepy to register her surroundings properly as she stumbled over onto the bed, just as he stepped inside. The Celestial took a couple of moments to rub her eyes, hazily remembering what had conspired the previous night.

Whether it was out of that sudden realization or a simple reflex caused by the startled girl, her hands quickly flashed a light green in colour, the air feeling as if it was being stolen away from her lungs. The stone floor underneath of Thade, began to crack, as if something was struggling to burst free from underneath. The same web of cracks appeared in a semicircle, before hunks of stone were knocked free, revealing growing green sprouts that threatened to grow around the man's legs, and tangle him in the sudden flora that had spawned. Tayva didn't seem completely aware of what she was doing, though regardless she could feel the effects the stress had on her body.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:02 am

The stone beneath his feet trembling before the vines had enough force to break through was a dead giveaway that something was going to happen. He was expecting to be attacked so he was on edge, and ready to act. The Fey'rial shadow arts that were inspired by the shadow magic of the Talos witches, were always at the edge of his grasp. The easiest shadow to usurp control of was his own, because it was always touching him. There was no need to summon mana to infuse it, he could simply use his own innate energies. The shadow beneath his feet darkened and remained exactly where it was when Thade rushed forward. The shadow spread out like a pool of blackest ink and waited for whatever was coming. In truth the shadows were his to control through force of will and magic, but his own shadow was like another appendage. Its connection to him was ever present, and ready to be put to use even when he didn't need it. It was also the easiest means for him to take control of other shadows by touching them with his. It devoured the new shadow to increase its own size.

The shadow spread across the floor like a pool of blackest ink. When the stone finally cracked and vines slithered forth, Thade felt the new growth as if it were crawling over a part of his body. Like reaching out to grab hold with his hand, Thade flexed the edges of the shadow and made them intertwine with the vines like snakes fighting. The more the vines fought, the more the shadow curled about to tangle them up. For every new vine that sprang free, the shadow it cast in the light of the room fed Thade's shadow making it that much stronger. The elf separated himself from that process so that he could concentrate on his target, Tayva. Three quick strides would be more than enough to bring him across the room and through where the celestial was. His body's momentum would only be added fuel to the fury of his blows.

Hands that were hardened by years of training curled into fists. He had no fighting stance to speak of because he was taught to keep his balance at all times, making every movement a fighting stance. Fists lashed out in rapid succession like bullets being fired from a gun. The first one, his left was aimed at her midsection with enough force to drive the air from her lungs if not make her empty the contents of her stomach. The second followed it as he stepped out to his right. This was aimed at her jaw line. She had attacked him and such transgressions needed to be redressed. He would use gentle coaxing first, and if she needed more correction he would resort to more aggressive means.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:33 am

Despite the fact that Tayva had not consciously called upon the vines to impede his progress into the room, the fact that he was moving toward her so quickly told her that he was unaware of this fact. Her reflexes were much slower in comparison, and despite the moment it took her to realize that she was in trouble, she did not have the time to shield herself from any strike that he could land. Especially since the Celestial was not as revered in the art of combat, her own instincts her only weapon.

Of course, she had not come to need offensive skills before this incident, her only training having resided in the use of her wings instead. It was very likely that they were stronger than her own arms, a result of the time she had spent learning to fly within the city. The feathered appendages could not save her from her fate however, as the man closed in fast with his fists.

The first blow fortunately did not cause Tayva to lose the contents of her stomach, for there had been next to nothing in there to begin with. The weeks spent living on a minimalism diet normally left her feeling a bit hungry, but she had learned that with such a restriction came with a benefit, as it made getting off the ground easier. Flying on a full stomach caused quite a bit of discomfort, and she needed that concentration for flight.

And so as the first strike hit, the Celestial had no time to completely register the strike before the second fist was launched into her jaw. The blow was strong enough to send the seemingly fragile girl skidding across the room, right into one of the stone walls that made up the room. The very vines that had been conjured by her subconscious will subsided and turned to dust as her focus upon them had broken. Struggling to sit upright, Tayva gingerly placed a hand on her midsection, wincing as she felt the damaged flesh with each inhale.
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The resounding satisfaction of flesh landing upon flesh in violent fury was like a bell being struck throughout his entire being. This was a part of who he was at his core. He was born to destroy because that was the path fate had chosen for him. Even if fate had not chosen that path for him, he would have chosen it himself. The only difference would be the title he bore. When the vines returned to dust with her dwindled concentration Thade's shadow snaked across the room to gather at his feet once more. The blows landed and she was down for the moment, so he closed the distance that had opened up between them.

Thade stood over Tayva as she clutched her stomach and the spoke in that harsh rasp, but his voice held no anger. It was erriely clam and grew more so with each passing word. "I offer you hospitality and you attack me to show your gratitude." He leaned over and reached out with a slow hand, seeking to wrap his fingers, and iron grip around her forearm. "Fi'la erumak nathral ku'lire" he said and his voice took on the disembodied quality that came when someone recited words of power that bent magic to their will. If he was able to, Thade would take hold of her arm, touching his bare skin to that of her fore arm.

The spell he invoked was called the Dragon's Tongue. It allowed the caster to master the power of fire and project it from their hands a limited distance. Thade did not wish for the flames to shoot out so the magics remained beneath his skin. It wasn't until he had a grip of Tayva's arm that he unleashed them. "I have one task for you to do, and then I will let you go. If you don't do it, I will hurt you until you learn to do as I say." It was that moment that he unleashed the flames, not the geyser of flames that it could set forth, but a skin tight heat. Flames baked between his hand and Tayva's skin, burning the beneath his grasp. This was the type of burn that would leave a vile wound that would scar no extraordinary means of repairing it were employed.
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Tayva flinched as the man placed his hand on her arm, holding it in a firm grip. She did not dare to pull away in case she received another brutal strike. The Celestial wasn't even certain that she could get back onto her feet with the bruising that was sure to come from her injured midsection. It was then that he spoke the unfamiliar tongue and made his demand, the girl unsure how to react. Whether it was because of her fear of what may come or the sheer pain she was in, the girl broke.

"Alright alright! I'll do what you want! Just please, no more!" Tayva pleaded, though she found her response to be on the late side as a strong searing pain eminated from his strong grasp. The sickening smell of burning flesh started to waft from Thade's grasp as he seared the unfortunate soul's arm with magical fire. The pain was enough to cause Tayva to try and retract the limb, her hands curled into fists as she tried to keep herself from passing out in pain.

"A-And to be fair, I didn't mean to attack you! Whenever I feel threatened, I somehow cause vines to spring up from the ground and snare anything nearby." she attempted to explain, hoping that her words would hopefully spare her from any more burns or poor treatment at her captors hands. Her words were true though, for her ability to spur the vines into growth was a result of her subconscious will.
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The words passed through his ears to fall upon a stone heart.  Thade was remorseless for what he had done to her.  It impressed upon her the importance of his work, and the necessity of her compliance.  He pulled his hand away from her forearm, taking with it layers of her skin that burned and flaked away from the fiery inside of his palm and fingers.   Unless magic was used to heal that wound, she would bear his mark or life as a scar.  "That's better.  The quicker this task is done, the sooner you can go about your life."  He stepped back away from her.  The flames in his hand dissapated, and he wiped it on his dark pant leg.   "Stand up and follow me."

Thade waited until she could stand on her own and then walked out of the room expecting her to follow him to their destination.  Even though he turned his back, he kept his shadow at the ready.  It trailed behind him like a thin mist, causing the light to diffuse slightly.  He was once again using it as a sensory appendage.  If she attacked him from behind, he would feel the disruption in the shadow, and have more time to react.   Thade wasn't powerful because he could summon the strongest spells, he was powerful because he used what resources he did have creatively.  

There destination was the inner courtyard of the subterreanean safe house.   At the center the spacious circle beneath the well lit crystal dome that showed the sky above, was a large beast about the size of a grizzly bear.   Instead of fur and muscle, it looked to be made of vine and bark.  It was a terrifying beast, but the dry brown coloring of its body resembled that of a plant long dead.  Its body and the ground round it were covered with strange markings, runes that had been carefully inscribed over time.  Tayva would have no idea what their purpose was because she wasn't familiar with the arcane script.   

Stepping into the garden, Thade stopped her before she could disturb any of the markings.   "You can walk this path here if you need to approach it.  Be careful not to disturb any of the runes or the magical backlash could easily kill you."  He pointed to the runes so she knew without any doubt what he was talking about.   "There are seed pods on this creature's back.  I've tried every means I have at my disposal to germinate them and nothing has worked.  If they are plant based then they should still be viable even though its dead.  I want you to use your powers to revive them.  The soil here is very rich, and a ley line runs through this place.  Make them sprout and I will set you free."
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Despite the vanishing flame that had taken part of her arm with it, the crispy scent of charred cooked flesh still wafted through the room, further nauseating the captive girl that had once owned that skin. Using her other hand and her ruffled wings to push her figure away from the wall, Tayva moved onto her feet, injured arm dangling at her side. She feared moving the appendage, the raw flesh that was exposed tingling with pain as it was exposed to the air. Slowly she followed the man out of the room, grabbing her bag as they passed it. Cayleb saw the bag move, quickly scurrying inside to return back into the possession of Tayva once more.

As the pair walked through the shelter, Tayva did not look around to the rather bleak surroundings, but rather to the shimmering shadow that trailed behind Thade. Having seen what he could do with them, she would become wary of stepping on his own shadow, in case they were to crawl upon her as they had done with her conjured vines. The man that kept her captive was strange, almost emotionless. The thought that he seemed to have no feelings at all both startled and bothered the girl. It almost seemed inhuman that someone could choose to feel nothing.

The sudden appearance of natural light caused Tayva to then glance upward, her attention torn from the shadow below her to look at the new surroundings. Before she could walk forward to investigate the strange plant-bear that stood in the middle of the garden though, she was stopped by her captor, and warned about the runes that littered the grounds. A second glance at her surroundings revealed the small runes scattered about, causing the Celestial to swallow. She would hate to get too close to them. As she was instructed what to do, she carefully proceeded to follow the path that was laid out before her. approaching the intimidating figure of the bear. It took her a little while to get to the back, her eyes constantly shifting to the ground to ensure that she did not get too close to the arcane runes.

Finally making her way behind the figure, she placed her hands on the dead plant matter that covered the seeds. Sure enough they were there, still holding the possibility of spawning new life. Carefully she raised her injured arm, placing her second hand onto the back of the beast, positioning herself so that she would not lose her balance if she grew weak. Upon hearing him mention the rich soil however, something clicked within her head. Surely she would not have the strength alone to grow these plants to their full potential, but by drawing the life essence from the rich soil, she could both strengthen her ability, as well as herself.

First Tayva focused on the ground below and around her, drawing forth power from the feet, up the legs, and into her whole being. Her figure would become encased by a light green glow, which would intensify as she then focused upon using both her own life's essence, and the power drawn from the soil to stir life into the seeds her hands touched, encouraging their rapid growth.
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PostSubject: Re: Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)   Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:53 pm

Thade stood back and marveled at the power selling up from the ground beneath her.  This was Terra's majesty being summoned up from the depths.  He was a Child of the Great Mother.  It was impossible to not be awestruck.   The moment of wide eyed wonder ended when Thade saw the seeds start to react.  The vibrant green color of life began to diffuse through the brown, pushing it away.  One by one each started to shift slightly until dozens of the golf ball sized seed pods were all coming to life. 

One shell after another broke at its base and thin roots started to snake out and take hold of the monster that spawned them.  Driven by Tayva's magic the entire cycle of death, decay, and life was accelerated.  Where the roots touched the monster, its body began to decay and provide the nutrients necessary to fuel life.  Its entire body began to decay, breaking down to become one with the soil where it lay.  The strange runes that mirrored the ones on the beast began to fade into existence across the surface of the seed pods as they expanded.   That was it, the seeds were ready.

The shadowy figure that was her captor took advantage of the  effort she was expending on the task before her.  Thade crept forward in silent steps and reached his hand out slowly.  Carefully he placed his hand on the back of her neck in the gentlest of touches.  Energy thrust from his hand into the back of her neck.  There was no pain or discomfort with this strike.  It was simply a disruption of her energies, that would cause her to loose consciousness.   Darkness would quickly overtake her vision and she would fall into a deep peaceful sleep.  Thade got from her what he needed, and he did not want to destroy someone so closely tied to Terra.  He could not afford to risk Tayva using her powers to take control of the plant beasts before the binding runes took hold.  She had done her part and now it was his.

 Tayva would awaken hours later.  Looking around at her surroundings she would recognize them immediately.  She was exactly where she had been when the shadowy figure walked into her life.  Her bag would be draped across her chest just as she had placed it.  Inside she would find her pet nestled safely.  The nameless man that had taken her was nowhere to be found.  It was as if the whole ordeal was only a dream.  The only proof that any of it had happened was the painful would on her forearm.  Pain was the reminder.

<<Exit Thade>>
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Learning the Trade (Tayva, Thade)
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