A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Thade-Aran Fey'rial

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PostSubject: Thade-Aran Fey'rial   Sat Mar 17, 2012 12:55 am

• Thade • Aran • Fey'rial •

Name: Thade-Aran Fey'rial
Nickname: Thade ; Aran (to those he is close to) ; Hand of the Shadow Court ; The Bastard Heir ; Aran'nyzul (Ny=Seven Zul=Rings)
Age: 265 years old.
Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 6'1"

Eye color: Dark blue with flecks of black
Hair color: Black
Race: Other / Elf
Residence: Elyria
Nationality: The Silvan Grove
Affiliation: The Courts of Light and Shadow
Occupation: Servant of the Shadow Court

Play By: Misha Collins

• all in the details •

Thade stands just over six feet tall, barely average height for a male elf. He possesses the graceful and willowy build of his brethren, but hardened muscles give him a more filled out appearance when compared to the waifish standard. He also cuts his jet black hair short instead of following fashion and keeping it long Deep blue eyes have the constant appearance of stormy seas which give window to the soul that churns within him. Marking him unmistakably as an elf Thade's ears are pointed, about two inches long.
Like other elves, unless they are of impure descent, Thade does not grow facial hair naturally. He does however, use magic to alter his body so that he can pass for human if he has the need. His height and weight remain the same, as they are typical for a human, but his ears and facial structure are altered. Thade's ears shorten and their points round, while the bone structure of his face thickens to fill out his appearance. Once he loses the fine featured bone structure, his skin sprouts stubble to compete his new appearance.

Most people are born in war, but some are born with a war in them. Since childhood Thade has been stricken with a darkness that kept him from enjoying the peaceful world he was born into. The son of a noble elven household Thade was well trained in proper etiquette and court protocol, but he never felt as if he fit in that world. When he was young, because of his father's shame, Thade felt that he had something to prove, but those days are long gone. He has grown hard and confident, and dares the world to meet his gaze. He knows he has nothing to prove, and the reputation to let others know it as well.

Thade thinks little of others' opinions and keeps his own council. Quiet and analytical to the point of brooding, he keeps his emotions and true thought hidden beneath a stony mask. Those that have been able to get close to him, gain some insight into the storm that rages within him, but they also know him well enough to know that they only see what he allows. In the Court of Shadow, any step could be into a trap.


Ny'Zul Kan: The Art of the Seven Rings. Ny'zul is an unarmed combat style that finds its basis in the teaching that mana is a part of all things. Practitioners of the art not only train to harden and condition their bodies, but their minds and spirits as well. Masters like mages can see flows of mana, but can also feel them in the bodies of others as well as their own.

The fighting art by itself is graceful and dangerous, using precise blows against key locations on their opponents. The effectiveness of the art is amplified by the aspect of the art that makes it take so long to master. Masters of the art can control the flow of mana in their own bodies, and concentrated it where they wish. They use these concentrations in their strikes to increase the effect of their attacks. The master's mana is injected into the key points they strike to cause greater damage to their targets by disrupting their inner mana, as well as damaging their physical bodies.

The drawback of Thade mastering the art is one of the greater reasons that the Elves have chose to abandon the art. The process of training the body to focus and use mana, diminishes the practitioner's ability with magic. While he is a deadly fighter with great stamina, Thade will never be able to cast more powerful magical spells. Because of this, Thade is forced to make the best and most creative use of the less powerful spells he can use.

Magic Spells:

Telekinesis: This spell temporarily imbues the caster with the ability to manipulate physical matter by force of will. Each casting lasts a period of five minutes and allows the caster to exert the necessary force to lift and move a solid object weighing up to 500lbs maximum. Lifting the max load requires complete and total concentration. The spell can also be divided in up to ten different tasks, each capable of manipulating 50 lbs. The maximum number of divisions also requires complete concentration. The dexterity the caster is capable of with the spell depends on practice and experience. (Physical Gesture or Incantation)

Physical Amplification: The casting of a physical amplification spell causes runes to inscribe the flesh of the caster. It can last up to five minutes, and increase strength and speed by up to a multiple of five. The duration of the spell however, is shortened by the strength of the amplification. The caster can double his speed and strength for a period of up to five minutes, or quintuple it for a period of one minute.(Physical Gesture and Incantation)

Iron Limbs: A spell that affects the body of the caster when invoked. For a limited period of time, the skin of a caster's limbs becomes as hard as dwarven forged iron. While protected by the spell, the caster's skin is still malleable and can be moved, but is far more resistant to harm. The more damage done to the limbs during the spells duration, the more quickly it ends. The presence of the spell is denoted by swirling runes that encircle the limbs of the bearer. (Gesture and Incantation)

Alter form: This spell causes minor changes in the caster's body such as: hair length, hair, skin, and eye color, minor physical features, and bone structure. It cannot be used to make one more than two inches taller or shorter, or change body mass by more than 20 lbs difference than the casters original form. The changes made with the spell are permanent and extremely painful. Because the changes are permanent, there is no illusion to be seen through. In order to return to ones original form, the spell must be cast again.

Scintillating Pattern: A magical spell that clouds the minds of those who are weak willed. If focused on a single person the pattern is invisible to all but the target. If it is directed against a group, a brilliant pattern of light and sound will confound the minds of those who fall victim to it. The effect is not as powerful or as long lasting as a charm spell. It befuddles he mind allowing the victim to be easily fooled. Those who fall victim to it do not remember seeing the pattern or being affected by the spell.(Gesture and Incantation in the form of spoken words with sound altered by the magic)

Dragon's Tongue: Conjures jets of flame that erupt from the hands of the caster and reach up to a distance of 15 feet. The Dragon's Tongue can also be converted into a flame whip that burns anything it touches. A weaker manifestation of this spell will cause the hands to spew a thick smoke that will linger in an area and greatly reduce visibility.

Mana Bolt: A bolt of raw magical energy that is fired from the mage. Its strength is variable according to the will of the caster. It could be used to stun a target or deliver damage equivalent to a shotgun blast. (Gesture)

Ethereal Jaunt: A minor type of teleportation, the ethereal jaunt can only return the caster to a place he had already been in the previous hour. The caster vanishes from sight and instantly appears at his destination. (Incantation or Gesture. Can be cast by pure mental action alone but doing such causes a great deal of mental strain limiting its usefulness)

Mana Shield: The caster summons mana and forms it into a shield. The size and strength of shield is based on the amount of time and energy put into casting the spell. A typical casting of the spell can take about thirty seconds and yield a barrier that can survive damage equivalent to ten pistol shots, three shot gun blasts, or a high yield explosion. It is large enough to fit one body the size of the casters. In times of desperation, the shield can be thrown up quickly, but the drain on the caster without proper casting is greater. (Gesture and Incantation)

Spider Climb: When cast, this spell allows the recipient to walk on any surface whether horizontal, vertical, or inverted regardless of texture. All the appendages of the spell bearer are capable of anchoring to surfaces. The adhering is magical and controlled by the mental will of the user, so there is no sticky residue, unintended immobility, or anchoring. A typical casting of this spell lasts 10 minutes, but it can be extended by stronger castings (longer incantation and gesturing periods) or ended at will. (Gesture and Incantation)

The Shadow Contract: Upon their acceptance into the Court of Shadows, the Talos family struck a deal with the Shadow Emperor Fey'rial to legitimize the nobility their bloodline. The Talos women were to be able to chose males of noble Shadow Court houses to sire their children without endangering their matriarchal reign, with the bloodline of the Shadow Throne among their options. In return the Shadow Emperor was taught the secrets of the Talos affinity towards shadows. Those secrets have been passed down through the Fey'rial bloodline allowing the Emperor Fey'rial's descendants to become masters of the shadows. The terms of the contract were fulfilled when Dulcina Talos chose to have a child sired by Thade Aran Fey'rial.

Shadow Manipulation: Through sheer force of will the user can take control of nearby shadows by imbuing them with mana, and give them substance. When being controlled a shadow can be reshaped to fit the imagination of the manipulator, but the amount of shadow is limited to the original surface area of the shadow. When given tangible substance, the shadows can be hardened to the strength and durability of mundane steel.

Shadow Striding: Allows the user to use the shadows as a means of travel. Unlike other teleportation the traveler need not know or be familiar with his destination, and it is not instantaneous. This form of travel is also extremely dangerous. Once an individual steps into the shadows, they enter a realm of darkness where other shadows act as windows into the world. This creates a disorienting affect similar to a house of mirrors which increases the shadow realm's danger. The desired destination must be found by the traveler, but the amount of time they have to find it is limited. Once in the realm of shadows, a traveler's magical strength is constantly drained from them. Once their strength is depleted, they cannot step through the shadows again, and become trapped. Another danger of Shadow Striding is the risk of exiting a shadow in a weakened state from remaining in the shadow realm too long.

Court Etiquette: Proper etiquette befitting nobility, as well as a shrewd sense for Court intrigue.

Knowledge of Swords and other weapons of Court: Familiar with the use of swords, axes, daggers, and other non technological weapons

Knowledge of Firearms: To know his enemy during the war, Thade studied the weapons of the humans he slew. Though he finds them detestable he is proficient in their use so that he may better combat them.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Thade-Aran was born into the noble house Fey'rial, blood grandson of Yazdin-Nos Fey'rial former Emperor of Shadow. Unlike the Court of Light, the Court of Shadow is a cruel place filled with the danger of both political intrigue, and bloody conflict. Yazdin's rule came to a bloody end when one of his advisors launched a plot to take the throne, and then slit his throat to solidify the claim.

The Heir Apparent, Yazdin's son Dilan-kul, was a student of magic and never had any desire to succeed his father. To save his own life, Dilan-kul foreswore his claim to the throne and all rights to seek vengeance for his father's death. While Dilan found his move practical, the Court looked upon it as a coward's act. Indifferent to the shame he bore, Dilan continued his studies, eventually married, and fathered a son.

An intelligent child, Thade-Aran became acutely aware of the stigma associated with his father, by the way other nobles treated him and members of his household. He was prone to fight other children even when they brought up his father's oath. His parents told him there was no actual shame, and forbid him from fighting but he took no solace in their words. Even still, Thade abided by their words and quietly endured.

Growing up, Dilan followed tradition and schooled his son in the traditions of magic. Thade was an apt pupil, very skilled in the manipulation of mana, but he desired for more than just learning magic. At age 30, when he began adolescence, he demanded his father allow him to learn the fighting arts. Unable to bear the animosity he felt form his son, Dilan gave in allowed his son to choose his own path.

Hungering for a way to channel the burning hatred and desire to fight, Thade chose the most difficult path he could find. He chose Ny'zul Kan, Art of the Seven Rings, an ancient school of combat that was all but forgotten by long lived children of Terra. Ny'zul Kan is an unarmed fighting style that fell out of favor millennia ago when the aristocratic members of both courts began to favor the elegance of finely crafted magical weapons and their use. They saw the advantages of using forged magical weapons to enhance their own physical prowess in addition to using their magic, and even elevated weapons to status symbols.

Ny'zul Kan became looked down upon as barbaric, and its practitioners were shunned by the aristocracy. It was no wonder why Thade chose this style to make his own. Thade left home at the age of 32 when he found one of the few remaining masters to take him on as a student. The training was hard, but after 60 years Thade was allowed to add the title of 'Nyzul to his name, making him the first new master of the Seven Rings in generations.

When his training ended, Thade returned to a world that became embroiled in war, while he was cloistered away training. Eager to put his skills to the test, Thade Aran'nyzul Fey'rial enlisted as a soldier in the war to fight against humans. In time his as a soldier, his name lost the stigma attached to his father, and became defined by his own deeds.

When Darnorn Axecaster the Brutal, slew the Shadow Emperor to take the Throne, Thade traveled to the Court to of Shadow and sought an audience with Darnorn himself. Thade pledged himself to Darnorn's service for settling the debt of vengeance that his father should have, and he was seeking to. Since that moment Thade-Aran has faithfully served Darnorn despite whispers about his own claim to the throne.

Although his body is his primary weapon, Thade is known to carry actual weapons as a form of backup, should he ever need them. He prefers daggers which are easily concealed. His favorites are a pair of wickedly curved heavy daggers that are constructed so they can be locked together at the hilt.

He has been challenged to duels by other nobles in the past and has chosen to face each one unarmed. By fighting unarmed he shames the noble that loses to him, and exalts Ny'Zul Kan. This habit has also earned him the name "Hand of the Shadow Court".

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Thade-Aran Fey'rial
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