A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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PostSubject: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptyWed Feb 13, 2013 5:43 pm

She and Caladwen stood in a tense silence, staring one another down without flinching. Arwyn had just requested permission to leave and visit with the Shadow Court. She had not the chance to go, even when on that errand for Darnorn. Arwyn's party had made haste back home once she had completed her task and there she had remained, until now. Now she wanted to visit her father's home and see Thade. She had much to discuss with the dour shadow elf.

You cannot keep me here. I'm not a child! Her eyes blazed with anger and her voice rose in protest. She was tired of being coddled like some porcelain doll. Arwyn wanted the freedom that all the other elves had. But Caladwen had made her decision and sent Arwyn from her with no more than an apologetic smile.

Back in the solitude of her bed chamber, she paced in front of the lit hearth and silently fumed. It was humiliating, the way she was treated by the court and her own family. Coddled and kept in the dark about her parents treachery. It was her father's pride she inherited that was now beginning to show itself. Arwyn was not willing to be made a mockery of.

Summoning her handmaiden to her by the bell pull, she informed the young elf that she was retiring to bed early and didn't wish to be disturbed until the morrow. Once she had gone the blonde elf raced around, preparing for her journey. A small knapsack was all she would take; filled with the required change of clothes for her trip and other feminine necessities. And she dressed comfortably in doeskin breeches, leather boots and a fitted tunic all beneath a dark, velvet green cape.

Out the window she scaled down the side of the palace, using precisely placed hand and footholds along the way. The dark of night would be her cover. Arwyn stopped first at the messenger coop, chose a trained falcon and whispered kindly to the bird while stroking the feathers on it's chest. Alu ulu l' Barra Valshath lu' ragar Thade. Tesso ukta ulu orior whol tar'annen drill xun naut telanth vel'uss.

The falcon on it's way, she retrieved her horse from the stables. Tiptoeing through so she didn't wake the groom or stable boy from their sleep. The stallion remained quiet as she readied him; whispering about her plans to the animal as she saddled him. We're going to the Shadow Court. Caladwen forbad it but I'm done listening to her. We must be swift and silent. He was pleased with her determination and seemed to be thrilled by their adventure. He was nearly prancing as she lead him from the stable through the city.

Through a break in the nighttime guards Arwyn was able to escape the city unseen and mount the horse once she was a safe distance away. Her means of protection on the three day journey was a bow and her abilities as the Princes' Proxy. She hadn't been accosted much, save for a few homeless beggars easily dealt with. Because she did not eat meat it was easy for her to live off the land as she traveled. Dried berries and some vegetation that was edible.

On the third day when she crossed the border into the Shadow district, Arwyn heaved a relieved sigh. So afraid of being caught by her cousins army that she hadn't realized how tense she was until now. The hood of her cape was pulled up, covering her face and should she pass someone on the road, there was little acknowledgement given by her. It was time to find Thade.
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptyMon Feb 18, 2013 5:38 pm

The excursion to the mountain range to do Darnorn’s bidding had been over for months. It was a great undertaking but the Princes’ Proxy had more than exceeded expectations. Arwyn had managed to divert underground rivers, heal bedrock, and fortify the mountain cavern surrounding the dwaven city. With the help of the dwarven engineers and geomancers, that stability was spread throughout the entire mountain chain. Once the task was done the Proxy returned to her home in the Court of Light, and Thade returned to his life among the Shadows. He was there to ensure the Proxy’s safety and managed to complete his task. Now that she was gone, Thade was free to do as he pleased. Once the business with the mountain was done, and Darnorn was sure of his prize, Thade waited until eyes were off of the mountains to make his move.

The Hand of Shadow returned to the mountain range after The Shadow Court was focused on other things. He retraced his steps into the bowels of Terra to find the hidden store room where they found the war golems. Once he opened the sliding wall, he saw the magnificent beasts gleaming in the faint light. Thade searched the room until he found the control stones that were etched with attuning runes. These were the means of how Thade was going to be able to reanimate and control this army. Over the course of the days that followed, Thade moved the army to a safe location. It was a place that only he knew of and only he could get to. Once he had them safe and secure, Thade could begin to lay down his plans for the future. They were pieces on the board and he had a game to play.

Thade busied himself with his plans in the quiet darkness, but that darkness was disturbed by an unexpected ray of light. A bird flew to his window which was open just a crack and landed in front of him, as he was sitting in an overstuffed chair reading by crystal light. The elf gave a dismissive wave of his hand trying to shoo the bird away. The bird took wing, flying up over his hand, and then landed back in the same spot. It began to chirp at him insistently, but he gave it another swipe only to have the same thing happen. Finally he lifted his eyes from the book and took full notice of the bird. ”I’m guessing you have some important reason for disturbing my reading?“ he asked it only to have the bird increase the noise it made. ”I’ll take that as a yes.“

Thade did not possess the ability to speak with animals as fluently as others of his kin. He was in tune with nature, but not the beasts that inhabited it. In the past the army had used the birds and other beasts to carry their messages over distance. The old tricks were the best, and for this reason Thade always employed a translator. He made sure that he had someone’s whose silence was assured on his payroll to make sure that he heard a true translation and he was the only one who heard it. Thade held his hand out and the bird hopped into it as further confirmation. Together they went to this translator and made sure the bird finished his job. The message was troubling, but Thade was one who could handle trouble.

His plotting did not consume all of his time. The rest of his personal time was filled with attempts to uncover who had hired the assassin. The killer was meant to go after Arwyn, but Thade was caught in the crossfire. He refused to be collateral damage and let the attempt slide, so Thade began digging. There was a maze of political intrigue between the two courts, so finding information was difficult. The other end of the puzzle was the organization of assassins that was hired. That was as good as a dead end because they never betrayed their contracts. Thade knew that well because he had employed them on official Court business. He did as the message asked and prepared for company.

The days following the message’s delivery, Thade kept a watch on the world around him. No matter where he went, he knew that there could be a visitor lurking around him. The night finally came when a lone rider approached his home under the cover of night. The shadow elf watched the rider move up the winding road that didn’t provide much coverage in the way of trees. When they were about half way he stepped through the shadows to appear behind her. ”I don’t get many visitors. I’m wondering who sent you and why you came.“he said in his gravelly voice. ”Mind showing me who is under the hood so we can speak face to face?“
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptyMon Feb 18, 2013 8:29 pm

Reigning the horse to a stop she smirked within the solitude of her hood. Not being very adept at sneaking she didn't expect to have him be the one surprising her instead of vice versa. But of course her cryptic message would have him on pins and needles, waiting for trouble to arrive. Clearly he hadn't thought it would be in the form of a light elf. So she abided by his wishes, turned the stallion around and lifted her head.

Forever suspicious of the world. Hello Thade. There was a thin sliver of moon hanging in the sky, bearing enough light for him to dimly make out her features. Yet surely her voice would answer the Who question. I wasn't expecting to meet you on the road. Forgive me if I don't curtsey. Nor would she be removing her hood until they were somewhere private.

With the nudge of her heels Arwyn spurred the horse towards the shadow elf, And I would prefer to remain anonymous until we're somewhere out of sight. Would you care for a lift? Reaching a gloved hand down to him, Arwyn helped pull Thade onto the horse behind her. The animal was big enough to carry the two of them easily and she was so petite that she took up barely any room at all. Beinion is happy to see you again. The horse whinnied and shook his head from side to side in a firm denial. She ignored it.

Turning the horse towards Thade's home, she spurred the animal into a slow canter. I must admit I'm a little hurt that you didn't keep in touch after we parted ways. I thought our friendship was a lot more...important. She carried on with a triad of unimportant comments yi keep him from asking anything too personal just yet. After all, we became so close back in the mountains. Sharing secrets. You haven't been avoiding me have you?

Soon they were slowing to a stop at his front door, the horse shifting restlessly from foot to foot while the two elves dismounted. This is lovely. Very quaint and...not you. He informed her of the stable so she led Beinion around and gave him a thorough rub down, filled his stall with fresh hay and gave him an apple for being a companionable traveling partner.

She carried her knapsack over one shoulder, moving swiftly from the stable to the cabin. Knocking didn't seem to be necessary since he already knew she was here so Arwyn just let herself in and shut the door firmly behind herself. Needs a woman's touch, she commented about the interior of his home. But still, she liked it. Nothing ostentatious about Thade. Finally she pushed back the hood of her cape, letting golden blonde hair spill out in the form of long braid that she favored and revealing her fine-boned features to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptyFri Feb 22, 2013 1:14 am

There was a slight thrill of pleasure that ran through Thade’s depths when the unknown traveler was startled by his sudden appearance.  It was satisfying to know that he had taken his prey by surprise.  He held his ground and wanted for the rider to identify themselves before he did anything else.  It was a good thing that he didn’t attack them outright because the voice was familiar to him.  He hadn’t heard it in months, but there was no mistaking it.  The musical lilting that held just a touch of innocence was music to his ears.

The shadow bound elf would have smiled if he was one too do so, but his stony visage rarely shifted.  ”Of all the people, I didn't expect you to be the visitor.”, he said as he walked closer so that he could peer into the shadows of her hood.  Thade was wary until he confirmed it was her because a voice could be imitated easily. Once he was certain he was less ready to attack and kill her.  It was about as relaxed as Thade ever let himself be without special circumstances.  ”It's probably best for you to leave your hood up considering the circumstances of our last encounter. My home is at the end of this path.  You can stable him there and he can have some of the malted barley I just got instead or regular oats. He should”

Thade accepted her hand but needed little help to mount up.  He was very agile and one well placed hand and leap allowed him to counterbalance his weight and swing his leg over after stepping in the stirrup. He settled down behind her; and the contours of the saddle caused their bodies to press together.  For the first time he realized just how slight and delicately built she was.  He was thicker than the average elf thanks to the training of Ny'zul Kahn, which struck a nice contrast between their bodies.  Instinct made his hands start towards the reigns but he stopped himself because the mount was hers.  Instead he rested his hands on the gentle curves of her young hips.  He had been planning on leading the horse up the path to the cabin, but things didn't go as planned so he leaned down and whispered into her ear,  ”Keep the horse out of the shadows along the roads.  There are traps I don't care to dispel, just in case you brought company with you.” Thade was overly cautious by nature when it came to being prepared. 

Once they reached the cabin Thade showed her the way to the stables and dismounted.  He let her stable Benion and settle him in for the night.  True to his word, Thade opened a well sealed cask and filled one of the feedbags with malted barley that would prove a special treat for the horse.  ”What did you expect me to live in, an expensive manor house?” he asked her as he moved closer than necessary when he walked passed her.  He wanted to smell her again, she smelled of nature. It was both soothing and inviting to his senses. Once they were inside he let her wander as she pleased.  He was careful not to leave out things that shouldn't be seen.  Carelessness caused many a plan to unravel. ”Are you volunteering to decorate for me?” he said as he set down her saddle bags which he had carried in for her.  The tone was almost playful but his stone face and stoic manner made that almost impossible.

Thade took her cloak and hung it up in the closet because he was under the impression that she was not making this a short visit because she had traveled so far.  ”Judging by your saddle bags and the distance you've traveled, this isn't a short visit.  I keep the Guest room ready just incase it's ever needed.   You can start making your womanly touches in there.”. Even though he didn't have the sweetest of dispositions, Thade was well mannered and well versed in etiquette.  He began to brew them both a pot of tea using magic to skip the time consuming steps.  In almost no time he was setting down a tray in the sitting room between two overly stuffed arm chairs.  He offered her a seat and then sat in the more worn of the two chairs.  Deft hands started to prepare her a tea fine blended herbs and sweetened with honey until it was too her liking.  He handed her the cup and then prepared one of his own.  ”So, is there another reason for this visit other than you missing my company?” 
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptySun Feb 24, 2013 12:43 am

She was thankful for the hood that separated his lips from the point of her ear. It was because of that green velvet that Arwyn didn't feel his breath as he whispered and react as a woman would. The blonde elf merely inclined her head in accord and followed his direction.

His home, modestly furnished as it was, Arwyn found more comforting and luxurious than the palace she grew up in. No...I... she stammered as a soft pink blush slowly crept up her neck into her face. Arwyn hadn't meant herself when she made the comment about his home, but it did appear that way when she thought about it.

Allowing him to relieve her of her cloak she took her saddle bags and disappeared into the guest bedroom. Behind the closed door she felt safer, out from under his teasing eye. The blonde elf unpacked her things and changed into a fresh pair of pants and tunic. All of her fine clothes were left at the palace.

Once she had made herself presentable Arwyn returned to him just as he was setting up for tea; pouring the brew into a cup and passing it to her. What if I said that it was because I missed your company that I was here? Would you believe me? She pegged him with a curious stare, a hint of a smile on her lips as she lifted the cup and took a sip.

Adding a bit of milk and honey to her tea, Arwyn stirred the mixture while best deciding how to honestly respond. I'm here because I have some things to tell you.

Another test sip and finding it satisfactory she made herself comfortable by snuggling into the chair she occupied. This mark on my hand, I know what it is. she transferred the cup from one hand to the other and held out her open palm to him. Burned into her palm between her thumb and wrist was this earth symbol.

It's called Valbylis P'obon. I had to do a lot of research just to find that out...and not all of it was sanctioned research. There wasn't much to be found. Nothing has been documented about it for the last hundred years and before that even longer. It is a very rare occurrence for an elf to experience.

You understand how my...abilities work, right? I'm only allotted what nature allows me and the liaison between me and Terra are the Princes'. Well apparently with what happened...
she glanced around, as if there were someone around that might hear their conversation. She put her tea aside and moved forward in her chair while dropping her voice at the same time.

With what happened in the mountains, I no longer have that restriction now with Terra. The Valbylis P'obon is my direct link to her and I don't have to ask for permission to use it. It's mine. By the end of her monologue her voice had grown in volume and there was an excitement to her tone that it formerly lacked.

Her green eyes shone like never before and when she realized how...drunk on this new power she might be seeming, Arwyn sat back and brushed off the front of her pants. Mustering up her ladylike training she picked up her teacup and took a delicate sip. Oh and I think Caladwen was using some of her other shaman to try to invade my mind.

Valbylis P'obon = Binding Mark
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 1:44 am

Thade had his family’s gift for choosing his words well without too much thought, but it was one that he rarely put to use. Sometimes, however, he did open its box for the world to see. ”I would say you enjoyed being punished.” That was the answer he gave to her question about what if she actually missed his company, and he said nothing more about the subject. His company wasn’t something that fey normally sought out of their own free will. What he actually meant by his words he left up to her interpretation. Had the grim faced elf actually made a joke, or was he being serious? It was difficult to tell, and the way he carried himself as he welcomed her into his home and served her tea gave no clue which made them stand out more.

When they finally sat to partake of their tea and get to the reason for her visit, Thade sat in quiet contemplation. When she offered forth her hand to show the mark that mysteriously appeared during their ordeal in the dwarven city, he took the opportunity to examine it. He hadn’t had the time or opportunity to do so while they were at the city, because they needed to hide it from the eyes of others. Thade reached out and took her delicate hand in his, and ran his thumb slowly over the surface of her palm. His hands had been conditioned for many years to serve as weapons so his thumb felt like a warm rock being brushed over her skin. In younger years he would have been embarrassed to touch a noble woman with such rough hands, but the war and his own personal vengeance changed that. He gave it no second thought, but he was surprised to find that Arwyn’s delicate hand had callouses of its own. He was even impressed that she could surprise him.

Giving her hand back to her, Thade sat back and sipped his tea while he listened to her tell him about the mark. He nodded to answer her question about his understanding of the mechanics of her power, and nodded periodically to encourage her to keep talking without interruption. Centuries of life in the Courts taught him that there were many things to be listened to when an individual spoke. One had to hear the words as well as listen to the body that spoke them. Everything about her spoke of excitement, and desire. This young woman had an unsatisfied hunger for the things that had been denied her, or served out at the discretion of another. He thought about how well she played the meek little doll, and how blind Caladwen may have become because of complacency, because he now saw an ambition that should not have gone unnoticed. Such passion left unguided could prove dangerous.

”So it is true then,” he said to her when she was regaining her composure behind a glass of tea and smoothed pants, ”The power of earth is yours to command without calling upon Hadro. I suspected as much while I watched you in the mountains. After the attack you no longer called upon him as you had done before. I, of course, shared none of this with Darnorn.” He took a sip of his own tea before setting the cup aside and giving her a long appraising look. ”That is a hefty accusation you make there. If you were to voice it out loud near the wrong ears, Caladwen may cry sedition. I’m guessing by the lack of armed escort and inconspicuous dress, Caladwen either doesn’t know you’re here, or she forbid it and you came anyway. Which is it, so I know what type of trouble I should be prepared for?”
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 10:23 am

Punished? She couldn't tell if he was joking or if that was some form of untold truth. But he spoke no more about it and sat there with that stony expression and serious, blue-eyed glare that used to give her chills. Perhaps though he needed a hug? She would have to try that later.

Yes! Exactly! Her tea was finished and the empty cup forgotten on the table between them. She had returned to a state of excited animation, where her eyes shown bright and her hands flitted around in the air as she spoke; emphasizing the words that dripped from her lips. And just think...if I can control Terra...why not the other Princes' too?!

They both seemed to be suspended within that thought. Hers was spoken and he was in quiet contemplation of it. Arwyn could tell by the way his eyes roved over her excited expression and the rough pad of his thumb brushed over the mark on her palm. She had not expected his hands to be soft and did not mind that they were not. What surprised her was that when he let go, she missed the sensation of it.

But then he spoke of Caladwen and her temperament shifted. Her brow furrowed in dissatisfaction and her shoulders became tense. She forbade me to come, but I am not a child. Nor am I a prisoner. But tell me, Thade Aran...are you the wrong ears? Her head canted to the side, but she waved off his answer, already knowing that he would not tell of her treasonous words. I have heard worse things whispered about my cousin.

And I have no tangible proof other than my own suspicions. She was rather curious upon my return, wanting to know all that transpired in the mountains. It soon went from being a curiosity into a flat out interrogation and when I refused to answer, well that is when I believe she involved the other shaman.
Arwyn bit her lower lip and chewed gently; worrying the tender flesh between her pearly whites.

You should know that there is no love lost between Caladwen and Darnorn. She is no supporter of the dwarf king. Her mind is suspicious of his actions in the mountains. Which is why she was trying to pry into mine. Fear not though...our secret is still safe. I may act like I've got nothing up here but blonde hair, she pointed to her head, but you should never judge a book by its cover.
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptyTue Feb 26, 2013 11:57 pm

Thade picked up the pot of tea that he had brewed and held his hand to the side of it for a moment.  He took it away and then poured them both another cup of the deep brown aromatic liquid.  He sweetened his own and left her to make hers to taste.  He settled back into his chair once more getting comfortable.   "It seems like we are irrevocably caught in the silent conflict that goes on between the light and shadow thrones.  There is only one conclusion that inevitably comes to. We will be crushed between them wether we like it or not.  Now it's just a matter of how long and how well we play the game." Thade knew well the power struggle they were caught in because he was usually one of the hard places that people ran into while fleeing rocks. 

 "I do say we because you coming here has pulled me in to Caladwen's suspicions.  She'll think that there is something amiss between us, giving validity to her claims.  It's only a qmatter of time before Darnorn's eyes and ears catch wind of them as well as your arrival and report it back to him.  I know him. He won't do anything right away, but he won't disregard it."  He fell silent for a moment before speaking up again.   Life in the courts was a treacherous thing and Thade had been a part of it since he opened his eyes.   After his grandfather was assassinated and his father was forced to forswear his claims to the throne, his life became a war zone long before Terra became one.  Now it was time to call on highs totality of his experiences. 

 "Our chances of survival need to be increased somehow.  The best way of doing that is amassing power. " He reached out to her, and without asking permission, he took her hand in his.  Thad turned it over in his grasp and began to finger the symbol that was emblazoned upon her palm.   "If we could somehow do that with the rest of the princes she would have to be wary because of your strength.  She would also have to recalculate if you were to make a bigger deal of your role as Proxy. " Thade released her hand when he was done speaking. 

He stood up and walked across the room so that he could look outside the cottage through the window.  Hard eyes peered into the shadows as if he could pierce through them if he stared hard enough.   "My own circumstances are a bit more precarious.  I can't openly amass any power or exert influence because of my bloodline.  I have a blood claim to the Shadow throne.  Any moves on my part would be seen as me beginning a play for the throne.   Even if Darnorn knew that wasn't the case, he would HAVE to crush me because not doing so is an act of weakness.  It would start a tide that could turn against him." Thade looked back to Arwyn to study her.  Did she truly grasp the web that she just cast around him by coming to him or was she that naive.  Their fates were now bound together.  
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PostSubject: Re: Uninvited Guest (Thade)   Uninvited Guest (Thade) EmptySat Mar 02, 2013 6:27 pm

He filled her teacup again and because of her upbringing she did not refuse. A lady, regardless of whether or not she was thirsty, could never refuse an offered cup of tea. Arwyn would probably drown herself in it if he kept offering cup after cup after cup. Oh she dearly hoped he would not. It was good tea, but she was not overly fond of it. As it was the drink of the noble no matter the occassion. Bad day? Have some tea. Pregnant? Have some tea. Fall down and impale oneself on a spike? Have some tea! She stared down into the teacup at the dark, steaming liquid with disgust but drank it anyway. I'm more adept at playing this game than you might think.

If I were not, the gossips of court would have eaten me alive years ago. It isn't easy...being the daughter of a pair of traitors. Dead or alive, it makes no difference. Not to those old enough to remember.
She only drank half the tea before putting it down. That was enough for now. No more. Perhaps she subconsciously hated tea and didn't know it? Are you afraid of Caladwen? Of Darnorn? It was a serious question. Because of their royal status, no one dare openly oppose the two. However there were always rebels in every kingdom.

Again he took her hand and Arwyn had to take a firm grasp on her expression; her face remained a mask of curiosity though she did tense slightly as he touched her and examined her calloused, unladylike palm. She was not ashamed that her hands were not soft and unblemished; in fact she was proud that she had put them to use doing something other than embroidery pillows or sew gowns (though she could do both). To gain that power from the other Princes' I would have to find a way. The books in Caladwen's library didn't give them that sort of instruction and...I'm still not sure how I did it with Har'dro.

More disappointment when he released her, she sat back and contemplated the symbol on her palm. Tracing it with the first finger of her opposite hand and listening to the sound of his retreating steps as he paced across the room. It wouldn't be hard to think of some sort of ruse as to my being here. As you say, Darnorn would crush you and me too if he knew what we were speaking. Caladwen, well I am sure she will send someone after me sooner rather than later. They were probably already on their way. She didn't want to go back however.

Awryn was many things and one could suppose that naive was one of them, but she was by no means stupid. They studied one another in silence; him with a cynical eye and hers with a trusting one. Perhaps one day she might end up regretting her decision to put her faith in him, but right now he was the only one willing to help her reach her full potential. Even if it was for his own personal gain. You're not thinking of sending me back...are you?
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The stillness of the forest surrounding his cottage was comforting. It was the stillness of trees moving in the wind and the rhythms of nature. An unnatural stillness where these things were absent belied the presence of trouble. Thade was usually the trouble that came in the darkness, so he knew that to look for when trouble could be coming. "I would be a fool to say I wasn't afraid of them." he said without looking at her. She had already brought up the fate of her parents so it was no longer a taboo subject between them. "I know for a fact how dangerous Darnorn is even without me to serve as his Hand. I can only imagine how extensive your Aunt's reach is. Your parent's tragic fate is proof that she should never be underestimated."

He finally turned to look at her while he spoke and gauged her reaction to the mention of her parents. He had nothing to do with the death of her parents, nor had Darnorn. The death of her parents had come at the joint efforts of the previous Shadow Emperor and her Aunt the current Sun Queen. "I know very well that you are skilled at the game. If you weren't you would be little more than the ornamental doll that Caladwen wants you to be. " Thade's intense gaze held her and it was certain now that he was seeing her. He wasn't seeing the beautiful face that was the picture of innocence, or the princes' proxy. He was seeing her for who she was, the woman she had become, and not the child of fallen nobles. "Its going to take everything we have to survive this, because we are going against the two best players."

Thoughts began to swirl deep in his mind out of habit more than anything else. Thade had been born for this type of intrigue. He was born to the Fey'rial line, and it was in his blood. Self preservation was an integral part of every living creature, but only a creature of the Courts considered gain as synonymous with survival. This young elf maiden before him had immense potential. She just needed someone to help her see it blossom. Caladwen was not blind and no doubt saw the potential. That had to be the reason she kept Arwyn under her oppressive heel all these many decades. The seeds of objectives were falling to soil and taking root, and the things that grew were the possibilities of getting what he wanted. As he walked across the room to Arwyn, Thade analyzed all those stems and branches, and the events they represented. "No. I'm not going to send you away, and even of Caladwen sends someone to retrieve you, I can't afford to let you go."

"You're also in a similar position. You cast your lot in with me. You can't leave the Shadow court without wondering what darkness is going to follow you out of it. You also can't go back to the Light court because Caladwen will never allow you to break free again." The stocky elf, despite his uncharacteristically broad shoulders, still had a sinuous grace to him. It was reminiscent of a griffin descending upon its prey. Powerful and rooted to the ground yet still able to take flight at a moments notice. "There is one way to assuage suspicions..... and to remove some of their ability to take actions against us without the Courts perceiving them in the wrong. It will buy us time and a cover story until we figure out what to do about your relationship with the princes."

Thade was was now standing so close to her that she could smell the traces of nature and masculinity in his scent. He was naturally taller than her by virtue of his gender so it would lend to the stalking nature of his movements. That same course hand that once traced the symbol on her palm now raised to press fingertip beneath her chin. His touch was surprisingly gentle. If Arwyn did not pull away from him he would continue to hold her gaze and guide her chin to rise slowly. Just as slowly he would lower his own face to meet hers, ever watchful of her reactions. Some predators mesmerized their prey while others observed and swooped in to strike without warning. Thade was a mixture of the two. He wanted to read her motions and reactions moment to moment, as their lips neared one another. He wanted to see his close he could get before she stopped him. He knew he was taking advantage if the situation, but Thade had never pretended to be the honorable knight. It was more fun and far more rewarding to be the rogue, and somewhere along the way Thade found himself wanting that reward. He hoped she didn't stop him, because he wanted to know what her lips tasted of, and what type of woman existed between the layers presented to the world.
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Anyone would be a fool to be unafraid of Caladwen or Darnorn. Though she was not as afraid of the first as she was of the latter. Darnorn was still a mystery to her because she had never met the dwarf king of the Shadow court. Frightening he must be to maintain such a position in a world of elves. My cousin has always felt guilty about what she did to my parents.

She made a simple statement, though why was beyond her reasoning. She rose from the chair and paced over to the hearth where a cheery fire blazed, warming the room and casting long shadows upon the floor. She was relieved that he wasn't planning on sending her away, though it was probably not his smartest decision. Caladwen was infinitely more powerful than Darnorn, having maintained her seat upon the throne for centuries beyond her 215 years.

With her arms crossed and resting against the mantle, Arwyn placed her head down so that she gazed solemnly into the dancing flames. So no matter what I do and where I go, someone will forever be following in my wake. Is that the way of it? The heat on her face felt like a welcome and briefly she closed her eyes, allowing it to wash over her like a balm. I don't plan on going back to Caladwen. I would be a prisoner in truth if I did. She does not take disobedience lightly.

Hearing his footsteps and assuming that he was returning to his seat and his tea, Arwyn was surprised to find him standing so close to her when she turned around. Bumping into him as she did and only catching herself by gripping one of his muscular arms to keep from falling. The other hand was on the mantle still so she didn't have him entirely trapped within her grasp and left his hand free to rise to her face. I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here...

He spoke of a plan now. Not in so many words but he was hinting at something. Something she was not experienced enough to understand just yet. Her expression was curious though and her eyes large as he tilted her face up by a finger placed beneath her chin. The rough pad sliding against her smooth flesh so that she was looking up into his face as it lowered towards her. The hand on his arm tightened as her body tensed. He's going to kiss me! her mind was screaming and every fiber in her being told her it was wrong. They were not married, it wasn't proper.

Well, damn the nobility and their sense of propriety. Who would know except for Arwyn and Thade? And he seemed to really like her (not knowing that Thade was simply playing the role of rogue instead of the knight). Now if only her mind would shut up long enough for her to enjoy it. The scent of him around her; nature and male. She'd never been this close to a man, not even when dancing at one of Caladwen's balls. And his lips were soft, surprisingly as they pressed against hers. For a man so foreboding he was quite gentle when he kissed.

Her eyes were still rather large as his lips moved over hers and she watched him like a frightened doe. When a minute passed she broke away from him, tongue passing over her lips and her cheeks stained with a bright blush. I...I've never... That was... She was blabbering and not speaking in full sentences. Not that it was a terrible kiss, not by any means. But it was indeed her first and she was left floundering for a response. Or was it he that was supposed to make a comment since he initiated the touch?
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