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 Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE

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PostSubject: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:06 pm

The city streets were surprisingly busy, cluttered with both people and obstacles. The dank smell of stagnant water seemed to be competing with the odor of stale piss for the most repulsive smell award. Veles remembered exactly why he hated being in the cities. For all their modern convenience, they simply couldn't compete with the wilderness. The overbearing noise of it all, he could barely think.

Having to rely upon only sight to navigate, he was aggravated at the very least. Lacking a clear scent to follow, or an easily identifiable sound of a single being's footsteps, Veles couldn't help but feel defensive. It was nearly as debilitating as the sudden blindness that certain weapons produced; disorienting. But he'd just been paid, he needed supplies, that was that. He'd suffer through it.

Waiting until dusk veiled the sky, Veles hid among the lesser used buildings. Carefully tallying what supplies he could afford and comparing it to a mental inventory of his own stashed supplies. Letting the numbers occupy his mind. Letting the hours pass.

Letting the moon come into view. Pale white light, brilliant in the cloudless sky.



It was time. Veles stepped confidently through the broken door frame, easily traversed the long hallway in a few strides. His pent up aggravation, the bursting energy of the moon within him, he moved with superhuman speed. Slamming his hand against an exit door, he was already a hundred yards away down the alley by the time the door fell from its hinges and clattered to the ground.

First thing's first. He stepped into the small shop, letting his form shift slightly, adding to his height. Standing next to the counter, he placed his hand palm down barely covering a small amount of money. You will give me three vials, one tranq, one immobiliser, one hallucinogenic. He shifts his hand just barely to the side of the money he placed on the counter, revealing too little money for the items he requested but not by much. This will be your payment. He emphasized by letting his hand slowly shift, black claws carefully extending to touch the counter top.

Stepping from the shop, wares in hand, he slowly shifts back to completely human appearance. Thank you. he says quietly glancing at the moon.

Now the hard part, the crowded streets around his most needed procurements. Food. Veles steps into the crowd. Little does he know, someone has eyes on him.

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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:38 pm

Well, technically she was watching everyone beneath her. From her vantage point on the fire escape, her cutely heeled feet dangling above the crowd. She was incredibly bored, and when Iris got bored, humans tended to go missing. However, something else caught her attention this night. From her vantage point, she could see everyone and everything, and what she saw made her smile.

Untangling herself from the rail, she sped down the fire escape, her vampiric speed making the journey in under a minute. Her outfit would attract a bit of attention, especially her jeans with the painted on bloody hand prints and torn out eyeball, but she didn't seem to care. She moved through the crowd with a fluid grace. She was a street rat, and this was where she was comfortable. The press of people, the multitude of sights and smells that accosted her heightened senses.

She followed her target for a moment, blending in to the crowd, though blending might have been a bit of an over statement considering her dark curls held a rainbow of multicolored hair extensions. Iris Kelrina was a bright and obnoxious personality, and she preferred that everything about her life reflected that. The choker on a black ribbon at her neck held an old styled cameo necklace, a red rose emblazoned across it's front. The mark of the Blood Rose Clan for those that knew anything about the Children of Caine.

Finally, her moment of surprise came. Stepping directly into the path of the much larger man she smiled up at him, her green eyes glowing slightly as the smell of so many humans and the sound of so much blood pumping around her had triggered her hunger. "Here wolfy wolfy wolfy." she cooed. A small family passed between the two of them and she used the cover to speed around him calling from his other side now. "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?"" It might have been a bit bold to use her power in a crowd like this but she'd learned a long time ago that the humans saw what they wanted to see, and seeing a vampire in their midst in this crowd wasn't something they found plausible.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:44 pm

Tensing for a brief moment as he hears the soft voice referring to his lupine heritage, Veles immediately scans the area. With a slight crouch, he leaps forward as he hears the taunt behind him, determined to put distance between himself and anyone who could slip behind him so quickly. His body was bursting with energy, the full moon overflowing him with it. The human family who was in front of him, now lay sprawled, trying to gain their senses.

Within a dark corner, easily fifteen feet above the ground, Veles clung to the side of a building, his hand shifted, claws embedded into the stone.

As he finally caught a good long glimpse of his multicolored assailant, a wolfish grin crosses his lips.

The added strength of the moon allows his transformation to happen much quicker than normal. He barely notices the pain of his body shifting anymore. He still clings to the wall after ten or so seconds, but his grin is truly wolfish now. Large, and full of sharp teeth.

Dropping from the wall, Veles crouches and springs forward as soon as he hits the ground, bounding past the brightly colored young lady. Let's play... he invites as he sprints past.

Easily navigating through the crowded streets, his massive dark grey form rounds a corner and slips into an alleyway. The slamming of his heart is nearly deafening for those sensitive enough to hear it in the first place.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:14 am

The moment Veles took off, Iris let out a laugh and took off after him. Unlike the weres, Vampires never tired, they didn't need to breathe, didn't have a need for their heart to pump blood. Their body was run on magic, old death magic that could only be stopped when it ran out of fuel. Iris burned out faster then others of her kind due to her ability of negation, but she made up for it in fearlessness and viciousness. For now however, she simply wanted to play. At her fastest, even as a fifth generation, she could still slip through the crowd without most people noticing her movements, Veles on the other hand wasn't as fast as she was, and she could easily keep up with him in the crowd as he bowled people over.

She knew it was dangerous to tempt a werewolf on the full moon, but Iris liked to live...or unlive..dangerously. What use was her new life if she couldn't test her limits, besides...maybe she'd make a new friend. Darting sideways out of Veles' way so he didn't run her over, she turned on her heel and took off after him once more. Her speed wasn't physical, it was magical, and much easier for her to control. While he made a mess and scared everyone half to the death at the site of a transformed werewolf in the city limits...which was illegal mind you, Iris barely turned a head.

Iris didn't need her sight to track him, the pounding of his heart to her overly sensitive ears, she could track him in the pitch darkness of a new moon night in a forest just by his heartbeat alone. She herself would be nearly completely silent, silent as the grave one might say. She hit the alley knowing exactly how far away he was, one foot planted on the side of the wall as she came around and she launched herself forward, her strength and speed combining so that she was aimed directly his back before he had time to turn. Should he managed to dodge she would simply tuck and roll back to her feet. Should he fail to dodge however, she would collide with him, her long nails digging into the flesh of his back as her momentum carried them both over and she flung him towards the opposite wall.

Either way she would roll to her feet and crouch low, waiting for his retaliation. "It's been a long time since I've had a decent sparring partner...care to dance furball?"
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:02 pm

Hearing the terror of Librium's population echo in the crisp night air had given Veles more satisfaction than it probably should have. He really dislike the cities though, and now he was getting to release some of that through his exertion. Instead of taking the quickest routes he could, he often scrambled through busy intersections; raking the ground with his claws as if he was on the very edge of controlling his momentum. With a shove or a snarl he got to hear sheiks. It was gratifyingly fun.

Each corner he took always echoed two sharp clicks, heels on a hard surface. Barely audible, Veles almost considered hem to be a figment of his imagination. His playing partner hadn't followed him, a shame. Though, he was running amok though the city, perhaps they were just smart enough to avoid the trouble he was causing. The repercussions likely wouldn't be very fun to deal with after the night was through.

Veles couldn't help thinking his fun was coming to an end, I should probably leave before they rouse too many gua...


Sharp pinpoint of pain flared along his back, registering a slight moment before his momentum shifted. She hasn't been left behind at all, simply cooing her time to strike. Well isn't she quick flashed across Veles' mind as he was flung towards the wall with intense force. Reaching his hands forward, he slammed into the wall, his powerful arms absorbing the blow for him. The wall wasn't so lucky and now showed several cracks extending out from the points his hands hit. Feeling the blood trickle down his back, he took a moment listening to that soft voice issuing her playful challenge.

Turning slowly, Veles stretched his body slightly, standing at his tallest and rolling his shoulders one after the other. Levelling his gaze upon his unexpected personification of exhilaration for the evening. The slight body frame, the bright colors, the fearlessness even in the face of a werewolf under a full moon. This was fun. Letting out a low, rumbling growl that had the eerie sound of a chuckle, he shifted his head slightly, telegraphing his movement. Lunging at three adjacent walls, he clawed a leaped from each, gaining night in the narrow alleyway. Clearing the roof-line, Veles sprinted across the uneven surface of the roof, his clawed feet leaving a trail behind him as brute force propelled him fast enough to make his leap. Rooftop to rooftop, across a wide street, and the landing was higher than his launch point. Veles felt purely alive as he succeeded, dropping to all four clawed appendages as he landed halting himself, against through sheer strength.

Spinning in an instant, looking into the night sky for his challenger. If she had indeed followed him and hadn't caught up just yet, he might have her. She could still be mid-air crossing the gap. Where would her speed get her if she couldn't change directions? The moon glinted off Veles' amber eyes, excitement clearly expressed. He was a wolf, he lived for the chase.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:15 am

Her goal hadn't been to harm him, the tiny pricks of her steel like fingernails would heal shortly, her goal had been to catch him off guard and she was delighted when she succeeded. As he bounded up the walls, she tilted her head up to watch him a moment before turning on her heel and racing out of the alley. He'd expect her to join him on a merry rooftop chase, but that wasn't her style. She was crazy...not stupid. That was what he'd be waiting for, to gain the upper had as she bounded after him across the rooftops. Instead she ran along the ground, using his heartbeat and the sounds of his footsteps to guide her as she darted down alleyways and through crowds of people who barely noticed her passing.

When she heard him stop, she put a foot to the wall of the alley and leapt up to the fire escape, using her stealth to silently run up to the roof. She poked her head above the rooftop to see the werewolf watching in the direction that they'd come from. He thought like an animal, as all Weres did, their power and speed hampered by animal instinct. Climbing up onto the ledge of the roof she crouched there a moment, letting the smell of him fill her nostrils so she could memorize it for later. She was down wind from him, so he wouldn't smell her coming, nor would he hear her since she was dead.

Stepping down onto the rooftop, she snuck forward, very careful not to make any noise. Once she was close enough, she reached out with one hand, tiny silver spiders winking along her fingernails, and pinched the werewolf on the backside. Instantly she darted back far enough in case he decided to swing around and try to claw at her, laughing loudly as she moved. Once he'd turned to look at her she would blow him a kiss and take off over the rooftops. She knew he'd enjoy the chase, heck that was usually her favorite part as well, and it wouldn't do to let the wolf play the mouse the entire time...that just wasn't fair.

Iris' heels were reinforced to take the beating that she put them through, her strength and speed allowing her to leap from building to building with as much ease as the Were, without tiring out. Course, at the end of their little play session someone was going to end up dead tonight, Iris would need to feed and using this much power she wasn't going to be able to control it when she did. It was a good thing she enjoyed killing or this night could turn very very interesting. The Clan would probably scold her later for such blatant use of power where the humans could see but Iris couldn't care less.

She loved the feeling of the wind against her flesh, the almost weightlessness as she leapt across the alleyways. Iris could hear the wolf behind her and didn't slow down...he'd have to try harder to catch the little vampiress.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:59 pm

With a pinch that made veles just about jump out of his skin, Iris had gotten him again. This small little female had made a plaything of a massive werewolf. As he turned and saw her blow a kiss, he knew she was going to be a certain kind of fun. Her laughter filled the air, even as she moved away with supernatural speed. She was completely enjoying herself; as he gave chase, so would he.

Keeping up with Iris was difficult, even with a full moon aiding him. She moved in such a strange way, completely graceful, but following such an eratic path Veles simply couldn't anticipate her. She pushed on with effortless speed and his muscles burned as he chased. The Chase filled his mind. He thought less and less. This is what he was made for. This is what fulfilled his purpose in life. And she was the perfect bait. Always a step ahead, always making him work that much harder. Adrenaline pumped through his veins, moonlight infused him with energy, the thrill of almost catching her urging him on.

Faster... just... a little... FASTER!!

He sprinted to his full extent. His muscles strained, burning under the heavy use. His heartbeat was deafening in his ears. His lungs heaved, trying to keep his body fueled. This corner, this was it, he poured in more strength, from where it came from, he didn't know. His outstretched hand, knobby fingers and black claws, just barely caught her. Just above her hip, his wide hand tried gripping her. But she was moving in just enough of a different direction already, that he couldn't keep her in his grasp. The momentum shift was enough to jostle her though, spinning her rapidly as she maneuvered away. He wasn't left empty handed however. Thin blue fabric was stuck against his claws, he'd just shortened her shirt into a frayed midriff shirt.

Veles nearly stumbled, but kept his footing, Iris easily moving out of his reach again. Bright blue fabric in hand, he grinned as only a werewolf can, and tried to keep up again. He had completely lost track of where they were within the city. He only wanted to continue the chase. He was lucky to have someone like Iris to help him have this much fun in Librium.

His stomach rumbled as he ran, the exertion growing his hunger exponentially. Wherever Iris was leading them, he hoped it was as crowded as the rest of the city. He was feeling hungry enough to eat a family. A large one.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:32 pm

Iris was having far too much fun, this was exactly what she'd needed. Her life had been entirely too boring of late, no one seemed to have any work to be done, not even the Clan. While it was her job to do the Clan's bidding and help run their shadowy empire, she did hate it so much when she wasn't needed. It was never good to let Iris Kelrina get bored.

The magic that fueled her and kept her body animated was beginning to strain, she could feel it. A normal human would have been gasping for air and trying to decide if he was having a heart attack, but Iris didn't need to worry about any of that. All she had to worry about was the Blood Lust and possibly maiming a few dozen humans in the process. While that sounded beyond fun, the Clan would frown on it. They remained alive...sort of...by remaining hidden. The humans still hated Vampires, and feared them, and the two emotions combined meant life for a Vampire even after the war was still dodgy at best.

As she came around a corner, Iris could hear that the wolf was entirely too close. Her assumption was proved correct as she felt his claws catch her hip. She tried to dodge out of the way but the werewolf would still be rewarded with the tattered bits of her blue shirt, and some of her blood tipping the end of his claws as he'd cut her skin open. Her eyes glowed a brilliant green with the use of so much of her power, but she wasn't worried about the wound, she would regenerate shortly and this was all apart of the fun.

As she took off in the opposite direction, back the way they'd come, she glanced down at her shirt and decided she rather liked it. She also felt the edges of power and knew she needed to bring this fantastic game to a close. Iris rounded another corner but instead of continuing to run, she stopped and pressed herself back against the wall, waiting for the werewolf to round the corner. When he did, she would kick off the wall and aim directly for his side, hoping to send them both crashing across the alley and end his incredible momentum.

Their little game was over, Iris was hungry, and she'd need to eat soon. Veles might see it in the edges of her eyes as the whites were turning red with the strain of keeping her mobile. Her laughter filled the alley as she took her fingers and rubbed them over the werewolves belly, much like a human might do with their favorite dog. "Who's a good werewolf?" she cooed, simply stating just how insane the little vampire truly was.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:24 pm

Completely losing his breath as the small vampiress sent him sprawling, Veles had a hard time catching it, as she began to tickle him of all things. Who's a good werewolf? She must really be out there. Damn. So hungry. He took in a deep breath, catching every scent, so many humans. All dirty here near the streets, coated with the grime and pollution inherent to any city. There were a few nearby though, farther away, probably straight up, that smelled a bit cleaner.

Letting out an near-deafening howl, he encouraged the giggling vampiress to slow her tickles and eventually stop. He had alerted everyone in the city to their precise location. If she didn't let him go, they might both get caught. As soon as she released him, instead of bounding away, he simply gathered himself onto all fours and looked at her. Letting his jaw drop open and his tongue loll out, he tilted his head slightly to the right and brought his ears forward. With a swift point of his nuzzle he motioned upward and began to scale the wall slowly. Slamming his claws into the wall at a much shorter interval than he really needed, he scaled the side of the wall easily leaving Iris an easy to follow ladder of handholds.

Nearly halfway up the building, the skyline view of the city became visible. Several stories up they were taller than many of the surrounding buildings, but certainly not all of them. The scent of his chosen humans were getting closer. He edged to the side of a large pane window and glanced in for just a moment.

Perfect. I thought I smelled a whole family... it's just mother, father, and daughter... oh.. the guards. Veles made note. Guards. Big, tough guards. Big, tasty guards. Iris had close the gap between them. Now was the time to eat after such a long chase. Veles' claws dug into the man-made stone of the building, and curved around the metal frame holding the plate glass in. With a growl he yanked, tearing the whole top of the frame free and letting the glass and metal fall down to the streets below. Swinging easily around the corner and into the room, he extended to his full height, just grazing the ceiling before letting out a snarl.

The family panicked, huddling close to one another on the large bed. The guards were more prepared however, Veles heard the tell-tale sign of automatic weapons being loaded with fresh magazines. There was a single hallway, this should be easy enough. He heard the scuffs of their shoes on the hard floors, their bodies pressing up against the walls nearby. Humans, always assuming if they couldn't be seen they couldn't be hurt. Taking two long strides forward, he was nearly down the hallway before reaching his arms out wide, too wide for the hallway, ripping through the flimsy materials and coming out around the corners just where the guard's heads were hiding. Gripping them both easily in his large, clawed hands, he let his momentum carry them forward and kneeling quickly slammed both of them against the ground with dual crunches of bone. He hadn't counted on the third, maybe he was hungrier than he thought, he was missing details too consumed with eating. The single remaining guard leveled his sub-machine gun and clenched the trigger in a white knuckled grip. Five bullets seared into Veles' back, crossing his body shoulder to shoulder but not deep, before the recoil of the gun became to strong for its wielder, lifting the line of fire away from him.

His blood dripped to the ground. Pain flooded his mind. His jaw clenched together in anger. This human would die for what he'd done. Painfully.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:16 am

As the wolf howled, Iris cried out sharply, slapping her hands over her sensitive ears and rolling away from the fur ball. Such a loud noise that close to her ears nearly burst her eardrums. Some days it sucked having such powerful senses. When his howl stopped she opened her eyes to look at him, giggling at the sight of his tongue hanging out and his head tilted to the side. Before she could reach out and hug the werewolf however, he turned away from her and began to make his way up the side of the building.

Closing her eyes she turned her face upwards, focusing her Vampiric abilities, honing them in on the building above them. She inhaled deeply, filtering out the scents. Her senses wouldn't be as acute like the wolf, she had to focus to sort them all out. But her hearing...she could hear the muffled sounds on the other side of the wall, though nothing that caught her attention. She preferred her prey a bit more on the magical side. A normal human would sate her thirst but wouldn't keep the blood lust at bay...the blood lust that was creeping up on her at this very moment.

She scurried up the building after him, though she wasn't in time to stop him from making his own door right through the window. She threw up an arm and turned her head down so the falling glass wouldn't harm her, she'd heal yes but it would take time. Tiny cuts opened up along her arm and hand and down her back where the glass managed to fall down beneath her jacket. She growled slightly, the pain fueling her blood lust. Hefting herself up the last few feet she stepped gently into the room, her boots crunching on the glass.

The family that Veles had left behind in his quest to kill their guards turned towards her, fear written on all their faces and the room stank with it. Guards...why on earth would this family have guards? That was never a good sign. Running across the room, Iris leaned down to look into the daughters eyes, her own green orbs tinged with red. "You remember me, I'm Iris, we met at that cute little store last week." The girl's eyes glazed over for a brief moment as Iris' compulsion set in and then she nodded, reaching out to Iris and grabbed her cold wrist.

Iris smiled and moved to sit next to the girl, who introduced her to her parents just as Iris had wanted. What god was your food if you couldn't play with it first? Veles was more the get in and get out type...but Iris liked to draw out her kills, her playthings.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:58 pm

Once the transaction was done and the shopkeeper watched the hulking man walked out of his shop, basically stealing his goods. A sheen of cold sweat had formed on his skin just that quickly. The sight of the discolored nails elongated into claws had clenched it in his mind. The full moon was out, and everyone alive knew that werecreatures existed. The Huntsmen always talked about how monsters preyed on men, especially during the full moon. The bell chimed with the closing of the door, and he immediately grabbed for his phone. Frantically dialing, he waited until the operator on the other end picked up, "A monster.... a werewolf I think. It's a full moon, right?.... He just left my shop..... No, no. I'm fine. He stole some stuff, but he...he had claws. Manamart, 2445 Legaia Boulevard."

This one call set into motion, a machine that had military precision because it was the descendant of the human army, The Military Police. The world has known of the existence werecreatures for over a century, and knew well the dangers that came with allowing them to live. Because they were human, and aided humanity in its fight for survival, Werecreatures were allowed to live their lives. Laws were put into place to protect society from them, by making it illegal for them to shift into their animal forms in populated areas. When those laws were broken, the enforcement agencies that protected them needed to move. The Military Police that evolved from the overpopulated human army was well equipped to deal with them after having so many years to practice, and during the phase of the full moon, they were on high alert. Once they were alerted, they tracked subsequent calls from other citizens who witnessed disturbances to pinpoint any problem.

A more than seven foot tall Werewolf rampaging through downtown Librium in public view was an easy problem to track. Dispatchers at headquarters received call after call from witnesses Instead of taking those calls and asking questions, they triangulated the locations of those calls as they came in to find the directional flow. Once they had the general direction the beast was moving in, they sent the call to response teams that were already patrolling the city as they did every month during the phase of the full moon. Above the city riding skiffs that were propelled through the air magically, were six man teams of Military Police Officers.

Kept aloof by mana alone, these magical platforms were completely silent and could move at incredible speeds. They had trouble keeping up with the pair but thankfully the moment spent between Iris and a winded Veles allowed them to catch up. While Veles was tearing the window out of the buildings outer wall, the magical skiff was silently landing on the roof, and the officers were running to the four sides of the building. Their uniforms were enchanted and treated to render them scentless. With smooth efficiency ropes were thrown over the sides, officers quickly repelled down the walls, and crashed through the windows.

From the western side to Veles' right came one officer and the eastern side was breeched by a pair of officers. One of the two eastern officers raised an empty hand while the other raised an assault rifle. The hand began to glow and the officer spoke through the face mask, "Kalan aventus dovanus! Military Police! Stay behind the protective barrier!". The air shimmered between the family and Veles and solidified to make a barrier of light that would protect them from any physical assault should Veles try to attack. Unfortunately the officers did not see Iris join the family, and because they were not reacting to her presence, he simply believed that she was one of them.

The glowing barrier was the signal to the other officers that it was safe to engage the beast. Two officers came in the gaping hole behind Veles that he used as an entrance. They both raised their own assault rifles and opened fired. Each muzzle spit out five armor piercing rounds for a total of ten to add to the five the guards fired off. Instead of aiming for Veles' back like the guards were, the police officers chose better targets that would hamper their prey. One aimed for the back of his right knee and thigh, while the other aimed for the left hip. If the beast was hit in either of these places its mobility would be hampered, making him an easier target. The gun toting officers on Veles' flanks moved to the far walls at their sides and then fired at his torso. They needed to move so they did not create a crossfire and kill each other if Veles moved out of the way. All of the officers staggered their shots within seconds of one another, so that they could track Veles' movements and increase the chances of hitting.
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PostSubject: Re: Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE   Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:20 pm

Veles turned, barely recognizing the shimmering ward put into place between him and the family, but taking careful note of each muzzle flash aimed his way. Four new humans wanted to rain on his party, one of which seemed to be in charge.

Their bullets seared his flesh as they sunk home. So they were prepared, good, it would make ripping them in half all the more enjoyable. Roaring in pain as a bullet hit his shin just below the knee, he caught the strong scent of fear from the remaining guard. Fear mixed with excrement. He was out of ammo, and Veles was seeing red.

Moving with graceless brute force, Veles lunged at the man, slamming him into the wall with all his momentum before biting at his neck and shoulder. Tasting the coppery fluid flow over his tongue, he knew the man was done for, even if he was still breathing. Using his rage-enhanced strength, Veles threw the gurgling guard towards the commander of this new human team. As the body sailed through the air, catching a few of the bullets meant for Veles, the massive werewolf crouched low, digging all four of his clawed limbs into the floor of this high-rise apartment and thrusting himself towards the two guards that just entered through the window.

Moving at an even thirty miles per hour inside a confined space was easy, stopping wasn't. When Veles caught the first of the military police square in the chest with his open palm, he felt bones snap as the momentum shoved his entire body right back out the window. As the man began to flail and fall from the high-rise, Veles wondered to himself just how long it would take for the man to realize that he was no longer attached to the building. Clenched in Veles' clawed fist was his torn harness and the repelling rope. As the werewolf swung back towards the building, he saw the second man's assault rifle leveled at him, and as it burst to life, he let go of the harness.

Falling as the bullets struck the fabric of the harness, Veles prepared for his impact against the side of the building. Digging his claws in he had to climb quickly or else the small man with the big gun would simply light into him again. Breathing hard, bleeding hard, Veles was beginning to feel those painful bullets still stuck in his flesh. He had to beat the human to the ledge. His claws dug into the wall a bit deeper, his shoulder burned a bit hotter as he scaled thew wall. He saw the tip of the muzzle just edge out over the edge as he reached up to enter.

Choosing instead to grab the weapon, he only tugged it for a moment, to get the policeman off guard before hauling himself up to snag his foot in a bone crushing grip and drag him out of the building as well. Normally the man's harness would have saved him, it still being attached to his body and all; but the harness didn't catch the man's weight, Veles did. His clawed hand caught just below the man's jawline, he felt the subtle snap of vertebrae pulling away from one another before he released the man.

Veles knew that entrance would surely be in the line of direct fire should he try it again, so he left the dangling policeman thudding against the side of the building and quickly scaled around the corner out of sight.
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Iris had barely had enough time to settle in with the family before the military police arrived, she should have known they'd have been out and about on tonight of all nights. She'd been so caught up in her fun she'd completely forgotten about them. Iris' green eyes widened in shock as one of them raised his hand in her direction and she cringed back, covering her face with her hands. Thankfully she wasn't the only one as the family she was using as cover did the same as they didn't know what was happening. As the barrier finished, Iris couldn't help but grin evilly...they were protecting her from the wolf...not realizing the true monster sat amongst their innocent victims. Turning back to the parents she placed both her hands on each of their faces in turn, staring into their eyes as she forced them to look at her. "I will not harm you, protect me and I will keep you safe." It would take a moment for her compulsion to set in and then both of them would nod and throw their arms over her as they did their own daughter.

Iris could act with the best of them, her tiny face contorting into fear as she began to cry. This was what made her such a monster, she was the wolf in sheep's clothing. She looked innocent and perfect, tiny and easily glanced over...until she was ripping your throat out and laughing manically. Despite the fact that on the outside she would look like a scared child, she watched the fight that went down on the other side of the barrier with sheer glee in her heart. It looked like she was going to get dinner and a show.

If Veles thought for even an instance that she would come to his rescue or help him in this fight in any way, he was going to be wrong...perhaps even dead wrong. Veles meant nothing to her cept perhaps a bit of fun..and fun she could always find more of.
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Triggers were pulled repeatedly and busts of light lit up the darkness. Bullets screamed across the distance and found home in fur covered flesh. The well trained officers kept ranks and position as they were trained to do. When Veles threw the dead body through the air at the leader of strike team, the gunman next to him quickly turned and threw his body against his Captain, taking them both to the floor. The bloody corpse of the guard sailed over them unimpeded. Once they landed, the gunman took aim on the werewolf, and found that he had already moved on. He pushed himself up off of the floor and the Captain rose beside them. Together they quickly rounded the corner to require their target.

The werewolf's attention had moved from the guards to the police officers, and the unlucky recipient was unloading rounds in the shoulders of the beast before it plowed in him full force. The moment the shoulder contacted his abdomen, he yelled out in a huff as the air left his lungs. Force and momentum quickly carried him out of the gaping hole at the end of the hallway where the window used to be. His body was unfettered by the air around him and he started to drop. A scream echoed out in the darkness as he fell the few stories it took to reach the ground. The policeman's body landed hard on the pavement with a dull thud. After that moment there was nothing from him. He didn't move, he didn't breath, his life was over. The other policeman that was knocked from the window was far more fortunate. He was able to grab hold of his repelling line , and save himself from the same fate as his comrade. It took a few moments to stabilize himself, but when he did, he leveled his gun at the werewolf that was crawling up and around the corner of the building. He managed to fire off a few shots before the monster disappeared. Once the beast was out of line of fire he dropped his gone so that it hung by the strap, and then began to climb up the window where it was safe.

Outside the building two other skiffs were slipping through the night sky carrying reinforcements. One of the of the reinforcing officers caught sight of the beast before it got out of sight and took the shot. bullets ripped across the distance to the spot he took aim. Just like the bullets before, if Veles didn't move quickly he would be a hit target. Veles' sensitive ears could hear the words passing between them. They were converging and preparing to flank him. There were other reinforcements inbound which meant he was going to be severely outnumbered and out gunned. While he was outside the building the Officers on flying skiffs would have the high ground advantage and the safety of distance. With them still at a distance he stood a good chance of outrunning them, and getting lost in the city.

Inside the house the Captain of the tactical unit closed in with his team to cover the civilians. "Reinforcements are here. It's alright folks, you're safe now. We aren't going to let it get you. Is anyone hurt? Do any of you need medical attention? Regis check them for bites." The Captain's voice was calm, cook, and collected. The glowing green barrier dropped from over them, allowing the family to stand up, while officers swooped in to form a defensive perimeter. One of them, obviously Officer Regis stepped out of the group and started to check them over. He gave the all clear sign an then moved over to the guards that had been attacked, to make sure they were dead since they had been attacked. Their jobs were two fold, fighting rogue weres and containing infection. Down the hallway he last officer made his way back into the building, and signaled that their comrade was dead. A wave of pain seemed to travel through the strike team. He was going to be missed.
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Veles heard the last of the bullets impacting the building as he climbed around the corner. The personnel carriers were circling closer to the building, their radios carrying their yelled communications. They were surrounding the area, keeping their distance. The comrade who had fallen was no longer alive, they had learned to keep their distance.

The massive grey werewolf needed an exit strategy, but the bullets that burned in his flesh made him crave vengeance. These humans had fought back against a creature they had no right to. He was a werewolf, this was his time, the moon was full and bright in the sky. He would certainly make them pay before escaping into the night.

Just as the personnel carrier rounded the corner of the building, Veles had slammed his way in through another window. Entering the window into an empty room Veles took in a quick sniff, no one was home, but the place reeked of children. Their toys littered the floor, but as Veles stalked through the apartment another idea crossed his mind. Stepping into the small kitchen, he smashed through the cupboard until he found what he was looking for; a small canister. Setting the small heat source to high, the werewolf stalked bath through the apartment to the couch cracking the canister and pouring it over the cushion. Grabbing and ripping the fabric, he walked back the now-hot burner and pressed the fabric against it. Eventually the oil soaked fabric reached that specific point, ignition temperature. Using the highly flammable source, Veles took a quick path through the cluttered apartment. It was a shame the family wasn't home, roasting children would have smelt quite nice.

Plowing through the doorway into the hall, Veles took a deep sniff, the oil he had used was burning with a deep black smoke, but he could still smell exactly what he was searching for. In center of the building, the massive complex had run most of its plumbing. A plain door marked AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY snapped off its hinges as Veles found his escape strategy. Painted bright red, the werewolf snapped through the pipes labeled Fire Suppression System. Then he snapped all the others just for good measure. As the alarms registered the smoke pouring from the blazing apartment, they began to screech and flash and water spurt from the open pipes as the system tried to pressurize the sprinkler system to no avail.

Making his way into the hallway, Veles heard a nervous clicking behind a doorway. As the barely clad man finally opened the door to escape the fire, the werewolf reached into the apartment covering the man's face and shoving him back. closing the door with a quite click, he heard another group of people run down the smoke filled hall. Humans were so frantic. The man in his grip right now had already wet himself. With a quick shake, the man's neck broke and Veles dropped him to the floor. Time to switch locations.

Standing to his full height, Veles dug his fingertips into the solid ceiling above him. Exerting his strength he slowly began pulling it away chunk by chunk. Having made a wide hole, Veles jumped hard enough to clear the ceiling and land in the apartment above. It wasn't empty, but the stench of whiskey might explain why the man on the couch hadn't woken with the noise. Veles took the half full bottle and doused the room and yanked the wire from a drab lamp, sliding the wires together until they sparked and caught the volatile vapors ablaze. As the human began to hoot and holler, screaming in pain, Veles really began to enjoy himself. Leaning over the small metal table, Veles bent and twisted the leg until it snapped off. Walking to the end of the hall to the fire escape just as a young lady made her way through the door. Stepping forward with a few quick strides, he caught her, lifted her by her hair, and rammed the table leg through her torso and into the door jam. She was going to hold the door open.

As Veles sprinted up a few flights of stairs, he was now several floors up from his flaming distraction, and decided to make a new distraction for the police to deal with. Plowing through the doorway, Veles bolted down the hallway, smashing many frail humans out of his way before making it to an adjacent stairwell. Veles hopped over the railing, falling down this time, descending six floors in the blink of an eye before snagging a railing, deforming it with his momentum. He pulled himself to the staircase and made his way through another series of doorways and narrow halls.

Slamming his way into yet another apartment, Veles shoved the occupants clear across the room. The young couple didn't stand a chance against the hungry werewolf, luckily they were dead from the impact before he took a few starving bites from them and lit their home on fire.

Three fires spread out over the building, a young girl hanging dead from a door frame in the only non-smoke-filled escape route. The humans of this building were sure to be frantic. The humans surrounding the building meant to protect them would surely have their hands full.

With painful snaps, Veles slowly shifted back to his human form. His wounds were still bleeding, despite his recent meal. He gathered a set of dark clothes from the male's closet, even as he burned in the adjacent room. The wolf in man's clothing stepped to the window and slid it open. Just two stories to the street below, simple, easy. Veles landed with a quiet thud, before taking several strides into a narrow alley. So much for getting to figure out who that crazy little vampiress was. Veles walked into the night with a calm pace, if he ran he would most certainly draw attention to himself. Better to let the attention focus on the blazing building left in his wake. He could hear the screams as he walked miles away.

It was his tribute to the Moon.
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Gathering Supplies (OPEN) COMPLETE
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