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 The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)

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PostSubject: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:18 pm

Standing in the small corridors of this massive building Veles couldn't feel more out of place. While his human form fit comfortably, he knew his inner wolf would have difficulty maneuvering. One ninety degree corner after another made it difficult to even guess which cardinal direction he was facing in. The blandly painted walls, the floor barely rinsed of potent cleaning chemicals, the unnatural light radiating with pale indifference. Veles hated every minute of coming to this place. This confined world. This indoor labyrinth. This human establishment.

Coming to the correct door, unmarked but still remembered from his last journey here, Veles waited for a brief moment. Taking in a long, slow breath, he tries desperately to gather some scent, giving him a clue what to expect beyond the thin metal doorway. Cleaning agent was the only thing he could guess. I wonder if they do it intentionally... he couldn't help but think as his hand turned the knob and he strode into the room.

The room was dimly lit, surprising for this corporate building. A large stainless steel table was the only piece of furniture, wiped down with potent cleaners just like the floors. The smell was beginning to make Veles nauseous. A single light shone down from the center of the ceiling. As he stepped closer to the table he noticed that his usual dark clothing and especially his long coat helped him blend with the shadows, even if barely. Maybe it was just his mind looking for some semblance of a comfortable feeling in this place.

His boot stepped down onto something he hadn't been aware of, a small glass phial. CRUNCH Veles immediately stopped, crouching slightly and looking around the room again. Minutes that seemed like hours ticked by. Nothing. Veles finally took the time to examine the table. Four massive canisters rested in the center of the table, large cylinders eight inches in diameter and eighteen in height with a small angle along each edge attaching an inlaid handle. A small stack of money lay atop a note describing his upcoming task.

These canisters must arrive at test location 33 within two days. The second set of components is being carried by another.

Half pay now, half upon delivery. A bonus shall be provided if both sets of components arrive together by dawn of the second day.

The glass phial has marked you both with the same scent, but is water soluble.

Any damage to the cargo will result in a suspension of Umbra contracts.

Location 33, 17 miles outside of the city proper. Not a short hike in a day, maybe if they're light... Veles lifted the first canister and easily felt the weight trying to pull him off balance. Quickly, he checked the remaining canisters, all seeming to be the same weight, give or take a pound. Bastards think I'm a mule, these are sixty pounds each. At the edge of the table Veles found the carrying harness, durable canvas with wide shoulder straps. Growling to himself about the task, he tightly packed the canisters into the pack with his coat wrapped between them for protection. He disrobed completely, storing his clothing in the pack and tying his boots to a shoulder strap.

His transformation was slow. Muscle and bone shifted shape during the brutal process. Thick hair sprouted out everywhere, dark grey, several inches long. Easily strapping the pack to his back with his enhanced strength, Veles stooped to walk through the doorway and back down the maze of hallways leading to the exit. Once free of the confines of the building he did the only thing that felt natural with all that pent up energy, he scaled the nondescript stone walls to a wide overhang. Looking out at the view from several stories up, he finally caught his first real breath of fresh air.

I need to get moving... but if I can find this other operative, I can make sure to get the bonus. I only have a short time to find them, or I will be sprinting the whole way there... Reaching to his side he brought the sole of his boot up. The scent was very freight but incredibly clear, sycamore sap, a rare find these days. Veles sat calmly for several long moments, letting the breeze swirl around him, searching for that scent.


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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:43 pm

I hate doing these kind of contracts, she muttered loud enough to be overheard by the graying gentleman who sat across from her. Flynn only stared at her, one brow lifting as she read the terms of her contract. She was standing with a stiff formality on the opposing side of his desk, staring down at the sheaf of paper with a furrow in her brow. Here and there she would grunt or mutter another negative, sometimes in Russian thinking that Flynn might not catch it though he was fluent in several languages. By the time she had finished he was up and gathering for her the things she would be transporting; a manila envelope containing a set of instructions and sealed vials containing different liquids of varying colors. Be extremely careful with these, Kozlovski. If mixed the wrong way or dropped I might have to search for a new agent if you don’t survive the outcome.

She only rolled her eyes and watched as he packed each of the items into a leather pack. The contract said I have two days. I’m guessing this means there isn’t going to be a drop team to take me to the site? Flynn’s answering grin caused her inner beast to growl at his cheekiness. The old man really pushed her buttons from time to time, but she could not in good conscious hate him for it. We can’t give you a ride and expect your partner to run the entire way? That would be exceptionally rude. In the middle of removing her boots, Lana paused and looked up at him in surprise. That must have been a part of the terms she had glanced over, because for the life of her she could not remember reading anything about a partner. Don’t look at me that way. You knew it would happen someday.

Grunting her displeasure, she continued to disrobe, aware that Flynn was fidgeting with discomfort even though his back was turned. What if I don’t like this partner? She saw him lift a shoulder, as if to say he didn’t care what she liked or disliked. Her clothes were folded neatly and packed into the same leather bag that carried the other items. Her boots were alternately tied to the leather bag itself since they were too large to fit inside with the rest and might damage the vials. Next was the painful process of shifting. It went quicker now; thanks to the wolf’s tooth that she had hanging around her neck by a piece of cord. The accelerated speed at which her body mutated itself though convenient only hurt her twice as bad as it did if she let it happen naturally; in the end leaving her crouching on the floor, breathing heavily with her claws digging into the wooden floor while the pain subsided.

When she had recovered Flynn approached with a calm that belied his unease. His hidden fear of her, masked behind a blank stare palpable in the scent that wafted from him whenever he got close to her; pulling the straps over her arms so they bisected across her chest and secured firmly so the sack sat immobile against her back. Golden eyes stared impassively down at her superior, recognizing him for the authority he held over her but with less affection than her human conscious had since she was sharing it with the werewolf now. It was easy though for her to interact with him and to ignore the burning desire to rip him apart. You have your instructions, he began and sprayed her with an aerosol of the scent that also marked her partner, If you happen to find your partner before you reach your destination, don’t kill him. Understood?

Growling, her upper lip pulling back along her muzzle in a snarl, the werewolf shifted her weight as she turned, Flynn leading the way through the maze of corridors she had traversed getting to his office. If they happen to pass another Umbra on their walk, Lana was pleased to see some of them shy away or avoid her gaze completely. The claws on her feet clicked against the sterile tiled floor and her girth taking up most of the walking space as she lumbered along and her tail sweeping the ground behind her; swinging from side to side. Outside she and Flynn parted ways, with the gentleman retreating back to his office as she lifted her muzzle into the air and sniffed. The matching scent to the one she wore carried across the night like a beacon, drawing her attention upwards. So it was up she went, scaling the side of the building until she crested the very top and stood in the light of a waning moon.

A pelt of deep red covered her from the tips of her pointed ears down to her feet, now in the shape of an oversized wolf’s paws. Bipedal now, she searched the rooftops for her traveling partner, letting the smell carry her as she bound from one section of the roof, leaping over a gap between and onto another rooftop. Her pace though became fevered in her search, for not only did she catch the scent of what Flynn had sprayed her with, but another aroma as well. It was familiar in a way that she could not comprehend. But it smelled very close to her own natural scent. Like her but also different. Another werewolf?! Or is this a trap?
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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:08 pm

Getting to stretch his legs, Veles was easily bounding over the gaps between rooftops. The heavy load strapped to his back made landing with graceful balance... difficult. He decided instead to just continue with his momentum, making the process much easier, but also put on a great deal of speed. He would run out of rooftops soon, that should be entertaining. The tracking scent was a strong guide for him, but he was still stuck in this miserable city. The stenches were all unfamiliar to him, the sheer number of them was overwhelming. He could count over a thousand scents in the building below him now, it was unnatural, packed in so close to one another.

Then there was a glimpse of red and his mind could think of nothing else. Two more jumps and he would be next to the other werewolf. No. One. She was coming at him too.

Landing on the slightly angled roof, Veles dug in, halting his momentum. Crouching, he watched the stunning red were jump the gap to the same rooftop, landing with considerably more grace than he had. Her brilliant fur accented by moonlight, her lean form, her graceful movements, her presence. He was enthralled. Several long moments passed before her even registered the fact that she wore a pack similar to his, or was coated with the same tracking scent. He couldn't comprehend anything besides the fact that she was here, right in front of him. How long had it been since he'd even seen another werewolf? The accumulated days must add to decades at this point.

He crept carefully close to her, keeping low in a crouch. He didn't want to assert an aggressive stance. He didn't want to scare her away. It had been so long since he'd been near one of his own kind. He couldn't stop his tail from swaying back and forth eagerly as re reached his muzzle forward and gave a long, old sniff. He scent filled his head. How could he have ever missed it? Even among millions of mangy humans, she smelled so pure and refreshing. He would never forget her intoxicating aroma for s long as he lived. Careful, slow, non aggressive. Veles needed to remind himself over and over. He simply wanted to bound up to her and pounce playfully. But she wasn't of his Pack. His old Pack, the thought occurred to him painfully. He was a Pack of one now.

Slowly he stood, reaching toward this back, bringing forward his scented boot. He edged his nose toward that side of his body and gave an audible sniff, almost encouraging her to do the same. He stood motionless, well as still as he could manage with his tail whipping back and forth with excitement. Was she friend or foe? He was deliberately leaving himself defenceless, wide-open. He'd met another werewolf. Her scent filled his mind. He didn't care if she lunged for his throat this very instant. He was satisfied on a deep level, he wasn't alone. A thought crossed his mind, one he had never had with his previous Pack, one he had never had before actually, one that made him completely unsure of himself. She is beautiful.

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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Sat Aug 11, 2012 11:54 pm

She was briefly poised upon the edge of the adjacent rooftop, watching the other werewolf descend upon the angled roof before she too traversed the gap between them. With her claws digging into the slanted roof, steadying her balance upon the landing, Lana stared at the dark grey in contemplative silence. This was her first encounter with another were of her kind. When she had been living in Chernobyl she hadn’t a clue if there had been any other werewolves within the facility and since then hadn’t felt the urge to seek them out. But now that there was one in front of her there was an excitement swelling within her breasts; causing her chest to heave with heavy breathing.

When he came closer to her, even easing his way across the rooftop, Lana tensed. The beat of her tail slowed until it ceased moving all together and she remained motionless while he made his initial inspection. Out of instinct her hackles rose slightly, preparing to defend herself if need be. His unaggressive demeanor did reassure her that she need not worry much. He made no threatening moves towards her and as he backed away, the tension eased out of her so that she resumed a more lax pose. He towered over her by a good eight inches when he stood; thicker with muscle than she, which was to be expected. At his offering, she inched towards him, rising up on her hind legs just enough to sniff at the boot. It was the same scent that Flynn had doused her with.

Her tail thumbed against the roof, creating a dull, repetitive THUD THUD THUD as she continued her slow examination of him. Larger than she was which was to be expected, though not by and they appeared proportionate in weight though her muscle was more compact to still give an appearance of being feminine while his was a hulking mass. His fur was a deep, dark gray and she sniffed at that too; getting the smell of him and not that tracking aroma they were both wearing. More pleasing than any other creature or human she had yet to encounter and resisting an instinctual urge to attach herself to it, Lana turned and with practiced steps, made her way to the edge of the rooftop in the direction they would be heading.

A city skyline resting before them; the concrete jungle to the inhabitants which often times included her. She was loathe however to create a single place to settle down, preferring to live wherever it was that Umbra sent her until the job was done before she moved on, often to return to Librium to await her next contract. Lana crouched low, peeking over the building’s edge to the street below; watching the flow of pedestrians as they flowed along the sidewalk to their nightly destinations. Looking back once, to see if her companion had followed her, Lana started to traverse the rooftops away from where they stood. Her pace was kept moderate, sometimes falling behind the gray werewolf and then passing him again. The closer they got to the fringes of the city, the faster she moved. He’s beautiful.
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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:55 pm

Veles stood perfectly still while she approached him and made her assessment. Her tail shows that she's not afraid. Good. Her red form slipping close to him and her intake of breath adding to his excitement. She hadn't snapped at him, which was a very good sign. It'd been so long since he had contact with another werewolf it would be a shame to have the relationship instantly turn sour. Though, the urge to pounce on her was building in him. He wondered just how she would take it, he'd only ever really lived with werewolves of his own family, his own Pack. He didn't know how and outsider would consider being treated with such familiarity.

She turned and walked to the edge of the roof, her steps careful, her form graceful. Veles allowed his wolfish grin to spread, his mouth opening slightly, even slipping his tongue out to moisten his black nose. She glanced back and bounded off, easily clearing the gaps between rooftops. Oh, she was wonderful. He couldn't help but follow.

Clearing rooftop after rooftop, zig zagging across the city in the general direction of their destination, they grew more and more comfortable with one another's presence. The playful race across the city had each taking the lead several times. Hopping from adjacent rooftops to the same one to make the next leap. Running, jumping, traversing; instincts that were strong within werewolves. Veles was becoming more and more excited as the time passed, and the distance was covered. They were just reaching the edge of Librium when Veles realized he had been using his old telegraphing motions, leaning his shoulders one way or another to indicate that he was turning in that direction just prior to doing so.

Old habits... Veles recalled. He recalled leading several werewolves on long runs, scouting their territory, circling and rounding up prey, even protective guarding as the whole Pack migrated. He certainly didn't lead every run, but he had developed those signals decades ago, and now they were reappearing again, within minutes of meeting another werewolf. I shouldn't be so assertive, she might think me too dominant, a rival to whatever Pack she's in.

As the two werewolves landed from their last rooftop leap into the packed soil surrounding the city, they began to really run. Even though he was comfortable standing on his hind legs in a bipedal manner, he couldn't help but revert to using his hands and feet for an exhilarating run. His strides lengthened as he put on a burst of speed, the lithe red werewolf easily matching his pace. Veles tried exceptionally hard to not roll his shoulder or even outright pass his companion. He didn't want to seem overtly dominant. He didn't want to scare her away. He didn't want to cause problems for her within her own Pack. How could I have missed a whole Pack so near by? Veles thought in disbelief, but the young werewolf next to him told the truth through instinct. He had been caught completely unaware.

The miles passed swiftly, their pace only quickening as far as he could tell. His pack seemed weightless, the ground soft under his clawed hands and feet. Running. So very pure. He glanced to his side, seeing the muscles of his companion ripple as she ran, the moonlight making her fur seem even more brilliant compared to the drab surroundings. Surrounding the city was clear cut for several miles, both for building materials and defensive line of sight for the city. They would need to travel through a small patch of forest then over several steep inclines of shattered stone before getting to the research location. It was well hidden, far from prying eyes. Likely weapons research, likely illegal, this was an Umbra facility after all.

As they ran, the ground became darker, the soil richer as they made their way several miles further out from the city. This soil has had hundreds of years without cultivation, composting and becoming rich with minerals. Veles edged himself closer to his companion. Side by side with the brilliant red fur, just a hands-width apart. Veles gladly inhaled her scent over and over again, his blood practically boiling with excitement. He couldn't contain himself any longer and let out a long howl, piercing the night and echoing for miles and miles.
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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:55 am

Their movements, loping together across rooftops and leaping over gaps between buildings, was like an age old adage of werewolves. Adapting to their surroundings when they were not within their natural habitat; Lana considered it to be the wilderness away from bustling cities. Though she was not entirely out of place among the bustle of civilization, it was a part of her training to be able to blend with any surrounding. Walking among those who were not of her kin, whether she was social or not, was as a part of Lana’s life as the seclusion she tormented herself with.

The race that Lana and her new…partner were engaged in was one born of mere enjoyment out of finding someone of their own kind than it was of dominance. She felt no compulsion to assert herself over the gray; instinctively as he was the male of her species, there was something within her that demanded she submit to him though her pride was completely overriding that in every way. Lana tamped down those animalistic urges and reigned in her wandering thoughts to focus solely on the task they had been given.

Eventually the city gave way to the untamed wilderness. It wasn’t until then that the two werewolves finally felt free enough to let themselves run freely. Crashing through the forest foliage towards the destination they had previously been given. The combination of her red fur mingling with his gray as Veles closed the gap between them was like a blur of motion through the trees. Lana ran on all fours as well, using the extra burst of speed that it gave her to keep up with the larger werewolf. Claws digging into the malleable earth and kicking up tuffs of grass and dirt in her wake until the dirt turned to stone. Her pace slowed considerably when they reached the jagged pieces of slab that stuck out from all angles.

She tested the sturdiness of each one she bound to, careful enough to avoid sharp edges that might be sharp enough to slice through her pelt and flesh. Beyond the formation of rock, marked by a cluster of tents and heavily armored vehicles, was the site of their destination. Solarized fluorescents marked a roped off area restricted to authorized personnel only and the perimeter of the entire area was guarded by the soldiers of Umbra. The latter, expecting their arrival, gave very little start at seeing two full-sized werewolves come crashing down upon them. Lana’s golden gaze shifted between the two soldiers they stood before; ears pinned back against her skull as she tested their surrounding scents.

From somewhere within the site, driven up in small Humvee to meet them, a group of scientist dressed in either white coats or Hazmat suits approached them with outstretched hands. She stilled as unfamiliar hands reached for the pack she wore strapped around her chest; unhooking it from her back and digging inside for the liquid filled vials within. Because she had also stored her clothes in there, they left the pack with her as two of the scientist carried –(with astounding ease)—the vials back to the Humvee as if they were carrying newborn babes. Her clawed hands grabbed the bag from the ground, fumbling with the straps as she waited for Veles to finish with his own group.
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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:57 pm

Following the bright red wolf into the small encampment, Veles slowed his pace, standing tall on his hind legs. His long strides stepping into the packed soil, he stopped as the Humvee approached. They had approached the red werewolf first, clearly carrying her cargo with care. He reached for the straps holding his pack against him and removed his pack placing it in front of him. He let out a low growl as several men approached him, taking a step back from the pack, he stretched to his full height. He watched passively as they rummaged through the pack, collecting their heavy canisters, also treating them with as much care as the other courier's.

Whatever these are, they must be important... But they're not my problem anymore. Veles thought to himself as his pack and clothes were discarded to the ground as the Umbra men carried off their precious cargo. Looking to the edges of the camp, he noticed a sly man writing down things on a metal clipboard. Veles easily cleared the distance between them in a matter of moments, circling around behind the man before grabbing his right forearm. Leaning low, he turns the man's wrist, exposing his watch. With a low grumble he slowly points his muzzle from the watch to the man's notes, clearly indicating that the proper time had better be noted for their arrival and delivery.

Releasing the operations supervisor, Veles quickly stepped across the camp and reclaimed his clothing, stuffing them inside the pack. Strapping the loose canvas pack against him again, he made his way close to the red werewolf. She was standing so gracefully, balanced so casually. She did look like she resented these people more than a little bit, though, so he nodded his head towards the direction they came from. He extended his right arm towards the exit of the camp, palm up, bowing his head slightly to urge her that way. As she lightly steps past him, he lets a grin cross his face. Stunning.

As they padded through the rocky landscape and approached the forest once more, his territory, his hunting grounds. Giving a quick sniff, he knew exactly where he wanted to go. Veering to the right rapidly, he even leapt from a tree trunk to make his corner. With a snarl, he burst onto a small watering hole, surprising the three small deers drinking there. With discerning eyes, he chose one doe, barreling towards her, impaling her on his claws as he scooped her up and sprinted away. The other two deer standing frozen for a few moments more then bolted, both healthy, completely able to reproduce again. A smart hunter never removes his prey's ability to survive.

Slipping between the trees again, he found the brilliant red werewolf once more, if his grumbling stomach was any indication, she would be hungry too. She must have noticed him and the deer, because she slowed in a small clearing. The moonlight penetrating the thick canopy of the woods and shining down onto them. Veles stepped close to her, hands outstretched as the doe's frantic heartbeat finally pumped the last of her lifeblood out and her eyes glazed over. Veles' stomach decided to make the first move between the two werewolves, letting out a long grumble. Veles lifted the meal offering to the red were again. In his old Pack, he was a hunter, but he was also a provider. He would rather endear himself to this new werewolf as the latter, maybe she wouldn't consider him competition.

I hope she likes venison as much as I do. Veles thought after the fact.
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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:34 pm

Lana moved with uncoordinated slowness as she pulled the backpack back on. The longer her arms were in this form made it harder to judge the just how well she was doing or how the straps actually worked. Somehow she managed to pull the wrong strap over the wrong arm and spent a good portion of Veles’ interaction with the research team turning in circles trying to catch the free hanging strap. When she heard the snickers of the guards, Lana stopped and swung her head in their direction; amber eyes narrowing as her upper lip pulled away from her teeth, snarling in their direction. Their saving grace was Veles, who drew her attention away from them by approaching her and giving a signal to lead.

She looked back at the group of guards, gave them all a dismissing snort and turned to lope away on all fours. The backpack was flapping against her side as she bound through the rocky terrain towards the forest. This time, as they reached the lush greenery, when Veles overtook her in stride, Lana did not pursue him as she had done on their way to the research site. Instead she followed in his wake; tracking the gray by the scent that lingered behind, leaving her an invisible trail to follow through the foliage.

A small clearing saw them together again, this time Veles approached her with an offering. A fresh caught doe in his arms that she eyed with a growing hunger. The red werewolf grabbed at the backpack hanging half off her body and pulled until the one strap that crossed her chest snapped and the entire thing fell to the ground. Looking from the doe up to Veles, she inched closer to the larger gray werewolf until they were face to face and her head dipped down to the food he was holding out to her. She sniffed the animal in a few spots, then placed both her hands upon it; one at the neck and the other on its flank while she tore into the doe’s stomach.

The meat was tender as she chewed –even the fur—which left a gaping hole in the side of the doe’s body. An unobstructed view of her innards and Lana reached inside to dig around before pulling out the organs one by one; first she consumed the liver and then kidney. Blood now matted the fur on her muzzle and neck, as well as her left hand which she stuffed back into the deer’s opened torso to pull out a section of lung which she also consumed. She ate as if she had been starving, which was somewhat true since Lana did not allow her werewolf much freedom; especially if she was on a job. The fact that this particular job had need of her talents in the beastly form had been her only reason to change. Otherwise Veles might have been traveling with her human self.
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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Sun Aug 26, 2012 7:01 pm

Holding the doe before him, Veles was astounded by how eagerly the brilliant red werewolf ate. She must have been completely starving, her bites were quick, she was eating all the most tender and nutritious bits as fast as she could remove them. Her red coat matted with blood. She was ravenous. As her teeth glinted again and again the thought occurred to him once more Beautiful.

His own stomach beginning to grumble, Veles leaned forward to edge his nose against the doe's back. With a soft nip, he breaks the creature's hide and takes a small strip from the back and quietly tears the meat away. Careful not to disturb her eating, he continues and stripping the outside of the ribs and back, gulping it down. The carcass was becoming lighter by the moment, two hungry weres ripping into to shreds.

As the animal became lighter and lighter, Veles lowered it to the ground, letting his female counterpart claim the rest of the meal. Stepping off to the side, behind a thick tree, he removed his pack and began his painful shift back to human form. His joints popped and bones cracked. Returning to his human form always seemed to hurt more, perhaps because the adrenaline wasn't flowing quite as rapidly through his body. He finished his shift panting softly, his mouth and throat still covered in the deer's blood. Reaching into his pack, he hurriedly donned his canvas clothing and slipped his long black trench coat over his body.

Carefully stepping into the clearing again, he took his steps with his hands held wide. She was still in her full werewolf form, and she was hungry beyond description. He was taking a dedicated risk, but having just offered her food, he was playing it as safe as he could. I am Veles Canis, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm the grey and I'd like to talk to you... if you're willing. I will be just behind this tree. Take your time, or disappear. The call is yours. he stated with his deep voice.

Stepping around the tree, he crouched lightly, letting his back lean against the tree as he waited. I shouldn't have just left her... what if she does disappear? he couldn't help questioning himself.
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PostSubject: Re: The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)   Sun Aug 26, 2012 10:01 pm

As he chose to join her in this feast, Lana did not bother Veles when he began to slowly tear strips from the deer’s back. At times her muzzle would bump or brush his as she ate around him; turning her head at odd angles to better catch a piece of meat or organ between her teeth and tear it free. Her ravenous hunger evident in the way she dominated the kill by going for the tenderest of parts, to which the werewolf was grateful that it was no longer being starved and held captive within a petite human form. It had been allowed freedom; to run wild(ish) across the land and to eat without pause.

Lana did pause though, crouched as he had lowered the kill to the ground the more they ate, and watched him disappear behind a large oak. Sitting back on her haunches, she began to clean the blood from her hands. Running her tongue in long laps up her arms from the elbows to the tips of her claws until they were pristine and she could lap at the stains on her muzzle; mainly the ones she could reach. Veles would find her this way, bathing her mouth as he eased back into view with his arms spread wide in a non-threatening gesture. Glittering amber oculars tracked his movements as he approached her and spoke, causing the red’s head to cant to the side and her ears turn forward.

The words she understood though could only respond with a blink when he started to retreat back behind the tree. Once Lana was certain that he was no spying on her, she retrieved her own backpack from where it had landed and went through the same painful process of returning to her human form. The shift of her anatomy excruciating though she made not a sound as it happened and immediately began to dress once it was complete. Her breathing coming in heavy pants while she wiggled into a pair of black fatigues and a crew neck t-shirt. For now she would leave her feet bare.

With nothing by her fingers to tame her wild red locks, Lana diligently combed those digits through the mane of red curls before Veles reappeared in the small clearing. It wouldn’t do to look like a hot mess on her first ever meeting with another werewolf. She didn’t want him to think her some sort of slob. When at last he did remerge from behind the tree, she would be crouched over her pack and eyeing curiously. Veles Canis, she tested his name out loud; the sound of it rolling off her tongue with the Russian accent she still carried. You are the first werewolf I have ever met…besides myself. Standing now, she was much shorter than her werewolf form and without all the hard muscle (though the curves that shaped her body were an illusion that hid her strength).

As a werewolf, Veles was a magnificent specimen. As a human man, her eyes were riveted to his features as if she were trying to memorize every contour of his face. Her lips, red from the blood of the deer, lifted at the corners in a ghost of a smile though she never moved from where she stood. I was not aware that Umbra had other agents like me working for them.
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Veles blinked for what seemed like several moments. First werewolf she's ever met... He simply couldn't comprehend it. But... how..? he asked, not even finding the words to finish his sentence.

He took several steps toward her, forgetting for a moment to keep his hands spread non-threateningly. His curiosity taking over. A moment before taking her shoulders into his hands, it seemed to occur to him. He spread his fingers wide, showing his empty palms and slowly edging them to fully wrap around her shoulders. How could you be alone? You have no family, no Pack? he asked pointedly. His voice was deep, but holding an uneasy quiver back. His grip on her shoulders was firm, but not painful, he seemed to be holding her to reassure himself she was really there. After all these years, I've finally found another wolf. Are you really all alone? His reiteration of the word 'alone' seemed to ring as the part which disturbed him the most.

Looking over her form, her soft face, her brilliant hair, her petite body, her crimson lips. Beautiful. The word crossed his mind again, but this time it slipped out vocally as well. His amber eyes stared into hers. Who are you? he asked with inherent urgency.
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His questions were answered by the shake of her head at first. Lana didn’t know how to answer his questions just as he was having trouble asking them. I’m an orphan and if ever my parents had a Pack, they know not of me nor I them. She looked at his hands, first the right and then the left as they settled on her shoulders.

When I was a little girl there was a facility run by the Russian government in Chernobyl that took in orphan children and trained them. When I was 20 years of age Umbra came to me, asking me to do merc work for them. That was ten years ago. By standards, she was young for a werewolf and when compared to Veles she could be considered just a baby.

Her cheeks flushed a soft pink when he called her beautiful. It was a term she was familiar with and had been applied to her often enough, yet coming from him, one of her kind, it was like hearing the word for the first time ever. Making her blush and turn her gaze down to the ground; wiggling her toes in the grass beneath her feet. My name is Svetlana Kozlovski. But I prefer to be called Lana.
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Veles felt his grip tighten slightly around Lana's shoulders as she spoke, not painfully, more to simply feel her realness in his hands. Lana... I'm sorry your past wasn't the easiest. I'm not sure I could have grown up without my parents, my family, my Pack. It must have been difficult, especially when you stared shifting. Veles' voice was calm, no hint of pity or even sympathy, it was edged with remorse. Remorse that he couldn't right the situation for the brilliant red werewolf, even though he had no idea she existed mere hours ago. He was already feeling protective. He supposed he might even feel possessive of the young lady in his firm embrace.

He noticed her blush and begin to look down. She was fidgeting under his amber gaze. He released his hands from her shoulders, bringing one before her to gently lift her chin. Please, I'm sorry I was so forward. I shouldn't have grabbed you like that, I had no right. Please understand that you'll never have anything to fear from me. I was just excited, you're certainly a sight for sore eyes, it's been too long since I've met with another wolf. Veles tried his best to be reassuring now that he wasn't manhandling her. He couldn't help but watch her eyes shift slowly in the moon's light, her skin flushing faintly, her red hair gently tumbling together at her slightest motion.

You're quite stunning both in your wolf form and out, I've never seen anything like it, that brilliant red. I've only ever come across dark shade like mine, and the occasional brown. They certainly make them interesting over in Russia. Veles said with a grin spreading across his face. He liked when she blushed. Very much so. He was getting more excited than a pup with a bone. He could barely contain his excitement, he wanted to run around the world, he had so much energy. Here was the first werewolf he had seen in ages, she was gorgeous, and she -wasn't- claimed by another wolf. His luck was astronomical today.

Excited grin plastered all over his face, May I accompany you back to the city, if you want to go there? Veles asked, hand outstretched to a narrow path between trees. Or I could offer you shelter nearby. Even though we've shared the deer, I can't imagine it did much to ease your muscles judging by how hungry you were. Doesn't Umbra pay you enough to get a proper meal from time to time? he asked with mirth in his eyes, his hand motioning towards a steep incline with several stone outcroppings. The choice is yours... Lana her name rolled off his tongue so naturally, it seemed like he had been saying it for years.
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His apology, as unnecessary as it was, was appreciated. Not that her life had been exceptionally hard because of her lack of parents or a Pack. The orphanage in St. Petersburg she had lived in before going to Chernobyl hadn’t been a bad one; three meals a day, a bed to sleep in and clothes on her back. Then when she had gone to the facility in Chernobyl, which was more upscale thanks to government funding from Russia, her life had hardly changed.

The only major difference between the two was that in Chernobyl she began her training and eventually had come to learn she was not a human, but a born werewolf. The only hard part was my first shift. No one had bothered telling me what I was before then.

With a gently applied pressure to her chin from his finger, Lana’s gaze traveled up from the grassy forest floor along the lean figure of a man before her. I’m not afraid of you, humor laced her tone as she stared up at him. But I know your meaning. I don’t know how to react either. She was both excited and cautious by his appearance. She wanted to howl at the top of her lungs; until the entire world heard her voice and the excitement by this discovery.

But…how did werewolves treat one another? Of all the schooling that she had received in Chernobyl, the social etiquette of werewolves had not been a subject.

When she had left his side to slip into her boots, Lana was thankful for the distraction for another blush tinted her cheeks. His appreciation for her appearance, even extending into her werewolf form, made a sense of pride bloom within her chest. Rising back up, she scooped her ruined backpack off the ground and pulled the one intact strap across her head so that it hung at an angle across her back. You have a place to stay out here?

She waited for him to precede her from the clearing, not yet ready to return to the city and followed on his heels through the forest. It isn’t that I cannot afford to eat. I just don’t let my…other self…out as often as I should.
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Veles was astounded she had chosen his shelter compared to the safety and comfort of her own, clearly his luck was still running on a high note. He lead easily through the underbrush that eventually gave way to larger stone outcroppings. The slope of the accent was beginning to require the attentive placement of his feet, otherwise he might stumble, or worse fall, in front of his new companion. He was leading her to his main home, one he had spent years of time building, and most of his pay from Umbra on. When they reached the top of a large flat rock he glanced over his shoulder as she just manage the last step up. She didn't look out of breath in the least, even after the tricky hike. A grin spread across his face again.

Stepping along the massive flat stone he walked to its edge, massive stones piled high into something big enough to be a mountain, they were simply at a point along its side. He walked steadily, and straight through the stone, or rather the enchantment made to look like it. He was quite proud of the efforts he put into hiding his home, through many means, the enchantment to hide it from prying eyes just being the first. He waited a moment for Lana, she would figure it out. He flicked a switch to his right and the electrical connection was made, illuminating the long inlet cave that he had found and the widened. Lana had just made it through, so he continued on, leading her down the arched cave to a massive reinforced steel door. The controls at its side seemed to indicate fingerprint and palm reading, the camera above for retina scanning, and even what appeared to be a microphone sticking out of the wall for vocal input.

Veles again smirked as he walked to the door's side and put his supernatural strength into lifting a stone which angled away on a hidden hinge to reveal another pathway. As soon as Lana had stepped into the tighter hallway, he released the stone which lowered back to the floor slowly. Not a single noise could be heard from the mechanism controlling the stone's descent, but it worked like a charm. He lead the young werewolf to another door, this one appearing much simpler, but as he placed his hand on it to slide the pocket door into the adjacent wall, a small green square lit around his hand and the telltale click, of a lock being unbolted sounded before the door budged.

Lights! Welcome to my home Lana, you're the first to visit since its completion. At Veles' command lights blinked to life around the great room, some were lamps sitting on tables, some were inlaid into the high stone ceilings. They illuminated a large circular room, animal skin rugs were spread over some areas to cover the stone floors. A massive stainless steel and polished stone kitchen dominated a large portion of the room and a weapons rack occupied a long curved section of the wall. Thin white panels of fabric lowered from the ceiling as he approached the seating area, two large couches and a reclining chair. Projectors displayed images of the woods outside onto the curved panels, clearly this wolf loved his toys because they allowed him to be at home in nature perpetually.

Walking to a small wet bar Veles asked, Can I offer you a drink? as he poured one for himself. He smirked to himself as she looked around his dwelling. He had never brought anyone here, ever, let alone after completion. He was glad he could finally share it.
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The path that they picked through the forest wasn’t an especially challenging one, but then again they were creatures of a supernatural being and therefore their limits were not as short as humans. So it was with great ease that she was able to keep pace with him and in fact enjoyed their romp through the dense foliage to his home. And though they were not of the most slender physical build, their movements were light and swift, barely disturbing their surroundings save for an occasional grunt when Lana landed harder than expected on a leap.

When Veles slowed, she stood behind him, rising onto her tip toes to gaze over his shoulder at the rocky formation. When he looked back at her grinning she smiled up at him and watched as he stepped forward, disappearing through the stone. Not over it or under it or around it but through it. She stood there, dumbfounded and looked around, searching for some clue to this sorcery. Hesitant but willing she followed him into the stone; her arms stretched out in front of her, just in case something were to go wrong. She didn’t want to run face first into the rock like an idiot.

Emerging on the other side, she turned and looked back out. It was like a two way mirror; she could see out but no one could see in. Fascinating. What came next was a series of complicated locking mechanisms and security entries. She was familiar with each device individually, but the combination of each, the redhead didn’t even try to remember in which order Vel had used them. After all, who was to say that after tonight they would even see each other again? Although she seriously hoped that wouldn’t be the case. A shame it would be to lose him just when she had found him.

Vodka tonic, she replied to his offer, making a beeline for the wall of weapons. It was an impressive display. When she had gotten her fill of that, Lana turned to survey the rest of the room. Definitely a man-cave though she couldn’t deny that the simplicity of it didn’t attract her. The animal rugs that adorned the floors and the projector that hung from the ceiling, displaying video for security cameras that he had hidden around the outside perimeter of his cave. This is…impressive. I normally stay in motels. Lana didn’t have a den of her own, unless one counted the apartment she kept in Bastion under a pseudonym at the request of Umbra.

Removing her backpack, she approached one of the couches and sat down with her bag at her feet. Not because I can't afford a place of my own, she went on to say in haste, just so he didn't get the wrong idea like he had about her appetite.
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Veles began by setting out two glasses, shaped like a wide wine glass, but were stemless. Leaning into the small fridge below the bar he collected a few ice cubes for each glass the pulled a bottle of tonic and vodka out. Opening the tonic with a hiss, he poured the fresh, carbonated liquid into each glass, filling them to nearly three quarters full before capping the bottle and setting it aside. Opening the vodka, he poured steadily into the glasses, bringing the drink level nearly to the top. Slipping the two bottles back into the fridge, he collected a lemon and lime, slicing them into wide wedges he placed them on a saucer sized plate. Slipping a tiny red stirring straw into one drink, he collected both drinks and the tiny plate of optional garnishes and walked towards the young red head just as she seated herself. Placing his glass at the edge of a wide coffee table, he offered hers directly to her and laid the sliced citrus on the table before her.

Vodka tonic, a girl after my own heart. I was teasing you about the pay, I know Umbra keeps their employees well rewarded. I'm surprised you haven't had a place of your own though. I could never stand staying in the cities, let alone in a building surrounded by others. Veles said with a grin on his face and took a long sip of his own drink, the one lacking the straw. He lowered himself comfortably into the couch adjacent Lana, but still close. The angle of the furniture nearly allowed their knees to touch, but he didn't press himself that close, despite his desire to do so.

So what devious tasks has Umbra been assigning you? I normally wind up out in the Wastes hunting or retrieving something from out here. They stopped sending me out with other operatives when I snapped the moron's neck who asked me to 'go fetch him a stick' while he handled the real work. I'm surprised they paired us up, but I'm very glad they did. Veles tried striking up a conversation with their common employer as a subject. He'd be quite happy telling her she was beautiful all night, but figured she might not want her face to match her red hair for the entire evening.

Letting the cushions slowly form to him, Veles took another sip of his potent drink. He could feel himself relaxing now. He was excited and his energy levels through the roof, but he was home now, he didn't have to constantly keep his guard up. He glanced over Lana's form, even though she was resting herself on the couch's surface, she didn't seem to relax at all. Perhaps she was always a bit tense, this wasn't a place she was familiar with. You can relax Lana. I won't bite unless you let me. he offered with a smirk.

Leaning forward, he upended a small tube and rolled out a flexible wireless keyboard. Placing the tube back, and pressing a few keys, the images of the surrounding woods were replaced with a blueprint style drawing of his home, complete with two small pulsing blue dots on the couches. With a few more keystrokes, the image split into multiple elevations of the house including entrances. Feel free to look it over. You're completely welcome here anytime. he offered. He was praying that his luck held and that she would be around more often. He smiled, genuinely for the first time in what felt like ages.
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Taking the proffered drink from him, Lana moved back on the couch so she wasn’t sitting directly on the edge. I haven’t found a comfortable place to settled down yet. Which was part truth; Lana couldn’t find a suitable place to call her home. Another reason she was a city dweller was because Lana hated to be alone for long periods of time. She could tolerate the isolation of being out on a job for a few days, but living alone was a different story. The forcibly imposed isolation that she was subjected to in Chernobyl had given her this vehement dislike.

Taking a cautious sip of her drink, she eyed him across the distance. Their knees were just a smidgen from touching and if she were to adjust her position, or vice versa. Occasionally I will get a retrieval job, but primarily I am sent to execute. My most recent mission involved a former Umbra agent who was selling secrets after going AWOL. Another sip of the drink and she leaned forward, picking up a lemon and lime slice that she added to her drink. You are the first partner I have had to work with. Had they informed me beforehand I would have refused the mission because of that. But…I’m glad they didn’t.

Had she not taken the job, Lana would still be under the impression that she was the one and only of her kind. When he made mention of her relaxing, she spared him another glance, not realizing that she had been so tense until now. When he teased her about biting, she took another quick, larger drink from her vodka tonic. He was flirting with her, of that she was certain. But how to respond? Thankfully he distracted her attention by changing the images on the screens; bringing up a blueprint scale of the den, which marked their positions. Leaning forward so that her arms were resting on her knees, Lana studied the images in front of her.

Did you do all of this yourself? Returning to a lax pose, she began to take larger pulls off her drink. The alcohol, though didn’t make much of an impact when compared to how her higher body temperature burned off the alcohol at a faster rate than a humans, she did feel its warmth seeping into her bones. Earlier you said something about it being too long since you’ve met another wolf. Why is that? You had a Pack once, da? She gazed curiously at him, drinking down the vodka tonic until her glass was empty on the coffee table and her hands were fidgeting in her lap with nothing to do.

I don't mean to pry, but you don't seem like the type who would willingly forgo a Pack life. She spoke as if she knew what she was talking about. Lana knew nothing of a Pack mentality, yet the question had been asked and there was no turning back.
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Veles couldn't help but smirk as she completely downed the strong drink in a matter of moments, showing no signs of any disabling affects. He nearly collected her glass to make her another, but she leaned forward to observe the diagram of his home. She was interested, but changed the subject quickly to his earlier mention of wolves.

I did grow up with wolves, way up north, away from most of these human settlements. I suppose we were far enough away from the lay lines that not many things stayed there unless they wanted to. My Pack was essentially all family of mine. We rarely found other wolves and they generally joined us. Wolves tend to do that. Veles commented casually, sipping off his drink until it was finished. Then gathering her empty glass as well, promptly stood and began to make more.

When I was fairly young, some of the older males got it in their head that Lycus, our current Alpha, wasn't sharing his status with the others. They attacked him, trying to become the new Alpha, getting the prestige, among other things. Veles spoke a little louder, though he didn't think he'd really need to with Lana's acute hearing. But he was soon finished mixing the drinks and brought them back to the couches, handing hers over, and sipping from his own.

When I defended Lycus, I was lumped in with him when we were eventually overwhelmed. As punishment for losing the battle, and surviving, was that the Pack left us behind. The new Alpha didn't want us to compete with him, so he ordered the rest to never contact us again. Sometimes I wonder if death would have been better. Veles let his story flow with a slow pace, sipping from his drink and barely noticing its level dropping to the base of the glass again.

Not long after that, Lycus passed. I was alone... So I traveled south. I first came across Bastion, but couldn't handle -that- many people. I continued on until I came across Librium. Even though its larger than Bastion, I've found that I could come and go a lot easier. So I established myself out here in the Wastes, and have been building my den since. Veles said, raising his hand as if displaying all his hard work.

He leaned forward and lowered his empty drink to the tabletop, pulling his hand back, but letting it brush over Lana's knee. He couldn't help himself. There aren't too many Wolves in this area, I don't think there's enough room for a large Pack to properly stake their claim on territory. And with all these cities nearby, almost all the natural food supplies have been discarded for more industrious means. The game is enough to sustain a few Wolves, among all the others who also hunt in these woods.... But not enough for a whole family. Veles explained. His voice was a little more somber than when he had begun the conversation, but his gaze fell over Lana again, and his demeanor seemed to brighten dramatically. You mentioned not meeting other Wolves. How am I doing for first impressions?
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When he began talking about his life in the Pack, she sat forward a bit more. Lana was latching on to his every word like a lifeline; imagining the life she could have had if her parents hadn’t died. She would have told him to forget the drinks and continue, but the motions of refilling their glasses were probably a comfort to him. She thanked him once he returned, took a single attentive sip and then set it down on the coffee table. Is that common in a Pack? To usurp the status of Alpha from another male? One brow rose, adding to her curious expression while she blindly reached for her drink and lifted it to her lips for another gulp.

His exile from the rest of the pack garnered no sympathy from her. How could a werewolf, who had always been alone, feel sorry for another? If she had to be honest with herself, Lana was secretly glad that Veles had been left behind. Had he not, then he might of never joined Umbra and she would have never met him. The way she saw it he was her only chance at some normality. Death is never better than surviving. She turned her gaze back to the blueprint of his den and sat staring at the two blue dots that were she and Veles. I rather like Bastion.

She jumped back into the conversation, shifting in her spot so that her body was angled to face him more. But I agree that Librium has a lot more to offer. As she had been shifting and his hand caressed her bent knee, she stilled for a second then continued getting comfortable. Lana’s left elbow resting on the arm of the couch as she dropped her chin in the palm of her left hand, and the right was holding her drink, which she had taken to drinking with renewed gusto. Well I haven’t tried to rip your head off, she grinned behind her upturned glass as she finished the rest of it and placed it beside his.

Leaning down so that she could grab her back, Lana rose from where she sat on the couch and stretched. Sitting here with him had put her in a relaxed state. Who would have thought that all it took to make the redhead feel at ease was another werewolf? I should be going, there was a bit of reluctance in her tone, but she still had to report back to Flynn and to all grill him with a multitude of questions about Veles. I have to report to my superior since the job is complete.
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She was sitting right next to him, Veles couldn't help his excitement. She was relaxed, smiling even, and didn't rip his arm off to beat him with it when he touched her leg. Her red hair draped casually, shifting as she moved, lustrous in the indoor lighting. Stunning. was all he could think as she spent her time comfortably with him.

She stood relatively quickly, gathering her things, he could hear the reluctance in her tone as she mentioned needing to leave. He was reluctant as well, but he wouldn't keep her against her will. I wouldn't be a very good host if I didn't escort you out. And I wouldn't be keeping my word to keep you safe if I didn't at least offer you company on the trip through the woods. What do you say? he offered, standing slowly. He was right next to her, he couldn't even begin to focus on anything other than her.

Nearly stumbling over the edge of the couch, he catches his balance before bumping into Lana, clearly embarrassed. I hope this won't be our last meeting... he stammers out, voice wavering slightly. Stepping to lead the way back to the main entrance of the den, You're always welcome here even if Umbra doesn't see fit to send us out on too many missions side by side.

Leading her carefully through the myriad of doors and deceptions, he eventually finds himself back on the large flat stone outcropping with her. Fresh air heavily scented with all the odors of the forest. I love it out here in the wilderness, but I'd even be willing to wander into those stinky human settlements to come visit if you're willing. he offers with a small chuckle and a grin. Catching a glimpse of her again in the moonlight, dawn a faint edge on the horizon, he couldn't help but marvel at her beauty. He nearly tripped again as he walked beside her down the steep hillside where his home was located. Leading through the entire woods to the massive clearing surrounding Librium, then even up to the edges of the city at an easy pace.
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He rose along with her, which made the small space they sat in seem even smaller. They had not been sitting very far apart, so with the both of them standing the space between them became nearly non-existent and it was almost the feeling of being in an overly crowded room. You don’t have to, she hid her grin by turning away from him and walking around the couch to the entrance he had brought her through. Lana could feel her inner werewolf’s tail wagging. She was still preening from the compliments he had flattered her with earlier and so the beast was content to remain within the ivory flesh of a redheaded woman.

As they began to weave their way through the maze that Veles had created, she took it upon herself to memorize every twist and turn. If she would be visiting again (and she planned to) then it would do well for her to remember how to get in and out of the den. She wanted to be both familiar with the place as well as conscious of the easiest route to escape should she ever need to flee in a timely manner. His voice broke her concentration as they neared the exit and she looked up just as he was stepping out into the night.

Following on his heels, she smiled up at him, feeling more at ease now that they were back in the open. It won’t be our last meeting, and if she got her way, they would be partnered together at Umbra for the foreseeable future. Now that Lana had encountered one of her own; a male who was not mated and appeared to show a little interest in her, she was loathe to let him go so easily. But the next time I find myself traveling through your neck of the woods, I will be sure to drop in for a vodka tonic.

Their movements were in sync as the two of them made their way down from the rocky mouth of the den to the forest. She was content to walk with him at a leisurely pace, if only to delay their return to the city and back to life. I don’t plan on living in the city forever, she mentioned in response to his comment about venturing into Librium to visit her. But I don’t have anywhere comfortable to stay either. Umbra houses me whenever I decide to stay in Librium longer than a few hours.

Looking up through the canopy of trees at the starry night sky and the waxing crescent that smiled down at them, she inhaled the familiar scent of nature and caught his with the rest of them. Lana grinned to herself, wow, she chuckled softly with the shake of her head. So I guess since you want to see me again it is safe to say I haven’t made a bad first impression?
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Nearly stammering at her question, She's worried about first impressions?! so much so that he nearly tripped again for the nth time tonight. Of course you haven't made a bad impression. Quite.. the opposite in fact. he managed to get out as his own face flushed bright red. I suppose the same could be said for your first impressions of me? he asked, his voice clearly anxious.

He was enjoying every moment possible with his companion during their slow walk back to the city. Observing her in the moonlight, hearing her soft murmurs as she moved throughout the forest and her wonderful accent as she spoke, becoming intoxicated with her scent. He felt as though he were floating, he was so excited. He hoped for another encounter with that last sensation, touch, and if he was obscenely lucky, taste. Perhaps he could intertwine the two cordially, politely, non-threateningly. He had the idea in a flash and couldn't wait for the opportunity to try it out.

As they walked into the city, the streets were surprisingly quite, then again it was the very first hours of the morning. The sun would be up soon. Many of he Others, and most of the drunks would have slipped inside by now. She walked confidently through the streets, and he followed her lead, even though she was walking to a completely unknown entrance to an Umbra location. He hadn't actually been to this section of the city that he could recall. Maybe from the rooftop level it might look familiar, but the normal anxiety from being in the city was washed away in Lana's presence.

She had reached the location she was looking for, the telltale hidden markers showing this as an entrance to a secure Umbra location, he called out to her before she began her entrance. Lana.. he started with a whisper. Waiting for her to turn, he gathered every ounce of courage he could. I... uh.. this isn't my drop location. But I am very happy I walked you. his hand slipped down to hers as he stepped closer. He was surprised he could even make out words with what he had in mind. Raising her hand gently in his, he pressed a soft kiss on the back of her hand. I hope my first impressions continue improving... And I can't wait until the next time I get to glimpse your brilliant red form under the moonlight. he whispered just over her skin.

He was ecstatic. He couldn't believe he had just done that. Been so forward with her when he didn't even know her all that well. Sure, being confident with a stranger was one thing, but she was a -werewolf-. She was beyond special. Before she could react, probably because he had so much adrenaline in his system from anticipation, he whispered, Farewell.

Turning on his heel and making his was back the way they had come, at least until he began recognizing his location within the maze of city streets. After he had rounded the first corner, he allowed some of his excess energy to be used up in a quickened pace. It wasn't a full run, but it felt fantastic regardless. He let his inner wolf express itself too, howling at the top of his lungs as he moved. He hoped she heard him; heard the pure excitement and happiness in his howl. He hoped that she knew just how he felt.

Letting his pace slow, he angled himself down into a tight alleyway. With powerful jumps he bounced back and forth between the close walls, ascending them until he reached the rooftops. It seemed that just as his foot contacted the flat rooftop, the in broke over the horizon. He gasped a few deep breaths and simply took in the sight over the city. It was certainly a sight to see. Perhaps the city wasn't so bad. It had connected him with Lana after all. Lana he let himself think over and over again.
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The Job (Lana) (COMPLETE)
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