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 Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]

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PostSubject: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:21 am

"John Rivers" was bored out of his skull.

The cost effectiveness of one bodyguard versus multiple is not out-shined by the level of security protection provided to high value targets. Having three or four full-time bodyguards will allow incidents that occurred on fourteen of May to not hinder their security.

"John" and Blue sat in a security committee meeting that was reviewing the day that Ethan had gotten shot in the dump. Russell Dingby, the Director of Public Safety and Security for New Dawn, was currently explaining the finer points of why "John Rivers" was useless for the protection.

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Rivers cannot adequately protect Ms. Tiran should he become...compromised.

Ethan did everything he could not to roll his eyes. Blue sat next to him in the hearing, giving encouraging touches on his hand, which she hid for readjusting in her chair. He smiled to her as he rose, walking to his position at the podium. Bureaucracy, in all of its forms, irritated Ethan. Especially when it came to Mr. Dingby, who had never been a soldier and had no field experience. He knew one thing: money. Money was not the way to run public safety, especially when grudges seemed to reign supreme.

Ladies and Gentleman of the Board, I will be blunt. Russell Dingby knows nothing about protecting people, or serving someone's best interests. Three to four bodyguards on rotation, as he suggests, would severely hinder Ms. Tiran's ability to do her job. She would suddenly have to modify her schedule around guard changes and may not make social, family, or professional obligations.

In the world of professional safeguarding, the ultimate goal is the protection of the client. If we can interrupt their life as little as possible, that is a goal always in the eye of a professional. Mr. Dingby wishes to waste your money, your time, and your investment in Niara Tiran. As someone who protects Ms. Tiran on a daily basis, this is unacceptable. If you wish to have her protection be more complete and compatible with her schedule, it should be consulted through both Ms. Tiran and myself.

Ethan smiled softly at Blue and switched to a glare at Dingby.

My first recommendation would be a complete restructuring of the Directorship of Public Safety and Security to someone who was....

Wait for it.


Dingby rose quickly, anger blossoming in his face. I object to the accusation that I am unfit for this position! You smart mouthed bastard!

A gavel rang through the room as Ethan sat down and the board put down Dingby's outburst. "John" leaned in to Blue's ear.

Ok, so that was more fun than I anticipated. You know you look fantastic in that outfit...just like I told you. Knock them dead.

The board called Blue up to a podium to speak on the incident, the day Ethan had gotten shot.

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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:26 am


Blue was bored. This was torture. If they really wanted answers out of people they were trying to interrogate, they should make them listen to pricks that knew nothing about what they were talking about. She found the people that said the most, knew the least, more often than not.

Leaned back in her seat she had one grey pant leg crossed over the other, every so often she would shift herself in her seat. One. Because of the ass-eating nature of this chair they had provided 'kindly' for them. Two. Because every time she shifted it brushed her fingers and hand against John and she liked the smiles she kept getting while their minds began to melt with boredom.

Blue hid a yawn behind her hand and adjusted herself again. The heel of her shoe bounced up and down as she wiggled her foot. Just to have something to do. Wasn't her fault she was called into this stupid meeting about the attack on her at the dump. Or that they believed John hadn't done his job well enough.

Blue fought back a laugh, and disguised it, hopefully, as a cough when he called Dingby, or Ding-bat as she had referred to him in private with John, out on his crap. Of course, Ding-bat wasn't too pleased to be called out, but then, it wasn't their fault he didn't actually know anything.

The horror of having to modify her schedule! Of course, only John understood how impossible that was. Blue gave John an encouraging smile. Smiled in true, when he pissed off Ding-bat and the gavel sent him back to the chair. She leaned in when he sat down so that he could whisper in her ear, using the closeness of the moment to run her fingers over his arm just slightly.

Thanks, good work up there. Getting the natives all pissy for me. She teased and pulled back.

Niara Tiran.

Straightening her coat she made her way across the wooden floor with confidence. Blue's heels pounded loudly on the hard wood floors until she came up behind the podium.

It's Blue.

Ding-bat looked up. What is?

Blue rolled her eyes. My name. It's Blue.

Yes, we understand you go by that name, but it isn't yours.

Blue's brow rose. It's Blue. Leave it at that, Dingby.

Blue reached into her pocket and she pulled out several small devices. The people on the board were already curious. Blue had never actually been in front of the panel before, but of course her life had never actually been in danger before. Especially not while doing New Dawn work. She pressed a button, not that she actually HAD to with her talents, it was all for show. A screen rolled down behind her and she blinked and a map of the dump, aerial of course, showed up, and there were little black x's. A blue x. And a green x.

As you can see, gentlemen and lady... this is the dump where we were the day in question. Now, as you can see, John Rivers and myself are here. Together. He is watching my back on my normal salvaging day, that helps cut the budget of what I do here by more than half, by the way. Regardless, these black x's are the men that attacked us. Notice the spread pattern. As soon as they were out of their vehicles they were everywhere. They knew how to surround. Now lets suppose, including Rivers you had three other men. We'll put them in red,... Red x's began to show up in animation, of doing a little ring around Blue and John. Now, here you might think this is fool proof, but see here, and here.. holes... and then, they are all stationed here, around us, not in the dump, there is no way that three or four more men would be capable of protecting myself any more than just having John beside me.

The projection shut off and she turned back to the people of the Board.

You are also under the fairly common misconception that I myself, am helpless to protect myself. Rivers too believed this once. I do believe that I have proven myself to be more than just a woman that can create things for the better of this company and the world. Also, if you think about giving us even more men, then we will stick out even more. Rivers moonlights as my assistant. He does not go around being a bodyguard with dark glasses and guns in sight. He is my assistant, until he is pushed into being something else.

What John said about my schedule. If you wish for me to keep up the productivity that I have always been known for then there is no way I will be able to do this while there are so many men.
Another graph showed up on the projection without her even moving. The Board jumped, unused to seeing Blue's power in full use. As you can see here... Blue slapped the screen with a pointer that she had pulled out of her pocket earlier. The Board jumped. When Rivers and I are at our prime, which is nearly every day.. we are here, this steady line of creations, inventions, and things I have fixed in this company. But here... is where Rivers was out of commission due to the wound he recieved on the day in question and you sent six men to watch over me. See how little was actually done. That is what more men do, so either you can have your baubles, and your creations, or you can have your staff beefed up while I'm too distracted to get things done. I think you understand the right thing.

Blue shut off the projection again. Put things slowly back into her pockets and moved back over towards John. She didn't wait to be dismissed, she dismissed herself. She had proven her point anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:37 am

Ethan sat back in his chair, winking at Blue as she approached the podium. They weren't going to have any issues with Dingby after this...especially after the Board of Directors got to see Blue's presentation. Even "John" had to admit that it was impressive, and he hated presentations.

At least I'm not the one who's giving it. She does look good today though.

Refraining from licking his lips, Ethan crossed his legs and rested his chin in his hand. They had been together for a little while now, and it was scary how long it took this panel to come about. He had expected it the day he had come out of the hospital, yet it took the Board literally months to call an inquiry. That was certainly Dingby's falter...probably because he only realized now it could remove "John Rivers" from New Dawn employment.


While Blue presented her own case, "John" thought about more...entertaining...things. Like how those high heels made her swing her hips when she walked. No. Bad thought. Way too distracting right now. He had to concentrate. He had promised Blue that he wouldn't screw this up and get fired. "John" had remembered it well.

They laid in bed with one another after a rather long night. "John" had awoken after a few hours of sleep and casually woke Blue up with soft kisses on her neck. She stirred, rolling over and smiling at him.

Good Morning.

Hi, she said with a happy sigh. Do you remember what today is?

He nodded and slid in for a soft kiss on her lips. After the kiss broke, she smiled at him. Promise me you won't screw this up and get yourself fired...I can't be the only person pulling in a paycheck around here. She teased, slipping out of bed and walking to the bathroom that left Ethan staring at her bottom the entire way.

By the time his little daydream had ended the Board had been dismissed by Blue, who was just sitting by him.

Great job sweetheart. Well played.

The Board dismissed them and explained they would have a verdict on the entire situation. They explained it would take a little longer than expected thanks to new "revelations brought forth by this inquiry." Ethan gave Digby a 'naughty naughty' sign, crossing his two index fingers, before they left.

Walking across the main lots of New Dawn, Ethan found that Blue and his hands kept brushing. He smiled, knowing she always did that.

Since its almost lunch time, what do you say we go for a 'business lunch' at some fancy place? You know...like for business types. You aren't touched by grime or grease yet, and I look swanky as always. What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:42 am

He totally zoned out on her presentation, the ass.

Though to be fair, she had practiced on him. So that she could get everything right. Besides, she wanted to be sure that from her own tactical standpoint, she was right about the holes in a guard larger than one. But she knew that the productivety graph would be the one that REALLY got them. When they saw how little work she could get done with more guys hovering, asking, and getting in her way.

Blue and John rose, and headed out of the building. Her hand occassionally brushing against his since they technically couldn't hold hands here. Though, she was certain if anyone paid any real attention then, they would notice. John offered lunch, at a nice place since she wasn't covered in grease yet. Blue chuckled.

A rarity, I'm sure. Okay, lunch, then.

As they began to walk to the lot, one of the men she worked with often came up from the parking lot. Running late. But he obviously didn't care, his hands were in his pockets and he was whistling until he gave the wolf whistle to Blue.

Hey Blue! You lookin' HOT today, girl! What do you say? Tonight, you and me, ditch the babysitter, have a drink with me? he grinned with that grin that meant he was up to no good.

Blue was used to being hit on. She wasn't used to being called beautiful which was why when she was it really got to her. But Hot was frequent, and she had come to hate the word for the most part. There were so many better words to describe a woman.

Hey Griffin. Sorry, can't go out tonight. Besides, I'm quite taken.

His eyes showed surprise. The 'Ice Queen' finally melted? Who? What bastard finally wooed you?!

Blue grinned. You know I don't discuss my personal life at work. See you later Griffin.

Well when the fucker messes up, cuz I'm sure he will, look me up Blue, I'll be a good boy.

Blue rolled her eyes and motioned for John to follow her. She figured he was probably fuming anyway, he was very protective of her. They got into John's car and she buckled up leaning back in the seat, and as soon as she could, she slid her fingers into his and sighed softly. She was such a loser. Such a little mushball when it came to John. Just being close to him, often, wasn't enough. She liked her hugs, and kisses, and snuggles, and touches. It was hard at work, luckily though she kept herself really busy, and so did the company.

Where to, then? I assume you have a place in mind.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:54 am

As they walked across the lot towards the vehicle parking lot "John" took a visual picture of the world around him. The world was becoming an increasingly dangerous place, more so now that Ethan had someone he truly cared about in his life. That made her a target, now more than ever. They would have to hide their relationship a little more than most work couples, mainly because Ethan knew that a lot of public dates would attract attention.

Meanwhile, a few business lunches and dinners were totally in the order for a bodyguard. That fact was key.

"John" hadn't seen the man walking up to them, he was far too lost in thought about the potential for bad things if his enemies found out about Blue. The wolf whistle made his head shoot over toward Griffin Sipowitch, some pig who worked in the lab area with Blue. The man made Ethan growl softly under his breath.

Hey Blue! You lookin' HOT today, girl! What do you say? Tonight, you and me, ditch the babysitter, have a drink with me?

Hey Griffin....I'm going to cut you in to three small pieces. Then, I will kill you.

Ethan seethed that someone would dare speak to Blue like that. He didn't catch her responses, shooting bullets from his eyes to the other man.

The 'Ice Queen' finally melted? Who? What bastard finally wooed you?!

Fists clenched, "John" ground his teeth as this...man...spoke.

Well when the fucker messes up, cuz I'm sure he will, look me up Blue, I'll be a good boy.

When Griffin left, Ethan already was drawing his pistol. Two shots in the back, no one would miss him. A soft touch and motion from Blue made him re-holster the weapon, for now. He would not forget the comments made by Mr. Sipowitch.

When they got in to the car, she teased him a bit about being jealous, and he just brushed her off, making a sly remark about killing him when he got the chance. He nodded and drove off through the city. They passed a lot of the hoity-toity places and Ethan stopped in front of a small, busy deli.

Best sandwiches and soup in the city. Unless...you'd prefer something a little more...fork and knife?
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:27 am

Blue was surprised, yet somehow unsurprised when John whipped out his gun when Griffin left and began heading for his job. She reached over gently and put her hand on his arm. Giving a soft shake of his head. He put the gun away and Blue gave him a soft smile. Her heart was fully taken by John anyway, he had to know that. He knew, he was around her all the time. He saw how she didn't open up for anybody. She only smiled and laughed, and relaxed around him.

And it had been a very long time since she had let anyone in.

In the car, she took his hand softly. Blue didn't want him to be mad. Blue dealt with assholes like Griffin on an almost daily basis. Especially before John had come along. Before him, those guys would come visit her almost every day and try to flirt with her. Try to get a date. She knew all of what they wanted but she was the forbidden fruit. She didn't go out with anyone, and they all wanted to be the first.

They drove quietly, and as soon as they were out of New Dawn range she kissed his neck softly and lay her head on his shoulder. Hoping to stroke his ego a little bit, calm it down, before he went back and hunted Griffin down. When they got to the place she almost laughed, a sandwich shop. She had imagined some place with four courses, a white table cloth, and silverware. But this was just fine.

Nope, it's perfect. Lets go eat.

She softly cupped his cheek and brought him close. Kissing him gently and softly on the lips. She really wanted to slide into his lap and make out good fashion. But she knew they were trying to keep a low profile. But it was hard, Blue was in love and sometimes she just wanted to be in his arms. She kept it quick-ish, and then got out of the car. Looking up at the place they were heading in to eat.

Inside, they were shown to a table, which was actually covered in a table cloth and they were given two menus. She sat down across from Ethan and crossed one leg over the other lady-like and began to read through the menu. The sunlight from the windows catching her lashes. She tucked her hair absently behind her slightly pointed ears as she read the menu. Blue seemed a whole different person, at times, when she was not in her lab working on things.

So... how do you think our meeting went?
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:09 am

She leaned in and kissed him softly, and he kissed her back, holding on tot he kiss for just a little longer that she may have originally intended. He smiled at her and mouthed 'I love you' before they exited the vehicle.

You sure this place is ok? You seemed surprised about it.

She assured him it was alright and they were seated and given menus. He watched her as she relaxed in her seat.

See, when I look at you like this, in this setting...you are so completely ravishingly beautiful. Its a wonder I don't kill more people for just looking at you.

He smiled at her, and she asked about the presentation. Blue was always unsure of her presentation skills. She had made "John" sit through two iterations of the presentation before she actually had given it to the Board of Directors this morning.

Blue, the presentation went really well. You really showed the situation and how it wouldn't have been effected by additional security. Plus, your particular green 'X' looked very sexy. He winked at her, and continued to look through the menu. He knew what he wanted...it was what he always got here, but it was always nice to look.

Do you know what you're getting?

The waitress came and took orders, and Ethan ordered a Corned Beef and Turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, and a small cup of potato salad. This place did have the best potato salad in the city. He wanted to share some of his favorite places with Blue, like she had done with him. He would, in time. Things with Paladin just needed to sort themselves out. Plus, he had that solo mission with Vince coming up.

You think they are gonna fire Dingby? They seemed to be rather inflamed about my comments. They listened, Blue, to me! I was impressed with myself. I also looked fantastic. Didn't you think so?

Sometimes, he was such a pompous ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:55 am

As he spoke about how beautiful she was, her eyes slowly lifted from the menu in utter surprise. She wasn't really done up. Sure she was wearing her own version of a suit. But she didn't have make up or jewelry, or anything like that. She wasn't sure what had caused him to say she looked beautiful right now. But she blushed severely with every word that came out of his mouth. She had no way she could answer that right now. Blue knew often, that she was hot. That was told to her constantly, but beautiful still surprised her. Not to mention that this was John. John wasn't the kind of guy that usually spouted off sweet comments like this.

So she turned the topic to the presentation and he promised her it had gone well. Blue relaxed more. She really hoped so. She had worked hard to make sure they wouldn't have any other assholes circling around them like buzzards. He mentioned the green X had looked sexy causing her to laugh. Something she only seemed to really do around John. John was... bringing things out in Blue that she had thought long burried.

It was hard to find an X that could live up to this.. she admits teasingly as she motions to his body.

They ordered their lunch. Blue ordered herself a chicken and vegetable salad sandwich, apparently it was one of their specialties according to the menu. Then she ordered herself a simple tomato soup because it just sounded really good today. As well as an iced drink because she didn't feel like doing too much that was hot today. Except John...

Blue pursed her lips at his question.

They might. You were right. He has no real experience, he shouldn't be in a position to make decisions on something he knows nothing about. That would be like putting me in a hair salon to run it or something. It is stupid, really. she smiled at him again. There were times that he was so full of himself all she could do was roll her eyes and shake her head. It was lucky for them not everyone in the world had his amazingly large ego.

Of course they listened to you. With your background. Besides, you're the only person they've ever tried to slap me with that stayed. You do look quite yummy actually. I find myself so unmotivated to go to work today. she sighed with a mischevious smile on her face as her multi colored eyes looked over at him.

[color=indigo][b]Oh, I was going to tell you about the meeting I had with Knightly yesterday. Seems there is a big project coming up. I'm going to be working a lot of long hours. There's a pretty quick deadline on this, so... I just wanted to let you know it'll probably make it harder for.. us to do lunches and things.." she admitted honestly as the waitress brought their drinks and Blue stirred a bit of sugar into her tea.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:26 am

He loved it when she laughed.

They chatted and she kept up with the talk of the presentation. Ethan was just glad to be spending time with Blue. Public lunch dates hidden as business...it was the price they paid to have the relationship they both know they shouldn't be having. "John" knew it was even worse considering the state of Corporate espionage he was involved in, but they would cross that bridge when they got to it. The bad thing was, it seemed to get closer and closer everyday.

Their drinks arrived, and while Blue was stirring sugar in to her tea, she made a comment about Ethan being yummy. He knew he was...and Blue was getting increasingly frisky. It wasn't something he minded, just it was becoming more apparent, and she had been very aggressive as of late. Blue had brought up a big project she was working on, and "John" had known a little about the project, mainly that it was occurring.

Ok, so long nights in the lab. What kind of time-frame deadline are we talking about Blue? You know my rules about long lab projects. You have to eat at least one decent meal, and sleep for 6 hours a night. I...also have another demand.

...I want ten minutes of you...every night.

It was a weird request from him, but they were underlying reasons for it now. He was her boyfriend..well, he was pretty much her boyfriend. He should get some definitive time to spend with her except when they were asleep. He reached over the table and held her hand softly.

I just want ten minutes of you to myself. Cuddling, kissing, relaxing...whatever. Just time for us...no work, no babysitter, no nothing. If you're my girlfriend, I deserve some time for myself everyday.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:11 am

Time frame.

Twelve days, huge project. It's tight, very tight.

She had to make a ray. Well not really a ray, but more of a laser. This one was going to be reproduced and mounted on the outsides of the New Dawn complex. It would read the body temperatures of every person or being that was close. Because infared could only go so far. But, this would be much more effective.

And it isn't just the building of it, it's the programming of it. So I'm going to be doing both. Also, building it from scratch.

He began to lay down the law. The law that she knew. He liked to make sure that she was safe and well cared for. Especially, with eating and sleeping. She chewed on her lower lip because he wasn't going to like the likely 20 hour work days if she was going to get this done. That was the problem with the assholes that asked her to build certain things. They had no idea how long it could take or how many hours she was going to have to put in.

I promise the meal. But I can't promise the sleep. I've done the mental calculations. It's going to take almost every ounce of twelve days for this. I can promise four hours, and I can promise a meal.

She waited to see what his other request was. And she smiled. Almost melting into a little Blue muddle in her seat. Ten minutes with him every day. She would be more than willing to do that. She almost laughed at him only needing ten minutes. But the thought was so sweet still she didn't want to ruin it. His hand took her own and she enjoyed the way her hand felt in his. It always made her feel safe and special. Blue blushed.

So.. I've made girlfriend status, have I? she smiled warmly. She really did love him. He was .. really the best thing that had ever happened to her. She was grateful for him being hired, and she was thankful that they had somehow managed to get past their assholeyness and find a way to be something more. John wasn't a bad guy, not at all, most of the time he was great, if a bit large on the Ego.

I don't think it'll be a problem to give my boyfriend ten minutes a day. she said with a soft smile. Their moment ruined as the waitress came over and dropped off their food and Blue's stomach rumbled. It was time to eat.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:40 am

I promise the meal. But I can't promise the sleep. I've done the mental calculations. It's going to take almost every ounce of twelve days for this. I can promise four hours, and I can promise a meal.

"John" furrowed his brow at her comments. He wasn't going to accept four hours of sleep for twelve days in a row. He knew how Blue operated, and she always did her best work on six hours.

His arguments were stalled when she seemed to take a very light, happy side to his request for ten minutes. So.. I've made girlfriend status, have I? She smiled in a way that warmed his heart. It was hard to admit, but he really cared for Blue in every conceivable way. If he had met himself a couple of months ago, Ethan would never believe it.

Emotionally compromised? No doubt about it.

I can't let Vince know about that thought...I'll just get another lecture. At the very least.

They held hands on the table, and just spent the time looking at one another. It wasn't like they hadn't seen one another, they just needed that silent "us" time that existed when two people stared at one another like idiots.

I don't think it'll be a problem to give my boyfriend ten minutes a day. She said, rubbing his hand with her thumb.

The waitress came with their food, and they ate quietly. He saw the facial expressions Blue made while she ate...she must be enjoying it. He offered her a trade of a bit of potato salad for a spoonful of soup. It was cutesy and fun....and completely unprofessional. But they didn't care. After getting the bill, "John" quickly paid and they left.

Since you want to be so productive at work. Follow me. You do like ice cream....yes?

They walked around the block to a small ice cream shoppe where Ethan ordered a small cone of fruit flavored ice cream in a cone. He took his and walked to a bench outside, hoping Blue would follow. Once they were both seated on the bench, eating their ice cream, "John" got serious.

You should tell Knightley you looked over plans for this...project, whatever the hell it is, and tell him its going to take 2 weeks, not twelve days. I'm not budging on this, Blue. You work better on six hours of sleep...it will take more time from the silly mistake you make when you're sleepy than the two days.

You're the lead inventor...who are they to give you a timeline? As your assistant in a moonlighting fashion, I believe I know you. When you get groggy, you make mistakes sweetheart...just like everyone else.

Ethan hated having to be the bad guy in these situations, but he worried about Blue. Not just from a romantic standpoint, but from a professional one as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:39 am

She could tell easily, he was unhappy with her statements. But, sometimes, she just wasn't allowed as much sleep as they both would like and it wasn't as if she wasn't getting any. She had done jobs where she had done that too. Usually, a huge job like this finished with a couple days off to allow her body to get back to some more sense of normalcy.

He didn't say anything though, and their food finally came. She dug into her lunch with gusto and actually enjoyed every bite. It was good. And she knew that she would have to have them come back here at some point. It would be a nice place that maybe they could make 'theirs'. Not too fancy or expensive, but a nice little place away from it all where they could sit down and have a nice little lunch from time to time. On one of her many days off....

When they finished, he asked her to follow him asking her some sort of production question. Obviously, she wanted to be productive.

She followed him though. Sometimes, she wished they didn't work so closely together. Not only so he would lay off of her sometimes about her schedule, but also so they really could date. Holding hands in public, or kissing, or just going on public dates without having the fear that they would be seen and in trouble for such things.

They went into the icecreams shop and Blue ordered herself one of those delicious cookie dough creations with little snow cap candies inside. They met outside on the bench in front of the shop and Blue was already taking small bites of the amazingly tasty icecream watching him with her multi-colored eyes.

She had never thought she could love someone. Or really.. it was more that she doubted she could be loved. She was just such a solitary person. Not to mention, she worked crazy hours and only started seeing her apartment regularly once they started dating in earnest.

He told her she needed to give Knightly how it was going to be. Tell him she needed two extra days so that way she could sleep. Was less likely to make a mistake. She gave him that little 'I-dont-make-mistakes' look even though she knew there had been times she would pass out at her desk, wake up, and be completely floored by what she had done the night before and how horrible it was. He was right, unfortunatly. Even though she really didn't want to have to be admitting that, at all.

Fine. I'll tell Knightly. I really hate that ass. she sighed, she really did, he was worse than Dingby. Dingby was harmless unless you were standing in front of the board. But Knightly she had to deal with weekly if not more frequently. I think... this is our first psuedo date. Since we decided to be a couple. she smiled warmly putting her head on his shoulder while she ate her icecream.

They had gone to her special place, and the riverboat. But that was before they had really made up and decided what they wanted to do. But now, they were together, and he had called her his girlfriend. He had also told her he loved her .. and she was glad he was willing to take those steps.

We can go talk to Knightly after lunch if you're feeling up to it, I think I know what to do to get my extra two days.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:39 am

Blue always seemed to give him looks when he pointed out things that she did that should could never admit to like making mistakes. Everyone made mistakes. Just because Blue didn't really want to admit it, she had to know he was right. Even a simple soldier like "John" knew that certain things she conjectured didn't make sense every single time. Finally, she nodded in defiant defeat. She never could just let him win, could she?

Must be a woman thing... he mused to himself with the slightest of satisfied smiles.

Fine. I'll tell Knightly. I really hate that ass.

"John" nodded as she sighed. She looked to be mentally psyching herself up before she completely changed the subject. She mentioned that the lunch date really was their first "date" date since they started dating officially. Ethan shrugged his shoulders lightly, she seemed to be right. Every other time they hung out in a sort of date setting, it was for a specific reason or another.

I guess you're right. I just told you I loved you a week ago or so, do you think we are moving too fast? He chuckled as she laid her head on his shoulder. With his cone-free hand, Ethan slid the hand in to her free hand, and held it softly.

I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to do...but this is your career too. New Dawn isn't going to be going anywhere without you. Fact is fact: any corporation in this city would kill to have you at the helm of their R&D departments. Its like you have this gift or something.

It was moments like this, where they could ignore the world around them, that were the best for Ethan. They just let their problems slide away and enjoyed each others company. For Ethan that meant forgetting that he was technically on a mission and should be more concerned with stealing Blue's technology than romancing her. Emotional Compromise was one of those horrid words that didn't mean anything to him here...on the bench, holding her hand.

We can go talk to Knightly after lunch if you're feeling up to it, I think I know what to do to get my extra two days.

"John" nodded, putting his arm around Blue's shoulders. He knew what he had to do, too. Pierce Knightley had been warned and for the most part left alone. Today, "John Rivers" was going to give him a visit...and Blue Tiran was going to get what she wanted. Ethan bet himself he wouldn't even need to say a word.

Of course, baby. I could go for a little excitement today. Sounds like fun.

After they finished their ice creams and rose from the bench the couple walked, hand in hand, to their vehicle. Once they got in, Ethan leaned over and motioned her over with a crook of his finger. When she got closer, he pulled her in to a long kiss over the console. When the kiss broke, they both were breathing heavy from the sheer length of time they had stayed connected.

You ready to go kick some Knightley ass?

As she confirmed to a degree that she was, Ethan drove back to the New Dawn campus. He chose a parking spot in the middle of Blue's warehouse and the main administration building. Blue was out of the car in a flash and "John" was right on her heels. She moved like a woman on a mission and people who saw her coming were quick to give her space. They scaled the flights of stairs to the third floor and made a beeline to the office of Pierce Knightley.

Blue burst in the door, causing Knightley's assistant to leap from her seat. Ms. Tiran! You do not have an appointment! Blue ignored her and slammed Knightley's door open. She does know Shirley. Hold his calls, please.

While Blue began to make demands of the large middle manager, Ethan simply closed the door behind them and leaned up against it. It prevented entry by unwanted persons and was a nice place to relax while Blue did her thing. Knightley seemed to be watching "John." He simply replied by giving Knightley a look that said, "We discussed this...don't make me remind you again." The balding man began to pale and sweat, more so after Ethan pulled a large knife from his jacket and began cleaning his fingernails.

That should give her some upper hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:04 am

Blue's eyes widened.

"Ummm.... no? I don't know.... you're like my first boyfriend.. and now I sound like a Junior High student." she rolled her eyes.

But Blue had never really been interested in many guys. She just.. they always ended up more as friends than anything else. She was always 'one of the guys' more than someone to date. But even still, she was glad and lucky that she had found John. He made her smile, and laugh. He made her feel special, and she knew that it was going to be a great relationship. At least, she thought so. So long as it continued this way.

He mentioned that other companies would kill to have her in the R&D departments. He was right. New Dawn knew it. They knew that she could go anywhere, and get a great paying job. There was no other reason to stay at New Dawn if they didn't treat her well enough, and so most of the time they just left her alone. She chuckled when he mentioned it was like she had a gift.

"I know, right."

They got in the car, and Blue couldn't help but grin as he crooked his finger and pulled her in close for a kiss. She kissed him, fingers sliding into his hair and losing herself in the kiss like she always did. She really did love him. He had come into her life and breathed a new found excitement into it. Blue sometimes felt like she was getting high off of it. As it broke he asked if she was ready to go get kick some ass and Blue smiled.

"Yes, or I could just take you home and enjoy yours."

She grinned, but they headed off towards New Dawn. Once they pulled up, Blue took off across the parking lot. Each pounding step of her heels told people she was pissy and here for business. Most people, that usually waved or at least said 'hi' to Blue moved out of her way quickly as she moved through the crowds of New Dawn and they opened Knightly office door. Sherry his secrtary was not used to Blue being like this, but Blue didn't let the woman stop her, she had John as backup anyway.

Opening the door to Knightly's office the man looked up pissed off, until he took in the site of her face, and John standing there behind her for support. Sometimes it came in handy to love the person that had your back.

Blue, to.. uhhh.... what do I owe the uhhh.. honor?

Blue grinned. I am NOT. NOT doing that project in twelve days, I'm demanding fifteen and I'm starting tomorrow.

His eyes widened.But... we have a deadline!

Yeah, I looked into that you know.. she pointed at her head because .. sometimes, Knightly forgot...You have had this project on your desk for nearly a month, before giving it to me. So it's not MY fault you waited too fucking long for me to be able to get this done. I work my ass of here. It isn't like this will be my only project for 15 days and you know it! You know there will be service calls, programming, and all sorts of other things this company will toss my way. I expect to go home every night, I expect to be left alone, and I expect fifteen days.

Blue had never yelled at Knightly like this.. except of course when he hired John. That had been a very bad day for Knightly all around. What do I tell the superiors. He glanced back over at John and swallowed loudly before he looked back over at Blue.

That you fucked up! And I'll be watching Knightly, if you blame this crap on me, or try to lay the blame on someone else, I will come back, and it won't be pretty.

She spun and walked right back out of the office. Demands made, the smile didn't take over her face until she was back out in the hallway.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:35 pm

Ethan sat leaning on the door, keeping the conversation...well, the talking to...to the two of them in the office besides him. He couldn't help but keep a big smile on his face while he picked at imaginary dirt in his fingernails. She was really giving it to him.

That you fucked up! And I'll be watching Knightly, if you blame this crap on me, or try to lay the blame on someone else, I will come back, and it won't be pretty.

Pointing the knife at Knightley, "John" made pointed motions on the last three words of Blue's sentence before she began to spin around. Reacting quickly, Ethan tossed the knife back in to his jacket. He missed, which in and of itself was rare, his knife holster and stuck the knife a good half inch in to his chest. Gritting his teeth as he turned to follow her, he quickly readjusted the knife in to its sleeve, feeling the rivulets of blood stick to his shirt.

Once they left Knightley's office, he saw the smile blossom on Blue's face. The kind of smile she gets in the dump when they find something interesting or desperately needed. He smiled back at her as they headed back towards her lab.

You did great babe...and now you have nothing to do for the rest of the day. How rare is that?

They found themselves lounging in "John's" "office," namely the space that Ethan spent most of his time doing nothing. She sat on the couch next to him, cuddled up as Albert sat watch near the door.

So, what now?
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:16 pm

Blue thought about his question. What did they want to do now that she had the whole day off. It was a question she didn't get to ask herself very often. She didn't feel like going to the Riverboat or the garden. She wanted to do something else. She wondered if she should make John pick. But then, she thought, that they needed a place. She had her place. But, they needed a place where they could go together.

She looked over at him. He seemed happy, and she was happy too. But then she noticed a stain slowly blooming on his chest. She was up in seconds and over to him throwing his jacket back and gasping.

What the hell happened?!

She unbuttoned his shirt slowly and gently peeled it back off the wound. Looking down at the wound, it was rather deep. She doubted it would need much more than those butterfly bandaids. But still. She went into his desk and she grabbed up the first aid case. Opening it she grabbed up the alcohol, and a cotton swab and soaked the ball. Dabbing it gently against his wound.

Then she sat gently in his lap. While Nurse Tiran began to slowly blow on the wound with cool breath before she began to apply the little butterfly bandaids. She had to admit, she loved John. He was beautiful, he was kind, he always made her smile and laugh. She had never felt so comfortable with a man than when she was with John. He never lied to her, he always told her straight up how it was and it was something she truly appreciated.

When he was patched up she smiled up at him. Shame, I'll have to sew your shirt up, but I can't do that with it on your body. You may have to take it off. We should probably go home to do that though, it's improper for you to be undressing here especially with me in your lap.

She chuckled warmly, running her nose against his.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:31 am

The day really hadn't gone the way Ethan had expected. Sure, the hearing on the incident in the dump was going to be mildly stressful and somewhat enjoyable while he bashed his boss. However, the day that followed was not at all what he had expected. Blue and he had had lunch together...out no less. Then, they found themselves in "John's office," lounging. He shifted carefully on the couch, trying not to grimace.

His chest still hurt where he stabbed himself. Honest truth, Ethan didn't know what hurt more: his now bleeding chest wound, or his ego over a "master" knife fighter stabbing himself over a stupid parlor trick. In the end...he was gonna be more hurt with his ego. He just had to make sure that Blue never...

What the hell happened?!


Would you believe if I told you that I....uh...cut myself shaving?

The look on Blue's face as she unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off the wound stated clearly that she would not accept the lie as fact. Shifting under her scrutiny, "John" began to sweat. He couldn't let her know that his physical presence and threat of harm helped her cause with Knightley. That would crush her self-confidence if she ever needed to do it again...when he was gone.

Aaah! Ow! He let out a shrill yell as the alcohol laced cotton ball hit the exposed flesh. Ok! I was tossing my knife around and I threw it at my jacket holster... Blue began applying the butterfly band-aids, obviously looking for more. Why could she make him sweat to be honest with her!? He could hold under the most intense pressure of interrogation...and guilt from a significant other was taking him down. Now that was embarrassing!

...I missed it and got myself. Gods...that is so embarrassing.

She sat in his lap and made comments about going home to fix his shirt. Why did it need to be fixed now? The jacket hid it well enough.

It wouldn't be appropriate at all, Ms. Tiran. He smiled. She hated that, but he was making a pointed joke at the business environment they were currently residing. Then again...what you let your bodyguard do to you the last couple of nights would be highly looked down upon.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Ethan pulled Blue down closer to him by the lapels of her jacket, kissing her passionately. Smiling a warm smile as she broke the kiss and moved back towards her seating position, Ethan squeezed her sides just ever so slightly, warning both of interruption and the fact that they weren't home.

What do you say to getting out of here?
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The look on Blue's face left no room for bullshit answers. As she slid into his lap and began to doctor the wound he began to come clean. Trying to be 'super cool' he was trying to toss his knife into it's sheath and ended up stabbing himself. Her brow rose. She gave him a look.

Seriously? I thought 'being cool' ended in high school.

Not to mention that he was supposed to be an expert knifesman. But apparently, even they could be screwed over when it came to their fancy tricks. She would never try something so daring. Or stupid. Because had that knife been thrown a little higher or harder she wouldn't be using butterfly stitches she would be using real stitches or a hospital visit because the idiot had to be macho.

No more macho shit with the knives okay? Besides, it looks decidedly unmacho to stab yourself. she grinned giving him hell because only she could. She knew he wouldn't take it from anyone else. That was one of the many things she loved about John Rivers.

She grinned when he used his little Ms Tiran bit. She gave him a fake glare. Enjoying the day too much to be in her usual mood which would have earned him a real glare. He mentioned that what they did at night would certainly be inappropriate. She put her finger to her lips playfully. Her eyes lighting up sexily.

Shhhh don't tell anyone. she whispered.

He then pulled her into a kiss by her jacket lapels and Blue moaned. Pressing her body tightly up against his. Her hands running gently over his bare chest. Except the whole 'stabbing himself part'. She kissed him hungrily, her hands running through his hair and gripping the thick dark locks before he broke the kiss. Blue was already dying to have him. She had been since this morning, and especially after her little high with Pierce.

Yes, we really need to do that or...

Blue kissed him again, and hungrily. Her eyes slid closed, and suddenly the sounds of the lab being completely locked down would be heard. All entrances and exits had steel doors that deployed down covering them completely. The cameras turned off, the alarm was set, and Albert was outside the door. If John had not gotten the picture, she couldn't wait until they got home. She leaned her body, pulling him down with her on the couch. Besides, there was something totally hot about doing this at work, and this place was a vertiable fortress at the moment. No one was going to get in to surprise them so unless the phone rang, they were golden.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:50 am

Ethan sit on the couch, enduring the ridicule and chastising from Blue while she administered medical care to his wound. Yes, he was an excellent knifesman, but everyone made a mistake when knives were getting tossed around. Luckily for them both, "John" messed up practicing, or so he told her, and not when the knife needed to count. Once she had finished lecturing him, they bantered about the things they did at night, and it was then that "John" saw that look in Blue's eyes.

He loved that Blue could be so "mysterious" and an "unknown" to all her coworkers, but he could read her like a book. For instance, if Blue wanted you to rip her clothes off and have your way with her...her eyes practically begged for it. Either that, or she would do it herself. In whichever case you took, Blue's eyes were quite vocal and forceful.

When she kissed him forcefully, he knew what she wanted. What Ethan hadn't expected was the sounds of the lab locking down. For anyone looking, they would see the lab being closed, as if the two of them had gone home. They would be totally alone, and Blue seemed especially frisky ever since the meeting this morning.

Clothes flew all over the room as the two tore in to one another on the couch. They spent a good deal of time alone in the office, managing to find themselves on the couch, on "John's" desk, against the wall, and almost on the coffee table. In the midst of her excitement, Blue leapt on top of him on the rickety table, causing it to collapse under their combined weight and movement.

Baby...you rocked me!

After recovering from that particular incident, the duo lay on the floor, half covered by a blanket they found in the office. The office itself looked as if a tornado had run through it, and the quiet of the locked down lab was broken only by the labored breathing of Ethan and Blue.

So...what has you so touchy feely this afternoon? Hmm?

Ethan leaned in and kissed Blue on the forehead, curious about what had gotten in to the woman.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:54 am

Blue had always wanted, to do that. Enjoy John here in the lab. Not just because she had never done it before, but because it just seemed.. kinky.. to do it at work when you knew you weren't supposed to. Luckily, Blue controled everything electronic, so she had complete control over who saw what and when.

John's office was a disaster. Reports on the floor. His pencil cup knocked over. Who actually HAD a pencil cup anymore? They had started on the couch, which was relatively the same. But then there had been the wall, where she had ended up knocking some of his framed things off the wall by accident. The desk that she had cleaned off messily in a swipe of her arm as he carried her over there. The coffee table got the worst though. She hadn't heard it creaking under John's weight, and when she jumped on him, the entire thing collapsed.

She had laughed, and she just hoped that John didn't have splinters in his ass, though she would pick them out if he wanted. They lay now, between the couch and the wrecked table on the floor. Her head pillowed on his arm, hair spilling all over the floor, and a blanket half covering them. Blue's eyes were closed, as she fought to catch her breath.

I don't know. I guess just.. this day has gone really well. With our meeting with the board. Knightley, and I just.. felt like.. we could just keep the streak of great things going.

She chuckled.

You have to admit, I'm pretty great. she laughed, because she was totally mimicing John there with his cocky ego that he carried around like a giant badge. Besides, don't pretend you are any less insatiable as me!

Blue slowly got up stretching her arms over her head and giving a long yawn. She was ready to head home, relax, and get some sleep. Tomorrow started fifteen days of hell. She went around the office finding clothes. Tossing John's to him, and putting her own on. Using one of his .. rather useless pencils she twisted her hair up off her neck and pinned it in place.

Shall we head home?
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PostSubject: Re: Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]   Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:18 am

Ethan simply shook his head at her responses as they laid on the floor of his now destroyed office. She was great, in many ways. Granted, she was making fun of him at this point, but Ethan could care less. He never thought he could be in love...and be ok with it. That meant death, the loss of a promising career, or both in the intelligence industry. The things love for another person did to you endangered the mission and made you make stupid decisions.

Decisions like....not completing your mission when its been done for weeks.

Yeah...like that. He thought to himself as he watched Blue get up and stretch. He felt like he should do something...but watching her fetch clothing while she pranced around the room naked was reward enough for "John."

He caught the clothing she tossed him and began to dress, smiling at her. She asked about leaving and they walked out together as the lab opened itself and then re-locked down for the evening.

I'm going to have to requisition a new coffee table. How do you suppose we pull that off?

Getting in to the car, they discussed various aspects of their day, despite being together literally the entire time. But, it was how Blue and "John" went through their day...everyday. While they existed in their current positions, their love would have to sit in the sidelines, known only to them and a small mechanical owl.

Simply...hiding in plain sight.

[End thread]
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Hiding in Plain Sight (Blue) [Complete]
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