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 Checkered Flags (Blue)

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PostSubject: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Wed May 02, 2012 11:25 pm

It was finally time for the Ley Line Races, and Solomon would be spending the whole of the time with the lovely young inventor that had accompanied him out into the wastes. They had traveled for several hours away from the city on one of the vehicles used to cart fans to the site of the race. A number of the people on the bus that they had ridden out on had been the ones at the pre-race party that had been held the night before coming out here so the ride had not been dull with everyone chatting excitedly about what was to come and stories from the past. With that the time just seemed to fly and before they knew it everyone was getting off the bus and moving to where they could set up camp.

Since this was one of the larger races with Corp sponsorship there was a large amount of security around. That wasn't just for the crowds though, they were several hours and many miles from the city. The extra security made sure that rift beasts and the like didn't get close too the people there attending and that everyone was generally safe and secure. This was the wastes after all, and everyone around here knew that. Styx nodded to the guards as he lead Blue to where there camp site was, an area that was close enough that it wouldn't be a long walk to where all the action was be. But it was far enough away that when they went to sleep at night they wouldn't have to worry to much about noise coming from the spectator and shopping area.

Styx and Blue set up their area quickly enough, the thief eager to show Blue around. There would be shopping stalls, food stands, and an assorted other things to keep them entertained before the first races started for the day. And when the races did start they had a spot close to the action where it almost seemed like you could reach out and touch the racers as they zoomed by. But that was for later, now was a chance for them to stretch their legs after being in a vehicle for so long.

"Are you ready to go in Blue?" Solomon asked as he stuffed his lightweight jacket into his clothing bag. He had on his usual heat resistant street clothing, except in addition to that he had on a Ball cap with the Racer league's logo on it. The temperature of the wastes didn't bother him as much as it did some people, his own body capable of growing much hotter then it was now. He was carrying some water in a thermos though for Blue, he knew she didn't get out in a sun like this too often if ever. He had made sure there was plenty of strong sunscreen in the gear he had gotten for Blue before they had come out here.

Once Blue was ready, Solomon would slip in beside her and put an arm around her waist. "So what would you like to do first? Get something to snack on as we walk around, shop around a little for souvenirs, or go take a peak at where the teams will have the racers lined up and getting tuned for the race? There should also be a couple of shows and demonstrations going on at the racing field while the racers get ready I think." He would have to grab a brochure to see when the shows would start, they would probably still be setting up at this point. But there was usually some interesting things going on there.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Thu May 03, 2012 9:10 pm

Blue closed her eyes as the bus hopped and bumped over the uneven terrain of the Wildlands. Her mind instantly reached out an connected with Albert who was back at home in the lab where she worked taking messages and making sure that no one came in to her place. Albert sent her the messages that she had recieved and mentally she texted something to her boss. It was only seconds that he sent a reply back and her brow rose even if she wasn't talking to Solomon at the moment he would know she was lost in her mind. The texts flew back and forth, as she fought with her boss over something stupid and then her blue and green hued eyes slid open.


The bus pulled to a stop and her eyes shifted over to Solomon. He was relaxed, happier than she had ever seen him, and she had to admit seeing this side of Solomon was really breath taking. They gathered up their stuff and she tossed her bag over her shoulder and followed Solomon across the grounds.

Everyone that had been at the party last night, aside from a few groupies, had been on the bus. She felt like they were already somehow friends even though she had only met them last night while she was hanging with Solomon so they could ride the bus here today. The party had been crazy. People drunk, doing stupid shit, others dancing.. badly to music that wasn't any better, people getting it on in various dark corners, and others placing bets on the outcomes of the races that would start today. But Blue had fun, it had been a great place to laugh, relax, and enjoy her time with Solomon. And of course to be the butt of many lewd jokes thrown her and Solomon's way.

At the campsite they quickly made short work of the tent. Two competent individuals managed to get it up and ready in less than ten minutes tossing their bags and things inside. He asked if she was ready to go in and she nodded stepping into their large tent that had room for all their stuff as well as two sleeping bags. He took his coat off and Blue took hers off as well. Her outfit was nice and simple but would allow her to be cool now and later when the temperature dropped she would be able to put her coat on and be warm.

Arms came around her waist and she smiled leaning back into him as he asked her what she wanted to do. Part of her wanted to stay here. Away from prying eyes and snuggle into him. Stealing soft kisses and find out how the sleeping bags felt. But she knew they would have time for all of that kind of business later. So she looked up at him with those lovely eyes of hers.

I think I would like to go to the shops. Get the grand tour. See the lay of the land. Where I have to pee and all that stuff while here. she laughed as she turned in his arms and kissed him. Hot and heavy, just like the climate here and then as quickly as it started she ended it and walked out of the tent leaving him to catch up so he could show her around.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Thu May 03, 2012 10:56 pm

Solomon nodded as Blue told him she would like to see the shops and the general layout of the area first where they could take care of all the necessities of camping out. Her kiss was a pleasant surprise but he was kissing her back only half a heartbeat later. It didn't last long, but it had quite the affect. He had to hurry after her, grinning a little as he leaned over to whisper in her ear. "I see your learning how to tease effectively." He said while slipping an arm around Blue as they walked to the event area. Sneaking a kiss on her cheek as they left the tents behind.

"Lets get some drinks for while we walk around, don't want to get dehydrated out here. The aid station is right over there." Styx pointed out where a large sign with a red cross was right outside the camping area. "But that would cut into our fun if we had to visit there and that wouldn't do. And from what I can see the closest bathrooms to our tent is right over there." He pointed not too far from the aid tent where there was a small worn building that already had a line on either side. Everyone was just getting in so a lot of people would be needing a pit stop, but once the initial rush was down they should be relatively quick to get into.

Leading Blue over to one of the food and drinks stands, Solomon would order drinks and, if Blue wanted, something to snack on as they walked around. Once they were prepared he would turn Blue to the massive crowds that milled and flowed through the stands. "Welcome to the races Blue, first off we have what is lovingly known as the Bazaar. While many of these stands just sell souvenirs, there are some that are actually venders from the city looking to sell to the crowds. And you can get some pretty good deals here if you look carefully. So we can take our time and shop around, they will still have a ton of stuff till about the middle of the second day. That's about when the vendors start dropping their prices and most of the people will start buying.

He led her into the Bazaar and actually spotted a small jewelry stand right away. He filed that away for when he pointed out several different stands and waving to a couple of the merchants he knew. "If you see anything you want to look at lead the way. That one is the stand for official racing gear and that one has a lot of things to do with past races. Over there is one where you can order racing parts if you want, though you have to get them delivered. There is a jewelry stand, and that one is actually an art stand with race themed art... He walked slowly with Blue through the main area of the Bazaar taking time to point out anything he thought she might be interested in if he was unsure if she had seen it.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Thu May 03, 2012 11:21 pm

It seemed that he was enjoying the way that she was gaining confidence with herself. They walked on and he pointed out the bathrooms. It wasn't too far from their tent and she knew better than to expect to be so close to it. And she wouldn't want that anyway because then they would smell it all the time and no one wanted that. His arm was around her as they walked and stopped at a vendor to get something to drink. She ordered some cold water and a strawberry pastry that sounded too good to let go. As they walked, she let him hold the drink while she used her fingers to pick apart the pastry and eat it by the pinch.

Apparently, they were in what was referred to as the Bazaar. Her eyes shifted from one stall to the next taking in everything that she could. As they walked, she leaned into him a little bit while he pointed out the different stalls and what they had to offer. She was totally buying a souvenier t-shirt today because that just seemed like the kind of thing to do. Or maybe just a hat, so that she wouldn't burn her face with the bright harsh sunlight out here. Already, in a way, she missed her lab.

Jewelry, memorbelia, history stuff, new things, all kinds of stuff.

They have jewelry? Out here?

She was too curious not to at least go look. She wondered if everything was going to be shaped like a racer or if it was actually jewelry that someone would want to buy for someone that they cared about. Blue looked over at Solomon and they made their way over to the booth. There was a fair amount of racing stuff. Numbers from popular cars, or little cars or what not. But she was more drawn to the colored gems that were set in beautiful white gold and platinum. There was one. A set actually. Of a ring, a bracelet, and a necklace that all matched. They were small delicate vines, of a plant in platinum metal. And on the ring there was one blue sapphire. She wasn't sure if it was real or not, but she figured so if it was set in platinum. In the bracelet it was more of a cuff, and had three blue sapphires, and the necklace had one large one that was the center of a flower shaped pendant.

Bet you don't sell many of those huh?

She asked the vendor curiously who glared at her. She merely shrugged. She didn't mean any offense. They're really beautiful, I hope you do sell them, they would make someone really happy.

She gave the vendor a smile and headed off back to the main street. Taking her drink from Solomon now that her pastry was gone and walking at an even pace. She had no idea that Solomon had baited her to the table for a reason, there was a lot of beautiful jewelry but she had never gotten any as a gift and it really didn't occur to her that it was a possibility. She wouldn't even think to ask for something like that.

Oh hey, parts... oh...

Her head tilted softly for a moment as she stopped walking. There was a rev of an engine, a sputter, and die. Men cursing. Then they started it up again, her trained ear listening, her mind keying into the computer of the craft and then the car died again. She shook her head.

Detour time for idiots. she laughed.

She made her way through the crowd closer to the race track itself where there was a team having a hell of a time keeping their heap running. She stepped down and gave a whistle. Every eye was on her in a heartbeat.

We don't have time for your kind down here Woman!

Really? Because I can fix your crap heap for you.

They all laughed. Sweetheart you don't even know what a wrench is.

She grinned slowly. How about a bet then. If I fix this car... I get 100 bucks. If I can't then...

Then you'll kiss each one of us.

Blue looked over at Solomon and shrugged. Deal.

She walked down the ramp and she walked around the device that was sitting there. She really didn't think it should be called a car. Then she lay down on the platform and squirmed her way under the car with just her legs poking out. She called out for various tools. Wires, wrenches, a screw driver before long she came back out and wiped a sheen of sweat off her forehead. Then she stood up and came back over to where Solomon was standing. The leader chuckled darkly as he pressed the button to start the car and .. it started. Blue grinned. All the boys on the platform cheered and grudgingly forked over the money once they realized that it worked... but they had lost.

Thank ye' Lass. Per'aps you cheer for us when we race

She smiled. And they headed back up to the Bazaar. That was part of being Blue. The kind of woman that just couldn't let something go when she knew that she could fix it. Her eyes shifted back to Solomon as she took a sip of her cold water. She wondered if he minded, she hadn't meant to get involved with work stuff.

I hope you don't mind. About that, back there, I just.. knew that I could fix it.. so fast, and I just.. well... I know I"m not supposed to be working this weekend but you can't take the worker out of the girl. I will try though, to keep my hands to myself... and you. she blushed and turned away hoping he didn't mind and hoping he wouldn't tease her too much. She still blushed at stuff like that.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Fri May 04, 2012 10:57 pm

Solomon watched as Blue made a stop at the jewelry stand. He kept his smile small, but he couldn't help but notice what it was that Blue was looking at. It really was a nice set of pieces, expensive though. He briefly considered how he could swipe the things, but pieces like that he probably couldn't steal them and give as a gift. Wouldn't want to put Blue through the trouble if something did happen and it came up that they were stolen. But now he knew the sort of style she liked. As for the ones she looked at, he discretely checked the funds he set aside for splurges on his phone. After all what was the point of ill gotten gains if you could never enjoy them.

Styx gave Blue her drink as they continued the rounds. She started to mention something about parts when she stopped. He too tilted his head to listen, then chuckled when she mentioned the detour. He stopped when she stepped down and started looking at the racer that wouldn't start. The thief bristled for a moment when he heard what the man said about Blue, but she shot him down quick enough. He grinned silently at the bet they made over whether she could get the racer running or not and nodded when she looked over to him.

When Blue started walking around the racer, Styx glanced back at the jewelry table. It should take her at least ten minutes probably. Even if it was an easy fix for Blue the time to reach around everything would physically slow down the repairs. And with how far the jeweler was. As soon as Blue ducked under the vehicle Solomon moved out and moved quickly back to the jeweler.

"Pack up that one, quickly." Solomon said as he pointed out the set Blue had been looking at. The thief handing over his phone so the man could draw out the funds from Styx's account. At first the man looked skeptical of the thief's ability to afford the set. But he blinked when the amount for withdraw was approved, then quickly packed up the set in its case as Solomon glanced back to where Blue was still working. "Hurry, or no deal."

The jeweler moved like his life depended on it now and Solomon was moving back toward where Blue was with his purchase now hidden in his timeless pocket. A few of the people that had been watching Blue worked had seen Styx move off to the Jeweler and back and gave knowing smiles as the thief took his place back where he had started. He was just in time to see Blue crawl back out from under the racer and give it a test go. When it started smoothly, he grinned and clapped.

Blue collected her money and walked back over to him he smiled and gave her a hug and a quick kiss before slipping his arm around her as they walked off. "I didn't mind Blue, there is a difference in doing what you and doing what you have to do. Remember this, fun is effort plus time plus enjoyment, but work is effort plus time plus stress. If your enjoying yourself then your having fun. So you don't necessarily have to keep your hands to yourself." He grinned, giving her a wink at that last part for the double entree.

Leading Blue over to where they were displaying some of the stats of the drivers and highlights of their careers, Styx pointed out the team Blue had just helped. "That lot usually come in around 5th it says, they usually have some sort of engine trouble. What do you think of their chances now that you have given them a helping hand?" Styx didn't usually gamble, he had enough risks with work. But if one took out mechanical problems, the team Blue helped was actually pretty good. Pity their lead mechanic was also the owner of the racer and wasn't about to fire himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Fri May 04, 2012 11:12 pm

He didn't mind.

Blue was relieved on many different levels as they headed over to the betting stations. She looked at all the stats, and the team she had just helped wasn't high. They weren't bad either. And when Solomon mentioned that they usually had engine trouble that caused them to come in that low she couldn't help but laugh. They wouldn't be having any engine trouble this trip which meant their chances of winning was significantly greater.

Reaching into her pocket, Blue pulled out the wad of cash she had just collected from that very team. She had liked the guys, they were crude at first but once they realized the talent that lay underneath the package.. they had been more than happy to have her around. She was certain that word was probably going to get out tonight that there was a amazing mechanic on the grounds. Blue, however, was on vacation, she had helped the men of this team on a whim.

Hundred for the Sharksters to win.

The bookie smiled at her, and wrote up the ticket taking her money. She would either lose the money or she would win a lot more where it came from. It wasn't as if she needed it, and it was just extra cash anyway. But it would be fun to believe in a team, and have someone to root for. When she had her ticket all tucked away in her pocket she looked at Solomon.

Well, since it seems that I have a team to root for, I think I need a shirt.. and a hat.

The couple walked around hand in hand for a while, looking through the different stalls. Blue was picky. She wanted something that would be at least half way decent. If it was women's it was basically a bikini top, and if it was mens it was huge and she could basically wear it like a dress. The hat was easy to find, and she eventually found a booth that had a medium mens shirt that would fit her chest and her length without making her look like a cow.

With her bag in her hand they continued to puruse the grounds for a while before Blue yawned.

Why don't we head back to our tent and set up the inside a bit. Rest up before the first race. Because I think it'll probably go late tonight, so a bit of down time might do us some good.

Solomon didn't seem to mind, but if he had anywhere else he wanted to stop she was more than willing to do that. once they did make it back to the tent she went inside and she opened the bag that had their stuff in it. Unrolling the compressed sleeping bags that would make one giant sleeping bag when zipped together. She got out the two compact pillows and let them fluff up while she dug around and got out their two small camping chairs and sat on one to take off her shoes and let her feet breathe for a minute.

So, what do you normally do here? In between races? Go scope out the groupies or.. hang out with the guys from last night? she asked trying to get a feel for his normal experience here.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Sat May 05, 2012 1:24 am

Styx looked over the board, then nodded and put a hundred on Blue's team as well. If she thought the team had a chance then he would give them a shot as well. He pulled out his own cash for the bookie as well since he wasn't about to give the man the number to his bank account. The jeweler had been a different story because the thief did not carry enough cash for the sort of gift he had bought for blue normally and the merchant had been a reputable one anyways. After they had both placed their bets and had their tickets Blue mentioned wanting a shirt and a hat. Well that was a simple enough request and he could save the jewelry for a different time to pull it out. He actually had an idea of when he could do so, but it was going to be after they got back to the city. And after he figured out how to get down that roof entrance without Blue's assistance.

As they looked through the clothing, he grinned a little at some of the woman's tops that Blue was looking at with a little distaste it seemed. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You know, you probably would look quite sexy in one of those tops. No one said you had to get it for going out, you could get it for when we're alone." He teased her softly before digging through the clothing to help her find one that would fit her right and was a normal style shirt. It took some looking, but eventually they found one that she liked. He didn't get a shirt because the cotton they used wasn't heat resistant and he always bought his clothing to be so because of his magic. But he did get a hat like Blue with the Sharksters' emblem on top.

With the mention of resting for the evening he thought for a moment and nodded. "Sounds like a plan, and it will give us a little time to enjoy each other's company. He grinned a little with his light teasing. It was a quick walk back to the tent and the task of setting everything up was even quicker. As Blue took off her shoes and started relaxing in her chair, Styx moved over and sat down on the ground. He gently took one of her feet in his hands and started rubbing gently. As he rubbed he answered her question.

"Well normally we'll set up, get together and have a couple of beers and talk about what to expect. Then we'll browse around to see if there is anything new, talk to a few of the guys we know and check out some of the shows. Basically hang out till the races start." And hunt down some of the companionship of each of the groups preferred gender that might want to enjoy other activities during the stay out in the wastes, but Styx didn't feel he needed to mention that part to Blue. He was here with her so he wouldn't be doing that last bit. His massage switched to the inventor's other foot as he continued to talk.

"So what were you doing on the bus that had you preoccupied, were you using your power for some reason? Or is it a secret" That last part he said in a teasing voice, but he had added it in case it was something that Blue couldn't talk about. He had been curious about that, but had been wondering if he should ask. In the end if she didn't want to tell him she could tell him so and he wouldn't mind. But if she did he would be happy to listen.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Sat May 05, 2012 9:02 am

He seemed to think one of the little tops would look good on her. At least, in private. She would never wear something so tiny in public that just wasn't her thing. Not that she thought people that did were wrong or bad, it just wasn't her thing and she knew that. But she got one anyway, maybe she would be brave enough to wear it with just Solomon around. They headed back to the tents where she sat down and listened to what he normally did when he was at the races by himself.

She wondered if it was a statement, that she was here. To the other guys and girls. That the big strong thief had found someone special. She wasn't sure though, she was certain with as good looking and confident as Solomon was there were tons of girls that would throw themselves at him. That he would want to spend time with them. This time though, he had brought his own woman.

And then he asked what she was doing on the bus and she barked out a laugh and rolled her eyes.

No, it is not a secret. I was checking with Al for my messages. Found a few from my boss. Apparently, forgot I was going to be off this weekend. Then asked if I would be able to return in time for work tomorrow. But I told him no. Then we had a fight about how long I was going to take on that stupid car of theirs.

She groaned softly as he finished massaging her feet, even though she had not expected nor thought about him doing this for her, it felt really nice. She was very slender, because of her elven heritage. Blue's multi-hued eyes lowered to look over at Solomon and she slid out of her chair and into his lap. Straddling his body pressing herself closer to him. She let her hair down from where she had pulled it up do to the heat and let it fall all her in their cooler tent.

You know, I really am glad you brought me here. Be riiiight back.

She rose and grabbed something out of her purchase bag and headed to the small flap that made a little changing area for them. Or bathroom if your campground was set up that way. Theirs wasn't so she was going to use it as a changing room. She took off her current shirt and her bra. And pulled on the bikini top like shirt that he had seemed to be interested in. Blue blushed just putting the thing on and tying it around her body. She had never, ever, ever worn anything like this. Even as a girl when she went swimming she was a one piece girl. It wasn't that she was ashamed of her body, or thought that it was fat or anything. She just, wasn't that kind of girl. She wore clothes she was comfortable or could get dirty in.

When she came out she was in her Sharkies'bikini top shirt, if you could call it a shirt, and her jeans with no shoes. Blue felt self conscious, looking over at Solomon, but, she also hoped that it looked as good on her as he had hoped it would. She was slender but she had some curves to her body and filled out the bikini top well. Still, she was pasty because of always being inside at the lab.

I kind of.. got this for you I .. hope you like it. she said softly her mult-hued eyes looking over at him for his answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Sat May 05, 2012 11:08 pm

Solomon grimaced slightly when Blue mentioned that her boss tried to get her back. He shook his head and looked up as he continued to rub her feet. [color=red] "Really now, they can't survive a mere three days without you there? And I can't believe he would ask you to come back on the first day of your vacation." He then tilted his head and grinned. "I could break into his house when we get back and threaten him to make sure he remembers next time to not bother you on your vacation."

As Blue slid into his lap he wrapped his arms around her and met her gaze. His hand came up to run itself through her hair as it fell about her. "I'm glad you came." He said softly, his eyes following her up as she stood. He watched as she moved behind the changing screen. He was curious to what she had taken back there. Leaning back, Styx waited for Blue to come back out.

When he saw what Blue was wearing he sat up strait. "Whoa, you look... wow." He hadn't expected Blue to actually get that top. Standing, he moved over to Blue, glancing up and down. "I was right Blue, you look quite sexy in that top." Wrapping his arms around the inventor, and gave her a soft kiss.

"You look great Blue, thank you for this. I know it is not what you usually wear, but you wear it well." Pulling her close, Solomon kissed her softly again. He then grinned as he pulled back. "You know I think it is a bit warm in here myself. Think I should take off my shirt?" If he was going to have a pleasant view he should return the favor after all. At least he assumed it would be pleasant for her.

Taking his arms from around Blue, he stepped back and stripped his shirt off slowly. Throwing it to the side, he sat down and gently pulled Blue with him to where she would be sitting in his lap. His bare arms wrapped around her and he took her lips with his. She was warm against him and he enjoyed the feel of her skin against his as he held her there. Reaching up with his hand to tangle it in her hair, he broke their kiss and gently pulled her head back so he could get to her neck and kiss it softly.

"So now my dear Inventor... His words were broken up as he kissed her neck again. "Any thoughts of work and stupid bosses left?"
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Sat May 05, 2012 11:34 pm

He seemed to enjoy the top. The way that his eyes bugged a little when she came out in it told her that easily. The blush on her cheeks would not be stopped. It was prominent as he came over towards her and she looked up into his eyes. He told her that she was sexy, and Blue's blush deepened. Solomon's arms came around her and he kissed her. Blue was eager for it and kissed him back quickly and added a little bit of her own passion leak into the kiss. Hoping he might catch the drift.

I think you look too warm to wear that.

She whispered softly.

He seemed to take her thoughts easily and took his shirt off throwing it to the side. Her breath hitched a little. She had never really.. been in a situation like this. Around her shop sometimes, when she needed help, which was rare, she would have men working with her. Men that liked to try to impress her without their shirts on. It never worked. But then she never had feelings for them, and her feelings for Solomon were only growing.

He sat down, pulling Blue into his lap and she went willingly. Their kissing was soft but it had heat and passion to it. Heat and passion that she had tried to only tease with before became something overwhelming. She kissed him back, eager for what might come next. She didn't want to say that she loved Solomon, she wasn't even sure how one knew if they were in love or not. But she had been told that when the time came, you would know and for now she knew she was working her way towards it. If he was receptive.

He pulled her head back and her eyes closed as Solomon began to kiss on her neck. Blue's body shuddered softly, her ears were probably the most sensitive place on her body. She wouldn't be telling him that but the slightly pointed cartlidge was a place to make her weak. Still, her neck and shoulders really got her going, and as he whispered to her she could only find herself turned on more and more.

I think I would like to forget about my boss for a while longer. she whispered softly between breaths.

Blue pressed her body against his again, tighter this time. Her hair brushing against both their bare skins while her lips pressed passionatly against him. They kissed, and hungrily. She wasn't sure if this was when she would 'do it'. Or if this was just another step in their growing relationship, but Blue didn't care either way. His hands were all over her. Devouring her skin, and her torso with hungry and yet gentle hands. Blue couldn't help but hear herself moan and blush at the sound. It felt so intimate. To be moaning like that. But then, he had called it out of her and she figured that was the intent.

The Inventor wanted him, she thought about pulling him down to the floor. Their sleeping bags weren't far, and they would be more comfortable. It would be easier to get comfortable and enjoy one another.

Yo Styx! We're gonna go get our seats now! Get ready for the races. Come on man! Lets go!

Blue broke the kiss and looked into Solomon's eyes. She bit her lower lip in disappointment. Not that there wouldn't be other times for this, it just.. felt so amazing and she really didn't want to leave their precious tent. But they had to. His friends were waiting. Blue kissed him softly, one more time, and then rose and slid her tshirt on over the bikini top and pulled her hair up and through the baseball cap she had bought so she could support the team she had helped out today.

You may have to put your shirt back on, you know, for the races. she blushed but grinned at the same time.
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PostSubject: Re: Checkered Flags (Blue)   Sun May 06, 2012 2:40 am

Heat, that is what Solomon felt as they shared kisses there on the floor of the tent. Heat and skin as smooth as silk against him was his world as he shared kisses with Blue. Everything else seemed to drift away as they shared their desires in this intimate moment of passion. As his partner pressed herself into Styx his hands gently followed the curves of her body. The thief could feel his partner's desire. He could feel as her pulse raced even as his own blood pounded in his veins. It was a connection, primordial in nature, the desire for two to become one.

It would be so easy to slip over to the sleeping bags and take her now. Even as those thoughts crossed his mind Blue's moans echoed in his ear, encouraging just that. And it was hard to resist the siren's call in the heat of the moment. Styx wasn't even sure if he wanted to resist it. They had made the choice in his apartment to follow this path to see where it lay and now the path had turned to this. And with her here, pressed against him to the point where her body molded to his, he could see no reason not to continue down this path.

And then Mark called out and Blue broke their kiss. Solomon let out a low growl in that moment of thwarted frustration, his head turning to the flap of the tent. Normally he thought no ill of Mark, but at that moment his right hand came away from Blue and drew back for a throw. His magic came forth seemingly of it's own volition as swirling Chaos formed in his hand and he prepared to throw it at the entrance of the tent. A hand on his arm stopped him and he looked back at Blue. Closing his hand into a fist, he dispelled the Ball of destructive energy and grinned sheepishly to his partner.

"Friends always find the best time to come calling, don't they?" He asked as Blue kissed him one last time before standing. He got up himself and was about to step outside when Blue reminded him that he might want to wear his own shirt. "Oh I thought you would enjoy the view." Chuckling softly, the thief moved over to where his clothing had been thrown and picked it up. Shrugging into it quickly, he retrieved his cap and placed it on his head.

"But if we're speaking of dressing, don't forget your shoes." Styx grabbed the shoes Blue discarded and handed them to her. After the mistress of machines had donned all her clothing, the thief would escort her from the tent. He offered his arm to lead her out and when they left Mark was standing there. His friend looked from Styx to Blue, and then back with a sheepish grin on his face. Solomon rolled his eyes as they started out to the stands for the race.

Of course, some of the guys that had come out here had gone early and were waiting for them in their section on the track. Sometimes people tried to poach seats and it helped if you had someone make sure your claim was empty made things go smoother. None of them wanted trouble with the LP or Corp-sec guarding the event. And a fight was one of the quickest ways to earn a cool down period in the security tent. Styx didn't want to do anything to interrupt this time with Blue, and already his mind was wandering to what they would do together after the races were done.
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He was mad, and she didn't blame him.

She wasn't exactly happy about it either. But it was what it was and they were here for the races afterall. But she noticed the blue energy forming in his hand. As mad as he was, she found it greatly endearing. Her hand reached out and grabbed his writs careful not to touch the magic. She knew that his magic had something to do with chaos so she didn't want to take her chances. When he looked over at her, she could only smile and give a little laugh at his anger before he seemed to calm down.

There will be plenty of time for us later. I do not know how many times I would be able to ask off from work. Let us, you and I, enjoy our time together. Besides, we have a team to root for.

He got dressed nearly out of the tent without a shirt on before he realized it. Not that she would have minded him not having a shirt. In fact, if she had her way he would never wear one again but of course that wasn't the case. And she wasn't about to make any sort of shirtless deal with him because she was certain he would want it to be even and fair.

They got dressed and headed outside. Mark seemed to figure out what they had been doing just by looking at them. Blue took Solomon's hand as they followed mark towards the seats where they had reserved spaces. Thankfully, some of the group was already there looking out for those that hadn't quite made it yet and Blue and Solomon took their seats.

So I see you guys are betting on the underdogs. Mark said as he and some groupie he had found somewhere with more plastic in her body than one of those dolls girls like to play with sat down.

Ah, well, I think they have a good chance this year.

Your loss Elf girl, because they never win, they always have car trouble on the third lap. Everyone knows it and yet they always show up.

That is fine, you do not have to bet on them.

Her hand slid in Solomon's while her eyes shifted down to the race track where the cars and their crews were making their way to the starting lines. The car she had helped earlier today was running like a pro and she was proud that she was able to help someone. The girl next to Mark was giving Solomon a grin and flaunting her assets clothed in barely anything when Mark wasn't looking.

My name is Grace.

Blue snorted, if her name was Grace then Blue's name was Sally. Blue's eyes shifted over to the woman, and her dark brow rose and then shifted back to the race grounds where the teams were setting up, revving engines, and the drivers were starting to get their gear on.

So.. you're elf? Grace asked Blue with wonder. I've never met one of you people before.. you look so normal.

Blue's face went blank. It was probably for the best. Blue had dealt with a lot of prejudice in her life time being a halfie. Her eyes went cold and Grace seemed to take the gist and she opened her mouth.. closed it.. and looked away. Blue turned her eyes back to the races. Stupid women, MAN they gave women bad names.

[b]I think I am going to get a drink, do you want something?
she asked looking over at Solomon softly. Taking his answer she would then set off to the concession stands to cool off before she did something nasty like punch Gracie in the facie!
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Blue mentioned about there being plenty of time for them later on and Solomon had to chuckle. That was true, though it still irked him to be interrupted in the moment like that. Still he really shouldn't blast a friend for reminding them that the races would be starting soon. And when they got outside Mark managed to catch on quick and look sufficiently sheepish for the interruption. He mouthed a 'sorry' to Styx when Blue wasn't looking at the man and the thief nodded his acceptance to his friend. So they moved off toward the race, Blue taking his hand as they went.

Once they were seated Mark and Blue exchanged a little banter and Solomon laughed softly at Mark's ignorance. Really it wasn't the man's fault, so far only the few people that had been watching at the time knew about Blue helping the team they had bet on. But it was nice to see that the inventor was getting along with his friends so well. His hand squeezed Blue's softly when she managed to get a hold of his and gave the inventor a grin before his own eyes turned to where the cars were lining up. As he looked he noted that the girl with Mark trying to catch his eye and it was all he could do not to roll his own. She had a nice body, even if one could tell it was mostly bought. But seriously, she came here with one of his friends and she could see he was with someone else here.

When Grace introduced herself Solomon nodded to her and introduced themselves. "I'm Styx, and this lovely woman is Blue.." He didn't bother to give the girl his real name as nobody here would probably call him that except for Blue and he doubted she would be around long enough to learn he had another name. He of course hear her statement to Blue and that did make him roll his eyes. Of all the people for Mark to pick, he had to pick one that didn't have much in the brains department. Well since this little fling was probably only going to last as long as the races that probably didn't matter to the man.

Blue mentioned going for drinks and Solomon looked over to her. He gave her hand a squeeze and asked in a whisper. "You OK? Once he had his answer he would tell Blue that he wouldn't mind a beer, then watched as she left. As she left Grace turned to Mark. "I wouldn't mind a drink myself."

Mark grinned and gave Grace a quick kiss. "No problem doll." He got up and left, leaving Styx and Grace by themselves in the stands. They sat there for a moment, Solomon watching as the racers got ready and Grace watching the thief. He knew she was watching and paid it no mind. "You must be something to attract an elf." Styx looked over at the woman, wondering where she was going with that question.

"And I remember seeing your face on the news. Is it true you destroyed a whole city block." Styx looked over to the woman and then nodded slowly. She smiled, her hand slipped over to his leg. "I would like to see what you could do some time, maybe you could show me tonight?"

Styx looked at her incredulously for a moment. "You do realize that I'm here with someone and you were invited here with one of my friends? And that more of our friends are sitting all around us, don't you. Grace blinked, then looked around. A number of the group were looking at them, more were looking at Grace.

When the others got back with drinks, Styx looked up at them. "You Mark, your girl here tried to hit on me while you were gone. Right in front of everyone. Mark eyes grew wide for a moment, then he looked around and got a couple of nods from their friends. He then looked at Grace, who was glaring at Styx. "Get out now." He said to Grace, who turned to stare at Mark, then look around at the rest of group. She got up slowly, and walked out of their section of the stands.
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Fine, just thirsty.

Blue promised as she rose. As she got to the bottom of the bleachers, it seemed Mark was on her tail. Grace apparently needed something to drink too so the two of them headed off towards the consession stands. Blue was eternally hungry. When she wasn't so absorbed in her work she tended to eat a lot and gain calories because when she was working she almost never ate.

So.. you and Styxy huh?

Blue gave a slight grin. Yeah.. guess so. Didn't seem like it would be like that at first. Buuuut, one thing led to another you know. What about you and Grace?

Mark shrugged. Race floosy. Someone to have a little fun with before I head back to the city.

Blue nodded, she had figured that much. And she was not stupid enough to believe that Solomon hadn't been like that last time he came to the races. Before Blue. But she hoped he wasn't like that now. It didn't seem like him, but they were still trying to get to know each other. They got to the stand and she ordered a round of beer for everyone since Mark was going to help her carry it back and she got everyone some hot dogs too because who didn't like some of those?! Blue nearly bought the stall out of it's current hotdog supply until they could make more and she forked over the money without worrying about it.

She didn't really have to worry about it, her job was excellent.

They headed back. Giant tray of beer in each of their hands and a bag of hot dogs looped over one of her wrists. Solomon looked pissed off as they got back towards the seats and Blue would soon learn why. Grace looked completely guilty and before Mark was able to send her away, Blue's hand formed a fist ready to beat her face in. Blue was not naturally a violent person but she was pretty sure it was obvious she and Solomon were together. Besides she had already landed Mark who from Blue's perspective wasn't a bad catch. AND in front of all their friends.

Idiot... she whispered as she made her way back up to Solomon as Grace rose up and left. Unfortunatly, for the woman, she had to pass Blue to get back out to the isle and Blue stopped. Making sure that even though her body was slight, she was in the large woman's way. Blue stared her down. Blue's multi-hued eyes said everything that her mouth didn't, and then she brushed testily past the woman and returned to Solomon.

Beer and hotdogs for everyone.

A cheer went up as she spent a few minutes making sure everyone had one beer and two hot dogs before she sat down with her own beer and a bag full of hot dogs for her and Solomon to share. She hoped he didn't mind how much she ate. It was not like she would ever show it. With her elven nature and the fact that she could go days without eating at all... it all tended to balance out somehow.

Looks like the races are about to start. she said softly. Looking over at Sol. She didn't have to talk about what happened with him and Grace. She trusted him, and besides Grace was dumb enough to hit on Sol where everyone else could see. There was no reason to talk about it, it would get them no where. Blue gave him a kiss on the cheek and unwrapped her first hot dog as the announcer began to talk about the racers on the track today. Their history, names of the cars, the drivers name, and then the engines began to rev and the announcer began to count down to the start.

And they were off!
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Oh, Blue looked pissed, but at least it wasn't at him. Styx noticed the fist and he couldn't help but smirk a little. But he had another worry at the moment. He looked over to Mark and spoke softly. "Sorry about that man, but better to know now." Styx knew that it was probably nothing more serious then looking for a good time for Mark, but still something had to be said. Mark looked over to him and shook his head. "No worries man, you're just being honest." The two clasped hands briefly and Mark took his seat.

Blue made her announcement and the cheer that went up helped push away the little black cloud the incident formed. Styx offered a smile to Blue and accepted his beer. Thank you my dear. He replied with a arm around Blue's waist to give her a small squeeze and a kiss on her cheek. "I think the guys like you, course they are easily bought with a couple of beers and food." He said that last part loud enough for the rest of the group to hear, his tone clearly teasing. He had to endure a few thrown bottle caps and a nudge from someone's foot. He chuckled softly then looked back to Blue as she said the race was about to start.

The roar of engines was loud, even from the distance they were sitting at. The thrum reverberated in the bones of those around and stirred the blood as the announcers went through their routine. Grabbing one of the hot dogs Blue had brought for them, he leaned forward as the countdown started. The green light hit and tires smoked as the racers leaped forward. They peeled down the straightaway and when they past the stands where they were sitting the sound passed over like the roaring tidal wave. No one couldn't hear anything but the sounds of racing engines and that shook his entire body as the cars passed for the first time.

Styx pointed out the car of the Sharksters as the racers peeled around the first curve. They had started about the middle of the pack, but they were now in third place already, managing to seize the position thanks to some quick maneuvering by the driver. "He's doing a lot better then he normally does. You sure you just fixed the engine and didn't supercharge the thing or something. Styx gave Blue a grin as he teased her, knowing that she wouldn't cheat for a team she had just met. But if the driver was seriously doing this much better when Blue repaired his racer, Well the guy had to be a lot better then people gave him credit for.

The first lap seemed to pass by in a flash as the cars blazed around the track. Somewhere along the line their team managed to slip past the number two man and start catching up with the leader. The two cars battling that out as they flashed past the stands where the group was sitting. Mark seemed to be counting on his fingers, still confident that the Sharksters would have their usual engine trouble. Solomon looked over to Blue and grinned, not bothering to speak as the roar of the other racers washed over them.
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The race began, and it was loud.

Blue leaned against Solomon while she ate her hotdog, already on her third as the green light gave the go and the vehicles took off around the ring. Her eyes followed them as best as she could and enjoyed the sounds of the fans screaming their different loyalties and rooting their boys on. Everything was very fast, it was funny that a whole day was hyped up and she figured that in a three lap run this whole race was probably going to be over in half an hour tops, if not something as short as fifteen minutes.

The Sharksters were moving up and she was excited. Her hand found Sol's leg and squeezed excitedly. It was way too loud now to actually talk but she knew that they were both exciting watching their team head up forward a bit. They passed third and slid into second and Blue cheered happily.

They were fighting now with the first car and she was so proud of them. Blue laughed at Sol's teasing her about maybe 'accidentally' suping up the car that the Sharksters were driving. She knew that he didn't really mean it and she was glad that he was so willing to have fun with her. She knew that it wasn't his fault, about Grace. Afterall, if he was interested in Blue then it wasn't just about physicality because she didn't have the kind of body that Grace did but Sol seemed to like it just as much as before.

The cars came around for their second lap and the Sharksters and some team called the Ley Dragons were fighting for first. One would pull ahead and then the other would. It gave a whole new definition to neck in neck. Blue was on the edge of her seat, other hot dogs currently forgotten as she watched the final lap coming around. The Sharksters were trying to pull ahead and the Ley Dragons were weaving all over the lane in front of the Sharksters trying desperatly to keep them behind and not let them get in front.

Around the last bend and Blue was chewing holes in her lower lip. She wasn't worried about losing the small amount of money that she had put on the team, she was more just rooting for them to win. They had been fairly nice guys when she had helped them out earlier.

Oh man! Oh man! she squeezed Sol's leg as the Sharksters put on a bit of speed and they went around the Ley Dragons just in time. Staying side by side with them now they did everything that they could, taking the inside loop was the key because when they turned, they were able to out distance the Ley Dragons just enough to claim a two inch victory for first place.

Yes! YES! Blue was out of her seat jumping up and down and cheering for the Sharksters that were going to take home their first medal of their lives here. She turned and jumped into Sol's arms now that he was standing and both of them seemed happy. As they settled back down the driver took the podium.

Well, I know a lot of people have rooted for us time and time again. And we think all our loyal fans. Kicked some major ass out there today. And we want to give a special shout out to a little lady that did us a good favor today. Thank you, where ever you are. Lets do it again!

Blue blushed severely and squeezed Sol's leg. She really didn't want anyone to know she had helped them. Because then this would not be a vacation any longer. The crowd went wild, there was nothing ike seeing the underdog win and Blue was so happy that she and Sol had put their money on this team. Not because of money they would get back but because of the way that it never hurt to give a team a boost.

So.. what do we do while we wait for the next race to start? There is more than one isn't there?
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Styx's finished his first hot dog quickly, then let his hand find Blue's as she squeezed his leg. He was glad he had gotten her to laugh after that little incident with Grace. The sooner that was put behind them then the sooner they could just enjoy this little vacation that they had together. But then again the race itself seemed to blow that particular cloud away in the rolling thunder of engines and the smell of burning rubber. It was hard to concentrate on anything else really with all that hitting you at once.

Their team was fighting well, managing to duel for the first spot for almost the entire race. Styx glanced at Mark and smiled as the man seemed to be shocked that the usual engine troubles weren't plaguing the independent team. But when someone like Blue fixed a thing, it was fixed right. The second lap passed and it had Styx on the edge of his seat. The Ley Dragons were fighting hard and they usually did well. They often won in the races, and they had a pretty good team when all was said. But the Sharksters were their team, the team Blue had picked for them. Well maybe that had happened by chance, but that was all about what going with the flow was about. Continuing down a path on a chance encounter, something that had led Styx to be here with Blue by his side.

He heard Blue as she was enraptured with the race and their team managed to pull even with the dragons. He set down his own beer before his grip cracked the bottle in his hand, muttering all the while "Come on, come on!" They rounded the last turn and with in the final sprint crossed the line just ahead of the Ley Dragon's car. Styx let out a wordless roar of joy and leaped up with Blue, fist pumping in the air. He turned to Blue and caught her as she jumped into his arms, giving her a quick kiss and a grin. "Looks like your team pulled it off."

They sat down as the driver stepped up to the podium for their reward and he grinned widely as Blue was given her special mention. He covered Blue's hand as she squeezed his leg and gave it his own squeeze. The crowd was going wild and the Sharksters were enjoying their moment of glory it seems. He turned to Blue after she asked her question and nodded. "Yeah, they'll take a few minutes and clean up the track first. Then they'll do a few 1/4 mile strait-away runs where different teams will pair off in a elimination style set of races. The first block is done now, then they take a break from that and there is the 10 lap race. After that is another block of 1/4 mile and then last there will be a 20 lap race which the day ends on. Tomorrow, they start with the 1/4 mile block and then another 20 lap endurance race and so on." He figured that was about as far ahead as he needed to mention, if she needed more he would be happy to tell her of course, but he made it clear that the races were far from over.

"Now our team doesn't appear again till the second 1/4 mile block. And they are also in the 20 lap endurance race that starts tomorrow. So if you want to visit them again, we got time." Picking up his beer, Solomon took a swig and then grinned. "I'm glad your enjoying yourself Blue, its nice to see you getting excited like that."

Actually she was being very expressive for this entire time. Styx thought that was a good thing. He had seen her happy, mad, excited, and more. She was coming out of her shell now that she had a chance to relax it seemed and that alone made this trip worthwhile.
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He told her that they had to clean up the track and then there were several races afterwards. A straight away race and then some laps and repeat but longer. She smiled when he said they could go visit her boys. She supposed that she could have gone to the New Dawn vehicle and made sure that they won but it was nice to be able to make her own decisions for a weekend. Decide what she wanted to, and didn't want to work on. That was the best part. She had just wanted to help, out of her own curiosty and kindness and it had paid off.

Lets go visit, I'm not much interested in the straight away anyway.

They rose and Sol told his guys that they would be back in a few and they made their way to where the pit crews were making sure their cars were ready for the next big race. She passed the New Dawn crew, luckily everyone was too busy working on their car to worry too much about the fact that Blue, their inventor, had just passed by. Of course, no one expected her to be here either.

They made it to the group that had just one. The Sharksters were crowded with fans and people congratulating them at the moment and Blue and Sol hung back leaning against a low barrier wall while they waited. Finally, the crowd dispersed so that the guys could work on their vehicle and they could catch their seats for the next race.

Oi! It's me lass! Me lucky lass, at that.

Luck had nothing to do with it. Just a quick fix and a good driver. she said as they walked over to the pit and the men all tackled Blue in a big hug all at once. Blue squealed and laughed before they all let go and grinned going back to their work. They were good guys overall. And she was really glad that she had been able to help them earlier.

What can we do fer ya lass? Ye helped us win, we owes you sumthin'

Blue held her hands up. I do not think you owe me anything. Do not worry, I was glad to help. I am glad you won. Blue looked over at Solomon and figured it was probably time to get back. I will be watching from the stands boys.

Blue turned to head back to Solomon before the team leader called after her again. Lass! What be yer name!?

Blue turned and looked over her shoulder at them, with a grin. I go by Blue.

Returning to Solomon she couldn't help but smile. Today had turned out better than her wildest imagination. Not even the Grace thing could bring her down at the moment she was happy. As they walked she checked in with Al. Another couple of messages from her boss but nothing that she had to answer right away. Luckily, where ever Blue was there was always internet because she could always connect instantly to Al and he could connect her through. It was handy when she needed such a thing.

I think those guys are good guys. I think I will root for them next year too. If they keep their car fixed they will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

They returned to their seats ready for the next race.
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When Blue told him that she wanted to visit her team Solomon nodded with a wide grin on his face. The way he saw it the more Blue got a chance to interact with people outside of work the better. Not that there was anything wrong with the Corps per say, but there was a lot more to life then the lab and he wanted to be the one to show it to Blue.

“We’ll be back in a bit.” Solomon told his friends as he and Blue made their way out of the stands and down to the pits. Styx glanced at the New Dawn racing team as they passed, but they seemed busy working on their car. He wondered what Blue was thinking about when they passed the team for her company. He didn’t blame her for not helping them out, New Dawn had enough competent mechanics on its own without their genius inventor. If they never tapped her, well that was their loss.

When they got to the Sharkster’s pit area it was swarming with fans congratulating the team on their victory. The thief hung back with the inventor, grinning as he slipped an arm around Blue’s waist while they waited. When the owner of the team noticed Blue, Solomon took his arm from around the inventor’s waist and gently pushed her forward so she could talk to her new team on her own. She didn’t seem to need the encouragement though, happy in the fact that she was able to help someone in need.

As Blue said a few words to the manager, Styx got approached by one of the team members. “Did I see you on the news…” He broke off as Styx nodded. “Whoa, how did you meet her?”

“Occasionally I’ll have a job testing a place’s security. She happened to be working at one such place and I decided to bring over dinner when I did my test. We sort of hit it off since then.” What he said wasn’t technically a lie. Considering he was a thief he was constantly testing the security of facilities and he did consult with Blue on the security of her lab. And when they had met the second time they had seemed to hit it off when there wasn’t a job to be concerned about.

The pit crew member seemed in awe of the fact though as he said. “She’s quite a catch, ain’t she?” Solomon could only nod his head in agreement as Blue started back over to them. He caught her telling the crew her nick name and smiled slightly, knowing that probably only a few people knew that name.

When Blue got back over to him, he offered her a smile and a quick kiss. “Enjoy the spotlight for a while?” Styx asked with a grin as they walked back to their spot in the stands. When Blue mentioned that she would be cheering for the team next year Solomon raised a brow. “The next big racing meet is about three months from now. There are about four big meets every year. You don’t have to wait a whole year to watch your new team again.” He told her as they threaded their way back to their seats to watch the next race.

When they got back the ¼ miles were almost done and there was a brief period while the track was cleaned again before the start of the 10 lap race. Already the cars were lining up, revving their engines as they got ready to cut loose. The sound of racing engines prompting people to return from the concession stands. Before long the countdown started and the racers peeled off the starting line when the light hit green

As the racers zipped around the track they jockeyed for position, a few of the cars managing to pull ahead of the others and start fighting for the lead. Around the sixth lap one of the cars in the lead misjudged how close the car following it was when the driver tried to cut them off and prevent them from passing. The sound of grinding metal rang in everyone’s ears as the two collide and began to spin out. Bright flashes of magic came from the spells designed for the safety of the drivers as the cars flipped and tumbled down the track. When they finally came to rest the other racers managed to get past them without incident and the rescue crews quickly got out to the cars.

Both drivers were retrieved quickly, one able to walk on his own and the other seemed to have a twisted ankle or the like. The wreckage of the racers were moved of the track as quickly as possible and the bits of twisted metal brushed off the track before the other racers got back around to where the crash had happened. A number of the crowd clapped for the drivers as they passed close to the stands on the inside part of the track, glad that no one was seriously hurt in the wreckage of the cars.
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When Solomon told her that there was a meet every three months Blue could only grin. She wasn't sure that she would be able to get time off to come every three months. Any normal person could with a normal job but that was never on Blue's resume. Normalcy. Blue walked back with Solomon, enjoying his hand in hers and the way that it was.. feeling.. nice and comfortable. Not only with him but not being at work. Oh, she missed it. Her fingers were itching to work on something. Her mind realing with all sorts of ideas and occassionally connecting with Albert back in the city so that she could get her messages and a small techie fix.

Blue had been so into computers and technology that it practically thrummed through her small body. Still, she wished that she could let it go, but it was harder than it seemed. She was definatly addicted. A wire-head, if she had the term correct.

Back at the seats the quarter mile races were done and the crews were cleaning up the track prepping for the 10 lap run. Blue and Solomon took their seats again and she snuggled into him softly. The sun was beginning to slowly lower in the sky, but she figured it wouldn't be completely down until all the races were completed. She didn't see any lighting, and she was glad that it wouldn't probably go on after dark. She was tired, traveling and communicating with Al at such a great distance put her at a strain.

The race began, ten laps and she was watching with her head on Solomon's shoulder. If the Sharksters hadn't been in the race she probably could have convinced him to go back to the tent early. Have some dinner, quiet time, and bed. But, she wanted to see her team and she was excited for them to win.

The cars were moving so fast. It seemed that with every lap they got faster and even worse with their driving. Swerving in and out and all over the place. Her hand clenched his arm as two of the cars collided. Neither, thankfully was the Sharkersters but they were very close to the accident and nearly got wiped out by it too. Luckily, their driver managed to swerve just in time. The two cars rolled to a stop and Blue bit her lower lip watching as the people began to rush the grounds to get the people out and med staff were on carts on their way.

Everyone was fine, it seemed, so the announcer said moments later. One guy walked away the other was a bit banged up but had suffered no dangerous or life threatening injuries. The race was still going and it was still any of three cars wins. And in the end, one of the cars shot ahead and won the thing leaving the Sharksters in second. But a happy second as so far this was their best race yet.

Blue let out a yawn as they began to clean up the field again so that the quarter mile race could start and then the long 20 lap race that would come just before dark. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder while they were cleaning the track.

I was thinking, when we get home, maybe I could show you my place. You know.. only my family knows where it is. It might be nice to sleep in an actual BED with you for once. she teased knowing that the futon had felt like a dream next to her normal army cot. And especially with him holding her in it. But a bed wouldn't be so bad if they could manage it every so often.

The quarter mile race started up with the small time racers but Blue didn't bother opening her eyes. She was resting them for the final race before they could head to their tent for dinner and bed. She hoped there wasn't some sort of after party, she wasn't sure she had the energy for that though she supposed she would give it a try for Sol if he wanted to go.
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Solomon looked over to Blue as she yawned and smiled softly as she rested her head against his shoulder. ”You getting a little tired there Blue? Do I need to carry you to bed?” he teased lightly as he put an arm around her waist. She mentioned showing him her place and he quirked an eyebrow. ”Oh, are we going to break with tradition then? Where the other person has to track down the place that the other is staying at and break in.”

He managed to hold a straight face after saying that for about three seconds before he had to let out a chuckle. Solomon gave Blue a small squeeze as he gave his answer. ”I would love to see your place and I would defiantly enjoy sleeping in a real bed with you. And maybe we’ll do things other than sleeping as well. “ He couldn’t help but tease the inventor back about the shared sleeping arrangements, but he did look forward to seeing her place.

” How is the family doing anyways? When I last talked to mine Mom and my sisters were doing OK and Arco was feeling a bit under the weather. And actually I need to make a trip up to Bastion and go visit Dad sometime soon. Been a while since I seen him. I can visit with the rest of my family while I’m there as well. “ As he spoke the cars were doing their ¼ mile sprints. Those would be done with quick enough though and then it would be onto the last race of the day.

” And there is one more thing Blue, thanks for taking the time to come here with me.” Styx gave her a grin as he gave her another small squeeze. She had a busy work schedule and he knew that she wouldn’t be able to take off from it to many times like this. But at least they seemed to be making the most of the time they had.
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Blue grinned tiredly up at him but she shook her head. She was not ready for bed yet. As much as it sounded like it would be nice. To hit the sack and get up in the morning, in a way she was totally not ready for that to happen. She wasn't ready to give up her day. She was not ready because she was fairly certain that they were heading back home tomorrow. Or she could be wrong she couldn't remember all that clearly.

It would test your skills to the max. To find my apartment, but maybe I will. Maybe I should test you. Afterall, we can see if you're worth your wait as a thief, if you can find my apartment and when I go there. Because that is half the battle. When he mentioned the things that could be done in a real bed Blue's face turned that bright red color that it turned when ever he mentioned something like that. Something like sex or anything that would turn her bright red.

he mentioned that his family was doing well. Except that his brother was feeling under the weather. He mentioned too that he wanted to go to Bastion soon to visit them as well as to visit his father. She smiled softly. She knew that it was big for him talking about his family to her. She was certain that no one really knew about them. Because he couldn't thrive in this business of his without being able to keep his family hidden. So she knew that it showed how much he truly thought of her that he talked about them so openly.

Let me know when, and I might be able to take a few days off. I would like to meet your family. Especially, if we, are going to be something.

He thanked her for coming with him. She bit her lower lip turning pink as she ducked her face into his shoulder and put her arms around his waist closing her eyes for a few moments. It was sweet that he thought this way. She was actually enjoying herself. I really am enjoying myself. I appreciate it. So much. Thank you for inviting me. I have been having a great time, and getting to know you better has been even better.

She smiled up at him. Looking over at him, and then the twenty lap race started. She turned her attention back to the track and leaned against him. It was nice to be here with someone. To not be Blue the New Dawn inventor. To just be Blue. She nearly wanted to tell him her real name, something he was going to have to dig up to find her apartment anyway. Then she looked back over at Solomon and was just happy to be with him.

Want to go for a walk? The area won't be so crowded while the races are going on and my rear is falling asleep.
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Solomon puffed up his chest in mock outrage. "Test my worth as a thief? Do you truly doubt my mad skillz?" His tone was obviously exaggerated as he made his speech drawing a few snorts from his friends close to them. He then slipped out of his false mask as a sly grin appeared on his face. He had a better idea, though it would take just the right day to pull it off. His grin grew slightly feral. "I'll tell you what, I have an idea for my test of worth. I'll set it up then show it to you and then you can tell me if I'm worth my weight as a thief. It will take a few days at least for me to get ready I think. But once that is done if it's good enough you can tell me where your apartment is. How about that bet? And no snooping while I get it set up, I'll need those few days uninterrupted."

She put off telling him about her family and instead asked for him to let her know when he was planning to go up to meet his. He guessed that things were still a little distant with her own family if she didn't want to mention them. Or she just forgot about that part of the question over news of his own family. Well he wouldn't dig if she didn't want to answer and if it was simply unheard then he would probably hear about them later. But as for her coming up to visit Bastion with him he thought for a moment. "Sure, if you can come up that would be great. But... when I go to visit dad you can't come. They log all those meetings carefully and they would defiantly get your real name. I know you got family in the guard and it probably wouldn't be best for them to find out about me by them getting a knock from the LP asking them about your association with me."

He smiled slightly as she told him she was having a good time and gave her a small squeeze. "Good, glad your enjoying yourself." She mentioned wanting to stand and walk and he nodded with a grin. "We can't have that, now can we? And I don't suppose a pinch to wake it up would go over well."

Styx motioned to the guys that he was going out with Blue for a bit and got the two a little space to squeeze out of their section of the stands. When they got out of the crowd he slipped his arm around Blue's waist. As they walked away from the crowds into the concession stands he dropped his hand a little and gave Blue a light pat on the butt. "So is your rear fully awake yet?" He grinned at his teasing and slipped his arm back up to wrap tightly around Blue's middle. "So you want to grab something a little more substantial then hotdogs to take back to the tents maybe? And is there anything in particular that you would like to get for dinner?
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She rose her brow.

Oh, but I do. Afterall, you haven't managed to steal anything of mine, save for a kiss.

She gave a little grin. She couldn't help it. But he told her that he had an idea, one that would test his worth as a thief and if at the end of that she decided that she wanted to show him her apartment, then she could. So it was something that was in her hands. Besides, she was fairly certain he would not find it. She knew that her apartment was actually under her sisters' name because she was the one that had the time to go out and find the damn thing. Blue was much too busy and really didn't mind living in the lab and going to the folks' once a week for laundry duty.

He seemed okay with her tagging along if he went up to Bastion to see his family. For that she was glad. She wanted to meet them, and it seemed as though that would be the perfect opportunity. She wasn't sure how often he went up to see his family so she might as well jump on the chance while she could. But that he didn't want her to go see his father with him because of the records that they kept and it might look bad in the end.

Blue nudged him playfully when he mentioned he was willing to pinch her rear to wake it back up. But she couldn't help but chuckle as they got up and headed across the stands, people making way for them. She just couldn't sit on the metal bleachers any longer. And she was normally used to moving constantly. She was always doing something. Creating something, inventing something or underneath something she was never in one place for very long. He popped her on the butt making her blush and jump at the same time before shooting him a glare that was mixed with a smile.

You're quite comfortable, aren't you. she chuckled. He then asked if she wanted to get something to eat, and then head back to the tents. That sounded pretty good to her, of course, she didn't want to eat hot dogs and apparently neither did he. I don't know what I want to eat, but eatin' sounds good. So lets just look around and see what we can find.

Blue took his hand gently, as they walked, letting them walk together. It was nice to be a couple, to know where they stood. She knew the risks involved and she was willing to accept them for now. They were not too great. She would have to reasses if that turned out to happen though, risks increasing. They walked together, and she ended up leaning against him so that his arm could wrap around her waist. They walked for a while, a lot of stalls seemed to have some great tasting food according to the smells but she was enjoying the walking part at the moment.

Finally, they came upon a place with spicey food. A Blue weakness. She wasn't sure how Sol did with it, but she didn't mind getting something else for him but she was totally going spicey. She ordered herself a large box of spicey chicken on rice with some vegetables and grilled peppers on the side. She paid for her meal and let Sol order here or look for somewhere else if he felt that he needed to. After they both had food and plenty of drinks for the night, having bought a pack of water and beer they headed back to their tents.

So Gracie was a total bitch, hitting on you. She's realllllly lucky that I had my nice face on today. she mentioned having said nothing about the incident until now. It hadn't really been worth talking bout, still wasn't except to mention the woman's stupidity. So do you only hang out with these guys when you go to races, or are they real friends? she asked him curiously as they walked back towards their tent.
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Styx laughed when Blue mentioned that he hadn’t stolen anything other than a kiss and gave Blue a mischievous grin. ”Really now, you sure about that?” Still she had a point, but that first time there were extenuating circumstances, i.e. the client setting him up for failure so he would kill Blue. And the second time was when they had started seeing each other and you don’t really steal from someone you’re dating. Oh well, he figured that his little proof would be enough. Because what he was planning would actually be a bit harder to do then just plain stealing something.

”I’m always comfortable, especially for the person lying next to me.” He teased Blue as they strolled back through the Bazaar. She mentioned that she wanted to look around to see what they had to eat and he nodded with an easy acceptance. Styx could eat anything despite his own ability as a cook. All that meant was he knew the difference between good food and bad. So when Blue took his hand he let her lead on, content to just enjoy their time together. It seemed easy now, but one thing he knew about this sort of thing was it always seemed easy at first. But when people started getting sucked into his life things tended to get complicated rather quickly. Few had been able to deal with that fact.

When the inventor stopped in front of a stand for different spicy foods Solomon grinned and filed that little tidbit away. His companion had made a beeline for it as soon as she had seen it so now he knew what kind of food she liked. He got a similar order to Blue, only getting fries instead of vegetables. Once they had their food and drinks and were heading back to the tents he was surprised by Blue bringing Gracie back up and then asking about his friends. He thought for a moment, then decided to answer her honestly.

”What Grace did today had nothing to do with me really and more to do with you. She saw you and immediately was trying to one up you. Not that she really had a chance, but there you go.” As he spoke, Solomon wondered if Blue would believe him. It wasn’t the popular conception, but both genders were capable of doing some incredibly stupid things when trying to one up another. In this case it just happened to involved Styx. If it had been any other guy sitting next to Blue then they would have likely been the target instead of him. Unless it was obvious to all that Mark was the better catch by far.

” Now as for the guys, yeah I hang out with them occasionally back in the city. Usually not in as big a group as this, but a few of us will go out to a bar or whatever. Some of them are more business associates and some are friends of friends if you know what I mean, but all in all we’re all from the same click. Though how I met them all varies. Like Mark put two in my chest about four years ago, Hanna tried to slit my throat while I was cracking a safe, Quinn was after the same target as me and tried to throw me off the roof of a building…” He started counting off other meetings, most starting off in a similar nature to the ones he had listed where the person had started out trying to take his life. He then tilted his head to the side and then gave Blue a grin. And you had about twenty different guns pointed at me when we first met. Well actually it started out as just one, but when you realized you weren’t dreaming you had guns popping out everywhere.”

They were at their tent now and he held open the flap to let Blue in. ”Of my normal associates the only people I can think of off the top of my head that didn’t try to kill me the first time they met me were Delvin and …” He paused, his smile fading for an instant before it was back. That would still ached when he thought about it, even after all this time. ” Well that ain’t important now, the past is the past and I don’t hold it against anyone. They ain’t trying to kill me now and we all get along, that’s good enough for me.”

He didn’t want to go back there, back to where he was knee deep in those dead by his hands. He didn’t want to see her like that again. He didn’t want to remember. Not tonight, while they were having a good time. He wasn’t going to ruin Blue’s vacation like that.
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Checkered Flags (Blue)
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