A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Niara 'Blue' Tiran

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PostSubject: Niara 'Blue' Tiran   Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:41 pm

• niara • auberdene • tiran •

Name: Niara ‘Blue’ Auberdene Tiran
Nickname: Blue
Age: 25
Weight: One hundred and twenty eight pounds
Height: Five feet nine inches

Eye color: Blue and green. Blue on the outer iris, green around the pupil.
Hair color: Black with blue highlights
Race: Half elf/ half human
Residence: Librium
Nationality: North America

Play By: Katie McGrath

• all in the details •

Niara is very pale, mostly from staying inside most of the time. Because she is often in her lab or in her apartment working on things. It is pretty rare to see her outside and thus her pale form. Her skin tends to be stained with grease or some other form of something that she works with. She also tends to have rough hands from working with tools and with her hands all the time. Covered in callouses.

She is a bit tall for a girl, standing at five foot nine inches, she towers above many of her feminine counterparts. She is thin but she has a good musculature. You can see the muscles that move underneath her pale skin, they aren’t very profound, but they are enough to see when she moves and works on things. Her hair is often pulled back off her face, she rarely lets it down because it’s long, thick, and often curly. Her eyes are normal, but they are unique in the fact that around the pupil is green but the outer iris is a ring of blue. With the natural blue streaks in her hair, she is often an eye catcher.

Niara is often very engrossed in her business. She is the kind of woman that could spend days working on a project before she just completely passes out of her lab table. She is often distracted. Even when she is with her family or not at work her mind is often churning and thinking about new ideas. She always carries around a notebook and pensil to sketch things when she needs to, so that her mind can start to calm down.

When she’s working on something she is very obsessed with her work until it’s done often going through the night, and days sometimes to get something done. When you do get her attention she is usually a bit closed off and she doesn’t speak very much. She says what she has to say, and feels is important. She doesn’t usually chat or talk just for no reason so you better come with a point.

Technopath: She is capable of using her tap to mana and communicate with devices. For this she does not need to be in touch with the device but she does need to be at least two hundred feet from the device she is communicating with. Able to slide her mind into the programming and enable her to work the computer or device’s programs with ease.

Cyberpathy: The ability to allow her access to the World Wide Internet without having to actually access the internet through a computer. Her mind can instantly connect merely from putting forth the mana to do so.

Blueprints: Being able to take an image of an idea from her mind and begin to upload the blue prints of the ideas in her mind straight onto a computer, device, or printer. Or allows her to touch the object, and see the blueprints that were used in it’s creation as well as the programming that was in place.

Repair: Allowing her to repair small problems with devices and creations. It has to be small, a tear, gash, scuff, rough spot small damage. Larger things require actual work.

Bolt: The ability to tighten or loosen bolts that need. Making it a bit easier for her.

Weld: The ability to weld metal together, by touching the joint with her. Can do this for joints, and any sort of metal that has a melting point. She is capable of doing this anywhere that she can put her finger.

Program: Tapping into the chips and memory of the creation that she has made, she can program it straight from her mind. Making it do what she needs it to and creating it so that it suits her purpose.

Diagnose: When someone comes to her with a problem concerning their device, she is able to use a gesture and figure out what is wrong with the device and if it’s repairable.

((Hand gestures are used, to help concentrate the mana to her will for the lighter spells))


Greater Repair: The ability to repair almost anything. Unless the device or vehicle is totaled beyond any sort of repair it is likely that she can fix it. This is a more complex spell and the gestures are larger, more complicated, and take a while longer, actually adding in a little body movement as well. To call up the mana to do her will.

Animate: Being able to take a device, or a creation of hers and give it the semblance of life. It does not actually have life, it will obey her orders and her programming at all times and has no free will. But it will move, and be able to have it’s own voice.

((Dance and large gestures are used to do these, as well as time taken. These are not instant, some take an hour, some more, but it is a very complex thing to do.))

Languages: Knows Elven and English

Guns: She is efficient at shooting and using guns. Mostly pistols. Carries a 9mm with her at all times.

Creative Thinkiing

• the tale of a lifetime•

Before, Niara, was known as Blue, she was born to a loving but controversial family. She was born to a Elven mother and a Human father. They had fallen in love during the war. When she was an elven healer and had come across a human. Their Elven group had wanted to kill the human. Afterall, he was their enemy, but she refused to let it happen. Not because it was love at first site, but because she had always believed that everyone deserved care. The humans were horrible, and had scarred the surface of Terra, shaking their Sanctuaries, but he was hurt, and she wished to tend to him. And tend to him she did. Over the time that she had cared for the human they grew close and eventually in love.

They wasted no time getting married and wishing to start a life and a family. Though they were looked on with ill will by many, they didn’t care. Love was love, and as the phrase often says, love knows no bounds. It wasn’t long before they had their first child, a son, and they were quite happy with him. She was still a healer but mainly stayed home taking care of her son Nathan.

Two years later, they gave birth to their first daughter Neona, and five years after Neona they gave birth to their final child, Niara. Niara took a great deal after her mother, with her black hair with blue streaks and her strange multi-hued eyes. Niara was much younger than her siblings and was often left behind has the other two were closer and more apt to do things together.

Her father was gone a lot, because he had always been a soldier and had never really given that up. He traveled a lot with the army and even though they were fighting against the Others, he and his wife were still strong.

When her father finally retired and came home, her brother was old enough to enlist and head off to the fight. This enabled Niara to start getting to really know her sister. As with Nathan gone, Neona had no one else to really hang out with. The sisters began to get to know each other but they were very different. Niara was always taking things apart. Categorizing, drawing diagrams of them, and putting them back together. Maybe even trying to change them, alter them for the better.

She had always enjoyed staying in her room working on things. It looked more like a garage than it did a girl’s room.

When she was twelve years old, news came that her brother had died in his service of the war. The entire family was devastated. Niara had not been too close to her brother, but that didn’t mean that she was oblivious to his loss. But what really shook her was the very day that they found out about Nathan’s death Neona took off running away. The loss of both her siblings really shook Niara to her core.

For six months she stayed at home with her grieving parents alone. Feeling the brunt of everything. Her father’s anger at the situation. Losing his only son and then his eldest daughter running away. Her mother grieving the loss of her children. Niara was left mostly to herself. She dove into her experiments, her work. Magic had always come easily to Niara but this was when she really dove into her work. Figuring out the signals and gestures to use to meld the mana to her work. Making magic work with her.

It was here she started creating her own companion. She barely ate, barely slept, and her parents barely noticed that the one child they had left was pulling away further from society and other people by the day. This was when she created Albert. Just before her sister returned six months after she left, Albert was finished. Niara was already onto new things, but Albert, the first version of him was complete.

When her sister came back she was changed, different, and Niara wasn’t sure what to think about her. And in that six months a large change had come over her. Niara was not the same person that she had been before Neona had left. She was more reclusive, and often locked herself in her room for days. Working on her projects, trying to figure things out, and working on perfecting her magic.

After Enlightenment, Niara felt as though it was time for her to get herself a job. She moved to Librium, since they were a city that welcomed both humans and Others alike. Being a half breed it was the perfect place for her to go. With her expertise she went off and got herself a job at New Dawn. Quickly, dubbed Blue because of the colors in her hair as well as her eyes. She worked her way up the ranks quickly, because of her talents, and became one of the leading Inventors in the Corporation.


Albert: A creation of Blue’s that is a helper and constant companion. Al is part alarm clock, parts holder, tool caddy, and storage device. He has the ability to interact and communicate if he wants to, it took her weeks of small incantations, movements and gestures to create the programming and abilities that Albert has. He is a vast storage device for any kind of information that she downloads to him from her mind. His wings are thick and hold tools within. His talons are very nimble allowing him to hold parts or go retrieve something for her when she is in the middle of a job. The round section on his belly is actually his speaker, and a port for retrieving information the mundane way if she has a message for someone. The owl can fly, using it’s wings to glide, and power boosters hidden under it’s tail for it’s propellant. The boosters are fueled by fuel that she has to make sure is filled before she sends him off. Behind the eyes are cameras that can capture images if he is to be used as a spy. Blue has a battery that requires recharging for five hours at least, every day to keep him going. If his battery gets too low he lets out a whistle and shuts down to preserve the information stored within until he can get a charge.

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PostSubject: Re: Niara 'Blue' Tiran   Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:54 pm

Note: any times or custom equipment that you make for yourself or another character that imparts, magic, enhancement, or ability, must be submitted for approval in the staff help area and then added to the owner's sheet before it can be used in story.

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PostSubject: Re: Niara 'Blue' Tiran   Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:42 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Niara 'Blue' Tiran   

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Niara 'Blue' Tiran
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