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 The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)

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PostSubject: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:03 pm

Tonight was the night.

The New Dawn Charity Ball.

It happened once a year, and it was manditory in attendance. Blue never went to stupid things like this, but if she didn't show then she would have to deal with Knightly and all his little comments when he 'dropped' by her lab to make sure that she was still alive or what not. Basically, so he could ream her about forgetting to go.. again.

This year, she wasn't going to get that lecture, and this year she had a date. She had to admit she was almost excited about it. She had gone through some old trunks in her mother's attic to find a dress. Blue didn't mind new things but she was some what classical when it came to dressing up and she wanted something that was more one of a kind than it was.. new and shiny.

Blue was at her place, Sol had gotten them a car and he was coming to pick her up. She was excited to go, and she knew that he would look fantastic in his tux when he showed up. She paced the room. Her outfit whirled around behind her as she walked. She wasn't used to heels but her elven grace made it look as though she had worn them since the day she was born. She had dressed up nicely, and she loved the antique lace of the dress and the way that she didn't have to step on the train or anything when she moved.

When the knock came at the door, she rushed over to it. Her hair was down. Pulled back slightly away from her face with a silver glistening leaf shaped clip that allowed her hair to stay loose in it's black curls but just not remain in her face. When she opened the door she stood there, in her dress and all with a soft smile on her face as she took Sol's outfit in. The car waited below and she was eager to get down there and .. to get going so that they could come home after the entire thing was over and perhaps have a good night of sleep.

You look amazing, who knew you could clean up so well. she teased her boyfriend as she stepped out onto the terrace closing the door behind her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:40 pm

Solomon tugged at his collar one more time as he drove the car he had rented. He hated the stupid monkey suit that he had to go in, he much preferred his comfortable street cloths. He probably looked ridiculous anyways, no matter what the girl at the tux shop said. He never really saw what people liked about these things. It felt like you could barely move, he probably couldn't even jump a fence in this thing without something getting caught. About the only good thing from having to wear this thing was that he was going to get to see Blue dressed up, and he had no doubt that the inventor would be looking good.

Pulling up Blue's apartment building, Solomon got out of the car with a little bit of a stumble. He and Blue were normally the same height and Blue had wanted to wear heels. The thief in turn had to find a pair of platformed dress shoes so they could match height again. He wasn't use to wearing shoes which added an extra two inches to his height and his feet were hitting the ground sooner then he expected. He was just glad the design of the shoe was such that it hid the addition to his height, however it seemed he might come off a little more clumsy then he usually was.

When he knocked on the door he heard the sounds of Blue rushing toward it and he couldn't help but grin. He leaned on the door frame with one arm as his thumb hooked into his pants pocket. Here he was, in a tux and clean shaven and what opened the door was a vision of beauty. Letting out a low whistle at the sight before him, he gave Blue a wide grin at her teasing. "Well what can I say, when a goddess blesses a humble man like myself with her company I have to make at least some effort to be presentable." He gave a small bow and a cheeky grin, but quickly the grin turned into a gentle smile.

"In all seriousness you look lovely Blue. It's even worth being in this monkey suit to see you like this." He gently tugged at his collar again, definitely not use to the feeling of wearing a collared shirt. He then offered his arm to Blue. "It would be my honor and pleasure to escort the illustrious Mistress of Machines to the charity ball of New Dawn. Would the exalted lady kindly accept the escort of this humble man?"

If Blue did take his arm he would lead her to the car where he could get the passenger door for her. It wasn't long before they were off to a night that hopefully would end up being a wonderful evening. "So you looking forward to this?" Styx asked Blue with a grin. He found it a bit humors that a Slum-Dog thief like him was going to be rubbing elbows with all the rich and powerful that were going to be at this event. He would have to restrain his instinct to nick a couple of wallets and the like from all the nose in the air upper crust that were bound to be there. He was there to make a good impression and help make Blue's life a little easier. After all if they let Knightly have to much leeway things could get complicated.
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PostSubject: Re: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:01 am

Alright ladies and gents, I've been gone fifteen minutes, what's your status?

Ethan drove his specially equipped vehicle, both hands on the wheel as he weaved in and out of traffic. He didn't like leaving Blue in the hands of "the crew" for very long. Whenever "John" couldn't be there, and let's face it: the man had to shower and change at some point, New Dawn's idea of safety was employing a private security firm. The firm, known as CheckMate Security, was a bunch of bumbling idiots who could barely keep a squirrel from getting in to a stash of nuts. Pushing the microphone key on his earpiece once again, "John" spoke with more authority.

I repeat, do you bumbling fools have Twink in visual?

The codename for Blue was an honorific for her obsession with cream filled yellow "cakes" known as Twinkies. Ethan couldn't stand them, but Blue loved them...and that is all that mattered. A squelch of static exploded in his ear as a reply came over the airwaves, and Ethan found himself wincing with every word.

[Confirmed. Twink is on the terrace with Quickfingers. Echo Tango Alpha?]

You're clear, dumbass. Get out of my sight and back to the reception.

Despite all his urgings, New Dawn insisted on this bunch of imbeciles presiding over security at the Charity Ball. Ethan would've cared more if his client wasn't walking in to the shit-storm of dumb that was high level management. He could never stand these uptight, too much money for their own good types. They always wanted to know what department you were in, and then looked down at you when you told them you were the meat sent to stand in front of the greatest mind the company had ever seen.

Note to self: remind Knightly how much Blue dislikes these events...and how its getting in the way of her work.

The thought made him smile, watching the wobbly made waddle faster every time he saw "John" in the hallway. According to his secretary, he became quite frightened when the Executive Vice President of Research and Development and the Senior VP of Security and Public Health both told him they could care less if Ethan snapped his fat little neck for more progress out of Ms. Tiran. Their words...not his. Still, the thought of seeing Knightly again made the bodyguard smile.

Pulling up in front of the rented car Blue's "boyfriend," she still refused to give Ethan his name, "John" stepped out and slammed the door, leaving the car's motor running.

You look amazing, who knew you could clean up so well.

I know, right? You don't look so bad with all the grease out of your hair.

The pair looked at him for just a moment before continuing their conversation, whilst "John" pulled out a small explosives detector and scanned the rental car.

*BEEP* [No Ordinance Detected]

Climbing up the stairs quickly, Ethan shot a quick scan on Solomon and then Blue...just for good measure.

*BEEP* [No Ordinance Detected]

Ok, no bombs. I'm satisfied for now....have fun kids!

Turning to leave, Ethan stopped for a moment and looked directly at Solomon. Something was....odd. "John" was taller than the pair, but, Sol was...

Did you get taller? Who's your plastic surgeon? You look fab!

Ethan couldn't tell what he found funnier: the fact that he asked the questions like a flamboyant seven-year-old, or that he kept from rolling his eyes the entire time.
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PostSubject: Re: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:07 am

She was certain some people might wonder how she ended up with Sol. Not that she was better than him. Just that she was so legit, and he was so.. not. But the thing that she loved the most about Sol was his constant ability to surprise her. Making her laugh, smile, giggle, and blush. But more than that was the spontaneous nature that he brought into her life that was previously unexperienced before then. And when she opened the door to see him leaning against the door frame with his thumbs hooked on his belt loops she couldn't help but laugh.

Love was.. a luxurious word. One that Blue had never used outside her family but there were times that she thought it .. about Sol. She had mentioned it once in passing to him, but the reaction she had gotten, had discouraged her from pursuing it further. Closing the door to the apartment where she lived she took his offered arm before... she heard a voice that made her want to punch his face.


I don't recall asking for your pressence or your opinion, John-boy

They had made it down the stairs and John was scanning the car for bombs, she supposed though she had done perfectly fine all her life without anyone scanning her vehicles for any sort of explosive devices. Of course, she didn't really scan them herself either, she had never expected that it would be something that would be a problem. Her eyes glared at him as he actually had the nerve to scan her and Sol. Then.. he went too far.

Blue's eyes flared with fire as she dropped her arm from Sol's and closed the distance between her and John-boy. A name that was fun the first day, and she had completely stuck with it because she could tell he hated it.

If you want to retain your balls, and therefore your manhood I would suggest you leave me the hell alone for the rest of the night and let your little lackies blend into the crowd. If I so much as feel someone scanning me ... so help me.. I will cram my next twinkie up your ass!

This was all hissed as she had gotten close then she spun, her hair swinging out and slapping him in the chest as she stalked back to Sol taking a deep breath to calm herself.

Can we go please? I would like to get this night started so we can try to have a good time so that we can leave and have a better time later. she asked Sol as they finished their walk to the car now that John was done looking it over.
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PostSubject: Re: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:05 am

Styx glanced over to where he heard someone else approaching and gave John-Boy a little grin. He had heard the comment about him getting plastic surgery and was about to quip back when Blue snapped at John-boy. The thief gave a surprise blink in Blue's direction, then looked over at the Bodyguard. Well maybe that last scan was a bit much, It wasn't like Blue would have a bomb on her. Unless someone like Sol reverse pickpocketed it and placed it on the inventor. However Solomon wouldn't do that to Blue, though really John wouldn't know that about the thief. Still he should probably be a little insulted he guessed, but really all he felt like doing was shrugging. When Blue requested that they got out of there the thief nodded and opened the door to the car he rented.

Once Blue was in and he was in the driver seat Sol would start the engine and start taking them in the direction of the ball. Glancing over to Blue, Solomon gave her a small smile. "Hey, doing alright over there?" He asked in a gentle tone as he guided the rental car through the streets. "Don't think about it to much. Instead think about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful woman on my arm for this event. Oh wait, that's what I should be thinking about if I get ticked off at someone. You should, well you got an alright looking guy on your arm that just so happens the be one of the best thieves around. So if you want I can totally break into his place and doodle on his face when he passes out for the night if you would like." Solomon gave Blue a grin, hoping that she would feel a little better.

It wasn't that far from Blue's apartment to where the Ball was, and luckily for Solomon there was valet parking so he didn't have to worry about figuring out where to put the vehicle for an easy walk. So he pulled up in front of the building where the Ball was being held and turned off the engine before going around to Blue's side and opening the door for her. The parking attendants stared at the lovely half-elf for a moment before Sol tossed one of them the keys to the rental.. "Hey, do I get a ticket or something." The attendant nodded and produced a tag for the thief to claim the car when the night was over.

Offering his arm to Blue, Solomon gave the inventor a wide grin. "So shall we go in so you can knock the socks off everyone in there and I can make every man jealous for having the most beautiful woman on my arm"? He lightly teased Blue as he tugged a little at his tux's collar. Oh how he hated wearing a collared shirt, It was annoying him to a small degree.
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PostSubject: Re: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:35 pm

If you want to retain your balls, and therefore your manhood I would suggest you leave me the hell alone for the rest of the night and let your little lackies blend into the crowd. If I so much as feel someone scanning me ... so help me.. I will cram my next twinkie up your ass!

Gods help him....he loved getting her mad. Blue spun so fast, her hair slapped against his chest as she stomped away. "John" backed up slowly as the smile cracked his face nearly in two. He had to restrain himself from laughing.

You're cute when you're mad!

He needed to leave, or someone might want to keep him there for less than fun reasons. Heading back to his own car, chuckling as he went, he could feel the hot fury of Blue's eyes on his back. She could've only glared for a moment, yet the fury tended to have some staying power. Opening his vehicle's door, Ethan quickly entered and started the engine.

For some reason, New Dawn's director of security thought it would be a good idea to give the reins of securing the event to "John," especially since his department had come under review for letting "John" walk two large knives and a pistol through a security checkpoint in the main building. Of course, the director also let Ethan make no decisions on anything regarding the security of the event, which was like telling someone to cook "anything," but then dictating the ingredients and the method of preparation. He could feel it already...

...someone was gonna try to make "John" look like an idiot. Now that just wasn't going to happen.

Pulling in to the reserved parking spot, Ethan nearly leaped out of the car and walked briskly in to the event. A large chandelier dangled above a grand ballroom filled with well-to-dos and the general pompous assery of both the New Dawn Corporation and the City of Librium. These were not Ethan's people. Nevertheless, he strode confidently in to the venue, trying to blend in with the penguin parade until he found who he was looking for...

Director Richardson!

A man, who could be considered tall by some, turned at the mention of his name. The slight smile on Kevin Richardson's face turned to a grimace as he saw who had called him. "John" caught up quickly as Richardson turned to continue walking, letting his short salt and pepper hair sway with the force of his movement.

What do you want, Rivers?

Ethan smiled, the sort of knowing smile that was never good on a man like "john Rivers." I'm just glad you could make it...it seems your early arrival has spared you some embarrassment, for now anyway.

What are you talking about?

Oh! Did you not see the news today? The Terran Guard raiding some mercenary camp outside the city on an anonymous tip. The news said they were pursuing other suspects...as we speak. Kevin...you look a little white. Are you alright? Do you really think I wouldn't find them?

The Director's face switched between hues of pallor and rouge, but his face spoke of pure terror. The man rushed away in to the crowd, where Ethan surmised he was going to void his stomach contents in a lavatory. It really didn't matter what Richardson did tonight, the fact was a squad of Guardsmen had raided his home a few minutes ago, and they were waiting for his exit from the very ball. Ethan let a large smile cross his face, flashing white teeth to the world.

Tonight was looking to be a bit of fun after all.

==You two can post for a bit without me, I will jump in at some point unless either of you wish to interact with Ethan! Have fun!==
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PostSubject: Re: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:34 pm

Blue was quiet, in the car.

She was thinking. And when Blue was thinking it was never a good idea, especially when it was concerning the way she wanted to do many dirty.. nasty.. mean.. painful things to a man named John Rivers. She wanted to do all manner of things and she had already hacked half way into his home security system and was ready to fry the sucker when Sol's voice came to her, and she got distracted.

Damn him.

Well not really, damn him, it was just that she had almost had a small piece of revenge and now she would have to get back in and it wasn't worth the effort to go back in twice. She looked over at him and gave a nod. She just hated that John could get to her. He shouldn't be able to so easily, but there was something about him that just made her angry. So easily.

He told her that she was beautiful, and that she should remember that she was on the arm of one of the best thieves in the area. And that if she wanted, he would break into John's house and write all over his face. Blue gave a slight smile and she took his hand in her own while he drove.

They got to the ball rather easily. Parked in the valet area, and as she got out Blue was oblivious to the stares of others. She didn't normally show to these kind of events and Blue was rather lovely. Her half elven heritage tended to give her a grace that many human women lacked. Sol came around after he got his ticket and they began to head up to the ball proper. Inside, they checked in and Blue had her fingerprints scanned so that they could make sure that she worked for them and was not someone trying to sneak in under a false name. Approved, she and Sol were able to step into the full ball room with it's crystaline chandeliers.

White tables covered in lovely linens and flower boquets almost gave the entire room that wedding reception feel. A orchestra was on the side playing some classical music. There was a silent auction going on, on tables stationed in another room for those that were interested, and there were a fair amount of couples already dancing.

I guess, perhaps, we should get a dance in first?
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PostSubject: Re: The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)   

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The Things Done for Charity (Open to Logical and Sol)
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