A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Things That Giggle in the Night (Canon ICC)

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PostSubject: Things That Giggle in the Night (Canon ICC)   Tue May 08, 2012 4:30 am

Ethan strolled through the parks of Librium quietly most nights nowadays. He found it calming after a long day of corporate espionage....or waiting for the call to do corporate espionage. The fact was, the calming effects of a long walk on a cool night in near utter silence made Ethan feel at peace. This became increasingly useful, as it gave him time to think about the changes in his life: friends, women, activities. Who knew what was next in life? It was all so confusing....it was good to sit quietly or walk and take some time to think. Sitting on a park bench, he let the breeze flow through his hair as he watched the moon in the sky

Iris Kelrina ran through the park, though not using her vampiric speeds so she looked just like a normal teenager...carrying a stuffed spider over her head and making growling sounds. yeah....normal. In her other hand she held a toy dart gun, the darts had a suction cup on the ends so they'd stick to whatever she shot at. Her dark curls streamed out behind her, her boots barely made a sound however, there were some things even she couldn't change about her undead life. "Target sighted Sergeant Sugarcube." She stated, darting behind a tree to peek around it at the back of the unsuspecting human sitting on the bench. "I've got the shot Sir, should I take it?" Raising her toy gun she aimed it at the back of his neck where the bare skin peeked through, as if she could hear her stuffed spider talking she pulled the trigger and the toy dart shot out of the gun and right at Ethan.

Ethan's sensitive hearing caught the last sentence behind the tree, and immediately planted his feet to dive. Hearing the click of something in the distance, he ducked and rolled, pulling a pistol from his hoodie and pointing it at the tree from a one-knee kneeling position. "Come out with your hands where i can see them...don't try anything." Seeing a hand from behind the tree, Ethan slowly stood, keeping his gun trained on the motion in front of him.

Iris Kelrina couldn't help herself, his reaction was better then she could have ever hoped for, and she started giggling like a child. Leaping out from behind the tree, she pointed her toy pistol at him and shot off another round. Her stuffed spider clutched in her other hand by one of it's legs. Using her vampiric speed, she darted two feet to the left and shot another round, repeating the process two more times so by the time she was done, he had four toy darts heading straight for him from four different directions.

The sound of giggling wafted to Ethan's ears to produce a teenage girl clutching a stuffed spider and a dart gun. Firing a shot at him, Ethan let the plastic dart bounce off his chest as the giggling girl zipped around him with incomprehensible speed. More plastic darts found their mark and bounced off of him as Ethan safed his gun and placed it back in his hoodie's front pouch. "Shouldn't you be home sleeping? Its far too late for a girl to be up, prancing about in the park...."

Iris Kelrina stopped her darting about and narrowed her eyes at him. she planted her fists on her hips, one still holding the toy gun and the other still holding her spider. "Bedtimes are for babies! Also, I don't sleep so there." She finished this statement by sticking her tongue at him and then following it up by shooting another dart directly at his forehead. The girl had nearly perfect aim, and if he didn't dodge, it would stick directly to the center of his forehead. Her dark hair held a rainbow of bright hair extensions, and her eyes nearly glowed a mysterious green color with the use of her vampiric powers.

Ethan raised an eyebrow at Iris' outburst. Babies were children, and children had bedtimes....and this girl was a child! Meeting her stare with a cold, frosty glare, Ethan watched as she fired another dart, directly at his head. With one quick motion, Ethan's hand flew up and snatched it out of the air. "Are you quite done?" Crossing his arms and watching her with a look that could chill blood, Ethan looked like some sort of over-knowing parent.

Iris Kelrina had now been thoroughly pissed off. Her demeanor would visible change from that of a child to that of a young and powerful woman. Her toy gun got holstered into the front pocket of her jeans and from the pocket of her jacket wold come a real gun. She aimed it at his chest, her other hand depositing the stuffed toy into her back pocket and with a flick of her wrist a knife would appear. "Oh no Chippy, I'm just gettin started." Even the tone of her voice would change to a much older version.

The glint of moonlight on black steel immediately shot Ethan's hand back in to his hoodie as Iris pulled a real gun. "What the hell are you doing with that? I don't want anyone to get hurt. Put the gun down." The girl was quick, and with just his pistol on him, Ethan knew he would be in a world of hurt when he brought a gun to her knife fight...never mind that she was packing too! Aiming his own pistol at her neck....just in case...Ethan spoke slowly to his new found adversary. "Let's both put these away...no need to use them. Let's just calm down."

Iris Kelrina began laughing again at his words and she couldn't help herself as she fell over into the grass laughing hysterically. "Oh dear gods Chippy you are so funny!" Turning over on her side, her gun still in her hand she eyed him for a moment. "I was calm, you're the one treating my like a child, perhaps you should use your brain." With a burst of her vampiric speed, she shot up and ran right up to him, stopping so close that she was definitely violating his personal space. Her glowing green eyes staring up at him as if she were studying him.

Now....Ethan was truly confused. This crazy little girl was now laughing near hysteria at him! What was with this girl? "If you're not a child, then what are you then?" The frustration was getting to him, as he nearly growled that response to her...his calm of the night clearly escaping him at this point. Her speedy intrusion forced Ethan's hand as he instinctively pushed her back out of his space. "I'm sorry..but too damn close...girl. What's your name?"

Iris Kelrina barely waited for the words to leave his mouth before she flipped her knife around in her fist so she wouldn't stab him as she brought her fist up to punch him across the jaw. She put her vampiric strength behind the move as he had crossed the proverbial line. She was a bit surprised to find that he was harder then most humans should have been, but her strength and speed made up for his added weight due to the technology his body possessed. The feel of her fist on his flesh wold be like the icy touch of death, and her strength would be able to knock him back at least a few feet perhaps more if he wasn't really expecting it. She stabilized her stance and made ready in case he came back at her but still stared at him with those eery glowing green eyes.

She was much quicker than he thought. Without so much as a second thought, Iris swung and landed a small fist on the side of his jaw. The power that came from that small fist did not match up with the laws of physics. The blow sent Ethan staggering back a couple of steps before he lost his balance and fell hard on his back. Groaning loudly with a high pitched whistle that followed. "Wow...you sure do pack a wallop, girl." Sitting up slowly, resting on the palms of his hands, Ethan rubbed his jaw. "I give up...with you're glowstick eyes, serious cage fighting skills, and speedy feet....what are you?"

Iris Kelrina arched a brow as he mentioned her glowstick eyes and then her lips curled into a smile. "Glowstick...I like that. And my name isn't girl...it's Iris. I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet human," She allowed her fangs to descend, turning her childlike face into the face of a monster. "How bout now Chippy? Do you recognize me now?"

"Human?" Now it was starting to make sense...there was no way she could be normal with those kind of attributes. Rising up to sit indian-style, Ethan watched the fangs descend in Iris' mouth, as his own gape widened in astonishment. Nearly leaping from his seated position, Ethan had his gun back out and pointed at Iris, his training kicking in to the new threat he faced. "Now you make sense, Iris. Please understand if I seem....hesitant to be so nice."

Iris Kelrina brought her own gun back up as he leveled his at her. "Hey, I was having a blast out here with Sergeant Sugarcube, you're the one who started it. If I wanted you dead I'd have just done it and wouldn't have wasted my time shooting you with my toy gun. You were mean to me first." Her child voice returned on the last phrase and she stamped her foot to emphasize the grievous wrong he'd done to her.

Ethan thought out Iris' words and hated to admit it...the girl made sense. She was faster, unbelievably strong, and had the jump on him. The fact was, if they were going to fight, Ethan had already lost, and he had no way to even the odds. Lowering his gun slowly, and placing it once again in his hoodie's pouch, Ethan held up his hands. "You make a good point Iris, and the fact is I can't out run you unless I overpowered you....and that punch makes me doubt that very much so. I'm sorry if I was mean to you." He couldn't help but smile at the stamp of her foot.

Iris Kelrina eyed him another moment more and then returned her pistol to her jacket pocket, with another flick of her wrist, her knife disappeared up her sleeve. She allowed her fangs to ascend back up into her gum line, making her look like just another teenager once more. "You should apologize to Sergeant Sugarcube too." She told him, pulling the stuffed spider from her back pocket she held it up for him to see. As if it were the most normal thing on the face of Terra.

Ethan stared with dumbfounded amazement at Iris as she presented the stuffed spider for an apology. Trying his best to make his words seem sincere, Ethan nodded solemnly. "I am sorry, Sergeant Sugarcube. I didn't mean to offend you in anyway. By the way, Iris, my name is Ethan."

Iris Kelrina seemed to accept his apology to the spider and lifted the stuffed toy and set him on the top of her head where he remained...staring at Ethan with it's many googly eyes. "Ethan? Ethan Kelly of Paladin?" She asked him. She'd done a couple of side jobs for Paladin in the last few years, her talents with magic negation helped them immensely. Also, she wasn't officially employed by Paladin and was considered expendable, if something happened to her, it wasn't their problem.

Ethan raised his left eyebrow with a smile as the googly-eyed non-commissioned officer of a stuffed spider took position on Iris' head. The look of amusement and curiosity then fell straight on the vampire as she spoke his name and affiliation. "You know me? What do you know of me...Iris the Vampire?"

Iris Kelrina shrugged her shoulders. "Not much, just that you used to fight in the war, and now you work for Paladin. Most of my contacts don't like talking about you, you seem to have them scared silly." She giggled at this, a very childlike chiming sound that filled the crisp night air around them. "It's Iris Kelrina of the Blood Rose Clan." she corrected him. "We also don't like the term Vampire, we prefer Children of Caine."

Ethan chuckled at the thought that her contacts feared him. That was always a good thing. "Well then, I am glad to know that I have made an impression." nodding his head at her correction, Ethan made quick to rectify his mistake. "My apologies, Iris Kelrina of the Blood Rose Clan, we don't know much about the Children of Caine. So...now that our introductions are done...what do we do now?"

Iris Kelrina thought on his words for a moment and then reached into another of her jacket pockets to produce a second toy dart gun. She tossed it to him, at the same time she pulled her own from her jeans pocket and shot one of the darts at him. She darted off just after she shot at him, giggling loudly.

Catching the toy dart gun with a smile, Ethan picked up the fired dart and chased after her. "No super speed! That's cheating!" It was one of those rare moments Ethan found himself doing something he never thought he would in his evening walks....laughing.
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Things That Giggle in the Night (Canon ICC)
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