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 The Caress of the Rain(Blue)

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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:11 am

The night had been amazing. Blue had never been so exhausted as when they were finished and she finally fell into the caress of his arms and the pillows of her bed. She had never, in her life, slept so soundly unless she had found the bottom of a wine bottle on her own which she only did on the rarest of occassions. But even still, Blue was totally passed out in her bed enjoying the warmth of the man that slept beside her, or she thought still slept beside her having not realized that he had gotten up.

Blue had never .. been with a man before. Last night was her first, but it had been one of the most amazing experiences of her life. Now she was totally sure that she should have done this earlier. The thing was, there had never been a guy she was interested in doing that with, not until Sol. So she was glad she waited.

The smells of breakfast were what fully brought Blue back to the world of the waking. Slowly tickling her senses. For most people, their body is what first registers the stimulation of waking up. For Blue, her mind was the first. When her mind clicked on .. so to speak in instantly snapped out for any sort of connection. That was Blue's life. Since her powers had really taken hold they were demanding and constantly in contact with something. She could, of course, turn her mind off, for the most part. But she rarely did. When she was disconnected, she felt half of herself. Like she was missing a great part of herself. And that was never a good feeling to have.

Blue's mind connected with the boards in the house and she knew she was at home in half a second. Before he was in the room, before the smell of pancakes really woke her up. She already knew that she was home, Sol was still here, the oven had recently been in use, the AC was still turned down to night time temperatures, and the fire in the fire place was no longer going. She knew that no one had messed with the house at night, but that the motion sensors had been broken a couple of times for the random nightly bathroom trips of two people in the same house.

Blue's body came awake, when a certain man began to kiss her neck and told her that breakfast was ready. Blue's body shifted slightly, her hands rose up to her face and rubbed the grit from her eyes before those long black lashes parted and her blue and green eyes opened to see the man leaning over her. Dressed in only his boxers. She put her arms around him before he could pull away and gave him a slow soft kiss before she let him go so that she could sit up. Blue, always a bit shy, pulled the sheet up with her as she sat up, feeling weird eating in the nude, but she reached over and grabbed his shirt from yesterday and pulled it on so that she was wearing something that was almost like a dress on her very thin frame.

Mmmmm pancakes, amazing. Thank you. I hope you'll share with me.

Blue said softly as she reached for the coffee. A must have. A lot of Elves didn't drink the stuff, because it was so powerful and they believed it might destroy their delicate senses or some of them just didn't like it. For Blue, it and energy drinks were her life blood at times. A shot of caffine in her system and she was ready for her pancakes. Blue looked over at Sol, a blush coloring her face as she dug into her pancakes and wondered what.. one did.. after a night like they had. What did you do the next morning? She needed a shower that much was for sure, and eventually she had to do laundry and probably go back to work tomorrow, but... what did they do.. now?

What were they.. now?

So.. any plans for the day? she asked curiously.
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:25 pm

Solomon watched as Blue rubbed sleep from her eyes with a smile on his lips. And when she kissed him good morning he kissed her right back. He almost chuckled at the way Blue covered up even though they had already been over each other’s body quite thoroughly the evening before. However he knew that she was a shy girl and he didn't mention it. "And what would you do if I told you they were all for me and I was going to eat them in front of you? He was teasing of course, and soon Blue was enjoying the pancakes and coffee he had prepared while he sat beside her and had some himself.

When she asked her question he thought for a moment then shook his head. "For the morning, no I have no plans. Have a meet in the early evening so I'll probably take a nap sometime after lunch, but besides that my day is pretty much free. He grinned a little and nudged Blue lightly. "And you I know took the day off to enjoy the company of a hansom and dashing thief so is there anything you would like to do this morning? We could talk, snuggle back into bed and sleep the morning away, have another go of last night activities, get a shower and head out somewhere. Whatever we like while we have this time together. Because I know we both probably have busy schedules and might not get to meet again till we go try and make me look respectable for the ball."

He stretched a little as he quickly finished his pancakes and bacon. He always was hungriest when he had just woken up. Maybe it had something to do with his dreams. Thankfully he didn't toss and turn like he use too with them, he was use to the alien images that popped into his head nowadays. Well that didn't matter, the dreams were inconsequential. "I'm glad to be the one to share last night with you Blue? I hope things continue to go as well in the future" His voice was soft and his smile was warm as he slipped his arm around Blue's waist. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and grinned.

He briefly wondered what she would want to do and considered 'teasing' her again. But maybe he should slow down for this morning. He had enjoyed last evening and he was sure that Blue had enjoyed it as well. But he didn't want to push Blue to fast, let things happen naturally like they had last night. He hadn't intended for things to go that far, though to be fair he hadn't intended them not to go that far. He would ride the wind of this fate and see how things went and maybe, just maybe it would be to a happy ending.
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:00 am

I think I would have to find a fantastic form of torture for you to endure while you enjoyed those pancakes you didn't make for me.

They began to eat the pancakes together. She was snuggled happily against him in his shirt and she could not find the motivation to move all too soon. He told her that he didn't have any plans for most of the day. Outside of a nap because he had a meeting that evening. She was kind of upset that he had a meeting, she had hoped to spend an entire day and night with him again, but she knew that was not going to happen that would be fine. Maybe he would come back after his meeting and he could crawl into her bed and fall asleep holding her tightly.

Well, I would like to shower. Preferrably, with you. As I've never done that before and it sounds like it could be fun. Then maybe we could have some fun, if we wanted, get dressed and go out. Maybe go shopping, or do lunch somewhere. We've never really had a date. Come home, nap this afternoon, and then.. maybe you can come home.. I mean back here when your job is over.

They finished breakfast rather quickly. And when he told her that he enjoyed last night and was happy that she had .. given herself to him. That he also, hoped that in the future, .. well that there would be a future and it would go well for them. Blue smiled softly and she leaned over to give him a soft kiss. Gentle and caring before she broke it. She got up and she motioned for him to follow her as she dotted off towards the bathroom. The shower fired up on it's own with the perfect temperature water and she stripped off her shirt and she stepped into the large marble shower.

When he joined her, she turned now that she was all wet and pulled him into the falling water with her. She kissed him long and soft. Taking her time with the kiss and enjoying the way that the water fell on the both of them. Like the rain of last night but not as cold, but gentle and warm, and she felt good against him like before. She bit her lower lip as she pulled back and smiled.

You know. When I held you at gun point, I most certainly did not think this was where we would end up. But I am happy that I was willing to give you a second chance. YOu are not the bad guy that everyone thinks you are. Not all the time anyway. And I think, that part of you, is amazing.

She was being sappy. But she was falling, and falling hard. She had given herself to him last night and he was amazing. She felt like some sort of magical spell had been cast on her. She just wanted to snuggle into him and be held. So she did. She snuggled into his wet body and closed her eyes as the water rained down on them.
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:06 am

He laughed as Blue told him that she would have to invent a fantastic form of torture if he didn’t share the pancakes, speaking through chuckles. [color=red]”I am half tempted, half scared to see what you mean by that. But I think this once I will err on the side of caution.” He leaned back and listened to what she thought they could do for the day and nodded. It sounded like a good plan and it would be nice to go on a ‘regular date’, not often he went on one of those. ”Any place special in mind?”

Kissing Blue back when she leaned in, he followed with a grin as they headed to the shower. Stripping off his boxers and was gently pulled under the cascading waters to join the inventor. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her under the falling water of the shower. It was nice, with the warm water and her soft body against his. He almost wanted to spend the day here, course they would end up looking like prunes.

He chuckled softly when Blue mentioned she was glad to give him a second chance. ”And I’m glad I did bring that dinner back. I considered briefly that I might end up facing another fifty guns coming back, but I thought to myself ‘Meh, give it a shot. If it all went wrong it would be over briefly.’ He gave her a grin to show that he was teasing. Then his smile softened to a warm smile as his hand came up to cup her cheek. ”But you really are too good for me Blue. An amazing, beautiful woman and I’m lucky that your by my side.”

As far as Solomon was concerned, it wasn’t sappy if you kept yourself to your honest feelings. Well… maybe it was sap, but at least it was honest sap. Honest sap was better then that fake sap that the movies poured down your throat. So instead he kissed Blue against she snuggled into him before speaking again in a low, teasing tone. ”So would the mistress of machines care for her humble courtesan to clean her body?”
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:48 pm

Blue couldn't help but blush, the way that he complimented her. Saying she was too good for him. She wasn't. If anything, he made her better. Or at least, he fleshed her out a little bit more. Made her more real, more complete, more something. She didn't say all of this she had already said a little too much on the roof top when he had surprised her with the jewelry she had liked at the races the time that they had gone. So she kept her mouth shut and instead enjoyed her shower.

They washed one another. And played with one another. Having a good time and laughing. It was something that Blue was not used to. Letting someone in and being rewarded for it. Blue and Solomon spent a while in their shower and when they got out they were ready to get dressed and head out. She almost wished she had some clothes here for him because he had nothing else to wear but what he had worn yesterday. But at least she hadn't torn them or anything.

Blue went to her closet and she grabbed a pair of tight fitted jeans and slid her knee high leather boots over them. They had a bit of a heel and were something she would never wear at work. She grabbed a tight fitted black shirt and left her hair down as it began to dry the waves beginning to spring her hair up slightly when it was wet it was very lengthy. The shirt was tight and over it she pulled a white V neck shirt that would have been a deep V if it were not for the black tight cami underneath.

She came out of her closet and crossed the room to him before she took his hand. They headed out and back to her car where it was parked from the night before. They got in, she wasn't sure exactly where they would go but she certainly wanted to go somewhere. They had decided on having a day together. A date day, where they could be together like a normal couple.

How about, we go to the park. Take a little time to just be.

She drove them for a while. Soft music in the back ground. Her hand on his. She didn't really want for the day to end, and she was actually not looking forward to leaving him so she could go back to work, but she would when the time came. They parked the car a few blocks from the park and got out to walk. The security measures on her care were second to none and she knew that no one would be dumb enough to touch it twice. They got to the park, hand in hand. The day was actually lovely. Blue wasn't used to much sunlight but she could tollerate a little.

So.. what do you think? So far? Of us? In the beginning you said, it would be hard. And it will be, I am sure, but, do you think it goes well so far?
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:40 pm

It was nice, just to enjoy the company of another like this. He enjoyed the feel of her skin under his hands as he washed her and the feeling of her hands on his body as she did the same for him. They didn't talk, just laughed and enjoyed each others company. And he didn't have to hide what he was, that was a big thing. He had relationships before where he the one he was seeing didn't know the truth of his profession. Those usually didn't last to long. At least Blue knew and she accepted. Or at least she said she accepted, perhaps in the future he would know for sure. Until then her words were enough and he was happy to spend this time with her.

After their shower he went and gathered his clothing from where they had been scattered. It was a simple enough task and he had only really worn the clothing for a little while yesterday. When he saw what Blue was wearing he let out a small, appreciative whistle. "Looking good." He told her as she took his hand. They moved out to the car and she started driving, no destination in mind except to go out and spend the morning together. She then mentioned going to the park and he grinned. "Sounds like a plan, and this time hopefully no thugs will bother you while I'm around."

Soft music was playing in the car and Blue held his hand as she drove. It was... peaceful, and that was something he hadn't felt in a while. There was always that edge to his world that kept things sharp, but here that edge was dulled. Styx was still aware of what was around him, but it was more out of habit then anything in particular driving the sense. When they got close enough to the park they got out and were walking and it just seemed to get easier. When Blue asked her question Solomon grinned and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"So far things are going better then expected. I enjoy spending the time with you and so far things are going smoothly. Even this thing with Mr. Kightly is not that big of a deal, I mean other people in your company were bound to find out sooner or later right? And it gave us a perfectly good excuse to go out and spend time together. Plus now if I visit you without breaking in nobody will be too surprised. That is, if you wouldn't mind me visiting openly." She could still want him to keep it relatively low key, let the bosses know but maybe not the general staff. But if it was alright with her then he could start bringing over dinner when he had free time and making sure she ate a little better. Plus a half an hour break for dinner would be good for her, he didn't know how she managed to do the multiple day stints, but he would like it if she at least limited her working stints to only three days. Maybe two and a half if he could convince her of that.
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:20 pm

Things were going well.

She was glad that he felt the same way. Because she knew that she did. She had so much fun with him. He was the first person that she actually left work for. He was the one that she loved being surprised by. He was always popping into her lab when she wasn't paying attention, or slipping past her ever evolving security system when she needed it the most. They had found themselves in the midst of a great relationship without really realizing it. And she was very happy that they were together. She could not have found a better man, she was certain.

I wouldn't mind you visiting as much as you wished. I know you are a busy man too, so that is fine. You know I will let you know if I do not have the time for a full visit, or only enough time for a small dinner. Sometimes, I am too busy, but most of the time you are more than welcome.

They walked, hand in hand. She leaned against him a little bit and he put his arm around her waist so they could walk more closely. It was nice, for a short time, to take a step out of the lab and to just enjoy some quiet time. She didn't feel rushed to complete a job, or to fix something, she felt like they could just walk in this park all day and they wouldn't have to worry about a thing. That was never really true, but it was nice to have a moment where you could almost believe.

When are you planning your trip to Bastion to see your family? I want to come along, but I will have to ask a bit in advance in order to do so. she told him softly. And even then she may not be able to go depending on what she might be working on. Sometimes, that was how things went but she was hoping she could go. That was the currently plan at any rate. Have you talked to them recently?
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:42 am

Chuckling softly, Solomon leaned over and gave Blue a kiss on the cheek. "Sounds great, I understand how things can get at your work. And you shouldn't be afraid to give me a call if you have some free time either. If I can come over I'll come over, the worse you'll here is that I'll a bit busy. But if that is the case I'll come and visit you as soon as I can. As long as I don't risk drawing any heat down on you for it that is." Always a risk with his kind of work, but then Blue understood that he believed.

They walked for a while and he slipped his arm around Blue when she leaned into him. The thief could see why the inventor liked it out here in the park, it was peaceful. The noise and bustle of the city seemed like a distant thing while they were out here walking like this. No jobs, no other people it seemed, just the two of them walking and enjoying one another company. She asked him when he was thinking of visiting his family and he tilted his head to the side in thought for a moment.

"I figure in about another month I can head up to Bastion. We need to take care of this thing with Knightly first obviously and there are a couple of other small things I need to finish up down here. But if you need longer then that or if a big project comes up I can delay my trip if you would like. It would be nice if you could meet everyone, I'm sure they would like to meet you." He knew mom would be happy, he didn't really bring the girls he was seeing home that often, only twice before really. One was to a wedding for his oldest younger sister and the other... that didn't matter now. "And yeah, I have talked to them. I mentioned to mom I would be bringing someone with me and that we had two schedules to work around so she understands about the delay. Didn't tell her about my work up in Bastion though, the less they know the better protected they are."

Eventually they came to a park bench and Styx maneuvered them toward it where they could sit and enjoy the scenery. He kind of wanted to pull Blue into his lap there, but he knew how shy the girl was and wasn't sure how she would respond to such a thing in a public place. So instead he made the invitation in a teasing tone so Blue could decide for herself. "If it would be more comfortable, I can be your bench cushion. He patted his lap as he spoke, but whether Blue sat next to him or on his lap his arm would snake around her and hold her tightly as they sat. He would even sneak in a kiss if it looked like Blue would be comfortable with that.
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PostSubject: Re: The Caress of the Rain(Blue)   

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The Caress of the Rain(Blue)
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