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 School of Hard Knocks (Blue)

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PostSubject: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:33 am

Walking across the New Dawn campus, "John Rivers" strode with a determined step. Finally cleared medically to return to duty, he headed straight towards his client's building. He was sure Blue would be happy to see him once again taking the reins as her bodyguard as opposed to the mediocre efforts of the private security company CheckMate. She had been more than kind to him after he got shot in the chest in the middle of the Librium dump, and he figured that he could probably be less of a hard-ass.


Opening the door to the warehouse, he stepped in to the building and was hit with the familiar rank smell of grease and filth that was common with the temperature-controlled atmosphere in Blue Tiran's laboratory. A parcel under his right arm, wrapped in brown paper, Ethan walked to the guarded door of the laboratory in a pair of casual khaki slacks and a light blue patterned polo shirt. Underneath it sat his ballistic and impact vest, a forgotten relic of the dump, and a welcome addition to his current wardrobe once again.

Two CheckMate guards stood at the door to Blue's lab, in their black suits and white button down shirts. They both wore sunglasses and obvious earpieces, which made them look, if Ethan said so himself, rather ridiculous. The one on his left, with light brown hair, held up a hand to stop him. Sir, please identify yourself, the purpose of your visit, and surrender the parcel for inspection.

"John" did his best not to chuckle. Obviously these two knuckle draggers hadn't been told they were relieved...so he thought it was time for some fun.

My name is Evan Fitzgerald, and I am here to kill Blue Tiran. The two bodyguards' mouths dropped at they glanced at each other for a moment before they began to reach for weapons. Ethan was faster, however.

With one quick strike with the palm of his right hand, the guard on the right fell like a sack of potatoes, a distinct cracking noise emanating from his jaw. The light brunette on the right pulled a gun, which Ethan quickly grabbed by the slide action, slamming it back so hard the mechanism broke and slammed the man in the nose, leaving him time to slowly grace himself to the floor, blood streaming from his nose. Chuckling, "John" checked his package he still held as he walked in to Blue's main lab.

You guys are soooo fired....Blue! Where are you? I have a present...besides myself.

Walking deeper in to the lab, Ethan noticed the large mechanical owl, Albert, watching him from his worktable perch. He smiled and waved a brief salute to the owl.

Albert, he said with a nod. Still looking at me all creepy? Glad to hear it...
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:38 am

Blue was in the back corner of her lab. As far away from Ass-wipe and Ass-wipe Junior as she could be. She had no time for the idiocy. They were always hovering. At least John-boy had the decency to pretend that he wasn't hovering by doing other things. Like cleaning his gun, or reading something. He never just hovered. The day they had walked in circles around her like fucking garbage flies, was the day that she punched both of them in the face and told them if she even SAW them she was going to fire them both.

Because yes, she had some power.

So they had been doing their best not to cross Blue's path.

So Blue did not hear the ruckus in the front of her lab. She was engrossed in her latest project. The thermal dectector was something she had finished last week while John-boy was gone. This, was a new one. She was leaning over all sorts of parts, gears, and tools when she heard her name.

Her ears perked and a slow grin spread across her face.

Instant Relief!

Quit your sqwakin' and get to work, you're not on vacation anymore John-boy she called out letting him know her location.

Through Albert, a little stalkerish, she watched him as he crossed the lab. Oooo a present! Blue spun around on her stool. She hadn't left work in several days, the last time was probably when she had fixed John up in her apartment fixing his cybernetic junction box. She looked rather tired, probably the only thing she had eaten last was a random twinkie from her sleep corner, and.. without John around.. she had fallen easily back into her old ways. But as he made his way through the stacks and shelves of parts everywhere he would come across the Half-Elven Inventor waiting for him with a grin.

What did you bring me? she asks with glee-ful excitement almost like a child who's father has returned from a trip. She almost wanted to check his pockets, but her bet was that the gift, whatever it was, was in the box.

Do we get to lose Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb up there?
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:18 pm

A call from the back of the lab answered Ethan as he maneuvered around the piles and shelves of metal and general "goodies" that Blue had collected from countless dump runs. As he moved, he realized he was getting closer and closer to an isolated workstation in the back of the lab. She almost never worked there. That was odd.

What has you all the way out here? Hiding from...holy crap Blue. You look like Hell. What....what did they do to you?

The poor woman looked like she hadn't slept in days, big bags under her eyes meshing together with the grease on her face. He figured she hadn't eaten either, she always seemed to forget, like it was something that could be easily forgotten over a couple of days. The woman was skinny enough!

I brought you a present, and I brought the offer of a nice lunch out. But I'm not taking you out looking...or smelling...like that. When was the last time you ate an actual meal?

He listened to her explanation about not eating and sleeping in her "sleeping corner." He swore that New Dawn really could afford to make her up a room on the end of the warehouse...and maybe him an office. That would be good. He would have to bring it up at the next major status report he had with Knightly and the President of Security Services. Smiling to himself, he knew it would probably piss Blue off: construction crews, noise, and invasion of her space. It would be perfect.

Jump in the shower, I'll grab you a protein bar, and we're going out. Work's done for the day, we're gonna have a wee bit of fun!

"John's" eyes flashed at the mention of fun.

Just not the fun you would think of... he thought with a smug smile.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:41 pm

Hiding from assmunch one and two, besides, I told them if I saw them again I would lock them on the roof until I remembered that they were there. Chances are, it'd be weeks.

Her jaw dropped. Litterally. When he mentioned how bad she looked. A faint blush sprung up underneath the layer of grease and dirt that lay on her cheeks. Her eyes almost pricked with tears. She looked up at him, eyes narrowed, hands on her hips.

You know, if you're just going to insult me, then you can go back out front with your brothers from another mother, and hang out. she said p ointing back in the direction that he came from.

She looked back at her work station, she was already hard at work with something else. That was Blue Tiran's life. One project to another, there was no down time in between, and the rare days that she did take off were the days that she tended to sleep off the days and days of working. There was little fun in Blue Tiran's life. Sometimes, she had fun when she got together with Sol. And there was fun to be had with John, she would just never admit it.

She tilted her head at the question.

Uhhhh... yes she actually had to think of her answer. Which meant 'too long'. I think.. I ate.. a burrito.. on Wednesday? Or was that Tuesday? I don't know.

Yum. Burritos.

Blue felt as though she was being scolded for living her life the way she had before he had come into it. Before he made sure she ate at least one straight meal a day, and before he actually started 'sending' her to bed when she was getting to the point of nodding off. He told her to get showered, he would get her a protein bar and they were going to have fun.

Her brow rose.


Blue got off her stool and made her way back to her sleeping corner where the bathroom and the cot she slept on was. She grabbed some clothes out of the small bag that she kept them in, getting low, nearly time to go home and do laundry again. She stepped into her bathroom and kicked the door mostly closed behind her. Turning on the shower, to hot, she undressed leaving her clothes on the floor and stepped into the shower letting it wash the grime off her skin. Her hair was long.. she almost never wore it down.. because it was always in the way when she did. And hot. Plus guys were much more likely to hit on her when it was down.

She used the special gritty soap that removed the grease and grime from her skin making it pale and white again, while he went on search for the protein bar.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:24 pm

Ethan thought she got upset when he commented about her condition, if only for an instant, before turning in to her firecracker self. He gave her stare right back, not mad, but irritated that she fought him just to fight him. He just wanted what was best for her...wow he did sound like a babysitter. Maybe she was right last Sunday, when they spent the night drinking and she repaired his thoracic junction box.

I'm not insulting you, Blue. I'm concerned about your health! Tuesday? Wednesday? A burrito! Blue...its Friday! We hung out on Sunday.

She finally relented and grabbed some clothing, walking to the shower. "John" stood around, waiting until the shower turned on, before going off in a quest to find a protein bar. He left the wrapped parcel on her work table and headed down one of the winding hallways in the warehouse. If he remembered, there was a vending machine in one of the smaller storage rooms that had protein bars...and he had its key.

Spending nearly twenty minutes looking, he finally found the machine in question. Opening it, he took three bars and tucked them in a pocket for later. He walked quickly back towards the main lab, almost getting as lost as finding the machine.

We need to tear the whole damn place down. Rebuild it with some sort of...plan.

Blue? You decent? "John" said as he put an eye to the cracked door.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:37 pm

The shower was heavenly.

She loved the feel of being clean, when she remembered that she needed to do it. It was remembering that was the hard part. She got so lost in her work that she would forget even the basest of functions. Except going to the bathroom, because a bladder and what not could not be turned off like a rumbling stomach or tired eyes. She could make those stretch out for days, but the others she had to occassionally break for even if it was a pain in the ass.

She turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Grabbing, the towel she was just wiping down her body when she heard John's voice. She quickly grabbed a rag off the counter and tossed it at his incoming face.

Get your face out of my bathroom, you pervo!

She rolled her eyes and she dried out her hair as best as she could brushing out the thick black and blue locks until the curls sprang back up smoothely. She pulled on the pair of shorts. They were short denim ones that she had cut off of a pair of jeans that had grown to tatters being used too much. They showed a lot of pale Blue leg, but they also showed that she had some shape to her.

Grabbing, her shirt, after putting on her bra, she was wearing a black lace bra and a purple tank top that was more the color of violet than it was purple. She came out with her hair still damp, and she brushed her hair behind her ears, leaving it down but in her pocket she had a tie for it when it dried out if she needed it.

Okay, where to? she asked curiously.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:30 am

Chuckling as the rag flew toward his eye in the cracked door, Ethan walked to her worktable and sat at the stool, quietly waiting for Blue to come out of the shower. He figured she deserved a break, felt like...if he was nicer, she might warm up to him a little more. He wasn't sure why he thought this, it was just a hunch. A lot of these "hunches" had been coming to him over the past week, he couldn't explain it.

She stepped out, asking about where they were going. He smiled and lightly tossed her a protein bar, which she caught and unwrapped. Time for "John" to see how good his hunches were.

Don't fill up on that...I'm taking you to that spicy oriental place that just opened over on Spring street. I hear they have a slew of spicy choices, and rumor has it you really like spicy food...and don't ask me how I know that.

He handed the package to her, and gave her strict instructions not to open it until after lunch. They walked slowly to Ethan's car, where they got in and Ethan began to drive off in to the city.

So, what are you working on now? Oh, and this has been bugging me since the hospital. What did you need that gaudy necklace for?

As Blue chatted with "John" in the car, they rounded the corner to park in front of a Chinese-themed restaurant named "Pok's Palace." Putting the car in park, Ethan announced they were there and disembarked. Walking in to the restaurant, they were quickly seated at a table for two, and Ethan took a chair against the wall, so he could watch the doors.

Anything tickle your fancy? They say this place has the best fusion food from all the countries out east. Some of it is supposed to spicy, so I figured you'd like it.

He smiled at her softly while he regarded his menu, waiting for the waiter to visit the table.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:19 am

Blue caught the tossed protein bar with a grin. Then he told her not to fill up on it causing her to roll her eyes. There were times he didn't really get her. She hadn't eaten in days, so she was probably going to gorge herself today to make up for it. It was the Blue system. Luckily, she was half elven so her metabolism was relatively high and wasn't much changed by her eating habits.

He knew she liked spicy foods.

Had she told him that? She was pretty sure she hadn't.. but she felt like she had told someone. They must have told him.


Well as much as I hate when you have random correct insights into my personal life, I'm famished, lets go.

She opened the protien bar and bit into it. Grimmaced. How could people eat this shit. She took one more bite before she tossed it in a trash bin on the way out. He'd said not to fill up on it anyway so she had only eaten almost half of it.. and it was too nasty to eat any more of. She grimmaced as she chewed giving him the evil eye the entire time. They got into the car and Blue sat the package on her lap.

Finally she swallowed.

And... wished desperatly for some water.

Next time get something sweet, that thing is like eating dirt. she confessed to him licking her teeth to get the grit off of them as he asked her about the necklace.

Blue reached into her shirt. Pulling out the large locket he had found her. 'With Undying Love' still engraved on the inside just because it was hilarious and she thought it probably made him slightly uncomfortable. Yes, she was actually wearing the thing.

Upgraded your shitty keyfob for a panic button. This one is much more advanced. It has biometric readings, to let you know before I'm even ready to perhaps press the panic button that I am experiencing something off. It maps out my common habits. And, there is no real.. panic button except two things. One if my heart rate goes too low or too high. Like I'm drugged or paniced. And, if it gets removed from my body. If it loses the biometric reading, it will send an instant panic signal to you because the only way it's going anywhere, is if I take it off or it's taken off, and I don't intend to take it off. If I'M the one that takes it off, there is a small button on the side by the henge where I can postpone the panic signal from getting to you for up to twenty minutes. Only if pressed though. And it pricks my finger, so it has to be me.

She looked over at him and shrugged.

Hopefully, he appreciated how she was making an effort to work 'with' him and not just beside him. Besides, there was some sort of.. comraderie now. Some sort of.. something.. that made her feel closer to him.

They got the restaurant and found seats. She didn't even care that he picked according to how he could watch the door. She was starving and her mouth was watering and after that Divine Forsaken protein bar she was more than ready to eat anything so long as it was tasty. And not gritty. So.. no bugs.

Oh...I was wondering if you could check.. check out the guys watching me? Cuz I have this weird.. feeling.. like .. someone isn't who they say they are. I don't.. know why but it's been nagging at me and I'm not finding anything on them.. but I swear...

She says all this while reading her menu, not even looking up, though her hand is playing with the locket while she reads over what she's going to eat.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:55 pm

Ethan sat in the car ride, thinking about what Blue had explained about what she did with the locket and his panic button. It was an ingenious idea, especially in such an inconspicuous little device. Sitting in the restaurant, "John" wanted to make sure to thank her for all she's done to make it a good relationship. It definitely seemed like things had gotten better between them, and it had. The dump incident had changed a lot for them, in a lot of ways.

Blue, this is a great idea. Do you need to activate it in me so I could monitor the biometrics? Or is it something that just turns on when something happens? Oh, and is twenty minutes going to be enough? What if you take, like a long shower or something?

I doubt you want me busting in on you in the shower.

He delivered the final sentence with a chuckle, thinking about the "incident" with the shower today. Ethan could admit, he was just fooling around, but he wouldn't mind seeing what she kept under that jumpsuit. From the Charity Ball to just hanging out, she was a pretty woman. Even if she didn't admit it.

Where did that come from? I don't think I've heard anyone call her pretty or her deny it.

Shaking his head, letting the thoughts fly out with each shake, "John's" eyes shot up to stare at the raised menu as Blue spoke.

Oh...I was wondering if you could check.. check out the guys watching me? Cuz I have this weird.. feeling.. like .. someone isn't who they say they are. I don't.. know why but it's been nagging at me and I'm not finding anything on them.. but I swear...

His mind raced as a single eyebrow shot up in interest. Does she know? How could she? Pulling the menu down softly to look at the woman who seemed to be playing with the locket in one hand, his gaze became hard, very serious. No, there's no way. I'd be compromised by now. Placing his hand softly on hers, almost as a reflex, he looked in to her eyes.

You know I'll protect you Blue. I won't let anything hurt you, ever. He squeezed her hand softly, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Now, is there anyone in particular who seemed interested in you or your work? Someone who keeps staring and looking away when you catch them? Anything that can narrow it down?

After she answered to the best of her knowledge, the waitress came and ordered drinks and food orders. Ethan ordered a protein and fiber filled beef and pork noodle bowl with vegetables. It would be good for the surprise activity he had in store for after lunch. The service was quick, and before Ethan knew it, he was attempting to use chopsticks to wrangle noodles. He was currently on his third pair.

Damn frail utensils. Don't these people know about forks? Or...metal?
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:16 pm

Blue grinned.

It's all ready calibrated to you. Actually, I got your signature when you let me fix your junction box. Anyway, and it's waterproof, it is about showers or swimming and stuff, or when I just want a few minutes of privacy.

She smiled as he squeezed her hand and she left her fingers laced with his on the table while they talked. It just felt.. right. Like it belonged there. Familiar. He asked if she had someone in mind. Someone that was staring at her more than they should, or someone that was catching her interest.

No.. not really it's just a .. an inkling. Maybe it's just all the strange guys around me all the time, bugging me, and invading my space. I barely tollerate you there most of the time, now I have a regiment. I'm so ready for them to go.

Blue rolled her eyes and they ordered their food. making small talk for a small time before she came back to the table with their food and drinks. Blue was ready to dive in and claimed her hand back as her own picking her chopsticks up she used them with practiced ease as her parents had often used them because they were easier sometimes than metal silverware.

Blue laughed when the frustrated Ethan began to complain about the utensils. She chuckled and got up coming around she motioned for him to scoot back a little bit and then sat right in his lap. As though she was totally welcome there. When just a few days ago she wouldn't have even touched him. What.. the hell had happened to her. Blue blushed but confidently pushed forward not calling to attention to where she is. Taking his hand, she placed her own in it holding the sticks letting his fingers lay on top of her own.

Move with me.

The spicy food was heavenly, and she definatly was enjoying the company. She showed him how to pick up the food and she brought it to his lips so he could eat. Doing it a few times so that he would understand the muscle memory involved in the whole thing. She looked over at him, her eyes finding his and.. she's caught. Her heart starts to beat quickly, jumping around in her chest. Her mouth went dry. She couldn't bring her eyes away from him.

You think you ummm.. got it?
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:44 pm

Blue answered all his questions to great satisfaction. He always assumed she had thought of pretty much everything, she was too smart for her own good sometimes. Either way, Ethan was generally enjoying her company, and was actually enjoying his job. The first week or so was kind of a bust, what with the arguing, and the getting shot, but the third week was looking to go swimmingly.

They chatted and made general small talk while they waited for their food, and "John" assured her that he would look in to her staff from CheckMate while he was off on medical leave, and start working on other options should something other unfortunate incident befall him. Food arrived and they got to eating. Well, Blue did anyway.

She found it remarkably funny the way he snapped his chopsticks with his fingers and cursed. Without much more fanfare than urging him to sit back, she plopped herself in in his lap, as if she owned the place! Ethan gave her a puzzled look for a mere moment, but didn't shoo her away or discourage her in any way.


Move with me. she nearly commanded as she placed her fingers in his, showing him how to maneuver and operate the foul wooden creations. She even went so far as to feed him...more than once! Ethan found himself really enjoying her company, and liking her company even more when she positioned herself in his lap.

She finally turned her head, a smile beginning to crest her face after he finally did it on his own. He chuckled, starting to smile back at they met eyes, and simply...stayed. Neither one moved, but the heat and emotion was tangible. Blue licked her lips, like her mouth had gone dry, and "John" suddenly realized how nice a bit of water would feel on his own palette.

You think you ummm.. got it?

Ethan nodded slowly and muttered a muffled uh huh before he realized what was going on. He was leaning in...for a kiss! Either that or to administer rescue breathing, and Blue's chest seemed to heave just fine! What!?

An alarm sounded in Ethan's mind. PANIC. It was coming from Blue. his eyes sharpened quickly from the spring the adrenaline gave him, and "John" reached for his pistol, letting his hand slip from the small of Blue's back.

What's got you spooked? Did you see something?

He was completely out of the moment, it totally out of his mind. His eyes darted for threats across the restaurant, the soft 'click' of the pistol leaving its holster, hovering mere inches from its resting place behind his back, being the only noise that matter to him at this moment.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:01 am


They were so lovely. She was suddenly parched. Dying of thirst. She looked down at his lips. They were soft. Somehow, she felt that they were. And she wondered what he tasted like. She wondered why she felt like there was something about berries, in the back of her mind. Berries, she had no idea why there was any reason she should make any connection between berries and John.

He moved closer.

Her eyes shifted up to his. And then back down to his lips. He moved in.

He's going to kiss me.

They were millimeters away.

And her heart soared into her throat and began to beat so heavily. She looked at him and was almost ready to just give it up. Give into a kiss. Even though she was technically with Sol.. she shouldn't be wishy washy. She just felt, like.. this was it. And then he turned.

Her heart broke a little.

He was on alert and she blushed. The panic must have gone off. She got up quickly. She had wanted it. Much too badly. And she shouldn't. It was bad. He worked with her. She worked with him. He didn't even like her. She moved back to her seat shaking her head.

Ummm... I don't know. I umm.. will have to check it out or something later. she said as she tucked the locket back into her shirt and she went back to eating. She looked out the window. Hand cupping her jaw. She didn't say anything. What was there to say? She didn't know. She didn't even know how they suddenly got some comfortable with each other. Surely, in the dump they were not like this.

What had changed?

Something pivitol apparently.

So what is in the box? When do I get to open it? she asked softly changing the subject.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:10 am

It happened in an instant. It happened in slow motion. Within a few seconds the true world slammed back to "John" as Blue lifted herself from his lap, muttering about something before she sat back down. Feeling weight in his right hand, Ethan suddenly noticed he had drawn his weapon. Not perceiving any threats, he quickly replaced it with a similar clicking noise.

The rest of the meal went by in relative silence. Ethan had finally figured out chopsticks, a skill that would never go away...his muscle-memory was better than most. They ate quietly, Blue looking as if she had just been ripped from a great dream, Ethan not really sure what had happened. He remembered being so close, so comfortable...and then, urges that snapped away with an adrenaline rush that focused him to something that wasn't there.

Blue stared out of the window while the check arrived, which "John" paid and tried to get her attention about going. She looked out of the window as if a great universal secret lay out of that particular window. Finally, she seemed to snap out of it and turned to regard him once more.

So what is in the box? When do I get to open it?

In a couple of minutes, its right down the street.

Leading her out of the restaurant, Ethan made a quick right after retrieving the box from the car. They walked about half a block before ending up in front of an old Karate dojo. The look on Blue's face all but asked the question.

Open the package. You'll need it for your training.

Inside the parcel was a white Gi, a traditional martial arts garment. It was tailor fitted to Blue's size, as dictated in her New Dawn file. Ethan smiled as he motioned her in to the large room, covered in a dual layer of velvet mats. The walls were adorned with paintings of ancient oriental forms and animals, except for one wall, which was a simple wall of mirrors, used by students to master their technique.

I'm going to teach you hand to hand combat. Shooting a man in the neck is fine, but you should always be able to use some of your most dangerous weapons: your hands and your mind. Now, Blue, your mind is pretty sharp, I'm just gonna make those hands twice as deadly.

After her initial reaction, Ethan exited to a back room and changed in to a blue Gi, with a black belt, with numerous colored stripes on it. It looked worn and well fitted, as if he had owned it for a very long time.

Shall we?
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:51 am

Blue found herself with nothing more to say as they ate.

How in the hell.. WHY in the hell had she sat in his lap to begin with. That was so unlike her. She wasn't much for just plopping herself into men's laps. She had sat in Sol's a couple times but.. that was because he put her there. She wasn't very.. good.. at the being-a-girl thing. She didn't know how to flirt, or give 'the look', or get guys interested in her with just a look. Even IF she could the moment she began to relax and be herself, the genius level inventor and creator... they quickly lost interest.

Blue finished her meal.

Having been famished there wasn't a single noodle left in the bowl, and she nearly kept her eyes on the windows the whole time. Every time she even thought about looking at John she would feel a blush rising on her cheeks and decided, to just keep her eyes to herself until they headed out.

Soon it was time for just that.

Outside, they left his car parked where it was, she was going to have to put some added security on that thing for him. Cars were a hot commodity and she didn't figure he would want it stolen. Maybe next week she would have him bring it into the lab and she could fix it up for him.

Whyyyyyy in the hell would she be thinking that?!

They walked down the street until they got to some sort of dojo. Her brows furrowed, she didn't.. know how to fight. Blue wasn't in bad shape. Considering she didn't work out she had a bit of muscle mass because of working and manhandling machine parts all the time. She could shoot a gun fairly well, especially with a little luck. But she was not so much with the physicalness. Plus, that meant they were going to have to touch again, and he would probably eventually.. maybe deduce what was causing the panic alarm to go off.

She quickly opened the box, though much less excitedly than when she thought it might be a new wrench or something. Not that it was heavy enough.. but a girl could dream.

Inside was some sort of white.. outfit.. thing. She had no idea what it was, she'd seen them on TV from time to time in those lame martial arts shows. But Blue didn't have much time for TV as one might expect. He went off to change, and so did she. In the dressing room she put her shorts and tank top on the bench, and stepped into the outfit. It did fit perfectly. She still felt like a giant marshmallow.

Blue thought about tying her hair up. But for some reason, she thought it looked better down. Which was new. Blue wasn't big on her hair being down. But she felt like.. maybe someone.. might think it was pretty with it's black and blue tresses down and her curls softly curling.

Stepping out of the dressing room she saw that John was already ready. In blue no less.

Nice color.

She stepped softly onto the mat, with no shoes, of course and waited. Not really sure what they were going to do, and besides... that meant touching John again.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:22 pm

"John" walked out in to the main dojo, his bare feet feeling the soft felt on the mats under toe. He smiled at Blue as she made some final adjustments to her Gi, her curly locks bobbing and swirling around her face as she did so. Ethan sat there for a moment, entranced. It was just a feeling, but a feeling like he wanted to run his fingers through that multi-colored hair...multi-colored.

Just like her eyes.

Shaking his head back in to the real world...where did THAT come from?...he acknowledged the compliment from her about his own Gi.

Thanks, its from when I learned this in basic. Its a little tight...but it still fits.

What he could've said was he had bulked up considerably since basic, and his muscles didn't seem to fit right. But who wants to boast like that?

So, I am going to be instructing you in various fighting styles to give you an edge should something happen to me, your Glock is missing or out of ammo, and you need to protect yourself.

He approached her, softly grabbing her wrist with his hand, encircling it. You punch hard Blue, but you aren't precise with your blows. When you clocked me a couple of weeks ago, you should've put me on the ground. Instead, it glanced off my cheek and all I got was a mild bruise. I'm going to teach you how to deck me, and escape attackers.

Squeezing her wrist tightly, he saw her grimace just a little in pain. Now...escape!

Her training had begun.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:28 pm

Well, you eat a lot, I can't imagine it still fits right.

She had seen the guy rival her in eating sometimes, and that was saying something considering the amount of food that the Half elf could put away. Most said it was very unladylike to be like that. Eating so much when she did eat, but Blue made the most out of the calories that she hoarded in her body. Still, she gave him a little teasing grin as she stepped barefoot onto the soft mats and waited for him to start this day of pain.

She was certain she would need a bath tonight.

~Gonna get naked and go to bed~


She shook her head and refocused on John telling her about how he was going to teach her things because if she ever ran out of ammo or Prince Charming wasn't there to babysit her ass.. she could at least do something. He grabbed at her wrist, and she let him. Normally, she wasn't big on touching. But suddenly, recently, she felt quite comfortable with him and so it was no big thing to feel his hand around her slender wrist. A little too slender really.

Elves were naturally willowy. Being half, meant that she had a figure that most human girls starved themselves with, while being able to enjoy eating Twinkies every day. However, it also meant that when she abused her body, by not feeding it, her bones tended to show much more quickly.

He squeezed and she gave a slight grimmace swearing she could feel her bones grindng together slightly. He ordered her to escape, and she looked at him. She knew the thumb was the weak spot of the hold. Her uncle had taught her that. So she pushed through into the thumb with some effort, using her arm muscles and was able to be fairly successful. She knew very few things though, so while she was proud to get out of his little wrist hold, she knew that she was pretty doomed for whatever else he had in store.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:42 pm

He let the fat comment slide off of him. She was being intentionally mean, something had her off in her own pissy world. She struggled a bit, but wrenched her wrist away from his hand, and "John" smiled at her.

Good! You recognize the weak-point in the hand. Smart. I'm going to show you how to get out of holds, and fight back so you can escape. Don't get me wrong, this isn't designed to get you to win every fistfight, but to give you time to escape.

He stepped closer to her, and began to walk around her slowly, an outstretched pointer finger coming even closer.

The key to escape is to have people release you from their grasp. You do have strength, but many more people are bigger and stronger. Your assets are your mind, and your grace. Use them. Now...you need to memorize these sensitive nerve centers. You put a powerful hit on one of these, the person who is facing you will think twice about staying to see the fight out.


With each call of a body part, Ethan put his fingers there, showing the exact location of the most effective location.

Kneecaps....instep...solar plexis... Ethan's finger poked lightly under her ribcage, directly centered down her sternum, and it fell past her navel, pointing, but not touching.

...groin. Do you understand?
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:48 pm

To escape.

That was probably the best solution. She didn't think that she would really be able to fight. But he was right. There was something about.. being able to control your situation enough to get away that really would help. Especially, if things like in the dump had turned out in a different direction. She would have been screwed had she run out of bullets before the chopper came.

He came around her. Pointing explaining that there were certain areas on the body that you wanted to go for when you could. Her eyes followed him as best as she could, keeping her hands behind her back as he explained all the areas. Pointing them out by touching her. Each touch, especially.. the throat, which was a sensitive place for her, sent her panic alarm a little blip as her heart rate jumped. It happened again when he touched her kidneys, her solar plexus, and her knee caps. She blushed severely.

And then he mentioned her groin.

But didn't touch.

Her lips quirked slightly.

Afraid I'm going to take that hand off if you touch it, Rivers? she couldn't help but goad him a little bit.

She wasn't really mad.. she just didn't understand what they were now. She felt like they should still be the same, but they were not still the same and it was bothering her a great deal. She really.. wanted to be held and kissed and loved. But when she imagined that, a lot of the times John's face and arms were there lately, which was so strange because.. before today, she couldn't remember having let him touch her.

Okay, so yay pressure points, now what?
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:01 pm

Ethan's eyebrow shot up when Blue goaded him. Why the hell would she say something like that!? She was practically daring him to feel her up. He normally would have, just to stop the stupid gabbing from her...but he knew, somewhere...she just wasn't that kind of girl. He could respect that.


I'm really not scared of you, Tiran. I just figured you wouldn't want to get felt up. Let me know when that changes...

He could've sworn she nearly shivered when he touched her, some sort of subconscious reaction to his touch. He would've ignored it, but her face quirked strangely when he didn't actually touch her groin. Whatever it was, she was acting strange......r than usual.

We are going to work on your stances and punches. The key to a good stance is a centered, supported body. Watch.

He stood in front of her, angling his body, fists raised. Notice that I give you a smaller target by angling my body, and firmly place my back leg perpendicular to the ground, giving a serious sturdy place to fall back on. Also, my fists do not clench my thumbs...they can break if you hit the wrong thing. You try.

Watching her attempt to mimic his stance, "John" smiled in satisfaction. It was close, but not perfect.

Close, but not perfect. Here...

He approached her, going around her and lightly kicking her back ankle. She slid it back and settled in as he stood directly behind her, placing her arms. His head could rest on her shoulder from his position.

See how now your back leg gives you more support? You can pull support from it when you strike. Far more effective, do you see? He spoke softly, he was practically breathing on her ear while he instructed her.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:08 pm

She ignored his little comment.

No time for his little games.

She didn't really have time for her own games, but even still she listened as he went on. Ever the proper teacher. She was already bored. Kept finding her mind wandering back to projects that she could be working on with this time. Things she would rather be doing. Even things with John she would rather be doing.... oh...

Blue blushed, and refocused herself as he showed her the stance. She took notes mentally the way that she always did and then tried to mimic the way that he stood. She had a grace, she wasn't very clumsy in general there were moments but they were few and far between and depending on how recently she had slept.

Which in this case? Not recently enough.

She did her best though and then he came to give her some corrections. He came up behind her, her heart rate picked up quickly. He was correcting her. His hands laying on her to help her position herself better. Showing her how steady she was with her leg done properly. Giving her arms proper support and positions. His head was on her shoulder, and his breathing rushed against her very sensitive slightly pointed ears.

And that was it.

Blue was completely and utterly turned on. Her body was in over drive. Her body heat went up, her breathing grew slightly labored, and her body shivered with every breath that washed against the sensitive flesh of her ears. And then.. the sensor went off. She didn't even realize it, much much.. too worried about the way that he was holding her. She found herself wanting to turn and snuggle into him. Feel that familiarity again. HOld up, there was no familiarity, and yet, she felt like there was, like she had been there.

It was like she had lived a whole experience, but didn't remember it.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:33 pm

Holding the position with her was nothing new to Ethan, he had taught many clients basic fighting skills..but, something was different with Blue. As he spoke to her, he watched her ears twitch with every word. It almost seemed...seemed like she was leaning into him, on the verge or pressing up against him. Watching slightly closer, she almost seemed to tremble or shiver at every word.

And then...the panic button went off again.

"John" jumped, completely taken off guard by it, slightly bucking in to Blue before he took a quick scan of the room. His gun was in the changing room, but he was ready to rip someone's head off...even if that meant staining his Gi. Seeing nothing, he rounded on Blue.

What the hell, Blue!? "John's" voice was raised substantially, he was fed up. This was a second false alarm. The couldn't afford that!!

This is the second time that stupid thing has gone off for no reason! Is this some sort of "Beta test?" Or are you just trying to keep me up all night again like our first night?

His face reddened, filled with rage and confusion. She seemed like she was being close, more like a friend than a client who was malicious. But now, this.

I thought we were finally starting to get along! Do you really hate me that much to just play with my body's functions? Do you WANT my heart to explode from too many adrenaline injections!?

Without thinking, Ethan started pacing, waving his arms, and generally being very animated in his anger.

You can't just turn it off! Its failed twice and that's on you Blue! Hell...what did you do to my junction box!? Is that going to explode later on? For fuck's sake, how much do you have to hate someone to pretend to care when they get shot!

That was the exposed nerve. She had been there every moment, she had saved his life, and now she tortured him. It boiled anger and rage in him so hard he was trembling.

I expected less shoddy workmanship from you. I guess I was wrong!
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:43 pm

He jumped.

She cringed and stumbled slightly as he suddenly bumped into her, and she whirled around with her eyes wide trying to figure out what was going on when.. it dawned on her. The Panic Button. Perhaps she had made it too sensitive. Or perhaps her body was just too responsive around him. He whirled on her.. and like a child being yelled at, her eyes widened with every word he threw angrily at her.

Tears welled in those blue and green eyes.

Sliding down her pale cheeks as she stood there letting him lay into her. Berating her. Asking her if she was torturing him again like she did that one night, or if she had just really fucked up on the creation of the locket. Or maybe she just hated him. That she wanted his heart to explode and then... what really shook her.. was when he asked her if she had fucked with his junction box.

She curled into herself a little bit. Wrapping her arms around herself.

Do.. do you really.. really think that of me...?

It was whispered though. She doubted that he heard her. And all she wanted right now was to leave. To leave and go away for a while. Maybe it was time for her to move on. If New Dawn was going to force her to work with John, and it obviously wasn't meant to work out, then maybe she could find a new job. Maybe she could become a recluse in some random place out in the Wildlands where she would work and never be bothered by another living soul as long as she lived.

Blue didn't want him to see her cry though. Even though there were tears running down her cheeks, she looked up at him. But her eyes betrayed the pain that his words had done to her. She whirled the locket off and tossed it right at his face.

Take your DAMNED LOCKET!! TAKE IT AND KEEP IT AND YOU FUCKING LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!! she said and she stalked across the room. She looked him in the eyes.

You're nothing but a son of a bitch! How dare you say those things to me! she whirled back and made to punch him straight in the face. She fully intended to punch him, walk off, and cry for a while in the back room because that was probably as far as she was going to make it before her legs gave out on her. Tears streamed freely down her cheeks. She couldn't stop them. His words had hurt, and hurt bad. To think he thought she would intentionally do that.. especially.. now.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:21 am

By the time Ethan's tirade was over, he was left staring at Blue, his chest heaving with exertion from simply releasing the anger that had welled up from within his body. The added adrenaline didn't help, only emphasizing his reactions, making him say things he normally wouldn't, and treat Blue in a way he never imagined. Unfortunately for "John," he had spoken the words already.

He couldn't take them back.

The hurt and pain shone in her face like a beacon in a dim night, the tears that welled in her eyes like stars of sorrow twinkling in the twilight. He moved his mouth without words or sound. They wouldn't have helped. All he ever wanted was to make her smile. Smile? YES. Smile.


The locket flew at his head, which he ducked away from easily. On his upswing, he found Blue stalking towards him, tears in her eyes and anger on her lips.


You're nothing but a son of a bitch! How dare you say those things to me!

In her tired, emotional state, she wound up to wail on "John's" face, but this time, Ethan had the upper edge. With adrenaline still coursing through his system, he couldn't stop himself. His arms acted with instinct, catching her arm and twisting. A quick step to the side, he wrenched her arm which gave Blue's body one of two choices: follow the arm, or leave it behind.

Since it was an arm, her body followed, landing with a soft thud on the felt mats. Ethan gasped in surprise, as if suddenly realizing what he had done. He promptly fell to his knees at Blue's side.

Blue! Oh my God! I'm...I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me.

Her eyes were closed as she left out a muffled groan from being flung end over end. Ethan leaped on top of her, looming over her face, concern and sorrow on his.

You're crying! I cannot take back what I said..it was wrong, you're the most wonderful, intelligent, beautiful person I ever met. I wouldn't let anything happen to you...this is all my fault. His fingers softly wiped tears from her face, his fingers coursing through her hair as he did so...yammering apologies and sweet things to her.

I'm such an idiot....I should never have said such hateful things. I'm crazy about you... Did he just say that!? No matter how crazy it was, it opened her eyes, and Ethan stared in to those wet, multi-hued pools with his own. Mere millimeters way from one another, Ethan Kelly did the only thing on his mind at the moment.

He placed his lips on hers, embedding a hand in her curly locks behind her head, hoping beyond hope that she would kiss back...
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:01 am

On the floor.

She was on the floor.

It was such a blur as to how she had gotten there in the first place. She had taken a swing at John. But he had grabbed her hand and whirled her around and before she knew it she was executing something she didn't think her body was built for. Some kind of flip and landed on the floor on her back. All she could do was let out a groan, as tears continued to stream from her now closed eyes.

Talk about adding injury to insult.

He could tell she was crying. He was leaning over her. She left her eyes closed. Because if she saw him now, she was probably going to go infantile. Curl up in a little ball and cry. He had been so mean, and they.. had been having such a good day. Stupid little panic button! His fingers were on her face, and she knew he was close. She could feel his breath. And he was close enough he would probably feel her body shaking. She had never been in this kind of situation with anyone.

Telling her she was the most wonderful, beautiful, intelligent person he had ever met. She nearly opened her eyes. But she was listening. Because those were things she would have never expected to hear come out of his mouth. He whispered appologies, and she was about to tell him that she needed some alone time when he came out with

I'm crazy about you..

Her eyes shot open. Looking up at him. Shock taking over the hurt that had populated her eyes earlier. She bit her lower lip. Fully unaware it drove men nuts. You.. you're crazy about me? she whispered softly.

In answer, he kissed her. At first, Blue was so shocked that he had done this she just lay there. But slowly, her lips started to soften, and her hands came up. Running across his shoulders and into his own hair. Something she had wanted to run her fingers through for a while. Something she never would have admited. Blue's body awoke, and she was grateful that she was not currently wearing the panic button. Because she knew it would be going off, Again, she was most definatly going to have to tweak it. She hadn't, when making it, considered his effect on her.

Softly, the kiss broke, her eyes looked into his, keeping him close.

Why does this feel vastly familiar? she whispered running her nose along his and then kissing him again.
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PostSubject: Re: School of Hard Knocks (Blue)   Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:26 am

It was everything he ever wanted, even if it was in the most unconventional method imaginable. Almost as if in shock, Blue took a few moments before kissing "John" back, but she did, running her fingers through his hair in the process. The kiss was nearly identical to the way he had imagined it: passionate, soft, with just the right about of peripheral action for a first kiss.

The kiss broke and they stared at each other, as Blue ran her nose over his. Ethan quickly reciprocated, smiling as she spoke.

Why does this feel vastly familiar? she whispered it as if a secret, and "John" was quick with a response.


The response was quickly cut off by a second kiss that was far too short lived for Ethan's taste. He lay there, above her, looking at her smiling face surrounded by the halo of curls that framed her face.

You're beautiful, you know that? I should've done this weeks ago.

They had only been working together for about two weeks, not including the week of medical leave that New Dawn mandated he take after being shot. But, as far as "John Rivers" was concerned, he had found someone unique. Furthermore, it seemed she had found something in him...at least enough to kiss a bit.

I think its familiar because you've been thinking about it...haven't you? Don't be shy, its ok...I have, I'll be honest.

After she responded, Ethan smiled at her, and muttered something about why they were still talking, before leaning in once more. Pressing up against her on the floor was intoxicating, and his right hand found her soft neck to support while his left found a hand to squeeze. Without thinking, while they kissed, he let his tongue separate her lips to kiss her deeper than he had before. That was...assuming that went way to far, but only time would tell on that particular notion.
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School of Hard Knocks (Blue)
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