A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Terran Guard and the Treaty of Terra

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PostSubject: The Terran Guard and the Treaty of Terra   Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:43 pm

The Treaty of Terra

When the violent cataclysm that rocked the planet finally came to an end, both sides came to the realization that their war would have no victor. Putting aside their long standing hatred for one another, what was left of the ruling factions of Man and Other finally met face to face. Together they brokered an agreement that put an end to the war, and set terms for what they hoped would be a lasting peace. The document called for both sides to: cease hostile actions against the other, the production of weapons and spells meant for mass destruction, the research and augmentation of life for the purpose of combat application, the discharge of any augmented or engineered individual from military service, respective sovereignty over ones peoples, established homesteads, and equal/equivalent territory for both sides.

Since the peace had been forced upon them by circumstance, both governments refused to fully trust the dedication of their counterpart, but were unwilling to compromise their own respective jurisdictions to the other by allowing them to enter and monitor adherence treaty terms. In compromise, both sides agreed to the formation of a neutral organization that would work to see the treaty followed. It would be lead by a partnership, one human and one Other, each chosen from the ranks by the opposing side. As a gesture of trust, each military made available their entire personnel and all war time records, so that the opposing government could make an informed choice. The selection process took much deliberation, but their choices were surprising.

The Humans had chosen Pax Thrakath, an elven general who served with great distinction throughout the entire war. Despite his meritorious career, Pax had always spoken out against the war. Before the Great Conflagration, when he was only a noble, his was one of the few voices that called for diplomacy instead of war. Even after the start of the war and enlisting to serve his country, Pax Thrakath never changed his stance. He spoke out against the war, but followed orders and served honorably. No matter how his government chastised him, he would not fall silent. Almost every story told of his many victories over humans begins with Pax offering them the chance to surrender and leave with their lives. The humans chose him for the strength of character that he possessed to hold true to his convictions while still serving his people. They also saw him as the candidate most likely to honor the treaty above his racial allegiances.

The candidate chosen by the Children of Terra from among the human candidates was even more of a surprise. The dwarven Paramount Burauk Reizak adamantly fought for the selection of former Colonel Elias Grove who was at the time imprisoned for war crimes. Elias Grove was known among the human military as the Machine, an officer who fought along side his men, boasting one of the highest kill records. Elias was so successful that he had risen quickly through the ranks, and was slated for the next promotion to General. His career ended on what soldiers called 'the day the Machine broke down'. Official records account that Elias disobeyed orders by ordering his troops to retreat before engagement, leaving a contested location unsecured. When asked for an account of events Elias said, "The location had no strategic value. It wasn't throwing away their lives for nothing, and I didn't retreat. I followed orders."

Burauk Reizak was there that day, leading a contingent of fearsome dwarven troops into battle. Elias Grove was an infamous name among the Others and he hungered to meet Elias in battle. When they arrived on the battlefield they found a lone human, armed to the teeth, and ready to fight to the death. Burauk was no fool and knew the tract of land held no value other than its purpose as killing field. He looked into the man’s eye and saw a warrior who understood the horror of war, the importance of honor, and the value of life. Burauk waved his army on and found another battlefield, and now believed that it was for this reason he did not engage the man in single combat to the death. Burauk Reizak convinced the council that he was the only human that could be trusted to carry the burden of peace.

The Terran Guard:

The Terran Guard is a paramilitary group funded by both governments and lead by a partnership between Humans and Others. They are charged with enforcing the terms of the Treaty of Terra, and ensuring that peace is given every opportunity to last. The Terran Guard have special jurisdiction that allows them to operate behind the sovereign boarders of both sides in order to enforce the treaty. They investigate possible treaty violations that may be occurring. The Guard also act as liaison to between governments and enforcement agencies in situations where crimes cross jurisdictions. This is necessary because each side refuses to allow the other to infringe upon their jurisdictions.

The leaders of the Terran Guard, Pax Thrakath and Elias Grove, were hand selected by the leaders of the opposing governments. Its membership is made up entirely of volunteers who are able to complete the screening process. Most of them are former soldiers from both sides who have decided that war must never happen again. The rest are individuals who lost everything during the war and the Enlightenment and are now finding purpose in rebuilding a new world. The Guard recruit from both sides, human and Other, and accept anyone who wishes to join their ranks. The screening process is amazingly difficult. Not only are they tested physically, they must convince both Pax and Elias that they belong in the Guard as a brother or sister to those who believe in peace.

Even though they are few in number when compared to the armies on both sides and the population as a whole, roughly one thousand strong, the Terran Guard are fierce. Unlike others, they are united and driven by a cause they believe in, regardless of the paths that brought them together. Their dedication is unparalleled. Their Headquarters is a small citadel on the edge of the Proving Grounds located in the Wastelands. It is there that they make their home, and train themselves to carry out their purpose. Guardsmen receive standard issue equipment, and use their arguably meager pay to purchase better equipment for themselves, because the guard furnishes those who live on base with room and board for free.
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The Terran Guard and the Treaty of Terra
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