A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 The Clans of Terra

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PostSubject: The Clans of Terra   Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:27 am

Despite how young they are as a species, the Children of Caine have formed rather organized groups they call Clans. Each Clan was founded by Caine or Rose or by a Vampire who either knew or was Sired by Caine or Rose. The Clans are kept small, no more then thirty members, though Bastion can support larger but no more then fifty. They understand that their Unlives depend on the Humans as that is their food source. Vampires hold age and generation very highly. A Vampire will always yield to a Vampire that is older then they are, and above all else, a Vampire of a higher generation. While the humans passed laws during the war noting that all Vampires must be killed on sight, the Children of Caine have still thrived in their secrecy. The laws that meant their death have been rescinded upon Enlightenment, but most Humans will still kill a Vampire without hesitation.

A Clan operates much like a family, protecting each other and putting the good of the Clan above the individual needs. Most Clans have a singular goal, though some only banded together for protection after the True Deaths of Caine and Rose. There are of course Vampires who do not belong to a Clan. These Clanless or Rogue Vampires are not regarded highly by the Clans, though depending on their age they may still hold some sway amongst the hierarchy. A Vampire who is caught Turning a Human and not providing them the proper Guidance afterwards is usually severely punished, but accidents do happen and sometimes it is impossible to know who Turned a Rogue Vampire. Some Clanless have been known to ally themselves with the Shadow Court, though the Clans always view such Rogues as Traitors and refuse to acknowledge their existence. Killing a Traitor is considered a high honor. The Vampires operate outside the governments of Humans and Others, they tend to view Humans as prey and Others as the reason why they are trapped as they are. Most Others are generally hated by the Vampires, though this hatred has been fading over the last few decades.

Clan Ranks:

High Lord or Lady
(There may be up to three of these depending on the Clan, in charge of guiding the Clan and upholding the Clan laws.)
Lord or Lady
(This title is granted by the High Lord or Lady for dedication to the Clan)
(A vampire who has passed their Fledgling years, the title is only added to their name in formal occasions.)
(Usually a newborn Vampire exploring their new Unlife, the Lords and Ladies as a collective decide when a Fledgling is ready for the next rank)
The Clans do not work together in the strictest sense, some Clans even have a blood feud between them. In general they respect the territories and laws of the other Clans, especially while traveling through that Clans territory. Should the need arise the High Lord of the Fist of Caine shall act as Arbiter of any Interclan disputes. An Arbiter may also be named in disputes inside a Clan, and they are charged with upholding Clan law no matter their personal preferences.

Blood Dolls are humans who have agreed to offer their blood to a vampire or a Clan in return for protection, food and a place to live. Most Clans treat their Blood Dolls with respect and honor as a thank you for the gift of life they so freely offer. A Blood Doll that has been claimed by a single Vampire is then protected from being bitten or killed by another Vampire. Most often these Blood Dolls act as prized servants or companions to the Vampires, some hoping to offered the Dark Gift for their service.

The Clans of Terra

(No more then seven clans can reside in Bastion)
The Fist of Caine

(No more then three clans can reside in Librium)
The Blood Rose

(There is rumor of a clan of Vampires who feed on animals residing in Elyria though no true clan can survive here due to it's lack of a proper food source)
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The Clans of Terra
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