A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Amee Britt

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PostSubject: Amee Britt   Wed May 02, 2012 1:15 am

• Amee • Lynn • Britt •


Name: Amee Lynn Britt
Nickname: Simply, Lt. Britt.
Age: 31
Weight:  130
Height: 5' 6''

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brunette, but often died.
Race: Human
Residence: Free Lance
Nationality: American
Affiliation: GHOST, Guardians of Human Origin & Special Tactics
Occupation: BountyHunter

Face Claim:  Sienna Miller

• all in the details •

She is average height, slender, muscular, and curvy. Her hair is long and wavy, although usually pulled up tight in a a messy up do while she works. Skin is tanned, but not marred like so many before her. Though she wears layers upon layers of clothing, one can still see that underneath is nothing more than a full blood, American girl. She often carried several weapons and rounds hidden in her jacket and shoulder bag of goodness.

Britt is calm and cool in the face of danger. She thrives on an adrenaline rush and enjoys an unpredictable target. She's very 'business' in approaching new people and targets, but to comrades and friends, there is the chance of a laugh or smile. She is not completely cold. There is a soft spot in her hard exterior for children and women who are unable to defend themselves.

Common sense, Ability to think under pressure

Aside from being military trained, Britt has common sense. She is quick on her feet and able to think under pressure. She can handle a gun, knife, bow, and nearly every other type of weapon someone can throw at her. She is human, thus, error in her judgement and skills can occur, but none to much as she is still alive.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Britt was born Amee Lynn, to a family in the deep south of Louisiana. Her childhood was failry normal, well, as normal as it could be growing up in the middle of a war. She was kept in the safe house community and educated there. At a young age, children were taught to use weapons to defend themselves. Amee learned to read and write, arithmetic, and survival skills that military guards passed down to them. Children were taught that the New breeds were terrible, dangerous monsters with no real souls or thoughts to anything but themselves. Amee grew up to believe this lie.

She wanted to become a teacher and work with children. She'd also fallen in love with someone. At 16, the world was a strange, but exciting place. All was well, until the night of the attack. To this day Britt cannot explain what happened. She awoke to screams and shrieks in the night. Only one word rang out before she her the sound of her love's scream. Wolf. She never saw the body, but knew they'd dragged it off. Werewolves. Dirty, thieving, murderous…

They ruined her.

Britt was one of seven survivors in her commune. She was shipped north to a private military institute. They called themselves, GHOST. Self funded, self seeking corporation headed by a man who wished to rid the world of what had transpired. Britt was trained to become a hunter. She hunted animals, all kinds, but only they took the forms of humans. Her years in the service were spent tracking known werewolves and New breeds, bringing them down, and exterminating them at all costs. She had no use for them. Humanity was lost to them, and it was her duty, in her lovers memory, to restore it.

After the war was complete, Britt couldn't stop. GHOST continued to work under a contract name. Britt i still employed by them and bringing in her kill one animal at a time.

(A place to write anything that didn’t quite fit in the above sections.  Phobias, criminal records, anything you feel the staff should know or that you want to keep track of and have written down.)

Is this a Canon?: no

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?: Second. Lisette Lovett.
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PostSubject: Re: Amee Britt   Wed May 02, 2012 1:29 am

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PostSubject: Re: Amee Britt   Wed May 02, 2012 4:25 am

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Amee Britt
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