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 So, We Meet Again... (Amee)

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PostSubject: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:39 pm

Bastion's Summer Solstice
June 21st

This would be Lana’s first Summer Solstice celebration; more technically it would be the first one she had the chance to visit. By the time she arrived the festivities were well under way; a parade weaving through the booths set up across a small park in Celestis. The booths were varied entertainments from artwork that displayed the history of Terra all the way to games and food vendors. Her outfit today differed from the norm, but because she was free of work obligation, Lana decided to dress down for this impromptu outing. She was even sans weapons, if it could be believed.

Approaching one of the food vendors on the heels of the parade, Lana scanned the selections of meats. Chicken on a stick didn’t look appealing, but neither did anything else. Though she couldn’t be picky she pointed to one of the chicken sticks, bottled water and paid before wandering off through the crowd of people to view the other booths of entertainment.

Lana preferred that her meat was still mostly raw, but guessed that others not so much. Still, she at the chicken stick without complaint and tossed the wooden skewer into the trash. The water she sipped casually as she stopped at the different game booths yet was loathe to actually try one, even as their host/hostess tried to coax her into joining many times. Her response was always a polite negative before walking away to view something else. It was nice to not have to worry about a timed schedule or hunting a particular person. Lana didn’t often have this luxury of being so lenient with her days and nights.

Finishing off her water, she tossed that into a trash bin upon her approach to one of the art booths. The paintings on display were of fields of flowers and other summery happy nonsense. She tried her best to look interested; standing with her head tilted to the side, hoping that a new angle would give the pictures a more appealing look.
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:28 am


Amee was more of a winter gal herself, but she had to admit there was a strange joy in the air while summer lurked. Amee decided to embrace the moment. She left Agent Britt at the hotel and went out into the streets as just, Amee. It was a denim skirt and simple V neck shirt to clothe her. Shoes were brown leather flip flops, hair was down and wavy… very unnatural for her. This was the Amee that had been before the terrible awful happened. Before her life was taken from her.
She'd strolled through the various booths and food vendors, grinning to herself as she passed certain items. Small things reminded her of the home she'd grown up in. After purchasing a lemonade and a dill pickle, the human found herself taking a seat at a wooden table to watch the end of the parade.

She'd since recovered from being left alone, stranded in the woods. Getting out of that had been trying and needless to say, painful, but Amee had somehow managed to free herself. She still had scraps and bruises to prove it, but they were trying to heal. The failure infuriated her still but she was learning to let it go. No use getting worked up when there was no pay involved.

Across the street, she spied a gallery of painted works. From where she say, it looked like scenery. Britt pursed her lips and sighed, none of those captured the misery that she felt in the wilderness. While some felt free and wild, she only was reminded of the home she'd once had. Her eyes trailed each one, the colors all screaming for her attention, but one color stood out… red hair. Britt narrowed her eyes and felt her mind working. The profile was strangely familiar to her, but not enough so that she stood. She'd only met one other redhead in this part of the world… and that was enough for her.

Curious… Britt tested a theory. In a low voice, she calmly spoke the name of the dreaded werewolf she'd been hunting, "Svetlana", and waited to see if something with keen hearing would turn her direction. She was fishing… in a metaphorical sense.
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:04 pm


The voice, even at a whisper was familiar. Lana purchased one of the landscape paintings; a mountainside scenery that had a brush of a meadow resting at the base. A fitting gift, she thought as she carried it across the field to the brunette who waited for her. Hugging the canvas to herself, with the picture pressed into her torso as to remain a hidden secret until she felt it was the time to reveal. Amee, we meet again.

Here I got you a little gift. Since their first meeting had taken place within the Elyria mountains, Lana had chosen the painting because it depicted a familiarity of how the werewolf and the human had first met. Flipping the canvas over to show Amee what she had brought her, the redhead smiled broadly to her onetime foe; the laughter in her expression reaching to her eyes, though hidden they were behind her aviator sunglasses.

If Amee chose to take the painting, then Lana would relinquish it willingly, if not then she would place it on the wooden picnic table behind the brunette. I’m glad to see you got out of those cuffs. Was it difficult? Her sincere curiosity could be taken as an unintentional barb; as if she were needling the human, but those were not the werewolf’s intentions. She was genuinely interested in how determined the little human had been to attain her freedom. Amee still had both of her arms, so it was clear she hadn’t been reduced to gnawing either one of them off. I can see you’re still whole and hale, so none of the wild mountain animals got to you.

Just like before, Lana started to circle around the brunette. Instead of using the tactic to intimidate, she was assessing the female from head to toe. I like this outfit on you. You have nice legs. Nodding in agreement to herself, she did another circuit around Amee just to seat herself on one of the wooden benches attached to the picnic table. Sit. Unless you’re going to try to kill me again, which if that is the case, I suggest we go somewhere more private so we’re not interrupted.
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:15 pm

The slight turn of the head confirmed what the brunette already knew. This was her Russian that got away. She watched as Lana walked towards her, arms wrapped around a canvas. Oddly, even in human form, she moved like a predator. She nodded as Lana greeted her with a slight taunt and even merited a semi-smile. As the painting was revealed to her, Amee bit her lower lip as she grinned. Of course. She got it. The humor in the whole situation. Amee held out her hands and took the painting from her ex-foe.

Lana was not the same individual she remembered in the mountains. There seemed to be a slight sense of humor to her, taunting, but not in a tacky way. Not like the mountains. I managed. You left me a little wiggle room and that's all I need. She gave a sly smile and then turned her wrists upwards to show the wolf, The bruises should fade soon and I am hoping the cuts don't scar. Not many people would find that very attractive. She'd torn herself up to free herself, but she'd managed to get out.

She found her stare lingering on the red headed wolf and quickly looked away. She pulled her painting to lay across the picnic table face up. No, No… the only animal to of touched me that night was you. So I wouldn't say I was completely unscathed. She gave a little wink and nodded to invite the animal to sit with her. As Lana complimented her, Amee blushed. She felt her body warm up instantly and couldn't help a grin.

Thank You… she said, a little at a loss for words. As the wolf spoke and seated herself, Amee did the same. No, No… I'm not going to kill you. It's against my protocol now.. considering I was demoted. So, thank you very much for that. However, there is a man here hunting for you. His name is Parker. Blonde hair, dark eyes, he's got a dog to try to sniff you out. Fair warning. She gave a reassuring nod to confirm that was no bullshit she'd just handed her.

Some would consider Britt a traitor for sharing secret intel, but Amee did not see it that way. If she couldn't bag the animal and was demoted for failing… why in the hell would she make it easy for anyone else? As they looked each other over, Amee spoke, Why did you leave me alive, Svetlana?

The question had pained her for days.
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:14 pm

There was less animosity clouding the air, allowing Lana more breathing room as she slipped onto the bench seat in front of Amee. I would apologize for having to take such drastic actions with you, but you left me no other options. Resting her arms on the table, the werewolf clasped her hands together with her thumbs forming a steeple as she pressed them together. I couldn’t have you following me and I had no orders to kill you. Better I chain you to a tree than to leave you for the vultures, da? She inspected the injuries to the human’s wrist as Amee held them up, but spent no large amount of time in thought over them. They would heal, as all wounds inevitably did.

Parker Rollings; veteran Marine turned freelance bounty hunter. Unlike you he has a number of impressive…talents…under his belt that would ultimately help him. But, like you, he is stupid enough to think that he can catch me. She displayed a winning smile to her companion and motioned with the tilt of her head to said quarry. The tall, blonde male stood ten yards from where they sat, discreetly watching the pair from behind dark sunglasses as he stood within a small group of people who clustered around one of the game booths. At his side sat a panting black and tan coonhound, looking as miserable in this summer heat as everyone else did.

The dog with him, he named Sieg. In German it means ‘victory’. But unlike Parker, Sieg isn’t bound by any agreement to continue pursuit if other…more interesting game presents itself. Again, Lana motioned for Amee to turn and watch for just then, an anonymous female with her own pooch passed by Parker and Sieg. The dame was in the peak of heat and Sieg was keen enough to pick up on it, for not long after they passed did the coonhound shift his attentions to the wagging rear end of the bitch as she strode away with her owner. Sieg took off in full pursuit of the female in heat and Parker looked from them (Lana and Amee) to the direction his dog had taken off in. Now, he should be otherwise occupied, we can go.

She didn’t give Amee time to question her as the werewolf stood, grabbing the canvas from the table along with one of the humans hands. Together they strode through the crowd, their pace kept deliberately calm until they had traversed the entire field to the entrance of the festival. Why didn’t I kill you? In all of the research you did on me, you don’t have the answer to that? She laughed her amusement, head shaking as the two strode arm in arm towards Bastion’s business district. I don’t kill for pleasure, or for vengeance. I am a contract killer, not a murderer. If the death serves no purpose then I won’t do it. Your death would have accomplished nothing for me. You think everyone like me is a monster, but that is not true.

In truth, Lana was possibly less violent than Amee was. Because of her heritage, the werewolf had to have a fierce self-control over her emotions. If she allowed herself to fly into a blind rage at every instance then the fairytales told to little children about the big bad wolf that haunted the night would actually be true. So, Amee Britt, what would you like to do?
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 1:35 am

She simply shrugged as the wolf talked about chaining her to a tree. Sure there were worse things and she had escaped with her life, but Amee had decided to put it behind her. She tucked loose strands of hair behind her ear and Svetlana quoted to her things she knew about her coworker. Her eyes narrowed as the words "unlike you, he has a number of impressive talents under his belt… so, the animal found her unimpressive. What she said next was unexpected though. To be called stupid to her face was something Amee was not accustomed too. Heightened senses, sure, but intelligence was something the human and beast could be matched at.

it was a clever trick, bringing in a stronger emotion than the instinct to hunt… the instinct to breed. As the coonhound and her gentleman caller took in the opposite direction, Lana grabbed her hands and without thinking, she stood and walked along side the werewolf. Her teeth grit together as the Russian insulted her for a third time. It must be true what they said, Russian's had no tact. As Lana asked what she would like to do, it felt like reality set in for her again.

I would like to have a conversation with someone who was not ordering me to do something or insulting me when I fail to do so. Are you quite finished? She was trying to be nice. This was and should be a civil social event. She'd tried to warn her of an impending agent… it was obvious to Amee that Svetlana was toying with her… an insult she did not need. However, there was the slim chance that Lana was generally interested in her company. Why, Amee couldn't fathom. I'd like to have some company for dinner. Are you free?
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:07 pm

The aggravation that poured from her human companion as she fumed in silence during their walk did not go unnoticed by the werewolf. In fact, Lana was deliberately needling Amee, just to see how far she could push the woman before she snapped. Well she didn’t have to wait long because as they approached the cross walk with a group of others, Amee turned and began to lay into the redhead. Lana stood there, turning the canvas painting around and around in her hands as she waited for the human’s ire to wear off. It happened in good time as well and the two of them crossed with the rest of the group to the opposite side of the street when it was safe to do so. Dinner? Absolutely. I’m starving.

With so many places to choose from and because her stomach was only so big, Lana had to make a tough decision. Their stroll to the restaurant was spent in silence, whether it was awkward or not, she didn’t know. To her silence was common and she was unsure of what to really say to Amee. When they arrived, a casual diner that would have multiple choices to eat, she let Amee precede her inside and chose a corner booth that gave the redhead an unobstructed view of the entire room. With her back against the wall and the canvas picture lying on the bench beside her, she sat facing the human and clasped her own hands together on top of the table.

If I offended you earlier it wasn’t my intention. I speak too plainly for my own good, my superior tells me all the time. When the waitress arrived, a girl who couldn’t be any older than her early twenties, Lana placed her drink order. Water, with ice and a lemon; her food she was going to need some time to think on. Ordering something completely rare was out of the question, though she wouldn’t mind a nice rare steak right now. If she ever had cooked food then it was her own cooking. Humans always did horrible jobs at spicing. Why did you turn on your own man? That takes some balls and makes you look bad at the same time.
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:23 am

There was a split second when she wondered if she could provoke anger in the werewolf. Could she push her to that point? Would the beast rear its wretched head or would the lovely creature before her stay? Just as the wind blows and has sudden bursts from seemingly no where, so does the temper of Amee Britt. Just as soon as it came, saw, and conquered, the wind shifted and was gone again. Looking into her companions eyes, she waited for a sign of anger or a snap back.. but instead, the redhead accepted her dinner invitation. With a nod, Amee agreed that this was a set plan.

They walked in silence, but it was not uncomfortable. Oddly, Amee felt relaxed in the presence of her arch-nemesis: the werewolf. They entered a simple diner, good choice considering they knew nothing about one another. Upon entering, Amee's eyes cut from left to right, scanning, searching, always on the look out for the one who was after her. She felt as if she was the hunter gone hunted now. Turning to face her dinner date, she realized something. They were two hunters always on the prowl. She trusted the [s]animal[/s] girl enough to turn her back to her and walk ahead. They had a seat across from one another and Amee got settled.

She knit her fingers together and placed her eyes to the canvas that Lana settled in the booth. There was a hint of a smile as she remembered that night. It was one of the most tense she'd ever experienced. As Lana spoke, Amee's eyes traveled from the painting to her lovely face. She drew in a shallow breath and took Lana's words for a makeshift apology…maybe? I don't take criticism well. So We're even. She gave her comrade a small wink just as the waitress arrived. She placed her drink order, an ice tea, no sugar. Amee could only hope it was not the fake lemon flavored nonsense… but the strong, caffeinated kind that was almost bitter to the lips.

My.. there's that tact again. She said at the questions aimed at her. She should of known this would happen. What's it to you? She said, crossing her arms across her chest. The tone was not a challenge, more of a rhetorical question. Despite your opinion of me and how ignorant you believe I am… I'm actually quite good at my job. I've never missed a mark. You know that, you read the file. Now, imagine your prize got away and you were punished because of it. Would you want to see someone else capture your trophy? No… I could of said nothing, and had you believe I was in on this whole plot to kill you. I was demoted, I was humiliated, and on the verge of being court marshaled because I allowed a dangerous menace When she spoke the word menace, Amee was sure to use air quotes to show she did not exactly agree with the wording, to roam free. I don't care how I look to the outside world anymore. I lost my soul a long time ago. There was a hint of sadness in her tone. But, that was a long time ago. Besides, Parker screwed me over a few times. I owe that son of a bitch one. Sounded like a pretty solid story. Most of it was true, Amee couldn't tell the whole truth, not yet anyways...

As the waitress came back, Amee placed her order. Blackberry pancakes, maple syrup, eggs, and hasbrowns… she love pancakes. If nothing made her feel better, pancakes were the ticket. She wondered what her date would order. Amee had spent her life studying werewolves and their habits, but this was the first time she'd dined with one… civilly. After both orders were places, she decided it was her turn to ask questions. So, why the civility? Are you always this pleasant to your assailants? Or are you trying to decide if I am completely ignorant or if that was just an off night for me? Even GHOST agents could have a sense of humor. . . sometimes.
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PostSubject: Re: So, We Meet Again... (Amee)   

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So, We Meet Again... (Amee)
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