A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Sunlight in her Eyes

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PostSubject: Sunlight in her Eyes   Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:53 am

❂ Neona Goldie Tiran ❂

Neona Tiran, or Nys-Elmiy as she is known to the Elves, is a Diplomatic Liaison for the Terran Guard. Due to her Elven blood, she has served as a bridge between the Elves and the Guard in their mission to uphold the peace. Her joy for life can be infectious, and her smile could brighten any room. Most find her exuberant nature a bit off putting, after centuries of war, such enthusiasm for Peace as Goldie shows is almost unheard of. Her hunger to learn knows no ends, she is constantly soaking in everything she can about the cultures she visits.

Goldie does hold a secret however, a secret which has made her a genetic marvel and very dangerous if angered. Goldie is a Werewolf, while her Elven blood serves to soothe the beast, violence and anger would be like tempting a struggling addict with their drug of choice. As she prizes life above all things, the last thing she wants is to loose control and accidentally harm someone. While the chances of this are rare, it is a risk she would prefer not to take.

And the sun shall come out to play ❂ Spreading rainbows through the sky

Making friends with Neona isn't hard, and sometimes you just won't be able to help yourself. She is an excellent chef, and her cookies are becoming rather famous amongst the nations she visits.

While becoming her enemy would be incredibly difficult, it is not impossible. She may be hard to anger, but once you hit the right buttons, you better run for life. Messing with her family is one quick way to get on her bad side. Neona is more the justice type and not the taking revenge type.

A romantic relationship with Neona would come with it's share of hazards, as well as a need to wade through the emotional scaring left behind by previous relationships. Despite her warm exterior, she is hiding some deep seated issues about her furry side.

Blue Tiran
Goldie's baby sister, the two may have some issues but if anything happened to Blue, Goldie's world would shatter. With the death of their older brother, the line separating them has only grown wider with time. Can they heal their old wounds or will they remain outsiders in each others worlds?

Kale MacAllen
Uncle Kale is an old family friend, and also a fellow member of the Terran Guard. One of the few who know about Goldie's furry secret, she trusts him with her life, and Goldie has done her best to soften his rough edges from a life of war.
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Sunlight in her Eyes
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