A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 By any other name...

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PostSubject: By any other name...   Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:33 am

I R I S ♥ K E L R I N A

Crazy, evil, psychotic, whatever you call her, just don't call her late for the blood bath. On the outside, Iris is a pint sized trouble maker with a penchant for being obnoxious and loud, on the inside she is just as sadistic and manipulative as the next vampire. Her very existence depends on lies and secrecy, as any human would gladly put a bullet in her brain pan just for being what she is, or possibly cause she's so damned annoying. She is still a child however, more so then she should be due to her own personal brand of crazy. Bright colors, shiny objects, and anything that sounds like fun, especially candy, and you will be her new best friend. At least for the next two seconds.

Iris belongs to the Blood Rose Clan of the Children of Caine. Founded by Rose herself nearly a hundred years earlier, it is one of the oldest clans. The Blood Rose is a collection of the best that Terra has to offer, whether that be in talent or power. Iris is a prime example of this, her power of negation, her skills as a thief, her talents as a budding musician, and her uncanny resemblance to the founder of the Clan sealed her fate before she even had the chance to refuse. While she welcomes her Unlife with a zeal that surprised the Clan, she detests her apparent connection to Rose. While she will not betray her Clan, she has been known to perform other jobs on the side.

Befriending Iris isn't hard, keeping that friendship is the hard part. Most find it difficult to understand someone who's attention span rivals a dog with a tennis ball.

Becoming her enemy also isn't hard, as she isn't the type to hold grudges and often respects those with the will and power to overcome her. Crazy as she is, she is not yet ready to meet the True Death.

Anyone brave...or crazy enough...to attempt a romantic relationship with Iris better have their tinfoil hat at the ready! And sleep with one eye open and a knife under their pillow.


I am up for almost anything with Iris, there are so many faucets of her character to explore the possibilities are almost endless. She could be a player for both good and evil as she doesn't play for anyone's team but her own. Even she has not realized her endgame, as the journey is half the fun. I will add to this plot page as relationships with other characters becomes clear.


Gabriella Guinario
While the relationship with Gabby, or Artemis as Iris is calling her, has not yet become clear. Iris finds Gabby very confusing, as she looks so much like Iris' late best friend Isabella, whom Iris killed during a Frenzy a few years back. Could the two become best friends? or are they destined for something more? Will Iris be able to resist the call of Gabby's blood, or is history fated to repeat itself?

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PostSubject: Re: By any other name...   Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:06 pm

For you my sweet: Torment
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By any other name...
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