A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Fiends and Celestials

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PostSubject: Fiends and Celestials   Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:10 pm

Fiends and Celestials:

Angels and Demons are extremely popular characters in many different genres. Any site that wishes to capture the myth and magic in site lore would be foolish to omit them. It is our intention here at Dark Renaissance to avoid religious debate among our members. It breeds unnecessary drama that distracts writers from the creative process. In the storyline the human followers of all religions have put aside their differences out of necessity for survival. By accepting all faiths into the idea of the Divine Collective, they have moved passed such debate. With issue of 'who is correct' out of the way, all things have been refined to 'Good versus Evil', 'What is good for the survival of mankind, and what endangers it'.

In terms of storyline, it is possible for our writers to utilize any type of being from any theology, with some restrictions. Please refrain from using any 'named individuals' (Michael, Gabriel, Satan, Lucifer, etc..), or referring to them in the writing of posts. Please create your own original characters and add to the many stories that exist here. Angels, Valkyries, and other worldly such creatures who are deemed beneficial to mankind, are classified as Celestials. Otherworldly creatures that prey upon others and commit 'Evil' deeds are classified as Fiends. These creatures are from realms beyond Terra, and find their way to our world either through Rifts or gateways created by powerful magic.

When in the world of Terra, Fiends and Celestials are cut off from the realm and higher power that they serve. They do not receive messages, orders, or limitless power from these other worlds. If they have come with orders or a purpose, then they are on their own to interpret and carry out these orders. They have what power and abilities are theirs naturally, and must grow and develop as an individual based on the experiences they have. Typically Celestials come to this realm to battle the Fiends who would prey upon mankind. Ultimately it is your character to do with as you please. Enjoy them to their fullest, but out of respect for the site and other writers, please refrain from: 'Bringing the word of a certain god,' or 'being charged with returning people to a particular religion'.

Thank you,
DR Staff


These outland creatures are the protectors of mankind. Proof that their faith in the Divine Collective is the right path. Celestials come from many different Outland realms, and exist in numerous forms. Some Celestials manifest in bodies of their own, retaining their natural form. Others come as disembodied energy and inhabit the bodies of willing hosts, imbuing them with power. Regardless of their form or appearance, the defining characteristic of a Celestial is their devotion to the cause of Good. While in the realm of Terra, Celestials are considered to be allies by the Church, and are offered sanctuary.


Fiend is the name given to the malevolent creatures from other realms that have made their way to Terra through Rift or other magical means. They come in many different forms. Some manifest in their own bodies, while others can shape shift to hide in plain sight. Others have no corporeal form and possess the bodies of unwilling individuals. While in those bodies, they bend the flesh to their will and commit dark deeds. Sometimes the very body they inhabit is twisted to resemble the evil that it contains, but this does not happen every time.

While in the Realm of Terra the Fiends are cut off from the realms and dark powers that spawned them. They have only what power and abilities they themselves are capable of. Their purposes are as unique as they are. Some wish to corrupt, others wish only to destroy and devour. Even their methods are their own. They can act out and wreak havoc in public view, or exist secretly working their evil beneath the notice of others. One thing however is the same for all of them. The Church and Celestials work tirelessly to oppose them.

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Fiends and Celestials
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