A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Aranel Ar-Feinel

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PostSubject: Aranel Ar-Feinel   Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:02 pm

• Aranel • Ar-Feiniel •

Name: Aranel Ar-Feiniel
Nickname: Ara or Nell
Age: 316
Weight: 120 lbs.
Height: Five feet, Six inches

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Race: Elf
Residence: Wanders, but based out of Elyria
Nationality: The Crown City, Elyria
Affiliation: The Courts of Light and Shadow (Family affiliation with the Court of Light, but prefers the Court of Shadow)
Occupation:Thief, Assassin, Bodyguard, Infiltrator, Occasional Reluctant Diplomat

Play By: Summer Glau

• all in the details •

Aranel appears small and slender, but she is extremely fit and well toned. Brown hair frames a deceptively soft face, but her cold eyes betray that she is more than meets the eye. She prefers tight clothing that bares plenty of supple skin; it can be a good distraction for her enemies. She'll never be seen carrying a weapon, but you can be sure that she has plenty on her.

Aranel is a cold-hearted bitch. She resents her family, resents the influence of the Courts, and resents the fact that the war ended without a real winner. She has a short temper, cares nothing for the lives of others, and has no real morals to speak of. Since her life has no simple pleasures, she seeks out the thrills and rush that come with the most exciting things in life: hunting, killing, stealing, and sex.

She reluctantly works for the Court of Light, due to family tradition. Her family has served the Court of Light for generations on end. She doesn't enjoy working for them, and often does less savorable jobs for the Court of Shadows on the side. She only does her work for the Court of Light when she is pressured to by political or family connections. When she has such a job, however, she serves it faithfully, despite her disdain for it.

Aranel was trained from a young age in the arts of diplomacy, and thus can be quite a skilled speaker and mediator, when need be. She despises doing this, of course, and usually only resorts to the diplomat act either when she has no choice, or when it is a cover for an assassination.


Her abilities are based entirely on movement. Movement of herself, or movement of people and objects around her.

Teleportation: She can transport herself across short distances with a mere thought. The teleportation is instantaneous, and she can bring with her anything she can carry (including a person, but generally only one at a time unless they are very light). Each use of the teleportation ability tires her out comparable to a high speed run across a similar distance. Short bursts (10-20 feet) can be used more often, since sprinting across such a short distance wouldn't tire her out fast. Longer teleports (50-200 feet) will tire her out after several bursts, equivalent to sprinting in a competitive race. The furthest she can teleport in one jump is about half a mile, which will wear her out to the verge of collapse.

To teleport successfully, she must be able to see the location she is moving to, or picture it clearly in her mind. A place she has visited frequently, she will be able to teleport to with ease. A place she is not as familiar with will, if not currently in sight, have a chance of error. Guesswork (such as teleporting to the other side of a brick wall) is dangerous. If she cannot see the other side, or know from previous experience what is on the other side (position of the furniture, location of walls and support pillars, etc), there is a chance she will land in the wrong place. She cannot actually 'land inside' a solid object, but if she accidentally teleports where an object is, she is shunted aside painfully, and may be injured in the process. Trying to teleport where a metal table is might give her a deep gash as if the metal slashed into her, or trying to teleport where a solid wall is might break her bones as if the wall had collapsed atop her.

Telekinesis: She can channel telekinetic force for a variety of applications. When used against a single target, she can channel about five hundred pounds of force (enough to lift a motorcycle, but not a car). She can divide this force among several targets at once, but doing so reduces the amount of force she can apply to each one. The telekinetic force can be used with the skill and precision of a hand, or with the blunt force of a hammer. Using this ability is tiring, depending on the amount of force she is channeling. So small uses can be used for a long time (such as manipulating small objects that only weight a few pounds), but high-force uses will exhaust her quickly (like lifting something extremely heavy or running at top speed).

--Throw: She can hurl any object within her weight capacity.

--Push: Objects that exceed her weight capacity can be pushed, but not hurled (similar to how a man can push a car down the street, but cannot lift it).

--Deflect: She can block incoming shots or attacks outright if they are within her weight capacity. Attacks that deliver more force than she can handle might be merely thrown off trajectory instead of blocked.

--Strike: She can channel extra force into a punch, or a swing with a melee weapon, allowing it to strike harder than her physical strength is capable of.

Enhanced Movement: Using her telekinetic abilities, she can move in ways that normal humanoids wouldn't be capable of. She cannot 'carry' herself, nor can she fly. She can, however, perform a variety of acrobatic feats and acts of enhanced mobility. These uses of her telekinetic ability are low-impact, and thus can be used more extensively before she gets tired. Excessive use of them has a comparable level of exhaustion to heavy running or physical exertion.

--Acrobatics: She can use telekinetic force to boost her movements, adding extra speed to backflips, extra height to jumps, and so forth. With the extra force, she can twist her body in more agile ways, double-jump in mid-air, and slow a fall by buffering her descent with opposing force.

--Enhanced Jumping: She can add extra bursts of force into a jump, allowing her to leap long distances. There are limits on how far she can push herself with a single jump, but she could easily leap over a bus, or jump to the roof of a low building. She could not, however, jump to the top of a skyscraper or across a whole football field.

--Wall Running: For short distances, she can use the extra channeled force to perform normally impossible feats of movement. This can include things like running up a wall, maintaining balance on a tight rope at a full run, or running across water for a brief burst.

As a thief and assassin, she has trained with a variety of hand-to-hand weapons. She prefers small blades, since they work better in conjunction with her special abilities. She is also trained in the use of a variety of firearms, but doesn't usually like them since her abilities can interfere with their use (for example, if she fires a gun and teleports before the bullet leaves the barrel, the bullet comes with her to wherever she teleports, instead of hitting the intended target)

She is also a skilled pickpocket, lockpick, and saboteur. She is trained in stealth, breaking and entering, and other acts of subterfuge.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Born in a hidden city of the Others in the southern U.S., January 5th, 1851. Aranel comes from a family with a long-standing tradition of loyalty to the Court of Light. Many of her family members have worked as diplomats, mediators, ambassadors, and other noble and honorable positions within the Courts. From a young age, Aranel was trained and educated in politics, music, the arts, philosophy, and everything else she would need for a life as part of a minor noble house.

Then the war came. Aranel was 94, and deemed too young to yet be involved when the conflict first broke out. By the time she passed her centennial birthday and was considered an adult, the war was already raging strong across the world. Aranel's family were diplomats, not warriors, and they remained among the few who sought peace and negotiation. While it soon became clear that overall peace was impossible, they still worked to negotiate the surrender of human cities that were conquered during the war, hoping to prevent unneeded loss of life. When possible, they tried to convince the armies of the Others to take prisoners instead of slaughtering them.

Aranel disagreed with this entire philosophy. While her family was still trying to play negotiator, she saw only the need to bring a swift end to their enemies. She volunteered for military service, and began combat and assassination training. For the rest of the war, she worked as an infiltrator and assassin, usually working on solo missions where she penetrated enemy defenses to strike at high-profile targets. By the end of two hundred years of practice, she was quite good at it.

Aranel is among those who don't believe the war is over yet. The Enlightenment, in her opinion, was not so much the beginning of a 'Peace Treaty' as a 'Cease Fire'. Regardless of what the governments say, she still considers it to be a war, simply one that hasn't seen battle in ten years.

Her family was heavily involved in the various negotiations and treaties that had to be settled after the war, but Aranel still refuses to return to an ambassador's life. Most of her family line was wiped out during the war, however, and so when the Court of Light needs a diplomat or negotiator, she is sometimes called upon, and reluctantly agrees to whatever job they assign her. Of course, sometimes it turns out that the Court of Shadow has a more violent solution for the same problem, and she is more than happy to use her cover as a diplomat to undertake more violent missions.

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:I'm a Gabby!
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Aranel Ar-Feinel
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