A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Nicole Djevel

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PostSubject: Nicole Djevel    Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:07 am

• Nicole • Lynn • Djevel •

Name: Nicole Lynn Ashkay-Djevel
True Name: Faustine Mephistopheles Syngika Raven Mocker
Age: 125
Weight: Commonly- 134
Height: Commonly- 5'7"

Eye color: Commonly- Hazel
Hair color: Commonly- Black
Race: Fiend
Residence: Librium
Nationality: The depths of Hell.
Affiliation: The Court of Shadows, but to be honest her affiliation is whatever benefits her the most - currently that happens to be the Court of Shadows, but that may change at any time. She is most loyal to herself.
Occupation: Whatever suites her objective; Collection of souls.

Play By: Kristin Kreuk

• all in the details •

Even in a world full of beautiful, deadly, creatures Nicole stands out. Her curly black hair often frames her face in choppy layers. Her green-hazel eyes take on a soulless aspect when she's killing and often times she looks as if she's looking right through you, and she probably is. She doesn't give much thought to the looks she gives people and if she sneers at you, you may think it's a smile instead. Nicole is not an open book, but if you know her well enough you can read between the lines. She is a parade of beautiful masks, ever the actress in an ongoing play that is life and it all revolves around her one selfish intent.

There is a thin crudely healed strip of a wound on the back of her neck that if pulled apart could force her out of her mortal shell and reveal her true form. Could be used to identify her perhaps, or otherwise harm her because the last thing Nicole would want is to reveal her true self.

Time has a way of altering a person, and Nicole has endured lots of it. When time has no meaning morality is lost, and without morality life has no meaning, and when life has no meaning, it is very, very easy to kill. Narcissistic to the core, Nicole's only purpose in life is leisure and corrupting others, while collecting souls doomed for hell on the sideline.

Nicole likes surprises, especially when the tables have turned against her. She enjoys lavish parties and good story tellers. She also enjoys death, in large numbers. She savors all the deadly sins, most importantly gluttony and pride. She dislikes wolves, just the mere scent of the mongrels will set her off. Nicole also dislikes any 'hero' types, but she can't help but want to keep a noble man for herself to corrupt. Her strengths would lie in her age, for there isn't much she has not seen before, and her soul which passes from one body to the next. She is otherwise known as a body thief.

The bulk of her strength lies in her mind. She has a strong understand of her minds strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the strengths of her foe she can influence an enemy or trap them through mental persuasion. Nicole can not only influence another's thoughts but also mess with memories, but it requires a decent amount of concentration. She can read a person and sense their barriers, should they have them up. In order to reach out to another she must lift her masks and risk detection. Her aura would give her away to anyone with similar gifts, and Nicole knows it. Therefore, her aura is often masked heavily, a technique so well practice she no longer has to try to hold the masks - they are consistent with that of any other common mortal. Only those with enough sense can pick up on her masks, unless she reveals herself via more visible traits.

    Seeding - Nicole can lie endormant inside the persons mind and body, causing telepathy and/or mind manipulation. For those with similar mental capabilities it is easy to detect, but once embedded it is far harder to get the demon out. This ability is spread via her Aura to her victims, leaving a small mental lace between herself and her victim. This is often used to collect souls. Limitations: Her manipulations can be blocked, and the tie between her victim and herself can be used against her.

    Dream Manipulation - Think Freddie Krueger, yeah exactly. Only Nicole's ability to physically kill a person through their sleep is highly unlikely, but she can do a far amount of damage, both physically and psychologically. More often this ability is used more so for Subliminal Messaging than any real attacks. Limitation: Requires concentration during the entire event, and she must have an article of the victims that was recently used or physical piece of them.

    Memokinesis - Memory Manipulations. Nicole can control as well as modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view mental memories. She can change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia, and enter the victim into a psychic vision replaying the memory. She may also effect her own memories selectively forgetting as she sees fit. Limitations: This skill requires concentration, so unless her victim is unconscious or willing it would be to obvious to preform. Control may be lost in times of stress or if rushed. Confusion of someone's memories with her own is common.

    Illusion Manipulation - The illusions are not tangible, but are very realistic to subjects. Sometimes she can create complex and detailed worlds, but is usually limited in that it can only affect the eyes and senses like touch and smell are left unaffected. Limitation: Before she can preform an Illusion she must have her victim seeded. Should she be severally injured the Illusion can be broken.

Body thief - Nicole has survived long enough to use her mental capabilities to find her soul and can lift it from one body to the next. Using the body like a shell, Nicole has managed to continue to exist despite her troublesome nature. In order to take another body she is forced to push the other soul out into a purgatory type existence before laying claim to the body. The body must be living or at least functioning in order for her to take it. It is a risky exchange and the chances for mistakes are high, therefore she does not often attack another unless she is confident she will succeed or has no other alternative. Once released from a body her chances of returning quickly diminish, so she prefers to have a prearranged body nearby.

When Nicole possesses a body she gains the skills and powers of the body.

Limitations: Nicole may be banished through Purification.

    Body Manipulation - Nicole can change the apparence of her body to suit her wishes or specifications. This skill is used after a switch and is an extremely taxing task that requires focus as she maintains the illusion of perfection while beneath that illusion the body is morbidly morphed. More commonly used, Nicole can morph a single aspect of her apparence and it is almost instantaneous. Normally it is her teeth, or her voice. Limitations: Once started it can take roughly 2-4 days for her to do a complete change of apparence. Her aura can not be masked during that time as she strains all of her abilities towards the change. Those strong enough can see right through her illusions.

Flesh eater - Exactly what it says. There is a hunger her mortal body can not sustain, but is tamed by the consumption of the another's flesh. Signs of hunger - Sharpening of nails into claws, intense staring, labored breathing, and pointed rows of incisors that replace her teeth. Weakness - She can lose control of herself entirely. Blood draws the demon within her, demanding to be freed of its mortal bonds and when those demands are not met it forces her to devour her own mortal body, not a pretty sight indeed..Once lost to the hunger she will not stop no matter the harm caused to her frail mortal form.

Misc. - Her true weakness and worst fear of all would be to hear her own name properly spoken, which would send her back to the depth from which she came. She fears fire and also has a weakness for the scent of blood or the sight of gore which drives her mad. [/i]


Preternatural sight, speed, strength and smell.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Like so many fiends before her, Faustine Mephistopheles Syngika Raven Mocker was summoned purely by accident. With the right words and the right offering anyone can draw power from the underworld, but only a few get it just right. And those few only live long enough to realize their unholy mistake. And so the unearthly fiend was awakened from her centuries of slumber to a world she couldn't even recognize.

Faustine - who had claimed the name Nico, made her home on the fringes of a society at war. She assumed the identity of an immortal young girl, and was well known by many in the slums for her 'magical' abilities. For many years to come she made a fancy living collecting souls and building her ranks among the Demonic quietly in the destructive landscape. That notability would be her curse in the end.

Nico was burned, like so many, to purge the world of infections and oh-how she laughed at her captors as the flames rose to claim her, swearing her revenge...Though they would get the last laugh, because once she was released of her mortal body only her soul was left behind. There was no dark abyss, no unholy praise for her collections, only the endless existence of purgatory. Nico wasted away for many years to come, lost in a ghostly fog.

It wasn't until after the cataclysm that Nico stumbled upon a true medium among the few that survived. A great man called Jaddeh whom she quickly grew attached to, which isn't hard to do when its the only person in the world capable of hearing you. Three years later they had a fight and as far as Jaddeh was concerned Nico was gone for good, until she locked onto him during one of his sessions. She forced her way in and before she knew it she leaped to his feet, staggering forward and toppling over Jaddeh's client.

Nicole spent the next 10 years adjusting to being a man. She continued his practice, though she altered it a bit and began granting 'wishes' instead. She even found herself a wife, who in a fit of rage during a fight became her next bodily victim. It would seem through rage the transfers worked and she would spend another 10 years a grieving widower who continued her husbands work.

From then on it's been the same old story, Nicole moves from one body to the next and still makes a tiding living granting 'wishes' and wreaking havoc on others lives. She goes from rich to poor, but there are always two constants in her life; Her name and body are always the same. She finds she prefers brunettes, though she has gone through all colours and styles. Always young, and always beautiful. Always Nicole.


Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Nope - This is my first, for now ;P

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Djevel    Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Djevel    Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Djevel    Tue May 01, 2012 2:56 am

Character Moved for Edit and Approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Djevel    Tue May 01, 2012 6:10 pm

Completed adjustments to Abilities, ready for staff review.
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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Djevel    Tue May 01, 2012 10:00 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Nicole Djevel    

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Nicole Djevel
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