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 Iris Kelrina

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PostSubject: Iris Kelrina   Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:14 am

• Iris • Quintilla • Kelrina •

Name: Iris Quintilla Kelrina
Nickname: Iris, Crazy, Candi
Age: 24
Weight: 126lbs
Height: 5'5"

Eye color: Usually dark brown, unless angered or hurt where they will turn a vibrant green, or during a Frenzy where they will turn red.
Hair color: Dark brown, almost black
Race: Vampire, 5th Gen
Residence: Librium
Nationality: America
Affiliation: Clan Blood Rose
Occupation:Messenger, Footsoldier, Spy

Play By: Selena Gomez

• all in the details •

Iris has a variety of appearances, able to change her look to suit her current purpose. While she prefers fancy dresses covered in gems, her casual wear ranges from jeans and graphic tees and scarves, to more rough street attire. Iris prefers bright and very loud colors, often experimenting with make up and face paints. She usually wears her long curls down to flow around her shoulders, though she will put it up while concentrating on a project. Her childlike shell often serves her manipulative streak incredibly well, allowing her far closer to her prey then others of her kind. She is almost never without a smile on her face and a mischievous glint in her eyes. Every member of her clan has the clan sigil: A Blood Rose, tattooed on their body, Iris keeps hers on her right shoulder blade. The magic used to create a tattoo on a Vampire burns out faster for her, forcing her to get it redone every couple of weeks versus the months for others of her kind. Iris also wears a cameo necklace displaying the clan sigil.

Iris doesn't remember her early childhood much, she knows she had a mother, but can only remember the song she used to sing to her and the smell of her hair. She never knew her father. What she does remember is growing up on the streets. She was picked up by a gang of other street rats and they made their living stealing what they needed to survive. This was where she learned her greatest skill, manipulation. During Enlightenment, when she received her powers from the Mana Cloud she became trapped in, her mind seemed to break, trapping her in almost childlike state. Her antics are geared more towards fun then survival. Her rebirth amongst the Children of Caine offered her a bit of clarity, allowing her to focus on the missions handed to her by her clan. The Clan still considers her unstable, seeing as she delights in the missions no sane Vampire would take on for fear of seeing their True Death. She has learned to find the fun in every aspect of her life, from experimenting with make up on the members of her clan, to fighting Trolls. She can make a game out of anything, and quite frequently does. Don't underestimate her, simply because her mind doesn't work the proper way...doesn't mean it doesn't work.

Negation: During Enlightenment, Iris became trapped in a Mana Cloud. This cloud caused her body to mutate, trying to fight the Mana attacking it. The mutation sapped all the Mana from her body, leaving her devoid of it's magic. While some people are fountains of mana, able to amplify the flows of energy around them, Iris is the opposite. Her body has no capacity for Mana, this allows her to cut off the flows of mana in other living creatures with physical contact. If she were to touch the bare skin of a Mage throwing magical fire, his spell would be instantly cut off and he would no longer be able to cast any other spell unless Iris released her physical hold on him. Magic being used on her will have it's normal range of effects, if she got hit with the fireball she would still get burned.

Being a Vampire has given Iris some minor control over her ability, it is now possible for her to touch someone using magic and not negate them and with great concentration she can negate mana infused objects as well, though it comes at a great cost, especially now that she is a vampire. Because of her body's lack of Mana, the life giving energy she needs to consume to survive doesn't keep her satisfied as long as other vampires her age. She will forever be closer to the Bloodlust, which means she needs to consume more blood. Mana enriched blood, or humans with powers, will sustain her longer then normal humans.

Iris always had good hearing, and her Siring increased this sense past that of other vampires, making her hearing equal to a Third Generation Vampire of the same age. This heightened sense can cause problems when around loud noises such as music or explosions. Her knew life also comes with the ability to regenerate, as well as strength, speed, and agility. She can also compel a human to do minor things such as forget they spoke to her, pick up a pen, or give her a phone number. As a Fifth Gen she will never be able to force a human to do something against their nature like harm themselves. The use of these innate skills will drain the life energy she needs to survive, and she will need to feed to replenish the energy.

Iris is a skilled thief, as well as a top notch actor. Her life with the Clan has taught her how to fight using her new skills. She has also found a new love now that she has a permanent home: Art. She is a very talented artist and a first rate singer, currently taking music lessons from one of the Clan Lords.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Iris was born to an alcoholic mother and a non existent father, an all too common beginning in times of war. The only thing she ever knew about her father was that he was a soldier. Her mother died when Iris was barely 7 of a drug overdose. She found herself on the streets, with barely any knowledge of how to survive on her own. She was very lucky when one of the Orphan Gangs found her and accepted her as one of their own. Life on the streets was difficult, but the children supported each other. Everything they stole belonged to them all and in this way they managed to survive, to scrape out a living in a war torn world that had all but forgotten them. Then came the Enlightenment, and her world was turned upside down. Most of the children were killed in the upheaval, while rioting nearly burned their city to the ground. Scared and alone once more, Iris decided to leave the city and it's horrible memories behind.

A year later she found herself in the new city of Librium, determined to make a fresh start for herself. And for three years she did just that, working odd jobs for the merchants and corporations who preferred spies of the expendable kind. It was on one of these such jobs that she caught the attention of Lady Leandra of the Blood Rose Clan. Leandra was a Fourth Gen, and held a soft spot for young survivors. It was never hard for anyone to get in Iris' good graces, a few presents, some sweets, and you were her new best friend. Her childlike behavior gave Leandra the in she needed, offering Iris the family she'd never had.

Iris eagerly accepted, and Leandra inducted her into the Clan. The Blood Rose Clan was small, knowing that vast numbers could be their down fall. They survived on secrecy, often using compelled humans as smoke screens for their true intentions. Iris took to her new life and her new family with a vigor the Clan sorely needed. She brought hope to them all, renewing their efforts to survive. 6 years later, Iris is no longer a Fledgling, she has been fully accepted into the Clan as Ancilla and she takes her jobs very seriously...well as seriously as she takes anything with the attention span of a goldfish. Still, she gets the job done and the Clan has learned they can count on her, if not in the ways everyone always expects.

Shortly after she was Turned, Iris ran into one of the other children in her gang growing up, the two had been best friends and not knowing what had happened to Isabella had always made Iris ache. They renewed their friendship, though Iris' new life would bring it crashing to an end. Still so new to the Hunger, it often overwhelmed her in those early days. Isabella was attacked while on her way to meet Iris, and Iris came up on them quickly leaping into the fray. The smell of so much blood around her sent Iris into a frenzy that didn't stop until she realized it was Isabella she held in her arms, and her friends blood that coated her fangs. That night still haunts her, and if she slept it would probably be the subject of many nightmares.

Iris is almost never without the stuffed spider given to her by Isabella after they found each other again in Librium. She also carries a collection of small knives that are easily concealed on her person and a backpack to hold her art supplies as she never knows when inspiration will strike.

Is this your second character, and if so, who is your first?:Third Character: Vanessa Sirnos and Neona Tiran

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Iris Kelrina
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