A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Solomon Grendel

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PostSubject: Solomon Grendel   Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:52 am

• Solomon • William • Grendel •

Name: Solomon William Grendel
Nickname: Styx
Age: 27
Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 5'9"

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Race: Human
Residence: Librium
Nationality: American
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Criminal

Play By: Adam Baldwin

• all in the details •

Solomon has a stout build and a slightly weathered appearance from his lifestyle. He keeps his hair closely cropped and a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee. The cloths he normally wears are well maintained and broken in heat-resistant clothing with a jacket fit for the weather of the current season to cover the pistol he normally carries. He also usually wears a pair of gloves.

People around Solomon are not so much defined by their race as much as they are defined by their situation. He's lived in the rough side of towns for almost all his life and one thing he has noticed is that whether your Human or Other, when you have nothing you do what you have to to survive. So the people that Solomon meets are usually divided into two categories, Haves and Have-nots.

While he doesn't necessarily blames those he labels 'Haves' their good fortune, he doesn't see anything wrong with a little 'sharing of the wealth'. Also he will not tolerate anyone looking down on him because of his origin or because of his criminal career, although he is smart enough to not advertise the criminal part when in unknown company.

His view on the powers that be in the world is a little harsher. Each of the governments are more concerned with what the other powers are doing then the people that are struggling to get by in the streets. The corporations are out to get every credit they can any way they can. And the police and Terran Guard... well there are mixed views there.

On one hand they are the opposition and he'll end up rotting in a cell if they catch him. On the other he knows damn well what they are up against and he can respect anyone willing to do the job they got. So as long as they're not after him or any of his Kith or Kin he's fine with those that enforce the law, even if it does make his life more difficult.

The final note is magic. Magic fills Solomon with a sense of child like wonder, yet at the same time terrifies him out of his wits. He knows he can do magic, but has zero formal training. What he knows he has from books he's stolen, rumor and conjecture off the streets, and the occasional talks with people that have been trained. He knows that there is stuff that you have to be cautious of when doing magic, but has no definite idea of what those are except a few rough ideas he has managed to puzzle out for himself. Still when it comes down to it, he can do MAGIC.

Magic: Solomon’s magic is a mixture of the elements Chaos and Time and is similar in nature to Shamanism. The mix of the two elements make a mess of his aura, making it difficult to read or divine things on or about him using magic. This is true whether someone is trying to read his health magically or use divination to figure out things about his past or future. His aura looks like the aura of someone who has been exposed to extremely high levels of unstable mana, yet his physical form doesn't show the usual physical deformities or enhancements besides one. Physically he is just a fit, 27 year old male except his natural body temperature is 100 Fahrenheit and can rise much further then normally survivable for a human. He can continue to operate up till his body hits around 150 degrees Fahrenheit before he starts slipping in and out of consciousness. When his body temperature is raised it usually decreases by about 2 degrees per hour.


Low level: These spells are generally fairly low energy and can be cast repeatedly with little ill effect. They raise Solomon’s body temperature by about .5 of a degree per spell cast.

What's that?: This spell creates a distraction that lasts a couple of minutes. Solomon has to actually direct attention to the direction the distraction will appear in and if no one looks the spell fails. Some examples; Two park benches get up and do a tango, someone's clothing turns transparent, a dog starts acting out a Shakespearean monologue with props appearing from nowhere.

Not Me!: Something that was targeting Solomon randomly switches to another valid target. If there is no other valid target the redirection fails.

It was at hand: Reaching into an enclosed space in which no one can see into, Solomon pulls out an object that could fit into the size of the enclosed area and that he can lift with one hand. The spell actually reaches into a pocket outside of time that can hold about 40 lbs worth of gear.

Notes: Usually in the pocket unless stated beforehand.

- About 30 lbs worth of B&E tools from lock picks to items to bypass electronic and simple mana based security measures

- A large knife: .5 lbs

- Gas Mask: 1.5 lbs

- Change of cloths: 3 lbs

- 30 m Climbing rope: 4.5 lbs

- Bag of Zip Cuffs: .5 lbs

Temporal Blast: Creating a swirling distortion of time about the size of a baseball, Solomon creates a magical attack he can hurl at the enemy. The damage from the attack comes from the speeding up of natural entropy so decades happen in a few seconds. Solomon has to actually throw the attack; much like a person throws a ball. It forms by cupping his hand and concentration.

Mid level: These spells are harder on Solomon’s body and raise his internal temperature by about 5 degrees.

Unchained: By fiddling with or struggling against any type of lock or binding Solomon can eventually open any sealed place or free him from imprisonment. The amount of time and energy he has to use on the lock or binding he is trying to open depends on how much effort went into making the lock or binding solid. Also, once it's undone it is obvious to anyone that the target of the spell has been broken using magic and anything linked to breaking the target goes off without a problem.

The fickle Lady: Solomon gives himself one extreme turn of good luck for one turn of equally great bad luck.

Note: For this spell I would decide the turn of good luck, and then the next person to post would get to decide the bad.

Between Seconds: Stepping momentarily out of time, everything freezes including Solomon. It's like capturing a picture of the moment and being allowed to view it for as long as you wish. But until he steps back into time he cannot do anything.

High level: These spells are highly dangerous and unstable and will effectively stop Solomon from casting anything else for a while. On top of that they usually end up nearly killing him. Each spell raises his body’s temperature by a different amount.

Temporal Chaos: Gathering the energy of Chaos in his hand, Solomon reaches out to the threads of time and twists. Centering around him, a field of unstable temporal energy extends out in all directions that is almost immediately out of Solomon’s control. The damage from this field comes in the form of things being caught in ever moving vortexes of Entropy. Things and people that touch these begin to decay and break down. If a person breaks contact with a vortex it stops the effect, but prolonged contact or too many hits can bring about death. On top of being a highly draining spell and damaging to his body, the spell is akin to dropping an ever shifting mine field around Solomon and he has to get out of it as fast as possible before the safe spot at the center disappears.

Note: It takes about two posts of gathering energy before the spell can be cast and people can tell that energy is being gathered around his hand even without aura sight. His temperature raises by about 5 degrees per post of gathering energy and if he spends any posts holding the energy to cast the spell. When the spell is released it raises his temperature by about 10 degrees

Street fighting: A life time of living in rough neighborhoods and a career of crime led Solomon to be a competent brawler and knowledgeable of the dirty tactics of real life fights. Good with his hands, a knife, or whatever is handy at the time, Solomon is good enough that he can usually get himself out of a situation in relatively one piece.

Streetwise: Solomon knows the streets. He knows the currents of the underworld and has a general knowledge of who the major players are. Along with that is the knowledge of where he can land black market goods, information, and other illicit services.

Thief: Solomon is a skilled thief and has picked up a variety of skills in that area from how to hot wire a car to how to disable a security system. His stealth skills are reasonable in an urban environment and he can generally figure out the approximate value of what he swipes.

Military Brat: Despite never having been in the military his father and a number of his father's friends had. He has reasonable knowledge of military personal and equipment and was taught the basics of small arms by his dad and friends. He won't win any marksmanship contests, but he can put rounds center of mass and won't shoot himself in the foot.

Cooking: Having a lot of younger siblings, Solomon spent time in the kitchen helping his mom cook for the family. He enjoys it a great deal and likes to try different things. It's also generally better then the instant stuff in most markets and cheaper then eating out all the time.

Random Trivia: Despite his abbreviated education, Solomon enjoys reading. And when one book references a topic he is not familiar with he'll go out and find a book on that. This has given him an odd slathering of facts on different subjects that comes up every now and again. Some particular favorites are magical lore and mythology with philosophy being a close second.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Solomon is the first born of a street tough drafted to be a soldier and a stripper. Not the brightest of beginnings, but his parents were accepting of their situation. Never formally married, the two still lived together and at least tried to raise the child they had brought into the world. Solomon’s father sent home his pay checks and when the belly was gone his mother went back to stripping to help supplement the income. Still times were tough as they were tough all around and the rationing for the civilians was never quite enough.

Almost a year after Solomon was born another sibling was conceived and Solomon’s mother would give up stripping completely. Without any formal training she couldn't find better then minimum wage and could barely pull that off with the help of some family friends to look after the kids while she worked. At this point Solomon’s father, who was a quarter-master in the human army, started supplementing his pay-checks with a little bit of black market dealings. Nothing big, a pallets of food stuff here, a few medical supplies there, and other things that many civilians desperately needed a little more of with the rationing going around.

This went on for another two years until child number three was conceived. Solomon’s mother had been on the pill and for a while there had been a lot of shouting about what had happened, a few not too kind accusations, and a general worry over what they were going to do because of a third mouth coming into the family. In the end they managed to work it out, but with three kids to look after Solomon’s mother had to quit her part time job and his father had to step up his black market deals.

Three years passed and things had settled down into a comfortable routine. The family lived in cramp housing in a not so good neighborhood because there just wasn't enough room around the base, but the military pay-check and additional income from Solomon’s father made sure that the family was cared for. Solomon was the protective big brother that helped mommy watch the two younger kids and mommy in turn kept everyone and the house cleaned and cared for. Solomon knew dad was going to be back for leave soon and asked if mommy and daddy were going to order another baby soon and if they could order a boy since both of his younger siblings at the time were girls.

His mom just laughed and said they probably weren't going to be 'Ordering' any more babies as three was quite enough, but Solomon really, really wanted a brother to play with. So when dad was home Solomon started wishing really hard that he would get a baby brother, whispering the first night his parents were together into the quite of the room he had to himself since the two young girls were in their own room. The next morning Solomon was burning with an extremely high fever that mysteriously vanished about mid day. After a few weeks it turned out number four was conceived that night and that child would be the family's second son.

That year Solomon ended up getting sick a lot with bouts of fever that seemed to appear and vanish almost at random. With that on top of a new member of the family Solomon’s father had to step up his black market dealings to keep his family supported. A veteran at the business now, Solomon’s father was extremely careful as he started dealing in actual Military hardware like assault rifles, explosives, combat drugs, and equipment captured from the enemy that was suppose to be destroyed. The stress of the new direction his little side business caused Solomon’s father to start drinking more and more. And it wasn't till child five was conceived two years later in a drunken binge did Solomon’s dad finally stop drinking.

Things were getting better, despite the additional finances needed for the newest member of the family. Solomon’s father was saving up money for a bigger house in a nicer part of town, most of it in the bank under a fake name to keep the government and army from finding out about it. It was a small slip that undid it all; someone not doctoring the books just right while a 'random' inquire was made. Someone higher up had noticed the missing supplies some months ago and had been carefully following the trail back to Solomon’s father. The subsequent investigation didn't find out everything, but they found out enough. Solomon's father was Court-Martial, Dishonorably discharged, and sent to prison. The family had suddenly lost their only source of income and the head of the family in one fell swoop.

Solomon was about fifteen at the time and was confronted with a crisis at home. In a fairly bad part of town already, there was little hope that the family would go anywhere but the streets if they couldn't find a source of money somewhere. His mother had managed to get a minimum wage job and had been looking for a second one, but in those times there just wasn't work for someone with almost no marketable skills that there wasn't already a ton of applicants for. He knew he should look for a job as well, but there was no way he could get better then his mother for reasons of his age and skill level, at least not legally. He knew only one sort of work that he had a good enough in with to be able to earn the sort of money the family needed and so he went to talk with some of his father's old friends and business associates.

While most people may not consider criminals the most loyal or honorable of people, the men that Solomon went to talk to did have their own set of principles. His father hadn't given anyone up even though his sentence could have been lightened for it and they knew of Solomon’s plight. It went against their nature to do anything for free, but they were willing to pay well enough to someone willing to learn and work. Well enough that at least Solomon’s family wouldn't get thrown out into the street or go hungry. More than they would any other fifteen year old kid that wanted to join their group.

So Solomon began to work in the black markets of the underworld. It wasn't long before he had to drop out of high school because of the amount of time and energy he had to spend learning his new career. He ended up being a courier a lot during the early years, a young kid being seen as less suspicious then adults in most cases. He made important contacts and started to learn the proper skills for performing a Heist and laundering money. Meanwhile, when he returned home with the money for his family, his mother would look at the cash then glance at the younger children with a sad, knowing look in her eyes.

Solomon was 17 when Terra finally had enough of the war. In that time of upheaval and turmoil the city that his family lived in was devastated, more than half the population was killed and more were left homeless. It was also at this time that Solomon first used the magic that flowed through his veins and knew it to be magic. An older man, driven into destitution by the chaos, attacked Solomon as he was scavenging some supplies for the family. Unarmed at the time and facing a gun, Solomon desperately reached for something to throw at the man. The ball of energy that formed in the outstretched hand surprised both the man and Solomon. The young man threw the energy at his attacker and watched in morbid fascination as it gorged a gruesome hole in the man's chest.

The incident was unwitnessed at the time and the recent death and destruction made one more completely unnoticed. Solomon didn't share his discovery with anyone, shaken not only by the revelation of his ability to use magic but also the first time he had taken another human life. The news of the peace that had been forged in the wake of the Enlightenment trickled down to the devastated city where he lived and later the word that a new city was being born where peace had been signed. It was at this time that Solomon parted ways with his family as they were packing their meager belongings to take refuge in Bastion. There would be more business opportunities for the young criminal in the rise of Librium.

Away from his family and alone for the first time Solomon grew more competent and hardened to his chosen trade. He started practicing his new found ability in secret and managed to figure out some of the basics of how it worked. When the opportunity presented itself he would swipe books and notes on magical lore from the places he broke into, along with a few trinkets. His work for various contacts soon built him a respectable street rep as a thief and connection to the black market. By making his home in the worse part of town he managed to evade the police and Terran Guard well enough that so far he hadn’t been caught. But reputation is a double edged sword as the more work he does the more likely that someone will take notice. Whether that notice is good or bad has yet to be seen

Solomon's knick-knaks: Random items that he has picked up over jobs and has no idea what to do with them

-A sword that wouldn't let him leave on a heist. He can't draw it out of its scabbard and it won't even let anyone else pick it up. Right now it's stuffed in the back of his closet

-A book in a language he cannot read or identify. The text is different depending on whether it is day or night and the phases of the moon.

-A watch that plays a haunting melody that brings on a strong sense of nostalgia. The listener starts to dream, then the dream cuts off suddenly. It feels like something is missing when the dream stops, like it was suppose to go on.

-A ring that creates a tugging sensation, like it is trying to get the wearer to go somewhere.

-A piece of paper with a circle drawn on it and odd runes all around the edges. The runes shift when someone puts a drop of blood in the center of the circle.

-A single thread of light trapped in an Amber sphere, the thread twists and turns when the holder starts to sing.

Family: Father (46)- Mathew William Grendel
Mother (45)- Sharon Rebeca Brown
Sister (25)- Faith Rebeca Grendel
Sister (22)- Willow Carol Grendel
Brother (18)- Arco Samuel Grendel
Sister (15)- Tiffany Dane Grendel

First Character

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Solomon Grendel
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