A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Raina Whitecloud

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PostSubject: Raina Whitecloud   Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:37 am


Nickname: Raina, Ash
Age: Twenty-four
Weight: 115lbs
Height: 5'4"

Eye color: white-gray, like a storm
Hair color: Raven black
Race: Avian
Residence: Celestis
Nationality: Celestian
Affiliation: The Second Circle
Occupation: Caster, aid in Celestis' defense

Play By: Ksiena Solo

• all in the details •

Raina is fairly tanned, and light-eyed. Her dark hair is a stark contrast, and they flow past her shoulders, permanently windblown since she is constantly in flight. She is slight in frame, lean and taut. Her wings are long, large, and white with black and gray. She is build like an Avian, her skin kissed by the sun but well-protected. She is rather attractive, but in a dangerous ways. Her sharp eyes can can pierce with their silvery stare. However, her smile melts that cold exterior, painting a far more pleasant image of what she's known for - being an "ice queen," so to speak.

One wouldn't call her an elitist, but she isn't particularly fond of the human race. They were the reason behind the fall of her city, and she sees them as major adversaries, rather than allies. She tends to hold grudges well, and has a strong personality that could clash like the silver-storm of her bright eyes. She had seen war, and her parents fought for what would eventually become a lost cause. She doesn't believe that the humans would help them any more than they did in the war. If anything, they'll only make matters worse, and she would gladly raise her bow and arrow to defend her home. Affection doesn't come easy with this certain avian. She has a sharp tongue, and her take on humor is rather harsh.
Deep within her heart, she is a good person. Tied to her anger, Raina is actually a forgiving spirit. She will do good, hence her abilities regarding light. Photokinesis basically describes her ability. She draws from the sunlight and the moonlight for strength. Any source of light can be used for her magic. She is the strongest in the open, and weaker in darkened, confined spaces.

Healing Others - Raina can heal with her light. A flash from her hand could remove any minor surface wounds. She has to focus harder with critical injuries, and Avians tend to naturally heal faster than most humans. This is a draining task if the person she's helping is severely wounded. She would need to rest if she spends too much of her energy. After all, that is what use of the light comes from. The only problem with this ability is her inability to heal internal damage. She cannot bring a person back to life, and she cannot regrow limbs. Every surface wound healed is either medium or minor. She cannot use this ability on herself, because of her natural Avian traits. The sunlight and moonlight keeps her sustained enough, but for others, it'll drain her to expend energy to heal the wounded.

Blinding Flash - this is a good way to startle any incoming attacker{s). She could call forth a flash, much like a light grenade when thrown into a field. There isn't a piercing sound that follows, but this would render the enemy blind for ten seconds - enough time for Avians to escape, or fight back. She cannot use this frequently however. This would have to be done once every two hours. A period of rest in necessary, since she'll be using her light for other abilities.

Dome/Barrier - she could create a barrier with a web of light, which centers around her and others like a dome. Expanding the size of the dome requires more concentration and will to keep it in place. She could deflect most blows, but constant brutal attacks could weaken the barrier. A basic barrier could thwart punches, flying medium sized objects for fifteen-minutes tops. The smaller the objects and lesser the force, the longer she could make her shield last, going as far as thirty minutes max. Stronger and heavier force could make her barrier last shorter than fifteen minutes. Each heavy blow would remove three minutes for her to bear the strain. Stretching the size of the dome takes away the span of time she could hold it up. She'll be losing a minute for every feet stretching out, with thirty being the max against small force, fifteen for medium, and ten for large, which'll also decline drastically depending on how often she's hit.

While Raina prefers the use of a bow and arrow, she could create weapons with her mana. A sword of light and a shield could be conjured, but they cannot last forever. Every ability is strong when light is present, but once it darkens, her ability is weakened unless no light is left, then she cannot conjure anything.

Flight - this is an Avian trait. Her powerful wings enables her to endure flight for a long period of time. She could control her speed and falls, landing gracefully with one powerful flap. She has a thing for nosediving and then twisting to a perfect landing at the last minute.

Offensive Spells enables her to channel the light into specific attacks. She can form a number of spears to shoot at her foes (four is the max). These weapons of lights aren't to be taken lightly. They can burn their foes, or make them explode, depending on the strength of her magic, which also ties in with her emotions. If she really isn't careful, these spells can backfire and harm her instead. Anger turns her eyes white, and heat up any of her spells to make them volatile. For every use, there is a price to pay. Constant use would result in a nosebleed, or headache. She can also black out if she doesn't stop, simply to rely on her physical abilities rather than magical to defend herself.

~She does better in air-combat than she does ground, but she can thwart blows with her wings by channeling her mana around the feathers, thus turning them into a durable shield. She is more defensive than offensive, hence her slower agility on the ground than the air.
~She is an expert with melee weapons; most modern weapons are foreign to her.
~Omnilingual; she studied many languages, including the Ancient ones that laced her magical text. She understands most that is commonly spoken, and can speak them as well. She would be of great use as a translator.
~Working with others; as cold as she may be, she works better with others than she does alone. She is someone to have at your back, and defend it at all costs. She'd refuse to let anyone die within her sight.
~Song; she is blessed with this trait to sing with a rather powerful and magnetic voice.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Raina was born to two casters. She would grow up then to follow their path by taking up her mana, and channeling them for the defense of her home. She was a loving child, only to grow bitter when her world fell. Her view on humans as potential allies had taken a dive when they attacked. From then on, Raina assigned herself to a purpose. She was a diligent student of magic. Her strong point was using light as an effective barrier to protect. To make up for her mostly defensive capabilities, she took up arms to practice her melee.

The modern weapons created by man were fickle, but an annoying challenge.

Raina wasn't exactly keen on exploring Terra, although she was a race of messengers. Swallowing her pride, Raina did what she was told. To leave Celestis from time to time to interact with humans with the war over. Fairly young, she was told to learn from the enemy of her race. Humans would always be seen as such, even with their helpful ways.

Raina was one of the many recognizable faces in the Second Circle. She was known for shooting out jets of light from the palm of her hands, and controlling them to a point that they would encircle her fists upon close combat. Her cold exterior makes her the young ice queen among the court, but one couldn't deny her passionate nature when it comes to restoring Celestis to its former glory. She will do what is deemed necessary to return Celestis to the sky... even if it meant seeking aide from the petty humans.

Like most Avians, Raina has a strong case of claustrophobia. She will do everything in her power to get out and back into the sky. She is the weakest and most vulnerable in this state of panic.

She favors a longbow and a quiver of poison-tipped arrows. Otherwise, she'll manifest a sword of light and shield to take down her adversaries. Other weapons could vary. She has trained herself offensively to make up for her higher defensive capabilities.

Other notes will come to play in game.

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Raina Whitecloud
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