A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Vincent Harper

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PostSubject: Vincent Harper   Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:05 am

• Vincent • Harper •

Name: Vincent Harper
Nickname: Vin, Vince, Vinny, Claymore
Age: 25
Weight: 177 pounds
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Eye color: Emerald Green
Hair color: Dark Brown
Race: Human with abilities
Residence: Librium
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Umbra
Occupation:Umbra Enforcer/Assassin

Play By: Adam Brody

• all in the details •

Vincent is average in almost every sense of the word. He's not tall or short, he's not skinny or overweight, his hair is brown and boring. His eyes are a brilliant emerald and are the most memorable thing about him besides the constant smile on his face. He is typically clean shaven and his hair has a slight curl to it that always makes it seem to be a mess. He has a boyish looking face, making many people doubt he is older than 20. He can typically be found in comfortable clothing: well worn jeans, light shirts and sneakers more often than not. His lean body is deceptively muscled from years of hand to hand combat training. When on a job Vincent will dress in all black with a jet black hooded cloak.

Vincent is an eternal optimist; everything will work out in the end...for him anyway. He is almost always in a good mood, happy to be alive, and is very slow to anger. He has a smile on his face at all times, even in the face of danger, though the warmth of that smile can change in an instant if someone manages to fall on his bad side. He strives to always be polite, even to those who are obviously an enemy, knowing that many opponents will let it get under their skin if he doesn't show any other emotions.

Vincent's ability has been genetically passed down his father's family since shortly after the war began. How it was introduced into his bloodline has been forgotten through the years. It gives him a variety of powers based on certain metals being ingested. Upon ingesting small amounts of metal, he is aware of a reservoir of power appearing within his body. He can't explain how he knows these reservoirs are present, or how depleted they may be at any given time. He can tap any of these reservoirs at any time and use the ability tied to the reservoirs metal. He calls this 'Burning.' He can also 'Flare' a metal while it's Burning. This doubles the effect of the metal's granted ability, but consume the reservoir three times faster.

Metals that grant abilities to Vincent always come in pairs: a natural metal, such as Iron, and an alloy of that metal, such as Steel. Vincent knows of five such pairs at this point in time, and is always looking for new metals. Metals that are ingested that do not grant an ability leave Vincent ill for up to twelve hours and have residual effects similar to a hangover for another day or so after that.

Iron: Burning Iron connects Vincent with every source of metal within a 50 foot radius. The connection is visible to only him as a thin blue line from his chest to the metal. In a world with so many metal components the amount of lines sprouting from his chest is unimaginable, though he knows exactly what is at the end of each line and where it is in relation to himself. Iron also allows Vincent to Pull on these metals he's connected with, drawing them in a straight line to himself. Only items that are lighter than himself can be pulled in this fashion. Something heavier than Vincent, or something strongly secured, will pull him to it rather than being pulled to him. Any metal that is piercing a living being, such as an earing, does not connect with him as other metal sources do and are not susceptible to being Ironpulled.

Steel: The paired alloy of Iron, Steel as almost exactly the same effects as Iron except for one difference. Where Iron is used to Pull sources of metal, Steel is used to Push them. Any source of metal that is lighter than Vincent can be pushed away from him in a straight line. Likewise, anything heavier than him will push him away. Vincent often uses Steel to Push off a coin on the ground beneath his feet. Since the coin has nowhere to be pushed to it results in Vincent being propelled up to almost 50 feet in the air.

Tin: Burning Tin triples the effectiveness of all five of Vincent's senses. It allows him to see much better in the darkness, although not perfectly in complete darkness. He can hear things that are much further away, which may or may not be a boon in a heavily populated area. His sense of smell, while still nowhere near as potent as an animal, can be used to track very fresh scents and trails. He usually views the heightened sense of touch as a hindrance, especially in extreme weather, and the enhanced sense of taste useless. Tin is the slowest Burning metal Vincent is aware of, and he usually has it Burning for most of the day.

Pewter: The paired alloy of Tin. Pewter enhances Vincent physically. While Burning Pewter Vincent's muscles and bones will be three times stronger, allowing him to hit harder and take harder hits in a fight. The enhanced muscles also increase his speed to twice that of a normal human as well as make him more agile and dextrous. Pewter is the fastest Burning of Vincent's metals.

Copper: Burning Copper protects Vincent's mind from being viewed or tampered with magically. It causes anyone trying to read his mind to hear nothing, as if there are no thoughts whatsoever in his head and will stop all but the strongest charms or enchantments meant to control someone mentally. Vincent is unaware of Copper's effect at this time and rarely Burns it unless trying to figure out its ability.

Bronze: The paired alloy of Copper, Bronze allows Vincent to project his voice telepathically to anyone he can see. The recipient of his telepathic message is unable to respond in a likewise manner unless they possess a telepathic ability of their own.

Nickel: Burning Nickel cuts Vincent's weight by roughly a third, giving him a weight of just under 120 lbs. Flaring the metal decreases this by another third for a weight of right around 60 lbs.

Nisil: Nickel's paired alloy has the opposite effect when Burned. When Nisil is burned, Vince's weight is tripled to make him around 530 lbs. Vincent has trouble moving normally when Burning Nisil unless he is also Burning Pewter. Unlike the other pairs of metals, Nickel and Nisil cannot be Burned simultaneously.

Aluminum: Burning Aluminum will immediately drain all of the reservoirs remaining in Vincent. This is used solely before sleeping, as he found out early on that sleeping with metals inside of him produced similar, but lesser effects to those of ingesting an incorrect metal.

Duralumin: Aluminum's paired alloy. This is Vincent's ace in the hole so to speak. When Duralumin is Burned, the next metal to be Burned is amplified tenfold. The amplification lasts for 2-3 seconds before completely draining the reservoir of whatever metal was Burned. This extremely short boost in power will even allow Vincent to Push or Pull something heavier than himself as if it were lighter.

Vincent ingests his metals in Doses of 0.5g each. Each Dose will burn at different speeds depending on what metal it is.
Iron/Steel: 90 minutes
Tin: 6 hours
Pewter: 10 minutes
Copper: 4 hours
Bronze: 30 minutes
Nickel: 1 hour
Nisil: 1 hour
Aluminum: Instantly drained along with all other reservoirs
Duralumin: 2 amplifications

Disdaining firearms of all kinds and having a fascination with ancient times, like his father and grandfather, Vincent was taught to be proficient with swords, particularly large blades that require two hands to wield, and daggers, usually one in each hand. He is also fairly skilled in hand to hand combat that specializes in disabling an opponent instead of killing them.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Vincent is an only child, born to Jack and Ramona Harper. His parents were avid protesters against the war with the Others, knowing that hatred can only breed more hatred. Vincent himself was too young to think too much about the war. He cared for the simple things that children care about: his friends and family, and whether he'd be grounded for not doing well in school.

Vincent was seemingly always happy, and always willing to make a new friend regardless of race or background. He took what his parents said about hate breeding hate to heart and never allowed himself to hate anything or anyone.

When he was nine, his father realized that Vincent had inherited the same abilities he himself had and began training Vincent in their use. With a constant supply of metals from Therim Ortas, a dwarven smith that Vincent's great grandfather had saved while he was a young man, the traininig went smoothly and Vincent showed greater aptitude with his abilities than his father had. During this time he was also trained in the use of melee weapons, particularly claymores and daggers. The combat training had one sole purpose: defense. Vincent was only to use his skills in the defense of himself or those around him.

After the Enlightenment, when the Treaty of Terra was signed, it appeared Vincent would have no use for the last six years of training. Even so he continued learning, not believing the peace could last, and knowing he would have to defend himself sooner or later. Soon after, Vincent and his family moved to Librium. The city idealized everything his parents had argued for while the war was raging. A year later when they were killed by a group of vampires, a sixteen year old Vincent was left with no family. Regarless of what his parents had always taught him about hatred, he could not help hating the vampires for taking his family away, and still carries a prejudice against the blood sucking race.

Out on his own, he quickly learned that money could be easily come by with his skills. People payed for protection in the uneasy times so soon after the war ended. Four years later Vincent, now twenty, found himself hired as protection for who he later found out was an informant for the Umbra Corporation. After inadvertantly eliminating a threat that stalked this informer, Vincent was brought into the fold given more and more work from the company. Vincent now works for Umbra doing whatever he is called to do from protection details to assassinations, though he still does not enjoy killing people or fighting in general. While not on an Umbra contract Vincent will pose as a mercenary or bounty hunter, knowing that any client or job is a potential source of information that his company can use at a later date.

Vincent is haunted by the face of the one and only woman he's ever killed. Emma was a friend of his in school who was raised by purist parents. She confronted him about his abilities, saying that he had no place being amongst normal humans. She attacked him with purest intent to kill, and it became a do or die situation for Vincent. He killed her defending himself and over ten years later still hesitates when it comes to harming a woman.

Vincent also has intense motion sickness triggered by vehicles. He can jump around the cities using his Iron and Steel abilities with no problem, but anytime he's in a moving vehicle for more than a few minutes he becomes very ill.

He is never on a job without the weapons given to him by Therim after his parents died: A claymore dubbed Excelsior by Vincent, and a pair of twin long knives that Vincent refers to as Gemini. All three blades were made to the best of Therim's dwarven ablities and are imbued with small amounts of magic that make the blades never lose and edge or have to be sharpened.

On the shoulder strap for Excelsior is also small pouches to hold plastic vials that hold Doses of metals suspended in a weak alcohol solution for when his reserves are empty. He typically carries a Dose of each metal,except Aluminum, as well as a slightly larger vial that has Doses of all eight metals mixed together. He carries the larger vial in a pocket at all times he does not have his sword with him, though he goes nowhere without the Gemini.

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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Harper   Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:41 am

Welcome to the newly Enlightened. Please feel free to copy the details of your application into your profile for quick reference, and write to your hearts content.

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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Harper   Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:39 pm

Additions are made and ready for approval. I made the font for the new metals orange to make them easier to spot for whoever is approving.
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Harper   Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:48 am

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PostSubject: Re: Vincent Harper   

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Vincent Harper
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