A world of magic and technology at war until mutually assured destruction forced an uneasy peace.
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 Xane Anders

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PostSubject: Xane Anders   Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:06 pm

• Xane • Anders •

Name: Xane Anders
Nickname: Project AH-206
Age: Biologically 28
Weight: 205
Height: 6’3

Eye color: Artic blue
Hair color: Dark brown
Race: Artificial Meta Human
Residence: Bastion
Nationality: American
Affiliation: Currently Unavailable
Occupation:Random Jobs and bounty hunting

Play By: Josh Ohl

• all in the details •

Designed to be a near perfect male specimen Xane while blessed with his talents was also blessed with a mixture of good looks that he inherited from the various soldiers that had donated their DNA to his creation. Standing at 6’3 his is taller then average but not overly so. Is frame is large and evenly distributed in an attempt to maximize his balance as well as his motion leaving him moderately muscled symmetrical individual with a body type similar to a serious athlete.

Xane seems to be devil may care incarnate, he lives not knowing what will happen or what tomorrow will bring and soesn’t seem to give it a second though. Those that know him or that as hired his services know him to be reckless and unaware of consequences he’ll get his jobs done no matter what and deal with the chaos his actions brings when they happen instead of trying to avoid such problems in the first place. He is also a bit of a loner only trusting a select few. With no memories of an early life his social skills are a bit under developed. Another notable trait is that while not xenophobic he seems to have a natural distrust of those called ‘Others’ to this day he has not been able to explain it but when ever he’s in a room with one he always feels as though they are just looking to stab him in the back.

Superior Strength- Xane was designed during a chaotic time of war, those that created him looked to make him as physically strong as they could without hindering his ability to move and were able to make his roughly 2 to 3 times stronger then a physically fit male his age and weight, the drawback was an incredibly dense cellular structure that greatly hinders his ability to swim and makes it impossible for him to float as a normal human would. To keep Xane out of water more then five feet deep they programmed and intense fear of drowning into his mind.

Enhanced Reflexes/Agility- Roughly just above the level of an Olympic athlete Xane has amazing reflexes and the agility to utilize them. But given his rash nature and the fact his sensory organs were never advanced to his other biological limits these traits can be over looked and he will at times react to quickly causing openings in himself.

Bioelectricity – A fair amount of gene splicing and some magically manipulation was put into over developing Xane’s normal bioelectricity so that he could be his own generator for his gear. I had the pleasant side effect of being able to be mentally controlled by Xane and focused to the skin, allowing him to deliver electrified melee attacks as well as stunning those who would try to touch him. The downside though is that a fair amount of concentration is needed to focus this ability to the skin or into charging a limb for an attack, using it also requires a good deal of energy which tires him out after a short amount of time and requires him to consume a large amount of daily calories.

Healing factor& durability- What good is a soldier that can’t take a little punishment or get back to the battle field quickly? Though not extremely advanced he is able to heal nearly twice as fast as an ordinary human, this also seems to have retarded his aging though not significantly. Given a dense cellular structure able to absorb blunt force trama that would normally cause minor injuries. His healing does take a good amount of fuel into the form of calories and as for durability any thing like taking a hit from a any kind of weapon will still cause pain and minor injuries.

Weapons & Gear training- Programmed into him is the ability to use most projectile weapons such as hand guns, rifles, and assault weaponry, along with bladed weapon training. Along with weapons training he also has a general knowledge of military grade gear such as how to operate most vehicle’s and use various computer based technologies as well as any hand held or personal gear.

Hand to hand Training- With the long list of martial arts to chose from, those who programed Xanes general knowledge decided it was best to base his hand to hand skill in Marine hand to hand and its various off shoots allowing him to neutralize or take out opponents rather then a style that would focus solely on deadly blows.

Tracking- A residual talent based off the original DNA of the subjects used for Xane. He seems to have a knack for tracking people whether in rural or forested wilds or even in urban areas. Which seems fitting since the man he was created after had been a talented bounty hunter.

Parkour- Semi skilled in parkour, the art of free running allowing him to move through urban and hazardous environments. With ease so long as he is lightly geared and is not weighed down or thrown off balance.

• the tale of a lifetime•

Personal Log Of Dr. Hans Azstalos: Entry # 116
We have finally had success with specimen number six of the our second generation of artificial soldiers. Through a mixture of science and mysticism we were able to take and alter the existing genetic material of several human subjects alter it and graft it to an artificial humanoid body. Subject number two zero six brings new hope to the current war at hand, he may be the first in a long line of super soldiers built specifically to battle our enemies known as the others if preliminary testing shows promise.

Entry # 134

Its only been several weeks and already the Subject known now as Xane, a clever little name made by several other researchers is fully matured. Already we are astonished yet ashamed at our initial finds. We were trying to make a soldier capable of even holding off a were creatures strength , and though we have yet to fully reach such a creatures potential but have far advanced Xane’s physical abilities, though it has come with several draw backs, still they do not yet seem to be reason enough to scrap the specimen especially since he is our first one to survive this long and the data we can get promises to inprove any future specimens that will follow.

Entry #136
While the war still rages we still toil, sadly in disappointment after figuring out several flaws in Xane. While we were able to cultivate desired traits many came with drawbacks and some seem worthless thanks to our own oversight. Today in controlled training simulations two of which became very apparent. It seems while physically superior then any natural human his cellular structure is quite dense, in the testing pool today he sunk like a stone only managing to swim with a great deal of effort, though every time his limbs stopped propelling him he proceeded to sink once more, we plan on adding in some behavioral programing into his psyche to instill a fear of deep water in hopes he will avoid it, it will be a good test on how well our behavioral and intelligence programing takes as well. Another problem is his senses, our own fault. It seems we were able to enhance his reflexes and agility but forgot to give him the proper enhanced sense of sight to take advantage of such gifts. He seemed only able to take advantage of these gifts after memorizing the firing pattern of the projectiles used to test him and could not see or sense a projectile that did not fit the pattern…it’s a same we can not go back to correct the mistake as now it seems impossible to alter his genetics without serious risk of horrible mutations.

Entry # 168
Its been nearly four months since the lab was destroyed in a massive earthquake. All test subjects were thought to be lost and of course with the end of the war there was no point in what ever remains of the government to fund another super soldier project at this time, atleast not with my division since all our data was subsequently lost in the disaster. Amazingly though I have a little secret…during the final days of testing I had implanted a transmitter into Xane since field testing was coming up…and amazingly its still active and coming up on my own personal tracking software. He’s alive and active! I don’t know how its possible but some how he seems to have gained self awareness, its impossible to think otherwise since we never programmed in any survival instincts since a soldier afraid of dying was seens as useless during his original designing phase. I plan on tracking him down for my own personal observations…its funny but I almost feel like a proud yet worried parent.

Entry #174
I've managed to catch up with Xane and luckily he seems unaware of my eyes. Given that the lab he was created in was in the mountains of Upstate New York its not real wonder that he found his way to Maine were it seems many have fled. So far its been two months of observations and I am impressed with how easily he's adapted to his own life. There are plenty of rebuilding efforts taking place as well as projects requiring technical support which he seems to have capitalized on, actually using all the knowledge we've instilled in him. What bothers me though is a clear reclusive nature, I can not be sure but maybe it was because we never taught him any social behavior skills that he tends to avoid people and focus on tasks he can get lost in. Still though he does not seem in the least bit violent, I am happy to say he is a person and not just a mindless killer like the military had wished him to be.

Final Entry
Randal, my long time friend. It been far to long since we’ve seen one another, and sadly I don’t think it will ever happen again given my health. You are the only other surviving member of our team and because of that I have sent you my personal log dealing with our final project together. Its been nearly ten years now since I’ve begun to watch Xane, and I have t admit as his creator I could not be a prouder scientist. It was bumpy at first but he’s found a place in the world, miraculously with his own personality and a life style I never would have imagined for him. He’s become a jack of all trades, though seems to have a thing for bounty hunting…as per my other logs I befriended him through hiring his services once, he’s quite the likeable fellow and we have stayed good friends through the years. I feel so sentimental toward him, it took everything I had yesterday not to cry when he came to visit me yesterday. How I wanted to tell Xane everything during our hours of card play and sharing a bottle of bourbon together. If you can Randal when you get back from your current research project I’d like if you could keep an eye on him from time to time…we did our best to create a mindless soldier all those years ago but instead made a man, in a way he’s a son to all of us who had a hand in his creation.

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Xane Anders
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